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When the World is Lost

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The day had been just like any other. U.A seemed to quieter than usual as Bakugo strode down the hall to the large wooden doors that stood before him. He snickered as he remembered Deku catching his eye on the first day. "Useless Deku..." he mumbled under his breath as he stepped into the classroom.

People were up and talking to one another, huddled around desks, or in Iidas case sitting down patently waiting for class to begin. Bakugo began the slow walk to his desk, shuffling his feet against the cold floor, hands buried deep in pockets. Then he heard his name. 

"Eh Bakugo, what's up man?" Kirishima said from across the room, his hand raised in the air as if to show the world where he was. Bakugo acted as if he was too good for everyone, which he believed he was, but with Kirishima he could be himself. Kirishima finally reached him and threw his arm around his shoulder. Kaminari followed a close second along with Mineta. "You got here just in time, man! We were talking about the latest issue of chick-flick. You seen it yet? Wowza." He smiled and removed his arm to snag the magazine from Mineta.

"Hey I was looking at that." Mineta pouted as he stood on his tippy toes to peek at the open page. Kirishima shoved the magazine at bakugo and said, "Just take a quick look, it's way better than you'd think." Bakugo sighed and looked up at Kirishima. "No thanks." He said as grabbed the magazine and handed it back to Mineta who took it so fast Bakugo hadn't even realized he'd taken it. 

Kirishima looked at Kaminari who just shrugged and bent down to have a look with Mineta. "What's wrong Bakugo? You not into that kinda stuff?" Kirishima tilted his head to the side with a confused look plastered on his face. Bakugo chose his next words very wisely. "Just...not in the mood.. weird hair.." He mumbled the last part just loud enough that Kirishima would hear him. "Hey my hair is basically the same as yours!" He saw Kirishima turn to kaminari. "My hairs not that weird right? Right?" Bakugo let out a small chuckle as he could fell the tension leaving his body. 

No one knew he didn't swing that way and he wanted to keep it like that. He especially didn't want Mineta or Kaminari finding out. He had little faith in them. And, well, if Deku knew....his world would crumble. 

Bakugo then snapped out of his slight daze, shaking his head as he began the walk to his desk once more. The desk in front of Deku. Deku. 

Man, what was with him today. Focus he needed to focus. 

"G-good morning Kacchan." He looked over to see Deku looking at him, pen in hand, hunched over his stupid notebook. Deku flashed him a quick smile that looked somewhat weary. Shit. That is not what he needed right now. Not now. 

"hmph." Was all he said in reply and he thought that all went smoothly. He sat down with a thump as he laid his head down on his desk. He barley got any sleep last night, he was up thinking about things...and doing things that some people deemed unholy. As soon as he was about to close eyes he felt something brush over his back. He sat up and stared over his shoulder at Deku who's head was bent over, his curls just glazing Bakugo's back. 

He knew he had to keep his cool, but he could feel his face heating up. "Stupid Deku. Useless Deku. Weak." He mumbled under his breath. Unfortunately for Bakugo, Deku had heard his name. 

"Kacchan, did you say my name?" Bakugo's head swiveled around so fast Deku had to do a double take. "Why would I say your name stupid Deku? Leave me alone or I'll blow you....frickin away." Wow that had come out so wrong. Deku heard it too and his face turned a bright shade of red as it sprinkled his freckled face. He then stuck his head back down and began scribbling away once more. 

He done messed up this time. He really needed to just stop talking...he didn't want to say anything he might regret. Luckily he managed to keep his face clear of any blush. Thank god.

Uraraka and Ashido then walked over to Deku. Ochaco poked Deku's shoulder and he looked up. Face still flushed. Shit they were going ask about that. 

Ashido covered her mouth and snickered and grabbed Uraraka's shirt and shook her like a polaroid picture. Uraraka looked confused as she said, "Uh- Deku... is everything ok?" Deku all of a sudden flushed an even brighter red as he realized the situation he was in. 

