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Green Lightning

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“Everything is okay now. Because I am here!”


The situation moments before had seemed to be absolutely hopeless, and yet all it took was one thing to turn the whole mood around. Because, even though the villains original plan had been to kill All Might, Izuku is still pretty sure that they can’t actually pull it off.

This is All Might after all. There’s no way they can kill him.


The Nomu turns to look at All Might and lets out an ear splitting screech.

Izuku is sure that they're never going to get used to how fast the Nomu can move, despite it’s massive size. Because, one second they're still being held up in the air, and the next they're suddenly flying through the air. They have a small moment of clarity where they're able to comprehend Oh, I just got thrown, and then they hit the ground.

Nothing like some nice concrete to break a hard fall; but then, as though that weren’t enough, the momentum keeps them tumbling and rolling a few more feet before they finally stop, laying flat on their back.

Ow, They thinks, and while that’s a bit of an understatement, they can’t bring himself to think of anything else at the moment.

It takes them a bit to be able to think clearly again (a minute, maybe, they're not sure exactly though). They go to push themself off the ground, but as soon they put even the slightest pressure on their wrist it flares up in pain again and they falls back down.

Okay, that’s definitely a broken wrist, They grimace to themself. They're not sure how they're going to explain that one, but that’s a problem they’ll have to save for later.

They push themself up again (this time, careful to avoid the broken wrist). Across the USJ, they can see the Nomu and All Might fighting.

Since All Might is here now, it might be the best time to sneak my way out of here, They think to themself. All Might is more than capable of handling the situation, and if Izuku sticks around for too long the heroes will catch them, and they’ll have to explain just what they're doing here.

They have a feeling the heroes won’t take “technically not a vigilante by definition” as an answer.


“Psst. Hey.” A voice whispers behind them.

Izuku nearly jumps out of their skin as they turn around. Behind them are three of the Class A students; they don’t remember their names at first glance, but they vaguely recall looking over the files and seeing their quirks. A frog quirk, a vine hair quirk, and…

What was the third one’s quirk again?

Whatever, it’s not urgent right now.

“I’m not a villain,” Izuku quickly says defensively, in case they get the wrong idea and try to attack them.

“We know,” The girl with the frog quirk says. “We saw you helping Aizawa-sensei. You were really cool.”

“Oh,” Izuku sighs, relieved. “Um, thanks?”

“We need to get out of here,” The vine hair girl says. “Can you walk?”

“I… think so,” They say carefully. Having these Class A students with them could be good, because then they won’t be absolutely doomed if they run into another villain on the way, but at the same time Izuku is worried about possibly giving away their identity.

The frog girl holds out a hand and helps them stand up.

“What are your names?” Izuku asks, “Just so that I know what to call you…”

They introduce themselves as Asui Tsuyu, Shiozaki Ibara, and, the one who's quirk they didn't quite remember on sight, Orenji Ketsueki. Izuku quickly tries to memorize their names for future reference.

Orenji looks at them curiously. “Who are you? How did you know to come help us?”

“I’m… nobody important,” Izuku says. “I overheard the villains planning, and I… well, you needed help, so I decided to help.”

“So, are you a vigilante?” Asui asks.

“…Something like that.”


(They make it to the door just in time to see the rest of the reinforcements show up. Izuku slips away from the USJ before any of the heroes try to question them.)

Izuku collapses into the chair at their work shed, utterly exhausted. They're pretty sure that it would be easier to count areas that aren’t bruised rather than all the areas that are bruised. Their wrist still hurts quite a bit too- they should probably do something about that…

Garby jumps onto the work table in front of them. At first, the little screen displays a smiley face, but after hardly a second, the screen switches to 


Izuku sighs. “I’m okay, Garby. I promise.” Garby sniffs at their injured wrist. “…Maybe not one hundred percent okay, but I’m still in one piece.”

Garby’s screen changes again.


“You worry too much.”

Just then, it occurs to them that they haven’t talked to any of their friends yet.

They’re probably worried…

They grimace to themself.

For a second, they think of messaging them all individually, but then they come up with a different solution.


-Midoriya Izuku has added Shinsou Hitoshi, Hatsume Mei, and Natsuki Hikari to a group chat-

Midoriya Izuku:

I live!!


