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Cock Drunk Love

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For anyone else, the offer of some coffee to make up for bumping into someone was an innocent enough act. And Jaune hadn't really meant to mow over Ciel while walking down the hall carrying boxes, that was entirely a mistake. He couldn't even see what he was doing when the girl rounding the corner collided with him, but all the same he helped her up, a bit frustrated she was delayed in her arrival to her destination which seemed all too weird, but when he offered to get her some coffee, she seemed receptive. Bossily telling him where they would meet and at what time, but he didn't mind that too much either; she knew what she wanted at least, and Jaune found himself curious about how strictly regimented everything she did was.

Everything about the phrase, "You will meet me at nineteen hundred hours at the Bayside Cafe, and you will order me a black coffee with vanilla bean foam," sounded like a very firm and certain expression of precisely what she wanted when she wanted it. It piqued some curiosity within him, and he was happy to meet her there. Sure, he really did want to make it up to her, but a cute, dark skinned military brat with a short skirt and a bossy tone? Oh, that had something appealing written all over it, and after all the conquests he'd been indulging in, any remaining shred of patience or restraint had snapped. Coco was a turning point for Jaune now; when he saw a woman and wanted her, he got her, and right now Ciel was at the top of the list.

He arrived at the cafe for seven, just as planned, only to find that Ciel was already sitting at a table waiting for him, not particularly impatient or angry, but certainly waiting. Jaune quickly moved over toward the table. "Oh, sorry for making you wait. I didn't get the time wrong, did I?"

"No, you didn't. But if you're early you're on time, if you're on time you're late." She was very firm and composed. Jaune remembered the last composed Atlas brat he drilled. Fuck, he'd gotten in two of them now, and both Schnee sisters were now anal whores for his amusement. Maybe Ciel could go the same way.

"Alright," he said with a small laugh. "I'll go get our coffees, you just wait right here. Black coffee with vanilla bean foam, right? You want a muffin or anything with it.'

"Blueberry will be fine." Always business. Jaune gave a weary smile and a nod, then went off to get them their coffees and just some baked goods on the side to try and space things out a little bit. He was back before long, handing Ciel her drink, not sure why she would contrast pitch black coffee with something so frilly on top, but he didn't want to ask those kinds of questions.

Instead, he started to make all the usual small talk, but as a pair of students training to fight, they quickly began talking about school and about their studies. More specifically, Ciel began talking about Atlas Academy a whole lot. How it was a great school that brought discipline into her life, that made her appreciate routine and time and following orders. It was a lot and she simply did not stop talking once she started, which was curious enough already for Jaune, but he found himself all the more intrigued as he began to pick up on a vibe with her: discipline seemed like it was hard wired into her very being, and it just so happened that Jaune was particularly interested in discipline of a different kind.

Ciel was still talking, thinking Jaune was paying close attention to what she was saying when he was off plotting nefarious things. "And really, waking up at the exact same moment every day might sound bad, but it instills a sense of focus and timing in you that--"

"Take off your panties." Jaune cut her off swiftly, his voice heavy with authority. He knew how to command a woman, and he brought that talent to the forefront now.

Ciel stopped talking, eyes widening with worry, with confusion He hadn't just said that. He couldn't have. Shaking her head, she asked, "Can you repeat that, please?'

Jaune was firm. "Take off your panties," he said, slower this time. "That's an order."

Ciel sat very still for a second, meeting his gaze with an uncertain and worried tension, while Jaune seemed nothing but firm in his desire to see this through. "Yes sir," she said, nodding politely and reaching her hand underneath the table, up her skirt. It took minimal fidgeting for her to get her panties out, and as Jaune held his out toward her, she was overwhelmed by a throb of heat and weirdness. She took her panties off, gently folded them, and placed them into his open palm. She then sat steady and awaited another order.

