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Jungkook really likes his job. Like, really likes his job. Most days of the week, he would have to come into the store and help run the counter, putting through multiple pet necessities for owners. Large bags of dog food, some catnip for the old lady who lives on the bottom floor of his apartment complex, and every so often one of the questionable dog outfits Seokjin always orders in actually sell. He still doesn’t know how. Who in their right minds would put their small dog in a pink tutu? He honestly felt bad for ‘Tiny’ the Chihuahua. That was the other best part of Jungkook’s job. While they were a small independent pet store, they were also a part-time dog groomers. It worked out perfectly. Jin would be out back with the dogs that needed a good pamper with a bath and a cut while Jungkook manned the shop front. But while it was relatively quiet, he would be able to play with the dogs that were waiting to be picked up. A small gate near the till allowing the dogs to run freely through the backroom and partly near the back of the till, allowing them to be around the workers and supervised at all times. It was great.

‘Ruff n Fluff’ (“How about ‘All Things Wet and Furry’? Inclusive to all pets then! “Jin, no-”) was Jin’s own investment with his boyfriend Namjoon. They worked together like a perfect pair. Jin would work within the store and with the animals while Namjoon dealt with a majority of the business side, fine with dealing with the paperwork after being a risk to customers, workers and animals in the work place. Jungkook was lucky enough to get a chance for this job when Yoongi-hyung put in a good word to Jin, the two having been old roommates in college but still close friends. Yoongi would sometimes bring in Holly to a little clean-up which was nice. While they made good money and had their own busy periods, especially near holidays, Jungkook would be able to focus on any other work he had to do. Using the stores computer, he was able to edit his photos that he did on the side. He sighed, blowing upwards to get the strand of hair that had fallen in front of his eyes and had been beginning to irritate him more than how this picture wasn’t turning out right. He went back to clicking away on Photoshop, changing the lighting on a corner of the image.

A ring from the door had Jungkook looking up to see who had come in, quickly closing the tab. Now this was one of the many times Jungkook thought his job was the absolute best. A boy slightly older than him with soft brown hair and serious but kind eyes wandered into the store, hair messy and he looked a little tired but he walked over with a happy vibe in his step, hands tucked into his pockets as he walked forward to the counter where Jungkook stood. Kim Taehyung was one of their regulars, always bringing in his small dog Yeontan, one of Jungkook’s favourite dogs to come into the store. The little Pomeranian was always so well behaved when he had his fur cut and would always patter across the floor to say hello to Jungkook while he was working. Jungkook would always coo over the little puppy and give him the odd extra treat (as long as Yeontan promised not to tell Jin or the other dogs Jungkook got away with it).

“Hey Jungkook.” Kim Taehyung smiled at the younger as he reached the counter, hands still in the pockets of his baggy trousers as he slouched slightly where he stood, totally calm and at ease.

“Hey.” Jungkook breathed out with a smile.

“How’s my boy?” Taehyung grinned, seemingly more excited now as he mentions his beloved dog.

“I think Jin’s just finished with him, I’ll go check out back.” Jungkook replied, moving out from behind the till to go out through the back door.

Taehyung simply nodded, looking at one of the shelves close to the counter as Jungkook slipped out back. Climbing over the small gate to avoid letting any of the dogs out and wandered around them over to where Jin was fixing a little bow onto Yeontan’s collar. A small yellow one attached at the top in a slightly messy manner but it was Jin’s little trade mark and he loved to show he really does care for the dogs they look after.

“Hey Jin-hyung, is Yeontan all done?” Jungkook asked gently, giving a couple of the dog’s pats on the heads as he walked past them.

Jin turned to look at Jungkook, giving him a smile before lifting Yeontan up and grinning at the little dog.

“Yeah, he’s all done, look how pretty he looks!” Jin grinned, passing the small dog to Jungkook, the younger unable to stop his laughter as Yeontan tried to immediately like his face.

“I guess Taehyung here then?” Jin asked with a knowing grin.

“Shut up, hyung…” Jungkook called out as he carried Yeontan back out in his arms.

Pushing open the door, careful to mind how he held Yeontan, Jungkook looked over to see Taehyung sorting through the dog food shelves, a box of small dog bones tucked under his arm. Yeontan immediately let out a small bark, causing Taehyung to turn his head and a wide grin to spread his face, features immediately lighting up.

“Hey Tannie!” Taehyung cooed reaching over to take the small dog from Jungkook and Jungkook totally didn’t hold his breath when their hands touched slightly. “Look at you! And a little yellow bow this time.”

Jungkook couldn’t help but watch with a smile over his face as Taehyung interacted with Yeontan; it was cute to watch honestly. Jungkook stood upright in surprise when Taehyung turned back to him with a smile.

“Thanks again.” Taehyung said. “Hey, are these ones good?”

