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"Ye Zun! Wait up for me."


Shen Wei sighs and shakes his head. Another person has misunderstood him for Ye Zun, his younger twin. He clenches the books tightly, he is already late to his next class and he doesn't want to have an argument at his work place with another one of his little brother's fans.


Shen Wei and Ye Zun may be twins, they may look alike but personality wise, they are very different people. Shen Wei is modest, calm, mature, he prefers reading over going out, he keeps to himself, he doesn't open up to people much.


Ye Zun on the other hand is polar opposite, outgoing, extrovert, hyper, childish, hates staying indoors, hates the fact of being alone.


He draws so much attention, both males and females like him and adore him. Wei hates being the center of attention. Ye Zun is stylish and classy, he follows the latest fashion trends and takes them seriously, he likes keeping himself up to date.


Wei on the other hand just wears comfortable clothes and hates fashion and technology. Hell, he doesn't even like wearing contacts and using phones.


Wei likes taking care of others. Ye Zun likes to be spoiled rotten. And that's why Wei and Zun get along like a house on fire. The fact that they are twins doesn't matter. Wei takes care of Zun like his kid, rather than like a brother and the fact that they grew up on their own without their parents just makes their bond even more rock solid.


Sure, they had issues but once all those were resolved, no one could tear them apart. The twins cannot be without each other, literally. They live for each other and with each other.


Before Wei can turn, the source of the voice almost runs into his back. He is panting, looks like he ran really hard. He bends and tries to catch his breath. Wei smiles to himself, people tend to love Zun a lot.


Zun has that kind of hold on people. Zun really is mesmerizing. He really should have a talk with Zun, he can't keep stringing his lovers on like this. Not good for anybody's heart, especially Wei's.


The guy pats Wei's shoulder and takes Wei's hand into his, as if he has every right. Wei is shocked. He shrugs the hand off immediately and puts a respectable distance between him and the stranger. He doesn't like being touched by anyone except Zun.


The guy looks up finally and Wei can see that he is surprised. This is a first.


Wei opens his mouth, "I am not-"


The guy finishes the sentence for him, "-Ye Zun."


Wei is even more surprised. Nobody has ever been able to differentiate between him and Ye Zun, that too at a first meeting. Whenever Zun drags Wei out, he forces Wei to dress up like him.


That's one of Zun's stubbornness, he wants Wei to wear similar clothes like himself. Of course, the way they wear the clothes are different but Zun hates it when Wei and he don't look the same in every aspect. Hell, even their rooms like a lot alike even if they have different interests.


The guy stands straight, dusts himself and smiles. He has a beard, dark hair and sharp eyes. He is tall, thin but muscular. He is dressed in casual jeans, t-shirt and a leather jacket and is wearing boots. He looks handsome. He looks close to Wei's age.


He laughs and shakes his head, "There's no way Zun will be caught dead in glasses. He will not dress in such a formal way either, though the clothes are the same. So you must be his brother, his elder twin, Shen Wei."


This is new again.


Zun doesn't like talking about Wei with anyone, Zun is extremely possessive when it comes to Wei. How does this person know about Wei?


The guy reaches out his hands, "I am Yun Lan, Zhao Yun Lan. I work with the CSI team. Nice to officially put a face to the name, Professor Shen. I really am so glad, to meet you finally."


Yun Lan laughs to himself, as if, only he is privy to a joke. Probably something related to Zun not allowing Yun Lan to come near Wei.


Wei shakes his hand, Yun Lan has a firm grip and strangely Wei doesn't want to let go of this soft hand.


Wei suddenly startles as he remembers the conversation with Zun a few days back. He needs to get away from Yun Lan immediately. Before that, what if his students are in danger?


Wei tries to be reassuring and doesn't want to show that something's wrong.


"Just give me a minute, please stay right here, I will be right with you."


Yun Lan smiles mischievously, "I am not going anywhere without talking to you. We have met after so long. I actually wanted to have a talk with Ye Zun but I want to talk to you as well. This is our first meeting and first impressions are the best and I can't give up this opportunity to get in your good books, can I, Xiao Wei?"


Wei blushes a little. It has only been a few minutes and this guy is already flirting with him? Zun was so right. There are a few weird things. What does he mean by 'so long'? This is related to Zun, that much Wei is sure. Why does he want to talk with Shen Wei so much?


He backs away and calls Zun immediately. Yes, Wei can use the cell phone thanks to Zun's rigorous training. There were times when Wei and Zun almost gave up on Wei but they have gotten here somehow.


"Zun, you need to get here immediately, the person you talked about is here. Has he escaped?"


Wei frowns, it looks like Zun is trying to hold back his laughter.


Zun replies after a pause, "Don't worry, Wei Ge! I will be there in few minutes with the ambulance. Just be careful and act like I told you, OK? Don't offend him or provoke him."


Wei nods and walks back to Yun Lan. Yun Lan is sitting on the bench with a lollipop in his mouth.


