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Dance Macabre

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Viktor let out a heavy sigh as his fingertips touched the cool glass of the champagne flute and he brought it to his lips to take a large gulp. Another gold medal and world championship had been added to his resume, and yet, Viktor felt no more accomplished than he had when he had slipped on his first pair of skates. He was tired. Tired of having the weight of the world on his shoulders, tired of the pressures to always surprise his audience and stay inspired, tired of having to wine and dine sponsors and judges who cared nothing about Viktor Nikiforov the person and only Viktor Nikiforov the five time world champion and Olympic medalist.


 Being Viktor Nikiforov was exhausting and Viktor didn’t want to be him anymore.


“The banquet just started and already you look like you’d rather be anywhere else in the world. A little early for that, don’t you think?”


Pausing with an h'orderve halfway to his mouth Viktor shifted his eyes to the speaker who had just joined him. A local, clearly Japanese, with slicked back black hair and beautiful cinnamon eyes. The suit he wore was obviously designer and perfectly tailored to his slim waist. That tie was terrible, though. Who let him pick that out? He was far too young to be an ISU official and was not a competitor. Who, then? “Maybe not anywhere, but I could certainly think of at least a hundred places I’d rather be.”


“Only a hundred?” His lips drew up into a smirk and he tilted his head back exposing his neck in a long, slender line.


Viktor swallowed hard. It was a distinctly Omega move, but this man emitted a strong Alpha aura. Strange. What was he? Too bad it was considered rude to ask, especially in Japanese culture. “I-I’m sorry I don’t believe we’ve met?”


“No,” he agreed, holding out a hand. “Katsuki Yuuri. I sponsored some of the recent renovations to the stadium.”


Taking the proffered hand, Viktor shook it firmly. A sponsor, then....he still looked far too young to have that sort of money. An inheritance, perhaps? “Are you a fan of figure skating, then, Katsuki-san?”


“Just Yuuri, please,” Yuuri corrected. “And I am a fan of you, Viktor.”


Viktor almost choked on the h’orderve he had finally pulled off the toothpick into his mouth. There were likely many in the room at this moment that felt that way, but none of them would likely be so forward about it. “Well, you and all two million of my Instagram followers.”


“No, they are a fan of the Viktor who skates,” Yuuri corrected, locking eyes with Viktor and taking a small sip of his champagne, “Not the Viktor who is an avid poodle lover and enjoys poetry and the opera.”


Blinking in surprise Viktor disposed of his now bare toothpick. “Do you like dogs, Yuuri?”


“Of course,” he smiled gently. “I have a poodle of my own. He is much smaller than Makkachin, though. Do you have any pictures of your dog with you? I’ve only ever seen the few in magazines and those are all so...posed.”


Here Viktor stood, in a room full of people who were only interested in what his plans were for the next season, and yet he had somehow drawn the attention of someone who was only interested in seeing photos of his dog. How quickly Viktor’s face changed from a gloomy frown to a dazzling grin. “Yes! I have hundreds!” Pulling out his phone he began scrolling through some of his favorites. “She’s getting older, but she still has a lot of energy. I think she looks the cutest when she sleeps, though. You said you have a poodle? Do you have photos?”


Yuuri reached into a pocket and pulled out his own phone which sported a case with tiny blue poodles all over it. How cute! “His name is...well, it’s Viktor, but we just call him Vikchan. He’s getting a little old, too. I got him not long after you got Makkachin.”


Oh my god, he named his dog after me! “Oh, how cute! I am truly honored that something so adorable would share my name.” Viktor beamed, cooing at a photo of a toy poodle. “Do you think he and Makkachin would be friends?”


“I don’t know,” Yuuri chuckled, “but maybe we’ll find out one day.”


Viktor felt himself blush at the underlying hint of the comment and he winked. “Is this your way of flirting with me, Yuuri?”


This time, Yuuri blushed and averted his gaze. “I don’t know. Is it working?”


