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The Vigilante Boss and His Failed Retirement Plan

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Giotto made a lot of terrible decision in his life- well- in both his life as Giotto and Tsuna. As Giotto, it was the lack of choice to accept Vongola ring from Sephira. She was a good person, his intuition said so and Giotto was young enough to believe in humanity’s altruistic side. He should have known better, living under the oppression of tyrannic folks in his younger days should tell him to always second guessing a contract. So he never asked about the fine print on the contract of Trinisette, accepting wholeheartedly to do good for the world with the newfound power.

Even after he realized what a pit hole Trinisette holder position was, he didn’t regret it. Someone had to take the job, and it might as well be him. Then Daemon happened-

In hindsight, letting Ricardo and Daemon get what they want wasn’t a good idea. Then again he was so sick of playing Messiah of mafia world, so he made his escape to Japan with Ugetsu. Unlike in the fairy tale, there’s no happily ever after. He had done enough, and he wasn't disillusioned that he could fight for life. That resolution pulled the curtain of his story to a close.

If there was a God that wasn’t Checker Face up there, obviously they didn’t get the memo that his retirement was forever. He even left a piece of his soul/his time in Vongola ring, so surely that was the clue for them to leave the rest of his soul be.

It was not meant to be when nine generations later, Sawada Tsunayoshi was born. And people wondered why he was vehemently objecting to taking his previous life’s occupation up again. Not that Sawada Tsunayoshi remembered it, but it was ingrained in his soul that he had enough but the world doesn’t care.

At least as Sawada Tsunayoshi, it was inevitable- and Reborn was to blame as a natural force, not even Vongola Boss could stop.

Then Midoriya Izuku was born in a world of hero and villain, which wasn’t a bad thing because there’s a lot of hero fighting for the weak and justice so there’s no shortage of manpower on that front. Unfortunately, said world also see it fit to brainwash the young generation that hero is the best job in the world.

Izuku wasn’t an exception, he dreamed to be a hero.

If Giotto’s consciousness was awake at the time, he would say he approve the desire to help others in need. However he also strongly object making it a profession- a lifetime occupation- because that was the worst idea in-universe. Next to Checker Face’s Arcobaleno tournament, at least Tsuna fix that one.

Fortunately, he was a Quirkless- an unspoken requirement to be a hero. Izuku would be miserable for abandoning his hopeless dream, but at least he won’t be locked in unending battle against injustice and evil. Contrary to Izuku’s misery of his dream breaking in pieces day by day, he should rejoice for the chance for a normal life.

Then one day, Bakugou Katsuki took his bullying too far, saying too much.

“If you want a Quirk so bad,
why don’t you take a leap of faith off the roof and see if you get one in your next life?”

In another universe, Midoriya Izuku would fish his notebook from the pond and go home. However, in this one, a vindictive part of his mind drove him to walk up the stairs to the rooftop of his school. A logical part of his mind knew to ignore Bakugou’s taunt because it was just another thoughtless and cruel words from the boy.

It was malicious, but also out of bad habit nurtured by a toxic environment of their society towards the Quirkless. Bakugou’s mother certainly tried to stir her son in the right direction, however, her own unkind words weren’t convincing her son that he was wrong. And nobody else saw it fit to tell Bakugou that he had been a villain for most of Deku’s life.

Izuku was smart, and he knew if he wanted to he could ruin his ex-friend’s dream as much as the boy ruin his. All it took was a suicide note of what Bakugou had said and taken the leap of faith he suggested. Bakugou’s wish to be a hero would be up to flame like he did to Izuku’s notebook. It didn’t lose on Izuku of how villainous he could be when cornered as he wrote the note, it was a plot he wouldn’t dare to go through.



“Put the note here.” He put the paper and used his charred notebook and pencil case as weigh so it wouldn’t be blown by the wind. Then he skipped towards the wire barrier separating him and three four-story free falls to the ground. “Kaa-chan, if I follow your advice… you will get in trouble you know.”

Trouble was putting it lightly, more than a powerful quirk- a hero’s most important asset was reputation. He wanted to soothe his heart and mind at least a little, feeling the sense of equality that even as a Quirkless he could have ruined Bakugou’s dream when given proper ammunition. It didn’t take long for him to be awake of his daydream and for shame to take over his mind.

All Might wouldn’t approve.

However as luck would have it, an accident like his previous life happened. Izuku was distracted enough to not notice the wire mesh he was leaning on had rusted badly and there are weak spots on the railing. So when he pressed on the wire in distress, the barrier couldn’t hold on and broke. Izuku fell-

As he fell he couldn’t think of anything but regret-

He didn’t want to die yet-

Also, he didn’t want to die and ruin someone’s life-

Katchan’s dream!

Then a pillar of orange flame erupted and amber eyes snapped open.


Midoriya Izuku didn’t have Vongola blood, his body and mind weren’t attuned by the biological evolution of Vongola line to deal with high purity Sky Flame and Hyper Intuition. Giotto accepted Vongola ring for more than just power to protect the weak, it was also to ensure nobody in his line became permanently disabled because of their power. So nobody had to suffer like him to get used to them without risking their lives to master their bloodline. At least not at the degree, he went for, hyper-sensory overload was something he wouldn't wish even upon his worst enemy.

Unfortunately- while he brought along Hyper Intuition and flame in his soul, the same couldn’t be said for Midoriya Izuku’s body. His mind became a jumbled mess- and in a world when Quirk fueled both heroism and evil, it wasn’t a good place for Hyper Intuition to show up.

Izuku remembered he had been someone else in previous life- someone strong- foolishly righteous- but not on the side of justice. The world wasn’t black and white, and justice was an abstract context anyone could twist because the law is made by humans. It wasn’t always wrong but not absolutely right either.

The pain, blood, and regret- all jumbled up in a sickening cocktail that sent his mind reeling.

‘I am tired… sick of fighting- I just want to stop.’

The most vivid of newfound of memory was a desire to escape the burden of shouldering the world and protecting his comrades from the world.

Izuku sat up, wincing at the insistent pounding of his head. Instinctively he knew he had screw himself over beyond help, and he hadn’t counted the scorched crater beneath him yet or the bruise all over his exposed skin. It was a terrible emergency landing, he would be ashamed as a sky but he was in too much pain to care.

In this world it doesn’t matter- there’s no mafia- no flame- there’s no shame a sky just failed landing.

'How to suppress my intuition again? Merda---'

He didn't even have enough energy to fully seal his intuition, not if he still want to move. At least the headache was bearable enough to move around with. Midoriya Izuku made his way home from school slowly, mind and heart too full to care about the mess he had left behind. On that supposedly uneventful and headache-inducing trip, his newly awakened Hyper Intuition alerted him of incoming danger. Or rather, something dangerous was wandering close and someone was dying in its clutches. Izuku happened to be crossing an overhead bridge and got an excellent vantage point to see who was in trouble.

His tormentor and ex-friend were suffocated by a villain with sludge body, and the disgusting concoction was trying to fill up Bakugou’s orifices. Karma was a bitch indeed, and were those heroes procrastinating instead of doing their job over there?

Izuku recognized them as young heroes on the rise lately, Kamui Wood, Mountain Lady and- whoever they are and how awesome their Quirk is- he didn’t see them being heroic. Herding civilian out of the battle scene was good and all, but with this kind of villain, anyone with a healthy amount of self-preservation wouldn’t need to be told to get the hell out of the way.

From his encyclopedic memory of heroes, he understood none of the heroes present had the right quirk to deal with Sludge Villain. Someone like Endeavor or temperature changing quirk would be the best bet because the villain was almost liquid. Still- they couldn’t seriously be planning to wait for a hero with the right Quirk to arrive, right? How long had the boy been in the company of Sludge Villain? He couldn’t survive long enough for reinforcement because human body could function without oxygen before suffering brain damage- never mind - it was ironic that the closest one that could save the boy aside from Izuku was Bakugou himself.

He was in no condition to save himself though, must be too panicked and short of breath to think clearly. For all bravado he boasted, Bakugou Katsuki was an amateur in life and death situation. Izuku wasn’t sure if he was in good condition to do so either, because he wasted so much energy breaking his fall, his whole body was also in pain, and fortunately, none of that would stop him from saving a life.

Retired or not, Izuku wasn’t going to let someone he could help die. This was just human's basic decency. So Izuku raises his arm that already had a first degree burn up and let his flame roar to life. How painful his back slammed against the concrete wall reminded him of every skill he gained in his previous life was through pain and more pain.

It was a good thing soft flame was easy to command, so nobody died, not even the villain. It was unfortunate the speed was soddy that he had to use both hands to make up for it, so there was no stopping the wall slamming.

Ouch- note to self- retiring from heroism/vigilantism or not he still needs training so he didn’t accidentally kill himself or anyone else in this world. Not every hostage had natural heat resistance like Bakugou Katsuki after all.

Izuku wanted to go home- he really did but- he had to use the last of his strength to call for an ambulance for himself halfway to home. He was never a fan of the hospital, but when your flame reservoir was dangerously low and your body was protesting the strain he needed a doctor.

How he wished for a certain priest to be here, Izuku vaguely recalled comforting presence like the sun and missed it even more as medical staff lifted him off of the road with a stretcher. It was a good thing he was registered as Quirkless, nobody would suspect he was the vigilante coming out of retirement to stop a villain.

Yeah, civilian life sounded good.

At the time Izuku forgot the world was always out to ruin his life plan.

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The next day, Izuku’s middle school was in uproar when a teacher discovered the crater which direct his sight towards the ruined wire mesh fence on rooftop and the suicide note. Izuku was in hospital, his mother crying river by his bedside. He assured his mother that he was just had a bit of an accident, and unfortunately he was totally unconvincing.

He totally forgot the backlash of overusing positive energy of flame when one’s body was unprepared. So Izuku spend three days in hospital knocked out and only wake for few hours a day, and unaware of mess he left at school. His mother was glued to his side, with her phone forgotten under the sofa of her house because she was panicking when receiving call from hospital. Naturally, Inko didn’t know the school was trying to contact her in vain.

She didn’t contact her old friend Bakugou Mitsuki either, simply because she was sure Mitsuki’s son had a hand in her son’s accident. Izuku had burns in his hands, and it was easy to draw such conclusion. Inko’s friendship with Mitsuki survived for years even with her friend’s failure to educate Katsuki. However this time Inko couldn’t trust herself to stay calm and collected around Mitsuki, or if their friendship would even preserve after Izuku was hospitalized.

So with the two Midoriyas isolating themselves from the world at large in hospital, it came to no surprise that they only find roughly a week later of what Izuku’s thoughtless action had caused.


After days filled with bliss of ignorance, both Izuku and his mother were in principal’s office, along with Bakugou mother-son duo. Inko was terrified when she found out where her son’s school supplies had gone to, apparently misplaced - as Izuku put it- it was putting it lightly. Izuku’s expression was unreadable but nobody was looking at him, he was still wrapped in bandage- looked almost like mummy.

Bakugou Katsuki was quiet, the quietest he had been since he was born. He had returned to school earlier than Izuku, and found the school was brewing in rumors that Izuku had followed his advice. This was the first time in his life that Katsuki learned his mother wasn't bluffing. She had a dirty mouth to match his, but also warned him cursing was one thing but hurting people with his words was entirely different pot of shit.

Driving someone to suicide is a crime and could be tried as manslaughter depending on circumstances.

Deku’s suicide note had been simple, he simply said that he will follow Katsuki’s advice to try his luck in next life and good luck for Katsuki to strive becoming a hero. A load of bull, because Deku had used his brain to ruin Katsuki’s dream to become a hero. He was angry- furious even but he couldn’t deny he was the one who give Deku the ammunition.

He was only saved because Deku was alive- and apparently he never really tried to kill himself. That fact was debatable, Izuku showed up all bandaged up and he wasn't very convincing. Katsuki kept his mouth shut out of fear, an emotion he start to relearn after his close brush with death few days ago. He couldn’t trust his mouth, whatever he said could be used by Deku to ruin not just his dream but life too.

It didn’t help that Deku… didn’t act like Deku. He couldn’t put his finger on it but, Deku was just not Deku anymore.

“Do you know how serious this is Midoriya-kun! This is a terrible prank, and you almost ruin one of our brightest student- and if-” Of course their concern was what if Bakugou had to receive repercussion, one that could endanger their reputation. Their school wasn't a very good one and they had hope to be a school that produce a future top rank hero. Bakugou was essential to boost their reputation, the reason why their school turned blind eye on his anger management issue and bullying.

Deku didn’t look perturbed- he was scarily calm. “I didn’t mean it Kochou-sensei, I was just venting and then I got into an accident...”

Mitsuki spoke up for the first time, “Kochou-sensei, my son is the one in the wrong! Why are you screaming at Izuku-kun?” She knew her son was the golden boy of this school, but she didn’t expect them to blame the victim. “You keep this issue under the wraps.” Some students still get the wind of it, they didn’t know whether it was true or not but Katsuki’s personality made it too plausible to ignore. “And I thank you for that, but I won’t deny my son had gone too far and he deserve a punishment.”

Katsuki made a choked noise at that.

“Also, I think Izuku-kun deserve a chance to tell us story from his side.” Then Mitsuki added, “If you’re alright with that of course.”

So Deku start to explain himself, and Katsuki wasn’t sure if he want Deku to live or die by the end of it. He was brutally honest and looked guilty. “I just playing with the idea, I didn’t mean to go that far… I didn’t even climb the fence.”

It was an accident, one that Deku toyed to do out of spite.     

“It meant to be a lesson too for us all.” Izuku’s voice didn’t waver and that line snapped everyone to really look at him. “School turned sideways from bullying problem in school, I am not the only one…” Those with weak Quirk, or any type that gave bully a reason to target them exist in this school. They had it as bad as Izuku did. “Bakugou-kun and other bully don’t understand there’s limit they shouldn’t cross just to satisfy their ego.”

The principal looked terrified, ‘He is threatening us… this is blackmail!’

“I know my wrong.” But how about you then?

Silence fell heavily in the room, Inko was holding onto Izuku for her dear life. She was angry for her son, but his words stunned her. This was the son she wanted to protect, and now he stood up for himself. She was proud but also terrified.

Mitsuki was the first who found her voice, “As you can see Katsuki, your dream to be a hero is fucking fragile… Izuku-kun could have ruined it for you if he isn’t too nice to fight back. The boy obviously have the brain and courage, he is just scaring you now and it’s just an accident it blow up on your sorry ass. Imagine if he is serious.”

Katsuku tried to open his mouth but Mitsuki slapped his jaw shut.

“What’s done is done… I am grateful at least Izuki-kun isn’t pushing my son to go to correctional facility. However… I can’t live with good conscience if he only get a slap on the wrist.” Mitsuki loved her son to death but she also knew he had to learn to grow. She had failed too long to stir him to the right direction, and at the rate Katsuki was going he acted more like a villain than hero he dreamed to be.

In the end it was deemed Izuku and Bakugou’s relationship had turned too toxic to salvage, apology was exchanged but that was as far as formality could do.Tthe school didn’t want them together anymore. For the sake of keeping this disaster under the wraps, and for the sake of them both, it was decided one of them had to go. In the end both Inko and Mitsuki decided they didn’t want their children to stay, it was fortunate that second semester just started so looking for school was easy enough.

Inko and Mitsuki exchanged one last glance at each other before the pairs went on their separate ways. A month later Izuku started school one station away from his house and his family of two moved away to smaller apartment. Inko had long contemplated of how big their house felt in Izuku’s father’s absence.

As a sky, diplomacy came naturally in all shape and form. So he managed to get out of that mess mostly intact, both Izuku and Bakugou. Last time he heard, his old school had coming down with iron fist upon their bullying problem. A tad too late in his opinion but better than nothing. Izuku had learned a painful lesson of what happened when he gave in to his resentment. While he had been pathetically enduring bullying throughout his Quirkless life, resorting for revenge wasn’t right and as proven it led him to more trouble and pain.

If there was anything good resulting from this disaster, it was the conclusion of his bond with Bakugou Katsuki and a life lesson the boy would never forget. Izuku wasn’t sure why he was so… ready and resigned with being separated from Bakugou who had been permanent fixture of most of his life.

Perhaps it was because of this memory he recalled, of his past life. He had been betrayed by someone before, and he had learned to forgive but not forget. In this life he swore to live ordinary but fulfilling life he failed to live before.

His mother was ecstatic to register his newfound Quirk, which was actually no Quirk. Izuku however wasn’t too proud to take advantage of his flame to escape discrimination. Because he was still uncreative when it comes to naming, he just tell the Quirk Registration Office’s staff that his Quirk should be called Dying Will Flame due to how it was awakened. It was instant regret when he saw what kind of face his mother made, and the poor staff also didn’t look good at the implication of how his Quirk manifested.

Out of guilt he quickly amended to register it was ‘Trinisette Flame’ because it was the closest term. When asked why, he explained there were three form of flame he could use. He also reasoned that his Quirk was still too unstable for further testing, he wasn’t so keen to reveal the full extent of his power.

His new school was Teikou Middle School, it was academical and sport inclined school. It was a strange environment for Izuku that everybody around him only care about school ranking and going to National. Izuku had adapted quite well, he was smart and with nobody to offend if he had better marks, Izuku had solidify his ranking in top five in his grade by midterm.

Still… his current classmates were better than previous ones, but all they were interested in was study group or practicing their respective sport. There wasn’t any room for real genuine friendship he craved, these kids had set their eyes on real world and not enjoying their youth. The kids from sport program were friendly enough, but they spend most of their time practicing that Izuku could only interact with them during lunch time.

