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Amongst the Stars

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Niara watched attentively, legs crossed neatly with a bunch of gun parts and augmentations scattered around her as Drack showed her how to better improve her weapons - an ongoing process. They both sat on the floor of her quarters, as they did so occasionally now when traveling between the Nexus and the other outposts on routine trips. It had become a sort of bonding between the two.

Drack was like the grandpa she never had. His wisdom was much appreciated and when not on the Nexus with Kesh, Niara got the idea that he may have saw her as something of a granddaughter - her and Peebee both. He would always lightheartedly tease her about her handling of the weapons when they cleaned them and took them apart. But she knew he meant well.

Niara Ryder though had gotten them all this far. Ryder and her team. The Human Pathfinder. She was the reason so much hope had come back to the Initiative. Many times, when she lay in bed alone at night, she believed that it could have been her father who would have held such glory... yet, here she was - brother just fresh out of coma yet still recovering, her team having just found and rescued the Salarian Ark from the kett and the Archon as well as the map to Meridian. With Eos and Voeld viability at 100% with Kadara soon following, things were looking up for her. Personally anyways in her own logs especially.

She had been very hard on herself this last... year and a half. Arriving to Andromeda and losing her father... having his role of Pathfinder thrust upon her shoulders while still fresh out of stasis. Cora grew to welcome Niara though with welcome arms for the job that should have been hers.

So much had happened, and now, Addison had Niara's team on a set schedule for the next few months to help continue stabilizing the outposts before they were to move in on Meridian. There was still the issue of dealing with Kadara Port with Sloane and her Outcasts as well as helping Reyes Vidal sort through the mess of it all. The cunning and flirtatious bastard. Though with the Salarian Ark found, Niara was set on finding out more about the others before they even set foot on Meridian.

But for now...

"Ryder... Niara... Ryder?" Someone was shaking her shoulder, a tightening grip with each shake until Niara blinked, her pink iris' looking up to see Vetra kneeling down beside her while looking from Drack and the gun parts all over back to Niara.

"Hm? Sorry, got lost in a thought."

"Yeah you do that a lot when I start talking lately." Drack's deep chuckle made her smirk, that smirk turning into a full smile as she looked up to Vetra.

"Didn't mean to interrupt your class with Professor Drack," Again, Drack chuckled as he continued to piece together parts like blocks. "I just wanted to check in on you. You hadn't said a whole lot after you came back from the Nexus and briefed us on our... local mission."

'The schedule between Eos and Voeld and the Nexus', Niara thought to herself. "Yeah, after getting the Ark back, dealing with Tann and then... Addison's orders... just wanted some time to myself. But couldn't pass up my weekly meetings with Drack here."

Drack said nothing, surprisingly, so Vetra stood and folded her arms. "I just hate that... will she track us? We don't have to only go to those outposts and that's it right?"

With a sigh, Niara placed the pistol that was on her lap onto the floor and stood up, stretching. "As your Pathfinder and with many other favors I owe and people owe me right now... we will fit things into the time we spend between them... I should go back to Kadara soon though and see Reyes... I haven't heard from him since-"

"Since you kissed him while looking towards the sunset at Sloane's shin-dig?" Vetra laughed and Drack's chuckle followed. Niara rolled her eyes and held her gloved hands up in defense.

"It was... just a little fun. No harm no foul."

"Mhm." Vetra shifted her weight on her legs before looking behind her. "Well, let me know when you plan on heading back to Kadara or even Aya. I have a few contacts I need to meet with in person."

"Will do." As she left, Niara was going to follow. "Drack, thank you again, same time next week? You want to clean this up?" She knelt to begin helping but he waved her away.

"Yeah, I got this kid. Go take care of Pathfinder business."

Niara nodded and made her way out of her quarters while Drack began collecting everything.