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Family Complications

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Family can be messy sometimes. Especially if you’re a Weasley. Honestly it probably wasn’t as complicated if you weren’t a Weasley. Rose Weasley had 10 cousins, 10 aunts and uncles and far too many family friends. So, in conclusion, life as a Weasley was full of family complications.

Family complications like falling madly in love with your god-cousin who’s also your quidditch coach. Yeah, that was a thing now. They made the position specially for one Teddy Lupin. So your romance life isn’t all peaches and cream.

Family complications like your parents finding out that you are the very first Slytherin Weasley. Ever. And when your father is Percy Weasley, that doesn’t go over well. For either of you. So you get a piercing. Or two. And dye your hair. Every year. Now you’re the “rebel” of the family. Just because of a stupid talking hat.

Family complications like the constant comparison between you and your dead uncle. People hear Fred Weasley and immediately assume you’re a fun-loving, extroverted, trickster twin. Only one of those things are true. You’re nothing like the Fred Weasley. You're the most studious, introverted, rule following person your friends have ever met. Nothing like him. Can’t you just be you?

Family complications like falling so deeply in love with the wrong person. Someone you can't bring back home to your parents. Someone hushed. Someone in the shadows. Someone, well, wrong.

Being in love seems to be a big family complication with the Weasleys.