Speaking of his power he had from his previous life, it didn’t go so well. Izuku tried to fully seal his hyper intuition because it was more trouble than it's worth, and by his first hour he almost kill himself by rolling down the emergency stairs he used for stamina training. Way to start a record on accidental suicide attempt in this life.

So he endured the pain of hyper sensory overload and made himself immune to pain killer- yay! It would take time until the pain would be fully ebbed away, unless he used the full force of it. On his flame side, there was nothing much he could do other than stamina and endurance training. If he could live without using his flame he would, but if by chance he needed it, Izuku didn’t fancy death by self-cremation. Knowing him, there was chance he would spontaneously combust.

Inko enrolled Izuku to martial art class, surprising that they still survive the Age of Quirk. Izuku was enthusiastic to refine his Hyper Intuition induced muscle memory, especially when he realized he was pathetically rusty. It was fortunate his built wasn’t so different from his previous life’s body, sleek and nimble. Well- he had to work in developing some muscle first.


Izuku's new teacher, Yamamoto whose name was so common and oddly familiar to his ears was thrilled to have him. Yamamoto-shisou was also confused whether his new student was a prodigy or an amateur. Izuku was an expert in dodging, no movement and energy wasted. His offensive move however was strangely clumsy, he seemed unable to gauge his reach well and hesitated a lot. As if the boy thought his legs suppose to be longer and he could seriously injure people if he didn't watch out for his strength. It was nothing that couldn’t be fixed with time.

His other student, Ojiro really liked sparing against Izuku for some reason. When asked, his reason surprised Yamamoto-shishou. “It’s like he can always predict my tail’s movement, he didn’t seem to think my extra limb is unfair advantage.” Other students would complaint about Ojirou's tail as cheating, even though Ojirou's mutation quirk was just extra limb he could hardly control during spar. Yamamoto refused to restrain Ojirou's tail because it hampered the boy's sense of balance, and most of his student felt it was unfair Ojirou could use his quirk in spar. Izuku was the only one that never complaint, if anything he was very fascinated by Ojirou's arguably boring quirk as Ojirou put it.

It wasn't flashy, the quirk was merely extra limb that give him better balance like one on monkey.

Izuku however, showered Ojirou with a barrage of question followed by suggestions the tailed boy soaked up like sponge. Such as how flexible the muscle in Ojirou's tail, the range of movement or had Ojirou tried weight lifting using it? Had he tried using his tail to propel himself, and if the tail could pick things up like Elephant's trunk so maybe Ojirou could use weapon with it.

Yamamoto knew Izuku were scarily observant, and borderline obsessed with researching quirk. He had overheard Izuku’s mumbling about hobby as part of fulfilling life. He thought the boy got hobby and obsession mixed up though, but it seemed perceptive was too simple to describe Izuku’s skill. On paper, Izuku’s Quirk was flame related but that veteran level of attentiveness wasn’t normal to be chalked up as product of his intelligence.

The martial artist decided to not pry too much, the boy was very kind and bright. He had seen the boy helping elderly with groceries, saving cat from trees and playing with kids on playground. Whatever secret the boy kept, he wasn’t a villain material at all.

Though his answer whenever Ojirou asked about becoming hero was a bit strange, well- most of the time his answer was the general he liked watching heroes rather than being one- but there’s one time his response was really weird.

Who would retire by the age of fourteen anyway?

Ojirou thought Izuku was joking, but to Yamamoto it didn’t sound like he was joking. Midoriya Izuku was an enigma indeed.

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Vigilante lifestyle haunted him in this reincarnation too, and Izuku who still trying to find semblance of balance in his psyche was drawn to it like call of siren. If there was anything his three lifetimes shared, it was their desire to not leave people in hardship alone. Tsuna definitely tried to not care so much at first, and failed miserably once he started drawing his guardians to his sky.

Two weeks after moving to new home, Izuku started picking up his old habit as Giotto. At first it was just saving cats from tree and helping elderly crossing the streets, small kindness here and there Izuku was too happy to indulge in without thinking too much about it. Certainly nowhere as grand as revolutionizing industry of violence but warming Izuku’s heart like savory miso soup in the morning. He was addicted, and he had no idea he had set up a ticking bomb for himself.

Helping Ojirou refining his Quirk was just being helpful to a good friend, and Izuku loved researching and analyzing Quirk. It was like coffee, a concoction that stimulate his brain he couldn’t help but addicted with. Adding it together with his other fixation was a bonus. It didn’t take long for other students in dojo to ask for help, all too willing to let Izuku dissect their Quirks for constructive tips.  

Izuku was relentless, he wanted to know and see more of Quirks this world could offer. His notebooks weren’t just about hero, and at some point his mother bought him a small laptop and harddrive so he didn’t bury his bedroom in paper. Two months to his free dive on his new hobby he believed was part of fulfilling life of fourteen years old teenager he came to an epiphany he was turning to creepy mad scientist like someone in his previous life.

He couldn’t remember who it was, but Izuku was terrified when flash of crocodile, toddler in cow print-onesie and flashing electricity bubbled up to his mind. ‘Let’s not go to mad scientist route-nope-nope! ’  

His passion for Quirk researching was humane! He was firmly on the side of ethical research, he fully respect the right of all living being so he would never-

“Sure Midoriya, I never thought you would dissect my tail or anything remotely veering to territory of mad scientist.”

“...I am mumbling again, didn’t I?” He really had to curb this bad habit, their trip from school to dojo was uneventful but he shouldn’t ignore Ojiro in favor of mumbling.

Ojiro Mashirao just grinned, his tail stretched to the side in quick flick. A gesture Izuku’s intuition quickly learned as Ojiro’s expression of amusement. “Sure did! By the way, you never show me your Quirk- you said you’re unusual case of late manifestation but can’t you show me a lick of flame at least?”

He’d rather not using his flame for frivolous show, the examination in registration office was trying enough. He should be able to use his flame on the level of reinforcing his attack with flame coating at least by now. “What did you expect with seeing my Quirk anyway?”

“Because Midoriya… you like- know the Quirk of almost everyone in our age group and kids in neighborhood? It’s unfair I don’t get to see yours at all!”

“Life isn’t fair.”

Fortunately Ojiro wasn’t an overbearing person, he wouldn’t press Izuku at first sign of discomfort the shorter boy showed. Izuku couldn’t help but feel grateful for moving out of his old neighborhood, even if the memory of strong friendship was soothing, having a first genuine friend that know how to emphasize was still a novel experience.  

“Speaking of fairness, I think it’s greatest injustice that Teikou gave all of us the same exam! I mean, what’s the point of dividing academic and sport program class then? You guys learned more advanced stuff, guys from sport program like me suffer even though I review my notes like good student!”

“We only learn advanced material in our chosen field… on exam, the materials are what taught to everyone.” Hence, why a normal studious person like Izuku could rank the fifth. “There’s this one guy who rank first in our grade who is really a super genius though, his exam score are perfect 100 across the board.”

Ojiro hummed, “The guy from class A?” Izuku was in B class. “I remember his Quirk is some sort of super memorization.”

“That would only help him for subject like history and to certain extent- Japanese, yes. For subject like Science and Math, memorizing it without comprehension is highly inefficient.” In short the guy’s IQ was through the roof and if Izuku’s observation was right, he also had eccentric personality to match his brain.

“So a real genius, his Quirk is just a bonus.” Ojiro would know, he was skilled in martial arts but his Quirk wasn’t the only reason why. It was the other way around that his Quirk benefited him because he apply it to his art. “What’s his name again?”

Izuku grinned, “Ishigami Senku.”


Teikou Middle School (Science Club)

Ishigami Senku was a teen with gravity defying hair not even Izuku’s could match, his steel like eyes glinting when Izuku told him what the verdant haired teen needed from the genius. “Midoriya-kun, for a guy who shot up to fifth spot in ranking board you are ten billion percent crazy. Or we’re of the same kind, people say we’re so smart we’re veering to insanity territory.”

“Ten billion you say…” He should be offended, but his eyes wandered curiously to Ishigami’s hair shape and wondered if his skull was actually long enough to support that hairstyle. That would explain Ishigami’s larger than normal brain.

Ishigami grinned, a maniacal one that eerily familiar to Izuku. “I always up for interesting project, and yours is exciting! However…” He trailed off, “I am not sure it’s legal to concoct medicine that induce clinical death… well- I have read medical method that similar to that…. drain patient’s blood and replace it with freezing saltwater. Without heartbeat and brain activity, the patients will be clinically dead…”

“Hypothermia…” Izuku murmured softly.

The scientist nodded, “By inducing hypothermia and slowing metabolism in dying patients, it will give Doctors ten billion worth of valuable time to save their patients.” He took a deep breath. “It’s sound in theory but it’s scientific void where even the most brilliant mind in the world is still grasping in the dark…” He paused, “But while this is the closest scientific solution to what you want, that’s not what you’re after right? Midoriya-kun?”

Izuku shook his head, “No, what I need is a medicine that would fool my body that it’s dead. I don’t have to be… well- died by scientific sense.”

Ishigami narrowed his eyes, “And what do you need it for?”

He sighed, steeling himself to tell the other teen. Hyper Intuition was a blessing when it comes to judging a person, and even if his intuition didn’t tell him Izuku knew for all dangerous edge Ishigami had as a genius scientist he had morals. Easiest way to understand a person was from how they treat others, Ishigami was apathetic and borderline socially inept but he knew how to value his friends. The boy from sport from sport program with hardening quirk was a friend of Ishigami, and from Ojiro he knew Ishigami would never fail to help said friend to study no matter how busy he was. The scientist also encourage said friend to confess to his crush from handicraft club. Izuku also knew Ishigami had his share of bullies because of his cheating Quirk since he was young, and came up on the top with his wits.

He wasn’t sure if Ishigami would want to be his friend, but at least he knew this boy won’t use Izuku’s honesty against him. “It’s for triggering my Quirk.”

“Ho-hooo- and what kind of Quirk it is?”

“On register, I call it Trinisette Flame.”

Ishigami raised his eyebrows at that, “Italian? Weird- most Quirk in Japan are named in Japanese or English.”

Izuku pointedly ignore that comment, “The original name I want to sign it up with… is a bit inappropriate sounding, but more descriptive.” He tried his best to not stutter. “It’s called Dying Will Flame.”

It took the genius only one second to breath out. “Oh, that sounds ten billion percent terrible indeed…” For the first time Ishigami showed different expression than maniacal, excited and curious. It was horror, plain horror. “What the hell, Midoriya-kun… I know some Quirk have unique trigger but you might as well be Quirkless if dying is what it takes to use it.”

“I thought you already have an idea considering what I asked you to make for me.”

“You did not tell me it’s for your personal use.” Ishigami Senku hissed.

Izuku looked terrified, “What did you think I would use it for?!”

“Well… I could think up five scenarios that would be amazing with correctly applied ‘play dead’ induced drug.” Ishigami said slowly, “Triggering Quirk isn’t one of it, why? Because from how I see it… in this school nobody is desperate enough for their Quirk. Sport program folks don’t even use it because of the obvious- so if you sign up here I can’t think of why would you be desperate enough to refine your Quirks to die. Fake or real death aside.”

The verdant eyed broy quieted down, “What does it takes for you to believe me that you’re not going to assist a suicide?”

“As soon as you give me ten billion percent succinct explanation why you couldn’t live without your Quirk that dying is acceptable risk.”

It was always like this with scientist with moral, they wanted explanation and won’t just accept their payment without knowing where the product of their art was for. Izuku began to explain, he had no choice. First of all, his flame reservoir would build up as he grew and he had to use them one way or another if he didn’t want to risk self-cremation. He revealed that his awakening wasn’t in ideal circumstances and messed up his psyche to certain extent.

“I am in terrible pain…” That was true, the headache wasn’t easy to suppress. Sealing someone else’s intuition was easy, but doing it to yourself would always be imperfect. It was a form of self-harm even if it was to reduce hyper sensory overload, so at times the pain flared in random. “And pain-killers can’t work anymore on me.”

Ishigami winced, he must have heard that Izuku periodic visit to infirmary. “So… it’s not because you have weak constitution.”

“No.” Hyper Intuition was closely related to Vongola’s sky flame, hence why it was always awakened in the same time. It was the product of harmonizing themselves with the world, giving them superior perception. So if Izuku couldn’t get a handle of his flame, it would be just about time it would hinder his daily life.

Ishigami inhaled deeply, groaning. “Well… a responsible person would tell you to go see a Doctor, but I have a feeling you didn’t consider that as an option before asking a fellow student.” Izuku nodded. “If not me, you would have to look in black market and I don’t think I can stomach putting a schoolmate in danger because I am scared to experiment.”

Izuku winced in guilt, “I am so sorry… I didn’t mean to put you in bad position like this.”

“Don’t be sorry, you’re doing your best to not get yourself killed.” Ishigami said, cupping his chin. “That earn you ten billion point for being smart enough to look out for yourself- so… do you prefer pill or tablet?”

That was a yes, Izuku rejoiced. “Thank you so much Ishigami-kun!”

The scientist grinned, “Not so fast, first of all… please sign a waiver that I am in no way responsible for your death.”


“Also- as payment, you will be my guine- I mean- testing personnel.”

Izuku groaned, “Uh… did I just sign my death warrant?”

“To be fair, you come to me for drug to kill yourself.”


“Also- call me Senku, I hate formalities.”

“Oh- oookay Senku-kun.”

“Also- you’re responsible to breed gerbils for animal testing of your drugs.”


The next thing Izuku knew, he had a hand full of acrylic aquarium and a pair of gerbils. Inko was fine with pets, their new apartment allowed pets. Izuku dared not to tell his mother that the happy looking rodents weren’t raised as pets but cannon fodder for the sake of developing Dying Will pill.

Like Senku said, never look at Gerbil’s doe eyes- or he would feel guilty. He was pretty sure Senku was messing with him.

Oh well- at least he didn’t have to resort to something drastic like- jumping from the roof again. Izuku had high hopes that his normal and peaceful life would go on smoothly, even under the threat of killing himself by flame.

Of course the world just had to poke his balloon of happiness, hope and dream.


A Week Later...

“Midoriya, did you just knock out that purse-snatcher without looking?!” Ojirou asked in disbelief, looking down at the lizard mutant thief Izuku sent to dreamland just a few seconds ago.

Izuku was terrified, “I didn’t see him!” His hyper intuition had flared when he was distracted by All Might’s new poster in front of merchandise store. “It’s an accident!”

Yeah, Ojiro would believe that if he didn’t see that beautiful backhand punch hitting the criminal’s weak spot. “Are you sure your Quirk is fire and not extra eyes on your back?”

The poor woman who almost became a victim was bowing profusely. “Thank you so much young man! Thank you!”

“Uhm, you’re welcome?”

Ojiro sighed, “Let’s just call the police- or get hero on patrol to drop them.”

That wasn’t the last time.


Three days later when Izuku were on the way to Senku’s home to deliver books as thick as All Might’s arm muscle the scientist ordered, he was drawn towards an old car that innocently parked in front of convenience store as the owner went inside to buy something. Izuku couldn’t shake the bad feeling and nervously checked the trunk on he back of the car, he sensed human presence- weak- scared and… Izuku threw his hesitation out of the window and force the trunk open by flame enhanced grip. He knew he would feel it later but Izuku couldn’t be bothered about his broken nail and sore arms when he saw an adorable little girl, with scared wide Bambi eyes, and two little twintails tied up inside the trunk. The bastard even went as far as stuffing her tiny mouth with handkerchief.

It was autumn but it was a bit warm for the season and there’s barely air inside the trunk.

Izuku quickly took the poor girl out of the trunk and let her breathe. She sucked in air greedily before breaking into tears, clinging onto Izuku for dear life.

It didn’t take long for the kidnapper to return from his shopping, paling rapidly when he saw Izuku and the girl he kidnap for ransom was out of his car.The kidnapper was torn between trying to get his prize back  from the scrawny kid or scram. Izuku didn’t let him choose when encyclopedia of applied animal behavior was thrown in perfect arc and the edge sink to his skull.

The police was more than happy to take the man to their custody, and Izuku was relieved he only gave the bastard a light concussion instead of setting him on fire. Senku wasn’t happy that his book was damaged, but amused to see Izuku was held back for questioning and because the girl refuse to let him go.


By the next day, Izuku was plagued by bad feeling and went to school earlier than usual. He even skipped breakfast and morning jog. He regretted not eating breakfast though, because the start of his day shouldn’t be tackling a crying salaryman who almost jumped off of a bridge to river below. Izuku became late to school even though he left early because he was stuck for one hour listening to the man’s woe about being jobless, homeless, divorced and not allowed to see his son ever again by his ex-wife.

If that wasn’t enough, Izuku also escorted the man to a nice ramen shop. Izuku knew the kind owner was desperate for extra hand and had extra small room for live in employee. The poor man was hired on the spot.

Izuku was confused, his memory of past life was a blur but from what he could tell, his semantic memory system was intact. The semantic system stored factual knowledge about rules, norms, math or logic, and historical events- hence in spite of now remembering his life play by play he still understood his power. So he knew that Hyper Intuition never worked like this, not as random,and not a radar for people in need.

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action

Or to be accurate rather than enemy’s action... for some reason Hyper Intuition malfunctioned in this world. Wonderful.

Chapter Text

Izuku was very intelligent and Senku of all people flat out call him a genius analysis, so it didn’t take long for Izuku to figure out what’s wrong with his Hyper Intuition. He had told himself that his previous life’s misery was mostly because the world was screwing himself over, and that was metaphorical statement. In his current life however…

It was literal.