Taehyung held up the box of dog treats in his spare hand, the other preoccupied by Yeontan.

“Uh, the gravy ones are better.” Jungkook said.

“Speaking from experience?” Taehyung asked with a smile, one eyebrow raised.

Jungkook felt his face heat up. “No, uh, Yeontan really likes them. I give him a few every now and then.” Jungkook mumbled, rubbing his arm.

“Ah, I’ll get them then.” Taehyung murmured, going over and swapping them quickly.

Coming back over to the till with the recommended dog treats, Jungkook rings them up and the cost of Yeontan’s grooming. Soon Taehyung has paid and has put Yeontan back on the floor and put his lead on, heading to the door and waving goodbye to Jungkook. The moment the pair are out of sight, Jungkook groans and drops his head into his hands with a large slap.


Jungkook looks up to see Jin leaning in the door way, a large Labrador by his side.

“Giving him dog biscuit advice. That’s the way to win his heart and get into his pants.” Jin smirked, bursting out laughing as he manages to catch the ball Jungkook throws at him.

“Shut up, hyung!”

“Yah, I am your boss you should show me more respect!”


Life continued quite simply for Jungkook like this. He liked his life. He thought it was all going to go downhill after he finished college but he was lucky to have Yoongi in his life to help him out. But he wouldn’t tell the elder that, it would just add to his ego and never ending teasing. He first met Yoongi when he bought his small apartment, with the help of his parents as a birthday gift during his last year of college. He had wanted to move off campus to start getting used to the ‘boring-adult-life-that-will-surely-be-his-doom’ as he liked to put it; but also so he could actually be allowed to live with his dog since that wasn’t allowed in campus accommodation. Being able to live in his own space meant he would see his small dog Cheddar, a corgi he had a adopted at a couple months old and that he wouldn’t have to live with his parents anymore.

Jungkook remembers the day he had moved all of his stuff into his apartment (his pet-friendly apartment!! How great was that!!) and was now just carrying Cheddar out of the elevator because it turns out Cheddar was extremely lazy when he wanted to be. It was then when he turned the corner he saw a man just closing the door to his apartment, a small brown dog at his feet that let out an excited bark as it spotted Cheddar. Cheddar began to wriggle out of his grip and dropped to the floor as Jungkook complained at his dog, quickly catching up as the small dog wiggled over to the new dog, the two interacting happily.

“Crap, I’m sorry about that he likes to make friends.” Jungkook apologised to the man in front of him.

The man himself was slightly shorter than Jungkook; baseball cap pulled over bleached blonde hair and dressed all in black. He blinked in surprise as he looked at the two dogs but then back up at Jungkook.

“It’s no problem.” The stranger shook it off. “Cute dog.”

“Thanks, this is Cheddar and I’m Jungkook. Uh, Jeon Jungkook, I just moved in next door.” Jungkook spoke calmly as he untangled Cheddars lead from the floor.

“Min Yoongi and this is Holly, current residents and from the looks of it, your new neighbour.” Yoongi smiled at him and held his hand out and they shook and Jungkook grinned, feeling more relived.

“Glad to know I’m not the only one with a pet on this floor.” Jungkook grinned at Holly.

“Yeah, it’s a good building not too many people mind it.” Yoongi nodded with a simple reply.

“Well, I’ll let you carry on but it was great to meet you, Yoongi.” Jungkook said, standing back up with Cheddar in his arms, the dogs tongue hanging out lazily.

Yoongi chuckled and patted Cheddar’s head. “You too kid; you should come by the dog park sometime, meet some others.”

“Okay, sounds good!”

Jungkook found a friend in Yoongi that day, the elder ending up having to look after him because Jungkook was still a student that forgot to take care of himself at times when he was drowning in school work. It started off with just making sure he got some fresh air while taking Cheddar for a walk, then making sure he ate properly and not just survived on mac n cheese (no matter how nice it was) and energy drinks. In the end, Jungkook felt like he gained an older brother instead of a neighbour. Yoongi had helped him out a lot and had gotten him this great job and he would forever be grateful for his hyung.

But today was one of those days he just wished he could go home. Still breaking out of his college habits, he had spent too long last night editing some of his photos before he realised it was 4am and he was opening the store at 9am. He loved working with dogs but it got a bit annoying when he had to deal with hearing a customer’s baby wailing loudly because apparently this mother didn’t know how to take care of her god damn kid. This then caused some of the dogs to become agitated, one even having an accident over the floor and the same mother of the same annoying kid complaining about the smell and honestly Jungkook was ready to cry he was so tired. To top it off, Jin decided it was his duty to inform Jungkook that he had missed Taehyung coming in to drop Yeontan off for his appointment while Jungkook had gone on his lunch break.

