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Green Lightning

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“Izuku, we need to talk,” Mom says.

Usually, Mom doesn’t make them nervous, but when she words it like that and uses that exact tone, Izuku can’t help but be nervous.

Akari isn’t home at the moment (Izuku wonders what exactly they’re up to, but whatever it is, they have business elsewhere), so the two of them are able to sit in the living room to talk.

“So… what did you wanna talk about?” Izuku asks, trying to swallow down their nervous energy.

“There’s… a letter from UA.”

Ah. Hmm. That could mean a lot of things.

“Apparently, because of… what happened with the Training Camp Attack, UA has been put under pressure to be better about student safety so… they’re switching to a dorm system. Students of UA will be required to live in on campus dorms.”

Oh. That’s not… so bad.

“In addition, the letter says that… if you choose to return to UA, you’ll be admitted to the Hero Course.”

That information almost makes Izuku faint on the spot.

They’ll be admitted to the Hero Course.

Finally? For real?

Maybe they argued with Nedzu to get it, but they… still weren’t sure whether or not they could expect it to happen.



Wait a second.



“What do you mean… if?” Izuku asks.

Inko avoids their eyes, biting her lip. “Izuku… do you… really need to go to UA? Are you sure  that this is what you want?”

Izuku stops. She… she does have a point. UA… has honestly been a lot of trouble.


Is it worth it?


Is it?


Why are they still here?


Why should they go back?


“Yes,” Izuku answers, and though it took them a while to come to that conclusion, when they do… they're completely sure of themself. “I… want to go to UA.”

“I’ve heard the way you talk about Nedzu though,” Inko murmurs. “Are you sure that you couldn’t find a better place to go?”

“I… I’ve actually thought about this myself, at least a little,” Izuku murmurs. “But when it comes down to it… it would be hard for me anywhere. No matter where I go, I’ll have to face these kinds of problems. And so… really, what’s important to me… is being able to work with the friends that I’ve made at UA. I don’t want to leave them behind.”

Inko carefully listens to what they say, not interrupting.

“Besides,” Izuku adds, after a moment, “I’ve already gotten as far with it as I have and… that makes me a little determined to be able to see it through.”

Inko lets out a heavy sigh. “I’ll always worry, you know that?”

Izuku nods.

“…I know that you’ve quit being a vigilante for good, but… can you also please promise me that… you’ll be more careful as a hero in training than you were as a vigilante?”

Izuku smiles, eyes getting a little watery, “I promise to try.”

Inko laughs softly. “That’s not very comforting, but it’s probably the best I can hope for, huh?”

“Probably,” Izuku jokes. “So…? Are you going to agree to let me live at the UA Dorms?”

“…Yes. If you’re sure it’s what you really want… then I don’t want to stop you. Even if I wish you’d go somewhere else… well. I’ve seen how much your friends care about you too. I’m glad you have their support.”

Izuku beams and feels themself start to get choked up again.

Hitoshi is sitting at home when his phone buzzes.


[Support Team for a Reckless Vigilante Idiot]


[Reckless Vigilante Idiot has added Akari to the chat]



oooh it’s group chat time lads


Reckless Vigilante Idiot:





Hitoshi isn’t quite sure what to expect, when…


[Reckless Vigilante Idiot has changed the group chat name to Support Team for a Reckless Hero Idiot]


[Reckless Vigilante Idiot has changed their nickname to Reckless Hero Idiot]


Hitoshi feels his heart skip a beat with excitement.

You mean they…!


#1 Support Course Student:




Reckless Hero Idiot:






Palm Tree:

I’ll miss having you in the Support Course, but I’m still so happy for you!


Reckless Hero Idiot:

Oh, about that!!

Even though I’m in the Hero Course now, I have permission to come use the Support Lab at any time!



The best of both worlds,,,


Now that Hitoshi has had some time to gather his thoughts and his reaction, he decides to make his own contribution to the conversation.



its about time



Nedzu may live

For Now



Time for Kaminari and Ashido to lose their minds.


#1 Support Course Student:

Place Your Bets Now:

A: kirishima or some1 already told them the truth about green lightning

B: they STILL conspiracy theory midoriya as green lightning even tho its been “disproven”

C: (the boring one) they joke and laugh about it like “haha, man, can you believe we thought you were green lightning?”



