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“If we live in the same sky, we will meet one day.”


Zhangjing tries to think positively. It’s not really very far. He can’t remember how many times he had told his self this phrase, because every time he repeats those words it feels like a pinch of truth is added just a little more. He tries not to think too much about their situation, because even though he misses him so much, the chance of meeting each other now is very slim.

Taiwan is just a flight away, after all. If he thinks about the numbers (2,015 miles away from Johor) then it would feel like there’s a lot of distance separating the two of them, so Zhangjing tries his best not to. After all, the internet will always be there to keep the both of them connected. Communication was not a problem, because both of them had a common language which they both knew—Mandarin. Zhangjing is a Mandarin student at his college, while the other knows a fairly good amount of the language, as he lives in Taiwan (although they speak Cantonese, but man, is this guy too intelligent). It’s lucky that they belong to the same time zone too, so the time is not a problem.

Speaking of time, Zhangjing glances at the clock. 5:42 pm, it says in a blaring red, LED light. It’s almost time for him to go online and call him on Skype. They both are university students, Zhangjing a year above, but their dismissal times differ by an hour. Zhangjing goes home a little earlier before he arrives at his own home in Taiwan.

Truthfully, long distance relationships are really out of Zhangjing’s preferences. When he first stepped into the age when he knew he would be finally ready to date, he wanted the person he will love to be someone close to him. Ever since he was young he had dreamt of warm arms wrapping around his waist, soft morning kisses, and—sure, call him a sap—whispers of sweet nothings. But with their situation right now, it seems impossible.

He opens his laptop right after making sure that his room looks tidy. He waits for Skype to load and impatiently tapped his fingers on the surface of his laptop. 5:50 pm, almost time. As if on cue with his thoughts, a caller ID shows up in the screen. He quickly clicks the answer button.

“Hey.” A handsome face greets him as soon as the video call shows up. Deep dimples showing as the person on the other side of the camera smiles at him, accompanied with his deep, velvety voice. He felt his heart do multiple somersaults inside his chest. Just how lucky is he?

Yanjun.” He replies, a small smile slowly playing on his lips. Finally. His most favorite time of the day has come.

“Hello, babe.”