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Sugarcoated (Hitoshi Shinsou x Reader)

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"Are you serious Hitoshi?"

A set of small ruby red eyes turned and looked at you from the kitchen counter. You froze from the blank expression the little girl held then asked Hitoshi to give you a minute as you walked over to Eri. She was standing on her stool, hands molding a dumpling. Mustering up the best smile you could you bent down to kiss the top of her head.

"These look great Eri. Will you be okay if a just step right outside for a second?"

The silver haired child nodded and smiled. After patting her head you slipped on some boots and a coat before walking out the front door and putting the cell back to your ear.

"Hitoshi, for once you can't just bring everything home and work on it after dinner? I'll even help you."

There was a drawn out sigh on the other end of the line, you could practically picture Hitoshi rubbing his forehead. "I wish I could baby but it's a lot. I have to get all these projects graded and done before the break, there's too many pieces and I don't want to risk bringing them home and something happening to them and then having to explain why someone's sculpture or canvas got ruined."

Your eyes narrowed and foot tapped on the concrete.

"So you rather leave me to explain why you're late again to your little sister, on the one night she begged for you to be home because she wanted to make something special for you?"

"That was tonight?"

You rolled your eyes and sighed in aggravation.

"Oh my god, yes it was tonight! Hitoshi she's only with us for another week!"

"I know - I got my days mixed up I'm sorry. I'll try to finish this fast and make it home."

You shook your head as if Hitoshi were standing before you.

"Don't worry about it Hitoshi, I'll go in there and break the news to her and deal with it like I have been for the past month. Your leftovers with be in the fridge as usual. Love you."

Before Hitoshi could even reply with his usual spouts of making it up to you the call ended. Now facing the door, you wiped the tear that threatened to fall and stood straight, preparing for a night alone with Eri yet again but you wouldn't let it get to you and you damn sure wouldn't let it get to her. Tonight you'd make sure that she would go to bed with a smile on her face.

Once inside you shrugged off the boots and coat then walked over to Eri, still happily making dumplings. You stood back and watched, wanting to keep her happy for a little while longer.

This wasn't the first time Hitoshi had to cancel plans or come home late from work, it was usually a once a week thing. After he first started he'd spend his Thursday nights at school, grading, sorting, recollecting over the weeks work before Friday brought it to a close. Of course you were very understanding of this. It was easier for Hitoshi to do all of this at school and not have to haul it back and forth from home. Being a teacher to so many students you expected nights like those and never once complained. Hitoshi was an extremely hard worker and was very passionate about his career and students. It was okay - at least when it was only once a week.

Over the past month though, these nights became more frequent and more unexpected. At first it didn't bother you, the holiday break was nearing, meaning final exams. All the teachers in fact were cracking down and working harder, sometimes they'd even have group nights and help each other with lesson plans or figure out which students needed what assistance then go out for drinks and food after. Still you were okay with this, but you couldn't get rid of the seed of jealousy that grew in the back of your mind, knowing that Claire Amano was among these teachers. It was just that though, jealousy. You were trusting of Hitoshi and since the festival you never once doubted him again, he never once gave you any reason to do so. But just the thought of that one woman being able to spend time with Hitoshi, time that was taken not only from you but from Eri, it ate away at you.

Eri would be leaving the two of you to go back home in a week, so spending as much time as possible with her was your priority and it should've been Hitoshi's too.


An innocent voice sliced through your aggravated thoughts and caused you to look up at the little girl who was now turned and looking at you with question. You cleared your throat and tried to smile for her, making your way to the counter.

"Eri," you started with a soft and quiet tone, getting ready to break the news.

A small messy hand grabbed yours and made you look her in the eyes.

"I know...," Eri replied.

"I'm so sorry sweetheart, I promise though he's going to make it up to you, to both of us! We'll just have a fun night together by ourselves."

A smile grew on the child's face, making you smile back and squeeze her tiny hand.

"Yeah! We can even have all my plushies eat with us, so our table is full!"

You chuckled and nodded, then took your phone out and started to play your favorite k-pop station, setting the device far enough away so it wouldn't get dirty as the two of your made more dumplings and food.

"That sounds perfect, I want to sit between RJ and Koya though!"

