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Volume Two

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"Munchy Hungry"

Keith had been trying to go to sleep for awhile, but it wasn't working. He had been apparently convincing, because his pack was asleep around him. He took a moment to look at each of his pack members as they slept. He usually didn't get to see everyone asleep.

He saw Ulaz cuddled up against Thace, who had his arms wrapped securely around his mate. Keith knew their time at high command was stressful, and they couldn't see each other without compromising their missions. It put a strain on their relationship and caused them to seek each other out throughout the quintant as if to make sure they were still nearby.

Antok was curled around Kolivan and had his tail wrapped around his mate. Antok tended to use his tail to stake his claim on Kolivan by either wrapping it around his waist or stroking his mate's cheeks. Keith knew that Kolivan being the leader didn't allow for public displays of affection, so they tended to wait until they retired for the night.

Regris was cuddled up against Keith, his tail curled around Keith's leg. Both of them being kits curling up with each other allowed the two sets of mates to sleep cuddled with each other. They weren't isolated though. Kolivan was behind Regris, and Ulaz's back was pressed against Keith's.

Keith knew he couldn't sleep but didn't know why. Maybe a walk would help him figure it out. He carefully unwrapped Regris's tail from his leg. Fortunately, the other kit's tail wasn't wrapped tightly in his sleep. He cautiously extricated himself from the nest and slipped from the room. He didn't have any destination in mind as he walked. His mind kept coming up with ideas of what was keeping him up. He wasn't keyed up, so he didn't need to go to the training hall. He had been getting affection from his pack, so that wasn't it. He wasn't injured either. He ate enough at dinner, so he wasn't hungry...but wait. He recognized the feeling. He had had the same feeling at the Garrison a few times. He wanted something to munch on. Shiro called the feeling being munchy hungry. Since he had identified what was keeping him awake, Keith headed for the kitchen, unaware of the eyes following his trek.


Kolivan had been worried about Keith when he woke up to the kit leaving the nest. He carefully unwrapped his mate's tail, causing Antok to whine. Kolivan licked his cheeks, soothing the tall Galra and allowing Kolivan to discretely follow their kit. He watched from the shadows as his kit walked the dimly lit halls of the base. He was concerned about why his kit left the nest. He had been sleeping peacefully cuddled between Regris and Ulaz, hadn't he? When Kolivan looked back on it, he realized that Keith hadn't been purring, which he always did when he slept. Why hadn't he realized that his youngest kit wasn't actually sleeping? He almost approached his kit, when Keith turned and walked off. His gait was full of purpose now as opposed to the earlier randomly roaming. He continued to stealthily follow his kit.


Keith entered the kitchen and searched the cabinets for something that would satisfy his strange craving. He didn't know what he wanted, but he did know what he didn't want. He didn't want anything cold or frozen. He looked through the lower cabinets, but nothing looked appetizing. He glanced at the upper cabinets. He didn't know what was in there, because he couldn't reach them. Maybe there would be something he'd want. He carefully climbed up onto the counter and stood up, balancing on the edge. He methodically went through the cabinets, looking for his treat. One cabinet had nothing but dishes. Another had things Keith couldn't identify, but he knew they weren't edible. He inched his way across the counter to open another cabinet. His right foot slipped, and he was falling. He tried to grab onto something to halt the fall; however, his fall was halted by someone grabbing onto him. He looked up and saw Kolivan had ahold of him.


Kolivan watched as his kit rummaged through the kitchen cabinets. Was he hungry? His eyes widened as he watched Keith climb onto the counter. He came closer staying out of his kit's sight but staying close enough to make sure he was safe. Keith's position was precarious, which made Kolivan nervous. Sure enough, one of Keith's feet slipped, and he was falling. Kolivan easily caught his kit. He watched as Keith looked up at his face. He realized he was safe and gave a soft purr, to which Kolivan responded with a rumble. He set Keith on his feet but kept him close in case his kit needed comfort after his near fall.

"Are you hungry, kit?"

"Sort of. It's a strange thing. Sometimes humans crave something to munch on, even if they aren't hungry."

"What do you want?"

"That's the thing. I'm not sure. I would know when I see it. I looked through the bottom cabinets, and nothing looked right. The top cabinets might have something, but they are difficult for me to reach." Keith rubbed his head against Kolivan's chest. "Thank you for catching me."

Kolivan petted Keith's hair. "It is no problem, kit. When you left the nest, I was concerned. I was watching you the entire time. If you want to look through the top cabinets, I have an idea that is safer."

Before Keith could ask what the idea was, he felt himself get picked up and set on Kolivan's shoulders. He was sitting on Kolivan's shoulders with his leader's hands on his legs to keep him steady. His eyebrows shot into his hairline, but sitting there did put him at a good height to search the upper cabinets. He could feel his face heat up as he reached for and opened the next cabinet. His eyes lit up as he saw what could only be described as a Galran granola bar with some kind of fruit in it. He tried to grab it, but it was still out of reach. He couldn't help but whine softly as he stretched out his left arm, trying to reach it.


Kolivan noticed his kit was having issues reaching whatever caught his eye and heard the soft whine. Keith must have found something he wanted but couldn't reach it. Kolivan removed his hands on Keith's legs and put them around his waist, lifting him up.


Keith almost freaked out when he felt Kolivan lift him up, but he didn't. He did, however, reach for and grab not one, but several of the granola bars. Keith let out a purr when he had finally grabbed ahold of his prize. He felt Kolivan place him down on the floor and smiled.


Kolivan knew Keith had grabbed something and gave a soft smile as he heard his kit purr. He carefully put him down on the floor. He saw him smile and looked at what his kit had grabbed. To his amusement, it was a common little kit snack, full of nutrients and fruit young kits liked. He ruffled Keith's hair and wrapped an arm around his shoulders, leading him back to the nest. "Let's go back to the nest. Eat one of those while we walk."

Keith opened one and took a bite. His eyes widened and let out a surprised chirp at the taste. It was delicious and definitely hit the spot. He finished the bar before he and Kolivan reached the nest. Keith placed the bars on the table before he crawled back into the nest. He managed to get back in his spot between Regris and Ulaz, curling around Regris and purring as he drifted off to sleep.

Kolivan slipped back between Antok and Regris, smiling as he felt Antok's tail wrap around his waist again. Antok nuzzled Kolivan and whispered, "Everything okay?"

"Yes. Keith just wanted a snack." Kolivan purred to his mate. He smile again, remembering what Keith had chosen as his snack. He drifted off to sleep with thoughts of what Regris's reaction would be when he spotted the small pile of kit snacks Keith had brought back to the nest.