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Harem of the Sith

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When Palpatine had warned Anakin Skywalker they would have to go into hiding, this is not what the newly-christened Sith Lord had expected.

Perina was a lovely, temperate world, and the safe house?

A fripping mansion with sprawling grounds, open glass doors that led out directly into the spectacular gardens, some severely formal, others feigning a gentle wildness that had to be carefully groomed.

Hell, it looked even more spectacular than Padmé's lake house on Naboo.

But thinking of that sent Anakin into a mood.

Padmé. On Coruscant, with their children, and armed with a divorce and restraining order.

Oh. And the warrant for his arrest, for the attempted overthrow of the Republic, treason, attempted genocide, and other things. A lot of other things.

Anakin had just lifted his knuckles to rap at the front door when that door slid aside, and he found himself greeted.

Not by Palpatine, but by a man who looked a couple years older than Anakin himself, clean-shaven, clad in a tailored black fabric that drew attention to his shoulders and hips.

He looked Anakin in the eye and smiled, showing teeth and beautiful gray eyes.

But Anakin couldn't take his attention off the quiet black band around his throat, or the fact that the shirt's neckline left pale skin visible beneath the collar, making it stand out. Something that couldn't be overlooked, almost loud in its simplicity.

Anakin's throat went dry.

“Lord Vader,” the slave purred, sounding cheerful and speculative all in one. “Right this way, if you please.”

Anakin stepped inside and felt the door close behind him, his stomach flipping over.

Palpatine wasn't... he didn't own slaves, did he?

Especially after he'd seen what it had done to Anakin and his mother?

“Lord Sidious is in the library. The nonlethal one.” An amused glint lurked sly in the slave's eyes. “Would you like to join him immediately, or rid yourself of the dust of the road?”

Anakin tore his eyes away from the collar. “A shower would be nice.”

He didn't need one, but he had to corral some of his thoughts before he could face Palpatine.

After all...

Palpatine was all he had left, with the attempt at forming an Empire having failed, and Qui-Gon and Ahsoka...


Anakin's former master and his... former... padawan didn't take kindly to the fact that he'd intended to slaughter the entire Jedi Order, them included, if that's what it took to save Padmé.

What counts is she's alive.

Maybe she would never be happy to see him again, maybe she would try forever to keep him away from their children...

But she's alive.

And she wouldn't be, if Anakin hadn't done what he did.

The slave was leading him up a truly ridiculous curve of stairs that looked like marble to Anakin's eye.

“So... you wear a collar.” Somehow, both a question and a threat lurked in Anakin's tone. He hadn't meant to sound aggressive. If this man was kept in slavery, it was hardly the victim's fault.

A sly, happy smile lit the man's face again. “I am the harem of the Sith.”

A harem? I didn't think the word worked like that. Isn't a harem a collection of people?”

The man chuckled. “It would be, if it were a collection. As it is, I am the crowning jewel, and the only one, though I know occasionally Savage frips the assistant gardener. My name is Obi-Wan Kenobi, and I am very much at your service.”

“I don't frip slaves,” was Anakin's automatic reply.

Obi-Wan sent him an arched eyebrow. “I find that disappointing, for the both of us. Fortunately Maul will be home soon; if I cannot have your cock I shall certainly have his.”

Anakin nearly choked on his own spit.

Shaken and entirely confused, he felt grateful when Obi-Wan opened a door to a room, bowed, and sashayed away.

Anakin closed the door behind him, placed his back to it, and squeezed his eyes shut.


Going into hiding meant living like a prince on a pristine, near-untouched world.

Palpatine owned a sex-slave. Who apparently served Sith in general.

So... Maul and Savage, then. And me, if I wanted.

Maybe Obi-Wan didn't belong to Palpatine, but to Maul.


Would that really make it any better?

Anakin heaved a sigh and slid down the door to the floor.


This wasn't at all how he'd pictured life after his desperate scramble to save Padmé.

Not at all.


* * *


Obi-Wan returned to the library, and as he entered, Sidious looked up.

“Lord Vader has arrived,” Obi-Wan confirmed. “He is different.”

“He did not immediately fall prey to your charms and take you on the floor?” Sidious asked, looking amused.

“Well,” Obi-Wan drawled, “I was willing to be persuaded to use the bed, if it was a deal breaker.”

Sidious chuckled. “Poor, hungry pet. It might be another hour before Tyranus rejoins us— should I feed you?”

“If it would pleasure my lord,” Obi-Wan murmured, gaze downcast and swept by his lashes.

Sidious liked the affect of a gentle forest prey creature craving the predator.

Obi-Wan liked how each of the Sith he served enjoyed something different. It offered variety.

“It might add interest to this reading,” Sidious decided, beckoning Obi-Wan to his side.

Obi-Wan moved with the grace of a doe, and knelt between Sidious' knees with that same fluidity of movement.

Sidious returned his full attention to the book, his hand only lightly caressing Obi-Wan's head as the harem unfastened the Sith's trousers, and coaxed an erection into being using nuzzling and gentle nibbling.

Even after Obi-Wan had the member in his mouth and had applied his tongue, sucking and stroking and nursing, Obi-Wan's palms resting lightly on Sidious' thighs, the Sith did not respond.