For the next few hours the two of you made and cooked dinner, sat down together will all of Eri's BT21 plushies and enjoyed your meal. After, the food was put up, a plate set aside for Hitoshi as usual, you both proceeded to the couch to watch tv. Eri expressed how much fun she had been having over the past almost 3 months, that she missed her father but having you and Hitoshi always made her cheer up. She was sad to be leaving in a few days and seemed to cling to you more and more as the night dragged on. Once 7:30 pm rolled around you suggested it was time for her bath and for bed. After Eri's bath, you sat together in her bed, braiding her hair as she yawned in your lap.

"Unnie...when I leave, we'll still see each other right?"

"Of course Eri, in fact I made your brother promise that you stay with us at least 2 weekends a month!"

The little girl smiled as you finished her hair and hugged her close before having her crawl beneath the covers. Crouching down you made sure to tuck her in nice and snug, tickling her sides here and there and earning innocent and cheerful giggles. Her tiny hand reached out to touch your cheek and you took it, placing a kiss to the inside of her palms and brushing a stray hair from her face.

"I love you Unnie," she spoke softly with heavy ruby eyes.

"I love you more my little cupcake. Now get some rest and I'll see you in the morning."

Eri nodded and snuggled more into her blankets with a hum. You stood straight and walked to the door, hand turning off the bedroom light and leaving it illuminated by her nightlight.

"Will you tell Sou-Sou I love him," she turned over and asked.

Your heart pained at her request, knowing good and well you'd do it but that you shouldn't have to if only her brother were here like he said he'd be. With a nod you smiled and blew her one last kiss.

"Of course I will, goodnight Eri."

Hitoshi's black jeep pulled up in front of the house at around 9 o'clock. Turning the engine off he wasted no time in getting out, gathering his work bag and heading up the walking path to the front door. His key slid into the lock and he opened the door, his violet hues scanning the kitchen and living room until they fell upon your legs hanging over the back of the couch and bouncing as you laid upside down on the cushion. He smirked at your cuteness and was relieved to see you still up. Ever since you ended the phone call earlier he was anxious to finally get home and make it up to you in any way possible. After removing his shoes and jacket, Hitoshi walked over to the the couch, his hand reaching down and tickling the arch of your foot and making you jump and kick with a yelp.

He snickered, realizing you had headphones in and probably didn't hear him entering the house. Your (e/c) eyes went from frightened to annoyed in no time upon realizing who he was. His hand went to touch the top of your foot but you quickly kicked it away and rolled on the couch until you were looking away from the hero. Hitoshi sighed and rubbed the back of his neck as he walked around the couch.

"Sweetheart, I'm sorry I know I fucked up."

You scoffed and removed the headphones fully and placed them on the end-table. Hitoshi sat before you on the ottoman, a small bouquet of flowers in his grasp. Your eyebrow quirked at them in confusion.

"Hitoshi, where the fuck did you get flowers at this late?"

He chuckled and twisted the bundle around in his hand, "I may have found a florist closing up shop and used my quirk to make him open it back up for a few more minutes..."

Try as you may not to make a sound, it didn't work. You chortled lightly, hand quickly coming up to cup your mouth when Hitoshi looked with a hopeful smile. It quickly faded as your expression turned to one of annoyance once again.

"Look I know they won't make you forgive me but - "

"Me forgive you? Hitoshi I'm not the one you should be trying to make up to, it's that little girl in there, not me. Yeah I'm pissy about this, but not for the reasons you think. It's the fact that she spent all day after school so excited to go grocery shopping for things to cook just for you, because she knows you've been stressed with work lately and wanted to do something for you. She handmade that food for you. And the sad thing is, I didn't even have to tell her you were going to be late, again. She already knew. You're trying to butter up the wrong person here."

Hitoshi sat there as you landed blow for blow. He already felt like shit over upsetting you and you made sure that he felt lower than scum about Eri as well. Lately, you had been the backbone of the household. Being more understanding and patient than you needed to be with his job, taking care of Eri all alone on the nights he didn't get home on time and still making sure to leave a plate of food out for him. Without you he'd be drowning right now in more stress than he already had and each day he was grateful to still have you stick it out with him. More than anything he was grateful for how much you truly cared for his sister, always putting her before yourself or him.