That went easier than Jaune expected it to, but once he knew that Ciel was receptive to being spoken to like this he knew what he was absolutely in the best position now to have his fun. "Follow me," he said, rising up from his seat and leaving half his drink and a bit of muffin left, as he walked out of the cafe. Ciel followed steadily after him, walking in firm strides behind Jaune. Not beside him. Of course not beside him. He had told her to follow, and a soldier walked behind her superior. She strode firmly and silently behind him, not saying anything, but feeling herself getting so wet as she wondered where this was going, watching as Jaune stuffed his underwear into her pocket and she walked without them.

Jaune moved with confident strides that carried on firmly, made a direct show of what he wanted from her, and he was unafraid of what he was up to. Ciel was something special, and Jaune was about to really drive that specialness home as his nefarious plans came to fruition. He didn't stop his march until he had Ciel right where he wanted her, a block down from the cafe and in a lightly crowded section of city. There weren't a lot of peopled around, but there were enough people around. He turned around and, and Ciel stopped before him, standing like a soldier at attention. Oh, she was a fun one.

"Strip yourself down to nothing but your boots and your socks," he said, once more clear, once more firm. He slung a backpack off of his shoulders. "Put them all into here."

The tremble of her jaw was a sign she was having second thoughts, and Jaune was excited and frustrated by it at the same time. "But we're in public," she said, eyes darting about nervously. "S-sir. We're in public sir." Ciel wasn't sure why she referred to Jaune like that. Why she was so firm and formal and respectful to him? She was another student. Just a Beacon student who probably wasn't even as good as she was with his general lack of discipline. And yet there he was, talking to her, commanding her. And she let him. Even defying his order came with a deferential 'sir'. What was she doing?

Jaune responded with a slap across her face. Just a hard smack of his open palm, one that rang out and the gaze of everyone nearby snap toward the commotion. "DO not question my orders or make me repeat myself," he said, voice growing harsh now, the threat of punishment and discipline looming over Ciel.

It shook her. Shook her in ways deep and startling. She wasn't just taking orders from Jaune, but the idea she had defied one brought on a kind of guilt reserved only for her actual superiors. He was having an odd effect on her, and she was nervous about this, but Ciel did as she was told. Even though her hands shook as she did so, Ciel started by taking off her gloves, then began to unbutton her top, struggling to undo them as the clumsiness washed over her, but she was firm. It came open, showing the plain white bra she wore beneath, which was next to follow once she had her shirt off. Her skirt came off easily enough, but her panties gave her some trouble given that she was still wearing her boots.

Her bare, dark body was exposed completely. Strangers stared ready at her, watching and admiring, and she felt so nervous about this, wondering how to contain herself as she continued to accept her needs and her wants. She was unable to grasp this mess and her deepening swells of heat, a lust getting to her and inducing pure worry now within her. Her slender form drew so much gaze, and her cheeks lit up. "Even the beret, sir?" she asked, biting her lip tightly. She was overwhelmed by this, and she found herself very much not ready for this.

"Especially the beret. It won't stay on through what I have planned." Jaune didn't hide his smug grin. He loved what he saw even more than what he heard, and he liked what he heard too. 'Sir'. Jaune loved being called Master, but sir had a special ring to it for a military brat like Ciel, and he felt like it was a fun angle to keep playing at. he watched with a smug delight as Ciel took her hat off and placed it all in the bag, her cheeks so bright, her body so shaky, but what he really took to noticing was how Ciel's pussy was dripping down onto the ground She stood on.

The throbbing embarrassment of this situation was maddening. Ciel couldn't help herself, feeling so scared and shocked and overwhelmed as she endured this madness, as she felt the swell of embarrassment rising up through her hot and sudden, the startling rush of weird and unfocused desires doing to her things she felt frightened by. She was so unbelievably turned on and she didn't understand why, too busy wondering and being afraid of what her superiors would think of this. Her real superiors. Her instructors who would have seen her in such a state of sloppy, slutty indecency. She was an embarrassment to Atlas Academy looking like this. Out here in public. Obeying a man who wasn't even a link in the chain of command like he was her superior. This was disrespectful and unbecoming and absolutely wrong.