"Ah-h-h..." he took his arm and wiped at his face as if he thought he could wipe away the pink scattering his face. "Yeah I'm really ok, sorry about's uh--uh...I''m...well you" Stupid Deku, he just needed to shut up. Uraraka then puts her hand on Deku's shoulder. "It's ok Deku I just wanted to come over and check on you. Did you sleep well?" It's clear that Deku relaxes under Uraraka's hand and he places his hand on hers. He hated it. "Thanks Uraraka, I did sleep well. How about you?" 

They went on and on like that for what seems like hours. All Bakugo could do was try and get some shad-eye before Mr. Aizawa showed up. Finally, a ratty looking man in a yellow sleeping bag all but hopped into the room. "Good morning everyone please take your seats and we'll get started right away. While everyone's getting situated I'm just going to lie here." Then the yellow Caterpillar flops to the ground. 

Man he fell asleep quick. For once Bakugo wished he was Mr. Aizawa. He seemed like he never really did much and yet he was so amazing when it came to combat. Lucky.

 Class dragged on today and he guessed it was the sleep deprivation. He really needed to prioritize sleep. He probably should have been doing that in the first place. The bell rang for lunch and Kirishima skipped over to him. "Come on Bakugo Let's go grab some lunch, the lines going to get super long." Kirishima began walking to the door along with Kaminari, Mineta, Ashido, Jiro, and Uraraka. This was his chance to tell deku to keep his mouth shut. 


Deku was just putting his notebook away when he looked up to Bakugo towering over him. Bakugo noticed Deku seemed to shrink under him. Was that a bad thing?

"Uh h-hey Kacchan... what's up?" A word didn't leave his mouth as he watched beads of sweat roll down Deku's face. He then leaned in close to him and whispered. "You say nothing. Got it? Unless you'd like a brand new shiner.." Deku obviously gulped. Bakugo with his finger then poked Deku square in the chest as he walked toward him, Deku having to step back more than once. He continued to come at him all the while saying, "It meant nothing. Stupid Deku. Useless Deku. Weak Deku." All of a sudden Deku hit the wall behind them as Bakugo closed in on him. "You are nothing. Yet..." He leaned in until their noses met. "You're not're...Argh!" He then removed his finger from Deku's chest.

He walked out of the room head held high knowing that he could of said something. Done something...different. Kirishima stood waiting at the door all the while talking to Ashido and Uraraka. His face then lit up as he saw Bakugo walk over as he said, "Ah, finally ready to go? Come on dude!" Bakugo grunted in respsonse as he turned his head just slightly to see Deku sitting on the floor clutching his backpack. 

It was too late to do something now as he noticed Iida and Uraraka walk over to him and help him up. 

It was hard....

Bakugo finally realized that he was in fact...bad at feelings....

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What had just happened? His head was spinning as he watched the blonde haired boy walk through the door, Kirishima on one side and Kamianri on the other. He was pretty sure he even saw him look back as he shook his head, as if trying to clear away his cluttered thoughts. Before he knew it he was slumped over on the floor clutching his book bag to his chest. Kacchan had been acting weird all day, but this was too weird. 

What was going on?

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Iida and Uraraka heading his way. Deku braced himself on the wall as he stood up to face his two friends. "Um Deku? What just happened? You were up one second and the next you were on the ground." Uraraka questioned as tilted her head to the side. Iida then cut in with some border line panic in his voice as he said, "Midoriya are you sure that you don't need to proceed to the nurse's office this instant? Are you feeling well enough to continue your academic procedures today?!" 

Typical Iida.

"Yeah I'm fine. Sorry about that guys I a little flustere....UM I just had a talk with Kacchan." Deku then smiled as he rubbed the back of his head in the most awkward way possible.  Uraraka shot him a small smile and pointed to the door. "Then come on guys, the lunchroom is going to get suuuuper crowded soon." Deku agreed and they made there way for the door.


Down in the lunchroom Iida, Uraraka, and himself sat down at a table. (Far away from Kacchans). As soon as they started eating they looked up to see someone standing over them. 