Hyper Intuition in the simplest sense was super extrasensory perception due to Vongola bloodline high purity sky flame, harmonizing them with the world in synchronization no other line could match. Their senses were in tune with the world’s perception. In the world of Hero and Villain, logically his intuition shifted from intuitive perception where it helped the user to recognize danger to…

What his life had become, constant involvement in heroic scenario and it wasn’t limited to people he had bonded with. This collective consciousness of humanity in this world wanted a hero, and his Hyper Intuition bow down to that will.

“Fuck.” Was his succinct conclusion of his situation. “What good Hyper Intuition is for, if it don’t help me avoiding danger?!” Logical part of his mind corrected him that most likely Hyper Intuition still function as intuitive precognition and sensory augmentation. It was still a perfect weaponized intuition, but as a man who resolutely strife to be a pacifist in this life that was the last thing he wanted.

A man who picked up weapon for peace was cursed for fruitless path until he drops it.

“Izuku? Dear, dinner is-” Inko trailed off. “Ara, are you still studying?” The plump mother cupped her cheek, “You shouldn’t overwork yourself… your homeroom teacher told me with your current grades you can go to any high school you want.”

Izuku was snapped out of his reverie by his mother’s words, it took him a while to compute what she just said. “I know Mom, I am just revising some notes.”

Inko hesitated. “Uhm… Izuku, do you still want to be a pro hero?”

It was the first time since they moved Inko mentioned Izuku’s forgotten dream. “I still want to be a hero.” Inko tensed at that, “But I don’t want to be a pro…” He trailed off, “It’s enough for me to help those in need in front of me, as much as I admire pro heroes like All Might… I-” He beamed, “I don’t like fighting! And… now all I want is to make you happy, Mom.”

Inko burst to tears. “IZUKUUUUUU~”

Just the usual daily dose on tears in Midoriya household.  


Ojiro liked Midoriya, he was the kindest guy the tailed boy had ever known. Midoriya’s fighting style reflected his personality in most ironic interpretation, quick and decisive. Midoriya didn’t throw the strongest punch or the most agile, but he knew where and how to hit his opponent. In spar, Ojiro could win at least half of it but if they fought for real…

He wouldn’t stand a chance, and Yamamoto-shishou complimented him for knowing his limits. It took only one real fight to prove it, Ojiro didn’t even know what hit him. It didn’t take long for Midoriya to develop revined fighting style that unique to him, according to Yamamoto-shishou, rather than learning from zero, Midoriya looked like a veteran relearning and recovering his skill.

Strange, but Yamamoto-shishou also think Midoriya’s quirk had mental aspect to it and not just elemental. It wasn’t unusual, elemental Quirk tend to be affected by the user’s mentality. Yamamoto-shishou admitted he had never seen it work the other way around, but it shouldn’t be out of realm of possibility.

It was a good thing Midoriya was a pacifist, even though his peaceful way was making sure they were out cold in record time. Midoriya was too scary as enemy, it didn’t help he also had the brain to back up his strength. It was always the quiet ones…

Only idiots would pick a fight against a guy with both brain and brawn.

“Oi, freckles over there!”

It was nothing out of ordinary, Ojiro had become used to be in crime scene since he befriend Midoriya Izuku. Though he wondered why the guy was robbing a hobby shop, wasn’t a bank or convenience shop the more typical target? Well, considering the money Midoriya spend here maybe it was a profitable business worthy to rob. Not to mention this was one of hidden otaku hotspot, maybe that’s why a lone robber had guts to target it.

“Me?” Midoriya had the gall to look scared.

Senku who hung out with them lately to give his dating friends some privacy huffed, “Of all people to pick here, minus ten billion point for utter idiocy.”

Ojiro nodded sagely, “Indeed.”

The robber wearing typical ski mask was apparently allergic to cats, and the female employee he caught at first glance was normal looking but when she got scared her whisker, ears and tails popped up. The guy had been sneezing in between his threat for the cashier to give him all the cash. Unfortunately for him, the employee had just changed shift so there’s not a lot of cash after employee from previous shift closed it.

Everything come in three, Ojiro recalled an old saying. The third misfortune of this robber was choosing Midoriya of all people as his replacement hostage. “Come here kid, or I will blow her head off!” The cat girl shrieked as the noose of the gun was pressed harder to her temple.

Midoriya, being the overly kind guy he was- seriously- who ran with such desperation to be a hostage?

“Sir!” Midoriya clung to the hand holding gun, tears streaming from his eyes. “I will be hostage! So let her go! She is so scared, you see…”

“Fine!” The robber snapped, pushing the sobbing girl as far as possible from himself. He looked gleeful as he had spotted an easy prey. “Now, hand over your valuables! Cell Phone, wallet, jewelry!”  

Ojiro should be worried about the gun pointed at Izuku, he would if it was two weeks ago before Yamamoto-shishou brought a gun as his teaching material. Of course, their teacher wasn’t shooting at them or training them to dodge bullet. Quirk or not, it was apparently minismal chance to dodge bullet. Unless of course, you are All Might. .

In Midoriya’s case however- surely a Middle School student shouldn’t be so resourceful in solving scenario of being hold at gunpoint. If Ojiro and Senki hadn’t visited Midoriya’s home, they would suspect he was a young master from yakuza home or something with how familiar he was with gun.

For example-

“Aaaack!” A knee on the gut and the hulking figure of the robber fell over, his hand trembled as trying to aim his gun at Midoriya. “Stay back! Or I will shoot you!” He froze when he saw the nozzle of his gun, it had became crooked.”  

Senku scoffed, “Moron- who let someone with fire quirk come so close when holding a gun?”

Of course the man couldn’t hear Senku’s critique as Midoriya as usual displayed his talent in knocking people out cold.

Ojiro flexed his arms and tail, before wrapping the extra appendage around the criminal like a python. “Midoriya, I shouldn’t get use to this before starting my pro hero career.”

“Used to what?”

“Being sidekick, do have decency to choose your hero course high school by next year at least.”

“I won’t.”

As firm as always, one would wonder why Midoriya for all his nervous tick could be so firmly rejecting hero path. You would think he had experience or something.


When a kid keep calling police for catching villain in alleged self-defence, and other heroic deed that they had no license for- naturally a detective like Tsukauchi was concerned when the report reach his desk. Once or twice minor vigilantism could be excused with  a slap on the wrist, but dropping criminals in nearest to their care in weekly basis was obviously no coincidence.

So when Midoriya Izuku called for police for finding an escaped lion that had been kept illegally, Tsukauchi instructed the officers to keep the boy. Tsukauchi expected to see a strong and brash looking kid like his old friend, but Midoriya Izuku was nothing like Toshinori. The boy looked… ordinary, unassuming, and not the trouble magnet that keep running into cases. In fact Tsukauchi had seen this boy around the neighborhood before, the golden boy of old folks who would climb tree to rescue cats, lending listening ears to chatty grannies, and helping them crossing roadway.  

“Midoriya Izuku-kun?” Tsukauchi gave the boy his best disarming smile, “Don’t worry you’re not in trouble… I just need you to answer a few questions from me.”

The baffling thing was, the boy wasn’t cowed at all being questioned by a detective. Even stranger, for someone being suspected for vigilantism he didn’t make excuse. Which in Tsukauchi’s detector Quirk would sound like a minor lie, but Midoriya just went on and on about his latest misfortune. The boy was an innocent trouble magnet, and his only indication of deliberate involvement was…

He had a bad feeling, follow it and end up running to a crime scene.

“Have you tried to avoid it?”

“I would but that’s would be against my conscience and- I can’t tell the police or hero that I need them somewhere because my feeling say so.” The boy said somberly.

Tsukauchi prober further, “Is it your Quirk? It should be easier if you explain to them that way.”

He shook his head, “It’s part of my power indeed.” Strange the boy didn’t call it Quirk, but Tsukauchi could be careless of the wording because the boy was so plainly honest it was unnerving. “It doesn’t… really make sense how it correlated with each other, my flame and intuition. People would think it’s two completely different Quirks.”

Apparently the boy’s parents had elemental and psychic kind on quirk, minor fire and minor telekinesis. Both of those were considered weak Quirk, and yet there was the boy who might as well have been a hero with track record. Somehow Midoriya’s Quirk mutated from his parents, a concoction of both that had elemental and clairvoyance aspect to it. The report said the boy knew martial arts, and he disabled criminals without Quirk. The first time the boy was reported using any was when he bend a gun, and even that was excusable because the robber was pointing it at the boy’s head.     

“Which hero school you’re planning to attend? You’re in your third year of Middle School, right?”

“I am not going to hero course.”

It was a disappointing statement, for a boy who held so much promise to refuse becoming a hero. However it also gave the boy a clearance from him, because obviously this wasn’t the case of deliberate vigilantism.

“But…” Midoriya trailed off, “I would like to keep helping people even if I am not going to be a pro hero, I am just a selfish teenager after all.”

That was just unfair, Tsukauchi had never met teens in trouble because of vigilantism that genuinely wish for aiding others without desire of grandiose side of heroic act brought upon them. The boy’s Quirk was even crueler, imposing the boy with promise of heroic glory he didn’t want but his kindness made him unable to run.

“You know… I am a friend of All Might.” When in doubt turn to your friend, the most likeable person in universe if you discount Endeavor and villains. “He is like that too, if he isn’t a pro hero he would run all over the world if he knows people need help! There’s no shame on that, of course you can’t break law preferably but so far you haven’t and-” You are obviously smarter than Toshinori, Tsukauchi was sure of this.

Then the boy burst to waterworks,much to Tsukauchi’s embarrassment. In the end their formal questioning ended, the boy passed with flying colours and since Tsukauchi was terribly sorry he brought the boy to tasty katsudon restaurant he frequented with Toshinori.  Go figures the boy liked katsudon like Toshinori.

Their lunch started awkwardly, but the boy warmed up to him quickly once he spoke more about Toshinori. Somehow the topic derailed to villains All Might arrested recently, and then to how a lot of newbie pros couldn’t apprehend criminals as efficiently as Midoriya did without casualties in both material and civilian.

The boy had a motor mouth once he became comfortable with you, and while that was interesting- The contents of his muttering in the other hand.

“Villain like Absolute Glue that arrested by Kamui wood the other day shouldn’t give the hero so much trouble. I mean, from news it’s shown the criminal already got Deathgoro stuck in glue to the wall and trying to bind the man with his Laquired Chain Prison is bound to fail. He will just make the wood branches Kamui shot out to get stuck somewhere.” Kamui ended up stuck himself when the pause to cut off the wood extention gave the criminal a chance to subdue him. “Instead- he should barricade the man in smaller area! That way, even if Absolute Glue put his ball of strong glue on his wood, the man wouldn’t be able to run! Also, his glue expand! If he keep using it in small enclosed area he will trap himself further- “

Tsukauchi felt like a bastard but he threw another bait for the boy, this time a case of villain that escaped from prison a month ago. It was quickly recaptured but they still had trouble making sure the Sludge couldn’t escape.

The boy made a face when Tsukauchi mentioned the Sludge Vilain but it quickly vanish, “It’s weak to fire and change of’s hard to contain him and using small vial isn’t very humane indeed.” Villain or not it was still human. “You can set the temperature low enough to affect the viscosity of his body, but we still have to see if such change to his cell give the prisoner more discomfort than necessary.”

Tsukauchi viciously start taking notes, throwing question one after another. ‘Shit, I find a genius Quirk Analyzer… but he is a civilian! A student!’

“Midoriya-kun, can I have your number?” He had to discuss this with his superior. “We enjoy our talk very much.”

Midoriya’s sunny smile was so blinding, it hurts Tsukauchi’s eyes. “Me too Detective!My friends aren’t really interested in Quirk discussion, so…” He trailed off, “And you don’t even mind my rambling! I am so embarrassed but I just can’t help myself!”

Tsukauchi swore the boy would be compensated properly for this, hobby or not.  

Midoriya Apartment, Izuku's bedroom

“Oi, Izuku… that’s not a cat.”

“I know.”

“I thought the lion you saved from illegal exotic pet owner from last week is given to police’s custody, and I remember it’s already an adult.”

I know.”

Senku groaned, putting down his bag on Izuku’s floor. “Then what the hell a lion cub is doing on your bird nest head?”

Izuku kept his eyes on the pad he used to draw detailed diagram of Mt.Lady’s gigantization quirk. “Well… apparently that lion is never an adult lion but still a cub, he has a Quirk.”

“Uh huh… Growth’s a rare case of animal having a Quirk, but it still doesn’t answer why it’s with you.”

“It escaped from nearby wildlife sanctuary and looking for me, I tried to take him back but Natsu dug his nails onto my floor, bed, and every scratchable surface he could reach as crying incessantly…” said Izuku, though his voice falls away as Senku leans forward and stares into the gleaming amber eyes of the cub.  

Senku squinted, “You named it.”

“I can’t call him ‘cub’ forever.”

“Also, how did you tame it?”

“I did not , I thought Natsu wants to eat me when I saw him the first time so I summon a bit of fire to scare him off- hoping to buy time so I can call authorities but-”



“Is that Japanese? But I get it, so this cub ate your flame? I don’t know it’s edible, let me try sometime then-”

Izuku lost it, “What the hell Senku?! That sounds like you want to eat my liver! There’s a limit of how curious you are to eat something you shouldn’t!”

“Eeeh- I ate lion’s meat when I was in Africa for research- taste terrible and smell strongly of Amonia so I don’t think your flame is worse than that.”

Izuku hugged Natsu closely to his chest in fear, staring at Senku as if one would a Bogeyman. “How could you!”

Senku rolled his eyes, “What did you feed the cub aside from your flame? Cat food?”

The verdant haired boy nodded, “Natsu don’t mind it- and...I got butcher from nearby shopping district to give me unsold scrap meat for cheap…”

“I will give you Lion’s diet plan then-” He trailed off, “Can I get a report on Natsu’s behavior?”

Izuku huffed, “Fine.”


A week later…

They were in a clearing of forest, away from prying eyes. Senku had taken precaution for their illegal activities, using train to travel to rural place where authorities didn’t watch over illegal use of Quirk as closely like in cities. In this age there was a lot of abandoned village, Senku had long taking advantage of this area for his research. In here, Izuku could test the prototype of his Dying Will Pill.

“Are you sure you don’t want Ojiro to see this?”

Izuku fidgeted, “It’s not like I don’t trust Ojiro, but he don’t know how I trigger my Quirk and… he has been asking.”

Senku swore, “Shit, that would be awkward indeed.” Friends or not, nobody would want to spread around that he had to kill himself to activate it. “Anyway- this is the prototype pill I concocted, I used smaller dose on gerbils and this should be the right dose for human according to my calculation.”

The flame user was nervous, looking at the orb the size of marble mall. “This is too big…”

“Yeah- you have to bite and chew it like candy.”

Izuku did so, and gagged. “It taste ten billion percent horrid!” Bitter medicine was the best, who said that bull?  

“Shut up and drop dead already!”

One minute later~

“Senku, it failed.”

“Did you expect a fast acting poison?! It will kill you!”

At last, as soon as Senku finished that line Izuku shivered. ‘It’s working…’ It was an eerily familiar sensation, but so slow and he could feel his body shutting down. ‘Shit, Senku DID it but his pill works ten times slower

Which made sense because genius or not Senku didn’t have ten generations to refine this drug of temporary death. He didn’t even have Vongola’s massive resource to aid him.Senku was a genius indeed to succeed on his own.

Senku expected the burst of fire, or worse- Izuku would be charred beyond recognition. However, he didn’t expect Izuku to evolve to this…

“A man with crown of flame....” Izuku’s verdant eyes had turned to pool of molten orb, the colour of his flame was unlike natural flame he had seen in other flame Quirk. It was the same colour as sky in twilight, the hue of red-orange-yellow that left him stunned.

Izuku opened his mouth, “Aaah, it’s been a while.” He murmured to himself as looking at his flaming fist.  

The guy was on fire but his voice was calm and serene. ‘This is ten billion percent amazing but… did Izuku develop different personality when using his Quirk at full power?’

Izuku flexed his flaming digits before eyeing a makeshift dummy target, a scarecrow taken from abandoned paddy rice field. Then a torrent of flame shot out towards the scarecrow, Senku gaped shamelessly when instead of burning and charred hay what he saw was a stump of short pole.

“That’s NOT flame, that’s more like laser! No- just how high the temperature of your flame, and how come we’re not toast just by standing so close to it?! Is it even possible to compress such a volatile energy and focus it?! What the hell, Izuku! Your Quirk violate several law of physics! And not even in the way Quirk usually did! I mean- “

It was amusing to see Senku reduced to sputtering mess, but Izuku in Hyper Dying Will form was too excited to care. “Hm…”

Unfortunately, he couldn’t last more than three minutes in Hyper Dying Will Mode. Then after that he would be too drained to move. He passed out and only woke up six hours later.

“Aargh- now I have to figure out away for the pill to work faster without risking killing you for real.” Senku didn’t look upset. “This excites me!”


“And- more stamina training for you.”

“Uuuuuugh- yeees.”

It was a good think Inko thought Izuku went for camping with Senku. HIs weekend was spent gulping the pill and dropping dead. Izuku was sure Senku had killed his tastebud with that awful pill. He would strangle Senku if he could no longer taste his mother’s home cooking. The prat had the gall to claim that sugar coating would reduce effectiveness of his medicine.

Lies-Senku just love to screw with people.

