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Cadbury Drabbles

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What Does The Fox Say?

When Sam got to his Algebra II class, the door was shut and there was a note taped to it. He squinted at the tiny writing he recognized as Dr. Roderick’s and sighed when he read that class had been cancelled for the day.

I really need to get a laptop, he thought to himself. If he’d had one, he could have read the email he was sure was sitting in his inbox and avoided the necessity of rushing here.

With nothing else planned for the afternoon, Sam headed off to the computer lab to finish the essay for his Arthurian Literature class. It wasn’t due for another two weeks but he wanted to get it done ahead of time so he didn’t have to worry about it. Professor Ryan had not been particularly subtle about her promise to introduce them to dragon fire if any of them were late turning in assignments. Plus it kept him from having to rush if anything weird came up.

And considering his life, the possibility of that was always about 15.3 on a scale of one to ten.

Dropped his bag next to an empty chair, Sam logged into a vacant computer in the lab, signing into his email first to check if Dr. Roderick had left them any additional assignments. He rolled his eyes as he saw he had a new email from Rey. It was probably yet another joke about candy. If Sam had thought tricksters were obsessed with sugar before he got to know one as close as he did Rey. Well, he knew better now.

“Razzles, dude?” he muttered, staring at the cartoon rattlesnake with a multi-colored rattle. “Rey, you are a weirdo.” More amusing was the thought that Rey had probably laughed himself silly when he first saw the cartoon, and Sam had to smile at the thought that one of the first things the kitsune trickster did was send it to him. And Alice and Kathy, by the look of the email tag.

He was just about to click into the email from Dr. Roderick when he had a thought. With a quirk of his lips, Sam opened an internet browser.

It could amount to nothing. Could be an absolute waste of his time. And yet there was a thought playing in Sam’s head - the memory of poking Rey in the side and hearing the strangest sort of giggle in response.

He typed “laughing fox” into the search engine and waited a moment, amused when a series of videos popped up on the screen, along with a series of webpage results.

With an uncertain smile, Sam clicked one of the videos at random.

A moment later, he had to shove his fist in his mouth to keep from laughing when a high-pitching trilling cackle erupted from the mouth of the fox on screen. Sam snorted hard against his fist and shook with laughter as he played the video again.

Oh my Chuck, he thought, copying the video.

A moment later he had pasted it into an email and, knowing they would have no idea the context but unable to help himself, typed “What does the fox say?” in the subject line.

He sent it off to Rey, Kathy, and Alice and finally gave into his laughter.

He’d have to remember to buy Rey some razzles later, to bribe him for mercy. One thing he had definitely learned from being friends with a trickster: always have candy on hand. If nothing else, you could throw it at them and try and make a get away.

On second thought, maybe he’d get some of those gigantic jawbreakers. They were heavier.