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Professor Layton and the Legend of Zelda

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[Somewhere outside of London — 2:42 pm] 

“Professah, are you SURE it's safe to go in here? I mean... It’s pitch black!” Luke said, slightly trembling as he shone a flashlight down the long, dark path of a cave.

Layton laughed a bit. “It's quite alright, Luke. Nothing is going to happen.”

Luke frowned. “I hope you're right, Professah…” he said quietly.

Layton held his flashlight a bit higher to light more of the area. Suddenly, Luke stopped, pointing ahead of them. “Professah... Look at all this pottery!” He gasped, running over to a huge pile of broken pottery against the wall.

Layton glanced at the pile, when his gaze shifted to the marks on the wall that captured his eye. “What's this?” He asked himself, walking towards it. Layton ran his fingers along them. He looked up a bit. “Oh, my…” he gasped, stepping back. The entire ceiling was covered with ornate drawings. 

Layton examined the center drawing further: One part of the drawing showed a giant porcine monster hovering over three golden triangles forming one triangular figure. Below it was a girl wearing a beautiful white dress, and next to her was a boy dressed in green holding a sword. 

“This is fascinating, Professah!” Luke gasped. “Do you suppose this is a civilization that has never been discovered?” 

Layton examined the drawing further and nodded in response, “Yes, that's what it seems.” He crouched down and picked up a piece of the broken pottery. Engraved on it was the same triangular symbol as shown in the drawing on the ceiling.

These triangles, He thought, Could they mean something?…

Luke gasped, “Professah... Look…” He pointed to a pedestal. On the pedestal sat a gold sculpture of the same symbol. “My word…” Layton said under his breath. 

He bought his attention back to the three figures in the drawing, narrowing his eyes at the boy in green.

“Luke, my boy… We may have a new puzzle to solve.”