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Dreaming Is Sinking

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"Oh my god..."

A crowd began to gather at the sound of one civilian gasping. There before them a hero laid battered and broken, blood pouring from the lower half of his body. Bones protruded from both his legs, skin tearing at the sharp edges. Blood was everywhere from the bottom of his body to the top. He was mostly dazed and confused as to what had happened and what was going on around him. All that came to his ears was the shocked whispers and chattering of nearby people and some where crying.


Green-eyes blinked back the blurriness but, found himself unable to move his neck; to see who was coming his direction. '...What...why does everything hurt...?' He thought to himself before squeezing his eyes shut.

"Dammit!! Midoriya!!"

'...Oh, that's right, Uraraka-chan is with me and...Todoroki-san...' He breathed in deeply but, found himself wheezing and threw himself into a coughing fit. A metallic taste had risen to his throat and he could taste it upon his tongue. '...Blood?' 

Shōto came to a halt once he reached the bloodied body of his fellow Pro-Hero and dropped to his knees. "T...Todoro—" He began to cough once again, this time was much more stronger and with more pain. Hands pressed against his shoulders, laying him back down. He hadn't even noticed his body was trying to move.

"Relax Midoriya, we'll get you to a hospital, okay?" Shōto's reply came to a tone of a hushed whisper. His own hands shaking as he began raking through thick curly hair, "You understand? You'll be fine...I swear."

Soon enough, he found himself surrounded by another friendly face, Uraraka Ochako. She pressed her fingers together and Izuku could only assume she was canceling her Quirk. He had to wonder how much of a scene he was making and knew Katsuki would chew him out for the whole thing.

He wanted to laugh so badly at the thought of Katsuki bad mouthing him but, the pain that radiate throughout his entire body was dizzying. He blinked once again, eyes focusing in on Ochako's moving lips. She was saying something but, he couldn't quite make out what. Hands touched him, checking for his pulse which started to slow down to a slightly alarming rate. The next thing he knew, his friends in a panicked frenzy shouted at the crowd and attempted to wrap his wounds tightly. There was only one thing that stuck clear within his mind as he was met with the darkness; stabbing pain.

~~Yagi Municipal Hospital, Waiting Room~~

Shōto bent over, elbows resting on his knees. He was deep within thought as he anxiously awaited news on Midoriya Izuku. According to Ochako, who rode the ambulance with Izuku — he was continuously coughing up blood and had died once on his way to the hospital. Luckily, the medical workers were able to revive him in a short amount of time. Something that came to his mind was how Izuku's mother would react to the severe life threatening damage Izuku had taken.

He snapped out of thought at the sound of the door creaking. Any alarm bells that had rung, immediately silenced themselves as Ochako walked into the room. "Oh, hey Uraraka-san..." He greeted weakly and he received an equally weak wave. She dragged her feet as she took a seat next too Shōto and for a moment the stared at each other in silence.

"I called Deku's mom..." She stated as she turned her head to the side, "She...she's going to be coming really soon and...she mentioned something about telling Katsu-chan..." A hitch caught onto Shōto's ears and his immediate reaction was to pull her closer towards him, "He...he doesn't need to know this. He's already dealing with enough..." She began to sob, furiously wiping away at her pouring tears.

In silence, he hugged her tighter and awaited the sobs to stop wracking her entire small frame. It hurt and he wanted to cry but, he knew he had to be strong. All too easily, he kept a composed expression but, his eyebrows creased with worry and sadness. Ochako's tears soaked his work uniform but, he didn't mind. She need this, to let loose of her quickening emotions. His ears also caught onto whisper apologies through small deep breaths and hiccups; he shook his head and patted her back as assurance.

"I also contacted a few of the others...the ones who're nearby..." Shōto said, arm still lingering around Ochako's shoulder. He gave a quick squeeze before continuing, "Iida-san, Tokoyami-san, Tsu-chan, Momo-chan and Aoyama-san. They'll probably try to get a hold of the others..." From his peripheral, Ochako had nodded and silence embraced the two heroes once again. 



Almost an hour later, Ochako had woken Shōto up and pointed towards a small group of people entering the room. Those who had arrived were; Tsuyu, Momo, Eijirō, Fumikage, Tenya and Inko. Of course, being the respectful adults they were, Midoriya Inko was ushered in first; tears falling down her face and shoulders shaking. Behind her was Momo and Tsuyu, both attempting to calm the crying mother.

A small sad smile covered his face and he slowly stood up, wincing at the stiffness in his legs. Nonetheless, he approached the group of men and women, sharing quick hugs; Ochako also followed up close behind. 

"Hey...." Shōto muttered as he hugged Momo tightly. Not even a second into the hug, Momo began to cry and his bottom lip quivered, "Please...please don't cry. Please don' hurts my heart even more." He blinked back tears and met the red eyes of Fumikage, who had glanced at him after a short conversation with Ochako.

Eijirō spoke the question that lingered on the minds of most. "Like holy shit dude, what in the hell happened?!" After receiving a call from Tsuyu about Izuku, he had sloppily dressed himself; track pants and a muscle t-shirt, sporting a pair of mismatching crocs. His hair was also undone, hanging down and clinging to his forehead.

Before any questions were answer, Shōto nodded his head towards the seating behind him; offering each of them a seat. As soon as Momo managed to calm down, he took her hand into his own and guided her to a shared seat. Before he seated himself, he approached Inko and gave her a hug as she stood to meet him. More tears began to stain his uniform and he patted her back, rubbing soothing circles, "He'll be fine...Midoriya is always fine. He's a strong one, I've know that since the first time I exchanged blows with him." He stated and felt her pull from the hug, face stained with tears — she gave him a hesitant nod.

"Okay, so I'm certain everyone has received the red alert?" Shōto asked as he seated himself between Ochako and Momo. Everyone glanced at each other and nodded, "Midoriya-san, Uraraka-san and myself were in the vicinity, so we answered the call. We didn't know we were in the same area though, Ochako had just closed her flower shop to respond." Ochako nodded her head, "Midoriya was there before us and wasn't having any problems, until an artificial human laced with Quirk enhancing drugs showed up."

Fumikage raised his hand slightly and held up his phone, "The alert wasn't red at first. It was yellow, signaling that it was low profile villains." He glanced at Eijirō who also began to go through his phone. On the lit screen was the same alert and labeled it to be yellow.

"However, not even five minutes in...a red alert came through..." Eijirō sighed, worriedly examining both the alerts. "I knew I should've responded...."

"No, don't start feeling bad. We didn't even know it was going to be that serious." Shōto retorted, sternness curving at the tip of his voice. His eyes dropped to the floor, "To be honest, I wasn't going to go. Especially since, it was showing that Midoriya-san was closing in at the scene and Uraraka-san was just around the corner..." He gritted his teeth, "Had I gotten there a little sooner...I...he..."

Hands laid atop his own two and unravelled two clenched fist. It wasn't until they were loosened up did he realize, he was bleeding. Both, Momo and Ochako used their free hands to rub circles into his back. His face twisted into a grimace and he shut his eyes tightly, all his courage to speak had dissipated — rendering him silent.

"Aizawa-sensei said he'll be here shortly." Fumikage broke the silence and turned his attention towards the entrance door of the waiting room. "...Has anyone contacted Bakugō?"

Inko shamefully shook her head, "I...I couldn't bring myself to make the call...Katsuki is already dealing with a lot..." She dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief, provided by Tenya. "I'm so afraid if he hears about Izuku's condition, he'll just shutdown...he's already fragile enough."

"I understand your feelings for not wanting Bakugō-san to hurt emotionally but," Tenya began to remove his blazer and rested it upon Inko's shoulders, "If he were to find out later than sooner, it will only cause a lot more damage than need be dealt." He adjusted his glasses and patted the older woman on her shoulder.

Fumikage sighed, "Iida-san is right..." He agreed without turning to face Inko and Tenya, who were to the left of him. Feeling the emotional tension levels rising, Dark Shadow emerged from his hiding place. The shadow Quirk took in the broken atmosphere that lingered since they all entered and looked towards Inko, his yellow slanted eyes softened. He reached a shadowy hand towards her and wiped away at oncoming tears.

