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Izuku makes a face when Kacchan cancel their dungeon-farming night for the third weekend in a row. It's been a long week of school and studing, he just wants to mindlessly farm with no worries. He can't help but immediately log on and message his sorry ass who is certainly online. 

Deku: I want to farm :(
XDESTROYX: fuck you. Come farm these noobs with me then  
Deku: But I want to farm THE DUNGEON
XDESTROYX: jesus christ
XDESTROYX: ask the guildies then goddamn
Deku: help me Obi Wan Kenobi you're my only hope
XDESTROYX : * user has blocked you for : 0 HRS 59 MIN*
Deku: :(

He sighs, sending Kacchan a text with the link to the “Why Can’t We Be Friends” song. All Izuku wants to farm this one last dungeon a couple times a week for the gold and the weekly drops. It’s not a lot to ask for — just five hours of non-stop grinding at least twice a week. Izuku pulls opens the Yuuei Guild on Discord and Eijirou is already flooding the chat with inspirational quotes for the weekend grind. Bless their Guild Master, he’s a sweetheart. Dropping down to the “Looking4Party” tab, Izuku types in the best selling summary he can offer. 

“Hello! I’m a tank main looking a support and a high-damage dealer? Trying to find a small group to farm that last dungeon as efficiently as possible for maximum rewards! Maybe 2-3 times a week? Msg me anytime :)”

Eijirou leaves him a little heart emoji on the post and Izuku laughs. He doesn’t get a reply until hours later while he’s screaming in the call with Ochako as they try to keep Eijirou and Katsuki alive.

“Why do you have to rush in like that?” He moans into the mic, watching Katsuki’s health tick down. He casts the only heal he has that he usually saves for himself. “Eij’s revive is down for another minute.”

Immediately, the green light floods over their party as Eijirou's priest swoops in. “Don’t worry about it, Deku. I’m used to this. Especially when Ochako and Katsuki just wanna glass canon their way through the enemy team constantly.”

“You know you love us, Riot.” Ochako laughs and Izuku takes the down time to alt-tab. He has two replies from other guild members: Ingenium and ColdChiliPepper. He knows of Ingenium from some of the Guild boss nights, he always joins in for a few rounds. ColdChiliPepper, on the other hand, doesn’t talk in-game but Izuku recognizes his name from somewhere. Guild Game Nights? 

“Hello Deku. I saw your post and I wanted to contact you for the position of Attack. I too have been looking for a group to run that same dungeon. Let me know if the position was already filled out.”

“I can support.”

Izuku shoots both of them a quick reply before turning back towards his party. “I’ma head out for a few dungeon runs. Good luck on the rest of your matches!”

“Fuck your farming.” Katsuki says. “You’ve abandoned this team, Deku. We’re dropping on the four-man team rankings. You think we’re in the top five because we farm? No. We’re number two because we’re here kicking ass.”

“No, we’re number two because we run two nuke-mage assassins and a healer who somehow manages to keep us alive.” Ochako answers. Her character in game gives a cute wave, a little heart animates above her head. “Bye ‘zuku!”

Eijirou laughs, “Bye Deku. Join us later if you can!”

Izuku agrees with a laugh of his own before he hangs up. Moving back to discord, he adds his new party members to a separate group before calling it up. Ingenium answers first, “Hello Deku! It’s an honor to be teaming up with you. I always see the GM recommend you when a group needs a tank.”

“It’s only because I’m his favorite!” Izuku laughs, “I’m glad you replied, it’s always difficult to find a good team to run with.”

With another ring, ColdChiliPepper enters the call. “Hello.”

Izuku jumps into action. “Hi! I’m making the party at the moment, I’m assuming the in-game names are the same as your tags here?” Both of his new teammates confirm and Izuku grins, “Alright boys. Let’s get some gold.”

It’s a Friday night and the runs go perfectly. ColdChiliPepper, or Shouto as he introduces himself an hour in after hearing himself be called Cooooooooold and chiLIPEPPER , is almost on par with Eijirou on his healing. Izuku never drops below half his health and Tenya dies just once. That death didn’t count though, he was AFK while Shouto and Izuku accidentally activated the mobs as they spammed the dance emoji.     

By the end of the night, they can read each other's movements like it was meant to be. Izuku smiles, “I still can’t believe the RNG Gods gave us the Gauntlets of Might.”

“I’m going to sell them.” Shouto says and Izuku chokes.