Chapter Text

The world wasn’t all rainbow and sunshine, of course Izuku would know that after his peers betrayed him at the age of four. Not to be dramatic, but Izuku was appalled by how quickly one was demoted to social pariah on the basis of being Quirkless. Senku for all eccentricness and insanity as man of science looked at him as if he was an idiot when asked about his general opinion of Quirkless individual.

“They’re still human, aren’t they? In case you don’t realize- I am almost Quirkless… my super memory means shit without my smart backing it up. I could be careless of Quirk, I almost hate Quirk because latest technology development revolve around it. Seriously- we reach the moon without Quirks, why should it dominate our life so much now?”

Wow, Senku said what was on his mind. “You’re right.”

“Also- I wouldn’t be surprised that my super memory turns out to be not a Quirk.” Senku said, “Prior to Age of Quirk, photographic memory exist. Not to mention, I have pinky joint but oh well-”

Izuku laughed at that, earning questioning look from Senku. After all, Senku wasn’t the only one lying to the world.


It was the beginning of second semester of his third year, and Izuku was still drifting like wood at the prospect of his third year. Nothing much changed since he transferred to Teikou in his second year, aside from addition of two self-proclaimed sidekicks. One of them was going to UA for hero course, and Izuku wondered why the heck did Ojiro think he was Izuku’s sidekick with such a high aspiration.

“Well, with Quirk like mine I know I have to work harder than others with stronger and flashier Quirk to be a hero.”

“Still doesn’t answer my question.”

“Gee, Midoriya~ for such an intuitive guy you’re very dense sometime.” Ojiro grinned, “Whether or not you go pro I don’t think it’s matter so much, I don’t plan to be codependent on you either but… I just feel being around you is fun and I will be part of something bigger than life.”

...That was just delusion from harmony property of his Sky, if he didn’t do anything about it- nothing would come up from it.

Other changes was, he had gotten a scholarship for his third year in Teikou. He had to lighten the load of his mother’s burden as a single parent. Unfortunately Inko didn’t have the heart to divorce Hizashi yet, but it was a close call.

Since he ingested several Dying Will Flame, some details of his past life start to clear up. Not that Izuku had any intention to make them his, Izuku didn’t want to lose his identity as Midoriya Izuku. In his first life, he was an orphan- a bastard of a noble. However it was his second life that made Izuku fret, his absent father was a mafia with shady income.

So, when the same pattern of a mysterious father missing from the picture repeated again, Izuku was reasonably alarmed. Not again, he couldn’t but thought. Izuku asked Senku if it was possible to track down Hizashi’s monthly transfer. The genius refer to someone with alias Alibaba on the net, apparently Senku had basic skill as hacker but he was not a pro. Senku guaranteed his online friend was trustworthy, he even knew the guy offline as a hikkikomori living somewhere in Aoyama-Itchome.

“You don’t happen to know an underground doctor too, do you?”

Senku looked at him as if he was idiot, a silent answer it was a matter of course Senku knew one. This was the guy who in spite of living frugally with a teacher as foster father had a connection to go to Africa for research and ate lion’s meat. “Yeah, I also will bring you to her in case my pill have negative effect.”

“And Alibaba is…”    

Senku waived him off, “He is discreet, and he sorta of a vigilante-cracker online anyway.”

Izuku began to sweat as Senku started typing email, a one-time email no less for privacy reason. ‘I know Senku is a good person, but that doesn’t mean he is a law abiding citizen.’

Two days later Senku got a reply from Alibaba, Izuku hadn’t read it yet but Senku was already giving him comforting pat on the back. “Are you sure your intuition isn’t prophetic?”

Alibaba was quick on his trace of Hizashi’s monthly money transfer to his household, but in that short time it wasn’t like the hacker manage to find a proof that the man was a criminal or if the money was from less than legal job. However the transfer did take a lot of detour, a long that shouldn’t be necessary if Hizashi was doing a honest job.

“Also… this Zinc company? It’s a dummy company.”

SHIIIIIIIT!!! Couldn’t he get a normal father for once? Or a dead one?!

It didn’t help his mother was apparently wasn’t as naive as Sawada Nana, Midoriya Inko had her doubt for years since Hizashi went missing when Izuku was three. It didn’t help either that Hizashi was married to Inko’s family, it sent more alarm to Izuku’s brain. It did explain why the matriarch of Midoriya family was the green haired one though.  

He didn’t tell his mother outright that his father was most likely not a honest businessman, just bringing up some puzzling discrepancies of his absence. Inko knew by right she might as well be a widow by now, but Inko didn’t comprehend the severity of possibly marrying a villain. It wasn’t like Izuku could tell his mother to divorce his father.

Izuku would rather not use Hizashi’s money, so he applied for a scholarship. Inko supported him, just a bit upset Izuku was so angry to not rely on his father’s money. Izuku did feel guilty that Inko worked harder for promotion just so she could afford their living cost on her own salary.

Oh well, in case Hizashi or whoever the bastard is got caught there was a miniscule chance they would be involved. Worse come to worst, he could always get one of those overseas scholarship Senku keep offering to him.


Senku's eyebrow was twitching. “...So your solution is to escape overseas in case your father got caught or something?”

“Trust me Senku, even if your only fault is living off of dirty money you don’t know about… society can be quite unforgiving. Not to mention, cutting off this kind of legal relationship is harder if you’re in the same country.”

“Is that why you’re third in ranking in last mock test?”

“Yeah- I worked really hard!”

“...Yeah, I can tell from your eyebags, also- maybe we should have gone to optician one of these days.”


"You squint a lot lately, how could you not notice that and yet you can read Ojiro's body language from his tail?!" 

Izuku wasn’t very happy when he had to home with spectacles hanging over his nose. It had square frame in dark green, stylish according to Senku. Izuku swore to get soft lense soon. His mother think his nerd look was very cute. Especially after Senku’s childhood friend Yuzuriha gave him a haircut, taming his hair a little.

‘Irie.’ That name floated in his mind when he looked in the mirror.    

It was a month after he was questioned by Detective Tsukauchi he got a second call from the square eyed man. The first one was because Sludge while contained was much weaker than expected against cold, so he was asked for another solution. Izuku suggested flour or other similar substance that make Sludge body more solid. It had worked better than the first suggestion.

Izuku knew Tsukauchi was a good man, he had a good feeling when talking with the detective but also wariness. His intuition warned him to choose his words carefully,and since he was a bad liar, Izuku didn’t even try. As someone whose previous live was a vigilante, he knew Tsukauchi was a man to watch out for.

It was only he went home from their dinner together his good mood crashed, as he realized he might have gotten himself in trouble again. The man was All Might’s friend, and a good detective, and Izuku couldn’t resist discussing Villain and Quirks with a pro. Senku said it might not be a bad idea to get attention from someone like Tsukauchi, at least if Izuku got kidnapped by a villain for his brain someone would know how dangerous that scenario was.


Like Izuku would let that happen in the first place.

“Hello Detective Tsukauchi? It’s been a while.” Inwardly Izuku thought, ‘I hope you have forgotten about me.’ Too bad you didn’t.

‘Indeed, Midoriya-kun.’

“Can I help you?” Crap, that was just courteous greeting but why Izuku felt dread when that line escaped his mouth?

“Yes, actually…” Detective Tsukauchi trailed off, “Our discussion have been very enlightening.” That was a compliment but Izuku was getting more anxious. “Your solution to prison Sludge works so well, and it was a long time problem until you help us. While you’re still a student, it’s just fair for you to get a credit.” If it didn’t work Tsukauchi could have lost his job for spilling confidential issue to a civilian. To be fair, Tsukauchi didn’t think very straight at the time. He was overworked, and he almost lost a subordinate because Sludge keep trying to escape via body snatching. They were very close to put Sludge down if not for Izuku.The other solution the boy provided when he called before had worked splendidly, simple yet effective.  

Izuku laughed nervously, “Uhm… it’s fine Detective, I am happy to contribute.”

“Aside from that… there’s other thing I’d like to discuss with you that’s not appropriate for phone call.” Said Tsukauchi, “ Can you meet me in the same police office from two weeks ago tomorrow at 2PM?” Tomorrow was Saturday.

Izuku nodded, in spite of knowing that Tsukauchi couldn’t see him. Porca miseria!!!’   He didn’t find out about Hizashi hopefully. 


The next day

There was no courteous greeting when Izuku sat down in front of Tsukauchi in one of their private room. “It’s about this blog of yours you shutdown about two months ago.” He went straight for the kill. 

All blood was drained from Izuku’s face at the mention of Quirk Consultation blog he started at the fit of more research material, which was all fine and dandy until Izuku got a bad feeling from one request and after some digging, it was revealed the owner of said finger blade quirk was a small time criminal.

‘It was a close call.’ Senku called him a moron for that, and thankfully he was an anonymous consultant and more often than not using internet cafe when answering online request. It wasn’t a precaution, the reason was no other than his mother didn’t get an internet provider in their new home yet, and Izuku had long realized the danger of using convenience of soft copy data. His laptop was full-time offline because of that. Senku also installed several protection for his laptop, so if they are accessed by anyone other than Izuku or Senku they will fry themselves.

“Uhm-” He almost forgot he told Tsukauchi to check the blog out, he was really in deeeeep shiiiiit right now. 'Mental me start to sound like Bakugou.'

“If you’re just regular a Quirk enthusiast it’s no big problem, but you do realize what a close call you had before you remove your blog?”

Izuku swallowed, “I am so sorry Sir, I won’t do it again.”

‘It’s a shame for your talent if it’s misused by villain, I know you’re careful… and you know your mistake.” The boy would be in more trouble if he didn’t close down that problematic blog. Thank God, Midoriya was more sensible than average teenager. “And well… kid, I hate to tell you this but I would have just ask your help from time to time if it’s not for that blog.”


“However… you made your service open to public before and while you DID avoid that near disaster, it’s already beyond me to help you.”

Izuku deflated, sweating to the point he could feel the back of his hoodie stuck to his back. “I am in trouble, am I not?” Tsukauchi nodded, “What will happen to me then?”

“Well, Kid… luckily or unluckily depending how you see it- you’re too talented to be wasted in correctional facility and the likes. Not that you need it anyway- because your problem isn’t something they can correct. Since you’re smart, I will sugarcoat it with… community service for the good of society as your punishment.”

The verdant eyed boy wondered if he supposed to be relieved or horrified. “I am underaged.”

“I know, kid- but well… how old hero start their career?”

At fifteen by their first year of High School, while officially they were in training but hero aspirant start internship in the same year too. In case of UA it was even worse because the school went all out with their sport festival, giving their student the earliest experience with publicity.

“I am not going to go pro hero.”

“We will see about that later but for now-”

Izuku stood up abruptly, his eyes wide in horror. “Ah-”

Tsukauchi froze on his track, “Mi...dori...ya?”

“Mother?” The next thing Tsukauchi knew, the boy ran out of the room as if the devil itself was at his heels.

It took him a few seconds to compute why, ‘His clairvoyance Quirk, shit!’ 

Chapter Text

Zen Plaza Building 20th Floor

Inko just had a meeting with the contractor company representative, which went smoothly than expected. It must had something to do with their lunch, as unexpectedly the representative was a single mother too. They had a lot of things to share, especially about the shenanigan their children got into. They had just concluded their meeting, but didn’t leave the restaurant yet to share more of child rearing stories.

She was in mid of sharing story about how freaked out Izuku was when the family of gerbils he took care off simultaneously passed out when their house cat (Natsu) jumped on top of their aquarium lid, earning giggles from her new friend. Their shared laughter stopped short when several explosions ripped through the air mercilessly.

Some of the patrons in the restaurant wondered if it was a prank but Inko knew better, a decade of living with explosive neighbours taught her the sound of real explosion. The one she heard just now? That wasn’t prank grade explosions like one Mitsuki’s son throw around when he was five.    

Inko dragged her friend down below their table, and hell broke loose afterward.

Zen Plaza Building 3rd Floor

The days of absolute chaos like these was why Hawks wished he wasn’t the top hero number 3 many times since he got into top ten ranking. Then again in the age of heroes and villain, the fast one get the worms. So he had seen more action than any other hero and only All Might and Endeavor were above him. He was enjoying his chicken nanban set in his favorite restaurant, it wasn’t a posh one but the homey feel that reminded Hawk of his poor childhood was soothing. The owner knew Hawks since he just graduated from hero course and always saved him the best seat so he could enjoy his meal in peace.

He was on his second last bite of delectable chicken piece with tartar sauce when the building shook with tremor. This wasn’t an earthquake, his feathers that sensitive to vibration could tell this wasn’t a natural occurrence but manmade one.  

“And it’s my off day too!” Hawks lamented as he chewed the last bite of his food.


Hawks grinned, “Well Taishou- in case this building don’t survive the chaos, give me a call where you open the new shop okay?” And in flutters of wings Hawks vacated everyone in vicinity.

He lets his feathers work on auto-pilot and started to analyze situation, ‘Terrorist most likely… this building is in office district, it’s not a location that particularly important but there’s a lot of people and traffic during weekdays.’

Hawks made a call quickly, “Hello, this is Hawks- I am currently evacuating civilians from Zen Building. Is there any news on what am I dealing with here?”

Apparently there had been a demand half an hour ago from a notorious robber gang called Jabberwocky for the release of their vice-leader and other prisonned members. The gang had diverse Quirk users, it seem one of them had barrier type Quirk and had barricaded the top level of the buildings and holding civilians hostage. They also have explosive Quirk type user, the second in command leading this scheme. It was a controlled and not blind terror, ‘The worst type of criminal is the one with brain.’ The explosion just now was loud but the building was still steady and in no danger to collapse, he was dealing with a pro.

In one hand Hawks didn’t have to worry about these terrorists taking the building down with them, but in the other hand a hostage situation was the worst kind. The solution was simple though, he just need to destroy the barrier and save the hostages. The good end scenario would be his feathers managing that in one go, and evacuated the civilians before they could react. However he had no idea how tough the barrier is and if the villain noticed him, with so many hostages it wasn’t too far fetched if they killed a few to threaten him with.

Hawk was arguably the fastest hero after All Might, but he didn’t like the odds of how many feathers he had left to outrace criminals of Jabberwocky's caliber with hostage within their arm reach.    

“Hawks, there’s another call! Jabberwocky’s boss issued an ultimatum that he will kill one hostage every thirty minutes if we didn’t release Gin and Kuromu from our custody.”

Definitely one with brain, the leader Kinzou didn’t give their side a lot of time to plan before bodies start to pile up. He was prompting them to act reckless, and any failed attempt would demoralize them.

On Tsukauchi's car

If the boy’s mother wasn’t in grave danger, Tsukauchi would have a recruitment speech ready as he listened Midoriya avidly on worsening situation at Zen Plaza building. “Jabberwocky use the explosive simply to draw attention.“ They weren’t suicidal to blow up the whole building. “The biggest clue is that… in spite of being in full control of the security system after hacking it, they let the police and hero to have access on security camera.”

“And we’re not the only one.”

Izuku nodded, holding up his phone where they could see a live feed sent to several tv stations by the criminal themselves. “They’re trying to rally the public to pressure heroes and police to fulfill their demand, which is the last thing we should do.” He said bitterly.

Tsukauchi nodded, parking his patrol car as near as possible to the crime scene. “If we did, the hostage would hold no value anymore and there’s no telling if Jabberwocky will honor their deal.” He had to say, it was impressive Midoriya kept a cool head during the time like this.

“Unfortunately that’s not what people would think, especially if their beloveds are up there.” Midoriya hopped off of the car, followed by Tsukachi at brisk pace. “Losing leverage against Jabberwocky would make situation worse… the safest bet is saving the hostages from their clutches as soon as possible.” Izuku said, his voice was calm and it unnerved Tsukauchi because just ten minutes ago he had to tackle this boy in his blind panic.

When he made the boy to hop on to his car, the boy had quickly asked a list of hero that already on the scene. The detective didn’t think it was Hawk’s rank that made the boy’s eyes lit up, or the comment ‘he is perfect for the job ’ part made any sense.

He had thought Midoriya would ask about All Might, unfortunately Toshi had overworked himself today so he was out of option. He’d rather not make up lame lies to explain why his number one hero friend couldn’t make it.

Then  the boy made two calls, and Tsukauchi could only catch bits of it. The first one began with the boy ranting off address and the floor Jabberwocky barricaded, ended with request for floor plan and sending it to someone called ‘Professor’ and then Tsukauchi’s email address. Then Midoriya called the professor, asking him to make calculation, and reproducing that trick they saw the other day on movie night.  

Jaberwocky had killed two hostages, and clock was ticking for twenty minutes until the next body drop. Tsukauchi wondered how twisted it was to assure Midoriya that the first two hostage had been men, as if their life worth less than the boy's mother. Jabberwocky choice of hostage wasn't thoughtless, they kept public and law enforcers in suspense. If they grab a woman,elderly... worse- a child...

“Who is the kid?” Lock Rock asked.

Midoriya had his hood pulled up, shadowing most of his upper face but it was obvious from his built that he was a teenager. Tsukauchi had worked with the tanned hero before and he had thin patience with newbie and kids. As if he had never been in that spot before. Lock Rock was a good hero, but he wasn't the easiest one to work with.

“An intern?” Hawks, the highest ranked hero on the scene wondered. ”Wait, it’s not the season yet…”

The other hero, Ingenium who had brought no less than five sidekicks with him turned to Tsukauchi. “Detective, is this boy a civilian?”

“Erm-” Well- he did ask to his superior to be allowed on this case but he didn’t think as far as what to do with Midoriya-kun once they arrive on the scene.

