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Beep! Beep! Beep! Bee-

A hand whaps at the blaring alarm clock and sends it to the ground as the hand retracts under the blankets. The small bundle under the plush covers lay still for a moment more before throwing them off excitedly. The little girl bares a large smile on her face as she hops off the bed and rushes to get ready for the day. She brushes her teeth aggressively, knowing that her parents instilled good hygiene habits into her since she was able to do it on her own, brushed the knots and tangles out of her dark green hair, and washed her face.

Once she was showered, freshened, and dressed, she bounds down the stairs of her home and into the kitchen, quietly packing the lunch her parents prepared for her the night before into her backpack, so she doesn’t forget.

She takes out a piece of paper, a nearby crayon and scrawls a message for her parents and leave it on the table, the message reading, ‘See you at school later! I love you!’, surrounded by hearts of different colors.

The small girl grabs a handful of strawberries and heads towards the front door. She doesn’t bother telling her parents that she was leaving as she knows that the life of pro-heroes is a tiring one, especially one of their stature. It’s routine after all and routine means, letting her parents sleep.

The small girl bounds happily to school, knowing today was Parent Visit day so she got to see her family a little later. The next door old lady notices her and she waves like she does every morning.

“Ah, Ame! Good morning!”

“Good morning, Kinami!”

“Off to school?”


The elderly lady makes her way over to the small girl and hands her a flower picked from her own bushes.

“Do your best then!”

Ame smiles brightly and waves goodbye to the lady. She pulls out a small music player from her pocket and plugging the earbuds into her ears, playing her favorite song on the way to school.

This was just routine.

It was routine when she turned the corner and was greeted by a cat that lived in the neighborhood, offering it pets, it was routine when she said good morning to the man that delivered the morning mail, and it was routine when she passed by the corner store and the man behind the counter snuck Ame a piece of candy that he got delivered that morning.

It was routine when she turned down the street and saw her school ahead of her, classmates and students ahead of her, chatting happily with their own parents or friends they walked with.

It was not routine when she was grabbed all of a sudden by her arm and forcefully pulled into a dark alleyway, a cloth held over her mouth, effectively blearing her vision and causing all noise to turn into a faint, high pitched buzz. She could hear the music player clatter to the ground at the mouth of the alley, still blaring her favorite song.

“Ah the Symbol of Peace’s daughter. How lucky of me!” The man creepily gasps into her ear, barely able to hear his laughter or words. Even when she tries to strain her ears to make sense of the garble that was coming out his mouth, it only serves to exhaust her more. Though, she does manage to make out one thing.

“Days and days of watching and studying and I finally got you! You’re too easy to predict! Can’t believe his daughter was this easy all along!”

Ame’s head lazily rocks against his arm as she watches him put a hand on the brick wall in front of her and from there, a swirling vortex was formed. Her brain clicks for a second and she tries her best to struggle or scream or cry but nothing comes out, even as he throws her in.


A beep is heard when a boy with dark green hair presses on the button on his watch, effectively stopping the timer and marking down his time.


He turns around and sees his brunette-haired friend, catching up to him and stopping the timer on her own watch as well. They both struggle to catch their breaths, even as they down a water bottle.

“Did you beat your time?” She asks him, pointing the open end of her bottle at him and he nods, baring a proud smile on his freckled face.

“Yeah! I actually managed to shave a few minutes off! What about you, Uraraka?”

She looks down at her watch and gives him a triumphant smile as well.

“A minute better than my last time!” Ochako starts jumping with glee and high fives her best friend, proud of the progress the two of them were making. They worked so hard to make sure they get better, faster, stronger together and it’s starting to pay off now that there are results.

“Oh! I was wondering when the two of you would finally show up!” The chipper voice of their friend ease into their line of hearing and look over to where their spectacled friend was, waving at them.

“Iida, that’s not fair! You’re fast to begin with!” Ochako whines and he only laughs.

“As true as that may be, I am nowhere near my top speed. Running with the both of you during these mornings is proving to be of huge benefits, though.”

Izuku smiles and laughs with his friends, watching the exchange between the two and finding it cute. He looks around and sees a few of his classmates finally catching up to them. Looking in the direction behind their Class rep, he sees the other half of the class laying back in the grass and catching their breaths. This wasn’t something that their teacher told them to do but, rather something the class thought of collectively so not only are they training, but also building a stronger bond together.

Izuku’s wandering green eyes finally land on fiery reds and he blushes immediately, looking away and trying to forget the sight of his childhood friend’s toned but sweaty body in the black tank top he always wore when training. It’s such a good look on him.  He hates this crush he has for the other, wanting to only view Kacchan as a rival rather than… a lover.

