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Cock Drunk Love

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"What has gotten into her lately?" Weiss asked herself, sighing as she headed into the library, shaking her head in frustration. Ruby sent her a message out of the blue declaring a state of emergency because she left something in the back of the school library but was now too caught up in things to be able to get it herself, demanding very pushily that Weiss get it for her before anyone stole it. It was sudden, bossy, and any attempt of Weiss to say she was busy was met with urgent pleas and promises, which did nothing to make her feel any better about this. Yang and Blake just weren't on at all and hadn't been for over an hour. What was going on?

Ruby had been acting weird lately. Very weird. Then Yang started up in the same way, and Blake soon followed. All three of her teammates had these periods of going dark and not saying anything, of clamming up very abruptly without any reason or purpose, and Weiss didn't understand any of it, but she decided she had to just follow through and figure this out, try to make sense of it all. Something was up and she needed to confront them all about it, but she was going to have to wait for the chance to do it as in the meantime she headed out to see about getting whatever Ruby had left behind. Maybe tonight she'd confront them. Assuming all of them actually came back to their dorm room for the night, which was its own problem lately.

As she approached the back of the library she bean to hear noises. Not noises like people talking or giggling, not like phones going off or someone listening to way-too-loud music on their headphones. Weiss heard sounds like moans and the slapping of flesh against flesh, of people fucking in the library right by where ruby said to be. Weiss knew she was going to have to face whoever was doing it and to snap at them, to send them off on their way before retrieving Ruby's things, which just meant another layer of frustration upon this mess as she inched closer, preparing herself to confront the very rude perverts at work fucking away near her. She had to do something to stop this, not for a moment able to stomach the mess she was about to walk into.

Especially when she rounded the corner to find Ruby bent over and getting fucked from behind by Jaune.

Weiss stood there in open-mouthed shock, appalled by what she saw and not knowing where the words were to express the utter gall she felt over what she saw. This was insanity in a way she didn't have any frame of reference for and as she tried to deal with it, eyes snapped toward her. They weren't lovers caught disrupted in the chaos, they were very eager and certain lovers knowing exactly what was going on, and they had led Weiss into a trap.

Ruby's semblance gave her remarkable bursts of speed, and everything happened so quickly that Weiss could do nothing to stop it, even if she wasn't startled into staying completely still. Ruby ran over to grab her, tugging her over to Jaune, then stripped her dress off of her until she wore only her boots, then tied her up. By the time Weiss could process what was happening, not only were her hands tied behind her back, but elaborate rope work left her all shibari-ed up, diamond patterns running all along her body, digging into her breasts and her perky ass. Panic ensued as Weiss realized what had happened, staring in utter confusion toward Ruby, about to shout and scream at her, to get help, but before she could, Ruby shoved her lips tight against hers.

Jaune grabbed hold of his lover's hips again, pounding back into the redhead as he growled, "Be quiet, Weiss. You don't want anyone to find you like this, do you? They'll think we're having a threesome here, you won't look very good either." His smile widened, a wicked smirk driven by something dominant and smug, knowing he had utter control here and that he could flaunt that control a little bit as he fucked Ruby hard from behind, resuming the steady pace they'd been enjoying earlier. He could see the panic in Weiss's eyes at the thought, knew the consequences of calling for someone with no context were not going to look good on her. "Plus, everyone will get to see your perfect body naked, and I know I want that, but I don't think you do."

Weiss remained silent, still burning with so many questions and having no idea what to do with any of them, shut up completely by the insanity of this advance and by Ruby's aggressive kisses. Passive as she was in the makeout session with her partner given that it it was far, far removed from what she was looking for, the feeling of her friend shoving her tongue down her throat made for something she wasn't really in a place to fight against, as she watched Jaune hammer into her from behind, holding onto her hips with her skirt tugged up and his cock nestled inside of her. What had she walked into here? Why had Ruby done this? Was this tied to how weird she'd been acting?

There were too many questions to ask even if Ruby's tongue weren't invading Weiss's mouth, as Ruby eagerly licked away with something driven by chaos and heat. Ruby began to grope at her friend's body, having become very familiar with Blake and Yang before but most excited to be able to feel up Weiss, to touch and fondle her partner. She had plans for her, and she was going to indulge in all of them now as she dove into the madness and embraced the pleasure upon her, intent now on bringing her into the fold of their love. Sending for Weiss was step one of that.