Her hand reached over her modest breasts to try and cover them, another trying to obscure the sight of her pussy dripping with lurid and indecent implication. She was a horny mess who was far too exposed and far too public right now. Jaune responded by swatting her hands away and giving her face another slap, then striking her bare ass for good measure. "No," he said firmly. "Do not cover yourself up. You will march down the street beside me, and you will let everyone see what a whore you are, do you understand? This is an order."

Whimpering and hanging her head in the most confused and desperate shame, Ciel simply said, "Yes sir," as she continued her shameful descent downward with no idea how to make this stop or how to contain her thoughts.

The march down the street was a horrible one, with Ciel feeling the eyes on her. Some ogled her fit and perky body, others looked on with disdain and disgust for her display of public nudity, and Ciel wondered what Jaune's intentions were as she moved forward, as she tried to ignore the dripping trail she left behind. Her pussy was soaked, and she didn't understand how this could turn her body on, especially as her mind remained so focused on the embarrassment and on the way she was letting so many people down.

"T-this is so wrong," Ciel whined. "If my instructors saw this, they woulds scream at me for days. This is so unbecoming, and inappropriate. It's not right, sir." Why was she still calling him sir? She sucked down trembling breaths, even as she marched with firm precision and a certainty that made everything all very direct, all very sinful. She didn't know how to deal with the sensations that surged through her, and that only deepened the heady mix of desperate confusion and throbbing lust that held onto her, that captivated her so much.

Jaune brushed it off. "You're following orders," he said. "Keep marching. You don't answer to them right now, you answer to me."

By the time they had walked a few blocks in this shameful state, the staring and the humiliation and the confusion got to Ciel too much. Her thighs were soaking wet, white thigh-highs clearly drenched, her pussy downright glistening now in the light of the streetlamps. There was nothing about this she could make sense of, and she didn't know how to try, as she chewed her lip, wondering how to deal with how hot this was getting her and how wrong it was. She was letting down everybody with this, she told herself, almost turning her worries into a self-flagellating mantra.

And then, without warning, Jaune reached out between her legs and simply touched her. It just took the plunge of two fingers and the press of his thumb against her clit to bring Ciel to an orgasm that made her shriek, her legs giving out as she fell to her knees, yelling loudly and leaking even hotter all over the place, an orgasm burning through her that was so wrong and shameful and intense that she felt something inside of her snap. The humiliation was still there. The shame. But now it began to ignite something within her,began to make her thirst.

"You see? Just like I said. A whore." Jaune was dismissive as he turned to stand right in front of the naked and trembling woman, down on her knees dealing with the aftershocks of a powerful and unexpected climax. "Her cunt sopping wet after exposing herself to strangers, so horny it took one touch for her to cum so hard she couldn't stand anymore. You're right, I'm sure your instructors would be disappointed to see they've trained a brazen cockwhore who loves exposing herself. But fortunately for you, I like that kind of woman under my command." Jaune reached toward his pants, getting right up in Ciel's face, not caring for a moment he was in the middle of the street and that people were definitely stopping to marvel at this spectacle.

"D-do you mean that, sir?' she asked, trembling, eyes shifting between Jaune's eyes and toward his lap in her face, to the bulge in his pants. She knew where this was going. Oh god she knew exactly what this foretold, and she found herself salivating at the thought of it, wrong as it was. "I feel so ashamed of myself. Do you really think I'm good at following orders? That I belong under your command?" The way that she had inspired his wrathful discipline hit her hard, and the way she obeyed him in defiance of everything decent hit her harder.

"I think you're going to prove that you can." He slowly fished out his cock, his massive shaft swatting her against the cheek. "And you can show it by fulfilling my next order. I need my cock nice and wet so I can take your ass with it, and right now the only thing to do that is your mouth. So worship my cock, soldier."

The eagerness washing over Ciel was one she understood to be pretty weird and fucked up and wrong. But she did it anyway, starting to lick his cock even as she trembled with confusion and arousal. Her eyes softened, staring loftily up toward Jaune before closing entirely, and she really didn't know how to deal with what was happening to her. This was so bizarre, but any attempt she made to try and parse that and reason her way through this mess simply failed miserably, a show of complete hopelessness that proved more and more solidifying of the idea that she was best off doing exactly as Jaune told her.

