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Another Way Home

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Shen Wei was wounded.

He was bleeding alive in front of Lin Jing with every second passing, leaving him weaker and weaker. No longer able to keep his eyes open for long periods of time.

The icy pick protruding from his heart was shining and glowing, with each weak heart beat.

' We have to do something.' Lin Jing spoke, hurriedly looking around himself. There was nothing of help around him, nothing that he could use to save Shen Wei.

They were inside Ye Zun.

He devoured them, gaining power and strength. He was not a spirit anymore, but a powerful monster capable of anything he wished. His goal- to kill everyone.

In his feverish state, Shen Wei stirred in his slumber. Sweat covering his skin and dry blood staining it. He was so weak, and would not last for long.

' ... Yun Lan... Zhao Yun Lan...' He moaned in pain, eyes tightly shut and mouth open with a painful cry. Lin Jing hurried back to his side.

'Shen Wei!' He gasped, holding onto his numb hand. 'Fight for me. Please, fight for me. We will make it out of here.' He desperately cried, shaking Shen Wei gently.

He opened his eyes slightly, looking back at Lin Jing.

He smiled weakly, blood escaping his mouth.

'Lin Jing.' He murmured. 'I am afraid that i have no hope left.'

'Nonsense.' Lin Jing cried. 'What would Chief say if he heard you say that?'

Shen Wei smiled sadly. He stared into the nothing, with blank and dark eyes.

'He would lift and shake his finger at me with an amused face, probably calling me some odd name.' He whispered. 'He would laugh, like he always does and say he will take care of things.'

Lin Jing listened quietly, face changing with a sad expression. It was sad hearing Shen Wei speak like this, already given up.

'He will, take care of things.' Lin Jing then said. 'He has not given up yet, and he will never.'

Shen Wei slowly turned his head to look at the crazy scientist. Lin Jing was desperate, on his knees while trying to come up with an answer. The new King and the betraying helper where still knocked out, lying a way from them.

'Yun Lan. He needs help.' Shen Wei then said, attempting to move but failing and moaning out in pain, hand grasping his chest. The icy pick continued to glow, almost as if pumping something into him. Something painful and poisonous.

Lin Jing had an idea, screaming eureka in his head as he got up.

'The pick! It has dark magic inside of it!' He said, almost screaming while pointing at it. 'It was created by Ye Zun, so it has to contain his own magic.' He whispered underneath his breath, truly seeming like a crazy man. But he had an idea.

'Shen Wei.' He spoke, kneeling back down in front of the once powerful Black Robed Envoy. 'Tell me, what happens to us once your brother has been brought down.'

Once killed, they too inside Ye Zun would die. Lin Jing understood that just from Shen Wei's sad look. He sighed, kicking the disgusting red flooring underneath his feet.

'There has to be a way.'




Falling to the floor, Yun Lan yelled out in pain.

'Chief!' Da Qing screamed as he ran to his side, seeing as Ye Zun was busy battling with Chu and his puppet at the moment.

He grunted, lifting Yun Lan up to rest against his knee. The other was wounded in battle, but not yet put down.

Yun Lan had hate in his eyes, as he stared at the evil spirit who resembled the man he loved too much. It was mind boggling, when fighting against this evil thing. When he looked exactly like Shen Wei.

'He needs to suffer.' Yun Lan murmured, blood dripping from the cut at his brow bone, blurring his vision. His voice hissing with anger.

'Chief.' Da Qing murmured quietly. 'We have to save them all.' He spoke, bruised lips shaking and eyes watering.

Da Qing had no other choice. He knew what he had to do, even when not knowing if the choice was right or wrong. But he knew, that right now this needed to happen.

Da Qing began to go thought his pockets, hurriedly as he heard the screams of battle going between Chu and Ye Zun. It wouldn't be long till he would run out of energy, or worse.

Da Qing's hands shook as he took out the syringe from his pocket. The glowing yellow liquid inside of it looked almost toxic, as it probably was. But they didn't have any other choice. And Yun Lan knew that too, as he suddenly grabbed the syringe and opened the cap, revealing the long needle at the end.