Oh great just when they were about to start eating. He was so hungry.

"Hey, old friend." It was Hitoshi. Deku considered him and Hitoshi friends....sorta. After the sports festival they talked for a very long time and even met up at his place to go out for ice cream. He actually really liked Hitoshi, but he wasn't sure how he felt about him.

Hitoshi then ruffled Deku's hair and sat down beside him. 

Well now he knew how he felt about him.

"Hello Hitoshi Shinso. How are you doing today? Are your studies coming along well?" Iida said in the most monotone voice possible. Hitoshi chuckled and sighed. "I'm good thanks, and well yeah my studies are coming along fine. I guess fine is the best you can get in General education, right? Ha.." He trailed off as Deku put his hand on his shoulder.


He seemed to snap out of his daze and looked down softly at the small green boy. "It's ok, it's honestly not that bad. There are a ton of idiots in my classes anyways and watching them fail is pretty funny." He smiled and looked across the table to Uraraka. "Sorry Uraraka, I've been talking this whole time. How are you doing? It's been a while.." Uraraka looks up at the purple haired boy.

"Well I'm doing pretty well thanks Shinso. I just have two question if you don't mind." Hitoshi seemed a little confused but nodded his head."Well first of all, not to be rude, but why are you here? Don't you have a group of sorts.." Hitoshi looked down as if he was thinking about how to word his next sentence. "I mean I can leave if you want...I just wanted to say hi to Midoriya and..." 

He paused, slight hesitation in his voice.

"I kinda like hanging out with you guys more than the idiots in my class."Uraraka gave him a thumbs up. "Thanks Shinso, and you're totally welcome here! My next question if you don't mind is about you and Deku." All of a sudden he felt his face heat up. What was Uraraka talking about. "Uh yeah?" Shinso questioned hesitantly. He was pretty sure he had never seen that boy make an emotion other than normal

"Are you two dating? I don' to meddle or anything, but you guys hangout a lot it seems like." Deku all of a sudden had his hands in front of his face shaking them up and down. "No,no,no sorry Uraraka you've got it all wrong. Me and Hitoshi are just friends!" His face was brighter then a ripe tomato. Ugh why did this always happen to him.

Why was he all riled up today!

Hitoshi just cockced his head to the side and gave Uraraka a strange look. "I mean Deku is awesome, but he's not really my type, you know what I mean right Deku?" Deku visibly relaxed as his shoulders dropped and he let out a sigh of relief. "Yeah, yeah I know what you mean Hitoshi." Uraraka then came around the side of the table and threw her arms around Hitoshi.

"Great! Then you can come over anytime! K'ay?" Hitoshi smiled up at her with the most genuine smile he could manage. "Thanks Uraraka." She then proceeded to sit back down, but as soon as her bottom hit the bench the bell rang. "Shoot!" She shouted as she scrambled to shove as much food in her mouth as she could, Deku and Iida following in pursuit as Hitoshi sat back and watched.

"Wow, um, you guys were hungry sorry to keep you.." He rubbed the back of his neck as Deku looked up from his eating. "I-z no poblem Hioshi! See yo latter!" Deku then smiled up at him and then went back to his food. Hitoshi patted Deku's head and then disappeared into the crowd of people.

Little did Hitoshi know, but that was the last time he would see innocent Deku the way he was. The last time he would touch him. The last time...


Lunch was the most painful experience.  Kirishima would not stop talking. Ashido was as noisy as ever and Mineta and Kaminari just sat around looking at magazines. He didn't have time for that kinda stuff. 

The worst part about lunch ending though, was going back to class. Deku was there. 

When he walked over he glared at the top of Deku's bright green head and sat down with a thump as he crossed his arms and plastered a sneer on his face. He knew Deku would keep his head down the rest of class and until school had finished.

Good, he didn't want to talk with him anyways. 

Class dragged on and on and on until finally the final bell rang and it was a mad rush for the door. Bakugo turned his head as he looked out the door and noticed the rain drops pitter-pattering against the window. Rain was awful. It was annoying and stupid...just like someone he knew.