The “boring one” is probably the best case scenario. We don’t want any unnecessary complications.


#1 Support Course Student:




this is sora, right?

um, it’s akari that’s messaging

can we talk?

Kenji… has no idea what they want. Akari is a complete mystery to him. So, he might as well see what… this is about.

The two meet up at the beach (it’s convenient and useful so… the group really ends up there a lot, huh).

Akari seems… anxious, but in the way that they’re trying to hide how anxious they are.

“So… why did you want to meet?” Kenji asks.

“Your quirk is, uh… sensing other quirks, right?” Akari mutters, looking away.


“Um… could you tell me what… my quirk is?”

That’s… a bit of a surprise, but Kenji can handle that. “Well… it turns off electronics and various other machines, right?”

Akari grimaces. “Oh. So… hmm.”

“Is… that not right?”

“It… used to be,” Akari murmurs, biting their lip.


Kenji thinks back to… to the villain All for One.

His quirk involved stealing and giving quirks.


“Hang on… did… um… did All for One…” Kenji asks, but he can’t quite finish the question. Even suggesting it seems wrong.

“I don’t wanna talk about it,” Akari snaps, tensely. After a second, they take a deep breath, “Ah, I mean, just… yes my quirk is different now, let’s leave it at that.”

“And… so you wanted to know exactly how it works,” Kenji guesses. “…Sorry. Weird mutations or… well, situations with that villain end up confusing my quirk. Although… maybe I can still help? What do you know about your new quirk?”

“I dunno,” Akari sighs annoyed, “It controls the stupid weather and makes things go flying. Sparky said it was probably something to do with controlling air pressure. Except I have no idea how to use it. It only works when I get emotional.”

“Can you try using it? I mean… I know how most quirks work because of my own, so it might not be too hard to understand it if I see it in action…”

Akari’s face screws up as they try to concentrate.


Nothing happens.


“Aw, come on!” They yell, frustrated, “Sure, I can use it without thinking, but as soon as I try to-”

Kenji sees something moving in the background and he quickly shouts, “Get down!”

The two of them duck just as a couch goes flying right over their heads and crashing into another pile of garbage.

Akari takes a deep breath trying to calm themselves down, but not without mumbling, “Oh nice, salt in the wound.”

Kenji thinks about it for a moment. “Well… I think I know someone who can help?”

Fifteen minutes later, Todoroki has joined the two of them on the beach.

“What am I here for again?” Todoroki asks.

“Akari has a quirk they don’t know how to activate,” Kenji explains, “And… asking other people might be the easiest way to figure it out.”

“Well, it’s better than nothing,” Akari sighs. They crack a smile. “Thanks for puttin’ up with me.”

“If you don’t mind me asking… why do you want to learn how to use it so bad anyway?” Kenji asks.

Akari doesn’t answer for a moment.

Then, they laugh, “Well, being able to control the weather to reflect your emotional state is cool in theory, but man does it get annoying for it to storm overhead all the time! I was just thinking that if I figured out how to control it I could stop activating it accidentally. Ahaha!”

There’s… probably more to it than that, Kenji thinks skeptically …Oh well. It’s not like I can make them tell me the full reason.

Can’t help but be curious though.

Izuku is packing their stuff for the dorms when Akari returns.

“Oh, hey, you’re back!”

“Hey,” Akari replies casually. “What’cha up to here?”

“Oh, well, uh, UA is switching to a dorms system to try and prioritize student safety so…”

“So in OTHER words,” Akari continues, “My room now?”

Izuku snorts a laugh, “Yeah, sure. You do know that you were the one who insisted on sleeping on the air mattress, right?”

“No idea what you could be talking about,” Akari smiles, taking a seat on the bed. “…I might miss having you around though. It was nice having someone around to help with nightmares without it getting super awkward.”

“Wow!” Izuku says, faking shock, “Did you just admit how you really feel?”

Akari freezes, an awkward smile stuck on their face. “…That was a lie obviously, ahaha! Got’cha, didn’t I?”

Right. Sure. Mmhmm.

Tenya was the first one to arrive at heights alliance.