They'd already been in the process of fucking, which made it easy for Jaune to keep pounding away at Ruby and finish up with her quickly enough. She actually outdid him in that regard, cumming first as the thrill of kissing Weiss and enacting the plan she'd come up with made for all the pleasure they craved. Her inner walls begged down around his cock as she silenced herself in the kiss with Weiss, and Jaune was happy to respond with a hard shove forward, his cock erupting deep into the tight, spasming hole pleading with him for pleasure, his groans raging on hotly as he let himself go and allowed himself to burn.

There was no slowing down the pleasure train as Jaune pulled Ruby back very abruptly, freeing Weiss's lips and watching as the heiress stared in worry at him, meekly cooperative and confused. "What are you doing?" Weiss asked, not sure who to stare in the eye and ending up simply staring at the floor as cum dripped slowly out of Ruby's pussy and she just didn't want to pay attention to any of it.

"We're bringing you love," Ruby moaned, shoving forward off of Jaune's cock and kissing Weiss's face all over. "Me, Blake, and Yang all love Master's cock, and we want you to share in it too. I promise, you're going to love this, and you're going to thank me when this is all done for all the love here."

Weiss didn't have a chance to respond to any of it, even as a million more questions followed, the most pressing and panic-inducing of which was Ruby calling Jaune "Master". She didn't have time to ask what was happening on any of it before Jaune grabbed her long white hair and pulled her sharply down to a perfect bend, one that made the ropes dig into her body harder, but even that was a hard secondary thought to the suddenness of Jaune's cock plunging into her mouth, claiming her without warning and without sense, punctuated by a hard groan from Jaune and eager moans from Ruby.

She choked loudly on the thick shaft, sputtering and shuddering under the sudden panic and the pressure, body aching with worry and heat as Jaune's hips worked in relentless back and forth motions, very sudden and bitter, driven by a heat and panic nothing could stop. Weiss wasn't given much of a choice here but to gag on him as he worked with a pace driven by the fact he'd just fucked Ruby, something that Weiss and her throat were not ready for at all between his speed and his size. Delirious and confused, her head throbbed with panic and worry, and she was left hopelessly stuck in place maid the swell of relentless aggression bearing down upon her with something unstoppable.

As she received her messy oral violation, Weiss had even more to worry about in the form of something else claiming her. From behind, an oversized dildo shoved its way into her pussy, catching Weiss horribly off guard as she felt the thick toy at work. Ruby smacked Weiss right across the ass as she began to work the toy deep and steady into her waiting hole. "We're going to make you feel so good, Weiss!" Ruby gasped, ready to lose herself to this madness as she pushed onward, thrusting the toy in deep and preparing Weiss for more, penetrating her over and over with a single-minded intent and a senseless kind of approach. "And then you can join us in loving Master all the time!"

There was nothing that Weiss could do to halt any of this with the rope holding her arms in place and her head getting light from the plugging up of her throat. Jaune's huge cock pumping down her throat gave her something she was hopeless in the face of, and she continued to take him down, sloppy noises and messy gags following as she endured the deepthroat experience. She could taste pussy all over his cock, knowing it was Ruby's and not sure how to feel about that. Even less sure how to feel about her friend fucking her from behind with a dildo and talking up how Jaune was her master. It was insane. Wrong, even. Jaune? Jaune Arc? How was this happening?

But at the same time the thick cock stretching out her throat induced a certain kind of acceptance, a sense that she knew exactly what they saw in him, for as much as he was still Jaune, still the dork she should have wanted nothing to do with. This was such a mess of panic and weirdness, and she wished she knew how to deal with it, wished she had a way to fight against this, but the more she felt of him fucking her throat, the more she began to sink deep into a sense of complete insanity, of madness and desire too hot and wanton to know what to do with.