-Shinsou Hitoshi has changed the group chat name to Support Team For A Reckless Vigilante Idiot-


-Shinsou Hitoshi has changed Midoriya Izuku’s nickname to Reckless Vigilante Idiot-


Reckless Vigilante Idiot:

:((( unfair, here I thought you would be happy to hear from me,


Shinsou Hitoshi:

fine, fine


-Shinsou Hitoshi has changed Reckless Vigilante Idiot’s name to Midoriya-


Shinsou Hitoshi:

I’m glad you’re okay


Hatsume Mei:

im glad youre okay too!!

sorry i couldnt find my phone for a sec, but at least you guys blowing it up helped ajskdlfjaskldjf


Natsuki Hikari:

Well, you did promise not to die.



That I did!

And your helmet is completely fine too, so that’s two promises


Natsuki Hikari:

I’m relieved I won’t have to start over



Now then, uh

On a completely unrelated topic,

Does anyone here happen to know what to do about a broken wrist?


Shinsou Hitoshi:



Hatsume Mei:

ohhh, midoriya, you broke your wrist??? :(



Technically I didn’t do it, the villains did,


-Shinsou Hitoshi has changed Midoriya’s nickname to Reckless Vigilante Idiot-


Reckless Vigilante Idiot:

Okay, I deserved it that time

Seriously though, my wrist hurts really bad what do I do


Natsuki Hikari:
Where are you right now?


Reckless Vigilante Idiot:

The base


Natsuki Hikari:

You haven’t told me where your secret base is yet though


Shinsou Hitoshi:

it’s the fricken garbage beach


Natsuki Hikari:


The garbage beach.


Hatsume Mei:


i can shhow you the way there if you dont know where it is



Natsuki Hikari:



Reckless Vigilante Idiot:



Natsuki Hikari:

I consider you a very good friend,

But Shinsou is right on this one.

You are a reckless vigilante idiot.


Reckless Vigilante Idiot:


A few minutes later, they’re all gathered in the base.

“That is… a broken wrist.” Hatsume says.

Izuku sighs heavily as they lower their arm back down. “Oh gee, thanks, I didn’t know that.”

“I mean, when you said you broke your wrist, I was imagining it to be just a little broke and not… ah…” Hatsume mumbles.

“Bent out of shape like a broken pencil?” Izuku suggests.

“Yeah, that.”

“How did that even happen?"  Natsuki asks.

“Villain,” Izuku mutters. “Big. I tried to hit him with the shock staff, and so he grabbed my wrist and uh…” They hold up their broken wrist again. “You know the rest.”

“Yeah, uh…” Natsuki looks at the wrist, wincing, “I don’t think that’s something that we can fix with what we have.”

“But then what do I do?” Izuku asks.

“Not get injured,” Shinsou suggests.

“Not helping, Shinsou-kun.”

There’s a pause, as they all sit and think for a moment.

“…Didn’t you say your mom was a nurse?” Shinsou eventually asks.

“I can’t go to my mom,” Izuku mutters, “She’ll get worried, and…”

“I can’t think of any other options.” Hatsume shrugs.

“I would suggest ‘hospital’,” Natsuki says, “But I don’t have any money.”

Shinsou frowns. “To be fair, your mom probably worries about you already. Just a bit of advice, but you might not want to keep things like this from her.”

Izuku winces. “I know, she deserves to know, I just… what am I supposed to tell her? ‘Hey mom, I’m a vigilante, oh also I got my wrist snapped in half can you please do something about that’.”

“I mean, you should probably be more tactful about it than that,” Hatsume says, “But you really should tell her, Midoriya.”

“All right.” Izuku finally agrees. “All right, I’ll go with that plan. Wish me luck.”

The League of Villains (now with their numbers drastically dropped) sit in an otherwise empty bar, feeling defeated.

“I can’t believe this,” Shigaraki seethes. “We had the perfect plan, and then everything just-!” Annoyed, he smacks his head onto the table.

“It was that vigilante,” Kurogiri mutters. “They were a variable that we were not prepared for.”

“Ugh, the vigilante,” Shigaraki growls, voice dripping with contempt. “If I think about them one more time, I’ll vomit. They ruined everything!  They had someone go run and get help, and then they distracted us long enough to stop Eraserhead from being killed, and then because Eraserhead wasn’t dead he ruined our plans too!”