Wei remembers the conversation with his brother a few days back.




Wei and Zun are eating dinner. The dinner as usual has been cooked by Wei, of course. Zun can't cook to save himself and usually the kitchen ends up a disaster in Zun's presence. Zun has been banned from the kitchen by Wei. He doesn't want his Zun to get hurt.


Zun sighs, "Wei Ge, I am sorry but I have made a mistake."


Wei frowns. He is worried. "What's wrong?"


"I am treating a patient of mine, he used to work as a cop but has stopped working because he has been diagnosed with delusion disorder. He has a very bad obsession with twins. He noticed the picture of you and me on my desk and has been going around collecting info about us, especially you."


"You know how people with delusion disorders are, right? Other than their delusions, they can pretty much as function as normal people. But, I am afraid that he might try to contact you. He is not currently in a position that he will outright attack you or me, I am his psychologist after all but we haven't gotten down to what exactly his delusions are. He has been acting strangely recently."


"He has been admitted to the hospital but I am afraid that he might escape and will not giving up on finding you. I have increased the security around his room but you know how hard it is sometimes..."


"I will not let anything happen to you."


Wei shakes his head. He has always been afraid of his brother's occupation. His brother is a wonderful psychologist but with the occupation, obviously there are certain risk factors.


Wei doesn't mind if he is hurt - in this case it seems like Zun is more safe and he feels better about that - but if Zun's hurt, he cannot take it. The irony is that, Zun feels exactly the same. Who will win? Not that this is a competition. Without having to prove themselves, they know that they will do anything for each other.


Wei nods his head, "I will be fine, don't worry. Just tell me his details and how to deal with him, in case I actually happen to run into him. Security is good at the university and there's no way I will be alone with him. You better be careful, OK?" Zun rolls his eyes, that guy is cheeky, somehow he might find a way to be alone with Wei, moreover, his brother would on purpose isolate that guy so that other people are not hurt. Wei realizes Zun's trail of thoughts and blushes. Why would his brother protect others and not himself? It makes Zun want to pluck out all his hair.


Zun takes a deep breath, suppresses his worry about his brother and launches into details about delusion disorder and how to play into their delusions and how not to provoke them. He waves his hands, his eyes sparkle and Wei smiles to himself. Zun can be so adorable, no matter what he is doing.


Wei doesn't speak a lot, he doesn't like people who ramble a lot either but Zun is an exception, Wei's exception - always.




Wei walks towards Yun Lan and sits next to him. He will keep him company till Zun comes and takes him back to the hospital. He doesn't want anyone else to get hurt.


Yun Lan start the conversation, apparently he doesn't like silence.


"Aren't you curious as to how I know your brother?"


Wei just shrugs and Yun Lan takes it as a 'yes' to go on. Wei is sure that Zun and Yun Lan get along well. Both of them are sarcastic, mischievous, life of the party, childish and talkative. Yes, Wei can tell. Though this is their first meeting, from what he has heard from Zun and from what he can see, he can understand Yun Lan.


"We work together. He helps with the behavior science of the criminals, sometimes we need to work on a profile of a criminal to understand how he might act or react to a situation, to put ourselves in his shoes to guess what his next move might be, to talk him down or something similar. Zun really is talented in this."


Wei doesn't like the fact that Yun Lan calls his little brother as 'Zun'. He doesn't say anything. He keeps nodding. All of this is similar to what Zun described about Yun Lan.


It's a bit sad because Yun Lan actually seems to know his stuff. Wei maybe a Professor in bio-engineering but he has various interests, he loves psychology, he knows about criminal science and forensics as well. He loves reading a lot.


Yun Lan changes the subject.


"Were you surprised when I was able to easily differentiate between you and Zun?"


They are treading on dangerous water right now. Yun Lan really is obsessed about twins, isn't he? He probably thinks that the fact that he can differentiate between twins is something to be proud of.


Wei nods. Before Wei can say something, Yun Lan goes on. "Nobody has been able to differentiate between you and Zun before, have they?"


Wei smiles, on his cheeks, dimples form and his eyes crinkle and a hint of his milky white perfectly aligned teeth can be seen.


For a second, Yun Lan cannot breathe. Wei is downright gorgeous, if only he took off his glasses.


"I don't mind. It's nice to be seen as a single being."


"But you are different people, aren't you?"


Wei doesn't reply.


He sighs as he hears the ambulance.


Yun Lan immediately gets up, he looks like he is about to rush towards the source of the sound.


Wei hates initiating contact but it cannot be helped this time.


He grabs hold of Yun Lan's hand and says, "Don't go. Stay."


Yun Lan looks happy that Wei is holding his hand. But, this is work. He frowns a little, he didn't think of Wei as a selfish type. He thought that Wei would be the first to run towards the source of sound to help injured people, whether he knows them personally or not.


Yun Lan sighs, "Aren't you worried? It could be someone you know."


Wei looks a little taken aback. He shakes his head, "This time, my decision is correct, you will know the reason soon."