If he’s honest, he was a bit… worried.

His own presence and the presence of the others that came to Kamino might have posed a problem, and maybe UA would see to punishing them for it… but no, the school didn’t take any action againnst them. Tenya is grateful that they seem to be getting a second chance.

More and more students arrive, one after the other, lugging bags and suitcases with them. Eventually… there are nineteen of them gathered.

“Looks like we’re waiting for just one more,” Aizawa mutters.

“Orenji-chan?” Tsuyu observes, looking around.

Tenya also takes a moment to survey the group and notices that yes, Orenji is missing. That’s it.

“Actually, no,” Aizawa answers; a ripple of surprise passes through the class. “Orenji Ketsueki has… chosen not to return to UA. No further comment on the situation.”

Her family must have been against the dorm setup? Tenya guesses. Or… maybe she just decided that being a hero was too much for her…

That’s a shame. She was very kind.

“But then… who are we waiting for?” Kaminari asks.

Out of the corner of his eye, Tenya notices Shinsou smiling to himself as he stands off to the side.

Then, they all hear someone else approaching.

“Ah, sorry I’m late! I kinda got lost…!”

Tenya turns to see… Midoriya.

“MIDORIYA-KUN?!” Uraraka screeches in excitement. Aoyama lets out a dramatic gasp.

“H-hi everyone!” Midoriya waves awkwardly as just about everyone stares at them in awe (off to the side, Shinsou merely smiles even wider, as does Todoroki. Tenya gets the feeling that somehow, they knew already).

“This is Midoriya Izuku. Starting today, they’ll be joining Class 1-A," Aizawa introduces.

Tenya is glad. It just seems right to have them here now, even though their appearance was a shock at first.

“Now then, on to the tour.”

Most of the afternoon is spent setting up their rooms and moving things in; as Tenya moves around, he notes that on the same floor as him are Midoriya, Shinsou, and Todoroki. Tenya moves more things into his room, and very nearly every time he’s able to see the three of them chattering about one thing or another.

Tenya had been a bit worried it would be hard for them to blend, but it looks like Midoriya already has their friends… he should have known. It’s good; even if maybe it leaves Tenya the odd one out on this floor.

After finishing, the class hangs out in the common room, relaxing.

“You know what would be super cool?” Ashido exclaims when everyone is done and gathered, “We should have a room judging contest! See who has the best room!”

“That could be interesting,” Tenya hums, And maybe it’ll help us all settle and feel more at home.

“Great! Mido-kun first!”

“Huh? Hey wAIT-!”

Tenya had expected a room full of inventions and parts, and instead, they all find a room full of various hero merch (at least a quarter of it is all specifically All Might).

Embarrassed, Midoriya hides their face in their hands.

“It’s not that bad,” Shinsou mutters, giving them a good natured nudge. “Charming.”

“No Endeavor though,” Kirishima observes.

“That’s ‘cause I collect merch for real heroes, not phonies,” Midoriya instantly responds.

Tenya… had not expected such a harsh response so easily said, but Todoroki seems to find it amusing at least.

“Who’s this though?” Tenya asks, looking at a poster. He’s never seen this particular hero before…

“Ah, they’re a hero from an old comic,” Midoriya mumbles. “Really old. Back before quirks were a thing. They were really cool though!”

“Hmm. Interesting!”

“Awww, and who’s this cutey?!” Ashido squeals, and Tenya looks over to see a…

“Is that a ferret or a weasel?” He finds himself asking, curiously.

“Ah, he’s a ferret,” Midoriya mumbles. “His name’s Garby.”

“Are pets allowed in the dorms though?” Tenya asks, again.

“Oh trust me,” Shinsou mutters, “Whether or not it’s in the rules, there was no way that Garby wasn’t coming.”

Todoroki nods, knowingly. “The ferret has a mind of his own.”

Tenya glances to the ferret in question curiously.

The tiny screen on his head blinks.


Shinsou’s room is… covered in purple and occasionally has a cartoony cat printed on things here or there.

“I… didn’t think anyone would ever have to see this,” Shinsou mutters. “But whatever. It’s not like I care.”