That hand in his hair was still passive, without tension.

Obi-Wan offered up a soft whimper of content, narrowing his attention until nothing in the universe mattered but worshiping this cock. Experiencing its warmth, its texture, its weight, so beautiful, so precious—

Sidious' fingers twitched, and Obi-Wan smiled.

The only noises Sidious ever wanted were soft ones of gratitude, of sated need.

And in this moment, Obi-Wan drained every thought from his head except the need to suck this cock.

Sidious thumb rubbed small circles against Obi-Wan's scalp, and oh, it felt nice.

Unless in one of his moods, Sidious was a considerate lover, and highly unlikely to seize Obi-Wan's head and ram himself down his throat.

That being said...

A pleased smile quirked Obi-Wan's rounded lips, and then he angled his head to allow access to his throat, and eased his nose clear up to Sidious' clothing.

Sidious didn't turn the page of the book he held, his gaze not moving from one line to the next anymore. His hand still lay almost passive on Obi-Wan's head, but Obi-Wan felt pleased with his own victory.

He swallowed, pressed his tongue up to the underside of what he held, as close to the root as possible.

Sidious came, silent and still, his hips pushing up just a little from the chair.

Obi-Wan pulled his head back to allow him to nurse the last of it, just as a footstep in the door alerted both that company had arrived.

In spite of sensing Vader's shock and recoil, Obi-Wan finished his ministration, and then gently put Sidious' cock away again as the master greeted his apprentice.

“Ah, Lord Vader. I trust you encountered no difficulty in finding the safe house?”
The fingers on Obi-Wan's head moved just a bit, a gentle squeeze, a slight burying further into the hair.

He was pleased with Obi-Wan's offering.

While Obi-Wan moved a bit, he settled upright on his knees beside Sidious' leg, turning his attention to a Vader who's face looked as if it might catch fire from his discomfort.

“It was fine,” Vader managed.

“Now, my dear boy, Obi-Wan tells me you did not make use of his services. If it's his consent you're worried about, I can assure you, Obi-Wan is as hungry a soul as any I have ever seen, and even without trying, you must be able to sense his lust for you in the Force.”

Just to leave no doubt about it, Obi-Wan fluttered his mental shields lower, allowing peeks of what he would like Vader to do to his body filter through.

Obi-Wan sensed Sidious' amusement, and Vader's flustered embarrassment.

“I'm... rather tired,” was the transparent excuse he mustered up.

Sidious laid aside his book with a smile. “Just as well. Dooku will return from making the gardeners' lives hell with his directions, and will undoubtedly wear Obi-Wan out.”

Obi-Wan smiled at the thought, fairly certain Sidious was correct.

Lord Tyranus would likely have frustration to work through.

Vader turned an awkward shade of green that had Obi-Wan mildly concerned for the safety of the carpeting.

“You look famished. Are you hungry?” Sidious asked, sounding solicitous.

Obi-Wan smiled, knowing that when Sidious addressed such a question to Vader, it meant something entirely different than when it was addressed to Obi-Wan himself.

With Obi-Wan's shields still thinned, Vader seemed to catch some of that train of thought and turned ghastly pale.

So many colors in Lord Vader's repertoire!

“Obi-Wan, be a dear pet and show Lord Vader to the dining hall, and see that he is cared for.”

“As you wish, my lord,” Obi-Wan affirmed, uncoiling and moving for the door.

Vader hurriedly stepped out of his way, as if afraid Obi-Wan might brush himself up against him in passing otherwise.

Which, of course, Obi-Wan would have been sorely tempted to do.


* * *


“You, ah... serve the old men, that way?” Anakin asked, feeling worse than ever.

Obi-Wan sent him an unimpressed look. “How old do you think me, Lord Vader?”

“Mid twenties?”

“I am nearly forty. And I'll have you know, when Lord Sidious first took me into his bed, he was much younger than he is now. My affections have not faded with his hair turning from red to gray. What shallow giggler do you take me for? And as for Tyranus, his stamina and physique lack nothin—”

“I do not want to know this,” Vader almost groaned.

Obi-Wan chuckled. “Now that you know I was an adult while you ran about in diapers, you find me less attractive.”

“Not at all. But I'm... married.” Divorced.

“So is Ventress,” Obi-Wan dismissed. “And both make use of my body. And if it's having once been a Jedi that is the trouble, there are many who find rest here of a similar background. And certain guests of Lord Tyranus still are part of the Order.”

“And... they ...?” Anakin asked, startled.

Obi-Wan arched eyebrows at him. “An adult who gives enthusiastic consent? Where would be the issue? And if it's my station that you think would bother them, would not denying me a choice at all be rather counter-productive?”
“I... hadn't thought about it like that.”

Obi-Wan didn't seem at all perturbed. “I am quite voracious, Lord Vader. And I am happy to be here, and kept by Lord Sidious for the reasons I am here.”

“How did you end up here? You are Force-sensitive, and you've clearly had training. Jedi, by the feel of it.”

“You were the padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn. Do you not know?”

Anakin felt confused. “What does that have to do with it?”

“Everything,” Obi-Wan murmured, and for the first time, a darkness entered his tone. “Everything.”