“What, why? They have less than 1% chance of dropping!” Izuku blurts out. He’s been farming for the item for months now and he’s just going to sell it?

“Yes.” Shouto’s character turns towards him and gives a slow clap. “Deku, I’m a support main. What would I need these gauntlets for?”

“You can always save it for another character you make.” Tenya chimes in and they can’t see Izuku nodding so he voices his agreement. The tradepost icon pops over ColdChiliPepper and Shouto snorts, “I almost got a thousand gold for it.”

Deku turns his character and drops to his knees, “You just — you just sold it. Just like that?” Izuku cries dry tears for the legendary item, “You’re a cruel one, ColdChiliPepper.”

For the first time, Shouto gives a full laugh. It makes Izuku smile and Tenya chuckles, “Well, gentlemen. It’s been a pleasure. I need to wake up early tomorrow!”

“Me too.” Shouto says while his character disconnects. Izuku stretches, ignoring the flood of messages he receives the moment he loads into the main town.  

RedRiot : pvp pvp pvp

“I had a lot of fun with you guys.” He says, “Can we do this again?”

“I’ll send you my schedule!” Tenya offers and Shouto hums, “I’ll do the same.”

“See you guys soon!”

The call ends and Izuku leans back against his chair. He’s found the perfect team.




The three of them meet up again, every week. Tuesdays and Fridays are dedicated dungeon nights. Between them, their luck has been beyond amazing. They’ve gotten the Gauntlets of Might , the Staff of Truth , Boots of Swiftness , and so many others. Izuku even manages to grab Ares’ Hextech Belt for Kacchan. Sometimes, they’ll even meet up on Sundays for the Guild games.      

“Alright, fuckers.” Kacchan starts. “We’ve got a ton a shit ton of newbies in the chat. Squad up under Riots’ commander tag.”

“Language, babe.” Eijirou interrupts, flashing his commander tag again. A swarm of characters start dancing near him. “We’ve got choices, kiddos. We can do a guild puzzle, a race, some fun PVP matches. Oh, I can summon a world boss too. What’s everyone in the mood for?”

“Boss!” Izuku cheers. Ochako groans, “Boo, pvp or get out!”

“I do believe a world boss might be too much for some of the players here.” Tenya says and Shouto floods the in-game chat with an image of a cat. “That’s very well made, Shouto.”


The chat rages.  

TapeMaster101: we only stan Uravity in this guild
AlienQueen: ^ Our Pvp Goddess has spoken
DarkShadow: a guild puzzle. would love to see it someday.  
XDESTROYX: u guys disgust me im the only pvp god here
ColdChiliPepper: isn’t she ranked higher than you in solos?
Pikachu: SHOTS FIRED  
Ingenium: Now, everyone. Don’t make this too hard for our leaders. What does everyone want to do?

“Thanks ‘Genium,” Eijirou laughs. “We really do only have a set time. We did the World Boss last weekend so let’s do some friendly pvp matches okay?”

“Fuck, can we do a three on three first? We can show these suckers some real PvP masters.” It sounds like Kacchan almost swallows his mic. Ochako cheers, “Yes!”

“Ugh, let me guess. You three against me, Tenya, and Shouto then?” Izuku rolls his eyes. Ochako roars into her mic this time, “Hell yeah!” 

TapeMaster101 : Beat down of the century. I’m taking bets
Creati : I love Riot but my money is on Deku. A tank after my own heart
AlienQueen : u right but put me down for uravity anyways   
MindYourBusiness : It’s Deku or bust
DarkShadow : Shouto’s support is pretty amazing though. Heals plus freeze conditions
Pikachu : Nah, it’s RIOT OR BUST IN THIS HOUSE
Froppy: I’ve seen Ingenium though. Quick with his aiming.

“I think we can all agree we stan Riot, but I don’t want to see any bets going around again!” Izuku scolds and Tenya chuckles.

Katsuki sets the challenge. “Alright bitches, let’s do this.”

Eijirou wastes no time in preparing the stadium in the menu. Izuku parties up and they’re dropped into the field. The clock starts winding down from three minutes. Switching over to their personal call, they start planning.

“Kacchan is going to go straight for Shouto.” Izuku has no doubt. Cripple their main damage dealer and the fight won’t drag out long enough. “Shouto’s got enough ice to keep them off him but remember Eijirou is buff-focus support.”