"Don't be sad..." Dark Shadow whined slightly and frowned. A sharp ping struck Fumikage's heart and his beak quivered slightly, he shut his eyes in hopes of keeping the tears at bay. He didn't want to breakdown in front of his friends, they needed more strength than just Tenya and Shōto.

Tsuyu seemed to notice and placed her large hand upon Fumikage's shoulder, "It's okay to cry." She croaked and tilted her head. Fumikage only shook his head, his beak continuing to quiver and he refused to allow his emotions to run raw. It was already bad enough that Dark Shadow was largely affected; the shadow Quirk was smaller than his normal size but, appeared to have kept his own emotions in check as well.

"I just want my son..." 



"I'm here to see Midoriya Izuku." A scruffy man exclaimed as he leaned into his cane, "My name is Aizawa Shōta. I'm...not related but, I was his former sensei years ago." The woman at the desk pointed him into the direction of the waiting room and silently he hoped it wouldn't be crowded with several people. "Right...thanks." He turned in the direction pointed and began to make his way there as quickly as he possibly could.

When he had received the call from his former student, Tokoyami Fumikage, about his other former student, Midoriya Izuku, he had figured it wasn't entirely life threatening; however the brokenness within Fumikage's voice told him otherwise. Unfortunately, he wasn't as fast as he use to be — getting dressed slowly but, not taking too much care into what he was wearing; a simple black long-sleeved shirt, rolled and his trusty loose-fitting pink sweatpants. He threw his hair into a loosened ponytail and left.

What was supposed to be a twenty-five minute ride had taken him an entire hour. He was frustrated but, knew logically it couldn't be helped. It was the last day of a workweek and people were just leaving work. However, the number of vehicles within the parking lot of Yagi Municipal Hospital was nearly infuriating and caused him to mentally question why everyone would choose Friday's and Monday's to get injured.

As he approached the waiting room, mind heavy with thoughts — he switched his cane to the least dominant hand and gave a swift knock on the door before entering. There he received warming greetings and hugs from all his former students. "Yeah, yeah...hey brats..." A small smile twitched at the corners of his lips.

"I thank you for coming Aizawa-san." Inko bowed slightly.

Shōta waved a dismissive hand, "It's fine, that problem child is just as much mines as he is yours. And I won't lie — I worry about the rascals every second of the day. Midoriya especially since his passing..."

"Ah...yes." Inko nodded and took her seat.

He surveyed the room for a minute before slowly making his way to a nearby seat. A soft grunt escaped him as his legs gave way, causing both Fumikage and Tsuyu to aid him in seating himself. He muttered his appreciation and glanced at the clock on the wall. "...I take it we've been here for a while?" He raised a brow, explicitly talking about the amount of trash that accumulated upon the table in front of the group.

"Heh...yeah," Eijirō laughed wearily and his eyes landed upon the trashed table. "I'll totally clean it up though! Don't worry too much about it..."

"I wasn't and I know you'll handle it. Your grown enough to clean up your own messes," Shōta's dipped with sarcasm and most of the group giggled. "I've lived with you brats for three years and dealt with all the shit you've thrown my direction — in return I taught you rascals to stay tidy in your living quarters. Oh and let me not disregard the fact I taught you runts how to be proper heroes." A smirk worked its way in, "I think things worked out perfectly."

A few more giggles reached his ears, it was almost comparable to the sound of music; soothing and warming. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes — a sigh escaped him. "I would've brought Hitoshi but, he's temporarily busy at the Hero Alliance Association at the sistering headquarters to the west of Tokyo in Musashimurayama city. He's set to leave in two he'll show his face sooner or later." He assumed they were all nodding as he talked, "How long has the problem child been in surgery?"

"Hmm..." Tenya hummed as he took a quick look at his watch, "Approximately going on...four and a half hours..."

Hearing this caused bloodshot eyes to snap open and his eyes wondered towards Tenya. "What? What the fuck type of damage did he dish out to himself this time?!" He snapped and once again, his thoughts began to race. His eyes began to search for reasoning and landed on each person within the room, "What happened...?" His voice nearly cracked as he asked a second time.

Dark Shadow hovered overtop Fumikage's shoulder and he worriedly looked at the Pro-Heroes. He pressed two shadowy pointer fingers together. "Izuku was injured badly at the hands of an artificial wasn't his Quirk that destroyed his body. A creature did." Dark Shadow blurted out and shamefully keep his eyes downward.

"A fucking Nomū?!"

In response, Shōto shook his head; face resting within the palms of his hands. He raised his head to look towards Shōta,  "Something...similar but, it looked human. It looked as real as us," He looked at the palms of his hands, "It had multiple Quirks and demonstrated with ease as it brutal crushed Midoriya's limbs..."

"Deku had the upper hand though! I don't understand what went wrong..." 

Shōta frowned as his eyes met the large teary brown eyes of Ochako. He kept silent and fell back into thought, searching for the right words. He grumbled under his breath as he began to feel his eyes sting due to severe dryness. Using his dominant hand, he searched his pockets for his eyedrops and swiftly placed two drops for each eye, "...I would've figured that productions of those creatures would have stopped by now." His eyes began to blur and he blinked a few times, settling the medicated eyedrops into his eyes.

"This time...these ones, have proven themselves stronger." A quiver ran throughout Shōto's voice as he spoke, "Much stronger than the one who fought my father." He began to clench and unclench his fist, "...Ultimately, I froze it solid and didn't leave any room for errors."

"You killed it?" 

"...I had too."

 ~~Bakugō's Residence~~

Katsuki glanced outside the window of his joint home, for what seemed the thirtieth time. 'The fuck...where is this woman?!' He mentally snarled as he stormed towards the living room, aggressively seated himself. Ochako had been gone for nearly the entire day, of course he received the same alert on his phone as the others did but, it was only code yellow — which meant it wasn't entirely dire. He looked at his phone and contemplated calling her, feeling a ball of worry settle in his stomach. '...Nah, she's probably just pickin' shit up for the house 'n shit.' 

Even as he attempted to convince himself through his thoughts, something wasn't settling well with him. He had woken up with the feeling earlier in the day and Ochako had to constantly reassure him that nothing was going to happen.

"...Ugh, this is some fuckin' shit!" He shouted loudly and threw his head back. As his thoughts still ran rampant — his eyes widened, "Deku..." He glanced at his phone and immediately stood to his full height, marching towards his shared room.

For minutes, he shuffled around the mess in his closet and finally found his prosthetic arms. A dread feeling hit him deep within his heart and he glared at the fake limbs. It was just a reminder of a dead dream but, nonetheless he knew he would need them in certain situations. Wasting no more time he began to gear himself up, placing one arm each through buckled harness straps and locked the front, he looked toward's Ochako's mirror. He twisted himself at the waist to get a better look at his back, which neatly had a flat 'x' crossing his shoulder blades and he grinned proudly to himself. 'I ain't that fuckin' handicap.' The bitter thought ran across his mind and he shook himself loose, focusing more on placing his prosthetic arms on correctly.

Much to his frustration, the entire process took an hour and a half as he fumbled with adjusting the straps around the shoulders. Once he was finished with the agonizing process he made a quick beeline towards the living room and seated himself on the couch once again. Stiffly he began to put his prosthetics to use and placed his phone into his lap, then dragged his knees close enough to where he would be able to peck at the touch screen with the stylus between his teeth. 'Right, time to contact that fuckin' Deku. His locater showed him in the same area as round-cheeks. Also there was Todoroki...' 

Effortlessly he started to type in his passcode using the stylus and once in, his eyes widened once again. '...What the fuck? She tried to call? And...that half 'n half, the fuckin' edgy vulture, four-eyes and ma?! What the actual fuck is MA of all people callin' me for?!' Furiously he went to his text messages — seeing as though none of the people who called him was decent enough to leave a voicemail. With the stylus still between his teeth he began to grumble and started typing out a text message to his mother, Bakugō Mitsuki. As he was about to press the send button, a knock at the front door startled him.

