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Hidden Colors

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Narrator’s P.O.V.


Light feet pad over the carpeted floor to the living room where a movie booms from the television speakers. In his hands he holds a bulky black pouch that he sits on the table in front of the couch Chuuya is lounging on. Kneeling on the pillow resting next to the table, Atsushi opens the bag and sifts through the numerous colors.


Chuuya, ever the curious one, looks over his book resting on his knees to observe the tiger. Noticing the polishes beginning to line the edge of the table, the executive sets his bookmark in the book and sets it on the table before sliding from the couch to his knees in front of the table. Gloved fingers lift a few colors up to the light before deciding on a deep blue and snatches up a clear polish. Setting up on the table, he ties his hair back in a loose bun before shaking the bottle against the inside of his hand. Glancing over to Atsushi, he notices the tiger picking out a lovely eggplant pigment.


Hearing sizzles from the kitchen, azure eyes lift to take in the brunette in front of the stove, a white apron over a dark blue tee shirt and black sweatpants. Smiling softly, he lifts the vegetable oil next to Dazai. “Chuuya’s so lazy, he cooks supper from the couch~.”


Irritation pokes at his blood and his smile falters into a frown before his eyes narrow. Why did I decide to move in with him? A sudden thought occurred to him and he smirked as he retorted, “It takes skill to be able to cook away from the stove.”


“Chuuya would know because he’s so short.” The smugness is palpable in the words and Chuuya grits his teeth as he throws a bottle of seasoning from the cabinet towards the brunette that hits its target with a resounding “Owww, Chuuuuuya!”


The smell of chemicals reaches his nose and Chuuya’s attention drops back to the table where Atsushi has his hand sprawled out and is holding a brush over his nails – only it’s a colored brush. With an alarmed noise, Chuuya jerks alive and takes the brush from Atsushi’s hand. “No, no, no! Have I taught you nothing?” Wide purples meet Chuuya and the tiger is stunned immobile while the executive quickly closes the polish. Exhaling, Chuuya sets the bottle back on the table and lifts a cotton ball and fingernail polish remover from the black pouch left on the floor. Dunking some of the remover on the cotton, he lifts the silent tiger’s wrist and gently rubbed the purple off the three nails. “You have to do a clear base first, it helps protect your nails.” Chuuya states as he drops the cotton ball on the napkin folded up on the table. Silent, Atsushi watches the smaller paint his nails in the clear polish with gentle fingers. Within seconds, the two are immersed in the process of painting their nails, Atsushi watching Chuuya while Chuuya focuses on the hands before him.


Humming quietly, Dazai continues watching over the pasta and shrimp. A presence comes up from behind, and the detective can feel every nerve on his body stand on end as he waits for any sign of the newcomer’s location. Hair tickles his shoulder and a smile graces Dazai’s lips as he leans just slightly into the body behind him. Hands rest on his hips, hands he knows the shape, feel, and warmth of. It’s relaxing and he grips the spoon in his hand a little tighter.


Gentle, strong fingers massage his sides and Dazai finds himself incrementally warmer as kisses are pressed to his shoulder. It had taken years for them to achieve this level of intimacy and he had needed just as much time as the raven against him.


“It smells good,” The gravelly voice wisped through the lips brushing against his skin and Dazai found himself grinning at the small praise.


“Of course it does, I’m cooking it after all~.” Two fingers pinch the skin under his skirt and Dazai jerks with an exaggerated yelp of pain. “Ryuu~! That hurt!”


Laughter ghosts over his skin. “Stop being dramatic.”


“Atsushi~!!! Ryuu’s being meaaaan!” Dazai’s eyes scrunch up and his mouth drops into a pout that he turns full force on the raven.


Atsushi’s eyes rip from the focus Chuuya is putting into their nails in favor of the scene in the kitchen, smiling when he sees Akutagawa tip his head up to place a kiss against the brunette’s lips. A nip is given in rebuttal but Dazai calms down under the affection Akutagawa gives him with a hum as he returns his attention back to the food. The presence behind him leaves to gather the plates, cups, and various bowls for the pasta. As Dazai begins to section out the noodles and food, Akutagawa puts ice in their glasses and fills them with water before setting them on the counter.


Dazai walks over to the cabinet and sheds his apron on the awaiting hook before walking back over to their food. Stepping behind the shorter, espresso curls meld with ebony as Dazai placed a kiss against Akutagawa’s neck. “Long day at work?”