He pushed the end of the needle into himself, gasping with his mouth open as he pressed the syringe down, the burning liquid entering his system.

Yun Lan felt like he was burning on the inside, his veins bursting and pushing the toxic towards his heart and brain. Da Qing could only look with terror as he saw his owner and best friend turn into something he was not. A spirit of Dixing.

Yun Lan's veins turned into black, eyes closing and mouth opening with a silent cry. He had never been in such pain.

Da Qing was hurting on the inside, as he had to leave Yun Lan's side. But that was only because he heard the terrifying scream that Chu let out as his body had been thrown against one of the decorative pillars in the hall. His body fell to the floor lifelessly.

Da Qing bit his lip, eyes turning yellow and fangs growing longer as he let out a ear screeching scream of a cat, sending sound waves strong enough to break glass.

Ye Zun looked at him with amusement.

The two wasted no time, going into battle against each other.

Ye Zun controlled his powerful black energy, throwing spikes and waves of it towards Da Qing, who was masterfully dodging them, changing in and out of his black cat persona to confuse the opponent. It was working, but not for long.

After his attempt at getting close, and grabbing Ye Zun by the throat, the other was much more powerful and managed to break free from his cat claws easily.

With one powerful push, Da Qing was flying across the hall, head hitting hard against the wall and teeth clacking together. He fell down lifelessly.

Ye Zun laughed, breathing in the smell of fresh blood. He smirked, as he began to walk closer to the knocked out cat spirit.

Lifting his hand, he was ready to devour him.

He was stopped, by the scream coming from behind him.

Ye Zun stared in confusion, as he saw a pair of red eyes stare at him.

Zhao Yun Lan, the once human, was now a spirit like him.




Face pale and blood thin, Shen Wei was withering away, coughing weakly and squirming in pain. Never did Lin Jing think that he would see the other like this. But here they were.

'Shen Wei.' He then said, voice much calmer than he could have expected. 'You told me that there was no way for us to get out off here alive with your current powers.'

Shen Wei nodded slowly, swallowing deeply. 'My powers are weak. Transporting out of here would be impossible now, when Ye Zun is still so powerful.'

'He needs to become weaker first.' Lin Jing spoke, repeating what Shen Wei just told him. They had no weapon, apart from one. But it would be very risky.

'Shen Wei, the ice pick.' Lin Jing spoke, kneeling down next to the other. 'Will it be able to hurt Ye Zun, and weaken his powers enough?'

Shen Wei's brows moved as he began to think seriously.

'Perhaps no. It will not be able to hurt him enough to lower his defense, so we could escape.' He whispered. 'But it would slow him down, and help the ones still battling him.'

Lin Jing nodded his head, then letting out a sigh.

'Shen Wei... Your heart.' He reminded. 'If i were to pull out the pick, it would cause you to bleed more. Maybe killing you in minutes.'

Shen Wei let out a laugh, lips red and opening slowly with each breath. 'Aren't we all dying slowly, some a bit faster.'

'This is not a time for philosophical poems.' Lin Jing said seriously. 'You will die.'

Shen Wei didn't turn serious, or looked sad at all. Instead, he smiled.

'That is fine with me' He whispered, hand slowly rising up his chest to hold onto the pendant hanging from his neck. 'It's all for Yun Lan.'

Lin Jing knew there was no way to think this through anymore. Shen Wei had came to his final decision, and that was to die for all of their safety. He could not help but let the tears fall as he shakily took a hold of the magical icy pick.

While Lin Jing was feeling more than terrified, tears falling and cries leaving his lips, Shen Wei was calm. He knew what was to come and he had accepted his fate. He was prepared, to soon teleport them all out. But only if Ye Zun would take enough damage to let his walls down. No know knew if that would happen. But they didn't have time left to wait around and think.

'I-i am so sorry... I am so s-sorry...' Lin Jing cried, closing his eyes as he used all his force and pulled the magical pick out of Shen Wei's chest.

Shen Wei had thought that he could no longer feel pain, because of the amount that he was in already, but he was wrong.

Nothing in this universe, over the ten thousand years that he had been walking between different worlds would compare to the amount of physical pain that he just felt.