Her tongue slithered across his cock, painting it with her spit as she went. Jaune's groans of adoration felt so rewarding, reaffirmed to her that she was doing a good job and that she ought to continue, even though she was really, really not in a place where that should have been a factor. She could hear the murmuring of people who had straight-up stopped on the sidewalk to watch this happen, to watch some naked girl slobbering all over a man's dick right in public. It was a strange sight even by the standards of Vale and all the craziness that often transpired in the city.

The more she licked Jaune's cock, the more bold Ciel found herself being, opening up to more and more weird and heated desire getting to something relentless, and she gave up more and more to these feelings, to desires racing on stronger and hotter, out of control. In short order, she wasn't just licking his cock; it was resting on her lips and she was pushing her way forward, taking him properly into her mouth. She needed to complete these orders, needed to satisfy his commands and give him what he wanted. If he wanted his cock completely wet and primed, she had to do her best to obey and to fulfill his commands.

But she shouldn't. The endless back and forth only drove Ciel more crazy as she struggled to handle these messes of sensations wishing she understood what was going on and how to make sense of it. There didn't feel like any sense here, though. It felt hot and weird and confusing, as she tried her best to deal with this and only succumbed deeper to this weird mess, to the desperation and confusion of this moment. Anyone who knew her would have been horrified and embarrassed. her instructors would have been furious. But that somehow made it feel better, as she continued to drip all over the floor, arousal and heat overwhelming something that had Ciel wondering how she could be so turned on in defiance of her own dignity.

Back and forth she worked along Jaune's cock, slurping on his shaft and giving him a world class blowjob. Ciel wasn't even that experienced, but for the sake of following orders now, she would do everything she had to do, All for him. Which Jaune knew, and which Jaune was happy to exploit and take advantage of, as he grabbed the back of her head and shoved her down, tugging her down and forcing his way down her throat. Ciel gagged, eyes opening wide in panic as she felt the brutal penetration of her throat, felt the punishing heat washing over her. She wasn't prepared for this and she definitely did not know how to handle a cock down her throat.

Not that it mattered. Jaune stared down at her firmly, saying "You have to get my cock wet," and that was all Ciel really needed. In some insane way this gave her courage and strength even as she gagged on the big cock plunging down her throat, an excess of panic and heat doing to her things that were definitely not okay. She was lost to this, and she didn't have any hope of fighting it, giving in deeper and steeper, head spinning in the mess of confusion. She choked on Jaune's cock, but she choked with a sense of duty, with a deep and messy push forward, advancing in desperation and accepting that she just had to give in to this. she had no choice here, no option but to sink in and break down.

She was already breaking so much from anything sensible, and the idea of not only disgracing her instructors but also disobeying orders? That would have been the worst of both worlds. Ciel gave in to chaos and allowed this to all get the better of her. Reckless motions of her head deepening the appreciation and the hunger showed off something unbelievable. Drool bubbled around her lips and spilled down her naked body, adding to the puddle of her own cunt juices pooling on the ground. Ciel was a mess, but an obedient mess. A mess who followed orders and respected command, even if it wasn't coming from the 'right' place, even if she was definitely in over her head and not in a good place to be doing any of this.

But for her hard work, Ciel gave Jaune what he needed. He came without warning. His cock twitched and pulsed, sending cum pumping down her throat and filling her stomach with cum. It was sudden and insane and utterly disrespectful, but it was absolute ecstasy now, and Ciel trembled under a need to know what more she could enjoy as she remained firmly in place, waiting, aching, craving.

Jaune's cock withdrew from Ciel's throat, sloppy strands of spit coating it, connecting it to Ciel's mouth. "That looks slick to me," he said, utterly uncaring about the fact that people were around. He kind of liked it this way, in fact. he liked that there was an audience for this as he clapped his hands together. "Up to your feet, turn around, and fuck your ass down onto my cock." The merciless intentions were only going to go into deeper and harsher places.