Yun Lan feels like something isn't right, his gut is telling him that something is about to go very wrong.


Within seconds, the ambulance stops in front of them. Out rushes, Zun and a few other people. Yun Lan looks confused but immediately something clicks. He hates to do it but he slaps away Wei's hand harshly.


Wei - who was expecting it - catches hold of Yun Lan again. Wei is strong despite his soft, gentle looks.


Wei whispers, "Trust me, this is for your own good."


Something doesn't add up. Yun Lan doesn't look like he is suffering from Dilusion Disorder. Is Wei missing something? But Zun's warning, "Don't be fooled by his normal behavior, he has been a good cop for years! Everyone falls for it easily, he can be dangerous, so don't fall for it!", rings clearly in his ears.


He is good with psychology but he is not a trained psychologist like his experienced little bro after all.


Yun Lan wants to smack his head, how did he fall into this trap? Better, he wants to smack some sense into Wei. Best of all, he wants to beat Zun up so badly.


Zun and the other people carry him away into the ambulance and tie him down on the gurney. Yun Lan struggles and struggles but he cannot win against four people, especially when one of them knows all his weaknesses and has a big, no scratch that, gigantic brother complex.


Zun whispers, "Don't make me give you a sedative! You better behave, Yun Lan." Yun Lan is so furious, how dare this cheeky brat ruin the first meeting of his with Wei?


Wei looks at them. Zun calls him Yun Lan as well? Zun doesn't do that with his patients. Something's wrong.


Zun smiles at his brother, he rushes towards Wei and hugs him.


"I am so glad you are all right, God, I was so worried. We were searching for him all over, Wei Ge."


Wei just awkwardly pats Zun's back and nods. "You be careful too, Zun." Why does it feel like Zun wasn't worried at all?


Zun nods and the ambulance rushes away. Wei just stands there for sometime, watching the ambulance. He feels a strange connection with Yun Lan. What's wrong with his feelings?


He picks up his books and walks towards his class, shaking unnecessary thoughts out of his head.


None of the students mention the fact that the usually perfect, composed and flawless Wei has made a few spelling mistakes on the board, the teacher's assistant doesn't mention the fact that Wei is distracted. The usually composed Shen Wei, something's wrong with him today, clearly. It's their first time seeing a flustered Wei and they don't know how to react.




Zun - 1, Yun Lan - 0




It's the next day, a weekend. Zun is surprised that Wei hasn't asked him about Yun Lan yet. Has Zun's plan backfired somehow?


There's a knock on the door. Zun is too lazy to get up. Wei chuckles and opens the door and is shocked speechless.


It's Yun Lan!


Yun Lan smiles mischievously, "I am your new neighbor, I moved into the opposite house." His obsession is getting worse? Should Wei start doubting his little bro's skills? Is his bro slacking?


Zun rushes over hearing Yun Lan's voice and smacks his head on the door on purpose - which works immediately, Zun knows Wei like the back of his hand, he doesn't have a bro complex for nothing - to distract Wei. "What the hell are you doing here?!"


Yun Lan smirks, "Just repaying the favor, Zun."


Wei drops the gift that Yun Lan gave him seconds ago and rushes inside with Zun. He takes out the first aid kit and starts treating Zun's forehead without wasting anytime. Not that there is much to treat anyway.


Wei then realizes his mistake, he had left the door open and walked away and of course, Yun Lan has walked in. Are they in danger? What can he do. He gets up and stands in front of Zun, he will shield him with his body if he has to.


He inspects Yun Lan and it doesn't seem like he has any deadly weapons.


Wei opens his mouth but is interrupted by both Yun Lan and Zun.


"It's not what you think."


An adorable crinkle appears on Wei's forehead. He looks between Zun and Yun Lan.


Yun Lan glares at Zun implying that Zun has to clear up the misunderstanding.


Zun sighs, "Fine, fine! Alright! He is not suffering from Delusion Disorder. I just made it up. He really works for the CSI. We work together and he kept pestering me about you after seeing the photo in my office. I gave him a few details about you and he kept nagging me about meeting you. I didn't want him to easily meet you, so I just made up the fact because I wanted you to stay away from him and him to stay away from you!"


Wei finally realizes what's going on. He is embarrassed so much. His ears turn pink and he blushes. He has treated a normal person so badly without even knowing about anything.


He blindly trusted his little bro, he always trusts his little bro no matter what. He doesn't regret it because he is used to Zun's childish and possessive behavior but this seems a little too much, even for his Zun.


He looks at Yun Lan who is trying not to laugh.


He looks away immediately and stutters out an apology. "I a-m s-orry for tre-eating you l-ike that, Mr. Zhao."


Yun Lan takes a step forward, "It's fine, it's Zun's fault, not Xiao Wei's. It's Yun Lan for you, not Mr. Zhao, my Xiao Wei."


Zun smacks Yun Lan at the back of his head, "Who are you calling Xiao Wei? How dare you call my Wei Ge like that,
so informally? You just met him!"


