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The new radar technician had gone unnoticed by you for the span of an entire week. You had been aware of his existence, that you had a new coworker, but had not sought out to meet him. You had, after all, been going through your own troubles in life. Specifically, a rather nasty breakup that had left you with the task of changing all your passwords for what few personal accounts and devices you owned. The blonde haired man had squinted his eyes at you through his glasses when you had entered the lounge. Your best friend walked away from him in favor of speaking with you.


You wondered if they had been flirting. Had you cockblocked him? Was that what the strange look was about? Didn’t matter, you decided.


“You take care of it all?” your friend asked.


You nodded, crossed your arm over your chest, and grumbled, “Yeah. I just… How did I even fall for him?”


She opened her mouth to respond, however a male voice supplied, “Gravity, probably.”


You looked over your friend’s shoulder at the new radar technician. “Artificial gravity at that. I met him on a Star Destroyer.” You sighed wistfully. “All the signs were there.”