"I swear I'll make it up to her tomorrow, and you. I truly am sorry baby, my days got mixed up, I swear I'd never intentionally fuck up this bad."

You sighed and shrugged then stood to your feet before him, causing Hitoshi to look up at you like a begging peasant at your mercy.

"I know you will, I know you are and I know you wouldn't. I really do understand that right now work is hectic and some things are out of your control Hitoshi and that shit happens. But maybe just for the rest of Eri's time here you can try to be a little more - available?"

Hitoshi's purple eyes saddened at the sound of his own girlfriend having to even ask him to do such a thing as give her and his sister more of himself. He tried not to let it get to him though because in fact something else was going on behind your back that hopefully once it all came full circle you'd forgive him for all shit he'd been putting you through. To keep up with appearances Hitoshi sighed, head hanging low. There were hands in his hair suddenly, running from the front to the back of his scalp and causing him to look up. His arms wrapped around your thighs, hugging you close as his cheek rested on your stomach.

"Your food is in the fridge. I'm going to shower and get ready for bed," you spoke as your hands then disappeared, one slowly falling down to caress Hitoshi's cheek as he let go and you turned to walk away.

Hitoshi got up and sighed, finding his food and reheating it then taking his time to finish it all in silence, left alone with nothing but his thoughts on how he could make things better. When he finished, Hitoshi locked up the house and turned off all the lights, he grabbed the flowers and made his way down the hall then stopped before Eri's door and quietly opened it. Walking in he smiled as she slept peacefully. Sitting the flowers down on her nightstand, he then bent over and placed a kiss to her hair and whispered that he loved her before slipping back out. Hitoshi made it to the bedroom and started to strip off his clothes as he went towards the bathroom. You were standing at the sink, brushing your teeth, not being bothered at all by his sudden appearance. He came up from behind, one hand cupping the side of your face as he placed a kiss to your cheek before going into the shower, disappearing as he rounded the corner of it.

After brushing your teeth you stood there, hands on the counter and watching as the water circled around the drain of the sink, washing away the foam you spit out from the toothpaste. Your heart pained a little from continuously not giving Hitoshi too much attention. This wasn't like you. Usually the second he walked through the door he was attacked by you with over zealous kisses and needy hugs, even on nights he was late. But tonight was different, of all nights why did it have to be this one. You needed to stand your ground and make sure Hitoshi knew he hurt Eri but maybe enough was enough. Your boyfriend may be dumb when it comes to a few things about relationships but he's not completely ignorant. Once he's made aware of dumb minute things he does he never forgets it. Hitoshi doesn't need to be scolded or shunned, he doesn't need long drawn out talks. He learns his lesson and very quick.

Wiping your mouth you quickly walked into the shower, stopping at the corner and peeking your head around it. Hitoshi was standing under the rainfall of water, soaking his violet hair before turning around. He wiped the water from his face and blinked upon seeing you.

"What is it baby?"

"I love you," you replied and pressed your cheek to the cool rock wall.

Hitoshi softly smiled and stepped out from under the shower head until he was face to face with you. Your hands came up to cup the others opposite cheek, foreheads pressing against each other. "I love you more."

The two of you finally kissed each other for the first time since he arrived home and it felt like you could breathe easily again. The tightness in your chest dissipating as his lips warmly enveloped your own as if hugging them and trying to convey how sorry he was for his fuck up. It came across clear as crystal and you smiled when the kiss broke. He smiled back and kissed your forehead.

"Get in bed, I'll be there shortly."

You nodded and kissed him one last time before exiting the shower and going to find warmth under the thick blankets of the bed. As you sat and waited, your mood turned sour quickly all over again. Mind starting to wonder like it does every night: Eri leaves in a few days, you don't have a job lined up, Hitoshi keeps coming home late, what if something is wrong with you, is there someone else? Of course there was no one else, Hitoshi wasn't that type of guy, you knew he loved you to death, you knew that. But there was just so much stress lately, trying to hold yourself together for his and Eri's sake was starting to become overbearing and making you think irrationally. That tightness in your chest slowly started to return and you curled up, knees hugging close to your chest and burying your face in them. You were becoming prisoner in your own mind over the next few minutes until the sound of a light switch flicking off caught your ear. You couldn't dare look up, too afraid that seeing Hitoshi's face would just make you break from how fucking much you missed it.

