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Alpha on Alpha

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It’s not easy being an alpha in a relationship with another alpha.

It’s especially difficult when you’re in a rut; it’s damn near impossible when you both are.

Hizashi and Shouta had been eyeing each other warily for the last few days, irritable, snapping at nothing, waiting. Waiting for the tension to finally snap, waiting for the other to make a mistake, waiting for the other to pounce.

It was Shouta who erred first, turning his back on Hizashi one night just before bed. The fight was brief. The blonde hadn’t hesitated, jumping him, dragging him to the ground, biting and scratching at each other on the way down. They wrestle on the floor, each trying to pin the other. They knock over the tv in their struggles, Hizashi kicks the coffee table and he pretty sure he hears something break.

In the end its Hizashi poised victorious over the other alpha, his hand fisted in long, dark hair, the other pinning an arm. Shouta is face down on the floor, still snarling, teeth flashing, turning his head glare balefully up at the winner. Hizashi snarls right back, grinding his hips against Shouta’s pinned ones, a show of dominance.

He ruts shamelessly, Shouta snarling again, but it’s not enough. He wants to sink himself inside, knot him, claim him from the inside out.

They stare at each other tensely. At an impasse.

Hizashi needs to get their clothes off, but if he let’s go, Shouta will turn on him.

Hizashi cautiously releases Shouta’s arm, keeping his other hand tightly fisted in the other’s hair, while he pins the other’s legs beneath his own. He hopes it’s enough to keep him down. He gropes down to fumble at Shouta’s waist, thankful that Shouta prefers easy, loose sweat pants as he tugs them down one handed.

Shouta jerks in his grasp, nearly bucking him off, trying to claw at him.

“Stop fighting me!” Hizashi snaps once Shouta is safely pinned once more, frustrated at the delay.

“Fuck off!” Shouta bites back, snapping his teeth at him.

Hizashi reaches back to fumble in his back pocket, pulling out a packet of lube. Still one handed, he awkwardly rips it open with his teeth, slicking his fingers while still keeping a grip on Shouta with the other. Shouta squirms and shifts, making it as difficult as possible.

“This would go so much easier if you just let me have you,” Hizashi says, fingers prodding at the other man’s entrance, pushing in slowly, “Like a good omega.”

His words seem to enrage the other alpha, he snarls, arching and bucking but he just doesn’t have the leverage to throw the blonde off.

Hizashi finishes prepping him, and slicks up his own cock quickly, desperate to sink into Shouta’s tight heat and claim him. He grabs Shouta’s hip in a bruising grip, holding him still as he lines up his cock with his slicked hole.

Shouta freezes beneath him, shivering as Hizashi starts to slowly push in, gentle despite the instincts screaming at him to just take him now, hard and fast. Hizashi moans appreciatively as Shouta stretches beautifully around him, hot and tight, clenching and twitching. He looks down at his partner, unsurprised to see him still glaring though there’s a definite flush to his cheeks now. Hizashi grins triumphant, tightening his hold on the other alpha as he begins to thrust.

Shouta starts snarling and snapping again but Hizashi just fucks him through it, setting a hard pace. The snarls soon quiet to growls, then to whimpers and finally he’s whining high in his throat, a quiet barely audible ‘alpha’, completely submitting to him.

“There you go,” Hizashi coos, “Relax. I’ll take care of you, my pretty omega.”

 Shouta is rocking back now, whining louder.

“Don’t know why you fight it. You always end up loving it, begging for it.”

Hizashi doesn’t have to hold him down now. Shouta is pushing back eagerly now, hips snapping back to meet him.

“So sweet now. Desperate for my knot. Come on Shouta, tell me how much you want.”

“Hizashi—Alpha! Please! I want-I want,” Shouta buries his face into his arms, shamed, unable to say it, “Alpha!”

It’s enough for Hizashi. He feels the telltale swell at the base of his cock grow bigger, and pulls Shouta down onto it, the knot swelling and lock them together, as he comes in long hard spurts, filling his partner up.

Hizashi drapes himself over Shouta, palming Shouta’s dripping cock, growling, “You gonna come on my knot, Shouta? Like a good little omega bitch?” Shouta shudders at Hizashi's words, jerking back against the blonde, grinding down on the knot inside him, coming with a whine. He collapses on the floor, dragging Hizashi with him.

They both lay panting amidst their half destroyed living room.

“Do we really have to do this every time, Shouta?” Hizashi cuddles up his partner, wrapping around him protectively.

Shouta yawns, "You should have to work for it." He squirms down on the delicious fullness inside, closing his eyes contently.

“But do we have to fight every time. Seriously, I think we broke another lamp.”