“Well,” Viktor laughed, “I think the fact I have yet to entertain the company of anyone else in this room should speak for itself. It’s nice, sometimes, to talk about something other than skating.”


“I do imagine it gets boring for you,” Yuuri hummed in agreement. “It’s not that I don’t appreciate your skating, Viktor, but your technical perfection on the ice is not what makes you interesting to me.”


Curious...Viktor set down his glass and squared his shoulders towards Yuuri. “And what does make me interesting to you, Yuuri?”


Mimicking Viktor’s actions, Yuuri placed a hand just shy of Viktor’s, their fingertips briefly brushing up against one another. “It’s the way you can communicate emotion so...completely...through your movements. Your performance yesterday was far from your most technically proficient, yet it was certainly the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I could feel the sorrow and longing in your dance that so perfectly matched the emotion of the aria. It took my breath away.”


Viktor let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding, his eyes locked on Yuuri’s, completely drowning in the brown pools. He should have felt offended, being told that it wasn’t technical perfection, but instead he felt thankful. Thankful that someone had seen how he had been hurting - that someone had looked past the record setting performance for what it truly was.


“Tell me, Viktor,” Yuuri laid his hand on top of his and took a step forward. “What is it you’re longing for?”


With a furious rhythm Viktor felt his heart beating in his chest and the blood rushing to his ears. Yuuri was several inches shorter than him, but Viktor felt like he was being completely overshadowed in that moment. “Life,” Viktor breathed out in a whisper where only Yuuri could hear. God, why did this man smell so amazing right now? With a boost of confidence he entwined his fingers with Yuuri’s on the table. “Love.”


Yuuri leaned up, standing on his toes, so that Viktor’s nose was hovering over his gland with a tilt. “Would you like to get out of here, Viktor?”


Closing his eyes, Viktor breathed in deeply - cherry blossoms in full bloom and and the salt of the sea. Omega. It surprised him, and yet it didn’t. A hot tingle danced from his fingertips to his chest and down to his toes. Viktor had always been one who had a firm leash on his Alpha, never submitting to his desires or urges and certainly never allowing Omegas to have such a large effect on him when working in an industry built by them. But Yuuri had woken his Alpha, and his Alpha wanted.


“Yes,” Viktor breathed, and he allowed himself to be tugged along behind Yuuri as they weaved between the crowd. No one tried to stop them, and little people even took notice of their departure for which he was incredibly thankful for. Viktor didn’t want to be stopped or interrupted. He couldn’t wait to be alone with this intoxicating Omega.


The moment they were alone in the elevator their lips collided, Yuuri knocking his back into the wall and wedging a knee between the Alpha’s legs. Mouths opened in welcome invitation and tongues licked across slick teeth. Yuuri bit down on Viktor’s lower lip and tugged, brown eyes meeting his under dark eyelashes. The way he pulled back and then let loose with a lick of his lips had Viktor immediately hard beneath his slacks.


Yuuri slipped a hand around Viktor’s tie and yanked hard, lips hovering right over the other man’s. “Do you want me, Viktor?”


Oh god. Viktor was pretty sure he was in love. “Yes.”


“Does your Alpha,” he cupped a firm hand around Viktor’s hardened cock, “Want me?”


“Yes!” He squeaked, jumping from the sudden touch. Viktor was fairly certain he had never wanted anything more in his life.


The door to the elevator dinged and the doors opened. Yuuri smirked and slowly started to backup and off, tugging Viktor along by his tie. “Well, then, you’re just in luck, because you can have me.”


Viktor didn’t want to wait to get into the room. He was slamming Yuuri into the wall, lifting his smaller frame so that they were even and crushing their lips together. Yuuri immediately wrapped his legs around the Alpha’s hips and ground against him with perfect precision.


“Room 4-415,” Yuuri breathed in between kisses, fingers tangling in silver locks.