Dizzy, nodding, confused, Ciel rose to her feet and turning slowly around, bending forward and staring out toward a group of people watching this all, and she had to face people who were marveling at her depravity, rather than just looking at Jaune's lap. It didn't do much to make her feel good about this, as she was stuck very much overwhelmed and feeling the shame, knowing she would have been absolutely destroyed, punished, and lose all chance of promotion if her superiors knew about any of this.

None of that stopped her from pushing her round, perky butt against Jaune's cock and then applying firm and steady pressure to ease her way down onto it, even in spite of her better interests. Startled moans followed, as she let out hot gasps, shaking her head and muttering to herself, "This is wrong," as she began to push her way along his shaft. His fat cock opened her up and brought swells of incredible sensations that Ciel absolutely needed more of, craved more of. She bit down on her pride and her tongue, starting to work back and forth to indulge in his cock, giving him all of the sweet and lustful indulgence she could muster.

Jaune held firm. "Just like that, good girl," he said, watching her butt shake as she shoved it back against his lap, the bounce and the jiggle in her motions catching his eye and holding it firm. He loved what he saw, and loved even more that he had Ciel so obediently giving herself to it, accepting the mess of pleasure with absolutely no control over herself. It was an incredible thing to behold and he savoured this mess as he held firm, as he stood proudly in place and let this girl fuck her ass onto his cock with absolutely no sense of self-preservatory patience or reason. Ciel didn't bring objections or try to stand up for herself here, she just took his thrusts and accepted the rolling heat and vigor, the darkness swelling hotter within her.

Continuing to mutter to herself about how wrong this was, Ciel fucked faster down onto his cock, making a public spectacle of the way her tight ass received this hard stretching out with Jaune's fat cock. She wasn't in control of herself any more, as shame drove her pleasures and the idea of restraint felt like a distant dream. She was just hungry and wanton now, giving herself to this madness and losing herself to the cravings and the desires that held fast and refused to let up. The idea of breaking from command for something so sloppy, for acting like a whore... It was as exciting as it was utterly degrading, and the way people stared at her began to induce deeper pulses of a strange, misplaced excitement, something that grew more hunger by the second as she gave herself to this heat.

"Do you like my cock up your ass, soldier?" Jaune asked with a hard smack across her cheeks.

"Yes, sir!" Ciel whined, head rolling back. "It feels amazing, sir. I've never taken anything as big as you before, but I'm so ready to learn and to grow able to serve you. It's my honour, sir." She felt like a woman of two entirely different beliefs right now, wavering dizzily between shame and worry for what she was doing, and deep acceptance of loving every second of this. It left Ciel more confused, more hopeless, and she wasn't prepared to make any sort of grounded or reasonable offering here. This all just kept happening, and everything made for such a mess of pounding heat and desire that she just had to embrace it.

The public nature of all this fucking stopped bothering her like it should have. She didn't know why for the life of her, but Ciel found herself hooked on this, hooked on the raw embarrassment of having Jaune ruining her, having him fuck her into utter submission and wear her down. She was lost here, giving up to this and having to accept it. Each imposition of his will upon her deepened her shame but also deepened the reward she got from obeying, from listening to Jaune and doing what he wanted, her hips now wild and feverish as she took on this mess, racing faster to fuck herself down onto him.

"Good, because from now on, you're going to be an anal only slut like you big-assed Atlas fucktoys should be. You are never allowed to touch your pussy for pleasure, and nobody can eat you out. Do you understand?" Jaune struck her ass again. he rode high on this pleasure, and watching Ciel turn from worried and nervous soldier to wanton anal whore filled him with deep excitement, with the kind of lustful need and heat he craved, knowing she was absolutely incapable of helping herself out of this mess. Ciel was his now.

"Yes, sir!" But this time Ciel didn't just acknowledge the order. She came. She squealed and shivered and twisted about in bubbling desire, body thrashing under this mess of ecstasy as even in front of everyone, she gave up to this pleasure, her climax raw and feverish, overwhelming her from deep within. Her excitement was public and it made her legs give out again, as she collapsed down onto the ground once more, face down, ass up, deliriously mumbling and whimpering as his last drops of cum dripped onto her ass. Maybe her instructors would be furious with her, ashamed of her. Want to yell and scream and punish her. But she had only one superior now, and he was giving her exactly what she wanted.