The boy’s blush deepens at that and he’s lucky that they were just on a run, he can easily excuse the redness as being tired and sweaty.

When did it become like this? When did it become ‘I want to beat you’ to ‘Beat me off’? He internally slaps himself for that thought. He sighs heavily and wipes at the sweat on his forehead with his arm. No need to think about him, just focus on getting better.

“Oooh, I think I know who you’re thinking about.” Ochako’s teasing voice causes him to jump and quickly recompose himself, denying any and all claims of what she’s talking about, though her eyebrows wiggle knowingly.

“N-no! You got it all wrong! I wasn’t thinking about anyone, I swear!” Izuku splutters, trying his best to defend himself from his all-knowing friend. She only laughs and winks, nodding her head towards a certain blonde’s direction.

“DEKU, What’s your time?!” Izuku jumps and warily looks over at the source of the voice, taking the form of a sweaty angry blonde stalking over towards him, while their classmates only sigh and shrug. No amount of team building would ever change anything between the two.

“I-i-it’s uhm…”

“Doesn’t matter. I got here before you did, and it’s gonna stay that way!” He shouts, pressing a finger on the other’s chest with a significant amount of pressure, to the point where it was hurting.

Izuku winces but toughens up before the other, meeting the glare with one of his own, full of challenge and fire. He can see the twitch Kacchan has in his eyes.

“That may be true but, I’m gonna keep working hard with everyone!”

Kacchan clicks his tongue and rolls his eye, stalking away.

“Fuckin annoying as always, you shitty nerd. Just don’t get in my way!”

Izuku releases a breath he didn’t know he was holding, shoulders slumping as Katsuki walks further away from him and towards the dorms. A few others rush over to Katsuki and give him their usual stern talking to about lighting up, which falls on deaf ears.

“Let’s head back and get ready for class soon, Deku!”

He nods and begin to jog with the rest of their class when a very loud whoosh sound forms behind them, effectively stopping the class and turning their heads. A vortex appears out of nowhere, causing the students of 1-A to activate their quirks and take a defensive stance.

Something like this…Something like this shouldn’t be happening here.

Izuku watches the vortex carefully, ready to act quick if and when anything decided to slither its way through and into their school. They picked the wrong school and group of students to mess with.

He imagines a horrible villain, or one of the League of Villains to show up through the vortex. What ended up appearing was a small girl, unconscious and being spat out of the vortex rather violently. His body is moving before his mind is to catch her before she hits the ground.

“Midoriya, be careful!” Someone shouts behind him, but he doesn’t look back, just looking down at the small bundle in his arms, sleeping. He’s never seen her before and she doesn’t appear to be any threat to them, so, he lets his guard down. The others run up behind him to see who the little person is and mumble amongst each other, wondering what to do or who she was.

“A little runt like her? It could be a fucking cheap trick…” Katsuki growls and this confirms the fears of a few of their peers but Izuku doesn’t believe that, not at all. Ochako carefully takes the yellow backpack off of the girl, Izuku finding it strangely familiar.

“Let’s…look through her belongings. She must be in elementary school, so they must have that little card stating who they are. You know the one, right?” Ochako asks, gaining the support of Tenya.

“Ah, yes! I remember the one. The cards they are required to carry should they go missing somehow. It would have her information and everything we need to identify her.”

The students nod in agreement as Ochako looked through the bag, though she feels a bit guilty, invading the little girl’s privacy like this. It feels very un-heroic like.

As she looks for the card in the bag, Izuku feels movement in his arms and he looks down, seeing the young girl stirring and finally, awakens. She rubs the sleep and crud from her eyes and slowly turns her attention up at him.

“H-hello there?” Izuku greets her warily.

She flinches in his arms, shock evident on her face as she stares up at him. Suddenly, her face shrews up, tears forming in her large, green eyes.


Time seems to freeze as they register what she just called Izuku, who’s only 16 years old. Not the ideal age at all to be anyone’s ‘Papa’.

“Papa!” She cries louder, clutching at his tank top tightly and crying into it, practically bawling.


Ochako gains the attention of their class as she shakily holds the small girl’s id card in her hand.

“M…Midoriya Ame. 6 years old. In case of emergency, contact: Midoriya…Izuku.”

The revelation is hard to take in and this further freezes the blood of the class. The dark green hair, the yellow backpack, bright green eyes? No wonder it seemed familiar.

“This…this is a joke, right?”

“Let me see that!”

Tenya snatches the card from Ochako and reads it over carefully before his eyes widen and he drops the card from shock.

“She…She was born 20 years from now.”

Momo picks the card up from the ground and a few of their classmates gather near her, reading it for themselves.

“This is a joke, right? It has to be joke! There’s no way…this is even possible!”

