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Team dinners are great team-building! It is even better when alcohol is involved!!!

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A month before New Years, the team went out for hotpot, minus the chief and the professor because it clashed with their ‘date nights’. From what Da Qing said it was nothing juicy.

“They basically just hold hands and stare at each other’s eyes. If this was a manhwa there would be flowers and stuff floating across my vision.” Explained Da Qing, disgust at the cute he had to endure evident his voice, “It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't so in your face with how much they love each other. It is sickening.” Da Qing drank his rice wine.

“Urgh. Don't talk to me about their love," said Lin Jing mournfully, “The professor keeps on texting me about the new photo editing features for Weibo. I don't mind helping but he really doesn't need to keep on sending me photos of stuff that can basically be summed up as, look at how great my husband is.”

“I - I think it is nice,” said Xiao Guo, blushing slightly, “It is just nice to see them happy.” Old Chu stared at them with dead-murder-eyes as if daring them to contradict the sentiment. Nobody did.

“What I don't understand is how Zhao Yun Lan isn't tapping that all the time, and everywhere.” Hong-jie mused, face flushed red with way too much alcohol, “I keep expecting to walk in on them in the middle of-” the hand gesture accompanying that left no room for misinterpretation.

Shocked gasps.

“Hong-Hong-Hong jie!”

“Oh, the heavens. The images you have put in my head. WHY?!”


“Zhu Hong, you can't say that about the Lord.”

“Oh, shut up. We are not children!” Zhu Hong banged her mostly empty beer glass on the table, “They are two attractive men at their prime. What do you think they are doing when we are not around?”

Indignant silence and pitiful moaning were her answer. “Toughen up,” ordered Zhu Hong, waving at the waiter for more alcohol, “As the spurned delicate young woman left by Zhao Yun Lan, it is my duty to make sure that the person he threw me away for is good enough for him in every way.”

Chu gulped down two tankards of beer without blinking. Da Qing decided that being a cat for this conversation was probably the best, and Lin Jing has laid his head on the table in defeat.

“I-I don-don't think you need to worry, Hong-jie,” muttered Xiao Guo in the silence, “I saw the-the professor kissing the chief.” Xiao Guo face have reached epic levels of red.





“In-in the library,” said Xiao Guo, refusing to make eye contact with anyone.

“Well - at least they are fulfilling their physical needs,” said Zhu Hong, “Now we just need to worry about their emotional side.”

“Weren't you listening earlier?! Their emotional side is fine,” screeched Lin Jing, lifting his head from the table and decided that he was too sober for this, and drank down his mostly full glass of rice wine.



“No! We are not talking about it anymore. The two of them are happy in their two-person world. We are the sad sacks talking about it!” Lin Jing nodded and then drank down another glass.

That seemed to end that line of thoughts as the group went back to talking about their plans for the holidays. That was till a soft voice asked a question.

“But-but-but what if we can make it be-better?” Asked a slightly tearful Xiao Guo, hands holding an empty tankard. Several already empty glasses spread between him and Chu.

“What do you mean?” Each word was enunciated carefully by a Da Qing who was now perched on top of his chair. A hand carefully patting Zhu Hong who decided she needed to just slump over the table a bit.

“My uncle and-and his wife have been married for years,” warmth seeped through his voice, “And they do things to show they love each other.”

“Like what?” Asked Chu, who blinked very slowly at them.

“Well - well, they got matching couples outfits!” The words came out in a rush of air.

Zhu Hong suddenly lifted her head, “That's perfect!”

“Qing lü zhuang!” Shouted a excited Da Qing.

Lin Jing grabbed his phone and started typing furiously, “Like this!!!” And pushed his phone in their face.

Lin Jing’s phone screen was on Taobao, and on the page was a pair of red couples hoodie. One of the hoodie had a cartoon bride with red cheeks and a golden headset, and the other hoodie was the groom with a large grin and a traditional hat.

It was perfect. They have found the perfect gift to save Zhao Yun Lan and Shen Wei's marriage!

Lin Jing made the order, and then it was back to drinking and celebrating.

The next day the team did not remember the purchase. It was a small matter to forget considering half of them don't even remember how they got home.

Two days before New Year, Zhao Yun Lan and Shen Wei received a package from “The Kids”. A note was attached to the parcel.

[To dad and mum! Wishing you a happy new years!!!!


Good luck!

Go get some, Zhao Yun Lan!!!

I hope this will support the two of you.]

Shen Wei looked taken aback, while Zhao Yun Lan looked at the parcel in curiosity, “What did the little bastards do now?” Said Zhao Yun Lan as he ripped the package open. He removed the items, shook them out to get a clear look, and started laughing.

Shen Wei moved closer, and once he registered what the pictures on the clothing were begun to blush.

“Well, my dearest wife?” Grinned Zhao Yun Lan, hands holding a hoodie toward Shen Wei, “Shall we?”

The morning of New Year brought fresh snow and a message to the team.

[Thanks for the gift.

Your mother and I won't be getting a divorce. Thanks for worrying.

Look forward to when you all return to the office. Obviously, I'm not working your guys hard enough.

Attached was a photo of Shen Wei and Zhao Yun Lan sitting. Zhao Yun Lan was grinning ear to ear, his his right arm hooked over Shen Wei’s neck pulling him close. The professor was blushing furiously but he was smiling softly.

They were wearing the couples hoodie.]


Of course Zhao Yun Lan was wearing the groom version while Shen Wei wore he bride version. Zhao Yun Lan had to talk Shen Wei into letting him take the photo though. That took promises he will be paying, gladly, for awhile.

Also, couples outfit is a thing in China and other Asian countries. Couples wear them to show their love for one another. It is both adorable and kind of vomit inducing.