With the grip in her hair tightening and the thrusts at both ends intensifying, Weiss wished desperately for sense and for logic. She found neither, stuck here enduring something as chaotic and insane as she could have ever imagined. They ganged up on her, made her feel something chaotic and craved, something that she never had a chance against, and she was stuck to feel the pressure burning her up as she sank slowly down deeper and deeper still. Panic wound up hotter and weirder as the pressure got the better of her, as she succumbed inch by inch down into chaos and confusion, surrender getting the better of her. She didn't know what to think of it, but she also wasn't sure she could continue thinking for too much longer, period.

As much as Weiss would have liked to breathe freely, it was the dildo fucking her pussy that really made this all a problem. She was stuck here in something that felt good, that threatened her stability and her senses as she suffered under this steady, pulsating madness. Every back and forth swell of sensation pushed her down further into something crazed, insane, chaotic, and helpless. Jaune did to her a lot, but Ruby and the betrayal that came with it were doing even more to her. It made for something so hot and so confusing that the pulsating rush of heat burning through her was something she was pretty heavily ashamed of.

She came.

She didn't cum softly, either. Burning up with the pressure upon her, Weiss came hard, spine arching, body shuddering and spasming under the wanton press of pure heat and delirium. She could do nothing to help herself now, burning with desire and chaos through the pleasure upon her, seeking to try and make sense of this even as she moaned around Jaune's cock, as he fired off a flood of cum down her throat and made her burn with something she had no way to handle. Weiss was helpless here, stuck in the midst of something too insane to believe, and she could do nothing to bring a sensible end to this treatment. Worst of all was how she came harder as he came down her throat than she would have otherwise.

Control slipped further away from Weiss as the cock drew back from her throat, as she sucked down desperate breaths and offered meek whines, tension winding her up hotter and harder as she stared in confusion and worry up at Jaune in front of her, not sure what to think about this but feeling like she had to do something. Her pussy dripped down onto the floor as Ruby continued to work the toy slowly in and out of her. Confused and helpless, she didn't say anything, just fixated on Jaune and on his cock.

"Do you want me to fuck you now?" Jaune asked, smiling wide and eager as he stared down at the nervous mess before him.

A nervous, "Yes," passed Weiss's lips without her wanting it to, quickly pulled upright by the hair as Ruby dragged her to a standing position again and shoved her forward, up against Jaune with an urgency she couldn't help. The guilt within her was something she didn't know how to handle, but even worse awaited her as she felt the press of heat against her. This was wrong and raw in ways she felt helpless against, stuck in place as desperation wound up inside of her and she succumbed.

One hard shove forward sank all of Jaune's cock deep into the waiting heiress, catching her off guard and making her whine with a panic and heat she didn't have any way to handle. Back and forth her body shuddered in waiting desperation, a whine lost once more to Ruby's kiss, as the redhead brought a pair of small vibrators forward, reaching between Jaune and Weiss's bodies to bring them down against her partner's nipples and overwhelm her with even more raw, pulsating sensations meant to wear her down completely amid the relentless pounding forward of a huge cock hammering into her waiting twat.

Weiss didn't know how to feel. The dildo had been amazing, but now Jaune's cock felt even better. Real, warm, even bigger than the toy, and fucking into her with unflinching conviction. She squirmed against her bindings, feeling completely hopeless under the amount of pressure overwhelming her, and all Weiss could do was take it, enduring this treatment with no clear path to pulling away from it or understanding how to make this come around to any sane answer instead. A relentless and insane fucking made for a kind pulsating rush of confusion that Weiss had no way to be able to control. She was stuck here, a victim of their desires and their aggressions, and she had no escape, no way to ground herself, no chance to bring sense to this madness.

Every hard shove into her waiting cunt made her shudder hotter, as Ruby pulled back from the kiss and Jaune took charge instead, his fingers tangling into Weiss's hair as he kissed her. A guy who she turned down before was now fucking her in the library and pushing his tongue down her throat, and as much as she wished she could, she didn't hate it. Confusion abounded and Weiss found herself spiraling into the confused despair and haze of something getting the better of her, and she wished there was a way to cut through all of this and understand her surroundings better, but such hopes were lost to the grim reality of what she did in service to this madness.