Tenya had judged Shinsou to be brooding and mysterious, but his room reflects that that’s not entirely the case. Although, that was probably a given, considering that he and Midoriya are such good friends.

Todoroki’s room…


…is almost completely changed from the original layout of the room to have a more Japanese feel.

“You did all this?” Yaoyorozu asks, impressed, “In one day?”

“I worked hard,” Todoroki mumbles, tired.

“You’ll find my room is rather normal-”

“It’s like a library!” Hagakure observes, staring up and down Tenya’s bookcases.

“Why, yes! I want to have books on hand for anything I could need-”

“So many glasses!” Uraraka cooes.

“Of course! They get broken in training sometimes!”

They look through a few more rooms, and everything is about what you would expect. They get to the girl’s rooms; Shiozaki’s room has shelves full of potted plants and various flowers, and Tsuyu’s has plenty of mini fountains that one would usually find in a garden and a bed that’s shaped like a lily pad.

In the end, Satou is voted to have the best room, mostly because his baking skills had won over enough people.

And after all the excitement… most of them turn in for the night.

Tenya shoots awake in the middle of the night.

Ah… He hasn’t had nightmares about the Stain incident in a while but… sleeping in a new place for the first time is always unnerving, so he shouldn’t be surprised at a restless sleep.

Technically, there’s a curfew that forbids them from wandering around at night, but all Tenya wants is a glass of water; he’ll just get it quickly and then go back to bed. That should be fine.

Except, when Tenya gets to the common area, he finds Midoriya sitting on the couch all by themself. (Well, perhaps that’s not completely accurate; their ferret is on their shoulder, but Tenya isn’t quite sure how good of company… “Garby” is).

His first instinct is to scold Midoriya for being up so late but… considering that Tenya is also awake at this time, he doesn’t have any room to talk.

For a moment, he considers just turning around and going back to bed in order to not bother them, when Garby notices him and squeaks, and Midoriya looks up.


Now it would be more awkward to sneak back to his room, so instead, Tenya enters and softly explains (so as to avoid waking anyone who’s still sleeping), “I was just coming to get a drink, don’t mind me.”

“It’s not like I can stop you,” Midoriya shrugs.

Tenya can’t help but notice the somewhat distant look on their face.

Originally, his plan was to get a glass and take it to his room with him and bring it back out in the morning, but somehow instead, Tenya finds himself taking a seat next to Midoriya on the couch.

Neither says anything for a while.

Eventually, Tenya’s thoughts do drift back to the Hosu incident; after all, that’s why he’s here right now instead of sleeping.

“I… never did get to thank you for this, so ah…” Tenya clears his throat, “Thank you for. Coming to save me from the Hero Killer.” He pauses for a moment, then adds, “And for helping out at the USJ.”

"I…” Midoriya starts to say something but falls quiet, thinking to themself. Eventually they say, “Yeah. Um. You’re welcome.”

“And I didn’t say it earlier, but… congratulations on getting into the Hero Course. You deserve to be here.”


They don’t say anything else, but just having each other’s company is good enough.

It’s a little awkward to be around the house without Sparky, and yet, Inko seems to be doing whatever she can to make it as welcoming as possible for Akari. Looks like she really was serious when she said that Akari could consider the Midoriya’s place as their home.


Weird. The Midoriyas are so weird.

…But Akari supposes they don’t mind.


They’ve been thinking a lot recently, what to do with themselves, and…

“Hey, ah, Akari?” Inko says. She appears in the doorway, holding an envelope up. “What’s this?”

Akari stares blankly for a moment, and then realizes (after focusing closer,) that the letter is from Ketsubutsu Academy.

Heat rising in their face, Akari springs up and quickly takes the letter from Inko, before mumbling, “It’s, ah, it’s nothing! Don’t worry about it!”

Inko just smiles at them knowingly. “…Do you know what it says inside?”


“Well, then you’d better see what it is!”

Akari stares at the letter in their hands for a moment. “Can…”

Inko looks at them patiently.

“Ah, nevermind!”

“…Do you want me to stay and read the letter with you?” Inko asks politely.

Akari’s face burns with a bit of embarrassment, but they murmur, “…Yeah I’d appreciate that.”

“All right then!”

