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Izuku's Sisters

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It was on the whim when Izuku decided to go to Yuga's party. Yuga's mother was out of town and left the blonde 'prince' plenty of money. With his being the Prince of UA High, he invited the entire class of 1-A and 1-B. According to Yuga, why not throw a party? Summer was upon them and why not celebrate their adolescence?

Izuku stood at the punch table. He knew that it the place where all nervous teenagers go when they couldn't dance or ask someone to dance. He kept his composure, rocking his head to the music and watching the others having a great time.

With class 1-A and 1-B being a large class, yet familiar, he should have spotted them. However, he was seeing partygoers he had never met. His conclusion that Yuga wanted this to be an epic party and most likely word out of mouth came from one friend to the next.

Through the huge crowd, he tried to see if could spot Tenya, Shouto, Tsuyu, even Katsuki. A bit frustrated, he decided to get a cup of punch. A cool drink should cool the emerald child's nerves. As he poured himself a cup and drank, a hand laid on his shoulder. As he turned, he nearly choked on his punch in surprise when seeing a certain guest.

"You're not trying to get drunk with the punch? Aren't you, Deku?" Never in his short life did he expect the unexplained, unpredictable, volatile "teen" Himiko Toga at Yuga's party. Before he could defend himself, Himiko wrapped her arm around his shoulder. "Hey, hey, Deku! Relax!" Himiko scanned both sides before returning to the matter at hand.

"What are you doing here," he asked while muffling. He was nervous. Yet again, why wasn't anyone aware that danger was in the room?

"It's a party, silly. Duh!" Himiko grabbed his cup of punch and finished it in a couple of gulps. She crushed the cup, discarding it at the nearest trash can. "Something about punch and indirect kisses makes a girl like me feel good." She relaxed her grip on him.

"But that still doesn't answer my question, Toga," he protested to her. "Why are you doing here?"

Himiko dusted off her cardigan, still keeping her yellowish eyes on Deku. "Aww, sweetness. To think we have further our acquaintanceship on a first name basis, I-zu-ku." She displayed her canines, licking them in a process. She stuck out her fingers. "One, I was invited by the "French" boy. Two...well let's call it a stalemate." She patted him on his back. "We can have a fun and be common enemies," she winked at him. "I think I am liking the latter better. We can have some fun. Can we, I-zu-ku?"

He wiped his punch mustache. He was still apprehensive.

"Fine," he said. "Only because I don't want any trouble at this party." He released a sigh. "But when you see my friends, I suggest you make like a tree...and branch out."

Himiko bit her finger. "Oh, Deku! That is the best thing you have said to me in quite some time." She spread her arms. "I think you deserve a hug."

As the unpredictable teen went to embrace, Izuku intercepted her by pouring a cup of punch into her mouth. Her eyes widened by his quick, yet tactful surprise.

"I must say, Izuku. Nice shot."

"Thanks, I think." His eyes widened. Oh, God! Did I actually compliment the danger?

"Yep! You sure did." Himiko blew into his ear which made him flinch.

"God, don't do that!"

Himiko rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. You must like me if you are here this long. Most of your team would have buzzed off or have gone awry." She pressed forward. "Is it because of our kiss we once shared?"

He slapped his forehead. The kiss. He lamented that she had stolen his lips…and broken skin. He wished he was figurative as they shared a kiss, she stabbed him with a razor blade. He even had the scars to prove it. As much as it was to his chagrin, he overlooked it. He now returned to the punch. "Hey, did that punch taste a bit interesting?"

Himiko smacked her lips. "Yeah, a bit of a funky aftertaste. But it was delicious."

He shook his head. "Yeah, a bit too delicious." Seeing that his friends weren't there and he was mildly entertained by Himiko, he might as well give her a bit of his time.

The music was so loud that it made his skin tingle and his lungs feel like mush. The bass thumped in time with his heartbeat as though they were one, filling him from head to toe with music. He liked this song. Over the roar of music, a distant, hazy chatter could be heard. He couldn't make out any words, but laughter rang in his ears and wouldn't seem to stop.

Himiko and Izuku were sitting at the kitchen table. At the center of the table was the bowl of punch that they took from the living room. Each took turns taking the drink, consuming it into their palettes.

"Shit, this punch is on fleek," shouted Himiko as she reached for another.

"Hell yeah," concurred Izuku. "It is someone crap rainbows into my brain."

"Like unicorns," she questioned him, starting to release hiccups from her throat.

"Like those flying little bastards from the Wizard of Oz."

"Tekashi or Lil Pump?"