“I’ve got eyes on him now.” Shouto says, peeking from the corner. “Only him though.”

Ochako comes crashing down between them. “Tenya!” Izuku swerves his screen but Ochako is too quick, casting a stun on him.

“I’ve got you!” Shouto shouts, icing the ground below them. Ochako’s feet are frozen over and an exclamation mark hovers over her. Izuku shakes off the stun but he sees the assassin creeping along side Shouto.

An arrow blazes past his view and lands near Kacchans head. “Buffs?” Tenya asks.

“Damage up!” Shouto calls out.

Izuku thrusts his sword into the ground, rippling out in an earthquake. His allies gain a temporary shield as Shouto throws out down an ice spear. It lands near Ochako but before he can detonate it, Eijirou sweeps in, music blazing. The ice melts away and the speed buff plays around their opponents.

“Oh fuck,” Izuku says.

Kacchan shoots forward, throwing his light daggers. Shouto summons an ice wall a second too late and one dagger hits him square on the shoulder. His health drops menacingly low.

Izuku tackles Kacchan, stunning him against the wall. Tenya lands an smokescreen arrow on Shouto and their support grunts, “Thanks.”

Eijirou plays another song, recovering Kacchan who immediately explodes a dagger in Izuku’s face. It doesn’t deal as much damage which allows Izuku to pierce the ground again, calling down a field of thunder.

Ochako lands a magic blast on Tenya and he drops, not without taking her with him. He lands a headshot with a swift bolt.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how much damage she deals.” Tenya apologizes. Izuku laughs, “Yeah, she’s a pain to deal with. Good job taking her down!”

“We’re still in this though,” Shouto says. He lays a new layer of ice across the field and Eijirou blares a new riff that clears out a majority of it. “I need you to focus on Riot, Deku.”

“Yup!” Izuku pivots, throwing his sword towards Eijirou. His character lets out a exclamation mark and Izuku teleports to the sword. He bashes Eijirou with his shield and he’s stunned. Kacchan throws his own grenades but Izuku barely bats an eye at the damage. Shouto summons a tomb of ice and Eijirou is out.

“One more!” Tenya yells at the same time Kacchan lands a critical hit on Shouto. “Fuck.”

The timer goes off and the match ends with a tie.  

Uravity : oof gg
Ingenium : It was a well-matched fight.
MindYourBusiness : oof is right, im with Creati on this one. Deku can stun me any day
Creati : that's not even close to what I said but close enough
RedRiot : \o/ Praise the power of tanks
JackJiro : \o/
Tentacole : \o/
Sugarsugar : \o/
Anima : \o/     
PRINCE : \o/
Tailboi : \o/
Invisalign : \o/

“See? This is why I wanted to fight a world boss.” Izuku says. Tenya laughs and Shouto snorts, “I think we did well.”

“You both did amazing.” Tenya follows. “I should not have been caught in that first blast. I apologize.”

“You did great, Tenya.” Shouto chuckles and his character throws a heart up. Izuku copies him, throwing his own green heart into the mist.

“I will try harder next time.” He promises and Izuku can’t stop smiling.




“What’s wrong now?” Katsuki raises an eyebrow, sipping from his mocha. Izuku pouts as he lays his head on the cafe table.

“I have a crush.” He dwindles his thumbs like a little kid.

Katsuki roars in laughter. “On who? Chili boy or Sonic?”

“He’s not sonic.”

“He could’ve fooled me. He’s got the brightest blue hair for his toon.” Katsuki shoves at his shoulder. “Cough it up.”

“Both of them.” Izuku cannot pout any harder. His best friend smiles like the bastard he is, “Are they hot?”

“How am I supposed to know? We’ve only been playing together for a few months.” The three of them speak weekly, almost daily. Even if it’s just to check up on one another but they haven’t discussed much outside of games. He knew both of them were his age, went to school, and loved MMOs. He also knew Tenya had an older brother who he looked up too and Shouto had three of his own siblings who were fiercely overprotective.

Katuki shrugs, “Eijirou sent me a selfie a month after we started talking.”

“Wait, I thought you were flirting with Ochako.”

“Deku. Please. You go big or you go home.” Katsuki rolls his eyes as if that answers all of his questions. “I like them both and they like each other. They live near each other too, about an hour north from here.”

Izuku chokes, “They’re that close? Oh shit.” He pauses, “Wait, are you guys dating yet?!”