“It’s all right, Tomura,” Says the voice from the screen. “Next time, you’ll remember to kill them first.”

“Oh I will,” Shigaraki mutters.

Just then, the screen blinks ‘incoming call’ . After a few seconds, it’s accepted.

“Shigaraki,” A voice says from the screen, but the new voice is someone entirely different. “I thought we agreed that you would leave Aiza-… Eraserhead , alone. But you had your Nomu attack him.”

“He got in my way. And he took out everyone I brought with me that hadn’t been teleported to a different zone. He was a threat that had to be dealt with.”

“But, you agreed-

Interrupting the second voice, the first voice says, “I’m sure it was just a little mistake. Eraserhead will be left alone next time, right Tomura?”

There’s a pause. And then, Shigaraki mutters a disgruntled, “Right.”

“See? Nothing to worry about.”

The second voice hums, and then the call is cut out. There’s a pause. The first voice returns, saying, “That being said, if you’re going to insist on killing Eraserhead, do at least try to make it look like an accident now.”

“I don’t see why you pretend to put up with ‘em,” Shigaraki says.

“We need them,” The voice says. “They’re our only source of intell on what’s going on inside UA. As long as they think that they’re valued, they will continue to give us good, solid, information. Which will give you your chance to work your plans in the future.”

“…If you say so, Sensei.”

Izuku is sitting at home on the couch now, thinking. They still have… no idea how to go about this. There’s only one thing they  do know;  “Hey mom, guess what, I’m a vigilante,” is probably a really bad way to try and explain what’s going on.

It probably would be easier to start with the broken wrist. That’s definitely taking up the forefront of their mind right now. They would rather have that get solved as soon as possible. But they know they’ll have to explain how it happened in the first place, and really Mom probably does deserve to know at this point.

Behind them, they hear the front door open and Mom announces, “I’m home,”

Now or never, Izuku thinks, taking a deep breath.

“Hey mom, I need to tell you something, but first you have to promise to stay calm and not freak out.”

There’s a pause.

“Izuku, sweety, I love you, but you do realize that that’s the worst way to start a conversation if your goal is to keep me from freaking out?”

“Okay, fair, but do you promise to stay calm?” Izuku asks again, turning around on the couch so that they're facing her.

Mom sighs. “…Yes, I promise. What’s wrong?”

“Well, the short version of it is, I broke my wrist.” Izuku mumbles, and holds up their arm as if to say Yep, this is definitely a broken wrist.

“Oh dear,” Mom murmurs, looking at it. “…I want the long version of the story later, but for now, let’s do something about your wrist.”

Long version of the story later, Izuku mentally sighs in relief. I still have a bit of time to plan. “Okay.”

By the time the two of them are returning home, it’s nightfall. Izuku's wrist is mostly healed (at least healed enough that it no longer looks as bent out of shape as it feels ) and they have a wrist brace to help it finish healing. It’s lucky that they have the next day off of school so they can just rest and try to let it heal…

“So,” Mom says, interrupting the silence that had settled over the two of them since they’d left the hospital. “Are you ready to explain what happened yet?”

Izuku winces. “I… I just… I don’t want to make you worry.”

Mom lets out a heavy sigh. “Izuku, I already am worried about you. It’s just… lately you’ve been running around a lot, and coming home really late, and now you come home with your wrist broken like that… I would have to be crazy to not be worried. If worrying me is what you’re afraid of, I promise, knowing will probably make me less worried, if anything.”

Izuku bites their lip. They still don’t know quite how to go about explaining. It’s hard. Things can go wrong-

“Izuku?” Mom asks, “If it makes it easier to explain, I promise that I won’t interrupt you. I’ll listen to you, and let you explain yourself before I come to any decisions.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.” Mom nods.

Izuku takes a deep breath. Well… if she’s letting me explain myself then… I guess maybe I should do it like ripping off a bandaid. “So, uh.” Oof, this is harder than I thought. “So… after I got my letter from UA and, um, they said that I couldn’t be in the hero course because I’m quirkless, I… I took it pretty hard at first. I just, y’know. I’ve always wanted to be a hero, and I even passed, but…

“…I was just trying to think of what I should do from there and, then I. Well um.” He takes another deep breath. Here we go. Here it is. “I remembered that vigilante laws specify quirk usage, and so… um. Yeah. I’m not really a vigilante, but there’s no other real word for it.”