Somehow, Viktor managed to stumble down the hall without dropping Yuuri and keeping his mouth latched on sweet and tangy skin. There were a few instances where he had to stop and readjust, Viktor making sure to brush himself up against Yuuri in the process. When they finally reached the appropriate room Yuuri tilted back his head and let out a pleasant sigh, bearing his neck for Viktor to see. The flesh was smooth and unmarred - the gland showing no signs of ever having been marked. That made him want even more.


“Are you going to let me down or are you going to search my pants for the key?” Yuuri asked, lowering his chin and smoothing his hands from Viktor’s neck to his broad shoulders.


Viktor licked his lips, but slowly lowered Yuuri to the floor. “I might get distracted by other things I find in your pants if I did that.”


“Oh,” Yuuri purred, pulling out the white card key, flashing it against the lock, and opening it with a hand behind his back. “Maybe I’d like that.”


“God, Yuuri, you are amazing,” Viktor spoke in awe, following him into the room as the door was pushed open. Kicking the door shut behind him he latched a hand onto Yuuri’s neck and started kissing him again. His hand brushed the collar aside and he paused as his eyes caught a glimpse of dark ink exposed as the cloth was pushed away. A red flag suddenly started waving furiously in the back of his mind. He paused. “Is that...just for show, or?”


Frowning, Yuuri took a step back and the air seemed to change around them. “Would my answer change things? Would it make you no longer want this? Want me?”


The smart thing would have been to say that of course it mattered. The smart thing would have to demanded an answer. The smart thing would have been to walk away right then and there. Yakov always did love to complain that Viktor never used his head. Viktor responded by closing the gap between them and pushing Yuuri back onto the mattress. It didn’t matter. Not now.


A sigh of relief left Yuuri’s lips and his legs parted in invitation. Viktor slotted himself right between them and found Yuuri’s mouth once more. He had never tasted anything like this and he never wanted to go without it again. It didn’t matter that with every layer of clothing he removed he exposed more intricate ink that seemed to cover the Omega from head to toe.

“Beautiful,” Viktor breathed when he finally got Yuuri out of all of his clothing. Thick thighs and plump ass. A slight pudge in the stomach that Viktor wanted to bury his face in. A face to die for and a canvas of masterful art.


Yuuri’s hands slipped beneath Viktor’s dress shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. “I’m not. Not like you.”

Viktor helped pull the shirt the rest of the way off and discarded it somewhere on the floor before leaning in and touching their foreheads together. “I don’t want you to be like me.”


With gentle hands Yuuri moved to cradle Viktor’s face, fingers brushing away silver strands as they did so. They stayed like that, blue meeting brown. Viktor felt like his very soul was being sucked away. How could someone he had just met make him feel like this? He wanted to give everything to Yuuri right then.

“You gonna get out of your pants or what?” Yuuri finally asked with a smirk. Laughing, Viktor pulled away and got off the bed just long enough to pull down his pants. Yuuri’s smirk grew wider as he turned on his side and raised an eyebrow. “Nice thong.”


Viktor winked as he tossed that aside, his long and thick Alpha cock standing proudly now that it was freed. “I’m European and gay, what can I say?” He crawled back onto the bed and ontop of Yuuri only to find them immediately flipped and the Omega’s lips sucking the skin beneath his ear. Viktor’s hands slid down his small waist and down to his ass giving it a squeeze. His fingers found themselves coated in slick. “Fuck,” he breathed. He hadn’t had this in so long.


Sitting up Yuuri sat down in Viktor’s lap, the Alpha’s cock slotted perfectly between his asscheeks, and started to grind back and forth. They both groaned and eyes fluttered closed. “Just this alone feels so good, Viktor.”


Viktor let his eyes open again and took a mental image of Yuuri on top of him like this. Beautiful was not a good enough word. “If it feels like this now, I don’t know if I can handle being inside of you.”


Yuuri stopped his grinding and pulled Viktor into another long and heated kiss. “And who said I’d let you put your dick inside me on the first go?”