Jaune didn't hesitate to get into place and shove down into her ass again. "I'm not done yet," he groaned, grabbing her hips and fucking her ass raw while she gibbered and whined, heaving under the pressure of getting pounded where she lay. "Everyone is staring at you becoming my whore, but you're doing good. Following orders. I want a dirty fuckslut who knows how to obey, and who I won't have to discipline, and you're doing amazing at being that. You're not going to wear panties or a bra any more either. You're going to be completely bare under your skirt, and if you accidentally flash someone, what will you do?"

"I won't apologize or cover myself, because everyone should see what a whore I am, s-sir." Ciel struggled to speak and focus, drawn deeper down into the confused heat and haze of being ravaged. She loved this, and she didn't know how to deal with how much she loved it, but she knew she needed more, heaving and aching, completely lost to this molten lust and a surrender getting too powerful to handle. "Just like everyone can see me now, with my superior officer's cock shoved up my ass, dominating me!"

Fuck, she was getting into the angle he played at, too. Jaune couldn't believe what a kinky bitch he'd landed here, but he wasn't at all surprised the upright ones were such freaks. He'd banged Schnees before. "That's right, soldier. Everyone is watching, and you are going to continue to serve excellently, aren't you?"

Ciel trembled and ached, nodding in delirious, panicked excitement as she gave herself up to something so weird and hazy that she didn't know how to handle it. She loved this so much, and she didn't want these spiraling swells of sensation to ever stop. "Yes sir, of course sir!" This was ecstasy, and Ciel refused to let up on any of it as Jaune taught her so much about discipline. She was already primed for this, already convinced being told what to do was the way to go. Jaune had just been the one to capitalize on it and dominate her.

While Ciel's back and forth shoving against his ass had been intense, the fervor Jaune showed her tight backdoor was much, much harsher. He held nothing back, vigorously, and recklessly fucking her tight hole as hard as he could, making her burn and shudder and struggle under what he was capable of doing to her, leaving Ciel helpless and dizzy, lost to feelings of chaos and need too primal to handle. She was his. Utterly, completely his, and she couldn't deal with what came with all of that, what burned through her as she learned what submission was and how good it all could feel, her ass hole stretched out by a fat cock and subjected to bliss.

The crowd remained firm. Ciel looked around at them, dizzy, feeling the judgment, the lust, the weird heat and shame. She came from all of it, gasping and screaming through another orgasm. Through the first of several, as Jaune decided to keep up the pace and fuck her into delirium, to make sure it stuck by breaking her into another fuck-addled wreck who wouldn't be able to resist coming back for more, hooked on his cock now just like the rest. Each shot of cum gushed deep into her ass and she came with rapid fire ecstasy, climax after climax showing her what anal pleasure could be and leaving her addicted to it.

His final load involved rolling Ciel over onto her back so he could cum all the front of her, painting her with his spunk while she lay ruined and cock drunk, eyes rolled back, all of her body done for. Jaune stood for a moment over her, then grabbed her limp and helpless body, ready to do the decent thing instead of leaving Ciel on the street. After all, she was his now, and nobody was doing anything untoward to his girls. He brought her to a seedy motel where he could buy a cheap room, leaving her passed out on the bed with her clothes, aside from the bra and panties that he threw out on his out the door.

When Ciel awoke, she found a note with orders written in sharp, tight handwriting. They instructed her to buy mini vibrators to stick up her ass and place on her nipples, ordered her to walk around with them all day. Every day. He would contact her with instructions soon, but she was to retrieve her new items first thing in the morning and await further orders from him. He signed it 'Commander Jaune'.

"Yes, sir," she said softly to herself, falling back onto the bed a panting, smiling mess. She looked forward to what her Commander had in mind for her, and she wanted to express that excitement, rolling onto her knees and reaching around behind toward her ass. She wouldn't touch her pussy. Not even in private. Not even a little. Ciel was a good soldier who followed orders perfectly, and she was happy now to learn just how good following orders could feel.