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Flashlight : You light my way~

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Larry Daley walked up the steps to the Natural History Museum, and locked the doors behind him.  The man walked into the security office and punched in for the night. He turned slightly to look at the clock and smiled. 

' Almost sundown.' He thought to himself. 

The nightguard grabbed his keys and made his way to the Egyptian wing of the museum, where their resident Pharaoh, his lover, was waiting to awaken. Larry unlocked the gate and moved the slab off the sarcophagus. The last he wanted was for the royal to panic. He removed the pins, completely unlocking it.  He watched as a golden light filled the room as the tablet brought life to its owner and the museum's inhabitants.

The lid opened, revealing the beautiful restored Pharaoh. Ahkmenrah sat up from the confining 'box', and he smiled at the man in front of him.

'' Good evening, Larry.'' His delicate, yet elegant voice filled the room.

Larry smiled in return to him, and helped Ahkmenrah out, and offering him his clothes. Ahkmenrah thanked him and took his garments, stepping into the adjoining room to change. Larry had his crown in his hands.  The Egyptian took his crown from his lover and placed it on his head, making sure it doesn't fall.

'' How are you feeling today?'' Larry asked him, wrapping an arm around him. Ahkmenrah instantly leaned into his touch. His hand moving to his stomach, where his garments had barely concealed an almost 3 month pregnant stomach.  He had been suffering and just getting over his morning sickness.  How this miracle happened, they don't know. The tablets magic , is their best guess, and while it was shocking, and overwhelming at first, they couldn't be more thrilled, especially Nicky. 

'' Fine, a little fatigued. I'll be alright in a bit.''

Larry nodded, concern still in his eyes. 

'' Do you want me to make you some tea? I think I still have some peppermint tea in the cabinet.''

Ahkmenrah smiled gently at him.

'' If you think it will help, I would enjoy a cup.''

Larry nodded, taking his hand, and guiding him out into the hallway, past the giant stone Jackals. They watched as Larry led their king away. Ahkmenrah waved them away to ease them. Other exhibits greeted the couple, and showed respect to the expecting royal.

Once in the office, Ahkmenrah sat down on the couch, and watched as Larry made him his hot beverage. He glance down at his left hand, where his wedding band lay on his finger, alongside his engagement ring. It was a delicate band gold, imbedded with diamonds, his engagement ring gold as well, with a lovely green emerald. 

engagement/ wedding ring.


He still couldn't believe he was married. After everything that has happened to him, he never imagined he would be blessed with marriage, children, family, etc. 

He looked up as a cup was placed in front of him. Larry smiled at him, and sat down next to him. He has noticed he was staring at his rings. He glanced at his own wedding band, a simple gold band with a silver stripe in the middle. They married almost a year ago, after their encounter at the Smithsonian. Once Larry returned, their relationship bloomed, and marriage came soon after. Now here they are, married, and expecting their first child together.

'' How has Nicky been?'' Ahkmenrah's soft voice brought him out of his thoughts. 

Larry smiled at the thought of his son. The kid was a teenager, and growing up fast. Nicky has been debating on which school he wants to go to, and what he wants to study. He talked to Ahkmenrah about it, as he wanted his step parent's opinion.  He told the kid to think about it, and do what makes him happy. 

'' Nicky's fine, he's been on vocation with his mother, and he'll be back in a few days. ''

'' That's good to hear. I'm sure he is enjoying himself. Where did he go again?''

'' His mother took him to Florida, to visit some sites.''

Ahkmenrah blinked, and nodded his head. He sipped his tea, relaxing as the peppermint did it's job.

Larry was about to say something, only to be stopped by a large crash, outside the office. The couple exchanged a look, and quickly got up to investigate the crash. The nightguard groaned in annoyance when he saw that Dexter teasing Rexy. Causing the large skeleton dinosaur to wildly swing his tail, meaning he wants to play.

Ahkmenrah bit his lip in amusement.  He watched as Larry ran over and tried to put a stop to their game.

'' Hello, my boy! '' A booming, friendly voice sounded.

The Pharaoh turned to see Teddy coming towards him on his horse, with Sacajawea behind him, holding onto his waist.  Ahkmenrah greeted them in return, and looked at Larry briefly to make sure he didn't get hurt. Teddy followed his gaze, and chuckled.

'' That wouldn't be the large noise we heard a few seconds ago, would it?''

'' It is. Dexter wants to cause mischief , while Rexy wants to play.''

'' Lawrence seems to be making it worse at the moment. Rexy still seems to believe he is playing. Does he have anything to distract our giant friend?''

'' I believe he brought a rope for him to play with, but I can't be to sure. ''

'' Very well, I will go check. My dear, stay with our Pharaoh, I'll be right back.''

