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Three Strikes

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    Joshua William Dun wasn't exactly full of himself, self-deprecating jokes are his passion and his self-esteem is to the floor. But things got even worse for him as his best friend (and soulmate) is married to one of the prettiest girls the pink haired boy has ever seen, but Tyler is obviously straight with how he treats Jenna, grabbing her in the places she's proudest of, boasting about her to Josh who was trying to tune him out the best he can and still reply. So Josh has no chance.

    Jenna Elizabeth Joseph, one of the prettiest girls you'd come across, and she knows it. Her cockiness is one of the reasons Tyler loves(?) her. Jenna's ability to make your jaw drop was almost unbelievable, she would spin and drive anyone crazy. Tyler though, he can't.. think of anything about her personality that he adores, her niceness? But he still loves Jenna and is glad he married her.

   Tyler Robert Joseph is the last of the bunch in this typhoon of a story, he, as you know, is married to Jenna, she has done some things to him however that makes him question the relationship, and Josh being closer than ever to him at this time is turning his whole world upside down. In result, he makes a plan, if Jenna wastes those three strikes Tyler gives her (without her knowing of course) he'll end it, but now that he thinks about it, Jenna only has one strike to go, and Josh is knocking on his door with huge news.