A madness burning and pulsating through her hotter with each passing second. Jaune's kiss intensified, and Weiss found herself starting to give in to it, too. Her tongue met his, confused and meek, submission feeling so wrong and so weird to her as she kept it up, as she gave him the attention he wanted and felt herself sinking into madness in the process. The vibrators buzzing against her sensitive nipples only made things worse, made her shudder and thrash in the midst of something so hot and delirious that she didn't know how to handle it all, but she knew she needed it, desperate for more and allowing the chaos to grip her tighter and hotter still.

"I know you love his cock inside of you," Ruby moaned into her ear. "He feels good doesn't he, Weiss? We wanted to sad to share him with you, and Master wanted you. But we had to wait for the right time, and had to keep it a secret. We don't want to run away from you anymore though. We want to share Master with you, and be with you ourselves. All of us together with Jaune and his other girls. Isn't it beautiful?" Ruby kissed all along her partner's neck while she kept the attention on her nipples up, refusing to let Weiss have a moment of low stimulation as she forced her down deeper. This was all very easy for Ruby, who had cooked up one hell of a plan here. "You, me, Blake, Yang... And of course Pyrrha, Nora, and even Professor Goodwitch. You can join all of us."

This was insanity. Weiss didn't know what to think about the utter madness Ruby spilled, but she felt like it couldn't have been made up. Too much of this was clearly true for the rest to be the ravings of a madwoman. There was nothing about this that made sense to Weiss, but sense seemed beyond her now as her body shuddered and shook, as the throbbing pulse of frustrating heat and delight got the better of her. Jaune fucked her so well and so hard, and she had too much here to contend with for thoughts to settle into anything sane again. She was lost now, giving up everything to the weird rush of pleasure threatening to unravel her once more.

The orgasm that hit this time was harder, hotter, and even more heavy and impossible to deal with. Weiss shook under the weirdness of this mess, struggling for sense and control as she spiraled into insanity, helpless now as the pleasure got to her. Her pussy clamped down around Jaune's cock as she moaned into the kiss with him that had become too hot, too passionate, too active. Her thrashing and shivering only made worse the pressures winding up inside of Jaune, who proceeded to cum inside of her too, to fill her with a shot of hot, gooey seed that almost made her lose herself right there, vision going white for a second under this pressure.

Jaune drew back from the kiss, smirking brightly as he assessed Weiss for a moment, eyeing her carefully. Her glazed eyes met his nervously as he eyed her, and she felt so bare, so vulnerable. He eyed her like a piece of meat and Weiss didn't know how to handle what came with those worries, but she knew she was too far gone to this lust to be able to mount any kind of sensible argument against whatever it was he was about to do to her.

"Not quite there yet," he remarked, and sharply pushed her off of his cock, turning her around and bending her forward again, grabbing her tied-up arms and using them for leverage in the process in shoving her down, bending her sharply over once more, and this time, her face went between Ruby's thighs, up her lifted skirt and brought face-first with a pussy leaking with cum. "Eat my cum out of Ruby while I fuck you until you learn." He smirked, wicked and aggressive in his game as he shoved forward again, plunging into Weiss and hammering her hard from behind, fucking her with only one goal in mind and letting him burn with relentless heat and vigor, showing her something panicked and desperate, making her twist and ache with something so unrestrained and confused that she just didn't know how to handle all of it, but she craved the idea of accepting more, of leaning into this and embracing the most insane and chaotic things she'd ever felt.

Jaune fucked even harder this second time. Weiss felt lost to it all as he hammered into her twat from behind, as the sensitivity of two orgasm ignited her body. She took on the fucking without sense, and with Ruby taking over hair pulling duty and urging her onward, Weiss shove her tongue up Ruby's cunt and began to lick all of the fresh, salty cum right out of her. She couldn't believe she was eating Ruby out while Jaune fucked her, but she really was having sex with both of them and she was going to just have to accept it, aggressive and shameless in how she pushed forward and gave herself up completely to something too insane to believe. There was no sense here, no decency, just surrender.

