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The Way You Still Say Please and Other Matters

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"Oh come on!" His 'better' yelled as he moved. "Shadow, don't say no! Come back!"

He'd said no way to be precise. No implied he was not into it. No way implied the hedgehog was insane. Which he was. A lot more than Shadow had ever really stopped to think on.

He had not even strode ten steps closer to the door and farther from the blue blur. It had been maybe three steps at best. But this desperate tone he knew would carry a lip quiver and a pout was happening behind him. He hesitated for a split second, something they both knew mattered more to their fast feet than most. Some semblance of a pause, but it ended swiftly, and he was already making a move to split before it could hover in the air and birth questions he didn't need on his mind. Sonic's voice was a shrill yapping noise to Shadow, the ebony male was on his way out of the section, lace and satin brushing his shoulders as he ignored more callings of his name than he'd heard in a long time. This was so frustrating. To make matters worse, Sonic was not following him anymore, instead, he was just saying his name louder.


He was past the jeans.


Past the work pants he'd expect a business man to don and work in.


He made his way through the shirts, a few actually looked really good. Some were really nice. He had to admit, it was tempting. If he could get a nice red one, maybe a green one. . .


Despite turning to walk towards another part of the mall, he could hear the keening wail behind him, the voice pitching higher, louder, he swore as he stopped in front of what was obviously a joke waiting to be made. Black and gothic things galore adorned the window display. Chains from pants, studded collars. A goth's heaven. Pity he wasn't a goth. Contrary to what Sonic believed of him.


"Hey, your um. . . partner is calling for you?"

He eyed the passerby, almost asked why they assumed Sonic was calling for 'this' Shadow, and that surely in all of Mobius, there had to be someone else named Shadow. He didn't however. People were starting to gather around. Some glancing his way. Did Sonic really have to make such a scene?

He took a breath, let his balled fists carrying bags clench and crumple up paper handles, then strode to the entrance. "Just buy it already!"

Sonic, and Shadow swore enough times to make the parents vacate the ten foot vicinity where his swearing could be heard, jerked his head up and smiled. "Really? You like it too?"

"No." A deep breath was sucked in. "But for you, I'll try."


"Remind me why I let you talk me into this?" Shadow asked, watching the hedgehog as each bag but the last was emptied and put in a proper place. Some of the trinkets were truly pointless. He'd picked a bunch of blue things, some marbles in blue, a few stickers. It was trivial things that mattered not to Shadow. The guy had dwelled in space, and never found decorating with more than a picture or two to be appealing. 'Let him' was incorrect. The question was rhetorical. He's still going to answer it. He found the sarcasm he liked to flavor his words with often failed, and Sonic was dense most days, better now, but had been vastly dense about all manner of things. How many years older than him am I again? How long was I trapped in sleep? He found those thoughts distracting, pleasantly so. He was infinite, much older than Sonic, and he was still being roped into inane acts. Eggman, you could attack the city or something right about now. If only.

Pausing in the middle of applying some stickers to a book they had both read and deemed worth approval, an act Shadow wondered if was classifiable as vandalism, Sonic grinned like his answer was all he needed. "Because you love me."

Shadow let out a soft 'uh-huh', he swung his legs back and forth over the bed's edge. "That's a strong word you are using there, careful, might hurt yourself."

"I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, defeater of Eggman too many times to count. Words along can't wound me."

Inflator of self-worth and egotistical bastard, Shadow thought with a roll of his eyes before he unfolded his arms and drummed an impatient finger against the bed. "Try looking up ego." There was a sharp glint in those green eyes as Sonic paused, bottle of lube carefully set from the rest. He seemed to be meditating or praying for awhile, then he retrieved the very thing he had called Shadow's name so much over.


He could not look away, for the life of him, he desired to. There was also a desire to say no. To say go fuck yourself. Though, with the lube there, within reach, those words would become a self-made hell. A show he'd be damned if he could just bear witness to. The look on Sonic's face became needy, wanton. He wanted to ask what Sonic's age was, because he looked like a brat Shadow would pass on the way home who needed a scolding. You'd like that though. He bit those words back. Sonic wasn't above painful situations. He was a daredevil. No, just a devil. Shadow inhaled deeply, hooked his fingers upon the fabric. Pink, frilly. He'd left the girl's section pretty fast without looking at them a second time. The panties were accommodating in the back, but the front. . . "Listen, do you seriously-"

"Please, Shadow?"

It was hard to say no, the way Sonic said please. It was music, truly. A lovely dragged out sound that just came from parted lips like a soft hymn. He swallowed a lump that came to his throat, eyed the pink garment for awhile. It had no effect on him, not being held in his hands like this, but Sonic seemed so eager. Maybe he'd change his tune soon, maybe he'd be intrigued by how it looked on Shadow, maybe it would all just become comedy gold to the blue speedster. There was no fear for Shadow, staring at it. It wasn't awkward either. So what was the harm in it? If Sonic never pulled this again, would it be worth it to try, just once, to appease his sudden spur of the moment desires and wants without thought behind them?

Duh, of course it would.

Sonic couldn't seriously be fond of such things, he'd put them on, move around a bit, then this would never be spoken of again. He opened his mouth, ready to quip he was already naked, but another soft please made he melt internally. Sonic was ready to beg. It was tempting, but for now. . .