Technically classes still aren’t back in session, but because the training camp was unfortunately cut so short, the Hero Course classes are resuming their training in training field gamma.

The difference being that this time, they’re all supposed to be working on ultimate moves.

Shouto’s goal is to figure out how to utilize both his ice and his fire at the same time; having to switch between them takes up time, and sometimes, that’s time that he can’t afford to waste.

Although, he does notice when he looks around at the others in the training grounds, that even though Midoriya has joined Class A now, Shouto can’t find them anywhere.

When the class breaks for lunch, Shouto sits with Shinsou and Iida, and he decides to ask because if anyone knows, Shinsou does; “Where’s Midoriya?”

“They've holed themself up in the Support workshop,” Shinsou answers, “Wants to make as many gadgets as they can before the License Exam, because they lost a lot of the better ones they had during the…” He trails off, and mutters, “incident.”

Ah. Right. That makes sense.

“Midoriya-kun still has access to the Support workshop?” Iida asks curiously.

“Yeah. Gadgets are Izuku’s thing and all, so they're allowed to use the Support workshop whenever they like,” Shinsou answers again.

Well, that explains where Midoriya went. Shouto hopes that Midoriya isn’t alone there at least, but knowing the others (Sora, Hatsume, Natsuki) they’re probably there too.

When Shouto thinks about it, it’s a good arrangement; by letting Midoriya use the Support workshop when they need to, that also means they're not suddenly cut off from the friends and connections they have with the Support Course.

Shouto smiles to himself. He’s really happy for Midoriya.

Later on the same day, Sora comes bursting into the training field.

“Sora?” Shouto asks, surprised.

“Oh, there you are!” Sora beams, unphased at Shouto’s surprise. He weaves his way around the training ground (narrowly avoiding other class a kids using their quirks) to get to Shouto.

“Are you sure if you’re allowed to be h-”

“I made you something!” Sora quickly says, interrupting Shouto’s question in his excitement. “Come on, come see, come see!”

“All right-” Shouto agrees and immediately Sora takes him by the hand and drags him from the training ground to the workshop, practically skipping along the way.

Shouto can’t help but wonder what he’s so upbeat about as Sora drags him along.

Hero Course students were invited to visit the Support workshop if they needed to talk about costume alterations or upgrades, so at least no one will question him being here (hopefully).

“Oh, hey Todoroki-kun,” Midoriya greets casually as Sora pulls Shouto by them (although, Midoriya is so focused on their work that they hardly glancesup for more than a second).

They go right past Hatsume who’s so absorbed in her work she doesn’t even greet them (Shouto does catch a glimpse of what she’s working on for a second though- some kind of a glove, maybe?) Natsuki, who's helping her, glances up, smiles, and waves.

Then, the two arrive at Sora’s work table.

“So!” Sora starts, “Quick question, that part of your costume around your wrist- those don’t do anything, right?”

“I… yes, I suppose they’re functionally useless-”

“Great!” Sora cheers, before holding up what he had been working on, “Then I made you these to replace them.”

The gadget that Sora holds up is a pair of wrist braces, designed to look exactly like the ones already on his costume, if a tad bulkier.

“…What do they do?” Shouto asks, curiously.

“I am so glad you asked!” Sora beams. “You said you were working on using both sides of your quirk at once, right? Well, these are supposed to store energy from the respective halves of your quirk- in theory, it’ll make it easier to try and use both at once, because the energy is already there.”

“That’s… amazing,” Shouto blinks, “You really were able to do that?”

“Well, I hope!” Sora smiles, anxiously rubbing his neck. “They… might need a bit of tweaking, but I think I got it at least mostly right.”

“I’ll go test them out now and report back to tell you how they work,” Shouto offers.


…Maybe Midoriya isn’t the only one who benefits from having connections with the Support Course.

If Izuku is being honest, it still doesn’t feel real yet. It feels like it should be too good to be true.

Being in the Hero Course? And… everyone welcoming him with open arms? It’s a dream.