He winced, accidentally clamping his teeth down harder than usual against the metal stylus. 'FUCKIN'—' Katsuki discarded the stylus and started shouting his thoughts into reality, "FUCK MOTHERFUCKER INTERRUPTING ME!! I'M FUCKIN' BUSY AND SHIT AND STILL I'M FUCKIN' BOTHERED TO NO FUCKIN' END!!! FUCKIN' SICK OF THIS SHIT I SWEAR!!!" His phone fell to the floor face up as he jumped to his feet.

"KATSUKI YOU LITTLE SHIT!!" The knock on the door came louder and he stopped in his tracks. "YOU BETTER COME OPEN THIS DOOR IMMEDIATELY!!"

'...Oh, it's just the hag. Wait...the fuck?' His brows furrowed as he shuffled towards the door and unlocked the door. Surely enough, there was his parents standing there and appeared frazzled. As to what, he had no clue. "Uh, what the fuck?" He asked, a frown covering his face.

For once in his life time, his mother hadn't yelled at him. He remember several times in his life where she would nearly bite his head off for lacing any entire question with explicit language. Now, here they were — both quietly looking at each other. He watched as his mother shifted from one side to the next. '...Somethin' ain't right.'

"...I'll handle this if you can't hun."

Katsuki almost hadn't caught onto what his father, Bakugō Masaru, said and probably wouldn't have if he didn't have his hearing aids in and tuned. A small amount of panic began to bubble deep within his mind and his red eyes shifted from both his parents. Something wasn't quite right.

"No, I think...I think I can tell him." Mitsuki exclaimed. Her own red eyes staring deep within Katsuki's own. The air around them began to change and not knowing what else to do, she ushered her son into his home; hoping he would feel a little calmer. Masaru was the last to enter and closed the door, locking it. He then walked towards his wife and son, who were seated in the living room.

Katsuki nervously began to bounce his leg up and down, biting his bottom lip. He allowed his mother and father to take the couch, while he opted for the armchair. The looks they were exchanging and then shooting at him was almost far too much. Slowly, he began to feel as if his entire world was closing in on him, "...What's going on?" He blurted out and quickly cleared his throat, "Somethin's wrong isn't it?" They both nodded hesitantly, "Okay, so what the hell is it then?! What's going on?!"

" baby boy, first you have to promise you'll stay strong. For us...for yourself, please." Katsuki's brow furrowed, he wasn't use to his mother sounding so fragile. Unable to do anything else, he nodded and Mitsuki continued, "You swear to me? Don't do anything to harm yourself?" She pressed on and Katsuki's gaze dropped; his brows knitted tightly together. "If you can't promise that I can't tell you Katsuki."

Snapping out of whatever daze he fell into, his red eyes sharpened into a glare, "What the fuck?! You sayin' I'm fuckin' weak or some shit?!" Katsuki gritted his teeth. Oh, how he wished he could access his explosion Quirk. It always made things easier, the pain of everything around him much lighter. "I AIN'T FUCKIN' WEAK!! I've said this shit time and time again!! I ain't—"

"Son we know...we know. But's just," Masaru interjected and paused for a moment to collect his thoughts. Katsuki's red eyes burned holes into his fathers' unraveling nerves, "Please you have to remain calm and levelheaded. You have to..."

Katsuki grunted and sunk further into his seat, "FUCKIN' FINE. I'll try, okay? Shit..." His glare loosened up and returned to it's worried state. The fact his parents came barging into his home and then ask him to keep calm without spilling whatever was going on, wasn't working well with his thoughts. For each second or minute, he looked his parents in their eyes he felt dread trudging through the pit of his stomach.

"Katsuki sweetie, it's Izuku..." Mitsuki exclaimed weakly, unshed tears brimming at the corner of each eye. Masaru wrapped a single arm around Mitsuki's shoulder and began to comfort her, "...It's Izuku...he..."

For the second time in his life, his world came crashing down. His red eyes widened as he watched his mother cry. That was wrong, totally wrong; his mother hardly ever cried unless he accidentally hurt her feelings or something major was happening and she couldn't handle it. "What...the fuck?" Katsuki's bare came above a whisper, "...Stop fuckin' with me, that bastard Deku is number fuckin' one in Japan. He ain't going down for shit!!" He snapped.

"Son please sit back down."

Katsuki hadn't even realized he had stood to his feet. He felt like he was on pilot mode as he began to pace the floor. Something was bubbling deep within him and he didn't like the feeling, it was comparable to when his career had ended. Now, it's comeback to haunt him. ' no no no no no no no!! Fuck no!! Deku's alright. He's always alright, we've fought each other and he was great and we've fought side by side and he was dandy!! WHAT THE FUCK?! WHAT THE FUCK!!!! He...he that area, where Uraraka was and Todoroki. That alert....fuck!! How could I have fuckin' forgot!! That shit changed red within five or so fuckin' minutes!! FUCK NO...fuck....Izuku...I...fuck....' 


Hands shook his shoulders, bring him back to reality. Giving him the ground he needed. He hadn't noticed that he had fallen to the floor, that he was trembling from head to toe and tears stained his cheeks. For some reason his throat felt scratchy and sore, he wondered if he had been yelling the entire time. If so, he wondered why he hadn't noticed especially with his hearing aid in place. The corners of his eyes blurred as he looked up to both his parents. His father began to unbuckle the harness that held his prosthetics against the nubs of his arms and his mother began to wipe away his tears.

"Son...everything will be alright..." Masaru whispered as he removed the weighty prosthetics from the shoulders of his son. As to who he was trying to convince, he was uncertain. He could only assume that he was trying to convince everyone including himself. "Relax...please relax." He began to massage at the tension within Katsuki's shoulder, to help relax him.

Katsuki weakly shook his head but, kept his silence. Automatically he curled into his mother and began to cry. It wasn't quiet, he didn't want it to be quiet. He wanted the world to know his frustrations — his heartbreak and pain. That's pretty much what came out of his mouth, a howl of pain and the tears that burned his eyes were only a slap to his face.

He broke down at the sound of his mother saying Izuku. There was no further conversation about it, nothing to better explain why she cried when she said his name. Why they asked him to keep calm. It was something that his brain had already figured out and connected the difference in the air when he woke up, to the alarming information given. He didn't need anything else to be said, for he already knew since the early morning.

Both, Mitsuki and Masaru wrapped their arms protectively around the shaking form of their son. In each other minds, thoughts of wishing to protect Katsuki from the pains of the world.

((Late Night))~~Yagi Municipal Hospital, Waiting Room~~

It had been nearly an hour since Izuku's doctor had stopped pass to speak with his mother. Within that hour several more of Izuku's classmates arrived; Shōji Mezō, Jirō Kyōka, and Ojiro Mashirao. Of course, the three Pro-Heroes received warm greetings from everyone within the room and Shōto was left with the agonizing task to recall the events.

The entire room had seated themselves in silence and turned the television on. Not many of them paid to much attention to what was on but, Eijirō figured that they all might have needed some background noise. At some point, Inko had received a call from Mitsuki and she explained how both herself and Masaru delivered the news to Katsuki. According to Mitsuki it wasn't received very well and Katsuki had another breakdown; upon hearing this Inko had requested to talk to him.

If there was a word Inko could have labeled Katsuki with, while talking to him over the phone was, dejected. It gave Inko chills, she still wasn't use to him sounding so hopeless from time to time. Ever since his own accident, Katsuki had been unable to return to his former self. He was much more fragile, mind easily wondering away into the darkness of his thoughts. Now, he was spiraling back down into that very darkness.

Eventually the phone was passed back to Mitsuki because, Katsuki started to have a panic attack. Overhearing Katsuki's panic attack caused Inko to cry once again, accidentally alarming the others within the room. Everyone had begun to ask her what was wrong and through her tears, she promised to explain later.

All that had happened approximately thirty minutes ago. Inko had yet to say a word and fell deep within her own distressing thoughts.