Izuku has no idea what to do, not with the questions his classmates were throwing at him and not with the little girl clutching onto him like her life depended on it. She must be confused, that had to be it. There’s no way he would ever have a child, he’s never even had sex before! He wants to question the young girl, he wants to tell her that it’s not funny to play jokes like this on him, on anybody, really.

But as Ochako digs deeper through the bag, looking for more clues, sheets of construction paper bounded together by yarn tied in a bow tie fall out and drift towards Izuku. The cover only confirms his worst fears and confirms the craziness and the impossibility of all of this. Written in black crayon, the title is messily scrawled at the top.

‘Why I love my Papa!’

A photo of a very grown up Izuku smiling brightly with the little girl sitting on his shoulder, smiling as brightly as him, almost like a spitting image.

“We…We have to get Aizawa-sensei.” Denki suggests, though with hesitance in his voice. They don’t want to do anything that would put the girl in harm’s way but there was just nothing that could be done with just them.

The others nod in agreement and collectively decide to hurry and get ready for their classes, jogging back to the dorms. Izuku stands with shaking legs as he carries Ame in his arms, unsure of what exactly to do and it didn’t seem like she was going to let go of him. Ochako gathers the little girl’s belongings and wears the backpack, walking side by side with her friend, who no doubt, would need so much support right now.

There’s no room to joke or talk, the air tense amongst them at the revelation before them. It’s quiet as they enter the dorms and as they watch Izuku walk past everyone, the girl’s bawling ceased and was asleep due to exhaustion. He enters his room, with Ochako opening the door for him and he lays her carefully on his bed, grabbing his uniform and closing the door behind them.

Though once the door closes, Izuku nearly collapses, only to be caught and stabilized by his friend.


“What do we do?”


Izuku is as pale as a ghost and for once, he isn’t muttering insistently like he usually does. He truly is at a loss for words at the revelation that this little girl could potentially be his daughter 20 years in the future. Despite all of this, his heart…feels warmth at the thought that he was able to have a precious little girl, who loved him so dearly and it’s evident that he loved her dearly too.

Izuku sighs heavily and finally stands, with the support of Ochako and the wall behind him. He’s able to stand and nods, thanking her.

“Let’s…Let’s get ready for class.” Ochako is hesitant at first to leave him but she nods and jogs away, finding there is only so much she can do.


When Izuku returns to his room to grab his bag, he finds the door is open, a crowd gathering and Aizawa-sensei inside, kneeling before the little girl, who kept asking for him.

“When did-?”

“Iida ran to the school to get Aizawa-sensei to come here instead. He said something along the lines of not needing the rest of the school to know about this…” Toru tells him, and he nods, finding that it made a lot of sense. Having the whole school find out about his apparent daughter will only get twisted and eventually, reach the ears of the media. That’s the last thing he wants and he imagines the school wants.

He manages to squeeze his way through the crowd and the little girl brightens up when Izuku comes into view, bounding over to him and clutching at his pant leg.

“See mister, this is my papa, he can answer all the hard questions!” She proudly claims and if the situation wasn’t so serious, the class would find her love for her father adorable as can be. However, this is a very serious situation.

Aizawa looks over at the flustered Izuku and sighs heavily.


It isn’t a question, but a demand.

One by one, starting with Izuku, the students begin to recount their claims of what happened and what they saw, minus the presence of Katsuki, Shoto, and Eijirou. Once he got their accounts, Ochako hands Ame’s schoolbag to their teacher, who proceeds to take it in hand, as well as taking the id card handed to him.

He observes everything silently, firstly telling the rest of the class, minus Izuku and Ame, to head to the school. They hesitate for a moment but nod nonetheless, offering Izuku a quiet ‘good luck’ and walking away. Both Tenya and Ochako give Izuku a reassuring squeeze on his shoulders before walking away as well.

It’s quiet in the room and Izuku is lucky Ame is so well-behaved as she doesn’t say anything to disturb the strange man looking at all of her stuff or constantly asking questions. He must be a pretty good dad. The only move she makes is the nudge on his hand and he takes her small hand into his, holding it tightly. They both needed the support as Izuku figures all of this is new and strange and scary to her as well.

Izuku internally berates himself, finding that he shouldn’t get attached. Once everything is sorted out, Izuku figures that he won’t be there for her anymore and they would go their separate ways. He just hopes whatever happens, she remains safe.

“This definitely isn’t the first time something like this has happened.” Aizawa confides to his student and this sends Izuku’s mind reeling. What? This…has happened before?

“What do you mean, sensei?”

Aizawa sighs heavily and crosses his arms.

“It’s best that I discuss this with the school board on how we should proceed. This is a very serious matter and her present will alter heavily if anything from our present changes. Go and head to class, I will take care of Ame.”