But now it was 5:45pm, he only had to suffer another 15 minutes before he could lock up and go home. Jin had finished early today, talking excitedly about a reservation at some fancy restaurant that Namjoon had booked. Jungkook was fine with closing the store; there hadn’t really been any customers for the last hour so Jungkook was able to sit around on his phone, scrolling through the same four apps on repeat. Jungkook jumped slightly as he heard a bark and looked down to see Yeontan leaning up against the small fence near the counter. Jungkook frowned and looked at the time again. He didn’t know there had been any dogs left, thinking they’d all been picked up by their owners for the day. Was he that tired he hadn’t noticed Taehyung hadn’t been in yet?

“Hey, Tannie.” Jungkook cooed over the little dog, bending down to stroke his head, the dogs little tongue darting out to lick his hand which caused him to laugh.

Suddenly, the shop phone rang throughout the silent store, causing Jungkook to jump in his skin but quickly headed over to the phone, picking it up and answering calmly.

“Hello, Ruff n Fluff pet store and groomers, how can I help?” Jungkook let the business answer roll off of his tongue like second nature, used to having to answer it multiple times a day.

“Ah, Jungkook?”

Jungkook blinked in surprised as he heard Kim Taehyung through the line. He was on the phone with Kim Taehyung. Suddenly Jungkook was wide awake.

“Uh, yeah, speaking.” Jungkook cringed at himself and he was sure even Yeontan was rolling his eyes.

“Hi, it’s Kim Taehyung and I’m so sorry I’m late, I know you close soon but I’ve only just managed to get some stupid signal on my phone!” Taehyung gushed over the phone in a panic.

“Oh, that’s okay.” Jungkook said bending down to stroke Yeontan once again.

“I’m on the train home but the damn subway train broke down and I don’t know how much longer were going to be stuck here and I know you shut soon, I hate to be such a bother I know you probably have stuff to do.” Taehyung spoke quickly; repeating himself in places a he got himself into a worry.

It was kind of cute really.

“I don’t think I’m going to make it before closing I’m so sorry Jungkook! God, who can I call,” Taehyung began to mumble to himself and Jungkook felt his heart constricting as his crush for the older man grew.

“Jimin’s not here, ah, maybe Yoongi-hyung! No, he’s still at work-”

Wait a minute.

“Yoongi-hyung? As in Min Yoongi?” Jungkook asked, interrupting Taehyung’s thoughts.

“Ah, you know him?” Taehyung asked in surprise.

Right at the very moment, Jungkook both loved and hated Min Yoongi. He loved him because he once again gave him this great opportunity with Taehyung. But he also hated him because how dare he keep the fact that he knew Taehyung a secret from him. Jungkook knew Yoongi’s friends, hell he worked with Jin and Namjoon, hell he was even well acquainted with Hoseok now as well. Why didn’t he know Taehyung through Yoongi?

“He- He’s my neighbour.” Jungkook replied. “I know Hyung is still at work for another hour but I could take Yeontan back to my apartment until you get here?”

What the fuck was he thinking?! Jungkook wanted to slap himself in the forehead at what he just suggested. He, Jungkook, a stranger that only knows Taehyung and Jungkook because of his job suggests he takes Taehyung’s dog home with him to look after him. How stupid could he be?

“Really? You would do that? I don’t want to impose…” Taehyung replied in surprise.

“Oh, it’s fine you can trust me, I live right next door to Yoongi-hyung! I’d wait at the shop for you but I need to go check on my dog, he, he hasn’t been out in a couple hours.” Jungkook mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh, if you’re sure Jungkook…” Taehyung answered through the phone.

“Positive, you can trust me.” Jungkook smiled as he held the phone close to his ear and he knew his hands were getting a little clammy with how nervous he was.

“Of course I trust you Jungkook.” Taehyung laughed over the phone and wow. “That would be so helpful if you could look after Tannie for me, I hopefully shouldn’t be too much longer.”

“Yeah, it’s uh no problem. I’m apartment 309.”

“Okay, I’ll see you soon Jungkook!”

“Yeah, see you soon!” Jungkook replied before hanging up and turning to Yeontan once again and picking the puppy up to hold him up to his face.

“You are a small guardian angel and I love you.” He said seriously to the Pomeranian, to which he got a lick on the nose for instead.

Seeing it was now six o clock in the evening, Jungkook was quick to lock up the store, putting Yeontan on his small lead and walking him down the street. Luckily it was quite cool this summer evening, heading more towards Autumn now, the weather wasn’t as hot which was good for both Jungkook and the dogs he looks after and sees daily. He hated seeing them so hot and tried to give the dogs in store as much water as possible and when he took Cheddar on his walks he made sure the pavement wasn’t too hot. He would feel awful his puppy had burnt paw pads.