There was a weight next to you now, the smell of Hitoshi's peppery body wash filling your senses as he crawled next to you. His hand rubbed at your back, the other down your shin. Just his touch was starting to make tears pool in the corners of your eyes and your body trembled, trying to hold back a sob.

"Shit," he breathed out before quickly grabbing a hold of your body and cradling it into his chest and lap.

All at once you started to cry into his chest, trying to cover your own face. He rocked back and forth, pressing kisses to your hair and rubbing your back and shoulders. Not once did he try to shush or quiet your cries, he just let you be. Once again, Hitoshi was intelligent. He knew your tell tale signs of a breakdown, knew how hard you tried to not let it show how the world was wearing down on you and knew that in due time you'd finally submit to letting it all finally come flooding out like it needed to. And when that happened, he was always there. All in all, Hitoshi was a wonderful boyfriend, full of unconditional love and adoration, nurturing and understanding. Sure he may have his dumb moments, but there was so much of him that made up for it.

"I'm sorry Hitoshi," you choked out.

"There's nothing to be sorry for (Y/N)."

"I was too harsh on you earlier, on the phone. And then when you got home, I just got so upset and I shouldn't have, I know work is crazy right now and still I had - "

Hitoshi chuckled and kissed your head, "Alright first off, shut your mouth. Baby, you've been more understanding and patient with me than you should be. I deserved that ass-chewing. Sometimes I don't deserve you. You're here taking care of Eri, making sure she's where she needs to be, as well as cooking, cleaning, helping with her homework, loving my dumbass enough to still leave me food out and show me affection even on nights I'm late. I know you can only take so much and I'm so sorry that I didn't think more about how it's piling up on you. But I know that can't be the only thing that's beating you up, what else is going on?"

Your head shook in his chest and Hitoshi rolled his eyes. His hand went to remove your own from your face and made you look up at him. "(Y/N), we talked about this, communication remember? It's okay, you can tell me anything, you know that."

You tried to look away from his violet hues but Hitoshi held your chin, "Eyes on me sweetness."

"Toshi," you finally sighed and looked at him, "...there isn't someone else right? I'm still the only one..."

Hitoshi blinked in surprise and you hurried to explain yourself, "I - I just need to hear it."

Massive hands were soon holding your face, Hitoshi's eyes softening as he shook his head.

"(Y/N), of course you're still the only one, and you'll always be the only one. I swear on my life! There is no one else, no one but you. I know I've been shitty lately but I swear I'd never fuck up something so good and precious in my life. I don't ever want anyone but you, you're mine forever, you're gonna have to deal with that!"

A smile tugged at your lips and Hitoshi kissed the corner of your mouth, making the smile grow gradually as he continued to kiss all over your face. He didn't care about the salty tears, only that he could wipe them away. You wrapped around his neck and body, hugging him close and nuzzling your face in his neck. He hugged back and kissed the side of your head, then pressed his cheek to it.

"I love you so goddamn much and I promise it'll get better."

"I just miss you so much," you breathed out.

"I know you do baby, trust me, I miss you even more. It's only until school lets out. Then you'll have all my time and even when work starts back up, I'll manage my shit more wisely. It's just a bump and we'll get over it. We always do."

You nodded and pulled back, a hand coming up and touching his cheek. "Okay Toshi."

The man smiled and kissed your lips tenderly, letting you melt into him once again. He chuckled and ran a hand through your hair before the two of you started to nestle under the covers together, bodies wrapping and intertwining with each other, lips still feverishly kissing. His arms held you close, your hands flat on his chest as your kisses started to die down. Hitoshi leaned over to turn off the lamp then let you burrow into him, a content hum leaving your lips.

"Get some rest sweetness, we got a full day together tomorrow and I plan on spoiling the fuck out of you and Eri."

"Toshi, you can't just win us over with gifts," you mumbled with a sleepy smile.

Hitoshi chuckled and kissed your forehead, "What about with food, lots of it!"

"Mmm, maybe."

Shaking his head, Hitoshi's fingers then lightly brushed over your eyelids, shutting them.

"Goodnight my little halfling, I love you."