The brunette’s hands lifted to the covered shoulders and began massaging, reveling in the soft sigh that escaped Akutagawa’s lips. An answering hum of agreement sounded from the raven’s throat and Dazai’s hands left the thin shoulders. “I’ll give you a massage tonight.” A kiss is placed to the blushing cheeks of the rabid dog before the brunette leans against the counter and begins eating; a few seconds later and Akutagawa joins.


Chuuya, now on Atsushi’s second color coat, begins humming to the soundtrack of the movie playing on the television. Atsushi watches in adoration at the crinkle between the executive’s perfect eyebrows and before he knows it, the tiger has leaned forward a few inches to kiss the wrinkle. Cheeks burn against milky skin and Chuuya’s eyes widen as his hand falters. Smiling, the executive leans over to kiss Atsushi’s nose, enjoying the shy smile offered in return.


“I want a kiss from Chuuya too~~!!!” A scoff sounds from the other three in attendance.


“Hurry up and eat then, Mackerel.” As if a fire was under the brunette’s ass, he shoveled the food into his mouth and ate in record time. Meanwhile, Akutagawa shook his head as he picked up his plate and drink to walk to the dinner table to avoid the flailing elbows. Atsushi watched the raven with shining eyes, laughing quietly to himself. Finishing, the executive placed the purple polish on the table before placing another kiss to the tiger’s lips. “Alright, give that coat a few minutes then I’ll cover it with clear polish and you’re done.”


Atsushi grinned before placing his hands on his knees, thrumming them lightly over the cloth of his black leggings. Turning back to the table, red curls curtain the rosy cheeks as a second coat of blue polish is applied. Six nails are glazed before lanky arms drop over the smaller’s shoulders and chocolate locks cover his vision as Dazai’s chin is placed over his head.


“Chuu~ya! I’m finished eating! I want my kiss now!”


“Waste of bandages, get off me! I’m trying to do my nails! If you mess them up…” The latter phrase is growled out and Atsushi’s eyes watch the couple closely.


“But Chuuya promised me a kiss once I finished eating!” The detective whined as his hands roamed over the shorter’s neck and chin trying to lift Chuuya’s face to his lips. Groaning, the executive shook Dazai off.


“Fine, fine! Just stand up.” Eagerly, the lanky legs straightened and Chuuya soon followed. Gritting his teeth, he waited until Dazai leaned down before standing on his tiptoes to reach. Their kiss was light, a cute press of their lips that had the taller humming in appreciation. As soon as they parted, however, the detective smirked and Chuuya could feel his wariness arise.


“Chuuya’s so cute when he has to stretch up to reach me~.”


A leg collided with the brunette’s side that sent Dazai across the room and almost into a bookshelf. Dropping back onto his ass, Chuuya crossed his legs in front of him before continuing to paint. Not even three seconds passed, one nail finished before the executive felt the floor vibrating. Anticipating what was to come, Chuuya closed the paint bottle and handed it to the hand already held out before a body collided into the shorter.


“Chuuya!! That was mean!” With a shout, the redhead wrapped his legs around the waist above him before quickly switching their positions, keeping meticulous care with making sure his nails remained untouched. Without sparing a moment, the body under him lifts into a sitting position as arms wrap around his waist and dark curls press into his neck. Sighing heavily, Chuuya rests his head against Dazai’s as his hands coast over bandaged arms to rest on the shoulders before him.


“I’m doing my nails, idiot. What part of that do you not understand?” Although his tone is exasperated, his legs automatically rearrange behind the taller with his knees bent to support himself as well as Dazai.


“But Chuuya promised me a kiss, I want my kiss.” The complaint brushed over Chuuya’s shoulder and the executive huffed.


“You just want attention, mummy.” Nevertheless, Chuuya provided as he nuzzled into Dazai’s curls. “But I have to finish my nails, Mackerel.” As if the idea was the bane of Dazai’s existence, a loud cry was released into the air and the arms around his waist tightened. “Damn, you’re so needy.” Although they’d been together for the past three years, there was never enough affection for Dazai it seemed.


Purple eyes met grey from across the room and Atsushi smiled to himself before picking himself off the floor along with the black pouch and polish he was using on the table. He knew Chuuya’s attention would be preoccupied for the next few minutes so he also decided to take the clear polish. Padding over to the kitchen, his white shirt swayed around his hips before he sat down next to Akutagawa. Placing the pouch and polish on the table, he pressed a kiss against the raven’s forehead and enjoyed the crinkle in the other’s nose at the gesture.


