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The Princess and the Elf

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They had stopped long enough that she’d gotten enrolled in school, this time, and Cynara didn’t know whether to be happy or upset about that.

On the one hand, that meant that they were going to be in one place long enough to get to know the lay of the land and all the ways in and out of everywhere; on the other hand, it meant that she had to go through the whole process of being the new kid in school yet again.

Thus, she was putting the process off as long as possible by skipping her first day of class.  By tomorrow or at the latest by next week, either her father or a truant officer would have figured it out and she’d be dragged off to another building full of strangers.  But that was tomorrow. Today, her father was on a job - a legit one, from the sounds of it - and she was sitting on the playground, on one of the old wooden castle structures, trying to feel like something wasn’t just a little off in the world.

Since August, her father had been a little squirrelier than usual, looking over his shoulder and moving them all over the place - like they were on the run, but without any crimes to back it up.

Now, now that it was winter, at least winter in other places, they were down in Tennessee, working a legit job and planning to stay for six months.

He wasn’t looking any less squirrely, but now it was the look he got when he’d figured out a path around something.  But this time, there were no lessons, no explanations. Nothing but a look like he’d finally found something he was looking for and the most rickety house they’d ever stayed in.

She wondered if he thought she didn’t notice him walking around the border of the property at night, wearing a path in the weeds and muttering under his breath.  She wondered if he was going to tell her what her role was supposed to be, when the cops finally showed up.

That was for later.  She laid back on the wood of the playground and engaged in one of her favorite games of what-if.  

What if this was a real castle and I was its Lady?  What if I had knights, and, I suppose, ladies-in-waiting, and nobody could ever take me away from here?