"...Uh, hey mama Midoriya?"

Inko perked at the sound of her name and met the tired eyes of Eijirō. She displayed a strained smile, "Yes, honey? What's on your mind?" A small warm feeling began to itch deep within her, she loved it that Izuku's friends had taken so quickly to calling her mom. For a few minutes, she watched as Eijirō fiddled with the brim of his shirt.

"Um...what..." Eijirō stopped himself for a minute and looked down at his mismatched crocs, "Was...was that Bakugō?" His voice had became a whisper but, Inko had heard him and nodded. ", I guess he found out...?"

Inko sighed nodding once more, "It was Katsuki." The others within the room looked in her direction. She knew what they wanted and she had promised to tell them. A small sense of hesitation lingered until she felt Tenya's hand upon her shoulder; a reassuring squeeze. "...It was his mother who reached out to call me, she wanted to let me know that she had done the deed of telling him. He knows now and his reaction wasn't good."

A short silence be-stilled the group, each of them with their heads downwards. All with the exception of Eijirō, who had been the second closest to Katsuki since high school. He ran a single hand through the thick strands of his red hair, "So...uh, how did...he react?" He asked, his voice barely noticed but, by those seated nearby. The look in Inko's eyes was enough to tell him that it wasn't any better than what they had thought. He had to wonder if everyone was on the same train of thought when it came to how Katsuki would react Izuku's hospitalization.

"He..." As she started off, she bit the bottom of her lip, "Katsuki had a severe panic attack."

"And how is he now?" Shōta interjected as he leaned forward, against his cane. His tired eyes stared into the open, looking at nothing in particular; only sinking deeper into his thoughts. He silently worried about both Katsuki's wellbeing and Izuku's current state in surgery.

Inko sighed heavily, "He had another one while he was speaking with me..." She clenched tightly at the borrowed handkerchief.

"They won't leave him by himself right?" Fumikage asked, a small amount of caution rising in his voice. Behind him, Dark Shadow patted his shoulder; a sad expression etched upon his face.

"No. They never do when he's like this..."

Shōto breathed out, a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. "That's a relief." He whispered to himself and leaned back into his chair. A smaller hand snaked around his own, interlocking fingers and he smiled sadly. 'Momo...' He replied with a gentle squeeze as he closed his eyes.

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 ((Three Weeks Later))~~Yagi Municipal Hospital, Midoriya's Room~~

"Denki you moron over here." 

"I know but, I was just gonna grab me a cola real quick, Kyō-chan!!"

"That can wait."


A whistle caught their attention and they turned around. Kyōka glowered at the sight of a much shorter Pro-Hero and Denki rolled his eyes, "Mineta seriously...stop whistling at my girl man." Denki scowled at Minoru as he approached the two.

"C'mon, you know I'm just kidding around Kaminari!" Minoru laughed as he shifted a medium sized watermelon from one arm to the next.

Kyōka continued to glare at Minoru as she knocked on the door, "I'm watching you..." She raised her earjacks in a threatening manner. Feeling somewhat intimidated, Minoru raised the melon above his head for self-defense.

A few muffled voices from behind the closed door acknowledged the knocking, allowing the three Pro-Heroes to enter. They were all greeted with warming smiles and hugs from those who they had come to know as family. For the first, everyone was all together and in the same room, visiting Izuku at the same time. It was almost like a reunion. Not one that any of them wanted but, a reunion nonetheless.

Soon enough, both Kyōka and Denki found chairs for themselves and dragged it toward's Izuku's bed; Denki dragged an extra chair for Minoru — as the smaller hero opted to relieve himself of the oversized melon. Minoru carefully attempted to place the melon upon an empty countertop, only to unexpectedly get a helping hand from a familiar six-armed hero.

He glanced towards his helper, "Thanks Shōji!! Always appreciating your helping hands." Mezō gave him a thumbs up and the smaller man walked towards his seat.

"You just missed him," Kyōka glanced towards the voice, it was Shōto, staring at Izuku's sleeping form. His normally unfazed multicolored eyes were softened as he gazed at Izuku, "After being in that coma...he woke up."

Kyōka's eyes widened as she looked from Shōto to the sound sleep Izuku. "Really?"

"Yeah...I was honestly expecting him to be out much longer."

Kyōka turned her attention towards the Tailed Pro-Hero, Mashirao. His appearance was casual but, there was something about him that gave off a feeling of exhaustion; perhaps it was his tail. She knew that it was basically the only thing that showed off all his emotions when his face wasn't in view. From what she was seeing at that very moment, his tail laid limp behind. She couldn't help but frown at the sight.

Removing her eyes away from Mashirao, she scanned the room. Almost everyone appeared to be wiped of their normal energy; either a deep frown or a blank stare. Even, the normally happy and shy Pro-Hero, Kōji, wore a complexed expression. Of course, there was Shōto and Katsuki who differed from the entire group; one quietly and intensely staring and the other angered to no end. However, there was something that was slightly different about Katsuki's anger. It held more emotion than usual and it wasn't directed towards Izuku. As for Shōto, Kyōka felt on edge looking at him. There was a hint of guilt within his eyes and a strange emptiness that bothered her. It hurt her deeply to see her friends suffer in their own ways; even moreover when there was little she could do for most of them. 

"I know right? Especially with the way those damn doctors were talking." Hanta added as he grumbled. His elbows dug into his thighs as he leaned forward.

"What happened?!" She paused for a moment as she took a deep breath. She felt a spark of excitement at hearing Izuku had awaken but, there was something about everyone's expressions that destroyed whatever little bit of excitement that had arrived. "I how did he react?" She glanced around the room. In search for who would be bravest to answer her question — until they landed upon Izuku's sleeping face.

"Fuckin' nerd was bawlin' his fuckin' eyes out..." Katsuki grumbled out loud enough for the others to hear. Concern filled his red eyes as his hardened gaze drifted towards Izuku. "...It's like a fuckin' punch to the face — waking up crippled..." He glanced down at his own blaring permanent injury and huffed, "A big ass punch to your damn face."

After receiving an answer, Kyōka visibly deflated. She had yet to take her eyes away from Izuku and traveled further down landing upon his legs. Or what was left of his legs. During the near five hour surgery, they failed at saving his right leg and ultimately amputated the useless limb to prevent further health issues. As for the left leg, it was saved but he wouldn't be able to use it. His final battle ended with him being paralyzed from the waist down. 

"Once that nerd woke up...he was kinda confused." Katsuki broke the silence as he sunk further into the large armchair.

In further confirmation, Shōto nodded his head. A sigh escaped him as he locked both his hands together and leaned his elbow against the guardrail. "Not just confused but, panicked. He thought he was still fighting." He frowned as his own eyes drifted towards Izuku's missing leg, "Honestly, his legs wasn't even the first thing he noticed. It was the fact he couldn't feel most of the left side of his body."

"So fast-ass four-eyes, over here, fetched a nurse." Katsuki nodded his head towards Tenya.

If this hand been a lighthearted situation, Kyōka was sure everyone in the room would be laughing and Tenya would be reprimanding Katsuki for his name calling. Except there wasn't anything lighthearted about being stuck in a hospital with life threatening injuries.

There was no laughing or joking around. It wasn't like Izuku slipped and twisted his ankle; no this was much more serious. And so, Kyōka reserved her silence as Katsuki continued, "Now we've just fuckin' learned this little shit-nerd is suffering from partial temporary paralysis. Or at least we hope it's temporary."

"Hope?" Denki questioned, a confused look upon his face.

Katsuki smirked and it wasn't his normal being a jerk type of smirk. This smirk was laced with sadness and grief, almost woeful in a way. That's how Kyōka would describe the older mans' expression and she was sure everyone else would agree wholeheartedly with her description. "Yeah...fuckin' hope. Sounds fucked right?" Silence was the only answer Katsuki had received. He wasn't angry at their quietness because, he could interpret everyone's current silence as a solid agreement.