He feels Ame’s hand tighten in his and looking down at her, he sees the fear and confusion in her eyes, not wanting to be away from her father.

Of course, she knows that the current Izuku isn’t her father at all but, he’s the only familiar face amongst the faces of these strangers and she needed the support of someone familiar. Izuku kneels before her and covers her hand with the both of his.

“Ame, Aizawa-sensei is going to take care of you now while I…go to school. Can you…can you be good to him, for…for me?” He speaks with a sweet and comforting voice, but he knows that there is hesitation and unease as well as he knows that he’s not her actual father.

All he can do is try his best, to hope that his future-self instilled strength in her.

Ame observes him and sees the pleading green eyes of her father before nodding slowly, letting go of Izuku’s hands and shyly walking up to Aizawa. He looks over to his student and nods.

“Join the rest of the class, she’ll be ok.”

Izuku nods and waves goodbye to the girl before jogging out of the building and towards the school.


He can hear the sounds of his classmates speaking wildly, wondering what the heck is going on and how this is happening. When Izuku slides open the door of his classroom, the talking ceases and he quietly, nervously, shuffles over to his desk.

It remains quiet for a bit before Tsuyu speaks up.

“Midoriya-chan…Is Ame-chan with Aizawa-sensei?”

He gulps and nods, though he doesn’t look at her or any of their staring classmates, fixating his stare into his desk.

“Aizawa-sensei…he…said this kind of thing happened before.”

“What?” It’s collective and sudden and only brings about more questions. Only Tsuyu says anything positive in light of the situation, in hopes of lifting the mood.

“So, if it’s something that happened before, doesn’t that mean that they already know how to fix it? Then Ame-chan can go back home with the Midoriya-chan of the future.”

Eijirou smiles and nods in understanding.

“Hey, that makes sense! So, the situation isn’t as dire then, right? So, things will be ok!” This effectively lifts the mood in the class and they’re rowdier than ever. Now that the seriousness is temporarily out of the way, Mina, Toru, Momo, and Ochako begin to coo over how adorable Ame was, clinging so tightly to Izuku and overall, being a good girl. The class gathers over to where he sits and begin to praise the future him, to the great annoyance of Katsuki.

“Huh, makes you kind of jealous, though doesn’t it?” Denki states, gaining the nods of agreement from a couple of their male classmates.

“Does it? Didn’t really think of it that way. Now that I do though, Midoriya, you’re super lucky to have a good kid like her!” Hanta states, giving him a friendly nudge on his shoulder with his fist. Izuku turns from tense to sheepish. He finally looks up at his classmates and nervously scratches at the back of his neck.

“I...I shouldn’t be getting any of this praise, it wasn’t really…me, you know?” Though he has to admit, he is pretty lucky to have a well-behaved and adorable daughter. Ame looks almost identical to Izuku, to the cute freckles across her nose and cheeks, though not as heavy as his own, green eyes as bright as grass, dark green hair that’s fluffy and messy like his, though it’s longer and not as curly.

It does make Izuku wonder…

Is there a mother in the picture?

He didn’t see any picture of a woman amongst Ame’s things and when Ame looked at the class, she didn’t react to any of the girls in his class quite like how she reacted when seeing him. Is he even sure if there’s a woman in the picture?

Izuku blushes a bit at that.

Is there…is there another man in the picture?  

Katsuki grinds his teeth in annoyance and was only further provoked when Eijirou points his thumb in his direction, smirking.

“Kinda makes you think what kind of dad Bakugou would be, huh?” The class erupts into laughter and Katsuki turns his head at them, angry and annoyed beyond belief.

“Shut up, shitty hair! I would make a fucking great dad for runts like Deku’s!” He shouts, and the girls coo even further at the proclamation, to which Katsuki yells at them to shut their traps.

Katsuki then turns to face Izuku and grabs at the collar of his uniform.

“Ya hear that, Deku!? My kid would be fucking better than your useless runt!”

Izuku feels a sense of protectiveness over his future daughter and gets riled up, grabbing tightly at Katsuki’s wrist.

“Ame is anything but useless! Kacchan’s kids will be amazing like you but Ame will be the greatest!”

Watching the two argue about their future kids bring smiles and laughs out of the class, finding the exchange adorable. Even if they’re too young to think about this kind of thing and obviously, are wanting to be pro-heroes first and foremost, the prospect of having a family is humbling. To have a child where you can pass on your knowledge and know-how and watch them grow into someone who could potentially make a difference.

But again, they’re too young to think about this kind of thing.

The door to the classroom slides open and little Ame is standing there, smiling when she sees Izuku and then smiles even further when her eyes land upon the blonde who’s grabbing Izuku.

“Papa! You found daddy!”