There’s a stretch of silence. It’s just making their anxiety grow, but it’s not like they can take it back now. And really, Mom did deserve to know.

“…I mean,” Izuku starts to ramble, “It’s kind of only a temporary solution, and as soon as I actually get into a hero class I’ll stop being a vigilante, and I just- I just want to save people, and I think it’s unfair-”

Mom interrupts them with a heavy sigh, and Izuku stops talking immediately. “Well,” Mom says, “I can’t say I’m surprised by that too much. You’ve always been so headstrong. …A part of me wants to stop you, but… I know if I try, then you won’t come to me the next time something bad happens.”

Izuku feels like a heavy weight has been lifted off of their chest now, actually.

“Just promise me one thing.”


“Promise me that you will be careful?” Mom asks, but it’s not really a question. The look in her eyes is serious and firm. “Promise me that you’ll always be able to come home.”

Izuku swallows thickly. “Yes. I promise.”

“…Okay then.” Mom sighs.

There’s a pause of silence. Then, Izuku mumbles, “You’re actually taking this a lot better than I thought you would.”

“Well…” Mom says slowly, “It… It would be a bit hypocritical of me if I got super upset at you.”

“What does that mean?” Izuku asks, bewildered.

“Let’s just say, when I was younger, I wanted to be a hero like you do,” Mom says, “but I didn’t want the fame of being a hero. Underground heroes weren’t really an obvious path like they are now, and ah…” She doesn’t finish her explanation, and yet Izuku knows exactly what she’s saying. “Well. That’s a talk for another day. I’ll tell you about it some time.”

…Huh. I guess reckless vigilantism just runs in the family.

Tenya is always the first one to get to class. Being punctual is a very important part of being a hero. And, on the plus side, the classroom is a lot more peaceful the first thing in the morning without anyone else there.

The classroom is not peaceful right now.

Ashido is practically bouncing off the rooms of the walls as she excitedly explains, “Woah, you guys should have seen it! Just when we thought all hope was lost, WHAMO! This super cool person showed up from out of nowhere to help us!” 

“Who?” Kirishima asks.

“I don’t know!” Ashido says, but her voice is still just as cheery as before. “I’m pretty sure they were a vigilante!”

“Aren’t vigilantes, ah, illegal?” Yaoyorozu asks.

“But they saved our lives!” Ashido protests. She whirls around to face Tenya. “Right Iida-kun? Tell them! You were there!”

“…They helped Thirteen fight the warp gate villain,” Tenya says, “And they helped us escape.” Ashido beams, and Yaoyorozu frowns, so Tenya quickly adds, “Although, even if they did save us, vigilantism is still illegal.”

“I mean…” Uraraka says, entering the conversation, “I still think that, even though it’s not necessarily legal, it’s good that they showed up when they did. What would have happened to us if we didn’t get help?”

“Did you see what their quirk was?” Kaminari asks.

“Oh yeah!” Ashido cheers, “They had a lightning quirk, like yours!”

“Woah, really?”

“I bet that they actually knew how to use it though,” Jirou mutters.

Kaminari pouts, “Or maybe their quirk is just easier to control.”

“I wonder what happened after they helped Thirteen, though…” Ashido says.

“We saw them too,” Tsuyu pipes up. “Me and Ibara-chan and Orenji-chan saw them try to help Aizawa-sensei.”

“Aizawa-sensei got hurt really bad though…” Ashido mumbles, and then a thought strikes her, and she asks, “The vigilante didn’t get too badly hurt, did they?”

“They had a broken wrist,” Ibara says. “It was pretty bent out of shape.”

“I hope they’re okay,” Ashido hums. “They were so cool, and I’d be upset if they got hurt from trying to help us.”

“I wish we knew who they were, though.” Orenji murmurs. “It’s a mystery…”

Tenya’s mind wanders to thinking about the vigilante too, now that they’re the topic of discussion.


“IIDA, JUST GO!” The vigilante yelled.


… What a mystery indeed.

“Midoriya-kun!” The sudden shout is the only warning Izuku gets before suddenly Hatsume slams into them with a hug. They once again feel lucky that their wrist had healed during the day they had off.