Yun Lan smirks, "But it feels like I have known him for quite a while."


Zun hisses, "You stalker. It wasn't enough that you had to stalk him, now you move in opposite to our house? Have some shame, won't you? You are a cop and are supposed to be catching stalkers/rapists, not becoming a criminal yourself! What do you think you are doing? Do I need to re-evaluate your behavior or something? You don't know when to give up, do you? I will rip you to pieces if you try something funny with my Wei Ge!"


Are these details that Wei is supposed to be hearing? Did Wei just really hear the word 'stalk' associated with him and not with Zun? Is this really happening? This doesn't feel like a dream though.


Yun Lan rolls his eyes. "That's up to your brother to decide, isn't it? I like him, I want to get to know him."


Zun and Yun Lan are forgetting that Wei is right there who by the moment just wants the ground to swallow him. What's he hearing? Yun Lan doesn't like Zun but likes Wei? He is not here for Wei's blessing to go out with Zun but wants to know Wei better?


He ignores the two and rushes towards his room, closing the door.


He hears Zun and Yun Lan finally stop bickering with each other as they notice his absence. They rush and knock on his door with urgency.


Wei doesn't want to open the door. He is very feeling very shy and other mixed emotions are there as well. He cannot deny the fact that he actually was attracted to Yun Lan the first time they met. Yun Lan is indeed very charming and handsome.


The fact that he outright flirts with Wei doesn't help either. Wei cannot accept the fact that he can still feel certain emotions, he is afraid, at the same time, he is excited as well.


He can still hear them going on outside the door.


Zun growls, "This is all your fault!"


"How is this my fault? If you hadn't told him that cock and bull story, this wouldn't have happened."


"You think my brother will just say 'yes' when you ask him out - you are practically strangers."


"Yes, that's why I want to know him better as a person, not through your stories, Zun!"


Wei sighs and ducks under his covers. This is going to be a long night.




Yun Lan - 1, Zun - 1




After that, the official battle between Zun and Yun Lan for Wei's affections starts.




Wei and Zun are about to go catch a movie. It's their weekly routine. Wei likes to watch documentaries/historic/sci-fi movies, Zun likes to watch comedies/horror/action movies. Usually they take turns to pick the movie alternatively but Wei ends up giving into Zun's puppy eyes a lot.


Zun is filled with hyperactive energy as usual. Where does this kid find this much energy with that small body of his? Probably from all the sweet stuff he eats, that much sugar is not healthy for his Zun.


Zun really loves Wei Ge's cooking - his cakes and cookies are the best. Wei tries not to cook too much sweets for Zun but always ends up giving into - no surprises there - Zun's puppy looks time and time again. Will Wei ever be immune to Zun's antics?


Wei is not so much fan of sweets himself. He learned to cook, just for Zun. It's unhealthy for Zun to eat junk outside. Wei can at least use healthy ingredients at home.


They pick up their stuff and are about to head out when they hear a knock on their door.


Zun has a bad premonition. It better not be Yun Lan, the sneaky bastard.


It turns out to be Yun Lan after all.


He doesn't look really well though.


Wei looks worried, he takes hold of Yun Lan's hand and walks him over to their couch. His precious brother, Wei, who doesn't like to touch people, initiated contact with cheeky, bratty Zhao? Zun looks like he wants to bite Yun Lan's head off but he is worried that Yun Lan looks sick. He is also a doctor even if he doesn't look like one.


Yun Lan looks at their clothing and realizes that they were about to head out.


"I am sorry. I am not feeling well, looks like a cold, my stomach isn't good either. I just wanted to know if you had some medicine. Sorry for bothering you when you are going out."


Wei nods, "It's fine."


He places his hand on Yun Lan's head and Yun Lan leans into Wei's cold and gentle touch.


Wei mutters, "You have a temperature." He ignores Zun's fuming behind him.


Wei looks at Zun apologetically, "I am sorry..."


Zun rolls his eyes. He knew this would happen. He closes the door.


"It's not your fault, Wei Ge, don't worry, we can go tomorrow."


Wei smiles and rushes inside looking for medicine.


Zun turns to Yun Lan, "You did this on purpose, didn't you?"


Yun Lan puts on an innocent face. "It's not like I know your routine, how can I know that? It's not like we live opposite to each other."


Zun growls and stomps his foot in frustration. Lately Wei and the cheeky bastard have been getting along really well. They have started as friends because Wei is too shy to jump into a relationship.


Yun Lan has been good to Wei, Zun can't complain there. Wei also has been looking happier. For the first time, his elder brother looks like he wants something. Zun is just frustrated that it has to be Yun Lan, the psycho of all people.


Zun goes into the kitchen to help Wei cook porridge for Yun Lan. He chooses to ignore Yun Lan's sticking out tongue, this really was on purpose. He will kill him after he gets better. Will his doctor code allow this? He will find ways to get shit done.