"Exactly, buttercup!" Himiko playfully punched Izuku on the shoulder. "God, you are not that bad, Izuku." She raised her eyebrow. "Did I give you a compliment and mean it?"

Izuku slapped his thigh. He looked at her. "I used to be a lover boy. That girl turned me into a savage."



She blew a raspberry at him. "Whatever, Izuku. You act like you are drunk."

"Drunk?" He laughed loudly as he tilted his head. "This is just plain punch!"

Himiko took another swig of the punch. The more he observed her, the more he saw her feminine features. Like how her soft looking lips curved when seeing something funny. How flushed her face look when licking sour lemons with salt. Her smell, smelling of honeydew and sweet blackberries. He shrugged his shoulders, trying to not produce further thought. He concluded that it was the fumes of Yuga's house or something.

Izuku took the last swig of the punch, emptying it.

"Finished," questioned the blonde as she was swaying her hair.

"Can't do it anymore." He managed to say that and that took a bit before he started to produce word vomit. Whenever he attempted to speak, it became word vomit. He couldn't contain his laughter. He burst out laughing loudly while beating the table hard. He was so caught up in the moment that he did not pay attention that the blonde was getting closer to his line of sight.

He extended his arm around the edge of the seat. He had invited Himiko to join him.

Dude, what are you doing? His conscience was asking him. Do you know that this woman, this thing is an enemy? Don't you know what kind of tricks she has up her sleeve?

Izuku hiccuped. "How should I know, my thoughts? I am sober. I am aware of who she is."

The blonde took his invitation as he nuzzled, better yet, enveloped around his chest. Her pink, flushed cheeks were becoming red like the intensity of Izuku's face. It was flushed as he was basking in the glow.

Himiko pressed her warm body on him, giving Izuku a harder erection. He couldn't contain the feeling the blonde was giving him. Her soft cardigan was brushing against him with such intent. She looked up at him with those alluring eyes. It spoke words to him without moving her lips.

They stared into each other's eyes. She turned to his direction. He closed his eyes as he tasted her. His lips enveloped each other as they shared a kiss. He slid his hand around Himiko's hair and continued down to his back. Her breath, labored by the touch of Izuku's hand.

They broke the kiss, leaving a trail of saliva between the pair.

"What was that," questioned Izuku.

"That was your second kiss," she purred at him. "Would you care for another?"

Before Izuku could respond, she went in for a second kiss. By that time, the music was getting louder. He ignored the partygoers around him. All he could focus on was kissing the enemy.

Not an enemy, just Himiko.

When she broke the kiss, things were getting cloudy. Things were becoming blurry. He had a crooked smile as he looked at the empty punch bowl. He didn't take a genius to know there wasn't only punch in the drink.

"You want to dance," he slurringly asked Himiko.

"Sure, Deku," she giggled. Izuku took her hands and lead her to the dance floor.

By that time, the lights were dimmed. The DJ put on the song, "Fuck Love," by XXXTentacion and Trippie Redd. The music moves them like they were puppets on strings, their heads mashing so hard their brains was in shut down mode. There was so much sweat on his skin and not all of was his. The strobe masks so many of their movements, every clap of his hands like it's on pause at different moments.

Baby, I need you in my life, in my life
Please, bae, don't go switching side, switching sides
I swear this is where you reside, you reside
Please bae, don't go switching sides, switching sides

Himiko was moving her hips against Izuku's waist. Her back was turned to his chest. Izuku put his hands on her waist and started kissing her from behind. She moaned in ecstasy, aggressively dancing against Izuku. It didn't matter that the others were watching. It didn't matter as Izuku, in return, gripped her hips harder and kissed her neck more deeply.

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooh, please don't throw your love away, huh
Please don't throw your love away, huh
Please don't throw your love away, huh, yeah, ayy

Izuku turned Himiko around to kiss her. Her hands went into his hair, tugging it aggressively. He felt her tongue exploring his mouth. He closed his eyes, allowing his tongue to do the same.

Himiko gave him quick, feathery pecks around his neck. He extended his fingertips around Izuku's chest. She pressed hard into his body, creating pressure that at any moment Izuku could have burst.

"I think we should go somewhere," Himiko whispered into his ear before licking within the canal.

Earlier before the party….

Katsuki couldn't wipe the grin from his face. He had no problem helping Yuga out with his party, especially if it included free alcohol and women.

"Do me a favor, Kacchan, and organize the liquor for me," said Yuga. "Not everyone is going to drink so I have punch and canned drinks for them."