Jungkook looked down at Yeontan who was walking next to him quickly, little legs keeping up with Jungkook’s steps and he smiled. Upon reaching his apartment complex, Jungkook scooped Yeontan into his arms, holding the dog close as he entered the lift and pressed the button for his floor, grinning at how Yeontan sniffed the air curiously. Fishing out his key, Jungkook opened his door gently and stepped in and closed it behind him.

His living room was right in the centre of the room, a small open spaced kitchen in the corner and two doors leading to the bedroom and bathroom on the opposite side. The living room was quite sparse, but hey, he was a young adult who left college not long ago he couldn’t afford everything. The living room was decorated with a small sofa and a TV, game controllers set on top of a small cheap coffee table he managed to pick up for a good deal in a thrift shop not far from his apartment. There was a small lamp in the corner because the lighting in his apartment wasn’t the best and a little dog bed in the corner. In the small dog bed, Cheddar sat up immediately when Jungkook walked in, letting out an excited bark and running over to his owner and jumping at him, small legs not doing much for him but he was happy all the same.
Jungkook laughed, telling the corgi to get down before he knelt down to quickly pat his head before showing Yeontan to Cheddar.

“Now Cheddar, this is Yeontan, your new buddy. Please get along well because this could go really well for daddy then.” Jungkook introduced the dogs, letting Cheddar sniff the curious Yeontan before putting the Pomeranian down and letting the two begin to play.

Jungkook smiled at the two before quickly heading to his room to change out of his work shirt. While it had cooled down today, it still had been hot for a majority of the afternoon so he felt gross. He took off the pink work shirt with a paw print in the middle of it, company name underneath before changing into an over-sized white t-shirt, hair sticking up slightly after he pulled the shirt over his head. Jungkook quickly smoothed it back out before heading out into his living room, watching as the dogs chased each other around the sofa. He laughed as he watched them for a minute before he went over to the kitchen, picking up the water bowl from the floor and refilling it.

Jungkook quickly gave the two dogs some treats before he pulled out his laptop and st on the sofa, propping hi feet up as he began to finishing editing a photo of Cheddar he had taken the other week at the dog park. He continued to edit calmly until Cheddar jumped up onto the sofa and buried himself between Jungkook’s legs, something he was used to. He looked down to see Yeontan whining in annoyance with being left out. He smiled as he reached one hand down, using it to easily pick up the smaller puppy and put him down on his chest, the dog small enough for him to still see his laptop screen.

They stayed like this for a while, both dogs napping while Jungkook edited until he heard footsteps quickly approach and then fast knocks on his door. Both dogs jumped up barking, scaring Jungkook slightly and he held onto his laptop so it wasn’t knocked off or dropped accidentally. He placed the laptop on the sofa before he headed to the door, socks slipping on the floor slightly and telling Cheddar to get back; the two dogs finding interest in each other again as Cheddar ran away from Yeontan, who took up the chase. Jungkook opened the door to reveal a stressed and worried looking Kim Taehyung.

“Hi.” Taehyung breathed, hunched over slightly, as if he ran here. “I’m so sorry.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it, it’s okay.” Jungkook smiled at Taehyung. “Would you like to come in?”

Taehyung nodded, quickly shuffling off his shoes as he stepped in, Jungkook closing the door behind him. Taehyung grinned and let out an excited noise as Yeontan suddenly realised his dad was here and ran towards him, leaving Cheddar hiding behind the sofa. Taehyung scooped him up and pressed a kiss to his face, laughing as the puppy licked him. Poor Jungkook’s heart, really. Taehyung turned to smile at him and Jungkook was ready to go into cardiac arrest.

“I hope he wasn’t too much trouble.” Taehyung brought up.

“Oh no, he was fine. Cheddar and he got along really well.” Jungkook grinned, sticking his hands into his pockets.

At the mention of his name, Cheddar ran out from around the sofa and barked, Yeontan wriggling to get out of Taehyung’s hand’s to play again.

“Ah, is this Cheddar?” Taehyung asked with a grin as he put Yeontan down.

“This common bitch?” Jungkook supplied and couldn’t help but smile as Taehyung’s wide grin reappeared as he laughed at Jungkook’s joke, getting the reference.

“Wow, they get along really well.” Taehyung marveled.

“Yeah, you should stop by the dog park sometime maybe. They can have some play dates.” Jungkook grinned.

Did he really just say play dates? Where did this confidence and stupidity come from suddenly?

Taehyung smiled at him. “Play dates sound great.”


Jungkook really doesn’t know where this good karma is coming from. He didn’t understand how things were going this well for him; he must have been a saint in his past life or something. His list of good things continued even after Taehyung quickly left with Yeontan because the next day, the pair both came in a couple hours after the store opened to pay for the groomers from yesterday. Jungkook also happened to receive a number for when they should organise a play date. Jungkook’s so obliviously happy after the pair leave again he doesn’t even care to listen to Jin’s teasing.