“What is your plan?” Midoriya-kun spoke up before Tsukauchi could say anything. “Do you have any?”

Lock Rock was about to retort but Hawks, as outgoing as ever answered. “Nope, we don’t have any! We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.” Hawks didn’t know why but this boy Tsukauchi brought had--- some sort of presence. The calming presence that almost mystic just from a few minutes sharing the room with him. ‘Hm… ‘

“Obviously we will destroy Jabberwocky and save the hostages, it’s none of your business what we’re planning.”

“Frontal assault will undoubtedly fail, even if by chance you get pass their Quirk barrier- you would alert them of your presence and in a floor full of hostage it’s obvious who is at disadvantage. Heroes care about them but the villains won’t… plain brute force will just add body count in this case.”

Hawks whistled, “Harsh- but true.”

“Also, you don’t have much time- both of you and police are pressurized by public to do something soon. Following their demand seems to be an option, three criminals are hardly equal seventy six civilians they trapped up there…  but once you lose that- Jabberwocky is unlikely to honor their promise.” Deep down all the heroes present already knew this, but to have a child to shove it to their face… “Time is ticking, I have a plan to solve this- so will you discard your pride this one time to listen to me or will you waste your time doubting me?”

Lock Rock wanted to scream but Hawks’ feather tied him up. “Okay- let’s hear it first! We can decide whether or not to do it afterwards.” A plan from a kid was better than none at all, and they had no time to argue.

Midoriya Izuku smiled, “Let’s pull the rug from under Jabberwocky's feet.”  

It took only two minutes for Izuku to explain, it was a simple plan anyway- especially if the details were already handled by experts.

“It’s a crazy plan, but for some reason I can see it works.” Hawks looked too happy to follow it.

Tsukauchi was flabbergasted, ‘It should be a crime to look so cheerful in this kind of situation!’

Ingenium was still skeptical, “But this calculation… is it true? If it’s slightest bit off we will kill both Jabberwocky and the hostages!”

“We’re short on time.” Hawks told the hero in armor, “If the calculation is correct to the last digit, it will make our job easier- and if it isn’t- the one who have to work harder is me.” He pointed at himself. “I don’t mind.” So why would you mind then?

“Fine.” Lock Rock gritted out.

Zen Plaza was an old building in that particular office district, but very much a beloved monument by citizens living around it. Hawks flew carefully outside of the building, feeling very guilty that soon this building would be a target of calculated demolition. It wasn’t like they had much of a choice, between a pile of concrete and iron that could be rebuilt and irreplaceable human live it was no contest.

He should feel more nervous since aside from being the spearhead, he was also the one who prompted other hero to trust the mysterious boy. To be fair, Hawks believed it was a good idea because the boy was crazily brilliant- or was it brilliantly crazy?


If he didn’t have to swoop in like a Hawk he was, Hawks would decide the boy was crazy for playing lumberjack with a building.

‘First of all we will demolish the second top floor, right below the one Jabberwocky put on lock down. Here is the marked spot we should plant an explosive to achieve that.’

The look on Lock Rock’s face was priceless when he heard it, Hawks thought as he sent his feathers sweeping the screaming hostages out of the building. It was like a scripted movie, the building’s nineteenth floor disappeared from under the twentieth.  

‘Pulling the rug from under Jabberwocky’s feet, and that’s where we need Hawk-san to evacuate the hostages when they’re in disarray. Lockrock-san and Ingenium-san’s job is to make sure even if Jabberwocky regroup, they won’t be able to hinder Hawk-san.’

Hawks honestly doubt Jabberwocky would expect the floor would disappear on them all of a sudden, but there was panic following suck drastic measure.

‘Problem is both hostages and Jabberwocky members would panic, there’s no telling what would they do- so it’s a race against time to get them all under control. Not to mention after explosions Jabberwocky inflict, the building might be unable to endure more.”

Silently he send a prayer to every deity above so this building would hold until he finished the evacuation. Of course his prayer was spurned when he saw the leader of Jabberwocky was holding a plump woman by her neck with a gun pointed at her head. The boy was right!

‘The biggest problem however… the leader and other members of Jabberwocky had several hostages within their arm reach, there’s no guarantee all of them would let go of their hostage after we pull the rug from under their feet.”

At least they managed to save most of the hostages. “Oi! Kinzou.” He called the blond villain out. “Why don’t you let go of that poor madame and fight with someone your size?”

“Hawks…” Kinzou, the  partially snake looking man hissed resentfully, his forked tongue lashed out threateningly.. “You again!” The one who had arrested his trusted second in command was the hateful bird, what a misfortune to see him again here.

In the background LockRock, Ingenium and several sidekicks are locked in battle against Jabberwocky members. They were in no condition to be his backup, and his wings had shrunk to one third of it.

“With that puny pair of wings? You jest!”

Hawks was ready to fight, puny wings or not but as most things today- it didn’t go the way he planned. It was also wholly his fault for forgetting that Kinzou was the brain of the group with short distance teleportation Quirk, a drawn out battle he didn’t want with hostage on the way. Second- the explosive expert wasn’t Kinzou, and Hawks was too busy to confirm the member Dime- who could use his fat to produce ball shaped explosive was already subdued. To be fair the guy was dressed as a civilian, and not in his gang member’s leather jacket uniform. He had sneaked in as a customer in the same restaurant.

He was also knocked out because of the nasty fall when the floor collapse, and woke up right in midst of battle from under the rubble.




They had been using the rooftop of building next to Zen Plaza as their base. One of Ingenium’s sidekick who had literal bat ears reported there’s fifteen members of Jabberwocky detected by her ears, all of them heavily armed and had distinctive footsteps because of their metal sole boots.

“Fifteen?” The boy echoed in confusion, glaring at the next building where the hostages were held. Which was weird, because while it was the closest tall building next to the plaza- the angle of the building didn’t provide a good view of the tallest floor. It didn’t make sense for the boy to squint so hard as if he could see through the concrete.

“Yeap- that’s quite a lot.” Hawks said, mostly to himself.

The boy unexpectedly retort. “That’s strange- there’s sixteen hostile prese-hmph!”

“Shhh!” Tsukauchi clamped his hand on the boy’s mouth. “Midoriya-kun!”

So his name was Midoriya-kun, a name to remember so Hawks could send offer to the boy. He was definitely a good sidekick material. 

End of Flashback

 Fuuuuck! He should have done a headcount on notable members of Jabberwocky! Random mumbling or not the boy had proven himself worth listening to!

“Ingenium!!!” Hawks roared, “Stop Dime!”

The plump criminal was wobbling and his eyes were unfocused, he was obviously in no condition to fight. However Hawk had a bad feeling when Dime shiver and his skin shimmer in eerie glow, then tennis ball sized bomb started to roll out of his body at rapid pace to the point he shrank down to one third of his original mass. That head injury! It made Dime lost control of his Quirk!

“Dime!!! What the hell are you doing?!!”

Hawk jumped, snatching the poor hostage out of Kinzou’s claw. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Ingenium and co dragging the emancipated Dime and other two hostages to nearest exit. They were luckier because there was a hanging garden ten feet below that side of the building. Hawks however only had puny wings to help him, and recalling his bigger feathers didn’t go fast enough to his liking. It didn’t help that his feathers wasn’t the most fireproof thing in the world. So when the exploded bomb blasted him off of the building, he only hoped he was blasted far enough to land on something softer than asphalt.

“Hawk-san, maybe you should get a parachute just in case.”

“Eeeh- my wings might get stuck on that you know.”

“True, it could be dangerous for you.”

Someone really had to put a neon sign on Midoriya ‘ You’re dead if you don’t listen to his warning’ in All Might’s catchy color scheme. That was his last thought when something warm and fiery enveloped him.

‘Endeavor?’ He thought.

The next thing he knew, he and the hostage were on the ground after deafening crash. There was a huge blast of flame the moment they hit the ground, and yet there was no burn mark on his person or the woman he saved. Also… the fall didn’t hurt and he didn’t land on something hard either.

“...Ha-wk...san.” Someone choked out from below him. “Get-off… me- please- your knee---” He looked down. “Is digging on my ribs!”

He was sitting on someone’s stomach, to be exact Midoriya’s. “Sorry!” He was crushing the poor boy! He pulled the unconscious woman off of the boy too and it seemed other than pained ribs the boy was well enough to sit up.

The hero’s eyes widened when he saw the crown of flame on the boy’s verdant hair and the shimmering gold of his eyes. ‘Is he one of Endeavor’s son?’ He remembered Endeavor had three sons and the youngest was about the boy’s age. ‘No- his colouring doesn’t match.’ Endeavor was a redhead and his wife had white hair. ‘Wait- the colour of his flame isn’t natural either.’ It looked natural at first but the way it move, and also the heat was anything but.

The flame flickered out and the boy’s eyes colour changed to deep moss green that matched his hair. “My mother-” The boy trailed off.

Hawks couldn’t help himself. “Are you Endeavor’s secret love child?”

The hostage he saved chose that very moment to wake up, and as if swapping place the boy fell asleep. He was greeted by similar wide eyed look from the plump woman, who gathered the unconscious boy in her motherly embrace. “Oh-” Did he just accuse someone as a bastard within the mother’s hearing range?


Hawks was sure he deserved that bitch slap. It was a good thing the police did a splendid job to barricade the area that no reporters ran screaming to ask how he feels at that moment.

He felt like shit and he perhaps had angered the wrong person.

Chapter Text

Hawks wondered if the woman had strength augmenting Quirk, or she got his weak spot he didn’t know of because that one slap wasn’t just painful, it was also disorienting. Midoriya Inko was actually just following her son’s advice, just in case because Inko’s Quirk wasn’t offensive type that could help her to defend herself. It didn’t work so well in hostage situation though, in one-on-one scenario however.

“Oh I am so-” Inko didn’t mean to hurt the hero that badly, but waking up to someone questioning her son’s parentage would make any mother fly into rage.

Strangely enough, the number 3 Pro Hero didn’t get angry. The first thing he asked after the world stop spinning was Midoriya family’s address.


Midoriya Apartment

Thankfully he didn’t have to go to hospital, aside from bruise he got from cushioning Hawks’ fall he was as fit as rain. The doctor was confused why he fainted, as his diagnosis only revealed mild exhaustion coupled with lack of sleep and stress. His friends were savages- well- except Ojiro because he was nice and blessed with human decency Senku sorely lacked. The first thing Senku asked when Izuku was coherent enough to wake up was if the explosion was as awesome as it looks on TV when they blew up the nineteenth floor of the building live. A good thing that his mother went out for fresh air, she won’t be happy to hear Senku’s bedside manner.  

Izuku was as bitter as his coffee in the morning, “I am too busy saving my people to enjoy the view, I wouldn’t know.” He only remembered the feeling of dread, running off in spite of Tsukauchi-san’s shouting and did his utmost to break Hawk’s fall.

It looks awesome!” S aid deadpan voice from Senku’s phone, which was on call with Alibaba. A vigilante hacker Izuku learned a week ago wasn’t a he but a she. It was still a work in progress to pull her out of her room to enjoy the sunlight, but at least Izuku managed to make her use video call to talk to them.

“Futaba-san.” He called out the hacker girl, who's cute appearance didn’t match her love for chaos. “Don’t enjoy it too much.” The last thing Izuku needed was Futaba quitting her shut-in life for the sake of watching explosion and chaos live.  

Senku hummed from his bedside, “Well- all thing considered you walked out of that mess mostly intact. Your anonymity is compromised a big time though-”

Izuku groaned at that, “What the media said?”

“There’s a gag order on heroes and sidekicks involved for sure, your name isn’t mentioned- but well… there’s like a dozen heroes got called to this case and know you exist.”

Ojiro frowned, “Is that a bad thing?”

“Depends on how much they know of Izuku’s Quirk, and even without his Quirk…” Senku trailed off, “Izuku just want to save Aunty Inko, but he also showed up a group of hero how to do their job.”

Izuku frowned deeply, “If given enough time they would have figured out a plan, they’re pros- they should be able to come up with something. This isn’t the first or last time a hostage case put them between a rock and hard place.” Though this case was also a bit special because usually criminals wouldn’t go as far as Jabberwocky did to blow up confidentiality sky high. They were using people to pressure heroes and police to act, giving them no room to breathe.

Senku rolled his eyes at that, “This coming from the guy who analyzed every single hero-villain fights he came across and have more to critique than compliment-”

“...Easier said than done, I mean- I can talk but as civilians-”

“Izuku- most of the things you critique about fall under over-reliance on their Quirk, they knew their power and how to use it but majority of frontline hero doesn’t have backup on what to do when it fail.” The scientist pointed out. “You’re a man of science like myself- you don’t make biased assessment.”  

The prime example being Kamui Wood’s team, Senku was disgusted by their flailing when faced by Sludge villain last year. Apparently no one in the team had half a brain to run to nearest supermarket for quick freeze spray or a burner- or even a sack of flour. Did all of them flunk science back in school?    

“Still- what is broadcasted on this case on me?” His mother had confined him in bed without electronics, deeming it a hazard for his much needed sleep. So Izuku was as blind as a bat of the world.

“As I said, there’s nothing said on you- however… the live broadcast catch that massive flame blast.” Ojiro told him. “I’d say the first chance to see your Quirk in full power, I didn’t expect it to be on national broadcast.”

“My Quirk is exhausting, it’s not fit for show and tell. Ojiro-kun.” It could be if he used it sparingly, but Izuku didn’t think Dying Will Flame should be used for frivolous purpose.

Senku snickered at that, “A lot of speculations are running wild on and offline. Numerous flame themed heroes are interviewed since yesterday including Endeavor, but none of them were anywhere near the crime scene.” Obviously, when explosive materials was involved they would be the last heroes wanted on scene.

“Uh huh-” Sky flame had the most likeness of natural fire, but by the end of the day it was still a manifested life force that look like flame but not flame. “And the other heroes?”

“Most of them got out of that mess unscathed.” Senku looked smug. “For operation of that scale with so many hostages in line- that’s quite a record.”

Ojiro was nodding enthusiastically. “I know you’re amazing in strategizing but there’s not even a fight in this case! Well- Hawks almost fight Kinzou… but-”

Izuku hesitated, “Is he alright? Hawks, I mean…” Izuku cushioned his fall but the hero was blasted almost at point blank by Dime’s bomb while shielding Izuku’s mother with his body.

“Hawks is out of commission, so no one interviewed him yet. He is mostly intact from his bout against Kinzou of Jabberwocky, but the blast of explosion did a number on his wings and back. It would take a while for him to regrow them.”

Izuku was sure aside from his feathers, the mapple mark on his cheek was why he couldn’t show his presentable self to media. Izuku wasn’t sorry about that slap his mother gave Hawks, he was grateful the winged hero saved his mother but the man really had to learn some tact. That aside, Hawks had a point that his flame made it easy for people to assume he was related to the number 2 pro.

The guy was the only one who went as far as setting his facial hair on fire as his signature look. Izuku’s hyper mode made a tongue of fire to lit up on his forehead, but it wasn’t for aesthetic purpose like Endeavor’s.

“Still- you really have to think up something soon.” Senku told him, “You’re in trouble, remember?”  

Ojiro glanced at Senku, “How is he in trouble? Midoriya helps the police and heroes, they should thank him.”  

“Oh- they will!” The scientist sing-songed. “It’s what come after the ‘thank you’ that worries us all. In case you forgot our friend over here had track record of dropping criminal in weekly basis in police office, he had a blog that have visitor traffic from villain side before we close it for good- and… the first thing he suggest to heroes to save hostages? Fun stuff like blowing up the whole floor~ it works but it’s crazy!”

Izuku was holding his head the whole time Senku listing on his exploits. “Gaaaah-” In hindsight, he shouldn’t have suggested such a drastic measure even if it was effective. His previous life experience was to blame, correctly applied destruction always work wonders in mafia world. It did work even now, but it made normal people question the sanity of fifteen years old who so readily suggested it.   

Senku wasn’t done yet, “So, what law enforcers in their right mind would let this guy loose?” He pointed at Izuku. “So far he did a splendid job putting flashy banner on himself that all scream danger.”

Ojiro made a face like he was in pain. “Ugh…” Considering he was a hero aspirant, he couldn’t deny it. Especially considering Izuku’s penchant for trouble. “Erm…”

Izuku wanted to cry, “Ojiro, I thought you’re always on my side!”

“Ojiro-kun is sensible.” Futaba-chan added not so helpfully from Senku’s phone.

His whole life had been the epitome of ‘ With friends like these, who need enemies?’ Izuku wept pitifully. Ojiro flailed, he always panicked when Izuku had one of his mood swings.  

The man of science took pity on Ojiro and divert the conversation back. “At this point… we can only start thinking a compromise.” Senku suggested. “You and I already have an idea what they want from you, so we might as well get as much as we can from it.”

“...I am not sure I know what you mean.” Izuku said honestly, drying his tears as he emptied the box of tissue Ojiro passed to him.

Sometimes Senku wished the boy had moved to his school earlier, whatever haunted Izuku in his previous school never really leave him. Izuku was one of the smartest people of his generation he knew, and yet there was hesitance, self-doubt and occasional self-deprecation in him. Senku would make sure ten billion percent to beat them out of Izuku.   


Three Days after the Incident

He had returned to school, and nobody pester him about the incident. His friend were right that he was safe from limelight this time. The school was buzzing with discussion on the incident for a while, but as expected- in academic oriented environment like Teikou- the students were more interested in unusual approach heroes and police force use in this case.

