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shouldn't i have this, shouldn't i have this

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i. Lockscreen: Yoongi, kneeling down in a verdant patch of grass, one hand on a tiny puppy that's crawled halfway up his thigh, and the other hand holding a gathered leash. Yoongi's grin is wide and bright, showing off his gums and teeth. The cap he's wearing shadows his eyes a little and covers up most of his hair, but a few blond locks escape out the side, enough to date the picture to about a year ago. (The puppy's twice as big now, but he still fits comfortably in both their laps.)

ii. Home screen: Hoseok and Jimin, arms around each other's shoulders, holding iced coffees in their free hands. They're both squinting behind sunglasses and grinning at the camera. If you didn't already know the background was the walls of the dance studio where they work, it could be any anonymous city building. Jimin has one leg raised straight in front of him at an almost ninety-degree angle for no immediately apparent reason. (Hoseok didn't choose this as his home screen himself; he left his phone unattended for five minutes during lunch earlier this week and Jimin took matters into his own hands. Hoseok hasn't changed it back, though. It makes him smile every time he sees it.)


i. Enough cash on hand at any given time to quell the paranoid voice in the back of his head.

ii. Receipts from everything he's bought this week that hasn't already been transferred to the desk in his office.

iii. Ticket stubs from various concerts and shows going years back.

iv. A cool leaf Taehyung gave him once. (The cool descriptor courtesy of Taehyung, naturally; Yoongi wasn't sure what made a leaf cool, but he accepted it without questioning.)

v. Pay stub from the first paycheck after he and Namjoon finally got hired on by their company. (A real job, a steady job, making music together.)

vi. A newspaper clipping from a review of one of Seokjin's plays, the first time he got singled out as the best part of the show.

vii. A napkin with a lipstick kiss blotted onto it, a gift from a drunken Hoseok at a college party a week before they started dating. (Yoongi can't remember why Hoseok was wearing lipstick--truth or dare, maybe? Or makeup left over from one of his performances? Or just some other reason that made sense at the time but wouldn't now? What Yoongi does remember is the pink imprint on the beer bottle Hoseok took two sips of before passing it over to Yoongi, claiming he couldn't finish it. Yoongi had downed it in one gulp, aware of Hoseok watching him.)

viii. A strip of four pictures from a photobooth.
   First: Hoseok is making an over-the-top expression, as cute and goofy as he can: puffed out cheeks, hands framing his face, lips stuck out in an exaggerated pout; Yoongi's face is blank and serious, as if he's too cool to participate.
   Second: Yoongi's joined in with a ridiculous face of his own to match Hoseok's.
   Third: Yoongi's facing forward and smiling while Hoseok kisses his cheek.
   Fourth: They're both turned towards each other, kissing properly, though you can still see the curve of their smiles.


i. The same lamp that he's had since he was ten. (It does not match a single other piece of furniture they own.)

ii. His phone charger.

iii. A book Namjoon recommended to him six months ago. (The bookmark inside has been on page 84 for five and a half of those months.)

iv. A bottle of water. (Half of the time Yoongi ends up drinking this in the middle of the night; no matter how many times Hoseok tells him he should start bringing his own to bed with him, he never does.)

v. A box of tissues.

vi. A miniature flashlight in case the power ever goes out halfway through the night.

vii. In the first drawer: lube, condoms, two vibrators and a buttplug.


i. In the upper corner: I love you!!! written in small cutesy handwriting and surrounded by hearts.

ii. In the middle of the board: a list, taking up most of the room and written in two different hands, one of which is considerably less legible than the other:
   toilet paper
   dog treats
   batteries -- what kind -- AAA
   dish soap
   those fruity things I like -- ? -- you know

iii. In the bottom right: a doodle of an anatomically incorrect but impressively detailed ejaculating penis.


i. A velvet box with a ring inside. (Yoongi's still trying to decide what to do with it. Right now he's leaning toward just leaving on Hoseok's pillow for him to find when he gets home one day. No one else seems to approve of this plan--even Jungkook looked at him and just said, "oh, hyung, no" in a worried voice--but it's not anyone else's decision, either. It's not like the how matters as much as the what, and the what is him and Hoseok. So it's probably going to be okay.)