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30 Day OTP: Remodelled

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In this anthology of Phinabella stories we will cover 3 different dimensions with one having 15 stories set in it, another having 10 and the last having 5.

The first of these dimensions is the one you may be familiar with.


"Hey Phineas. Whatcha doin'?" Ever since the Paris fiasco, Phineas has known that Isabella has had a crush on him. Now he's starting to feel the same way.

"Hugging the most awesome kid in the world." Isabella wrapped her arms around Phineas.

"You know to save the cuddling for once we're on the themed ride we're building" Phineas playfully replied to Isabella.

"OK." Isabella decided to let go, smiling in anticipation for what Phineas could have in store.

"Where's Perry?" Phineas asked again.


The next of these dimensions is one where the bond of a soulmate is the strongest force in the universe.


Phineas and Isabella were relaxing on a sunny beach in Florida. They had won tickets for 2 to Jacksonville that they won in a contest. "This is the part of underwater breathing powers that is uncomfortable. If you surface too quickly after diving too deep, you need a day to decompress." Phineas lamented.

"900 feet, that's a record for us." Isabella replied.

"I know what we're doing once back in Danville!" Phineas commented. Isabella knew in that moment that Phineas was planning a spectacular.


The last of these is one where the residents of Danville lived a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.


This was one Life Day that Phineas and Isabella would never forget. Phineas and Isabella were on the Centennial Chihuahua's cockpit, calculating the jump to the Rebel fleet at Sullust. "I just discovered that my copilot Wookie is actually Chewie's wife."

About a week after the Battle of Yavin, Isabella and Phineas rescued another Wookie from the Empire, and paid a life debt to them. "Malla, calm down. We'll reunite you with Chewie soon enough." Phineas told the Wookie, who grunted calmly.

Isabella pulled the lever on the Centennial Chihuahua, accelerating the ship into hyperspace. "Why are the traditions not well documented?"