A dream… and they're scared that somehow they’ll mess it up and the dream will shatter around them, and they’ll wake up right back where they started in the Support Course. That’s why they're hesitant about… truly joining the rest of the class. Yes, they do need new gadgets now for the License Exam coming up, but with Sora, Hatsume, and Natsuki on their side, they don’t technically need to do it all by themself. But at least half of the reason is that they're worried that if they join the rest of Class A in training… they’ll start to feel like they don’t belong.

After all the fighting they did to get here and the debating with themself about if this was what they really wanted, if it doesn’t work out… Izuku doesn’t know what they’ll do.

The long day of training (well, for Izuku, tinkering) is over now, and Class A is all back at the dorm. Unsure of where else to go, Izuku sticks near Hitoshi (who, in turn, seems to just stick near Todoroki, who sticks on the edge of the crowd. It’s… a little funny when they think about it).

“We should play a game!” Ashido claps excitedly. “Something that we can all do together!”

Iida frowns. “It’s been a long day and we’re all tired; and we can’t stay up too late or we’ll just be tired tomorrow, which would make training even more tiring and difficult.”

“Oh come on Class Rep,” Ashido pouts, “Just one little game? Pleeeaaase?”

“I…” Iida hesitates, before relenting, “All right. One game.”

“Fantastic!” Ashido cheers, and then she points directly to Izuku, “Either Mido-kun or Shin-kun has to come up with a game!”

“HUH?” “What?” Izuku and Hitoshi say at almost the same time.

“Why?” Izuku adds.

“Because!” Ashido explains, “You’re the newby and we wanna make you feel welcome! And Shin-kun!” She shifts slightly to point to Hitoshi, “Was the last newby, but he’s still pretty distant!”

Izuku and Hitoshi stare at each other, lost. Izuku has… no idea what to suggest when put on the spot like this (although, they are a little… happy at the thought that the others want to make sure they're included).

“…Smash bros?” Hitoshi eventually suggests, although he says it more like a question.

“SMASH BROS!” Ashido cheers.

Eventually what they set up is a tournament style bracket set up with one vs one matches. Like the Sports Festival, but with all twenty of them.

In addition, each person has to pick a character and stick with them for the whole tournament, and there are no doubles allowed.

“What if we don’t know anything about how to play?” Iida asks.

“Just spam B and hope for the best,” Kirishima suggests with a thumbs up.

“I feel like there’s more to it than that.”

“There is,” Asui says, “But you can figure out the rest of the buttons on the way.”

Eventually the tournament bracket ends up as;

Round One:

Shinsou as Isabelle versus Kaminari as Pikachu

Midoriya as Luigi versus Ashido as Jigglypuff

Todoroki as Lucario versus Tokoyami as Dark Pit

Asui as Yoshi versus Jirou as Bayonetta

Iida as Sonic versus Yaoyorozu as Zelda

Ojirou as Ken versus Shiozaki as Palutena

Uraraka as Kirby versus Toru as Wii Fit Trainer

Shouji as Meta Knight versus Kouda as Pokemon Trainer

Kirishima as Captain Falcon versus Satou as Ryu

Aoyama as Rosalina versus Sero as Link


“What?” Kaminari laughs, “Shinsou, you’re gonna play as Isabelle? Come on, you’re not gonna win like that.”

Hitoshi shrugs, but the grin on his face makes Izuku pretty sure he’s scheming something

Twenty five minutes later…

“WHAT?!” Kaminari cries, as Hitoshi reigns as victor of the whole tournament, “How did you-?!”

Hitoshi, again, responds with only a shrug, but a bright smile on his face that suggests that even though he’s hiding it, he’s incredibly pleased that he did win.

Unfortunately, Izuku themself got out in the first round, but they didn’t really mind; they had fun just cheering on Hitoshi from the sidelines, and the other classmates too.

“AGAIN!” Ashido cheers.

“No no no!” Iida quickly intervenes, “One game! That’s what you said! We all need rest to prepare for tomorrow now.”

“Oh all riiight…”

The next day… Izuku steps into Training Field Gamma with the rest of Class A.

“To test out the gadgets,” Was the reason they gave.

But in truth…

It’s because (even though deep down they're still a little scared) they're not going to let this be a dream. This is reality.

And Class A is a home for them now.




“Okay but,” Kaminari asks, “Are you sure you’re not Green Lightning?”

Izuku sighs. Some things never change.