He gasped, knuckles turning white as he held onto the pendant in his hand for dear life.

The hourglass had been tipped. Time would start to run out like the blood flowed out of him.

Lin Jing ran. He ran as fast as he could.




Yun Lan let out his battle cry, his almost animal-like claws lifted in air as he jumped to attack Ye Zun. Black magic poured out of his hands, targeting it towards the Devil dressed in white.

Yun Lan was powerful. Born again into a new body, with fresh blood pumping into his system. Blood that would let him live forever, like every other person from Dixing. He was no longer human.

Driven by anger, and the need to kill, he did not hold back at all.

He gave it his all, using all this new power that he had gained to try and bring Ye Zun down. It was slowly working.

Not being able to predict Yun Lan's attacks, Ye Zun was noticing himself being pushed down and into a corner. This couldn't end like this, he thought.

Screaming out, he caused a powerful wave of black magic to escape from himself. It was a risky idea, and caused damage to himself, but it was able to knock Yun Lan down.

Both on the floor, weak by what had just happened, Ye Zun laughed like a mad man.

'Why do you people never learn...' He murmured, eyes crazy as he looked at Yun Lan. 'When will you learn, that i am God. You cannot beat me!' He spat out, screaming. 'You are all like him. All like my idiotic brother.' He murmured, truly sounding like he had lost his mind.

Yun Lan slowly pushed himself up to lean against his hand, drips of blood falling down to the floor beneath him. He let out a laugh, that began to get louder. Then turning serious.

'You have no right to call him your brother any longer.' Yun Lan growled, targeting his hand towards Ye Zun and gaining his newly found dark powers. 'And you will not be seeing him anymore, from the underworld.' He whispered, throwing his energy.

Ye Zun dodged it with a yell, moving across the floor weakly. He gasped out, looking at Yun Lan with a smirk.

He got up to his feet, as Yun Lan was attempting to gain his strength back. Laughing like a Devil, Ye Zun moved towards Yun Lan, hands raised and black energy moving around them. He was ready to fire.

Yun Lan stared into his eyes, seeing nothing but evil. Ye Zun had gone far and beyond being able to come back to his senses. He was driven by anger and hate. He wanted death, and he would not stop before he would succeed.

Yun Lan stared into his mad, black eyes as everything around them began to turn. Ye Zun was gathering all power around them to himself, to finish Yun Lan off with one simple attack. He could not let that happen, but the force moving around him was too strong.

He needed a miracle.

And without even having to say it, Ye Zun suddenly stopped. Everything did.

He froze in place, eyes staring into nothing.

His mouth fell open slowly, eyes blinking with confusion. The blood started to drip.

Ye Zun fell to the floor on his knees, shaking his head. '... No.'

His hand moved up, grasping his heart, that was beginning to slow.

'... Bother Shen Wei.' He whispered, a tear falling down his cheek as he fell down.




'Quickly!' Lin Jing screamed, running back down to meet Shen Wei and the now woken up King and the servant.

Everything around them was shaking, walls tightening and floor moving underneath them. The constant sound of a beating heart could be heard around them, and it was slowly dying.

'What happened?' The King asked in distress, staying by Shen Wei's side.

Lin Jing ran to the three of them, holding onto Shen Wei's weak hand. 'I stabbed Ye Zun's heart with his own magic. He is weak now!'

'Shen Wei! Shen Wei!' Lin Jing desperately screamed out, shaking him awake.

Weak, Shen Wei slowly opened his eyes and stared back at Lin Jing. Time was running out.

His face turned with discomfort as he held his other hand up, offering it to the servant. 'Please, help me to teleport us all out of here. My powers are not able to do it by myself.'

'Y-yes, my Lord.' He said, grabbing onto Shen Wei.

The four of them, holding hands and closing their eyes, began to see the change around them. There was light now. The wound across Ye Zun's forehead was opening, giving them a way out of this hell he head created.

It was time.

Shen Wei brought all of his last energy together, with the help of the others. They glowed in blue and black, magic surrounding them and entering them. It took all that Shen Wei had left inside of him, but right in time- they disappeared.




