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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir: Drabbles

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Adrien Drabble / LadyNoir
Warning: Slight OOC! Swearing!


Adrien's POV (Point Of View)


I opened my eyes, and reached over to where my phone was charging, so I could shut my alarm off. I swung my legs over my bed and stretched. My phone buzzed. With a very unattractive yawn, I reached over to see the message.

Nino: Yo bro, I'm not gonna be at school this morning.

My eyebrows raised in confusion.

Adrien: Why not? Are you okay?

Nino: Yeah, I just forgot I had a doctors appointment today. I should be back around lunch though.

Adrien: But that means you'll miss Biology. You know how much I hate that class.

Nino: Sorry bro, you'll just have to suffer without me. Gtg, leaving now. See ya later.

I set my phone down and trudge to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I had patrol yesterday so I got home around 11 pm last night. I was so tired, I didn't even have the energy to change into my freshly cleaned ladybug pajama shirt.

I hear a knock on the bedroom door and walk over, still brushing my teeth. It was Nathalie, but...she had a doctor mask around her neck. "What's with the mask, Nathalie?" I asked.

"Your father has caught a cold. I would prefer not to get it, so I brought a mask. Your father told me to give you your schedule and refuses to let you see him. He doesn't want you to catch what he has, and miss your photo shoots. No buts." Natalie quickly handed me my schedule for the day, before excusing herself.

I frowned. "Good morning to you too..." I mumbled and continued brushing, before washing my brush and drying my mouth, before walking back to my bed drawer to change my outfit. Plagg was stretching. "Hey kid, where's my morning cheese?" He asked, looking around. "Pillow." I gestured to the pillow next to mine, with a lump of cheese that almost had stink mist rising from it. I changed my shirt, and put a pair of jeans on over my boxers and my foot ripped through a hole near the ankle. "Are you kidding me?" I asked. I sighed and threw them on my bed, as I reached for another. I put it on with no complication.

I threw the torn jeans in the trash. "Hey Adrien, isn't one of your friends into fashion? Couldn't she fix that tear for you?" Plagg asked. "PLAGG, THAT'S GENIUS!" I shouted. I dug them out and threw them in my bag. I put on a pair of socks. "Marinette could totally fix up a tear like that, she's great with sewing! Hey Plagg, remember that hat she made a couple months ago?" I said, reminiscing. "I hated that photo shoot, I couldn't stop sneezing...The hat was still pretty awesome though." I grabbed my sneakers and slipped them on, grabbing my bag and walking towards the door. Plagg flew into my shirt pocket, finishing his n̶a̶s̶t̶y̶ ̶a̶s̶s̶ ̶c̶h̶e̶e̶s̶e̶ camembert.

I was going down the stairs and on the second step....I tripped. I was about to fall face first, but remembered Plagg was still in my pocket, not my bag, so I quickly turned to be facing the ceiling. I hit my head and back on every step. When I was at the bottom, I was groaning and had a head splitting headache. "F.....u...uu....c.......k..." I groan-mumbled out. I could hear Plagg snickering. Little bastard.

Thankfully, no one saw and I trudged out to the limo. I got in, and Gorilla drove off to school. I wasn't in the mood for breakfast, my head hurts too much to think. We pulled up to the school when I got out of the limo, almost forgetting my bag. Thank god I didn't. I was a bit early, so I was the only one there. "I guess I could wait for Mari-fUCK" I go to sit on a step, when I step on my toe, and trip, chin landing directly on a step. I heard my teeth clamp together and I felt something chip. I quickly search my mouth with my tongue, to make sure I didn't knock a tooth out. My tongue ran across my lateral incisor. .....Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiitake mushrooms. I spit out a little piece of tooth, just a little bigger than the tip of a ballpoint pen. I suddenly heard Plagg burst with laughter in my bag. "Talk about black cat luck, huh?" He chortled. "Fuck off, you imp." I hissed, this morning is not on my side so far. Hopefully it gets better. I reach in my bag to call Nathalie, I hope she isn't mad about my toothhhhhhh----- "What?" I visually and physically scrounge through my bag. No phone. I left it on the bedside table, still plugged in. I groaned. "Maybe if I run, I'll have time to run back and get it?" I said, but Plagg didn't reply. A good thing too, because I quickly noticed people were starting to arrive. "Damn..." I mumbled. "Hey Adrien!" Alya waved. "Hey." I grunted. "Geez, why so grumpy?" She asked. "I honestly don't want to talk about it. It's not you, I just feel like retelling the story would just make me relive it all." I blurted out.