He scoffed as he grabbed his backpack and slung it over his shoulder. Kisirhima called out to him just as he was about to step out the door. "Eh, Bakugo! See you tomorrow man! Don't forget your umbrella!" He liked him but man Kirishima loved to yell. Bakugo flashed a quick thumbs up to Kirishima who smiled and shouted (per usual) "PLUS ULTRA!"

Bakugo didn't turn back this time.


He felt it was almost his duty to talk to Kacchan. He was just acting so strange and he needed to figure out didn't make sense. When the final bell rang Deku quickly gathered up his things and was about to reach Bakugo until he felt a buzz in his pocket. Apparently there was another villain on the loose  named Quick Kill who taking down heroes left and right until he fled the scene. He was about to click onto one of the articles when his phone lit up again as his mother's face appeared on the screen.

"Hey mom! Is everything ok?" He asked as he held the phone to his ear, while waving goodbye to Uraraka and Iida. He began walking after Kacchan.

"Oh, yes everything is fine, I was just wondering if by any chance you could stop by my place tonight. I was thinking I could make us dinner! How does that sound?" He could hear her excitement through the phone. After the dorms were all put into place Deku realized he hadn't really seen a lot of his mom anymore. 

"I would love to. That sounds amazing thanks mom." He chirped as his mother's voice seemed to dance with anticipation. 

"And um one more thing honey, I was wondering if you could pick up some milk and bread on your way home. Thank you so much!" Deku sighed and chuckled. 

"Sure mom see you at home."

"I love you Izuku"

"I love you too mom."

Inko then hung up the phone and excitedly began preparing the dinner that she indeed would not share with her son. Little did she know that was the last time she would here his voice over the phone. The last time she'd hear, 'I love you'.

Deku had lost sight of Kacchan as he was wired up in his own thoughts, but he knew now was the time he needed to talk to the blonde boy. All day all he could think about was what had happened between. Did sparks fly? Was it merely a threat per usual? Whatever it was or wasn't he was going to get to the bottom of things before the end of the day.

Deku through one of the windows, his face smooshed against the glass as he scanned the front entry way for Kacchan until his eyes landed on him, standing underneath an overhang near the exit. Deku then ran down the stairs and as he hit the bottom he popped open his blinding bright green umbrella and "formal speed-walked" over to where Kacchan was standing. Now or never.

"Um, hi Kacchan." Deku said with slight hesitation in his voice. Bakugo looked over at Deku and shot him a nasty glare, daring him to keep talking. Kacchan then turned his head back to stare up at the rain, as he extended on hand out to let the wet drops splat onto his hand. 

"Anyways.." Deku said nervously as he took a step underneath the overhang, inching closer to Kacchan with each small shuffle.

"I wanted to ask you a question....uh, about earlier." And that's when Kacchan started walking.

Deku caught up to him in a matter of seconds and held up his umbrella trying to shelter both himself and Bakugo. This was not going to be easy.

"What happned this morning Kacchan? I mean...what was all that stuff you said? It's been bothering me all day....I don't understand.." Deku said as he looked at his feet splashing in the small puddles as he walked. 

Kacchan didn't try to be civil in the slightest, as he kept his eyes forward and licked his lips. "Nothing happened, Deku. You're confusing yourself per usual." He retorted in a harsh tone of voice which made Deku just want to drop the whole thing. 

But he persisted.

"Please, Kacchan! What did you mean? Did you feel it too? Why did you...." He was cutoff as Bakugo grabbed his shirt and looked him dead in the eye. "Deku, you need to stop talking now. I'm not explaining myself to the likes of you! Got it?" Deku merely nodded his head as Kacchan dropped his grip and huffed. "Stupid Deku.." 