Leaning back in his seat, Atsushi brought his knees up to his chest as he lifted the purple polish to give a final color layer. He could see slate irises watching from a few feet away, so the tiger proceeded at a slow rate. It was rare the raven indulged in pampering, much less rare for someone else to do it for him. However, when the mood came for Akutagawa to paint his nails he never could. The first time, he’d tried with his hands but were too unsteady. Deciding on another path….didn’t turn out well. He found out just how much control he had over Rashomon when the brush continued to drop to the floor.


So, ever since Akutagawa had to have someone else do them for him. Most of the time it was Chuuya seeing as their schedules differed and maybe twice a week did they all have a day off. Atsushi didn’t ignore the eyes that wandered to the pouch before nimble fingers were selecting through the colors, taking them out one by one to examine. Biting back his smile, Atsushi feels excitement wound through his veins. There’s a color his eyes analyze a bit longer, a color he distinctly remembers Chuuya buying the other day that they had yet to open. Finishing his seventh nail, he dips the brush back into the bottle before continuing. He can see the contemplation in Ryuunosuke’s eyes, the way his eyes narrow and eyebrows bunch together slightly as his lips flatten into a line.


“I can do yours, if you’d like.” Atsushi suggests lightly, making sure the raven sees the eager glint in his eyes. It’s a quick glance, an unsure glance as if Akutagawa questions whether Atsushi really means it. “I’d love to, Ryuu.” His voice is light as it twirls to caress the other’s ears and make his eyes widen just slightly. A few moments pass before Atsushi returns his attention to his nails, completing the ninth one before Akutagawa begins putting the other colors back into the pouch.


Atsushi notices he leaves out the metallic red that had caught his attention. The thought sends butterflies through the tiger’s stomach and he finds himself grinning like an idiot when the raven slides the polish in front of Atsushi. He’s not ashamed to say that he rushes his last nail as if Ryuunosuke will change his mind at any time. Closing the polish quickly, he meets steel eyes and smiles softly.


“You’re sure?” Atsushi’s voice doesn’t make the question heavier than it is, seeing as Akutagawa is always questioning what he should do. Watching Chuuya and Atsushi paint their nails, however, has provided the raven another view of what is considered “manly” and the rabid dog comes to the conclusion that sometimes pampering is essential, like sharpening his skills with Rashomon. Nodding, Akutagawa provides the response Atsushi had been anticipating.


A bright grin spreads the tiger’s face and he’s reminded why he fell for this kid in the first place. It’s almost blinding in its intensity and Akutagawa wants to always keep that smile on Atsushi’s face – never wants to go a moment without seeing it.


Standing, the tiger offers his hand and Ryuunosuke accepts it with an arched brow in confusion. “It’s easier to do this on the floor,” Is the explanation the raven receives; it seems logical enough so he follows. Chuuya is currently seated between Dazai’s legs, the executive’s back against the taller’s chest and a chin resting on the smaller’s shoulder. Brown eyes rove over the newcomers and he offers them a thrilled smile. Fingers poke against Chuuya’s hips enthusiastically and blue eyes rise to see a kneeling Akutagawa before Atsushi as the tiger arranges the polish on the table.


Noticing the clear polish in purple nails, Chuuya grins. He could hold off on the bottle if Akutagawa was allowing Atsushi to paint his nails. The body behind him leaves in favor of wrapping around the raven’s. A slight jump is given before the thin frame relaxes into the taller’s hold. Bandaged hands reach up and begin massaging tense shoulders; black locks mix with coffee as Ryuunosuke drops his head into the crook of his old mentor’s neck with a sigh.


Atsushi is practically glowing as he lifts a hand and places it on his knee before layering the clear liquid over the nails. Chuuya’s grinning at the view before him; azure eyes watching Dazai’s body supporting the paper weight that is Akutagawa and the tiger pampering the rabid dog. It’s a rare sight and Chuuya feels he’s missing out on the experience.


Not settled with just watching, Chuuya stands to walk behind Atsushi; he knows well how easily knots appear from hunching over for too long. Dropping to the floor the executive positions himself behind Atsushi: his legs on either side of the tiger’s hips and his hands around the strong waist to lightly massage, taking care to not mess his nails up. A deep purr sounds against him and Chuuya rests his chin on the shoulder before him, rubbing there lightly.


A few minutes pass like this before Ryuunosuke lifts from Dazai’s chest and begins to watch the brush swipe over his nails with a calm he’d rarely seen from Atsushi. Brown eyes meet ocean and they slide from their positions to switch places. As cuddly as Dazai is, there’s really only one other person who can handle his attention quota of the day and that’s Atsushi. On the other hand, there’s really only one person who can support Ryuunosuke and that’s Chuuya. Out of the other three, he’s the one who had stuck by Akutagawa’s side the longest, the one who knew each and every move he made, where tension mounted in his body.