The next time Taehyung comes into the store is a little late than he usually does. The elder would usually come into store once a week to buy more dog food and every two weeks Yeontan would get washed and groomed. But they hadn’t come in on their usual day which surprised Jungkook, not like he was worried or keeping check when Taehyung usually came in but he was surprised. He started to doubt himself thinking he had annoyed the other away with their texts. They hadn’t gone on their play date yet but Taehyung had said something had come up so he’d be quite busy. That was fine. Jungkook could handle being blown off. But today he found out why.

Jungkook was just finishing serving a customer when he heard a familiar small bark, more like a yip. He handed the customer their bag and turned to look for Yeontan and Taehyung but was surprised when he spotted another with them. Taehyung walked in, leading Yeontan on his small lead but was also holding onto another lead. On the end of the green lead was a large golden retriever with a big kind face and big brown eyes.

“Well look who’s knew.” Jungkook said in surprise moving around the counter to say hello to the golden retriever.

“This is Hepi.” Taehyung grinned. “Just look at how happy he is!”

Jungkook cooed over Hepi, who truly was just a happy and kind dog and it kind of made Jungkook’s heart melt. But to make sure he wasn’t disloyal, he said hello to Yeontan as well before he stood back up and smiled at Taehyung.

“Think Jin’s got room to fit two in?” Taehyung asked.

“Of course.” Jungkook smiled, going behind the till to fill it out on the sheet. “So where did Hepi come from all of a sudden?”

“Ah, one of the old ladies in my building was moving to a retirement home but couldn’t bring Hepi with her and it broke her heart. I’ve helped her out with groceries every once in a while so I volunteered to take Hepi in, bring him to visit her every now and then.” Taehyung supplied stroking Hepi’s head gently with a fond smile. “There just too many good dogs out there that need good homes, y’know? And I just want to help as best as I can…”

Jungkook was so fucking gone for Kim Taehyung.


Strangely enough, this pattern seemed to repeat as the next time Jungkook saw Taehyung, it was right before closing and Jin had left early again. Jungkook had been on his phone when the door opened abruptly, causing him to jump in his seat to look up and see Taehyung, Yeontan, Hepi and another dog. Another one?

Taehyung walked through the door leading the three dogs in, the two big dogs leads in one hand while Yeontan’s in the other, careful to make sure that the bigger ones didn’t step on him. He looked stressed once again as he struggled with the three dogs but made his way over to Jungkook. Jungkook was now standing up, paused from where he had gone over to help but didn’t know how.

“Hey.” Taehyung said breathlessly.

“Hey, you okay?” Jungkook asked worriedly.

“Just, getting used to pulling the reigns I guess.” Taehyung grunted as the new dog tried to wander around the store.

Hepi stayed by Taehyung’s side happily (obviously), while Yeontan tried to reach Jungkook. Taehyung was being pulled all over the place.

“So uh, what do you need today?” Jungkook asked, still feeling helpless.

“A shit ton of dog food.” Taehyung sighed; listing off the big dog food bags they sold that he’d need.

“Hey, Taehyung, can you get this home okay?” Jungkook asked as he lifted two of the heavy bags onto the counter as he saw the man’s shoulders deflate. “Do you have a car?”

“No, I’ll be walking but its fine. I’ll manage.” Taehyung said, paying for the dog food and then attempted to lift it but almost dropped it as the new dog pulled away suddenly. “Ah, Bear!”

So the new dog was ‘Bear’ then.

Jungkook was quick to grab the dog food before it fell and looked up at Taehyung.

“Hey, I’m about to lock up let me help you get this home if you’re walking.” Jungkook said. “And I’m not taking no for an answer.”

Taehyung shut his mouth and pouted slightly, brows furrowed before he sighed and nodded, sorting out the dog leads so they weren’t tangled anymore, using a free hand quickly to brush his hair out of his face.
“Thank you Jungkook.” Taehyung mumbled shyly, looking down at his dogs.

Jungkook sent him a small smile before he grabbed his backpack from the small staffroom and grabbing the keys, hoisting the dog food bags onto his shoulder and carrying them out, watching as Taehyung lead all of the dogs out of the store. Once everyone was out, Jungkook put all the bags down before he locked the doors and checking the alarm was set before he opened up his backpack and put the keys inside.

“You do photography?” Taehyung asked, as he spotted the camera case in the bag beside the keys.

“Yeah, studied it at college and I do side projects every now and then.” Jungkook put the bag back on his back before he once again put the dog food bags on his shoulder, using his other hand to support the weight. “I mostly just take pictures of Cheddar at the dog park now.”

“Ah, you’ll have to bring it when we have our play date; I’ve now got three beautiful boys that could do with some nice photos.” Taehyung grinned at Jungkook as he got the dogs under control.

Four. Four beautiful boys.