Yun Lan - 2, Zun - 1




"Why are you here?" Yun Lan asks Zun.


Zun smiles innocently. "I had free time, so I thought I would drop by and give this profile to you in person."


Yun Lan's eye brows rise. "Why do you have to do that in Shen's office? You hate coming out of your office to meet me for profiles. You always complain when I ask you to come, you want me to come to your office or meet at my office, right? You are picky usually."


Zun ignores his words, "Why are you here? That should be my question. This case has nothing to do with bio-engineering. You don't need his expertise here, do you? You need mine, right?"


Wei looks back and forth between Zun and Yun Lan. He sighs, he opens his mouth, thinks twice, closes it again and shakes his head affectionately, fondly, with exasperation as well. He has tried talking to both of them, Zun always gets away with his adorable antics and Yun Lan always changes the subject. Wei is losing sleep because he is worried about Zun and Yun Lan. He can't help but blame himself.


He clears his throat lightly. "I have a class, I will get going."


Both of them nod and continue to bicker. Both of them are adorable but Wei realizes that this is getting a bit repetitive and annoying and not to mention unnecessary when everyone knows that he loves them both equally. Why the hell can't these two realize this?




Zun stops by Professor Shen's office even more to interrupt Wei and Yun Lan's time.


How does he know the exact time Yun Lan is always with Wei? Nobody knows the answer to that.




Zun - 2, Yun Lan -2




After 6 months, Wei and Yun Lan finally start dating much to Zun's annoyance and no one's surprise. How can this bastard eat into precious time that Zun wants to spend with his Wei Ge?




Yun Lan - 3, Zun - 2




Zun glares at Wei. Wei looks a bit embarrassed. Wei's car has broken down, Zun has been happily giving him lifts to the university for the past week. He made sure that Yun Lan never had the chance.


So why is Yun Lan sitting at the back next to his brother in Zun's car right now? Why is his Wei Ge sitting at the back with the sucker instead of at the front with Zun?


Wei smiles a little, "Thanks, sorry about this."


Yun Lan shakes his head, "Why are you apologizing? It's not your fault."


"But he has to drop both me and you and then get to his work."


Zun nods, "It's not Wei Ge's fault, it's your fault for getting hurt during the case, who asked you to get a fracture, you useless idiot? How do they even pay you when you do shitty work?"


Yun Lan's right arm is in a cast and even though Zun successfully fought for driving 'Wei to work' rights, he hasn't been able to stop his brother from taking care of Yun Lan's every day needs.


Wei even stayed over at Yun Lan's house. Wei cleaned Yun Lan's garbage pigsty of a house, arranged his clothes, cooked for him, took care of his cute yet fat black cat - Da Qian.


Of course, Zun went over and laid on Yun Lan's couch. He is not ready to let his precious, innocent, oblivious, cute, lovely Wei Ge spend the night alone with the sick, foxy bastard! Yun Lan would definitely take advantage of Wei and pounce on him.


Zun clears his throat, "Why aren't your colleagues picking you up today?"


Yun Lan shrugs. "They have work, they are not free like you."


Zun's vein pops. "Who is free, stupid guy?"


Zun goes on, "You are abusing your authority, aren't you? If they come to pick you up, you will cut their bonus. They know not to mess with you when you want to spend time with Wei Ge, using such underhanded means!"


Yun Lan rolls his eyes. He retorts, "They know how much Wei likes me, how much I like him, so they want us to give private time and don't want to interfere in our affairs unlike some abandoned puppy who clings to his owner. I should let Da Qian lose on your ass, Zun."


Wei chokes a little at Yun Lan's choice of words and shakes his head at Yun Lan.


Yun Lan immediately shuts up.


Zun cackles like a madman, "Whipped, aren't you?"


Wei turns pink and lets out a strangled moan, "Zun, please don't."


Zun shuts up immediately as well.


Yun Lan whispers, "It's not like you are any different!"


Wei shakes his head, he really doesn't trust himself to drive Yun Lan's jeep. Should he have done that instead? But he can't let his Zun go on his own either. He is so embarrassed and still doesn't know what to do.




Yun Lan - 4, Zun - 2




Every one is silent. They are currently at Yun Lan's office, everyone is there - Lin Jing, Guo ChengCheng, Chu, Zhu Hong, Sanzang, Wang Zheng, Yun Lan, Ye Zun, Shen Wei. Hell, even Da Qian - the cat is there. The cat is their team's mascot after all.


They are all looking at Da Qian and Shen Wei. Da Qian is on Wei's lap and Wei is stroking and feeding Qian absent mindedly. Da Qian usually never gets close to anyone, the only one he is close with is Yun Lan. Hell, even with Yun Lan, Qian loses patience at times.


But he is so obedient with Wei, he actually likes being fed and pampered. Usually Qian stays aloof from everyone in the team, he has even clawed at Yun Lan and Zun once but he is so cute with Wei.