Katsuki gave him the okay sign as Yuga went outside to phone the DJ. Katsuki grinned as he reached for a bottle of Wild Turkey. "This should make this interesting." He poured half of the bottle into the punch. He went and grab some salt and sugar in an ill-attempt of disguising the taste. "A great party to make great memories."

"Kacchan, are you finishing the drinks?"

"Yeah, Yuga. It's finished." Katsuki gave Yuga the peace sign as he left with him to assist him with other things.

Not even a few minutes of entering the nearest bedroom, they became hungry beasts, aching for each other's body as if they were Adam and Eve. They felt like they were beings created with the purpose of indulging in this forbidden sex.

Izuku grabbed the Himiko's breasts, making her moan in between breaths. She told him to go harder and harder he went. He made his kisses around her neck, tenderizing her pink flesh. The blonde's face was flushed from how much he wanted him.

I want her. I want her. I don't care for anything but partaking in her. Nothing matters. I don't care she is an enemy. She is cute to me and that's what matters. Roles and sides don't mean a thing. I am hungry for this girl.

Himiko kneeled on the bed as she pulled down Izuku's zipper and pulled out his dick. His dick was throbbing and wanted Himiko as badly as he did. She kissed the tip a few times before entering her moist mouth. Feeling her tongue wrapped around it was amazing.

The sounds of her mouth thrusting while she wrapped his arms around Izuku's legs, never wanting to let him go. It wasn't long before he unloaded his seed inside of her mouth. At each spurt, she sucked and she swallowed. His body felt she consumed his soul before he wanted to fall. However, she wasn't done. Himiko sat back on the bed and move aside her panties where he saw her moist cave.

Her cave was inviting. It reminded Izuku of the bubblegum song when he was a kid. How many pieces did he desire? Only one, Himiko Toga.

"Put it in me, Deku," mustered Himiko in between breaths. "Make my pussy know who it belongs to."

He put his head of my dick slowly before entering her pussy.

The sounds of loud thrusting began as he made his way inside of Himiko. He lifted her hips as leverage so he can further go inside of her. She moaned, grabbing the covers. She was laughing, crying, screaming. All emotions were allowed under the sun they were doing in that room.

"Don't stop," responded Himiko in a raspy voice. Her voice was already giving out from the ongoing moaning he was receiving from Izuku. Although she was being quiet through biting her pillow, it was putting pressure on her voice. Droplets of sweat from Izuku covered her face. He allowed the sweat to blend with her saliva. Tasting her lover in many ways than one.

He let his hand drift to her breast. He gave it light scraps, wanting her to go mad. He wanted her to go crazy with desire, with passion. He wanted more of her voice. He thrust rougher, wanting her to receive his love.

"Come closer," urged Himiko as she wrapped her arms around Izuku's neck. She whispered into his ear, things she never wanted to say, but they were her true, complete thoughts. Words like she wanted him, needed him and didn't want to stop. Words that would tighten Himiko's cavern more and expedite Izuku's climax.

Himiko licked his neck, biting into it. She was staking his claim, regardless of how Izuku felt about it.

"Himiko," screamed Izuku. "I am close to coming."

"Make me come," urged the blonde. "Make me come from my pussy."

Following her command, Izuku intensified the thrusting. He decided to give her a good thrust to make them climax. The sound of his hips slapping Himiko's ass made the blonde moaned deeply. Through her muffled voice she was feeling good. On the second thrust, the blonde squirted as Izuku felt her juices.

Himiko felt that good surge of energy released.

It wasn't long when she felt the hotness entering her cavern. The blonde welcomed Izuku's seed. He continued to spurt along with thrusting. Each thrust, he had heard her make jerking noises. Izuku ebbed in the afterglow until his climax ceased.

Before he pulled out, she took hold of Izuku's face and gave him another kiss. They swapped tongues, tasting their love.

He lifted himself up from her and lied back to his side of the bed. He observed the shaking body before him. She was quivering as he was heavily panting. Her body was covered in sweat, her nipples remain hardened, and overall, Izuku's seed was pouring from her pussy. Himiko's tongue was sticking out, covering her face with her arm.

"Oh, my God," said Himiko. She panted loudly, still covering her face. "I didn't think you could fuck like that, Deku."

"Thanks, I think," answered Izuku nervously.

"So," Izuku said scratching his head. "About tonight."

Himiko removed her arm. "What about tonight?"

"What does this make us?"

Himiko grabbed Izuku by the chin and pecked him on his lips. "You're thinking too hard again. Let's get some rest. We will talk in the morning." She slid her arm across his neck and rested on his chest. He began yawning tried not to think about it as well. He closed his eyes, looking at her for a final time before joining him in their slumber.

To be continued….