“Reps from public safety committee criticize the heroes and police involved because their strategy is very risky, they could have killed both the hostages and villains.”

“Yeah- but did you see this article on calculation used to pull that stunt off?” It was released for the sake of heroes and police force, assuring the public that they had everything in control. “Even professors from famous universities couldn’t find fault in that.”

“The material damage though…” The report on monetary loss was in staggering amount, the building survived  the incident but there was talk it would be demolished complete as there was no guarantee it won’t collapse after the beating both heroes and villain put it through.

“Oh come on! There are like over sixty hostages whose life on the line, could you complaint about a floor or two obliterated?”


“I understand where people who disagree with how heroes and police handled this case come from, at first glance it seems excessive- but it does the job.”

“The villains only asked for three of their comrades to be released though, isn’t that easier way out?”

“You believe Jabberwocky wouldn’t cheat? They’re villains!”

“I’d say if I were in hostage’s shoes, I would want the heroes and police to do whatever they can to save me… but- I would be more terrified if Jabberwocky don’t need me anymore. There’s no telling they won’t just shoot me dead.”

“Huwaaah- you’re right!”

Izuku didn’t know what so novel about this case, aside from the excessive fanfare. Maybe because for once the most severe material damage was caused by hero side deliberately, it made people confused what to feel, the heroes and police went that far. In one side it was reassuring, but also concerning.

A good thing Izuku wasn’t going to plan any heroic strategy from behind the stage like that anymore. He was aware he was both hero in villain in his past life, and even if he didn’t want to… they influenced him to an extent. There was nothing, not even law would stop him from following his ideals and resolution.

‘This kind of person…’ He couldn’t be a hero of this world.

“Class is starting, return to your seats.” Barked their homeroom teacher. “Midoriya-kun.” He called out, snapping the verdant eyed boy from his thought. “You’re wanted in counselling office.”

That earned him bewildered look from his classmates. Izuku was the top student of his class and he never got in trouble.

His homeroom teacher caught his worried expression and added, “You’re not in trouble, in fact- you should be proud… someone recommend you for a prestigious High School and scholarship.” Izuku wondered if it was one of High Schools he applied to for scholarship, which one though? Shuutoku? Rakuzan?

“And belated congratulation for your thesis publication.” Which was followed by cheers and applause from his classmates.

Izuku blinked at that, ‘I forgot about that.’ Senku had suggested writing the thesis about half a year ago for overseas publisher the young genius was acquaintance with. He had conveniently forgotten if the thesis after he finish it, and let Senku decide its fate. He didn’t expect it was well received, he was no Senku but this should give him bigger chance to get a good scholarship.


Teikou Counselling Room

Tsukauchi Naomasa was sure this wasn’t counselling room but a trophy room, because the certificates inlaid with gold ink and dozens trophy made of glass, silver and gold were almost blinding. Tsukauchi had graduated from a good school and won trophies himself, but Teikou was something else.

“As expected of U.A’s principal to possess such a keen eye for talent.” The counsellor who introduced himself as Sanada complimented the creature sitting beside Tsukauchi.

The hybrid principal nodded, “Of course! It’s not everyday I get to see a Quirk thesis on foreign publication under Japanese name, and by one so young and unknown before.” Nezu said, sipping his tea. “That’s quite a feat without connection.”

Sanada shook his head, “It would be a lie to say Midoriya-kun have none.” He informed Nezu. “A close friend of Midoriya-kun is a very talented student too, some says he is the second coming of Thomas Alfa Edison.” Sanada boasted proudly. “He is a frequent contributor for those foreign magazines, so they gave Midoriya-kun a fair chance to assess his thesis because of Ishigami-kun’s recommendation. Their decision to publish it of course… is due to Midoriya-kun’s own talent.”


“In fact it’s not a stretch if both boys went straight to college instead.” The teacher went on and on.

A pair of middle school students writing thesis before reaching college, was that normal nowadays? What he remembered of his youth back in middle school with Toshinori was speaking of their dreams to be hero and police, got in trouble with teachers and looking at girls in new light after puberty. Certainly not writing scientific thesis-  

Or telling heroes and police to blow up a building some more to solve hostage situation. “Tsukauchi-kun? Your complexion doesn’t look so good today.”

“Ah- sleep didn’t come easily to me lately.”

“I recommend some nice mint tea to help with your insomnia.”

Actually he was losing sleep since his superiors and Hero Association decided to let Nezu to handle the wild card that landed out of nowhere on their lap. He knew Midoriya was a good kid, the boy was more sensible and not eager for glory of heroism like his peers. However as everyone who reviewed Jabberwocky case keep telling him, a normal teenager wouldn’t resort to a well measured destruction to achieve the most efficient rescue plan.

“Zen plaza is a real building with actual villains and hostages, not a simulation like in hero training course. We would be blind to not see the danger.”

As much as Tsukauchi liked the boy, he couldn’t disagree with them that Midoriya Izuku wasn’t safe to be left alone. It didn’t help either Sanada-san mentioned Midoriya was considering overseas scholarship, and Nezu’s eyes had been shining with mad glint since the start.


“Come in, Midoriya-kun.”

“Excuse me, I am sorry for the-” The boy trailed off, “Wait…”

Then Tsukauchi saw it, the colour of Midoriya’s eyes shifted to deep amber of shimmering flame briefly before returning to verdant shade that matched his name. Sanada didn’t seem to notice, but Nezu definitely did. He also felt the gaze on his skin, the feeling of being seen through to the core in a glance.

Nezu was rubbing the underside of his snout thoughtfully, shuddering under the boy’s intense gaze. “Ho ho ho… very interesting.” He said to himself, his voice very low that only Tsukauchi that sat next to him could hear him. “He definitely has a very unusual Quirk, but even without it-”

Even without it the boy was still a dangerous entity.

“Midoriya-kun, take a seat… I heard you have known Tsukauchi-san from police force.” Sanada was all smile as he spoke to the boy. “And-” The councilor hesitated, “This person over here is Nezu-san from U.A.” Unknown creature or not, principal from prestigious academy deserve respect. “I will leave you to speak with them about your recommendation, do Teikou proud as you always do, Midoriya-kun.” He said as he stepped out of the room after giving the boy an encouraging pat on his shoulders.  

The freckled boy nodded, “Yes, Sensei.” He bowed politely, acting every bit of model student his report said of him.

A model student who drop criminals on their doorstep in weekly basis, Tsukauchi told himself. “It’s been a while Midoriya-kun.” Not even a week actually.

The boy’s eyes flickered again before he gave them a polite bow.

Nezu beamed, “Don’t stand in ceremony, sit! Let’s have a loooong chat, Midoriya-kun!”

The boy nodded and took the seat Sanada had occupied, right across theirs. “...”


“...Well, thank you very much for your help last time, Midoriya-kun.” Tsukauchi began sheepishly, he had a feeling the boy was quiet because Midoriya knew what they were coming for.

Midoriya looked startled, “No, it’s me who should be thankful… for you and the heroes to follow my selfish demand. I have caused you all so much trouble.”

Tsukauchi was about to refute but Nezu was faster, “Midoriya Izuku-kun, I’d think no hero or police worth their salt could complaint about your plan in Zen Plaza, you saved as many life as possible with your strategy.”


Izuku wondered if he should be relieved or terrified that Hyper Intuition worked on unknown hybrid creature like Nezu. Well- as far as Hyper Intuition went, he could see through any living being including whatever the UA principal supposed to be. ‘He is super curious of me.’ He looked nothing like Senku, but the look of utter joy at finding something fascinating like Izuku was very identical. ‘First Senku, Futaba, and now…’ Why the heck did all crazy genius gathered around him in this life?

“You outwit both heroes and villain in this case, that’s quite an accomplishment.”

Izuku narrowed his eyes, in normal situation he would feel flattered someone like Nezu giving him praises. “Thank you for your kind words, Nezu-san. I think you over-praise me.”

The principal shook his head, “Midoriya-kun, I didn’t overestimate you. I don’t think there’s many pro heroes with strategic mind and decision making skill as swift as yours, and as proud as I am of our students… I don’t think any of them could come up with such elaborate plan on the fly.” He glanced at Tsukauchi. “Especially when their beloved mother is on the line… you keep a calm judgement of the situation, and not until the very last moment when your interference is truly needed you act on it.”

“...I just did what I have to do.”

“Yes, by all right- you have the making of an ideal hero.” Nezu cupped his chin or was it the underside of his snout? “The drive to do what is right, courage, humility, analytical mind… “ He listed on. “So imagine my disappointment when Tsukauchi-kun said you are not going pro.”

Izuku didn’t falter, “I help people because I want to, not because I am licensed to do so and paid for it.”

“So you find my profession distasteful?” He said inquiringly, far from insulted- Nezu was intrigued. After all children of Izuku’s generation should be enamored by the idea of becoming a hero, it was the number one profession in the world. So for an outlier like Izuku to exist, it fascinated Nezu.

The boy just smiled at the hybrid. “No, there are many pro heroes I respected… it’s simply not the path I will choose.”

Nezu’s eyes glinted, “Even though you can do so much more for people if you become a pro hero?”

He didn’t waver. “I don’t have a grand ambition to the point I have to be a pro hero to achieve it, I am a simple kid- I help people in need I see in front of me. No more no less…”

“Midoriya-kun…” Tsukauchi murmured softly.

Nezu hummed, “That’s fine too! I have seen overambitious and underachiever students in my long years as principal, but you’re neither!”

Was there anything Izuku could do to not further Nezu’s interest in him?

He cleared his throat again before pulling up a thick file. “I did some digging on you Midoriya-kun.” Izuku tried his best to not sputter at that revelation. “Let’s see… three purse-snatchers, two robbers, five molesters.”

Izuku became paler and paler as the list went on.

“Foiling reported three suicide attempts, saving at least over a hundred cats from tree… also finding the lost ones.”


“Also there’s one time you broke a gang fight.”

Tsukauchi-san didn’t know that one it seemed,  “When did that happen?”

Izuku wanted to dig a hole to hide. “I didn’t know there was a gang fight!” He was with his friends trying to find this spare part Senku wants when they ran into them that conflict. It was very awkward to chat when suddenly peoples on two side were brandishing baseball bat, pipe and other makeshift weapons. Senku had the gall to comment it wasn’t within his calculation. To be fair Izuku tried to get away when he had a bad feeling, but Senku was so sure they could deal with it as usual. “I didn’t fight them, we just run to nearest police station!” Why did they decide to chase Izuku and friends, he had no idea.

“You and your friends knock out at least half of them before the police arrive.” Nezu sounded too gleeful for an educator who should disapprove of such action.

It wasn’t their fault Senku was a slowpoke, and they would never leave him behind. Come to think of it, most attempt at escaping trouble when he was with his friends failed because Senku didn’t have a lick of stamina. ‘I really have to drag Senku to my morning jog one of these days.’

“Sir, I’d rather not involved in more than half of trouble I got into.”

“But since they’re already in front of you, Midoriya-kun can’t leave them be.” Izuku stilled at that, “That’s a hallmark of a hero, All Might would tell you that.”

It took Izuku’s all to not cheer like a five years old brat, but the corner of his lips couldn’t stop twitching. Fourteen years of fanboying All Might couldn’t disappear easily from his bone, past memory or not. “I am glad to hear that, but my resolution stays the same.” He stated firmly, eyes narrowed. “I don’t…”

“Midoriya-kun.” Nezu interjected before Izuku could finish. “Why did you try to run away so hard from your old dream?”

His eyes widened at that, “My dream, what do you?”

“I told you I did throughout investigation on your background.” Nezu said, setting down the empty cup of tea before helping himself for second. “You’re deemed Quirkless for most of your life, people remember you- you… are the boy who never give up on your dream to be a hero.”

“I believe how they remember me doesn’t sound as nice as that.” Izuku didn’t want to sound bitter, but it was hard not to be.

Nezu snickered, “I hope it please you to know that all of them look at me like I have grown extra paw or head when I told them you’re perhaps the best hero candidate I have come across since All Might?”

“...You just met me today, Nezu-san.” The mutant just want to see his reaction.

“Nevertheless…  while our circumstances aren’t quite the same, I’d like to think I have some insight about yours.” Izuku frowned at that, “If anyone in your place gave up to be a hero by the time they’re diagnosed as Quirkless, that’s normal… but you never give it up for years.”

“I decided to not follow it since last year, I give up.”

“No, boy… you run from it.” Nezu stated with conviction. “Half-heartedly at that considering you’re tiptoeing to vigilantism.”

“I didn’t…”

“Even if the circumstances more often than not is out of your control, from what Tsukauchi-kun know of you….” Nezu trailed off. “In the end it’s your choice to get involved to help and save others, you don’t run from them…”

Izuku felt his eyes felt warm and moist but he held it back.

“Also with how much trouble you get into- it’s not like you have much choice.”

That snapped him out of his musing. “What trouble?” He didn’t shriek yet, that’s a good news.

Nezu sighed, “There’s your blog.”

“I closed it.”

“Doesn’t help your case… when we track down visitor flow of your blog, we made interesting discoveries that you have more than one or two villains following it religiously.”

Okay, he really should ask Futaba to check. Was that even possible considering the blog was gone?

“I didn’t use my real name.”

“Then there’s your little cat…” Shit! “With brush like tail end- rounded ears~” Nezu trailed off. “Apparently the runaway lion you saved before decided he didn’t like enclosure or the wilderness.”

Tsukauchi looked pained, “Well- we also receive report that the lion resisted a lot when you bring his back the second time.” A group of sanctuary staffs were aware of this, keeping it a secret. They even went as far as visiting Midoriya household weekly to check on the cub. They had no choice apparently because if they took the cub back from Izuku, it would refuse to eat and in general tried its best to kill itself until  they gave it back to Izuku. “But that’s still illegal…” He hissed.

Nezu nodded, “I can understand why you didn’t report it though… the cub has a Quirk, and if it’s unlucky enough to go through what happen to me…”

Tsukauchi had this deer on headlights look as the principal started to cackle like a villain.

“I…” That kid fed on his flame, Izuku didn’t know how it affected Natsu biologically. Senku had a couple of theories, none make Izuku felt save to return Natsu to government’s care.  

Nezu at last stopped laughing and Izuku kept his eyes on the puddle of tea on the floor Nezu made in his laughing fit as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. “ You’re a hero for that cub, Izuku-kun.” The mutant sounded sincere. “Also, if you really can’t avoid trouble after trouble because of your Quirk and heroic heart-”

Ironically his Hyper Intuition was originally meant to avoid danger and trouble. “I’d say, it’s just my decency as human being.” He gritted out, “I am fine being civilian… as for Natsu.” He trailed off, “He is still a cub, he will grow and mature… he won’t be so dependent on me then and I should be able to release him safely to the wild. My friend have connection with wild reserve in Africa so I can-”

“That child-” Nezu interjected, “He can’t return to the wild anymore, I can’t- and from what I gather from sanctuary's staff who keep your secret… the cub is at least as intelligent as a chimpanzee to understand human’s speech.” Izuku bit his lip at that. “Quirk did that to any animal, not to an extent of my High Spec Quirks… but animal with Quirk like us won’t adapt well in the wild. It doesn’t help your Natsu is a lion, a pack animal with social strata… you think we can allow such gene carrier to go back to the wild?”

Izuku froze at that, Nezu sounded bitter and sad to his ears. The principal wasn’t speaking just for himself but for all animal with Quirks like him and Natsu. He had been naive, thinking as long as he raise Natsu well- the cub would grow up to be a lion and won’t need his care anymore.

“If you come to U.A… I will make Natsu, my foster kid.” Nezu snickered. “We should stick together, he and I… my school have enough clout to take charge of unusual individual like Natsu.”

So this how they wanted to play it, as Senku said- rather than playing it completely by their tune he should try to get something out of it. “...I understand the benefit when Natsu is concerned, but tell me… if you did investigation of me… Are you aware of my missing father?”

That silenced both Nezu and Tsukauchi, the quiet stretched like eternity until Tsukauchi broke it. “From what we know… your father hasn’t been on the picture since you’re three years old- or even younger.” They couldn’t get the exact timeline no matter how hard they try.  

“Have you tried to track him down?”

“Well- we can’t say we did not…” Midoriya Hizashi was a father, and the head of Midoriya household so it was proper to have him informed of his problematic son.

Izuku scoffed, they would find out soon anyway. “His absence isn’t normal… and let’s say our monthly stipend go through an interesting detour.”


“...Is this the right time to tell you that your father doesn’t exist on registry?”

Nezu apparently didn’t pick up on tact in his years in human society. “Well…” Izuku trailed off, wondering why he wasn’t even surprised Hizashi didn’t exist in government’s registry. Considering his track record with his biological father in his previous life- or even being a Vongola in general, not a lot of thing could surprise him. “It seems I can’t avoid this anymore.”

“We’re not forcing you to be a pro hero.”

He took a deep breath before exhaling. “No, but you leave me with no choice, Sir.” He corrected them. “I know I automatically fall under your protection if I become a student, but what about my mother?”

Tsukauchi was quick to reply. “We will protect her... it’s our duty. You don’t have to ask.”

His eyes narrowed, it seemed both Nezu and Tsukauchi had a clue of Hizashi’s whereabouts. Or at least they suspected something. “I am glad to hear that… but, you want me to attend U.A but not becoming pro hero… that doesn’t make any sense.”

“A lot of pro heroes are technically- well- pro heroes.” Nezu explained to him unhelpfully, pouring another cup of tea that had cooled down by now. “Lunch Rush for example… is a chef first, he hardly sees any action.” Izuku cupped his chin thoughtfully. “I am sure you know many heroes with license but with their supposed side job as their main.”