And Wei's expression is not closed off anymore. He looks so peaceful and happy, usually Wei guards his expressions like a hawk, he is not someone who easily opens up to people. Right now, his expression is very open, the look of adoration in his eyes makes everyone wants to blush. He looks like a breathtaking piece of art.


Ye Zun attracts people outwardly, very easily. Shen Wei is his twin, he has the same aura, he just doesn't realize that he can hypnotize people as well. Yun Lan cannot tear his eyes away from Wei. No one can. Everyone notices this except Wei, of course, naturally. Yun Lan is afraid, what will happen when Wei realizes this? Wei is not the one to accept that he can mesmerize people, he doesn't like that but Zun might try something dangerous with Wei. Yun Lan shakes his head in frustration. The twins are driving him crazy, different kind of crazy.


When Wei first came to the team as a consultant, everyone was surprised, not because he was Zun's twin but because he was the exact opposite of Zun.


Somehow, all of them have developed a weird relationship. Zhu Hong isn't very comfortable with Wei because of the crush she used to have on Yun Lan, she can't help but be jealous. First she thought Yun Lan was in love with Zun and now she has to be jealous of Zun's twin as well? Doesn't help much with matters.


Chu strangely respects Wei, especially his hard work and knowledge. Sanzang and Wang Zheng learn a lot from Wei regarding books but they don't interact a lot.


Lin Jing gets a lot of help for his inventions from Wei. Both have big brains and love science. Guo is probably the only one who is the most close to Wei out of all of them. Probably because Wei is so good at taking care of everyone, does Guo remind him of his little brother? They even have normal conversations.


Wei suddenly looks up and coughs awkwardly at the attention.


Everyone gets back to their work. Wei picks up Da Qian and goes for a walk.


Hong snickers at Zun and Yun Lan who are gearing up for an argument. They have been trying not to bicker in
front of Wei, failing at times, a lot of times in fact.


"Ye Zun and Zhao, you are jealous of Da Qian, seriously?"


Zun and Yun Lan glare at her and hiss at each other.


"Get your cat in line!"


"You know very well that he doesn't listen to me at all!"


"What do you think we should do? My brother is getting too attached. Qian is taking full advantage of him."


"Will he not have time for us anymore?"


Hong and Chu roll their eyes. How are these two even in their early thirties? Wang and Sanzang look confused. Lin Jing shakes his head and thinks of Da Qian's expression of 'Screw you' towards Zhao and Zun and laughs to himself. Guo just smiles and starts writing about Wei, Zun and Yun Lan in his notebook.




Yun Lan, Zun and Wei have stepped outside for lunch.


Lin Jing, Wang, Sanzang and Hong have decided not to go with them. They wonder how Wei deals with the two kids. It is going to be a tough lunch with both trying to get Wei's attention. How has Wei not collapsed yet? Hong is worried though she will never let it show.


Guo and Chu have gone for their lunch date as well, of course not with the trio. Not that foreboding atmosphere, even Chu can't handle that. How can Guo? And Chu will not let Guo be uncomfortable, even if he doesn't say anything, he always shows through his actions, his love for Guo.


Wang and Sanzan listen to Hong and Lin Jing's gossip.


"It's surprising, isn't it? That Zhao went for Professor Shen instead of Ye Zun?"


Jing nods, "I am surprised as well. I thought Zhao and Ye were in love with each other, with the way they constantly bicker and look out for each other during cases."


"I thought they even went on dates! Was the chief trying to make Ye Zun jealous?"


"I don't know, honestly."


No one notices Wei's sad and lonely figure outside. He had forgotten something and had come to retrieve it. He also had wanted to get a little bit of break from Zun and Yun Lan.


He doesn't feel very well hearing these things. He hates himself for thinking like this about his Yun Lan and his Zun. He sighs, he is not in the mood to meet up with them now. He has to sort things with himself first.


He leaves them a message saying - lying for the first time - that something came up at the university and that he has to cancel.


He knows that Yun Lan and Zun will bicker with each other and finish lunch together. As long as they are not alone, Wei is OK, even if it means that he has to be alone.


Wei doesn't hear the rest of the conversation.


Sanzang stutters, "W-e all kn-ow now. W-e do, d-on't we?"


Lin Jing, Hong and Zheng look at Sanzang and smile. Opposites attract. Wei and Yun Lan balance each other. If Yun Lan and Zun were to date, there would be a lot of casualities. They would end up killing each other.


Zun and Yun Lan got along well like brothers, like friends, like rivals. It's others who always misunderstood their relationship. It was easy to misunderstand it as 'love-hate' with the way they behave around each other. They really don't have those kind of feelings for each other, never did and never will.


Hong laughs, "I guess I just don't want to accept that our chief who hated the concept of love really has fallen in love with the wonderful Professor."


Jing smirks, "They complement each other in every way. I am sure that the chief will not let him go. He would be the stupidest person on Earth if he were to let go of Professor Shen."