Katsuki Bakugou blushes to the point where Izuku starts worrying he might have popped a vein. “Shut the fuck up. It’s a long distance thing and I usually visit them once a month on the weekend.”

“You didn’t tell me.” Izuku can’t help but feel a little betrayed, he’s known Katsuki since they were kids and they’ve known everything about each other. Katsuki rolls his eyes, scoffing at his ear, “Don’t overthink it, Deku. We’re not official yet.”

Katsuki shoves his phone in his face as he shows him a selfie of a vibrant redhead and a doe-eyed girl grinning at the camera. “See? Just send don’t be stupid, send them a cute selfie or some shit.”

A cute selfie, Izuku contemplates. He has a lot of trust in his teammates to have been honest with them to this point. He posts it on their chat, a headshot with his huge smile and a smoothie.  

“Very cute (cat emoji)”

“You have a beautiful smile, Izuku!”

He blushes and screams into his pillow. When the chat pings a few more times, he glances up. Shouto’s hair is two toned and his face is scarred over on one side. His two colored eyes stare blankly into the camera and it almost looks like he tried to smile which makes Izuku laugh. Tenya’s glasses cover his eyes with a glare but he grins widely. His hair is almost just as blue as his character’.   




“Deku! You’re going to the con this weekend, right?!” Ochako says on a slow Wednesday night. He’s playing the market, trying to trade some items for the sunglasses Tenya wants. He already landed the cat scarf Shouto yelled about in their chat.

Izuku perks up, “Yes! We go every year! I even got my cosplay all ready.” Kaachan makes a disgusted noise behind him, from the bed. Izuku throws him a look and the bastard just leans back against the wall with a smirk and the fans on his laptop whine on the pillow. “Kacchan is making fun of me.”

“Don’t let him bully you.” Shouto responds, moving his character close to where Deku stands motionless next to the auctioneer. Izuku giggles when the mage starts to repeatedly crouch near him. Tenya add in, “It is quite unfortunate that Destroy has... well, destroyed his headphones.”

“Hey fucker, just because I ain’t got a mic, doesn’t mean I can’t hear you talking shit.” Katsuki growls loud enough for Izuku’s mic. The shitty phone earphones stand out against the blonde hair. “Deku can’t save you from my fist, you ranger piece of —”

“Are you two going?” Izuku immediately steps in. He recently found out that both Shouto and Tenya lived around their city and he was beyond excited. “Kacchan and I are about ten minutes from the convention center!”

“I had already ordered my ticket for the weekend before I saw Riots’ post about the Guild meeting up. You will most definitely find me there.” Tenya answers and Izuku claps, kicking at Katsuki when he makes another hurling motion.

Shouto stops crouching, “My brother wanted someone to go with so I got roped into it.”

“We can all meet up then! I even know a great ice cream place near the place we can visit if you guys would like.” Izuku sounds so proud, the trade decline doesn’t even dampen his mood. He offers an extra hundred gold he wasn’t planning on spending and the trade goes through. “I’m so excited!”

Tenya chuckles and Shouto sends him a \( =^.^=)/.  

“So I already posted it in the announcement tab but we’re meeting up before the convention! If you’re comfortable with it, you guys can send me your numbers and I can keep track of everyone! If not, send me a message through Discord when you get there and can’t find me.” Eijirou interrupts. The guild chat in-game yells at the voice of their GM.

Pikachu : its OUR BOI
AlienQueen : CON HYPE
Creati : Thank you Riot!
TapeMaster101 : love you baby
Invisalign : Are yall even listening to the love story going on??
MindUrBuisness : lol which one though
Invisalign: U right

“Guys!” Izuku cries, “Respect your officers.”

“In their defense, Shouto and I are not officers. We just follow your lead.” Tenya chimes in.

Shouto snorts, “Riot, promote me.”

Katsuki leans forward, “Don’t you dare, Eij. Leave that half-mage half-support where he belongs!” Everyone laughs and in their private chat, Shouto sends a message:  

“Since we’re meeting up soon, here’s my number. Maybe we can do a group text?”

“That’s a brilliant idea, Shouto! Here’s mine as well.”

“:) Okay. I’ll add you both and make a group chat?”

“Izuku has a disgustingly happy grin on his face, what did you fuckers tell him?” Katsuki pops his bubble with a smirk and Izuku screams, muting his microphone.