Zhao Yun Lan didn't know if he had died, or if he was just dreaming when he saw Shen Wei again. It felt unreal, how they all just suddenly appeared in front of him again.

But it was no time for celebration just yet.

Yun Lan crawled to his loved one in a hurry.

'Shen Wei!' He cried out, grabbing onto his limp body and holding him tight. The tears would not stop, as Yun Lan looked at Shen Wei's expressionless face.

He saw the damage, he saw the blood. He remembered when Ye Zun had stabbed him, and devoured him right then. He had been wounded for a while already, but Yun Lan was desperate.

'Please no.' Yun Lan gasped, vision blurred by his own tears, voice raspy and worn. 'Please, Shen Wei. Don't leave me.' He cried, pushing himself up.

The damage was massive. Worse than Yun Lan had ever seen, and he had seen many things. But that didn't change anything. He was sure that he could save him.

Forgetting his own injuries, and the damage that was done. Yun Lan placed his hands on top of Shen Wei's wounded chest, pressing them down and holding them there.

Lin Jing, and the rest watched in awe as black magic began to leave Yun Lan's fingertips.

Yun Lan was giving it his all. Teeth grinding against each other, and whole body shaking as he began to give years away from his new life to save Shen Wei's own.

He, was giving back the years that Shen Wei had given him in return.

The physical healing could be seen immediately, as the gaping wound across Shen Wei's chest began to close up and the blood stopped escaping his body. Not knowing when to stop, Yun Lan kept going until he was sick to his stomach and falling over Shen Wei.

Da Qing and the woken up Chu rushed to their side.

'Chief!' Da Qing yelled as he carefully pulled Yun Lan off of Shen Wei, setting him right next to him.

It took a gentle shaking from Chu, but Yun Lan was soon back up, hovering over Shen Wei.

Yun Lan placed his shaky hand across his cold cheek, thumb moving carefully as he felt his bloodied skin. He felt the small breaths that he took in, feeling the tiny pulse underneath his skin.

Yun Lan laughed, tears filling his eyes.

Zhu Hong and Little Guo in tears as well, as they just joined the rest after making sure everything was alright in the city.

Shen Wei slowly opened his eyes, staring up at Yun Lan. A moment of worry flashed in his eyes, thinking to himself if he was just seeing things. But he wasn't just imagining it, as he felt the others touch on himself.

Shen Wei let out a small laugh. 'Oh. So this is what being dead brings you.'

Yun Lan shook his head, realizing that Shen Wei thought that both of them had died and were reunited somewhere unknown.

'Our fight is not yet over.' Yun Lan murmured, holding Shen Wei gently. 'I won't let you leave me so easily.'

Not caring that they were surrounded by so many, and stared at. Both Yun Lan and Shen Wei only cared that they were finally together again.

'How did you save me?' Shen Wei then asked, lifting his own hand to caress Yun Lan's cheek, wiping away the tears that were falling down.

Yun Lan leaned into the touch, his eyes flashing with red. Shen Wei understood.

'Chief is one of us now.' Da Qing smiled, limping slightly as he took a step back.

Shen Wei finally managed to look around himself, seeing all of the support and love around them. Everyone who cared for him and Yun Lan.

He paused, eyes moving quickly.

'Ye Zun.' He whispered.

Yun Lan held him carefully, as Shen Wei dared to pull himself up from the floor, still in a lot of pain.

Yun Lan was so unsure, tightly holding Shen Wei up who was struggling to even move by himself.

'Shen Wei.' Yun Lan spoke, stepping in front of his loved one. 'He is still very dangerous.' He reminded Shen Wei, in case he was unable to think straight in the moment.

Shen Wei stared back at Yun Lan, then at everyone staying beside them. They all knew the spirit dressed in white as the Devil. As the one who was the cause of all this pain and suffering. Who brought death and pain to them all.

Shen Wei knows that as well, more than everyone else. But to him, Ye Zun was still his precious little brother.

Limping, Shen Wei moved to his brother, who was laying on the corner of the hall. Yun Lan and the others following him carefully.