Viktor didn’t have time to protest as Yuuri started to grind his hips right up against Viktor’s, their cocks rubbing against each other lubed by the Omega’s slick. A mixture of a whimper and a growl left him and he bucked his hips up desperate for more friction. “Yuuri, please-,” he breathed.


“Shh,” Yuuri hushed before sucking hard on Viktor’s mating gland causing him to wail and thrash beneath him. Hand reaching between them he grabbed hold of both of their cocks and began to stroke.


Viktor was seeing white almost immediately, orgasm ripping through him with such force he saw literal stars in his eyes. Panting heavily, Viktor tried to process what had just happened as color started to return to his vision. Yuuri was still grinding against him, his own cock remaining hard against Viktor’s softening one. Finding his strength Viktor flipped them over again, almost finding the edge of the bed, and batted Yuuri’s hand away to take his length into his own hand. Yuuri hissed and arched his back so beautifully that Viktor thought he might blow another load despite his lack of hardness. Slipping his free hand between Yuuri’s legs he breached his entrance with a single finger. This time Yuuri shouted and spread his legs so wide Viktor knew he must have been a dancer or athlete at some point. When Viktor slid another finger in Yuuri came with a cry.


Viktor sat back on his heels, a wet hand gripping Yuuri’s thigh for support, and watched with lustful eyes as Yuuri’s chest rose and fell with heavy shudders. All they had done was rutted up against one another, but it had been the most intimate act of Viktor’s life. He wanted more. So he took more.


Draping his body over Yuuri’s he buried his nose against the Omega’s gland and then sucked hard just as had been done to him. His cock twitched when the room filled with pheromones and Yuuri writhed beneath him, head tilting to the side in full submission. Viktor wanted to bite down right then and stake his claim. If Yuuri hadn’t suddenly tugged at his hair and brought him to his senses, he might have.

Eventually, their heated kisses slowed and the events of the past few days hit Viktor with exhaustion. Collapsing to the bed Viktor rolled onto his back next to Yuuri and listened to his own heart in his ears. Yuuri curled up into him throwing a leg over his own and pillowing his head against the Alpha’s chest. Despite the drying cum and slick creating a stickiness between them, Viktor imagined he could stay like this forever.

After their breaths quieted and their movements stilled, Yuuri finally spoke. “They aren’t for show.”

Viktor tilted his head down to look at Yuuri questioningly.


“The tattoos,” Yuuri clarified. “They aren’t for show. At least...not just for that.”


Viktor’s jaw tightened at the realization of where this was going. Yuuri was confessing to being Yakuza, or at least affiliated with them. “So...should I be worried you are here to kill me?”


Yuuri smiled against Viktor’s skin and any tension in Viktor just melted away.  “After that mind blowing sex? No way.”


The Alpha returned the smile. “A kidnapping, then?”


“The thought has crossed my mind,” Yuuri confessed, fingers gently stroking the taught skin across Viktor’s ribs. “How much could I get for you, do you think?”


Laying his head back against the pillow he hummed in playful thought. “Hard to tell. I have won five world titles now, but I’m also old and likely don’t have much left in me. And maybe I’d like to be kidnapped. Get away from the expectations and pressure.”


Yuuri lifted his head and rested his chin on his forearm so that he could better make eye contact with Viktor. “There was talk about your retirement after this season. Are you going to retire?”


Sighing, Viktor found himself wrapping an arm around Yuuri and trailing fingers up and down his back, occasionally tracing the outlines of the dragon painted there. “I love the ice. I don’t want to leave it.”


“But?” Yuuri urged.


“But...I feel lost,” he went on. “I’ve lost inspiration. Lost the ability to keep my audience surprised.”

Yuuri smiled sadly at him. “I know what it feels like. To feel lost.”