“Ah, my photos aren’t that great.” Jungkook tried to brush off but Taehyung wasn’t having it.

“Hey, I’m not having that, I’m sure they’re amazing! You’ll have to show me sometime.” Taehyung smiled at him and honestly how could Jungkook not say no?

“Yeah, of course.” He replied shyly.

They walk in silence for a few minutes, the air around them comfortable and Jungkook was surprised that he didn’t feel at all awkward around the elder, as he had done at time when he embarrassed himself in the store. They turned a corner and Jungkook frowned as he recognised the direction.

“Where about do you live?” He asked gently.

“Ah, I only live two blocks away from you and Yoongi-hyung; they’re okay with dogs at my place too.” Taehyung replied.

“Hey, I forgot to ask before but how do you know Yoongi?”

“We met at a dog training class when it was just me and Tannie, kind of made friends when Tannie wouldn’t leave Holly alone. Guess you two know each other because of the building?”

“Yeah, he’s been amazing since I moved down. He’s a literal life saver. Also Holly’s really cute so I don’t want to lose that.”

Taehyung laughed, throwing his head back slightly and Jungkook couldn’t help but smile back. Taehyung buzzed them into his building and the two couldn’t help but laugh as they all fit into the lift, squashed up in the back as the dogs stood in front; Jungkook minding with how he carried the dog food still. When they reached the fifth floor, Taehyung managed to fish his keys out of the pocket of his baggy pants, unlocking the door and letting the dogs rush in.

Jungkook waited till everyone else was in before he stepped into his apartment, watching as Taehyung scolded the dogs gently for trying to run apart while they still had their leads on, risking stepping on Yeontan. Jungkook dropped the food bags gently onto a table and his backpack so they were out of the way. He turned to watch as Taehyung stood up right once he unclipped all of the leads, a mixture of green, blue and black in his hand. He let out a sigh of relief, grinning at Jungkook as he put the leads on the table.

“Can I get you a drink?” Taehyung asked. “Have a seat, please.”

“Water is fine thanks.” Jungkook smiled, sitting down on the sofa nearby.

Jungkook couldn’t help but watch Taehyung in the kitchen, quickly bustling around to grab the drink for him. Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh as a large mass of white fluff threw himself at Jungkook. His hands went to the sides of Bear, ruffling his fur happily as the big dog grinned up at him, tongue rolling out the side of his mouth.

“Bear, down!” Taehyung scolded gently once again, as he came over to the couch.

Taehyung handed him a glass as he sat down with his own cup of tea, pulling his legs up as he sat on the sofa comfortably. Jungkook took a sip of his drink, suddenly nervous once again.

“So where did Bear come from?” Jungkook asked, desperate not to let this turn into an awkward silence. Him being the awkward.

Taehyung ran a hand through his hair as he sighed before reaching over to stroke the excited dog.

“My best friend and his boyfriend found him abandoned on some road on their way home the other night. Poor thing was just left there. As soon as they told me about it I knew I had to take him in. I hadn’t even seen him yet before I agreed.” Taehyung laughed gently. “It was weird when I actually met him, he reminds me so much of my old family dog Soonshim… And I just couldn’t leave him, y’know? It’s just so sad that people out there abandon dogs like this all the time, it’s just not fair-“

“Hey, Tae, it’s okay.” Jungkook interrupted the elder, seeing how upset he was becoming, reaching out and touching his arm.

“Tae?” Taehyung turned to give him a smile as he rubbed his face.

“Kinda just slipped out.” Jungkook replied, ducking his head for a moment, embarrassed.

“I like it.” Taehyung said before sighing again. “Sorry to just suddenly dump that all on you but it’s just so frustrating that someone out there can be that cruel. I try to help out as much as possible but it feels useless at some points.”

“Tae, hey, you’re amazing with what you’ve done so far. You have given a home to three dogs that need it and you give them so much love and affection and you put them first. You’re so good Tae.” Jungkook said, hand still on Taehyung’s arm.

Taehyung glanced at the hand before up at Jungkook, a small secretive smile on his lips.

“Hey Jungkook?”


“It might not have been much fun, having to carry heavy bags and listen to my ramblings but do you think we could count this as our first play date?” Taehyung asked.

Jungkook felt his throat close up.


“And how many times am I going to have to drop really weird hints about play dates?”

Taehyung had moved a hand to place it over the one Jungkook had on his arm and smiled at him, a little nervous apparently. Again, what. Jungkook swallowed as he looked at Taehyung, both of them just looking at each other. And then Jungkook found himself moving forward, resting a hand on Tae’s cheek as the other moved forward as well, wrapping his arms around Jungkook as Jungkook pressed his lips to Taehyung’s. Taehyung kissed back gently, moving his lips that were so soft and Jungkook could taste the tea he had been drinking previously.