“...I see-” Not all heroes are full time one like All Might.

“As long as you didn’t chuck down your license on the sewer somewhere Izuku-kun, you can pick any other job~”

“Principal…” Tsukauchi moaned, was that even a proper thing to say by the principal of U.A?

“Beside… I can see you become an intelligent type of hero like me, we will order other heroes around to get the job done.”

...Was that why Nezu became a hero, a teacher and a principal? So he could order other human around as he please?

Izuku heaved a sigh, he didn’t run into a dead end yet. He would adapt and make this work for him, he won’t let becoming a hero control his future. “Very well… I accept.”

His mother won’t be very happy, or rather she would get a mixed feeling that Izuku got to fulfill his old forgotten dream but life would get more dangerous to him. Izuku was still very weak, and if U.A offer what he needs to protect his mother… then so be it.

Five minutes long discussion later…

“What do you mean I didn’t get to participate on any exam?”

“Well, it’s not beneath you to flunk exam.” Indeed, it wasn’t. “Also there’s not much point for you to attend it considering your track record, and it’s mostly on Quirk anyway…”

He wouldn’t fare well because of his unstable flame, they assumed so.

“U.A didn’t want you for your Quirk anyway, you’re wanted for your intelligence… and it would be simpler if you’re Quirkless.” Nezu looked amused. “It’s more trouble than it’s worth from what I heard.”  

A small petty part of his mind wanted his ex-friend to hear this. ‘ They would rather I am Quirkless! This is priceless…’

“Well- you still have to do written exam for formality sake…” With his grades, it was hard to imagine Izuku would fail U.A written portion. “And sit with us during exam.”



The Next Day…

Izuku just returned from his morning job, and he was still struggling on how to bring up U.A to his mother. He couldn’t delay informing his mother forever, but explaining the circumstances would be difficult.

“I am home, Mom!” He could smell delicious scent of breakfast in the air. “So we have…” He trailed off to dead silence when he saw the figure sitting in their dining table with his mother.

Those pair of red wings and ash blond hair was unmistakable, even if the owner were dressed in civilian clothes. “Yo! Midoriya-kun~”

“H...Ha-Hawks?!” Izuku sputtered.

Inko turned to him robotically. “Izuku… can you tell me why Hawks-san think you’re attending U.A and that- the principal beat him from recommending you to Shiketsu?!” She finished almost hysterically.

That’s it- Izuku would chuck all of his Hawks merchandise for sale in first chance he got.


Chapter Text

There was a good reason why idol was an unreachable figure to their fans, as more often than not the object of admiration was gilded with gold and sprinkled in sugar. It was one of many things heroes aspirant learned, their idols didn’t always match their image and the hero's life wasn’t as flashy and glorious as expected.

In case of Hawks, however- there wasn’t a lot of image gap. For someone who ranked as high as he was, Hawks doesn’t really have a public persona. He was laid back, playful and- all around a pleasant person even if one didn’t take his profession to account. This overly friendly hero who dreamed of easy and conflict-free life, however-

“Hawks-san, this may sound rude… but this is the third time in a row you have breakfast in our home.” Said Izuku as the hero tailed him to school in civilian clothes and face mask, which was totally pointless because with that pair of huge wings he was as conspicuous as ostrich hiding its head on the sand. Wings wasn’t a rare Quirk, but Hawks’ was very distinctive due to its size and vivid color.

Hawks beamed, “Izu-kun, I don’t have any hidden motive! I just want to get along with someone as interesting as you.”

Was that a compliment, or he just insulted Izuku offhandedly? Also, he didn’t remember giving the guy permission to address him so familiarly.

“Also, since U.A beat me on recruiting you- I want to call dibs on your internship!”

Izuku gaped at him in disbelief, “It’s November now, I haven’t even graduated yet!”

“Early birds get the worm.” Hawks said, sounded very bird like.

Izuku wasn’t amused. “...So I am a worm now?”

“And also- I have a case, we keep it hush-hush~”

“Hawks-san, this is illegal.”

The winged hero grinned, “Don’t you know certain sneaky thief who steals from another thief?”

That made Izuku pause, his frown deepened. “Hawks-san, you…”

“I don’t mind one or two vigilantes, especially if they help to lighten our load as heroes! My dream is a world where we all can have free time and don’t always run to trouble, you know.”

That was a nice dream, and Izuku felt a pang in his heart. “...I am not sure I can trust you yet, Hawks-san…”

“Mean! I thought there’s something between us!”

Izuku pointedly ignores Hawks’ dramatic. “I will see your request and relay it to my friend, but it’s up to Alibaba to take it up or not.”

Hawks hummed, “I am hoping to see the guy, you know. I really admire his online escapade.”

“...Alibaba…” Izuku  trailed off, “Have a severe case of distrust for  adults.” She also had social anxiety bordering on agoraphobia, and until recently before she started opening up to Izuku and Senku she also suffered from suicidal depression.


“That’s too heavy to drop on me in the morning, Izuku-kun.”

And your request to get in contact with my vigilante hacker friend isn’t?

Izuku didn’t hate Hawks but he didn’t like the hero in particular either, there was the lack of passion he couldn’t help but feel from the hero.

Midoriya's apartment

Izuku knew Nezu was very enthusiastic to enroll him in U.A, overly so to the point he wondered if Nezu had a deeper reason than what he already knew. A principal shouldn’t be so focused on one student, even if it was someone as problematic as Izuku. He definitely shouldn’t start teaching Izuku, but for who knows why Nezu showed up in Midoriya household at random whenever he had spare times.

“Just think of me as your home tutor.”

Home tutor, that sounded so… nostalgic.

“There you go again.” Izuku perked up at that, “I don’t know Midoriya-kun very well yet but… sometimes you show that kind of expression.”

Nostalgia? Melancholy.

Nezu raised his paw, “The look of an elderly recalling good old days before the twenty-first century.”

That struck him right on the gut metaphorically. “...Please ignore it.” He coughed, he would rather not count his collective age in three reincarnations. It didn’t help his oldest reincarnation live prior to industrial revolution.“Nezu-san, don’t you have school to manage, and agency to lead?”

“What do you think this homework I gave you are for?”

“...Aren’t they make up case Nezu-san use for practice? So I can avoid using a drastic measure like in Zen plaza?” Like the material damage, terrible public image and… an unholy amount of destruction, typical Vongola’s mess.

Silence fell in Izuku’s room.

“...They can’t be real, aren’t they?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha -”

“Did you just make me do your job and disguise it as homework?”

“The plan you suggested to Manual Agency about that case of arsonist is definitely brilliant, why-”

Izuku interjected, “I thought you held back other heroes trying to get info on me?!” Aside from Hawks, who already had his address straight from his own mother.

Nezu scoffed, “Well- my agency works on assisting other heroes on Intel and planning… it’s your forte.”

“Free labor is-”

“Also- all of your plan As so far involves some destroyed property and effective or not I would like you to go with plan Bs, you didn’t get making all around safe and destruction free without practice. While I am sure Cementoss-sensei don’t mind extra work, I would start to feel guilty before the end of your first year if I didn’t raise his salary.”

Did Nezu just imply Izuku would cause an untold amount of destruction by his first year in U.A?

“...As for your strategies, I did sort them out before I hand them over to heroes agency. You draw attention to you like sugar for ants, and after your flashy display before… do you think saying nothing to their fellow heroes can cut it?” Nezu asked Izuku, who shook his head. “So I let Ingenium and others say that you’re under my care. It’s a much better deterrent for both heroes and villain alike… silence would just prompt curious folks to look.” Poking their nose where it didn’t belong.

He could imagine that happening, Nezu was a respected pro hero and principal of U.A. He would scare villain side, and the heroes would know better than offend him.

“Besides… your exercise would provide you an excellent rapport with other heroes, it will works wonder to your image too! You won’t be remembered as that one boy who blew up-”

Izuku sputtered, “I didn’t blow anything up.”

“And making police force did it absolve you from responsibility?”


“Thought so- now… what will you call me, Izuku-kun?”

Izuku fell on his knees, forehead touching the floor of his room. “Thank you very much for your guidance, Master!” He will work hard for his fulfilling retirement.

Nezu looked at him bewilderedly, “Izuku-kun… isn’t it too early for talking about retirement?

Did he say his mind out loud again? “It’s never too late!”

“Aren’t you too young for a midlife crisis?” He had read about human’s strange phases of life, he could see the sign of this in young Midoriya. The boy was such a peculiar specimen indeed. “So, are you free on Friday next week?” He diverted the conversation before the boy could derail further.

“Huh? Uuuh- I usually have afterschool experiment and research with Senku on Friday.” The weekend was for exercise with Ojiro, and then they would go to Futaba’s adoptive father place to keep the shut-in company. Hopefully next week they could get the girl to walk to her father’s cafe for parfait at least.

Baby steps that would put tortoise’s speed to shame.

“Just come whenever before six~”  


Mustafu, Shopping District

All Might was in town, Futaba had alerted him ahead of time of this. Izuku was very happy she cared so much to make him happy, it was Futaba’s awkward way to cheer him up after his life spiraled down out of control since Jabberwocky’s case. Though he wished she didn’t venture to use public CCTV for it. Futaba was a genius and she was always careful, but he would rather she didn’t try anything that could land her in jail.

He and his friends were dancing around the grey area of justice since they came together as a group. Senku was never a law-abiding citizen especially in pursuit of science. Futaba was a shut-in, and her choice of profession said a lot of how much she cared about legality. Then there was Ojiro, who supposed to be the voice of reason and bundle of common sense. Unfortunately for all chivalrousness he had, Ojiro at some point was thoroughly corrupted by Izuku and Senku.

“We’re helping people, that’s noble… and we’re not breaking law- nobody's looking! It’s fine~”

He had hoped Ojiro would be the one stopping their insanity, but no~ Ojiro lost his sanity. The day Ojiro told them this was the day he became Shiro, courtesy of Futaba. The chant ‘One of us’ from Futaba and Senku would haunt him to his grave, he was sure of that/

“Izu, do you feel anything yet?” Oji-no-Shiro asked.

A hero aspirant shouldn’t be so cheerful asking if his friend felt any criminal action in a ten-mile radius. “North East, quite close from here.” He shouldn’t use his Hyper Intuition to track down All Might’s in action, but this was seriously the first he was using it for his selfish reason. Should a bit be fine right? Senku had canceled the experiment to hang out with his childhood friends and told him to try having fun with his Quirk.

A strange suggestion, but not unwelcome. “Uuuuh..”

Shiro looked at him, lips quirked up with an amused smile. “You’re really bad at this…” He said, laughing at Izuku. “Being selfish with your Quirk… using it for your own sake.”

“I am just not used to use it for fun… it feels-” He trailed off unsurely, “Wrong.” Like his former classmates did.

Shiro nodded to himself, a smile firmly in place. ‘If we get our hands on Izu’s bully from his previous school, I am helping Senku to hide the body.’ Or they will just use that Sodium Hydroxide Senku made the other day, and no one would find it.

Izuku discreetly observed Shiro from the corner of his eyes, there was a murderous vibe coming out from his friend. “Ah, here we are.”

“Nothing happened yet.”

“I did send a message to Tsukauchi-san to send patrol this way just in case.” Izuku frowned, eyes closed in concentration. “There’s several heroes close from here.” Heroes felt- different to Izuku, because they trained their Quirks more than civilian. Their presence was more refined and stronger. He was pretty sure the scorching and blinding sun like presence he felt for the last few days was All Might, the man was pretty hard to miss. ‘Though… All Might’s civilian self must be a master of stealth or something.’ When he wasn’t in action, the sun dimmed so much Izuku could barely detect the number one hero. How unexpected of All-Might, he gave off impression that he was flashy 24/7.

Shiro heaved a sigh, “I am pretty sure Tsukauchi-san is still smarting from missing his chance to recruit you to be a detective like him.”

“I’d rather-” He stopped on his track, “Hm- this presence… there’s other strong hero nearby.” Depending on Quirk, his Hyper Intuition would interpret it in different sensory perception. It depended not on strength but the capability of the Quirk to affect the world. For example, a simple extra appendage Quirk like his friend’s won’t give him an impression. Senku’s super memory also the same.

Futaba’s Quirk in the other hand, the ‘Technopath’ was especially potent to his senses. It made his ears flooded by the buzzing sound of machine and skin tingling with mild electricity bite.  

“How does it feels?” Shiro had been pretty disappointed that his Quirk was impressionless to Izuku’s.  

Izuku frowned in concentration, “A flame themed hero for sure… a scent of burn, heat, and noise that remind me of a huge bonfire in the festival.” There was also- “I think this hero bring two sidekicks too-” His eyes widened, “Shiro, get back!” He took a deep breathe, “VILLAIN ATTACK! RUUUUUN!”

And thankfully the villain made a dynamic entry, so everyone starts running the moment they heard the sound of explosion from three shops away. “Eh?”

Shiro had done a favor of dragging Izuku away from the scene with his tail wrapped around the shorter boy’s waist. “If you’re too near you might get the blame again for the explosion!”

“I am NOT always responsible for everything that explodes in my vicinity! Senku is responsible for more than half of it!”

“Are you sure? Because he said-”

“Whose side you’re on?” Izuku felt betrayed. “You know that-”

“I AM HERE!!!”  


The villain’s attack was stopped very quickly, and Izuku forgot of whatever lecture he wanted to give to Shiro because All Might is here and- the number on hero was even more amazing in real time! It seemed a robbery had taken place inside a jewelry store, they had sneaked in from employee’s entrance using a stolen access card. They had meant to be discreet, stealing jewelry on the safe that was too valuable to be put on display on the back of the shop. Unfortunately, the man with electric Quirk who supposed to malfunction the security system overestimated himself, he ended up frying everything and cause the explosion.

It was by pure luck only the short-circuited man died, while the rest of his gang were injured. The staffs and customers on the front only suffered minor injury and shock. They had been saved by All Might, who quickly bring all of them to safety.

Surprisingly- All Might wasn’t the only hero arrived on the scene as one minute after All Might made his entrance, a hero wrapped in flame came and stood in front of the burning Jewelry Shop with an unreadable expression. Endeavor had come and wisely didn’t get involved with burning crime scene.  

Izuku frowned at the number 2 hero. “Hm…”

“Izu, you’re unhappy… why? Your mood is good just now-”

That wasn’t the look a fellow hero should give at his comrade who was saving people. ‘He is dripping with so many negative emotions…’ What the hell is wrong with Endeavor?! His fans thought Endeavor was a tough and aloof hero who didn’t care about pleasing people, hence- his polar opposite appeal in comparison to All Might. ‘Whatever rivalry he has with All Might, it’s not healthy on his side.’

“Yo! Endeavor, glad to see you backing me up.” All Might approached the flame hero with his sun-like smile and Izuku restrained himself to not swoon.

“I didn’t do anything, All Might.” He replied crudely.

“As you should, it’s a mark of a great hero to know when to step back! You even called the police!”

“I did not call them either.” The red-haired hero answered curtly.

“Is that so?” All Might trailed off awkwardly.

It was official, Izuku hated his Hyper Intuition for too much information. He’d rather not know that All Might was as blind as a bat when it comes to reading the atmosphere. Endeavor was glaring daggers at him and All Might act like Endeavor was a very nice old friend. Also, the one calling police was Izuku. ‘All Might is an airhead…. ‘ He didn’t mind that All Might was human enough to be the oblivious type but- if he couldn’t tell Endeavor greatly disliked him... Endeavor wasn’t even the subtlest person, his face might be covered in flames, but the flame itself was very true to Endeavor’s mood.

‘I wonder if Hawks- no never mind…’ Izuku stepped forward, walking pass the tapeline.

“Oi, you-” A familiar cat looking police officer was about to stop him but paused when recognizing Izuku.

Izuku had reached out and held a man dressed in staff uniform of the recently burned jewelry shop. “Sir, you can’t leave without permission…” Izuku told the man with squid looking head. “The police still need your testimony, and unless you’re injured gravely- they can’t let you leave.” The man was also half-camouflaged, courtesy of camouflage ability of his Quirk. “You can leave by ambulance in that case.”

Endeavor frowned, “Boy… what are you doing in-”

“Midoriya-kun!” Called Tamakawa Sansa, “That guy is…”

“Let me go, brat!” The octopus man hissed, his sucker like mouth opened and closed menacingly. “I didn’t do anything, so why police would-”

Izuku narrowed his eyes, “So why did you try to escape? Perhaps- you’re afraid if the stolen access card matched yours?” The man predictably tried to attack Izuku, his fingers turned to tentacle and lunged to strangle the boy.

All Might and Endeavor were ready to save Izuku, only to be disappointed when Izuku jabbed the man between his eyes. The criminal went out like a light, and Izuku stepped away to let the man reunited with the ground unhindered. He blinked when he saw the man fell down with half of his leg was held still by ice, making a very awkward fainting position.

One of Endeavor’s sidekick? Wait- this Quirk… it felt like two but actually one, like fraternal twins?  

Sansa gaped at him. “Midoriya...kun- you-” The police sputtered.

Izuku didn’t even stutter, “It’s a self-defense, I also didn’t use my Quirk.” Sort of- Hyper Intuition was on 24/7 so he knew the man had the same weakness as Squid and Octopus.

The cat police groaned, “You could just tell me…”

“The man was about to get away, there’s no time.” If he asked Sansa first, he would bound to help to track down the man in the end anyway. He had full confidence the man would react as predicted due to panic.