Wei feels a little sad. He loves Zun, he loves Yun Lan. If they love each other, he can't come in between them. Did they love each other? Did they not get a chance to confess? Are they misunderstanding each other? Why did Yun Lan want to go out with him then? Why is he currently dating Wei?


Wei feels his mind wander. He is worried. And he avoids them, he is not ready to face them yet. He knows that he should just talk to them and clear things but he is afraid of the response he will get from them.


If they think he is being silly, he shudders at the thought, he doesn't want Yun Lan and Zun to think that at all.




Everyone at the office has a head ache, they can't concentrate on their work because Zhao and Ye Zun are bickering with each other. This time, it seems as if the heat is much more than usual, the remarks are scathing as well. Everyone is worried.


"This is your fault, isn't it? I told you not to hurt my Wei Ge! Because of you, he is not talking to me either!"


"How come it is always my fault? Maybe it's your fault, this time. Do you think you are incapable of hurting him? Stop acting so righteous. Can't you accept it once?"


Zun looks like he wants to slap Yun Lan.


Yun Lan goes on, "If Xiao Wei is with Guo, you don't mind, do you? Even with Da Qian and Chu, you don't mind if Wei spends time together with them, why am I an exception?!"


Zun finally snaps and screams, "Because they won't steal my Wei away from me!"


Everyone is silent.


Somehow this only further angers Yun Lan, he doesn't stop.


"You trust Guo more than me?"


Everyone gets what Zhao is implying.


Zun hisses, "Guo may not be reliable when it comes to work but as a human being, it's different, he is a wonderful human being unlike you!"


Guo shakes his head and holds back Chu. Chu sits down, he had been about to hit both of them for bad mouthing Guo. Guo just smiles reassuringly at Chu and thanks him silently.


Yun Lan shouts, "You are not such a holy soul either, Ye Zun!"


They both pant and glare at each other.


Zhu Hong has had it. This crap has to stop, has gone for unnecessarily a long time. They can't take it anymore. Why are they wasting time shouting at each other when they should be clearing up the misunderstanding with Shen Wei instead? Useless brats.


She slams the book on her desk and walks towards Zun and Yun Lan who look surprised at her reaction.


She speaks in a calm but deadly tone, it's enough to send chills up everyone's spines.


"While you are uselessly arguing with each other, have you failed to notice that the object of your affection has been missing from action for almost a week? He is avoiding you two, clearly, both of you are at fault. Why are you not going after him? Why are you blaming each other? Should I knock some sense into you two physically?"


She then raises her voice, "Clear this nonsense between you two this second and go after Shen! Else, don't come back. He deserves better than this! Do you understand?"


She stalks away and everyone glares at Yun Lan and Zun.


It's like a slap on their faces.


They both sit down.


Yun Lan finally breaks the silence, "What are you afraid of exactly, Zun?"


Zun lowers his head, there are tears in his eyes. There are tears in Yun Lan's eyes as well.


"Do you know how much my Wei Ge has done for me? Do you know how much he means to me?"


Nobody says anything. They all realize that Zun wants them to hear about his Wei.


"Our parents adored both of us. They treated us equally. I never felt any sadness. They knew that even though Wei was the elder one, he needed more care, he was the sensitive one. I didn't mind at all. Because, all of us adored him, he never realized that. He always put himself down, put others before himself, especially me."


"We were a happy family. But it shattered when our parents died in an accident. We were very young, none of the relatives wanted to take us both in. We even lived in an orphanage for sometime."


A pause.


"Wei took all the abuse, he always saved me in the orphanage and I didn't even know. After that, we were separated, we went to different relatives' house. We were given a choice and Wei got to go with a rich relative."


"I hated him at that moment. I thought he was selfish, that he was a wolf, acting as a sheep all this time. He went to the house where he could live luxuriously and I couldn't have anything, I couldn't do anything."


"He kept on writing letters but I didn't respond, why was he still acting as if he cared after his intentions have been revealed?"


"Then I got to know, the house he went to was a literal hell hole. He had known and had chosen that so that I won't have to suffer. He was abused by our relatives, he was abused at the rich prestigious school. He had been trying to save money somehow so that he could live again with me."


"And what was I doing? Hating him, all that time. I misunderstood him. I wasted time. The relatives who took me in weren't rich but were nice people, I made friends, I studied well, I was happy at school, I worked part time, I learned a lot while he was suffering. I blamed him. I was moving backwards."


"He was not selfish, I was the selfish one. I misunderstood that he had abandoned me when in reality, I was the one who turned my back on him. I wasted a year, almost a year hating him and did nothing to bring us together, nothing to save him until it was too late."


"He loved me so much, our parents were right, I should have protected him. It's hard for people to understand him. But how could I, his other half, his soul mate, his twin, how could I have misunderstood him as well?"


"Then I somehow got him away from the hell hole, he was broken. He used to be much livelier before, he trusted people before, he loved unconditionally, he was silent yes but he was more open. He loved having fun, he didn't have a problem touching people. It was a shell I got back. Everything changed after that."