The idea of Yuuri being Yakuza no longer scared Viktor. Well, ok, it still sort of scared him, but it was overcome by something more powerful: curiosity. Carefully moving Yuuri off of him he rolled onto his side so that they were looking straight into each other’s eyes. “How did you get here, Yuuri? You’re so young, but it’s obvious you hold power and status. Or at least a lot of money. Why did you get here? I want to know everything about you, Yuuri.”


Yuuri’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Why? There’s nothing special about me. Don’t I scare you?”


Viktor huffed in amusement. “I’ll admit, at first it might have thrown me off to think that I was being seduced to my death by a member of the mafia,’re the first person to see me for me. The way you spoke about my skating at the banquet tonight. It was real. You weren’t just trying to win my favor or fluff my feathers. Why are you interested in me? The real answer?”


Yuuri stayed where he was, but he lowered his gaze to the white hotel sheets. “My family are Yakuza. It’s in my blood. My parents run an onsen that is used for clan gatherings. It’s a safe haven for them. I’ve always known this life, but there was not much expected of me. I have an older sister who is an Alpha. She would take over. I was an Omega, so I would just marry and not be a part of important business. Because of that, I was allowed a lot of freedom to do what I wanted. So...I skated.”


A small gasp left Viktor’s lips. Yuuri had been a skater. Of course! “Were you any good?” He winked, trying to get Yuuri to smile again.

He succeeded, Yuuri shoving Viktor with a shoulder. “I won a few gold medals here and there.”


A thought hit Viktor and he rolled over to grab his phone from the nightstand. He typed Yuuri’s name into the search bar and hundreds of photos from the Junior circuit showed up. It was a younger and thinner Yuuri whose hair was a wild mess in his eyes. An absolutely adorable Yuuri in sparkling blue outfits dancing on the ice. He had been good. Very good. “Yuuri! You’re so cute! You won the Junior Grand Prix! Why…?” He had stopped. Quit for some reason when he could have been good. Great. “Why did you stop?”


When Viktor looked over Yuuri had sat up and turned his back. “Maybe...another time.”


“I’m sorry,” Viktor quickly apologized, picking up on the uncomfortable air around the Omega. “I didn’t mean to pry.” Of course. Of course any reason that would have made a promising skater quit would be terrible.


Yuuri smiled at him over his shoulder, but Viktor could see right through it. See through to the hurt. Viktor knew that smile all too well. “We should take a shower. I’d prefer not to sleep covered in cum and slick. Will you join me?”


“Yes,” Viktor answered. To the end of the Earth.


The bathroom and shower were huge, Yuuri clearly having one of the master suites in the hotel. They both fit easily under the warm spray and Viktor quickly found himself entranced by the way the water ran down Yuuri’s skin. An overwhelming urge came over him to protect and he pulled Yuuri’s back against his chest, arms wrapping around him. Yuuri’s hands came up to gently wrap around Viktor’s forearms and he rested his head back on his shoulder.


“I want to see you again,” Viktor said. It was crazy. He sounded ludicrous. Falling so fast and hard like a seduced fool for a man that...that was a criminal. Things like this happened in stories - True Mates they were called - but this wasn’t a story. This was real life. Things like this didn’t happen.


Yuuri tensed in his arms. “You should think about that very carefully. I’m no good for you, Viktor.”


“No,” Viktor agreed, having just had those thoughts himself, “Probably not, but that’s what makes you so perfect for me. Please, Yuuri. I’ll be back in Japan for an ice show this summer. We can see each other again. Get to know one another.” This was crazy. How could he be saying this?


“And then what?” Yuuri asked. “You go back to Russia while I stay here?”


Viktor squeezed. “I don’t have to go back to Russia.”


Yuuri turned around in Viktor’s arms, hands resting flat against his firm chest while he looked straight into the Alpha’s eyes. “We’ve only known each other a few hours, Viktor. You can’t make a decision like that so spontaneously. Impulsively. You don’t,” he paused, gathering his words, “You don’t know me.”