As Chuuya settled in behind the raven, his hands automatically went to his sweatpants-clad inner thighs and the fingers began massaging. A shiver worked through Akutagawa’s body and Chuuya grinned as the body against him relaxed infinitesimally. Atsushi had released the raven’s hands and Ryuunosuke used this to his advantage as he slid off his knees to his ass so his head could nestle into Chuuya’s chest, offering more space for the executive to massage.


Dazai shimmied his hips against the carpet as he pressed up against the tiger. Hands dropped to the taller’s thighs as Atsushi cuddled into the offered body. Deep purrs vibrated from Atsushi as long arms gripped his waist in the perfect way, a reassurance being met in every caress he needed often. Legs snaked under his thighs and Atsushi gladly bent his knees for comfort as a head nuzzled itself into his neck.


Warmth spread through Dazai’s body at the affection he hadn’t allowed himself to delve into until two years ago when he fully let go after concluding they weren’t leaving. It was okay to latch onto them, that is until he could latch onto himself. Peeking through silver locks, coffee eyes watched the pair before him. Black sweatpants covered Akutagawa’s legs and a white sweatshirt hung loosely over his shoulders where red curls caressed. Ebony strands graced the burgundy tee shirt as Chuuya’s arms barely concealed the black shorts he liked to wear around the house. Smiles adorned the relaxed faces of each of them, a small blush blooming over the rabid dog’s cheeks. They were stunning and it was a look Dazai would gladly kill for, as well as die for to protect.


Sitting up, Atsushi picked up the red polish and began coating the fingers before him. Chuuya’s fingers lifted to massage Akutagawa’s sides and a moan left the raven’s lips. A soft laugh sounded from the executive before he mumbled, “That feel good, Ryuu?” A whine vibrated the rabid dog’s throat as he hid his burning face in Chuuya’s neck. “I know, I know.” There’s an underlying laugh that doesn’t quite meet the air but spreads a smile over the smaller’s lips nonetheless.


Before long, the first colored coat is finished and the bottle put aside in favor of massaging Akutagawa’s hands. The raven gasps out a sigh before peppering kisses along Chuuya’s neck, soft grateful kisses. Atsushi notices and smiles, knowing Akutagawa wanted to give them to everyone but unwilling to leave the space of pampering. Dazai watches on in adoration, a soft, “Ryuu you look amazing” reaching the air to dance its way to the raven’s ears that earns a loud whine. They all know how rare moments like these are: moments where Ryuunosuke allows himself this treatment instead of providing it. They treasure it like the present it is.


With the amount of coddling Akutagawa receives, it’s easy to lose himself in the moment and before he knows it, his nails are finished and kisses are placed to the back of his hands and fingers – lips he knows well. Lips that had once uttered such harsh words, offered no encouragement, and hissed threats with an empty smile. But as he groggily opens his eyes, he sees a light in those once dark eyes, a blush ghosting over pale cheeks, and a soft smile stretching those once severe lips. Dazai was offering what Akutagawa needed: a permission of sorts that this indulgence was good, was necessary. His free hand reaches out unconsciously and Atsushi eagerly complies by lifting the legs before him as he slides into them, Dazai following quickly after. To make the position more comfortable, Chuuya slides them to the right so that Akutagawa’s legs are draped over Atsushi’s.


The executive drops his head to the bandaged shoulder to his right and Dazai’s head leans against his for a moment before leaning forward to press a kiss to the rabid dog’s cheek that immediately bursts into a bright blush; all at once the brunette can’t stop himself from feathering more kisses over the precious view. A soft whine sounds behind closed lips and Atsushi is pushed forward by an unknown force to cover Akutagawa’s lips with his own.


A gasped sound echoes through their kiss and Akutagawa breaks it, overwhelmed. Atsushi is pleasantly flushed and Akutagawa is almost struck immobile at the view before he meets Dazai’s eyes. Pressing onward, he kisses the smile that greets him, wants to show Dazai how much he appreciates that smile. Hands cup his face as Dazai responds doubly, praising Akutagawa for this show of affection. Ocean irises meet ethereal orbs and in the next instant, their lips meet.


There’s a warmth in the room as they spoil each other, a trust in allowing each other to do so that speaks volumes words could never express. There’s a familiarity between them as their bodies meld against each other in the most vulnerable of ways as grins adorn their faces. They’re still learning each other, but the ache in their bones and the light in their eyes show they aren’t leaving any time soon.