Everyone had tears in their eyes by now.


"We had problems, he couldn't talk at all for a few months. The people I lived with decided to help him as well though it burdened them. It took a long time before he could become happy again. It was a long process. I still don't know the entire details of what he had been through but I swore I would have my revenge then. I brought down those assholes. Wei doesn't know. It's better if he doesn't know that I am this kind of person. He wouldn't have wanted this at all."


"I swore then that I would never let him go, that I would always protect him. I made him feel afraid of me, I won't make the same mistake again. I don't care if he is annoyed with me, I will cling to him and never let go till I die."


"I don't want to share him with anyone. He forgave me so easily. He accepted me so easily. Even if I killed someone, he would still love me. He trusts me blindly. I am his whole world."


"He hasn't had good experience with love either. He was so afraid to tell me that he was probably bi, maybe even gay. They didn't understand him, they didn't treat him right. He gave up after sometime. You, Yun Lan, you are a player. I didn't want you to hurt my Wei Ge because I knew that you meant more to him than others."


"And the most painful part is, if I told my Wei Ge that I love Yun Lan, he would probably let me have Yun Lan."


Zun's voice turns into a whisper at the end and breaks.


Yun Lan hugs him tightly.


Hong is about to say something when a figure rushes in and envelops Yun Lan and Zun in a hug. It's Wei, of course, who else?


He gently wipes their tears away and whispers, "I am sorry for having thought that you two love each other. I misunderstood."


He kneels before them.


He looks at Zun, "I will never leave you. I love you, you are my little adorable brother. Why did you have to do that for me? I don't require much from you, I just want you to be by my side, that's all. But I don't think I will let you have Yun Lan." Zun smiles proudly. Wei has changed for good, he grudgingly admits that it is because of Yun Lan, not just Zun.


He looks at Yun Lan, "I love you. I won't let you have Zun either." Yun Lan looks like he wants to say, 'I don't want Zun, you can keep him.' The three of them chuckle.


Wei continues, "Stop bickering with each other. Don't fight over me, I love you both equally. Both of you are precious to me. I cannot compare my left and right eye with each other, can I?" Wei is glad that Zun and Yun Lan haven't made a crappy joke about his eye power.


Zun and Yun Lan just nod at Wei, words aren't needed.


That's when Wei realizes what he has done, he blushes like a bright red tomato and decides that he has to run away from the situation. Yun Lan catches his right hand while Zun catches his left hand.


They both tickle him mercilessly and make Wei show them his embarrassed face. They hug him gently yet tightly. They will never let Wei go. If anyone decides to hurt Wei, they will have to go through Zun and Yun Lan.


Everyone leaves silently. These three need this right now.


And if Wei, Zun and Yun Lan sleep together on the same bed that night, nobody says anything. Wei is sandwiched between Yun Lan and Zun peacefully, this is his place. Wei chuckles as they fight and put their legs over him, he doesn't complain that he can't sleep.


He belongs here, with them. He doesn't have to misunderstand or doubt himself or anyone else. They are his whole world, his universe, his past, his present and future, his meaning, his life,his family.




Yun Lan teases Wei, "You love me so much, huh?"


Wei just stays quiet. He cannot trust himself to speak now. They are lying on Yun Lan's bed. Da Qian and Zun are at the twins' apartment and thankfully not interrupting their time like they used to. Zun realizes that Wei is finally ready and needs this with Yun Lan.


Yun Lan is on top of Wei. He kisses Wei gently, it slowly turns passionate. Wei clings onto Yun Lan's back tightly, afraid to let go. He is embarrassed but he knows that he loves Yun Lan and will never love anyone else again.


Yun Lan whispers, "I won't let you go, is it OK? I can't stop, not now, after how far we have come."


Wei just nods, "I am yours, anyway." Yun Lan responds, "And I am yours."




Zun can't stand it any longer. He had a fitful sleep the night before.


He goes over early morning and knocks on their door. Wei opens it, he looks very tired, his hair is ruffled, he looks pale, as if he hasn't slept. He is limping.


Zun knew that this would happen but at the moment, he can't control himself. His heart isn't ready.


He pushes the door and walks to Yun Lan who is lying on the bed with only his pants on. He punches him.


"What did you do to my lovely brother! How dare you hurt him?! I will kill you."


Wei sighs, it's too early in the morning for this crap. He isn't fully wake either.


He walks to his apartment, goes to his room and lies under his covers. He can hear Yun Lan and Zun from here. The neighbors are going to complain again. They can deal with it.


He rolls his eyes. How much stamina does Yun Lan have? How's he so energetic when Wei feels like he might collapse?


The night yesterday had been heavenly but a bit stressful because Yun Lan really hadn't let him go for hours.


He smiles to himself, blushes and falls asleep with happy thoughts. This is his family, he will live with Zun and Yun Lan always. He is finally happy and is where he belongs and is needed. This is HIS family and he will never let go. He will protect this till his last breath and hang on, till their last breath, his family.