Of course he could make such an impulsive decision. He’d been doing it all his life. Worked out so far, hadn’t it? Sure, he’d never felt his heart leap out of his chest for an organized crime member, but hey! He loved to surprise people right?


“Visit me this summer,” Yuuri instructed after a moment of silence. “And then skate for me. One last year. One more world title. If you cannot find your inspiration elsewhere, then find it in me.”


Viktor’s mouth parted and water started to creep in. It was an ultimatum, but one he was suddenly excited for.


“If through that year you still feel the same, if you still want me after you learn everything about me...then you can have me,” Yuuri promised.


His heart was doing somersaults in his chest. Yuuri could be his Omega. His mate. But Viktor could see the doubt in Yuuri’s eyes. The self-depreciation. Did he not think Viktor would do as he asked? Or that he would, but decide Yuuri not worth his time? A fire lit inside him and he grabbed Yuuri’s hands in his. “I will skate next season and I will prove to you that I deserve you.”


Yuuri’s eyes were wide and almost fearful making him look far more vulnerable than the tattoos alone would allow you to think. “W-what? V-Viktor, how can you say such things? You have no idea who I am. The things I’ve done. The things I will do. These things you are feeling - they can’t be real. I’m sorry, my Omega pheromones must be out of control, I didn’t mean to seduce you like this,” he apologized, pulling away from Viktor and reaching to turn off the water.


“Yuuri,” Viktor let out forcefully with a hint of his Alpha voice. Just enough to prove that he was in control and that the only thing seducing him was his love at first sight. “Maybe you are right. Maybe this is just lust, feelings driven by my Alpha after having been so lonely for so long. But maybe it’s not. Maybe it is real. I want to find out. With you. You are the one that sought me out at the banquet. You are the one that came to me, aren’t you? Did you really just want a one night stand?” Viktor had had his fair share of those - though not as many as the internet would have you believe -  and none of them had ever felt like this.


The Omega looked flighty. Like he was ready to bolt out of his own room never for Viktor to see again. “No. That’s not what I wanted, but I...I didn’t expect this. Not really. I didn’t approach you tonight in hopes of sleeping with you at all. I only wanted to talk to you. I had looked up to you for so long as a skater, but I let those feelings take over too much. Sometimes I...become a different person. I become confident where I’m normally shy and I go after the things I really want. I really wanted you, but once I had you and that confidence vanished I didn’t know what to do. I still don’t know what to do. No one has ever said the things you have to me.”


They were all fools, then. Maybe if they had said those things, Yuuri wouldn’t have gone down the path he did. Well, Viktor couldn’t make assumptions. He didn’t know Yuuri’s story. Yet. Reaching for Yuuri’s face he pulled him into an open-mouthed kiss. They stayed like that until the water turned cold, bodies dancing with one another as they continued to kiss, suck, and bite across skin. Yuuri’s dark ink hid the marks, but Viktor’s stood out bright against his porcelain skin.

Yuuri looked soft in his thick white robe once they stepped out, hair light and fluffy without the gel holding it back. It reminded Viktor of the photos he’d see on his phone. Then there were the glasses he had put on making him look like anything but a gang member. God, his heart was melting fast. “Yuuri, can I stay the night?”


“You should go.”


Viktor blinked trying to process what Yuuri had just said since they’d spoken at the same time. Yuuri had told him to leave. He couldn’t even say anything to that.


“I’m sorry,” Yuuri spoke instead, back turned to Viktor. “I am just wondering if it will hurt less for you to leave now instead of the morning.”


Viktor stepped forward into Yuuri’s space but didn't touch him. “You still think I’m lying. That I don’t mean what I say.”


“Can you blame me? This is crazy,” Yuuri almost laughed as he turned back around. “You are the best skater to ever step out onto the ice, and somehow you want to court an Omega you just met. An Omega that has killed and will likely kill again. I’m not sure I understand how you want that in your life.”