She chuckled. "What are doing out here? Didn't Nino tell you? He's not coming today." She said, a little disappointed that her boyfriend wouldn't be there for her to eye hump. "Yeah, I'm just waiting for Marinette." I said. She raised an eyebrow. "Ooooooh? Does the 'model boy' have feelings for my little 'baker girl'?" She said, rubbing shoulders with me. "W-what?! N-no...I just...I ripped a pair of my pants this morning and I was hoping that, instead of throwing them out, she could help me sew them up." I explained. "Mmhmm. Well, hate to break it to you, blondie. Marinette isn't coming today." "What? Why not? Is she okay? Is she hurt?" I asked, knowing my luck, she's probably in a coma. My eyes must've showed my concern because Alya quickly reassured me that she was fine. "She just has a lot of designs to catch up on. She said she might not be able to make it even after she's done because the teacher might think she was just skipping...which she technically is but that's besides the point." I sighed in relief.


The bell rang and we walked in, going to our seats. As suspected, the class was long. and boring. and forced my mind to wander...

Hmmmm....what an odd coincidence that Nino and Marinette are both not here today...I hope they're not...skipping......together....

A feeling a dread and a little bit of anger washed over me. Wait...Why am I angry? it because Nino is Alya's boyfriend? Right. Nino is loyal, he wouldn't do that. And Marinette DEFINITELY wouldn't do that to Alya. My mind is just being stupid. The other morning classes blew by, but as the bell rang, ending 4th period, and I left, with my bag clutched to my side, that's where it all went wrong. I was about to leave the doorway when I slipped in some orangeish, slimy, chunky, foul smelling goo. "What the..?" I asked, lifting myself up. Oh god...please tell me that's not... "Ewwwwww, is that vomit? Your day just got so much worse, huh? Sorry, Agreste." Alix said, walking around the puddle and disgusted teen.

"Thank god, it's break." I ran out to the limo, waiting for me in the front of the school. I needed to get home and s h o w e r , fuck food. It's not like I have much of an appetite anyway. As we pulled up to the mansion, I sprinted upstairs and straight to the showers. I peeled the clothes off me, trying not to vomit myself. I hopped in the shower and started washing myself immediately, gagging a little here and there. I was about to wash my hair when I felt something stuck. I tried pulling it off but it just didn't get out. I pulled back my hand to reveal little bits of pink.

Are you kidding me?



f u c k i n g



I was on the verge of losing it when I quickly grabbed a pair of scissors. "Plagg, get in here, I need you." He floated in. "I need you to cut gum out of my hair, ONLY the gum, as little hair as possible. I mean it." I said, handing him the scissors. "You have no faith, kid." He grumbled. "Oh please, you know you're a --" "You really want to insult me when I have the scissors?" He said. I shook my head no. "Wise choice."

Afterwards, I was surprised how little hair was cut. No one would even notice if I didn't point it out. I finished washing my hair and stepped out. "Shit." I remembered, looking at my hamper full of dirty clothes. I had no clean clothes, except for Ladybug themed pajamas. My red and black spotted shirt with black and red spotted sweatpants.

Oh god. Goodbye reputation. You will be missed. "Well, it's either this or your birthday suit, kid." Plagg cackled, floating back into my bag. I sighed and put them on. "I look like a huge dweeb-odactyl." I whined. "Only when you call yourself a dweeb-odactyl." He mumbled. (Get it?? Because Marinette called herself a dork-asaurus? No? okay...)

I pouted and scooped my phone in my bag before I could forget. I went back downstairs to the limo, and did a quick check to make sure I had everything. Phone? Check. Bag? Check. Plagg? Check.