Moving away, Taehyung glanced up at Jungkook with a smile. “So when you taking me on our next play date then, huh?” As he grinned, Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh, Taehyung joining in.


Jungkook loved this job. He loved all the dogs and the people he worked with, even if his bosses were a little annoying sometimes; Jin with his teasing and Jin then being distracted every time Namjoon came in to sort out paperwork and work in the back office. He especially loved his job at Christmas time. Whenever a holiday season came round the corner, it was all hands on deck as Jin would decorate the store. Halloween was pretty fun, especially when a German Shepherd came in dressed as a giant spider and had Jin screaming for a full minute, Jungkook on the floor laughing, struggling to breath for another five.

Christmas seemed a lot nicer, it had already started to snow, a couple inches covering the ground outside. This was the only time Jungkook found it acceptable for dogs to wear ridiculous jumpers because he did have to admit they did look warm and cute in them. The store was currently adorned in so much tinsel. It covered the shelves, hung from the ceiling and decorated the till. Jin had also stuck small cut out ornaments onto the wall of the stores and even as a joke hung mistletoe above the staff room door because it was ‘festive’.

“You just want another excuse to kiss Namjoon-hyung at work.”

“It’s a festive tradition Jungkook and we’ll goddamn honour it!”

Behind the till was a small Christmas tree they had decorated with small dog toys and dog treats but it had soon become apparent that it was a bad idea when all the dogs headed straight towards it whenever they came in, so they had changed the decorations to more tinsel. Jungkook had jokingly stuck a funny picture of Jin’s face to the star on top of the tree, leading to the elder to complain and scold Jungkook but he never took it down. Now on the wall behind the till were photos hanging up with a sign next to them, advertising Jungkook’s photography. It had been Jin’s idea when he finally snuck a glance at Jungkook’s work while he was editing behind the till and was happy enough to advertise it in store. One of the photos was of Cheddar, laying on the sofa upside down with a happy grin while another showed Holly in Yoongi’s arms, even though the elder had demanded his face to be cropped out. The last photo on the wall was Bear and Hepi chasing each other at the dog park while Jungkook and Taehyung had finally gone on a play date.

The advertisement had worked out great and Jungkook was now frequently taking photos and editing in his spare time and he loved it. He had been especially busy during this Christmas period. The amount of photos of dogs in different festive outfits he had taken just for Christmas cards alone. Even had to deal with a cat in one photo. That hadn’t ended well. Jungkook went home that day with scratches all over this arms and a bigger love for dogs suddenly.

Jin walked out from the staff room, it was five in the evening at this point and they still had another hour before they shut.

“Hey, Jungkook, why don’t you go home early today?” Jin smiled at him. “You’ve worked had this week and I know you’re tired.”

Jungkook turned to look at Jin, lifting his head up from where it had been resting on his hand to look at his boss. “Are you sure?” He asked quickly, not minding to stay the last hour.

“Nah, its fine. I’m always going home early, you go for once.” Jin said with a smile as Jungkook grinned, quickly heading out back to grab his stuff.

Putting on his coat and scarf, beanie already on his head, Jungkook grabbed his backpack and lugged it onto his back before walking out to say goodbye to Jin. After a quick goodbye, Jungkook was opening the front door of the stop and stepping out in to the cold breeze. As he walked down the road, he was quiet, enjoying his surrounds and only listening to the sound of his boots crunching in the snow, leaving a trail of faint footprints behind him. Upon turning the corning, Jungkook looked down the street that would have been his usual route home and smiled before crossing the road and heading towards home.

Jungkook had moved out from his old flat a year ago now, it was sad to not live next door to Yoongi anymore but the elder had just said he’ll see him around anyway.

“I need to make sure you’re still eating properly.”

“Ah, hyung you care so much!”

“Shut up, brat.”

But Jungkook loved his new place, it was so much bigger and he didn’t have any annoying neighbours now or have to deal with elevators just to get to his floor. With seeing his house in sight, Jungkook smiled happily. With the photography helping out a lot on the side, he’d been able to afford his own small house. He even had a backyard for the dogs to run around now. As he got closer, he could see the Christmas lights on in the window and knew Taehyung was home and could hear the exciting barking within the household.

Opening the front door, Jungkook stepped in after kicking the snow off his boots and shuffling out of them, wriggling his toes in his socks before taking off his jacket. He heading into the kitchen to start making a hot drink because the walk had been a lot colder than he thought it had been. He stopped to look at the fridge and smiled at the amount of photos that covered it now, all pinned up with funny fridge magnets Taehyung loved to buy. The photos were a mix of Jungkook’s own professional ones and pictures off of Taehyung’s phone. Jungkook easily spotted a new photo in the middle of the fridge, pinned up with a green ‘M’ magnet. In the photo, Taehyung’s face was closest to the phone, grinning stupidly at it as he held it up to show all the people in the background, sitting around a dinner table. Jungkook’s own face was peeking out from behind Taehyung, pouting stupidly as he hugged Yoongi who pretended to look disgusted. At the head of the round table were Jin and Namjoon, the pair both laughing as Namjoon’s face scrunched up as he snorted with Jin was throwing himself forward slightly, the tell-tale sign of how he was laughing at something loudly (probably one of his own jokes). Opposite Jungkook and Yoongi were Hoseok and Jimin, grinning up at the camera happily.