"...Who stayed overnight with him?" Minoru spoke up, clearing the thickening silence. Feeling a little unnerved he shifted around his chair and crossed his arms, eyes trained upon Izuku.

Katsuki pointed towards Shōto and Tenya. "I couldn't just stay my ass put in that damn house of mines. So, my parents dropped me off halfway into week two and round-cheeks tagged along. IcyHot had already been here since week one, learned that from round-cheeks," He received three slow nods and continued, "Four-eyes had also been here for a while as well. Somethin' 'bout worrying that IcyHot would stress himself to the point of hospitalization or some shit like that. Izuku's ma...Aunty Inko stayed every few days but, she eventually had to return to work."

Kyōka nodded her head silently as she allowed the information to settle int he back of her mind. It was a lot to take in; Izuku and Katsuki was their main source of raw emotional and physical power. It was those two that often gave the group more life than anything else and to see both of their pillars falling down was something even more challenging.

"Is anyone thirsty? I'm about to head down to the cafeteria." Mezō broke the silence as he pointed towards the door. He stood to his full height as he scanned each face within the room. Denki perked up as if realization hit him and he also stood from his chair. "Forgot something?" 

"Hells yeah, Kyō-chan made me forget I wanted to buy some cola!" Denki whined as he stuck his tongue out at the girl.

Kyōka rolled her eyes and sighed, "Get real Denki. Forgetting that you wanted something to drink is your fault." Her lips twitched into a smirk as she emphasized the fault to be his own. "Since your going to get your cola, help Shōji with carrying stuff up, 'kay?"

"He has three arms on each side! Six arms!!! And he could make more if he wanted too!!" Denki pointed accusingly at Mezō, who silently waited for answers. "That man could bench press us all at the same time if he wanted too!!!" His small thin eyebrows furrowed in annoyance as his cries went unnoticed by Kyōka.

"...I think I'll take a cooled jasmine tea, if they have any. Please? Thanks, guys."

Denki stared at the girl in astonishment. First, she demands that he get his soda after figuring out how Izuku was doing and then makes him forget he ever wanted said, soda. Second, she orders him to help out Mezō, who had six arms and could make more to carry whatever anyone asked for and third, she completely ignored his whining. To say the least, he was slightly hurt that Kyōka completely ignored his whining; however, he wasn't surprised — that had been a thing since the day they met. Ignore anything that was stupid and didn't make any since that escaped the loose lips of Kaminari Denki. Suddenly, he remembers why he fell for the punk-rock girl and he curses himself hanging his head low, before exiting the room.

"You've got him tamed pretty well," Eijirō snickered as he looked towards the door. "I think I'll get tea as well Shōji-san! Black tea would be cool." His knees bounced up and down like an excited kid. The smile that Eijirō finally was able to wear upon his face was genuine and contagious enough that Katsuki cracked his own smile. The ash blonde man playfully elbowed Eijirō, "Haha! What?"

"Yo arms," Katsuki gathered Mezō's attention, "Get me and round-cheeks here, some strawberry-apple juice. I'll spot ya when ya get back up here." Mezō nodded, giving the ash blonde a thumbs up.

Momo politely raised her hand, "I would like to have unsweetened green tea. Warm if possible and..." She glanced towards Shōto, who still hadn't taken his eyes off of Izuku. "Get Shō-kun a cup of hōjicha, please? We really appreciate it." She smiled softly as she looked back at Mezō.

After receiving everyone else's orders on drinks, Mezō departed the room meeting up with patiently waiting Denki. Things seemed to quiet down quickly after the two Pro-Heroes departed for the hospitals' mess hall — that was until an abnormally loud voice caught each of their ears. It wasn't just an old voice — it was one they were all too familiar with since their days at high school.

Katsuki was the first to react as he narrowed his eyes towards the door; there was only one person in all of Japan that he knew could be louder than everything on the planet. "Fuckin''s Mic." He growled out as he gritted his teeth, "Yo, Ochako can you fix the volume on my hearing aid? I'd hate to be deaf to the point of bleeding ears and no return."

"Wait, what about us?!" Eijirō asked, his voice hitting a dramatic pitch. Most of them smiled as they knew he was trying to brighten the atmosphere with silly antics.

"Pfft, what the fuck about you guys?" Katsuki snorted as he grinned lazily, soon enough everything became quiet. Amused, he watched as Eijirō continued to flap his jaws and wanted to burst out into laughter at his friend, "Sorry can't fuckin' hear ya, shitty-hair." Looks of jealousy was thrown towards him and he shrugged the group off. He then watched as Momo began creating noisy canceling headphones, Izuku being the first to recipient of a single pair. The others then began to pass the headphones out to each other, making sure everyone received one. Katsuki felt himself jolt as one was placed upon his own ears and he looked up to see Ochako looking at Momo, her lips were moving. His brows furrowed, "Oi, round-cheeks! Take these damn things and use 'em! I don't need extra protection." He attempted to remove the device but, was stopped when Ochako grabbed his prosthetics, "The fuck woman?!"

Momo nodded a smile riding across her face, "I think I have enough juice to make another. Hopefully by the time Kaminari and Shōji-san return, Aizawa-sensei would have Yamada-san tone it down to a decent level." She handed off the headphones, before placing her own pair on.



"Look, if you don't quiet down I'll throw you out before security does," Shōta stated sternly and sharpened his gaze onto his blonde friend. In response, Hizashi raised his hands up in defense and opened his mouth — only to get silenced, "I mean it Hizashi! No loud shit. I can't continuously activate my Quirk to keep your ass in check. So tone it down now." He opened the door, completely shutting down the entire conversation. "Eh?"

Shōta raised a single brow at his former students. All of them had soundproof headphones on, at the courtesy of Momo. If he were being honest with himself, he would've found the sight hilariously strange; only if he hadn't known the reason.

"Hi, Aizawa-sensei! Yamada-san!"

Shōta stared blankly at the group and glanced towards Izuku. The sleeping former hero even had a pair; he decided that he would commend Momo for her fast thinking later. He grumbled his greeting and watched as Tsuyu and Fumikage stood to help him towards one of the empty seats. "Eh, you kids don't have to..." He quickly stopped himself and shook his head. He learned long ago that it was much easier to allow his kids to help him, than to argue back with them.

"HEY THERE YOUNG LISTENERS!!" Hizashi exclaimed happily, only to get hit with Shōta's cane. The walking stick managed to connect to his upper thigh, which hurt more than it should've, "Dammit, Shō!! That hurt..."

"So? I told you to tone it down!" Shōta snapped back at the blonde as he continued towards the seat, with Fumikage and Tsuyu at his side. Hizashi rubbed at the forming knot and made his way to the second empty seat. "I heard he woke up." He received a few head-nods as the group began remove their ear protection gear. His eyes wondered from Izuku, who was having his own headset removed by Shōto to Katsuki; a small smile curved as he watched Ochako diligently remove the ash blonde's headset and fix his hearing aids.

Katsuki planted a quick but, stray kiss upon Ochako's arm as he thanked her. This sweet gesture hadn't gone unnoticed by his former classmates and he knew the group wanted to comment. "Say a single word and you'll wish you were somewhere else but here." He threatened, shutting them all down. Once he was satisfied, he turned to see Shōta staring at him. There was something about the way his former teacher looked at him that seemed extremely off; a smile, a very very small but, noticeable smile. "...Fuck you." Shōta's smile quickly twisted into a grin as he kept his eyes trained upon the explosive former Pro-Hero. "Anyway, Deku did wake up at the ass-crack of morning."

"So I've heard."

Katsuki nodded, "He was pretty delusional. Thought he was still in a fight." His gaze broke off of Shōta, moving towards Izuku. "Hell...he didn't even know his legs were fucked. The first thing he noticed was that..." He gritted his teeth as he found himself unable to continue. A light squeeze pulled him from whatever he falling into; he figured that it was his darker thoughts that was about to consume him. His red eyes found themselves moving to his savior, who was Momo. The woman smiled at him and he nodded his head in appreciation.