“Hatsume-san, I can’t breathe…” Izuku protests as she continues to squeeze all the air out of them, even lifting them off their feet.

Hatsume sets them down, releasing them from the hug (though, she still keeps her hands on their shoulders). “You’re okay!”

“Yeah?” Izuku answers, a bit confused. “We already saw each other though-”

“I know, but still!” Hatsume says. “We were really in a rush because you had a broken wrist, and I just… I really was worried about you.”

“Sorry for worrying you.”

“I know, I know, I know,” Hatsume mutters, “Just repay me by staying out of trouble for a while at least? I need my rival to be in one piece.”

“I don’t know about staying out of trouble,” Izuku jokes, “But I promise to stay in one piece. I mean, given now that I’ve promised three people that I’ll be careful, I kinda have to.”

“Shinsou-kun is so right…” Hatsume mumbles.

“Right about what?”

“You really are a reckless vigilante idiot.” Hatsume says (she lowers her voice so that no one else hears, but her tone stays the same).

Izuku laughs.

Before their conversation can continue, the bell rings, and Majimi-sensei walks through the door. “Okay class, today we have a different assignment.”

Izuku listens curiously. A different assignment?

That would certainly be interesting.

“Because of the attack on the hero class the other day, a few of the hero costumes were damaged. Repairing costumes is an important part of support work just like making support items is, so each of you will be assigned to doing the repairs for one Hero Course student. A sign up sheet will be left up here at the front of the room, but if you have no preference, you’ll be assigned to a random student.”

Costume repairs, huh…? Izuku thinks to themself.

The rest of the class passes like it normally does, with them all workshopping on their own things. (Izuku returns the helmet to Natsuki, and she’s happy to see that it really hadn’t been damaged at all).

It’s lunch hour now, and Izuku is ready to continue his day like normal, when…

“Midoriya Izuku, please report to Nedzu’s office,” A voice says over the loudspeaker.

They freezes in their steps.

Nedzu? What would Nedzu want?  

Wait… what if…

A thought comes to Izuku, and it leaves them with a pit in their stomach.

That’s- that’s not possible, is it?


Feeling like they're hardly breathing, Izuku speed-walks their way to Nedzu’s office. Once they're there, their anxiety doubles, and they're not quite sure what to do.

Timidly, they settle on knocking at the door.

“Come in,” Nedzu calls from the other side.

Izuku pushes open the door.

“Ah, it’s you!” Nedzu cheers, with a tiny little wave. “Come, sit. Have some tea.”

Because they're not really sure what else to do in this situation, they do. Eventually, when they find their voice, they ask, “So, um, why did you want to see me sir?”

Nedzu hums. “I’m pretty sure we both know the answer to that.”

The pit in their stomach gets just a little deeper. “Do we?”

“It’s quite clever of you to pretend to use a quirk,” Nedzu says, ignoring their question. “Oh, and, I’m glad that you managed to get your wrist healed; from what I hear, it was a pretty nasty break.”

He knows, Izuku thinks, and it’s less of a realization and more that they're finally accepting it. They’d been anticipating it ever since they had been summoned.

“…Are you going to expel me?” Izuku asks, nervous.

Nedzu shrugs. “Not yet.”

“Yet?” At the same time that’s comforting and nauseating.

“Let’s put it like this,” Nedzu explains, “I’m willing to overlook it, but if you get caught by someone else and they then bring it to me, I won’t defend you.”

“Oh,” Izuku says, voice small. “Um… thank you?” There’s a bit of a pause, and while Izuku feels like they would rather crawl down a hole and scream, Nedzu looks absolutely cheerful as always. Izuku clears their throat, “So, uh… how did you figure it out?”

“A number of things,” Nedzu shrugs. “But it was all mostly speculation; the only thing that cemented it was the fact that you were missing on the same day. With that side by side with all the other evidence, it was hard not to notice.”

“…mm,” Izuku hums. “So, um. Not that I’m not grateful, but, why aren’t you going to expel me?”

“I suspect that the villains have a spy hidden somewhere in the school,” Nedzu explains, “And I think having you help figure out who it is would be very worthwhile. You already did some digging on your own and sent in a tip about the other villain attack.”

Which you didn’t listen to, Izuku thinks, but they decide against saying it out loud given that it’s their future on the line here.