'Ye Zun.' Shen Wei whispered desperately, taking a hold of his little brother in pain.

Life slowly dripping away from him, Ye Zun still managed to open his eyes slightly.

'Bother.' He murmured, teeth red in color and voice raspy. 'Forgive me bother.' He whispered, eyes filling with tears.

Shen Wei shook his head tearfully. 'Little brother, i cannot.' He gasped.

Ye Zun broke into a sad smile, holding onto the hand that Shen Wei offered him. ' I know. The sins that i have committed cannot be forgiven by any spirit, or God.'

'Perhaps even the underworld is unable to take me to it's prison.' Ye Zun spoke, eyes blurry and body turning weaker. His hand began to shake.

'Brother. I am scared.'

Shen Wei broke down, remembering the exact same words years back, when they were only children and unaware of what the future would bring them both. When they were innocent, and untouched by the evil around them.

Things changed, and they drifted apart, due to things that were not in their own control. Ye Zun was placed inside the stone prison that he spent the last ten thousand years in, while Shen Wei was forced to carry the name of Black Robed Envoy on his shoulder.

Both prisoners, unable to escape.

Shen Wei saw his little brother, as he was before. Not wanting to remember the horrible things that he did, but unable to block those memories out. He could not forgive him, and Ye Zun knew this too.


'All will be well.' Shen Wei whispered, holding onto his little brother tightly.

His body getting more cold with each second passing, heart beat slowing down and breathing stopping completely.

Eyes closing, and grip becoming nonexistent.

Shen Wei cried, Yun Lan hugging him tightly.

He cried because of the relief that Yun Lan was alive, and himself as well. He cried because he knew his beloved Dixing and Earth were no longer under attack and safe. He cried, because the endless pain was finally over. He cried, because he had to say goodbye.

To his other half.




Zhu Hong smiled as she hummed, walking to her own desk and placing down the pot of flowers she had received. She sat down, clearing her work space a bit before opening her work computer.

Wang Zhen smiled cheerfully, as she helped Sang Zan arrange some books. The two spirit ghosts had been released back into reality, after being devoured by Ye Zun. And they mutually agreed that they had to come back to SID.

Lin Jing had missed his precious lab, and was more than happy to come back to it.

Da Qing was busy being, a lazy fat cat and himself.

Things around them didn't look much different, after so many months. But it took a long while before things got back to normal.

Still not fully healed, Shen Wei has not been able to join SID just quite yet. He has been put on sick leave, that he himself feels like is not needed, but Yun Lan would not let him leave.

Right now, it was Zhu Hong who was the main Chief working in SID until Yun Lan would be able to work full time as well.

She was loving being in charge.

Life really was smiling down on her, as she looked at the beautiful flowers that she had received. The young man in the Snake Tribe indeed had good taste.

Like from a cue, the phone rang and Wang Zhen was quick to pick it up.

Hearing the sound from the other room, Little Guo and Chu and hurried over as well. All swarming the office space in a group, waiting for orders.

'This is the Special Investigation Unit, what may we do for you?' Wang Zhen spoke, repeating the similar words that all of them had heard a million times. 'Thank you, we will.'

She smiled, placing the phone back down.

'A lost spirit from Dixing was found going through the trash. The local police would want us to take charge and help them get started here.' Wang Zhen explained, opening her computer to look at the details.

Their cases had changed majorly. They no longer had to deal with hateful murders and crimes that came from the spirits of Dixing, as they no longer wished harm on humans. There was peace now.

These days, the SID helps the people of Dixing, who are either lost or wanting to start a life on earth. The job is less stressful and more rewarding, in all of their opinions. They will leave the crime solving for the humans for now.

'Crew, time to go.' Zhu Hong spoke, smiling as she saw how happy everyone looked. It was a miracle compared to what had went down months ago.

They all had new hope for the future, and new energy to keep making sure that Earth was a safe place for humans and the people of Dixing. It was their lifecalling.




Yun Lan scratched his head, confused as he looked at the recipe on his phone. He eyed the screen and then the open fridge in front of him. Sighing, he close the thing and peeked around the corner to look that Shen Wei was still in bed and resting.