We pulled away and I could see the look in Gorilla's eyes. "Don't ask." I said. He nodded and continued driving. I soon saw the school. At least Nino was there, waiting for me. I waved, as I got out. "Hey Nino, how was the dentist?" I asked. "It was the doctor, but it was as good as a doctors appointment could get, I guess." He said. "Sorry, I'm just thinking of teeth. I chipped one of mine this morning on...THAT stair!" I pointed to the culprit, innocently sitting there, waiting for students to stomp on it. I didn't even notice I was glaring until Nino poked me. "Dude. Are you seriously a stair? Not even a flight of stairs...just.......just one single stair?" He looked at me like I was crazy. I sighed, not wanting to put up a fight, after all, it was just as crazy as it sounded. "We should get to class." We were about to start walking when he said......


"Nice outfit, by the way. You'll give Alya a seizure." Nino chuckled. "Fuck, I forgot I was wearing this." I was starting to come up with excuses in my head. I imagined the laughter, the mockery. A shiver went down my spine, which went unnoticed. I took a deep gulp and opened the door. I quickly scurried to my seat, hoping no one would notice. Like Alya wouldn't notice something red with black dots. "oH MY GOD! WHERE DID YOU GET IT? I NEED ONE!" She screeched. All eyes were on me, and I honestly didn't expect all the compliments I got.

At least the day wasn't THAT could've been a lot worse, I suppose.


I sat on the Eiffel Tower, looking over the city as the sun set. There was no akuma today, so that's good...but still. I didn't like today. It was a really--
"Shitty day?" A voice from behind me said. I turned around, pretending like that didn't make me jump. "M'lady....tsk tsk....I don't think I've ever heard you swear." I said, hoping a topic change would distract her from my jump. Success. "Well, it didn't look like there was any other way to describe it. Your face just says 'I'm dead inside'." She said, making an invisible rainbow with her hands. "Haha, very funny. It actually feels like I am though. My day has been so......." I drifted off trying to find a word to describe it. "Shitty?" She asked. I chuckled. "Yeah." I said, looking down at the people below. They're so small.


I felt two slender arms hug me from behind. I raise an eyebrow. "M'lady?" I asked. "Please don't jump." I heard her mumble into my back. I couldn't help it. I just burst. All the anger and irritation I had been building up today had been released in the form of laughter. "Jeez Bugaboo, I wasn't gonna jump. It wasn't THAT bad!" I laughed, enjoying this darker side of her humor. She smiled. "Glad I could make you laugh. Wouldn't want my favorite kitty getting akumatized." She said, petting me behind my ear. I purred and leaned into her touch. "It's okay, Chat. We all have bad days, I would know. Despite being a ladybug, luck definitely isn't on my side." She said. "And it's okay to yell, to cry, to hug, to groan...anything to help get the tension out. Especially through laughter." She said, hugging me. I felt my cheeks warm. I was about to say something when my stomach made a ferocious rawr. My cheeks got a million shades darker. "I'm sorry, I didn't have much of an appetite today." I said, shyly. She giggled. "Wait here." She said, kissing my forehead, before slinging away. I put my hands...paws? over my face in an attempt to cool myself down. Sigh, this bug's gonna be the death of me....well, I've got 8 lives left anyways.

A couple minutes later, she returned with some boxes. "What're those?" I asked, the smell overwhelming me. "Baked goods. A little of each, I got it from my-- Tom and Sabine's bakery. They have the best croissants, but I don't know what you like so......" She said, opening each box. One had croissants, one had macaroons, one had cookies and one had chocolate covered pretzels.

My eyes started to water. " this...for me?" She nodded. "I'm not gonna let my kitty starve!" I felt my cheeks get warm. "Your kitty? What makes you think I'm a house cat? I could be a stray, an alley cat. And I might like it too!" I teased. She pouted. "Darn, I was actually hoping you would let me have you." She munched on a cookie. My jaw dropped. "N-no I..I mean, y-yes, I will. I will definitely be yours!" I all but screeched. She laughed. "Good, I don't love just anyone." She said. My eyes widened. "W-what...?" I asked, I must've heard wrong. There's no way she actually......

"You love me?" I asked, in a daze. She nodded. "With all my ass. I'd say heart, but my ass is bigger." She laughed. I snorted. "It's a lovely ass." I said, not thinking. Then it hit me like a brick. "Did I seriously just say that?" I asked. I slapped my face with my hand. Dumbass.

She laughed. "It's okay. I'd love to CHAT more but I gotta go, this temperature is BUGGING me. See you next time, my kitty." She winked, making sure to enunciate her calling me hers, before disappearing into the night.

Maybe today wasn't THAT bad.