“…Don’t you already have someone helping you on that though?” Izuku asks instead, remembering the ‘Reverse Spy’ who had messaged them.

“Yes,” Nedzu says, “But I feel like it would be good if you could help each other.”

Just then there’s another knock on the door.

“Ah, that must be him now.” Nedzu hums. Then, louder, he calls, “Come in!”

Izuku turns in their seat so that they can see the door as it opens, and as the person steps into the room-

“Sora-kun?” Izuku asks, disbelieving.

“Sora-kun?” Midoriya asks when Kenji steps through the door.

Sheepishly, he rubs the back of his neck. “H-hey buddy…?”

“What- but-you-” Midoriya stammers.

“Guess I’m better at hiding my secret identity than you, huh?” Kenji mumbles.

Midoriya sighs. “Well. You did always say you wanted to be a secret agent.”

“So, you already know each other!” Nedzu says. “Great! You’ll be working together now to figure out who the villains’ informant is. Good luck!”

“You’ll actually listen when we give you info from now on though, right?” Kenji mutters quietly (Midoriya laughs a little out of surprise, but disguises it as a small cough).

“As long as you have evidence for it,” Nedzu says cheerily (which, essentially, translates to ‘no’). “Now then, Midoriya, this has been a nice talk, but I’d like to talk to Sora for a bit, so you can leave now.”

“Ah… R-right,” Midoriya stutters, before getting up, and leaving. They stare at Kenji for a second, gives a little, “See ya later,” And then leaves.

Kenji waits for a moment until he’s sure that Midoriya is gone. Then, he asks, “Hey Nedzu? For real, this time. Why won’t you let them in the Hero Course?”

Nedzu sighs. “I already said I don’t want to ta-”

“Just give me a real answer,” Kenji says. “I mean really! You can’t say they're not strong enough because, first of all, they did pass the entrance exam, and second of all, they were able to help stop those villains that attacked the other day. You can’t look at that and say it’s impossible.”

There’s a pause where Nedzu says nothing, simply staring down at his tea and stirring. “Sora, tell me, have any of the other Support Course students made complaints about Midoriya being quirkless?”

The question throws Kenji off guard. “Ah. Masaru-kun said… he said that Midoriya-kun was only in the Support Course because you pitied them for being quirkless.”

Nedzu nods. “Mm. Now then, do you know how many people would be saying that if Midoriya were in the Hero Course? Especially when those students have so much more attention.” Nedzu lets the words sink in for a moment, before continuing, “No one would care about anything that Midoriya had done to get there. They would all say that they only got in because they were pitied for being quirkless. I’m giving Midoriya a chance to prove themself so that there won’t be quite as many of those people when they do become an official Hero Course student. Sure, there will still be some, but nowhere near as many.”

Kenji frowns. “But… why wouldn’t you just tell them that then?”

“Because! If they knew they had a spot assured for them in the Hero Course, they wouldn’t work so hard towards achieving it, would they?”

“You… you don’t know Midoriya-kun very well if you think that.” Kenji mutters.

Nedzu laughs. “All in good time, all in good time. Just have some patience. Now, no more talking about Midoriya being in the Hero Course, all right? I refuse to continue pressing the subject.”

“…All right.”


Izuku jogs to catch up with Uraraka. “Hey! Uraraka-san!”

She turns to see them and beams. “Oh! Hey Midoriya-kun! It’s been a while, how are you?”

“I’m good!” Izuku quickly says, then, “So, in the Support Course we were all assigned to doing repairs for different hero costumes for the Hero Course classes, and um, I got assigned to doing your costume?”

“Oh!” Uraraka says, eyes lighting up. “Really? That’s cool!”

“I was wondering if you were open to talking about some possible design changes.”

“Oh yeah! I didn’t really describe how I wanted my costume, so it wasn’t really my design anyway…” Uraraka mutters.

“Oh that’s good because it sucks,” Izuku says.

Uraraka chokes on a laugh. “That bad, huh?”

“Seriously who decided to give you skin tight spandex?”

“I know! You can really change that design though?”

“Yeah, totally.”

“Cool! I look forward to working with you! You’re like, a total life saver.”

“That is the goal of being a hero,” Izuku jokes. Uraraka laughs again.