Silence consumed the conversation as Shōta looked from each of his former students, waiting for an explanation. As for Katsuki, he half expected Shōto to pick up where he left off. However, the dual Quirk Pro-Hero kept his silence and kept his eyes solely on Izuku; eyes filled with guilt and anger. Ochako silently opted to move closer towards Izuku and began to lovingly rake her fingers between matted curls.

"There's a likely possibility that he has partial paralysis on his left-side." Katsuki lifted his head up and looked towards his right. Someone had finally spoken up and to his surprise it was Iida Tenya. It was strange because, the man had been quiet for the entire time since deciding to bunk with his fellow, current and former, Pro-Heroes in Izuku's hospital room. Tenya would only speak when spoken too or lifted his head when he heard his name; other than that, he appeared to be constantly in deep thought and blankly gazed at Izuku.

Finding the information hard to believe, Hizashi removed his shades and hooked them onto his shirt. He then leaned in, elbows upon the guardrail of Izuku's bed. "Did I just hear right?" Tenya nodded his head, opting to stay silent once again.

Taking notice of this, Dark Shadow emerged peering from behind Fumikage's shoulder. His yellow eyes scanned each expression and he sighed at the tension settling in the room. Knowing no one else was going to speak up — he figured he would elaborate on the already given information. "Um..." He started off shyly and pressed both pointer fingers together as he looked downwards. From the corner of his yellow eyes, he could see Fumikage — curiously watching him. "When Izuku woke up in a panic, Iida-san ran to alert a nearby nurse. The nurse brought over his assigned doctor and began to speak more in-depth with him. Izuku cried when he learned he was never going to be a hero again...and cried at the idea of being partially paralyzed on his left side." Tsuyu reached out to pat Dark Shadow upon his head and he eagerly accepted the gesture, leaning towards her large hand.

"Well...shit." Shōta looked down at nothing in particular. Receiving news that his former student and successful billboard number one, Pro-Hero, was never going to be a hero again was a hard hitter. He felt that news to be equally as bad as the world witnessing the true form of All Might. Unconsciously, he gripped the handle of his cane as he clenched his teeth. 'The problem child could really use your guidance right now, Toshinori.' He lifted a single hand up to rub both of his irritated eyes, "Son of a bitch..." He cursed once again, this time far too low for anyone to hear.

The sound of the door opening caused everyone to turn towards the sound. Hands full, Denki thanked a passing nurse who had open the door for himself and Mezō. The taller six armed man entered first and immediately began to pass out everyone's drink; to make sure he was correct — he went as far as to call the names of each drink out. Denki closed the door behind him and followed suit, handing out the correct drinks to those who requested that particular drink.

"And...Aizawa-sensei," Mezō extended his arm towards the older former Pro-Hero, "Yamada-sensei, here is yours as well." The blonde gave a genuine smile and graciously accepted the drink. For a moment, Mezō glanced around — taking notice that the two formerly empty seats were now occupied by their former teachers. Denki shrugged and leaned against Kyōka's chair, earning him a jab from a stray earjack. Ultimately, Mezō opted to stand behind Minoru's seat and crossed one set of his arms against his chest. 

"Oh, by the way," Everyone turned towards Denki, eyes attentive. "Big guy and myself ran into Shin-san. And he didn't come empty handed either."

Hanta's brow furrowed as he stared at Denki. Even though the electric blonde managed to hit big with Kyōka — there was no hiding the fact he was still a closeted pervert. "...You know that could mean anything coming from you." Skepticism laced itself within Hanta's voice.

"That's just rude." Denki retorted as he crossed his arms.

Hanta shrugged, "Just saying." He nonchalantly began to drink his ice tea.

Quietly, Katsuki sipped his tea and etched his attentive stare into that of a glare. However, the ash blonde kept his lips sealed. On the other hand, Mina, who was seated at the edge of Izuku's — shook her head as she swayed from side to side. "It's true." Her comment earned a snort from both Katsuki and Shōto; she smiled.

"I'm sure we can all agree that Mineta is much more worse than Kaminari." Dark Shadow stated in between the consecutive petting from Tsuyu and Mina. Fumikage turned his head, attempting to hide his smirk and a voiced agreement sounded throughout the room.

"I'm actually offended by this." Minoru stated sternly.

Katsuki clicked his tongue, red eyes moving to glare at Minoru. "Nobody gives a shit." Denki proudly smirked and puffed his chest out, "And you, just because that grape-shit is worse doesn't mean a damn thing."

"Ahh....way to kill my last bit of pride I had left..."

Rikidō raised a brow as he leaned back into his chair and tilted his head. "You had pride in that?"

"Honestly, I wasn't even aware you had pride Denki." The blonde winced at his female companions' choice of words. If any words bothered him the most — it usually came directly from Jirō Kyōka and they were never sugarcoated. "Just saying..." She shrugged as Denki sulked slightly.

"You're all aware that this is a hospital and not some social event right?"

The group perked up and looked towards the door to see Hitoshi. No matter how many times they conversed with Hitoshi or how many times he struck up a conversation — the man had to lace everything with sarcasm. It was something that had annoyed them at first until they learned that it was just apart of his unique personality.

"Sorry I'm late. Works a bitch and I had no choice but, to appease her." He stepped aside to reveal two more people, "Also, these brats wanted to come tag along."

Eijirō's eyes brightened up as he recognized the two other visitors. "Eri!! Kōta-chan!!" He excitedly stood from his chair and gave the two big hugs. Both Eri and Kōta looked at each other with a smile and hugged Eijirō back. Letting go of the two young adults, he began to lead them closer towards Izuku's bedside.

Eri stopped short, standing beside Shōta; the older man smiled and gave the young girl a hug, "Nice to see you again. I'm guessing now that you're back, you'll be visiting more often? Like a certain someone else should as well..." Hitoshi grunted as he stood directly behind Shōta.

"Stop complaining old man..." Hitoshi smirked as he looked down at Shōta. He then placed both his hands onto Shōta's shoulders and gave them a light squeeze, "You know I was busy. Relax." The smirk soon fell from his face as he shifted his eyes towards Izuku. "All that's been coming my way about this guy is bad news. Anyone care to spare anything good?"

"He woke up today."

Hitoshi hummed at Shōto's quick and short response. "That can't be all." He breathed out a sigh as he frowned.

At the silence, Eri walked closer towards Izuku and grabbed his hand. For the entire time she has known Izuku, she had never once seen him gravely injured; she was only spared stories of his worst injuries during his days in high school. Her eyes began to sting with tears as she stared at her second favorite hero.

Kōta peered overtop of Eri's shoulder, grateful for his height for once. His eyes examined Izuku's near broken body. It wasn't his first time hearing or seeing Izuku injured to the point of immobility. However, this would have to be by far the worst he had ever since Izuku — since the incident in the Forest Of Beast. Kōta's eyes seemed to widened as he continued his visual examination, "...Holy shit." He whispered to himself.

"Heh, that's the same damn thing I said to myself when I saw this nerd..." Kōta found himself startled as he fully expected nobody to hear him. "Him waking up was probably the only good thing that's happened so far..." Katsuki muttered the last part to himself as he looked at Izuku, sleeping peacefully.

"More bad news?" Hitoshi questioned. It was to no-one in particular, though judging by the silence he received — he was correct. At times he wondered to himself, how bad can things get before there was literally no hope for the better. "Right...shouldn't have expected anything good, huh?"

Mina frowned as her hand stilled upon Dark Shadow's head. "Things do get better..."

"I know." Hitoshi answered as he walked closer to Izuku's bedside. For a moment he stared at the green-haired man, "...Always going for the reckless type of shit, huh? I apologize for being late...the sistering headquarters was being particularly bitchy this time around." He paused and reached his hand out, touching Izuku's shoulder. "I tried to come as fast as I could...and here I am. We'll make these bastards pay for what they did to both you and Bakugō. Even if that's the last damn thing I can promise. We'll bring those bastards down to their knees in the eyes of the public and by the hands of Justice itself."