Honestly, Viktor wanted to laugh, because he didn’t have the first clue either, but he didn’t want to scare Yuuri with that response. “I don’t understand it either, I just know that this is how I feel. I don’t seem to care that you are Yakuza. I don’t seem to care what you’ve done. Maybe that will change as I learn more about you. Maybe I will find this a mistake, but I want to find that out for sure. Leave no doubts. You already think I will not want you, so what’s the worst that can happen? What you already think will happen?”


Yuuri smiled sadly and rubbed at his temple. “ make me sound like the crazy one!”


“You are!” Viktor grinned. “We both are!”


With a roll of his eyes - and was that sass? - Yuuri started to tear the sheets off the bed. “Make yourself useful and call room service, then. I’m not sleeping where we had sex.”

Oh! He’d won! Aha! Flashing Yuuri his heart-shaped smile he picked up the phone and shamelessly called the front desk for a fresh pair of sheets. It wasn’t the first time he’d done it and he’d be sure to leave a tip. Yuuri also made him hand the dirty sheets to the worker that knocked on the door, which Viktor didn’t mind doing either. He turned them inside out and folded them just right with a wad of yen on top. The Beta who had answered didn’t even blink at it, used to such calls in the middle of the night. Together they put on the new set of sheets.


Yuuri had changed into a soft tee and pajama pants making Viktor wonder what he should do. He didn’t have any clothes other than his discarded suit. Would sleeping naked bother Yuuri? Viktor preferred to sleep nude as it was. “You don’t mind if I’m naked, do you?”


“Did I mind an hour ago?” Yuuri asked, throwing back the comforter and setting aside his glasses.


Viktor smirked. “Well, in that case, you should get naked, too.”


Yuuri didn’t share his enthusiasm, it seemed, as he crawled into the bed appearing small. “I don’t like to sleep without clothes. It’ Omega thing.”


Oh, like nesting? That made sense. Viktor wanted to ask more questions, but decided not to pry. As little as he had learned, he did know that there were several things Yuuri didn’t want to talk about just yet. Turning off the light next to his side he climbed in next to Yuuri and turned to face him. In the last few hours, Yuuri had gone through so many...evolutions. From the strong, confident Omega at the banquet, to the bold yet vulnerable one in the bed, to this soft and quiet man next to him.


The exhaustion from the last few days hit hard now that he was in fresh sheets on the soft mattress. A million questions were still running through his head and he wanted to cherish every last second he had with Yuuri, but he found his eyes quickly closing and the world going dark around him. The last thing he remembered before it all faded was a gentle touch against his cheek.


Viktor wasn’t usually one to remember his dreams, and even now it wasn’t a dream, but it was like an out-of-body experience all night. Recent studies were emerging with speculation that the secondary gender had the ability to be a second entity - with it’s own personality - but this was the first time in his entire 27 years that Viktor had ever felt that possibility. All night his Alpha stirred, desperately reaching out for Yuuri and forcing Viktor to move closer in his sleep.


When he finally did start to stir it was because Alpha was so upset. Omega was no longer there. With a quiet moan Viktor found himself coming to, the bed empty but Yuuri’s voice soft somewhere else in the room. Soft light was coming through the windows casting an ethereal glow on the Omega who was on the phone chatting quickly but quietly in Japanese. Not wanting to disturb him, Viktor rolled over and found his own phone. Ten missed calls from Yakov. Oops.The phone suddenly started vibrating with another incoming call from his coach. Sighing heavily, Viktor put on his mask and answered with a smile.

“Yakov! I’m late as usual, sorr-”


“Where the hell have you been!?” Yakov’s voice raged through the receiver. “You leave the banquet early without a word and no one sees you the entire rest of the night? You aren’t in your room for Christ’s sake! I thought you were dead!”


Viktor found himself smirking. “Aw, Yakov, you were concerned!”


“Five minutes, Vitya! Get down here, now!”