Jungkook had been slightly shocked to discover that the ‘best friend and boyfriend’ Taehyung had been referring to was Jimin and Hoseok. Hoseok who he knew through Jin and Namjoon and was once again insulted that no one had introduced him to Taehyung sooner but Jungkook was glad for the coincidences of small worlds. He smiled at the photo fondly because Jungkook was so happy with his life. He had a great job that he loved, great friends, great dogs and a great boyfriend. The only question was where were the said dogs and boyfriend?

“Tae?” Jungkook called out as he grabbed two mugs from the cupboard, knowing Taehyung could want tea if Jungkook was boiling the kettle.

As if on cue, the sound of paws and claws hitting the floor echoed throughout the house, a small avalanche sound as they all piled down the stairs to turn into the kitchen. Jungkook grinned as Cheddar reached him first and scooped down to say hello to his number one boy. Jungkook always did this and it was always his downfall as Bear charged and jumped at him, Hepi appearing on his other side and proceeding to cover his face with slobber. Yeontan stood at the back barking excitedly.

When Jungkook was finally able to stand up, Jungkook looked around to see where Taehyung was but didn’t spot the older man.

“Tae?” He tried again.

“I’m upstairs!” He called out.

Jungkook grinned and bounded up the stairs quickly, dogs close on his tail as he headed to the bedroom. He found Taehyung quickly walking out and closing the door behind and grinned at Jungkook, walking over to him and greeting him with a peck on the lips, Jungkook lets his hands rest on Taehyung’s waist comfortably as he smiled at the other man. But his smile disappeared as he heard a scratch from the other side of the bedroom door and he saw Taehyung still. The thing is, all dogs were on this side of the door, out in the hallway.

“Tae… What’s in the bedroom?” Jungkook asked but deep down he knew that he knew the answer to what was coming next.

Taehyung grinned sheepishly as he took a step back, turning and opening the bedroom door. “So I have some news.”


“Congratulations sir, you’re a father.”

As Taehyung spoke, he scooped up a large puppy with long limbs and big paws and a big head but overall the puppy was just big. The merle coloured Great Dane puppy look up at Jungkook with big brown eyes and Jungkook knew he was fucked.

“Tae, that’s a Great Dane.”

“Her name is Lady and she’s positively beautiful, obviously since she looks like me.” Tae joked, pointing at how the grey puppy matched his now silver curly hair.

“She’s going to be huge.”

“I know but one of Hoseok’s patients at the Vet’s had a littler but no one wanted her and she was the only one left and the owners couldn’t afford to keep her-”

Taehyung was interrupted during his ramblings as Jungkook had stepped forward to press a firm kiss to Taehyung lips, watching as the elder melted a little and stopped talking, sighing happily into the kiss and pouted slightly as Jungkook pulled away and smiled at him fondly.

“You’re not mad?” Taehyung asked.

“No, I could never be mad at you. I’m kind of surprised we hadn’t taken in another one yet.” Jungkook joked. “But from now on I’m banning Hoseok from telling you anything about his job.

“Kook, no…” Taehyung whined jokingly but laughed as Lady lent forward towards Jungkook and licked his face happily. “See she loves you already!”

“She is sweet.” Jungkook smiled before lifting the puppy out of Taehyung’s arms to have his own cuddle because it’s a puppy and he’s a weak man.

“Kim Taehyung, you and you’re big heart are going to be the death of me.” Jungkook sighed as he looked down at the sweet puppy and goddamn Jungkook was screwed but he didn’t care.

“Yah, you love me.” Taehyung grinned.

“Yeah, I really do.”

“Now c’mon you, we have a play date at the park with Yoongi-hyung and Holly!” Taehyung grinned, Lady’s baby pink lead already in hand to match her collar.

“Oh my god, Yoongi is going to blow a blood vessel or something when he see’s Lady.” Jungkook laughed as he put the puppy down for a second to change out of his work uniform and into something warmer.

“Oh, I know it’s going to be hilarious. Bring your camera!” Taehyung called out as he started heading down the stairs. “We need photos of baby’s first outing!”

So as Jungkook finds himself in a snow filled park, watching five dogs chase each other around while Yoongi took his turn holding Yeontan who would disappear into the snow if they put him down, Taehyung yelling and laughing in slight fear as he chased him with a large snowball in hand, he knew he would never change a thing.