A surrender taking hotter and sharper hold of her as she bore onward, aggressively seeking pleasure and satisfaction in ways she didn't understand or know how to process. Everything about her aggressive and sloppy oral indulgence proved something that she was afraid of, startled by this mess and by how readily she gave herself up to all of it. She just licked and accepted it all, aching under the swell of desire and want taking her by storm, leaving her ragged and hopeless, ensuring she came undone at the seams and that she could do nothing to stop any of it. This was her fate now and she just had to accept it, giving in to the pleasures now taking hold of her, breaking down her mental barriers and her composure, melting away at everything other than utter surrender.

"We're going to have so much fun eating Master's cum out of each other," Ruby moaned, head rolling back as she ground her mound right up against Weiss's face, lost to the pleasure of just giving in to ti all. The appeal of Ruby's words shook Weiss, frightened her, because she could feel herself slipping deeper into exactly what Jaune and Ruby wanted from her, and she wasn't sure how to feel about nay of that, shuddering and aching under the weirdness of this mess. She just kept licking though, kept giving Ruby what she wanted to embrace and accepting that her steady descent into madness made for something neither were able to control.

Fucking Weiss like a machine, Jaune had a point to prove, and he proved it. Weiss was the most unattainable of any woman he'd pursued so far, at least given that Glynda had come to him. She was the prissy high class princess who'd turned him down before, but that was then. "You don't seem all that high class tied up in the library, do you?" he taunted. "Getting a second load of cum fucked into your womb while you eat my seed out of your partner." He held nothing back in wanting Weiss to feel the depths of heat and chaos he was able to inflict upon her, chasing indulgence with everything he did, wanting her to feel it all and to ache against him.

And ache she did. There was no sense to this whole mess, and Weiss could mount no sensible answer or defense against this whole mess, burning needier and more desperately as he kept up the pace, leaving her dizzy, overwhelmed, fucked into a confused state of desperation and ragged need hotter and more potent than she knew how to handle. This was madness to Weiss, and she couldn't keep from succumbing to all of it, from leaning down into the heat and embracing her most desperate and base instincts happily, still not any clearer on what to do but knowing it felt too good for her to want it to stop.

Then came the orgasm, and finally Weiss was just too far gone to help herself. She thrashed and shivered as she came again, as her tongue pushed itself deep into Ruby and licked her out desperately, seeking pleasure and indulgence as she shuddered under this panic and desperation. Ruby came from the frantic oral and Jaune was already close behind anyway, following this mess up with a flood of hot, molten spunk pumping deep into her, leaving the trio all shivering with ecstasy as Jaune filled Weiss with another load of cum and finally just had to give up to everything, desperation reaching through her and ensuring she was helpless as she succumbed to all of it.

Jaune pulled back a little bit, tugging Weiss up once more and pulling his cock out of her pussy, bringing a hand up toward her throat and getting a nice, firm hold. "Did you like that?"

"Yes." Weiss's voice felt hazy and distant. She was drunk on lust now, his cock leaving her intoxicated and dizzy, struggling for sense as she held against him. "It was the best sex I've ever had before." She licked her lips, leaning back against him and his strong, warm body, seeking more of his presence against hers.

"And do you regret turning me down now?"

More confidently, Weiss responded, "Yes... Master." The word just happened. She hadn't thought about it or wondered what to say, it just spilled from her lips. "I'm sorry I turned you down. I'm sorry I kept from discovering sooner how amazing your cock was! If I had... I would have been where Ruby was. Offering up all my friends to you so they can get hooked on your perfect cock too!" She whimpered. "Please, will you forgive me for being such a prudish, tight-assed bitch?"

Something about those words sparked a wicked idea within Jaune, one that made him tighten up eagerly as his hands reached out for her, seizing hold of Weiss and gripping her steady. "I think I can, but I'm going to have to make sure you really are sorry." It was on that note that Jaune plunged right into Weiss's ass, driving his whole cock into her with one thrust and wasting no time in getting down to a savage and reckless pace with her, one driven by an underlying lack of care about anything but completely overwhelming his newest lover.

"Yes, of course, Master," Weiss whimpered, nodding in quick acceptance and obedience. "Punish me however you want for it, I'll accept it. Anything to earn your love again." The hard fucking of her ass came with something so rapid and insane that the struggle to stay quiet ached through Weiss like never before, and Ruby had to move quickly to seize her lips and shut her up before she got too loud.