Taking almost everyone by surprise, Izuku groaned as he began to stir awake once again. Hitoshi couldn't help but, bite down on his bottom lip as his eyes began to sting. "Shit..." He breathed out and ducked his head low, attempting to keep his teary eyes hidden.

"Deku!!" Kōta exclaimed hopefully as he stared at the older man.

Izuku groaned once more in response. Kōta couldn't be anymore joyful as he allowed his own tears to slide freely down his angled cheekbones. Using the back of his hand, he wiped his tears away vigorously. He couldn't imagine seeing how Izuku was when he first arrived at the hospital. There was this nagging feeling telling him that he wouldn't have been able to stomach the sight.

"Deku-san..." Eri whispered as the larger hand twitched underneath her much smaller hand.

"Oi, need a nurse or some shit?" Katsuki asked as he scooted his chair close to the guardrail attached to the bed frame.

"" Izuku mumbled as he opened his eyelids, "...just want to leave..."

"Well don't we all now, princess?" Katsuki snapped at his bedridden friend. He grunted as he turned his head away, "You've got more visitors nerd if you haven't noticed..."

Shōto curiously waved a single hand before Izuku's line of sight. "...If that doesn't explain anything then I have no idea what..." A few of his fellow Pro-Heroes gave him confused glances, "He's still under. Not really aware of his surroundings. Either the medicine is still working or he's in a blinding amount of pain."

"Ooohh...shit, um...should we like get him a nurse or something?" Denki questioned as he immediately stood to his feet and turned towards the exit.

"If the nerd said, he ain't want no-damn-body then fuckin' forget it." Katsuki forcibly shutdown Denki and watched as the blonde quietly seated himself, "The guy is probably sick of all this damn poking and prodding. Hell...I get what he's's a fuckin' pain to have a shit ton of people coming in your room nearly every fuckin' hour of the damn clock to check to see if you're breathing or not. I get that it's their fuckin' job but, we're human. We need rest and time away from the people who would obviously annoy the shit outta us."

"That sounds personal." Hitoshi joked as his voice cracked slightly.

Katsuki clicked his tongue as he glared at the purple-haired Pro-Hero. "Fuck you, you mind stealing son of a bitch."

"The vast amount of normal that's emanating from most of you, is quite literally insane." Kyōka stated in an even tone as she smirked a little bit.

"Who else is going to lighten the mood?" Hitoshi asked, it was meant to be playfully sarcastic but he was almost convinced that he wasn't asking a joking question. All he knew was that he didn't feel up to being sad right now. 'He's alive...and breathing but...why does this hurt so much? These aren't tears of joy...' However, a deeper part of him knew very well that it wasn't enough. The amount of effort and hard work Izuku had placed himself through during their days in high school had screamed that he didn't deserve his current position.

Eri shook Izuku's hand lightly, trying to recapture his attention. After hearing what Shōto had said, she wasn't even certain that herself and Kōta had his attention to begin with, "Deku-san? Kōta-chan and I came with Shinsō-san to see you..."

"Yeah, sorry we're late." Kōta quickly followed up as he glanced at Eri from the corner of his eye. "Our schedules had us piled...but, fear not...why?" He wiped away the continuous on flow of tears. It hurt that the tears wouldn't stop. "Cuz...we're here."

"...All Might..." Izuku muttered. The tiniest bit of a smile formed upon his face. "...Thanks for coming everyone. I'm sorry..." His eyes slowly scanned the few people that was in his sight; Kōta, Eri, Shōto and Ochako were the only ones within his line of sight.

Katsuki glanced back towards Izuku, "The hell are you sorry for..."

"I..." Izuku paused for a moment; attempting to gather his thoughts. Silence continued on as he searched for the correct words. '...Can't even think straight...' A frustrated sigh escaped his nostrils. It wasn't rocket science to figure out that the main reason why he could hardly think was because, of all the medication in his system. He faced away from his right side and sighed, "...I don't know."

Katsuki clicked his tongue, "Tch, my damn point ain't got nothin' to be sorry for or about..."

"...I'm not one to normally say this but, I uh...agree with Bakugō on this one." Mashirao poked his head from the group. A small sad smile covered the features on his face.

Obvious, conflict etched itself in Izuku's current expression. Ultimately, Izuku kept his silence on that part of the topic. "...Can someone, uh, raise the upper half of my bed? Please?" Suddenly, his bed began to shift and everyone within the room came into full view. "Thanks..."

"Mmhm." Shōto hummed as he sat the remote to the side and leaned forward into the railing. "You know, I should really be the one apologizing..."

"For fuck's sake not this bullshit again..." Katsuki grumbled as he rolled his eyes.

Shōto turned his head towards Katsuki, "It has to be somebody's fault. And I was there, much closer to him than Uraraka-san was! So I'll gladly take that blame..." He gritted his teeth as he looked down, "...I was there but, I wasn't fast enough!!"

"IT AIN'T GOTTA BE NOBODIES FAULT YOU FUCKIN' DUMBASS!!!" Katsuki shouted as bolted upwards out of his seat. He glared downwards at the half-hot half-cold hero. "I FUCKIN' HATE THAT TYPE OF BULLSHIT!! BLAMIN' YOURSELF FOR SOME FUCKIN' FREAK-ASS ACCIDENT!!"

Shōta groaned loudly as he rubbed at his temples, "Pipe down will you." He eyed Katsuki and watched as Ochako coaxed him into sitting down. "Listen...Todoroki, Midoriya and you too Bakugō." He watched as his three former students glanced at each other before looking towards him, "I've said it time and again...and I'll keep saying it until I'm six feet under and you kids open your damn ears...not everyone can be saved. What happened to Midoriya, it's nobodies fault. So no blaming yourselves because, that won't get you anywhere and it sure as hell won't make you feel better."

"...Okay, Aizawa-sensei." Izuku muttered as a small crooked smile show itself upon his face.

Shōto only nodded and Shōta turned his full attention towards Katsuki. The ash blonde still seemed to be fuming over Shōto's comment. Shōta frowned as he looked directly into red eyes, "Bakugō listening to me?" Katsuki's face seemed to twitch ever so slightly, "...We'll talk about this later, okay?"

"Nah, you seem to got somethin' to say so fuckin' say it already shit...I don't give a fuck who you say it front of..." Katsuki spoke up as he eyed the former Underground Pro-Hero.

Shōta snorted as he stared directly at Katsuki, "You don't like things sugarcoated, eh?" He shifted his cane to his left side, "See your mental healthcare physician more. And don't ask what I mean by that because, you damn well know what I'm saying."

Silence seemed to immediately settle in after the comment. Mashirao shifted uncomfortably as he looked around the room, "Maybe...we all need to go to mental health?"

"Who knows bro...who knows..." Eijirō spoke as he frowned, both hands locked together.

Dark Shadow raised his shadowy hand and Fumikage looked at his Quirk. "I wanna say that...Mineta needs more care for his mental health than anyone. High-school proved that by far." Fumikage grinned at his Quirk's assumptions.

"Haha!!" Denki laughed as he cut his eyes towards the smaller Pro-Hero, "Damn man, Tokoyami's Quirk is just roasting your grape-juice ass today ain't he?"

Shōta snorted at Denki's comment and attempted to hide it behind his lengthy hair. Minoru seemed to pick up on this as he stood up, "I take offense to all of this!!"

"And nobody cares," Hitoshi stated nonchalantly as he crossed his arms. His eyes were still red from crying but, that didn't stop him from turning his head to glare at the midget Pro-Hero.

Kōta smiled through the tears, "You'll need some large backfire for that one..." Eri couldn't help but giggle at the snide comments.

"And the roasting just continues to roll..." Denki commented as he folded his arms behind his head. Kyōka glanced up at Denki, she too couldn't help but too smirk.

Ashido shifted around her seat as she raised an eyebrow, "So...I guess it's shit talking time? And Mineta is the target?" Everyone in the room glanced at each other and shrugged.

