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i love you so much || season 1 - season 3

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02 / 09

thursday, second of september





❝Oh, hi! I-I'm starting today. Detective Amy Santiago.❞

What Jake Peralta was not expecting to see after he looked up from his experimental case file was a woman who he had not seen in the last four-and-a-half days of his time working as a detective for the New York Police Department. She looked to be around his age, and oh godshe was really fucking attractive. Even with that pompous hairstyle that looked like it came straight out of the 90's, his heart momentarily skipped a beat. Regaining his posture, he attempted to look like some smooth detective that had worked there for years, and not a fresh academy graduate that just had taken a look at one of the prettiest women he had ever laid his eyes on. And her smile, fuck, it sent strange warmth through his body.

❝Detective Jake Peralta. Welcome aboard.❞

Suddenly shaking her petite, silky hand, she walked with a sudden rush of purpose and forced open the blue gate, promptly entering the central space of the precinct. He watched her intently as she paced around the desks of the precincts, patrolling the place for her nameplate. Where would she work at? 

There are no other free desk spots, he thought. Except for--

❝I guess this is my desk,❞ she exclaimed to nobody in particular. Her desk is right across from mine! Jake's mouth gaped open into a tiny fraction of surprise but melted into a warm smile. Maybe this would turn out to be amazing, after all. He walked over to his desk, racking his brain for anything that would make Amy - Detective Santiago - laugh. Before he could say anything, Detective Charles Boyle walked up to them with a smirk that was just too smug for him to say anything helpful. Oh god, what is he doing?

❝You guys...I can already hear wedding bells!❞ Boyle chortled, beaming mischievously at the two unaware lovers and swiftly started walking away before they would have the opportunity to glare at him fiercely. An uncomfortable silence hung in the air between Jake and Amy.

❝Sorry about Boyle, he can be a little...❞  Jake started, his words hanging in the air. He clumsily stacked his case on a pile of someone's paperwork that they had left on his desk.

❝Audacious?❞ she chuckled, nervously shifting. ❝I grew up with seven brothers, guess you can say I'm used to it.❞ Her voice still seemed apprehensive, but she forced herself to give her new colleague a friendly smile.

❝Woah, really? That’s so cool!❞ She’s actually….nice.  ❝Yeah, I’m always so eager to prove myself after growing up with them….❞ With sudden urgency in her voice, as if she had realized something, she murmured ❝Uh, I have to go. To tell the captain I’m here and all that.❞ A wistful look in her eyes, Amy practically ran to the Captain’s door. Jake looked after her, his mind racing.

 ❝Jake! Are you listening to me, or just staring at your future lover’s ass?❞

❝Boyle!❞ Jake exclaimed, flustered, hoping Amy - who in the doorway of the Capitan’s office talking really fast - didn’t hear. Boyle gave Jake a suggestive look and nudged him, smiling. ❝We just met each other, like, five minutes ago! I don’t think we’re gonna be making out anytime soon.❞

❝Jake, Jake, Jake…what did I tell you?❞ Boyle murmured somewhat seriously, shaking his head.

❝In a couple of years, you won’t be able to resist each other. Just you wait, Jake Peralta. ❞