All of a sudden the two boys heard a scream coming from an alleyway behind Aika Sushi

"Please someone help me! Where are the Heroes? Agh!" It was the voice of a woman and she was obviously in serious pain.  After a moment the cries stopped and footsteps were heard coming from behind the trash bin. Deku the scrambled over to Kacchan where he grabbed onto his shirt in an attempt to pull him away.

"Kacchan we need to go now, and leave this to the heroes. They'll be here soon. Please Kacchan, this could be dangerous." With obviously no intent on moving Bakugo held his ground as the villain, or whatever it was came strolling out from the dark in a 'skippy' sort of way.

Wait this was a teenage girl....and she was....skipping?

Maybe she was the woman's voice he heard? Was she the victim?

"Wow, you're cute!" She said as she tilted her head to the side with a devilish grin plastered on her face. "Not interested." Kacchan said in a tone that could cut through steel itself. The young girl then frowned as she shook her head. "Not you...him." She pointed to Deku, still clinging to Bakugo's shirt, shaking uncontrollably.

All of a sudden Deku felt something wrap around his ankle and the next moment he looked up he was face to face with the girl in front of him. She was holding onto him with such brute force he couldn't even move.

"You're even cuter close up!" She twirled a lock of his hair on her finger as she stuck her nose in the top of his head and hugged him! Yes, this random, possible villain, was snuggling Deku right on the spot. He squirmed and wiggled in an attempt to break free, but each time he shifted she only held him tighter.

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Deku then craned his next to see Kacchan practically seething with rage. He pointed a finger at the girl and snarled, "You let go of him right now you bastard! Hear Me!?!" The girl tilted her head once more in an almost Chuckie like way and said, "That's not my name, bastard. It's Toga. Sorry for the late introduction there." She then chuckled and threw a knife straight towards Kacchan.

Luckily he ducked just in time, but the side of the blade caught his cheek, as he touched the small cut on his face. "Why you..." Toga threw her head back in a cackle. "This is so much fun! Right green boy! Right! What's your name?" She smiled as she patted his head and took a knife to his cheek the same way she had with Kacchan. Deku struggled to escape her grasp but it was useless.

She licked the side of his face where she had cut. "You taste sweet. How nice." She smiled and whispered in his ear. "I'm going to take you with me. And you can work just with me! We can work together, OK......Izuku." The last part made him freeze as his eyes snapped to Kacchan who was running full blast at the girl with his crush in her arms.

Not this way, no way was he letting Deku go.

She dodged Kacchan's attack with ease as he went flying past her, she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and held him up to her face where she licked the cut on his ckeek.

She puckered her cheeks in what seemed like disappointment and frowned. "Why were you with this sour tasting child, Izuku? He's unfit for you..." She softened her eyes and gazed at Deku while tried to reach Kacchan who was trapped just as he was. "Kacchan, hold on I'm..." Toga then put a finger to Deku's lips as if to silence him and threw Kacchan across the street.

"Kacchan!" Deku screamed as the boy went sailing through the air only to hit the cement building behind him.

A black whole opened up out of no where and Toga looked to Deku. "Welcome to your new life cutie! You won't need the likes of him when we're done with you." She caressed the side of his face with the back of her hand as Deku strained to get away from her. He threw his head back and forth in attempts to free himself, but came up short. 

He then look back to see Kacchan on his knees glaring at the girl. He began to run at her with all he had as she stepped through the portal. "Bye Bye Katsuki.." She devilishly said as she stepped through.

Deku stretched out his hand as far as he could while being pulled through. "Kacchan! No! Please don't let her take me Kacchan! K-k-Kacchan!" Sobs racked the small boy's body as he watched Bakugo dive for him. "Deku! Get back here! I'm not letting you go!" 

Their finger tips brushed each other as the overwhelming crushing dread appeared on each of the boys faces. 

The hand disappeared, away from Bakugo's reach.

Tears came next, heroes arrived, police reports taken. Sirens, people, lights. He didn't see anything but the hand that he had almost reached. Touched. Brushed.

The realization flooded over him like a tidal wave of dread.

Deku wasn't coming back for a long time. 

And he wasn't coming home the same way.