Finally, Izuku managed to smile a real smile. A smile that defined who he really was and this wasn't missed as everyone within the room started to cheer and giggle, most with tear filled eyes. Even, Minoru had to smile for a moment before arguing the fact that everyone was just voluntarily attacking him.

"Thanks for the laugh guys...I really needed it..." Izuku exclaimed as he looked at everyone in the room. "Kinda hurts though..." He stated and began to fumble around with his hospital gown, "...When can I leave? And how long have I been here?"

"Three weeks." Tenya stated quickly from behind Katsuki and Shōto.

Shōto seemingly nodded his head in agreement, "You have been here for two weeks. But, we aren't certain when you'll be able to leave."

"Well..." Ochako spoke up catching everyone's attention, "I overheard your nurse talking about you and that exact question popped up in my mind, they said it depends on how long your therapy will be." She squeezed Katsuki's shoulders lightly as she smiled at Izuku, "I believe you can do it...your Deku after all. The Deku who always wins at the end of the day!"

"Yeah!!" Eijirō pumped his fist into the air, "Your the man Midoriya-san!! You can do anything and everything! You've always been able to pull yourself out of a tough situation." He grinned widely at Izuku.

"Yup, she's right." Hanta nodded as he shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Ahh, mon ami you shine brilliantly in the darkness!!"

Katsuki nearly jumped out of his seat but, found himself grounded by Ochako. "FUCK!! I forgot your ass was even here...shit, can't be popping up from outta nowhere like that."

Once again, the entire room was filled with laughter. And everyone began to talk amongst each other, most telling Izuku stories of how their last mission went; both Eri and Kōta spoke highly of their internships in and outside of Japan. Izuku, of course, listened to every detail a small smile upon his face. When funny stories were told, he would laugh and wince slightly at the pain. However, his eyes hadn't the same hearty joy as his laughs announced.

"Sounds like everyone's doing great..." Izuku watched as everyone nodded. 'Everyone except me...' He thought sourly to himself and he shifted only to stop immediately; an intense sharp pain ran throughout his right side. Sounds of footsteps could be heard on both sides of the room, Izuku figured most of them were either leaving or noticed that he was in pain; thus getting a nurse.

"Don't worry Midoriya-san," Eijirō patted his shoulder and gave him a comforting squeeze. "Present Mic went to go get a nurse for you, so hang in there alright my dude?"

Izuku only nodded, accompanied by a groan. 'Everything's dark...I must've closed my eyes. This pain really is something. Something that I should be able to handle...but, I can't...I just can't...' He mental beat himself down for his own weakness and foolishness.




The sound of a pen scratching against paper was the only thing heard throughout the room. Everyone watched as one nurse took his vitals and the other administered his pain medication.

Hitoshi ran a single hand through his thick hair, ", I don't know if either of you might know but," One of the nurses turned around; fully attentive, "When is Midoriya-san eligible to leave?"

"Ah...well, that's going to be very difficult to say at the moment."

Hitoshi frowned and crossed his arms, he leaned against the wall nearest to the exit. Shōta seemingly took the mantle as he stood from his seat, "You don't mind me having a word with one of you?" The nurse that was talking with Hitoshi nodded and motioned him to follow her.

" kids..." Hizashi's eyebrows furrowed together, "What're we going to do with you all...?"

"Throw a party when we're all dead." Hitoshi exclaimed in a deadpanned manner. Everyone within the room gave the purple-haired Pro-Hero a concerned look.

Nervously, Hizashi laughed and rolled his eyes, "Nice joke there, Shinsō!" He turned towards the adult to see that he wasn't particularly smiling with him. "...Ahh...right, wow you know you sure are a lot like Shōta, ya know? Maybe...a little bit too much..."

"Should we be concerned?" Denki asked aloud and he looked down to see Kyōka shrug. "...I think we should be..." He muttered under his breath and leaned against the back of Kyōka's chair.

Eijirō visibly froze "...Bro, just...why?" His look of concern had yet to dissipate as his eyes shifted to the opposite side of the room.

"You know...we could totally all council each other," Hanta nodded in agreement with his own statement. "Just gather at one of our houses and sit around have tea and chat you know, like the norms?"

Fumikage hummed to himself as he looked out the window, "I we both have a morbid sense of humor..."

"You know...I'll have to agree with Sero-san on this one." Momo sipped at the rest of her tea. She then looked towards Shōto, who had seemingly been staring at her for quite sometime. "You think it's a brilliant idea, right?"

Shōto shrugged, "Sure, whatever you want."

"What the actual fuck is wrong with you?" Katsuki questioned as he stood from his chair, "Maybe you're the one who needs the damn mental health physician."

Mashirao's tail whipped around cautiously as he glanced between Katsuki and Hitoshi. ", sorry to say this but, I agree with Bakugō on this one." He quickly looked away, pretending to find interest elsewhere. He grunted as he felt an elbow dig into his side, "Ow..."

"Stop being so mean! And stop picking up Bakugō's ways!!" Tōru fumed, arms folded tightly across her chest.

Hitoshi shrugged easily and just as he was about to make another snide remark — Shōta entered and held the door open for the second nurse to leave the room. Shōta watched as the nurse left and quietly closed the door; a heavy sigh escaped. "News?" Hitoshi gave his former sensei a questioning look.

"Nothing good." Shōta found himself leaning against the door. He tapped his cane against the floor, ", without the old school class 1-A foolishness — I need you all to listen closely. First off, ground rules..." He eyed Katsuki for a moment, "No shouting or cursing. They can hear your ass halfway down the damn ward." Katsuki snorted and turned away. "And Shinsō no more morbid-sense of humor and Tokoyami...don't egg him on." Fumikage nodded as Hitoshi shrugged, "Okay...back on track. So, I talked to the nurse about Midoriya's condition — asked if there was a way to get him prosthetics to get him back in game..."

"And...?" Tenya asked. He shifted in his seat uncomfortably and felt numbness settle into his legs.

Shōta shook his head, "They said, even if he were to get along well with the prosthetics, there would still be the issue with numbness in his lower back and left-side." Sensing that Katsuki was going to open his mouth; Shōta tapped his cane against the floor. "I'm not finished. Wait until after I'm finish speaking. I'd hate to forget important information...where was I..." His fingertips tapped against the handle of his cane. "Ah, yes as I was saying...even if he were to somehow manage to get back into the swing of things, if he got injured another time — that'd be it. They said, he has severe spinal cord damage and several pinched nerves in his lower back."

"...We already know that." Katsuki seethed as he glared at the former Pro-Hero.

Shōta only nodded, "Sure, we know that. However...there's this thing called 'Problem Child' and he's hardheaded as hell and never seems to want to give up."

"In shorter terms...he could hinder his own chances of getting released in a timely fashion?" Hitoshi guessed. A simple nod was his answer. "Of course..."

"Mmhm...there's also the fact that if he tried to use his quirk in such a bad state, he could possibly kill himself." He gripped his cane with one hand and ran the other through his lengthy hair, "Basically, someone's going to have to talk him out of trying anything that involves heroics." A single finger pointed towards Katsuki, "I think you're the one to handle it but, see to it that you get your own issues nipped in a bud and if not, at least just tend to them before saving that problem child. Remember, you're no good to anyone if you can't even help yourself."

"Tch!! I ain't his fuckin' keeper..." Katsuki exclaimed before making his way out of the room. Ochako only sighed before claiming the vacant seat. She place her entire face into open palms.

Shōta pinched the bridge of his nose, "Boy oh boy...some mess we've got here..." He closed his eyes before leaning his head back, "You know...the worst part of it that they might just have to remove his left leg to avoid any further health issues."

"...So there's nothing that can be done?" Hitoshi asked, his poker face broken by a frown that had long formed.

"Besides just being there to cheer that problem child on? No...nothing much," Tired eyes peeled themselves open, "We just have to be there for him. Especially, Bakugō...those two have been through a lot together and it might not look like it but, they look up to one another's strength. To have Bakugō there by his side like he was there for Bakugō'd do wonders."

"...You sure?" Eijirō spoke up as he brushed his fingertips across the railing of Izuku's bed.