Sacajawea nodded her head, and stood next to Ahkmenrah. She looked at her friend, a smile on her motherly face. She placed a hand on his arm to get his attention. The tanned man turned to look at the Native American, and smiled back at her.

'' How are you feeling today, my friend?''

'' I'm fine. Better than I have been.''

'' No sickness?''

Ahkmenrah shook his head, a hand absentmindedly going to the small bump right above his hips. Sacajawea noticed the gesture, and her smile widened. She, along with the others were excited for a new family member to join their lives. She promised the young Pharaoh to help him throughout the pregnancy and delivery. Ahkmenrah was grateful for that.

'' It has settled for now. Larry has made me tea to settle the nausea.''

Sacajawea nodded in approval.

Teddy returned with a rope, and got the dinosaurs attention, after making sure Ahkmenrah was out of the way. Larry noticed Teddy grabbed the rope, and sighed in relief. He gave Dexter a look to let him know he was in trouble. Teddy tossed Rexy the rope and the T-Rex caught it, turning into a huge puppy, trying to roll around, and trotting into another room of the museum to occupy himself.

Larry shook his head, and walked over to where the small group were standing.

'' Great job, Lawrence! I'm sure our boney giant will be pleased for a while.''

Larry nodded, agreeing with the President. 

'' Have you two have any plans for tonight?'' Asked the wise woman.

'' Just stroll around the museum, talk. That's pretty much it.'' Larry responded.

Ahkmenrah agreed, and took his husband's hand. They excused themselves from the other pair, and walked down one of the hallways. They found a bench and sat down, Larry wrapping an arm around the smaller man's shoulder's, Ahkmenrah rested against him, still holding his other hand, placing it on his lap.

Larry looked down at him and noticed the Pharaoh had a far away look on his face, which has been happening a lot lately. He squeezed his hand.

'' Ahk, are you okay?''

'' Hm?''

'' You seem distracted.''

'' Oh, I was just thinking.''

''About what?'' Larry tilted his head.

''.... Kahmunrah.'' He said, quietly.

Larry frowned.

' What the hell?' 

'' What about Kahmunrah?''

'' I just can't stop thinking about him lately. I just have this weird feeling about him, I don't know why.''

'' Ahk, he's gone.''

'' I know, Larry. I still can't seem to shake this feeling.''

Larry, still frowning, thought of a way to reassure his lover that he didn't have anything to worry about. He made sure he was looking back at him before he spoke.

'' Don't worry. Even if something did happen, and he came back, we wouldn't let him go anywhere near you or the tablet. I promise.''

'' You promise?''

'' Yes.''

Ahkmenrah nodded, putting his mind at ease for the time being.



Larry guided Ahkmenrah back to his section, after once again, chasing after Dexter. Ahkmenrah sighed, seeing his sarcophagus. He hated that damn thing. He placed a hand on his stomach as he waited for Larry, the cute yet infuriating small creature stole Ahkmenrah's crown off his head. Larry chased after him, as Ahkmenrah was to tired to chase him.

He took a glance at his tablet, and stared at it for a moment. He narrowed his grey eyes at it.  He thought there was something different about it, but he couldn't be too sure. He kept staring at it until Larry returned.

'' Ahk?''

He turned to look at his now panting husband.

'' Everything okay?''

Ahkmenrah glanced at the tablet again, shook his head, and looked back at Larry.

'' Yes, everything is fine.''

It must of been his imagination. 

Larry helped him change out of his garments and placed his crown back in the glass display case. Before he wrapped him up in his bandages, loosely of course, he knelt down in front of him, and kissed the small bump where their child remained safe. 

Ahkmenrah felt his heart flutter at the sight in front of him. He was always touched when Larry showed this kind of affection.

'' Ready for a good days 'sleep' ?''

Ahkmenrah shrugged, accepting it was almost sunrise. 

Larry picked him up bridal style, earning a squeak from the smaller man. Ahkmenrah blushed as soon as the sound left his mouth. Larry chuckled at the sound.

He placed him carefully inside the sarcophagus, and made sure he was comfortable. He kissed him on the lips and forehead, his large hand on his stomach, able to feel the bump through the bandages. 

'' I'll be here when you wake up, okay?''

Ahkmenrah nodded, kissing his husband once more before the lid was closed, the museum instantly becoming quiet. Larry stood there for a moment, and reclosed the exhibit, not want anything to happen to Ahkmenrah while he was away for the day, before he locked the gate, he took one last glance into the room.

As he looked at the sarcophagus, then the tablet, he got a weird feeling.

They had no idea what events were about to occur.