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~ God-Given ~

"If you're going to be a bride of God, then you should learn to appreciate what God has given you."

"Even if what God has given me is a..." Heinkel trailed off and awkwardly gestured toward her lap, not wanting to say the word 'penis' (or any synonym thereof) out loud to the bishop, even if he was her childhood friend.

"Even so."

And he sounded so sure of himself - so certain in his knowledge of God's will - that any doubts Heinkel had on the subject dried up on her tongue and refused to pass her lips. Her hands fisted in the fabric of her skirt as Enrico stood to leave.

Halfway out the door, he paused and looked back over his shoulder at her.

"By the way," he added, and she looked up at him. "Another thing to consider... if you're not comfortable wearing the habit, pants are an acceptable option."