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so we sit by the fire (and wait.)

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IT STARTED OUT INNOCENT ENOUGH, with questions of 'never have i kissed' and other generic types. But then the drinks start to kick in.
The laughter is growing wilder, speech is getting slurred, there are stumbles and run-ins into the wall, and everything begins to slow, and overall, things are growing more intense.
But this is what they wanted, didn't they?
The questions that once brought on rounds of chuckles and pasts on the backs as friends watched one another down their drinks or take another shot, have now turned into questions that cause others to flinch and cast their gaze to the side; firm grips on their now-untouched glasses as no one dares to speak again.
Things get back light when it starts back with Harry and Draco attempting to outdrink one another with their past injuries.
But soon, the crowd is bored.
And as the room clears from others,
as footsteps start to depart,
and they are the only ones left in the room,
it is with a series of questions that follow after,
dealing with their childhood,
that cause the two bond,
and to end the night,
with a seat by the fireplace,
and with a new beginning in their arms.