He was leaning to the side, book resting on his lap, but not up. Yun Lan smiled, as he tip toed to the bed and saw that Shen Wei had fallen asleep.

He admired the other for a moment, arms crossed as he too leaned his head to the side.

Shen Wei looked well rested and more healed these days. But it took a while before they got to this point.

Shen Wei had been stuck to using a wheel chair for quite some time right after what happened. His whole body was so weak that he was unable to do much on his own. Unable to heal himself, and scared to let Yun Lan heal him anymore, Shen Wei had no other choice but to sit back for w while. Which was hard for someone like him.

He hated that Yun Lan had to take care of him, and do everything as well as work in SID and in Dixing, because he was unable to.

But the situation was something that Shen Wei could not change, but had to learn to accept.

Yun Lan moved slowly, taking the book off of Shen Wei's lap. He hovered over him, carefully moving him and adjusting his position on the bed so his neck wouldn't hurt later. Shen Wei stirred slightly, but kept on napping.

Yun Lan smiled, moving back up and taking a step towards his small kitchen, but stopping. The looked at Shen Wei again, and the tempting soft bed, that he himself kept clean today due to Shen Wei's "nagging" about it.

The food could wait, and they would most likely end up ordering something anyways, because Yun Lan knew his cooking skills were quite bad.

Yun Lan walked to the other side of the bed, lifting the covers and finding Shen Wei's glasses that had fallen down. He placed them down onto the side table carefully. Moving underneath the covers, Yun Lan squirmed closer to the sleeping Shen Wei.

Squishing his cheek against his chest and hugging Shen Wei tightly. The other moved slightly, smiling.

'I'm sorry, did i disturb the sleeping Prince.' Yun Lan joked, hugging Shen Wei even tighter.

He felt Shen Wei's body shake with the small laughs that he let out, pulling one arm free from Yun Lan's bear grip and ruffling his long overgrown hair. Instead of saying anything, Shen Wei just stared at him with a smile.

Yun Lan moved forward, leaving a small peck on the tip of his nose, smacking his lips so loudly that made Shen Wei roll his eyes.

'What? Didn't like that one?' Yun Lan annoyed him, speaking like a kid. 'I thought Mr. Black Robed Envoy enjoyed my kisses.' He fake pouted.

Shen Wei stared at him, with a ridiculous expression. 'Please don't call me that, especially in bed.' He sighed, wrapping a strand of Yun Lan's hair between his fingers and playing with it.

'And besides. That wasn't even a proper kiss.' He added, making Yun Lan laugh.

He quickly moved underneath the covers, hovering over Shen Wei and throwing his legs on his both sides, straddling him with a playful look on his face.

'Should i show you what a real kiss is then?' He asked, moving the strand of hair that had fallen in front of Shen Wei's face. They both really needed haircuts.

Not saying anything Shen Wei's lips curved with an adorable smile, as he cupped Yun Lan's face. Wasting no more time, both moved together like from a cue, and connected their lips.

Magical, would be a good word to describe it. Exhilarating, and even better one.

Holding your loved one like this, feeling their lips move against your own, was better than anything else in the world.

To Shen Wei, it was worth all the pain and all those years spent searching alone. Waiting for this. Waiting for him.

Yun Lan wasn't sure if he deserved Shen Wei, but he wanted to believe so. He wanted to believe, and keep him here like this forever. He didn't want a future without him. He couldn't live in a future without him.

All the years, months and days leading up to this were all worth it.

All the pain, hardships and nightmares were nothing, when it came to the happiness that both of them felt when being near each other. When touching each other.

Yun Lan was like a drug to him. And Shen Wei was addicted to his scent.

Having seen death, and both experiencing it almost too. The both of them knew how precious life truly was. There was no time for decision making. They needed to start living now, or soon another year would go running past them in a blink of an eye.

Kissing deeper, Yun Lan held Shen Wei's hand, thumb moving over the simple silver ring.

Every day together was a blessing.

Perhaps this was not the end that they all wanted, or what they deserved. But it was given to them by faith, and they would make the most of it.

Continuing life, in a whole new light.