This was all coming perfectly together now. Jaune held all the cards now as he hammered forward, fucking Weiss into a state of delirium even deeper than the cock drunk heiress was already mired in. His hands seized her hips and her perky bubble butt, driving himself deep into her ass with each thrust, brutal and relentless in his pursuit of pleasure and indulgence now, allowing her to feel something driven by such molten bliss and heat that she had no way of handling this all. He was out of control, fierce and aggressive in his dominant claim over the Schnee girl's lovely ass, and he let the idea of completely using her through and through take hold of him, let her learn what he had in mind for her and what her fate would be now that she was his.

Ruby rubbed her partner's clit as they made out together, fingers catching the drops of sticky nectar and thick cum leaking out of her, often bringing the digits up to interrupt the kiss as she brought scooped-up semen for Weiss to accept into her mouth. Ruby then shoved her tongue back into Weiss's mouth so she could enjoy the taste of it colouring their heavy makeout session, then she did it all over again, a relentless cycle of sloppy, slutty indulgence leaving Weiss even dizzier and more confused with each passing second. This was pressure too good to handle, and the sweet thrill of utterly ruining Weiss alongside her master made this one of the most fun experiences Ruby had ever enjoyed.

There was no leaning out of this madness now, no opportunity for Weiss to find herself or to steady her thoughts now. She was stuck here, a dizzy mess desperately clinging to a senseless swell of pure madness and delirium, to a kind of heat threatening to unravel her as she came undone. There was nothing in the world that felt as good as this did, that ached and resonated within her with such fervor as this. There was no pulling back from it now, and Weiss shamelessly gave up everything to the bliss, enduring the rough anal pounding, enduring the kiss with her partner, enduring the relentless sense that she was horribly out of control now in trying to deal with everything happening to her. She couldn't think straight, lost to the chaos and the winding heat of this disaster before her, seeking only to find steadiness and grounding in the midst of something spiraling completely of anything resembling what Weiss knew in a life before this insanity, before she was completely given to this heat.

"I love your cock, Master," Weiss moaned through the kiss, pressing her hips back against Jaune, trying her best to meet his attention as he took her harshly from behind, fucking her ass as hard as he could. She couldn't get much more out as Ruby's tongue almost shoved into her throat to shut her up, but the spirit was there and its desperation was clear. Jaune needed only keep up the pace ash e fucked her steadily, fucked her until she could take no more, until she was utterly done for.

Weiss was ready for it, and she found herself happily inching down into the embrace of pure desire, left wondering why she ever turned Jaune down in the first place and why she thought to complain and worry about this happening when she wanted it so fucking bad. This was too good for Weiss to comprehend anything other than wanting it, and she had to give in to it, had to embrace the sensations taking hold of her. She wound up and lost herself, throbbing through yet another powerful and deliriously good orgasm, but this time she knew what was coming and she welcomed all of it without worry or shame. Her eyes rolled back and her body trembled as she gave in, losing whatever last shreds of anything may have been left inside of her, and she was ready to give in to it, an aching and howling wreck bucking through desire and want. She just couldn't help herself here.

This time, when Jaune came inside of her, pumping her ass full of hot, gooey spunk, Weiss actually came again, thrashing and whimpering as she took the load deep into her bowels, as her body throbbed with something so sweetly delirious and chaotic that she didn't know how to handle herself, but she knew needed to give in to it all, to lose herself to want, to desperation, to desire. She couldn't think straight as this pleasure took hold of her, as she gave up everything to the pleasure and allowed herself to burn, to thrash and ache and ultimately lose herself to all of it.

"She's ready now," Ruby said, pulling back. "I'm so happy, Weiss. We're ready to be together! I can't wait to tell the others. We're going to go see them soon, and once we've all showered, the four of us are going to spend our night with Master together."

"I can't wait," Weiss said, smiling brightly, leaning back against Jaune. "I love you, Master."

"I love you too, my little anal heiress." Jaune snickered, his ideas taking form, and his night only just beginning. He'd done it, he'd completed his set and had all of Team RWBY hooked on his cock. Ahead of him now stood a dream of many guys in Beacon, but one that only Jaune would ever know.