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Dress Rehearsal

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"I must break you."

- Ivan Drago, Rocky IV

NOBODY WAS GOING TO LEAVE THIS PLACE WITHOUT SINGING THE BLUES. The three heroines were cornered by invaders from the Planet Synchronos. They had been brought together through time and space facing a common threat of annihilation, they had combined the choreography styles of three different planets and timelines, but their teamwork was still not enough. The rival team outclassed them on the dance floor and outnumbered them on the battlefield.

The inside of the saucer was fashioned like a high-tech concert hall. Walls of digital screens were arranged in a half-circle around the stage. Neon lasers swayed back and forth from the stage's base in quick oscillating patterns. A strange (but not surprising) design for a hostile alien species that plotted to conquer every planet in their path by reducing its inhabitants to mindless zombies flailing their limbs to a synthesized beat, enslaved background extras in an intergalactic rendition of Thriller.

A giant disco ball spun in the scaffolding and washed the ground in streaks of shimmering silver. Its gravity generator was disabled—The ship was already landed on a suitable planet to host the festivities.

The Synchronoids were marching closer and closer like a robotic fascist conga line. The members of the all-male alien race were marked by their unnatural silver hair. They wore narrow black visors that completely hid their eyes like cosmic sunglasses. They were dressed uniformly in loose-fitting black vinyl dance pants with matching black vinyl jackets. Under the jackets, their torsos were bare. Their lean, rock hard musculatures were all carved from the same glistening pale gold flesh.

The heroines worriedly backed toward the ship's hull as the Synchronoids loomed closer and the techno beat started to pick up pace. Behind the three, there was a narrow airlock that could provide their only path to salvation. In front of them, their untimely and fabulous demise awaited.

"We're doomed!" Lucky Chloe shrieked.

"Not if we get out of here first! We just need to regroup!" Rise said in a coordinating effort.

"If we retreat now, there will be nothing left to stop these demons! All three of our worlds will be lost!" Velvet said, thinking of her own experience in pending Apocalypses.

"If we die here, you can call it quits for the entire metaverse!" Rise said.

"Then one of us shall stay," suggested Velvet.

"Uhh… what do you guys say Rock, Paper, Scissors? Loser has to hold down the fort?" Chloe said as she wiggled the toes of her mittens, nervously trying to lighten the mood.

Then, one made a selfless choice to protect her friends.

Chapter 2: Lucky Chloe Stays

Chapter 3: Velvet Stays

Chapter 4: Rise Stays