They spend the whole week texting back and forth on their WhatsApp group. Shouto sends enough pictures of cats he spots on his way to campus that Tenya and Izuku start doing the same. Tenya sends updates from his classes which are mostly all about physics that Izuku has never taken but Tenya shows so much excitement for it that he ends up googling half the things he’s talking about just to ask better questions. Shouto only sent a picture of his homework once and Izuku doesn’t think he can google chemical reactions as easily.

They end up having a facetime chat that same Friday.     

“Look!” Izuku points his phone towards the bed, his cosplay laid out neatly. The armguards were identical copies to the Gauntlets of Might his character wears. The shoulder pads were similar, along with the boot coverings. His foam shield sat next to the large sword he was able to paint a rusty silver. He turns the camera back towards himself, grinning.

Tenya’s smiling, “It going to look amazing, Izuku.”

“We expect nothing less from you.” Shouto says.

He can see the blush rising in the corner of his phone. “It’s still a work in progress. I haven’t made the helmet to match yet but I’m hoping to finish it for the next year.”

Tenya and Izuku take a collective dreamy sigh as Shouto gives a rare smile. “Maybe we can help you with it next time?”

“Yes! Perhaps you both can assist me in making my own costume next time. I would love to be apart of the experience.” Tenya adds in, the idea sparkling in his eyes. Izuku nods enthusiastically and Shouto covers his face with one hand.

“I’ll help. But I’m not cosplaying.”     




“Holy fuck, I’m meeting them.” Is the first thing Izuku says to Katsuki when it finally clicks for him. They’re both dressed in their costumes and waiting by the fountain Eijirou had assigned as the meet spot for their Guildies.

So far, Izuku has met about half of the main crew. Froppy turned out to be a short woman with long hair named Tsuyu who has cute frog pins on her bag. Creati and MindYourBusiness introduce themselves as Momo and Shinsou, both of them hitting it off almost immediately. Momo’s girlfriend, Kyoka, turns out to be JackJiro who gives Izuku a sticker that reads: Stand Behind Me! Pikachu , Denki, has a staff that he programmed himself to light up which ‘impresses’ everyone. AlienQueen and TapeMaster101 , Mina and Hanta, respectfully disagree.  

Katsuki gives him a look that seems like a grimace under all the makeup. “Don’t start panicking now. If they hurt you, you call me — I will destroy them.” It would have been heartwarming but Izuku laughs. Eijirou tackles Katsuki to the ground and his best friend screeches.

Ochako jumps on them, being as careful as she can with Katsuki’s head piece and Eijirou's belt. “We’re here!”

Izuku looks away to give the trio a private moment and before he can catch up with some newly arrived guild members, his teammate catches his eye. Tenya smiles, “Hello Izuku.”

“Oh fuck.” Izuku does not freak out. He lets out a borderline hysterical giggle, “Hi!”

“Don’t surprise him.” Shouto’s familiar voice cuts in. His support player politely bows his head, “Hey ‘Zuku.”

He can’t faint from the shock because the outfit look too much time and dedication to ruin. Izuku takes a deep breath and grins, “Hi guys!”




The convention is a blast. He meets the heart of the guild, the main twenty players that have been there since day one. The majority being old school friends of Eijirou and friends of friends. He even recognizes DarkShadow , Fumikage, from one of his courses. Tenya even lives about half an hour from his campus and Shouto is a little farther in the opposite direction.

It ends up being a really small world. The huge group manages to share their contact information by the end of the day when the convention starts clearing out.

When Izuku brings up the idea of ice cream to the remaining six, Katsuki gives him the same look as earlier, the one that says call-me-if-you’re-dying. His best friend takes that as a out, dragging Eijirou and Ochako out to eat ‘real food’ which leaves Izuku with his two crushes and no chaperone.

“I think ice cream would be a fabulous idea, as long you’re comfortable with it.” Tenya says as if he always knows the exact words that would quiet Izuku’s doubts. Shouto nods in agreement.

“I’d really like to hang out with you both for a little longer.” Izuku responds shyly. Tenya blushes but Shouto cracks another smile. He elbows Tenya and offers Izuku a hand, “Then lets go.”

Tenya copies him, offering his hand as well on Izuku’s other side. Their Tank blinks in surprise. “We — We have a lot to talk about, don’t we?”

He takes both their hands as Shouto laughs and Tenya nods. Izuku lets out the breath he was holding and smiles, “But we can work it out. We’re a team after all.”