“Fine, fine, I’m coming,” Viktor groaned, hanging up before Yakov could yell again. Yuuri was off the phone smiling at him when he looked over. “Looks like I have to go. You’ll give me your number before, right?”


Yuuri’s fingers danced across his phone’s screen before handing it to Viktor. “Put your number in. You can text yourself.”


Viktor happily put his name in as ‘Vitya’ and sent a text to himself so he’d have Yuuri’s number. His phone pinged cheerfully at his side. “Well. Guess it’s time for the walk of shame.” He threw off the covers and started collecting the pieces of his suit that were scattered across the floor. He only bothered with the pants and the shirt, coat and tie draped over his arm.


Even though he was well beyond his five minutes, he had a hard time walking through the door. “Your deal still stands? We’ll talk. Meet when I’m here on tour? As long as I skate next season?”


“Yes,” Yuuri confirmed, voice soft and distant. “I’ll know when you are here. And where to find you.”


With a smile, Viktor stepped forward and took a kiss that would have to last him two months. “Good. Good…”


“Safe travels Viktor,” Yuuri said with a trace of sadness.


Viktor just wanted to kiss it all away. “I’ll text you when I land. Dasvidanya.”




The hole in his heart appeared the second he closed the door behind him, but somehow he managed to make it to the elevator without a breakdown. Blowing out a heavy puff of air he ran a hand through his tousled and messy hair to try and look somewhat presentable. Not that it mattered given Yakov was waiting outside his door wearing a heavy frown while he was still wearing last night’s clothes. “Hiii!” He waived.


Yakov’s frown intensified and his nose wrinkled. “You reek of Omega. Is that why you left so early last night? Without saying a word to any of your sponsors?!”


Viktor winked as he pulled out his key card. “But Yakov, the Omega was a sponsor!”


His coach growled and Viktor quickly swiped his card to put some distance between them. He started to gather his suitcase and clothes, but something made him stop. “Yakov...I’m going to skate next season.”

Yakov’s rigid stance softened. “I...well, I’m glad. Surprised - very surprised - but glad. I thought you had lost your inspiration?”


“Well, I think I found it last night,” Viktor grinned. Yakov’s eyes narrowed and the rigidity returned, but with much less force. “Seriously, though...I have some ideas.”


“Fine. You can show me when we get back and you’ve had a shower. Maybe five. I don’t need to smell that on you,” he huffed.


It was easy to distract himself as he packed everything away and he headed to the airport with Mila and Georgi. But then both of his rinkmates started casting him glances and whispering behind his back and his mind went back to Yuuri. Beautiful, gorgeous, amazing Yuuri. His heart hurt something fierce, and he knew he was starting to pine. Pining was only socially acceptable in Omegas, but Viktor could hardly find room to care.


“Vitya, are you alright?” Georgi eventually asked as they settled into their seats by their gate waiting for their plane to arrive.


No. He was awful, but Georgi and Mila were definitely gossips who would alert the entirety of Russia if he so much as mentioned what had happened. “I’m fine, Gosha, thank you. It’s just been a long week.”


Thankfully, Georgi didn’t pry further, though he continued his hushed discussion with Mila. Instead, Viktor tried to focus his thoughts on Yuuri. On how Yuuri used to skate and that someone out there that might know more about him. Before the Yakuza. Who….Chris. Chris was about Yuuri’s age. Maybe they knew each other at one point? Chris was probably bitter Viktor had bailed on him during the banquet, but when he explained he’d certainly understand.


Me: Safe travels today, my friend! You were wonderful as always! Maybe next season you’ll win!


Chris: Doubtful...but I’m not giving up just yet!


Me: I have a question, you remember a Yuuri? Yuuri Katsuki?


Chris: Yuuri? Japanese skater? Of course! Hard to forget. We were in Junior’s together for a few years until he had an accident. Such a shame. I haven’t kept up with him, regretfully.


Viktor’s heart fluttered.


Me: Tell me everything you know.