“Tamakawa-kun…” All Might stepped forward, and Izuku was reminded that All Might was Tsukauchi’s friend so of course, the man was familiar with Sansa. “This boy is?”

Sansa hesitated, “Uhm…”

Please don’t introduce him as the boy who made Hawks and co blew up a building.

“He is Nezu-san’s…” Sansa trailed off hesitantly. “Disciple.”

Endeavor’s eyes narrowed, and Izuku really didn’t like Endeavor’s attention on him. “The Mastermind… hm?” It was good they were near clustered ambulance and police car so they were mostly hidden from the public eye. Endeavor wasn’t particularly loud, but if choked noise Shiro made was any indication the man wasn’t using his indoor voice.

Since when he had such a villainous nickname? Also, All Might heard that- his idol would know him with such an unflattering nickname! He’d better rectify it quickly. “I- I am just a fortunate middle schooler Master Nezu take under his care, calling me Mastermind is undeserving for someone as inexperienced as me…” Minimal stutter, Izuku.  

“That’s not what I heard, boy.”

All Might beamed, “Indeed, Nezu has keen eyes! I am sure you will do well.”

It seemed the Symbol of Peace hasn’t heard of him yet, at least not to the extent of Endeavor. Now- how should he ask for an autograph? “If you don’t mind, Sir… can you sign my laptop purse?” He asked, bowing low as he handed said purse like an offering to All Might. He didn’t bring hero notebook around anymore, so it was the next best thing. It was made of canvas fabric so it could be written on.  

“SURE!” The hero had brought a sharpie with him everywhere so Izuku didn’t have to give him any pen.

Wow, he could feel the heat of Endeavor’s glare on him for asking All Might’s signature in front of the flame hero. He must have thought Izuku slapped his face in public or something. Someone coughed in the background, a very good attempt to hide incoming laughter. Much better than Shiro’s, who was literally convulsed over by the wall nearby.

There was a boy standing behind Endeavor, obviously his son from half of his coloring. His appearance was very striking and that wasn’t just because of his pretty boy look. Heterochromia and bi-colored hair that split neatly in half, a human version of chimera cat. Also, that burn on the side of his face…

Izuku could feel his Quirk, this boy was especially strong for his age. Heck- if he only takes account on Quirk the young Todoroki was stronger than Bakugou. If Izuku remembered the old article correctly -He got curious because Hawks mistook him for this kid- his name was Todoroki Shouto and his Quirk was a perfect blend of his parents. His Quirk was- Half-hot Half-cold right?

This was a very wrong picture for Todoroki Shouto to have such a bad burn on the side that suppose to be heat resistant, very unlikely caused by his own fire. By chance it was an accident, why didn’t the flame hero do something about it? Endeavor was rich, richer than All Might who donated a majority of his wealth for charity. Skin graft surgery should cost a pocket change for Endeavor.

Maybe he was jumping to a conclusion- but then when Endeavor addressed his son… the sheer coldness and distaste of the boy’s body language hit Izuku like a blizzard. ‘I hate being right for this kind of thing, I really-’ Then their eyes met, the boy looked confused by his stare for a second before freezing.

Oh shit, he wasn’t being subtle, was he?

He never enjoyed being his father's tag along kid. Shouto was unsure if there was anything he could learn from his father on the field aside from making civilians giving him wide berth simply for burning. It was quite a sight to see All Might beat Endeavor to a case, not to mention in a crime scene full of possible explosive, a flame hero couldn't get involved. It was done in record time, as expected of the man Endeavor would never beat. Shouto was surprised when an unknown boy who looked to be a budding scientist in his lab coat suddenly crossed the police’s line and caught a man who tried to leave. They almost couldn’t see the man, because he was crawling in all four and almost melt together with asphalt with his camouflage ability.

He also thought it was suspicious the man tried to sneak out, and his father foolishly occupied All Might with petty one-sided argument. The boy was too calmly asking the man what’s on Shouto’s mind, why leave if you’re innocent? Shouldn’t he need medical attention for that bad burn? Then the man tried to attack the boy- or perhaps taking him hostage- Shouto couldn’t tell. His body moved before he could think, but it was proven unnecessary because before his ice could reach, the unknown boy knocked the squid man out faster than one could blink. His ice that had reached below the man’s knee made the man fell backward in a weird angle.

The boy slowly blinked at the squid man, looked over to him curiously before his attention was diverted by the police. It was surreal how nonchalantly the green haired boy handled everything like he had done it all his life.

His father called the verdant eyed boy-who is appropriately named Midoriya like his hair color- the Mastermind. The boy looked half-flustered half-offended by that title, judging from his eye twitch. Then he proceeded to ask for All Might’s autograph in front of Endeavor, openly singling out the symbol of peace. If that wasn’t a slap on Endeavor’s face, Shouto didn’t know what is. He was very tempted to take notes, the boy met his father less than five minutes and easily annoy the hell out of Endeavor. He didn’t even get hurt for it like Shouto did if he attempted the same.

He coughed to his palm, a rare display of losing his self-restraint. He almost laughed at the wide-eyed look on Endeavor’s face, and if his father knew, he would pay it with a painful training session. Then again, a front row seat of Endeavor’s public humiliation was worth it.

Shouto felt someone’s gaze on him, it was Midoriya. The boy was looking at him curiously, nothing rude because it was very brief and fleeting- not an open stare. “Shouto… you shouldn’t come so close, and what’s with using your Quirk in public?” Apparently, his father didn’t forget his ice.

“It’s fine Endeavor! I think young Todoroki saw young Midoriya in danger faster than we do and act, that’s a mark of great hero you know! If his body moves reflexively to save people, you have done well with your son!”

Shouto was very flattered by All Might’s compliment but also frustrated when his father got the credit. He was as sure as hell didn’t get his heroic drive from Endeavor. Then he noticed Midoriya looking at him again, openly staring this time on a certain part of his face. He would feel annoyed the boy was staring at his scar, but then Midoriya looked back and forth between him and Endeavor. He wasn’t curious of Shouto’s scar, he wasn’t staring because the burned skin was ugly. The boy was an open book, and Shouto could almost hear the clicking sound of Midoriya’s mind gear and the following horrified expression.

‘He… he saw through me and Endeavor.’ Shouto froze on his track as if imprisoned by his own ice quirk and emotion called panic he never experienced since he was five almost overwhelm him.  

Suddenly a very warm hand was already holding his cold one in a firm grip, and the boy since who knows when was right in front of him. “Hello, thank you very much for helping me.”

“Huh?” And just like that, his anxiety ebbed away, replaced by confusion. Midoriya certainly didn’t need Shouto’s help, so why he was being thanked? Why Midoriya was shaking his hand as if they had just introduced themselves to each other.

“I am Midoriya Izuku from Teikou, nice to meet you.”

“Todoroki Shouto.” He returned for the sake of courtesy, not even bothering to add his school's name. He was very confused but the distraction was welcome.

The boy lets go of Shouto’s hand, not holding too long to the point of being over-familiar. However, the next thing he knew, Midoriya handed a small drawing pad to him. “Can you sign it for me? Since you have saved me today, you’re a hero too.”

It was official, Midoriya was strange… but- looking at the scrunched up expression on his father’s face beneath his fire mask made Midoriya the good kind of odd. Shouto couldn’t bring himself to care if Midoriya was just trying to annoy the hell out of Endeavor, or being plain weird, or acting friendly. He just robotically wrote his name on Midoriya’s pad, relishing the feel of his father’s heated glare on his skin.

It felt like the pleasant burn of the morning sun.

“Izu~ we gotta go for your appointment soon!” Called the friend with muscular tail Shouto almost forgot about. The boy was also getting an autograph from All Might and had followed Midoriya’s example to openly ignore Endeavor.

Midoriya made a face at that, “Coming!” He shouted at the boy, before beaming at Shouto again. Their fingers brushed as he took his pad back from Shouto, it didn’t lose on Shouto that the boy’s body temperature was higher than normal. This was someone who had flame Quirk, or a variation of it. “See you in U.A, Todoroki Shouto-kun.”

Shouto stared bewilderedly as Midoriya gave him another gentle pat on the hand, a very comforting gesture that felt alien since his mother left.

‘He is my age but…’ Shouto’s mind trailed off as he watched Midoriya’s retreating back, ‘Why am I feel like a grandson being comforted by my grandparent?’

“Shouto…” Endeavor called, snapping the dual haired boy to reality. “What do you think of the boy?”

Weird- but also a very pleasant person.  

"He will make a good sidekick." Said his father.

Shouto couldn't imagine someone with that presence to be a sidekick.


U.A  High School

It was his childhood dream to enter U.A, participating in the sport festival and becoming a hero. For some reason entering U.A’s massive gate felt strange… mundane, as impressive as U.A could be as a school- it was still a normal school just with extra courses attached build around hero industry.

Industry… for someone who had the memory of a world where heroism was an act and not industry, Izuku felt disparaging how Quirks affected this world. Then again he wasn’t one to talk criticising the industry because…

‘My previous-life-self kickstarted the industry of violence.’ That was like the opposite of heroism and super bad idea in overall. Considering how Vongola went down the line- obviously, Giotto didn’t think things through aside from doing what was right and helping people.

“I really have to start to think thoroughly of my action…” And not start a revolution. His mind went to a darker place after the encounter one hour ago.

Izuku almost stumbled when he noticed a particularly beautiful girl with lilac hair was watching him avidly, ‘I hope she didn’t think I am weird.’

Then came the text message from Senku and Futaba, wondering if they could break into U.A’s security system of all thing and Izuku’s opinion of their chance to make it. Senku’s mindset was too unrestrained, not caring about law and legality. Senku would be too much at home in Vongola. He started speaking like a vigilante, a criminal… at this rate, they would really be arrested by Tsukauchi.  

“That uniform is… Teikou’s.” The beautiful girl hummed thoughtfully. “That’s very unusual.”

The blond standing beside her perked up, “Teikou? That’s quite a grand name for a school.” Emperor of Light, it sounded like hero's name. “What’s so strange about students from there visiting U.A? Nejire...”

Nejire sighed, “Togata-kun… with U.A reputation, there’s no middle schooler taking a study trip to survey our school.” She pointed out.

Amajiki who was on her other side frowned, “But if he can enter, that means… they have permission.” He was quite relaxed, and in the open. Certainly not like an intruder but an invited guest.

The lone girl of U.A’s big three shrugged, “I don’t think they’re intruders either… it’s just that, Teikou is the school a cousin of mine went to.”


“It’s a very old-fashioned school, it doesn’t care about Quirk at all…” Stuck on the age before Quirks took over the world. “In a sense, they don’t want anything to do with Quirks. A lot of schools are lenient about Quirk as long as there’s no harm done but Teikou… it’s an academic and sport oriented school. The ban on Quirks is really harsh there to the point they avoid accepting students with mutant Quirk that can’t be deactivated…”

Togata cupped his chin. “Hm… it certainly doesn’t sound like a school for heroes.” More like school for athletes and civil servants.

Nejire nodded, her curly hair bobbed with her head. “It’s quite a hardcore school when it comes to academic and sport. So it surprised me to see that uniform in U.A.” She had considered going there because the uniform was very cute, but then she heard their reputation. “Hm… I wonder if they’re going to general education or management?”

Amajiki turned to her, “That aside… that boy just now looks like someone murdered his puppy or something.”

Nezu’s office

“What’s with the dark expression on your face?” Nezu asked as soon as he saw Izuku marching to his desk like a vengeful angel.

Izuku distracted himself with adjusting his glasses, wiping them clean before putting it back. “I saw Endeavor and his youngest son.”

Nezu raised an eyebrow, “And?”

“Is the rest of the world BLIND or am I the only one who thinks we should be concerned IF the son of flame hero has such a big burn scar on his face? And the father didn’t bother to get skin graft surgery on him for years?! Don’t you think there’s something really wrong when a kid get so high strung just by being called by his father? Or how unnerved he was being approached by me who is shorter by four inches than him? Do you, Master?!”  

The principal became very quiet, “Izuku… are you implying the number 2 hero abused his own son?”

Izuku didn’t bother sugarcoating his words, manner be damned in this situation. “No, I am asking you- why did no one see the glaring sign of abuse or question Endeavor’s parenting skill.”

“What else did you see?”

The green haired boy inhaled deeply, “Endeavor don’t like All Might, he is dripping with bitterness just by standing beside All Might.” He had calmed down now, not as ill-tempered as when he came to complain “Also… Todoroki-kun’s Quirk is acting strange...”

As the boy had been registered for a recommendation, naturally Nezu knew the boy’s Quirk. “It’s a curious one… ice and fire Quirk. What do you mean strange?”

Izuku stopped at that, frowning as he tried to recall the impression of Todoroki’s quirk. “Erm… it’s not balanced.” His frown scrunched up his face. “In the first place, dual elemental Quirk is unusual… but I can understand both sides coexist in balance somehow. But in Todoroki-kun… the ice side feels more pronounced if I am not looking- I would be fooled to think he is ice Quirk used instead of dual fire and ice.” Then his eyes sharpened, “His father’s fire Quirk… Master, this is just too-”

“Izuku-kun, do you want the public to know the true nature of your unique Quirk?”

That stopped the green haired boy on his track. “I…”

Nezu sighed, “You haven’t been very honest about it, and I can understand why… Clairvoyance type Quirk like yours more often than not hurt the user in a way no one could understand Nighteye was a prime example of this, even a composed and logical pro hero like him was traumatized by his vision to the point he didn’t dare using his Quirk freely. The reason Nighteye hid behind All Might’s shadow wasn’t just his fanaticism.

In case of his disciple, his Quirk was active 24/7. There wasn’t much Nezu could gather about it, but the Quirk was a prophetic danger sensor. That was the simplest conclusion, but then it didn’t explain Izuku’s sensitivity to human’s feeling, or his knack for comforting others by his mere presence. It also didn’t explain the mysterious flame the boy never shows him, or Izuku’s hesitation to bring it out.

“I hate it.” He hissed, “Why is that to protect myself, I can’t help others?”


The boy wiped his tears, inhaling deeply. “Fine, I will leave this be for now… but Master, Todoroki-kun would enroll in U.A.” Endeavor was an alumnus, his son won’t go anywhere else. “Then he would be under U.A’s protection- even from his own father…”

If Nezu could, he would throw Todoroki Enji to jail himself. “There’s this pesky thing called number 2 hero title, unfortunately.”

“So heroes are above law now…” His intelligent student obviously understood why they couldn’t just bring Endeavor to justice. However he was still young, and his heart was soft to feel pained for someone he just met.

This boy was a natural hero.

“Hm… there’s always a way if one is looking hard enough.”


“If being number 2 makes him so invulnerable we just have to drag him down from there, Endeavor isn’t the best in appealing himself to the general public anyway-”

“Dear student of mine…”

“Attacking his public image should be easy enough… and-”

“Izuku-kun!” Nezu snapped.

Izuku flinched, turning slowly to Nezu. “Yeees? Master?”

“You’re not plotting for Endeavor’s downfall or anyone else that’s not a villain.” Even if by right, Endeavor was a villain for child abuse. “I may or may not have overlook certain mysterious leak of dozen scandals online about corrupt politician from two weeks ago.” Izuku averted his eyes. “Or how report on illegal chemical waste from his factories mysteriously landed in police HQ…” Izuku was looking down at the office’s carpet now. “Or anonymous tip to police on his illegal business.”

“Uhm-” Izuku trailed off, “Well-Futaba-chan is well enough to go  to cafe for parfait now…”

“Of course she is, after all- the truth come out that the rotten man had her mother killed and now serving life sentence in jail.”



The boy pouted, “Yes, Sir. I won’t do anything without permission”

Although… his tendency to skirt around the law was very not-hero like. If only Izuku had more fear for not abiding by the law, he would have been a perfect hero aspirant. His wish for early retirement notwithstanding.  


“Come in,” Nezu called out distractedly, feeling really tired from Izuku’s antics.

The door swung open, “Nezu, I hope I am not…. Late… Ah, young Midoriya?”

Wait- didn’t Izuku mention that All Might was present in the incident with Endeavor, which means…

His disciple’s eyes had enlarged to the size of the dinner plate, and his mouth hung open. “That voice… this dimming Quirk…” Izuku mumbled under his breath. “ALL MIGHT?! What happened to you?!!!”

All Might was stupid enough to respond, confirming it. “How did you-”

Nezu just sighed, “Oh well, knowing Izuku-kun… it’s pretty pointless to hide your secret anyway.”

Also, it was mostly Toshinori’s fault for being an idiot.

Chapter Text

Yagi Toshinori had been hiding his deteriorating condition for years. So it surprised him when the unknown boy, young Midoriya easily saw through him. He had overheard the sound of Nezu arguing with someone inside, muffled by the door separating them. Never had he imagined, Nezu was arguing with his student.

You would think he had slipped something up, but Yagi had seen recognition and the look of admiration in young Midoriya’s eyes the moment he stepped in. “How did you-”

“What happened to you, All Might?!!!”

And his body chose that very moment to choke on his blood.

“Master! He-he--- is dying!!!”

After calming the boy down, Nezu sighed at him. “Well, in hindsight… hiding your circumstances from my disciple is impossible.” He craned his neck towards the mumbling boy, who in a short time watching Toshinori’s wheezing had compiled a number of theories. At least half of it was scarily accurate.

“Overuse of Quirk that taxing his body? Come to think of it his action time is statistically lower for the last few years…. It could be injury procured during battle- which severely affected his vital organ… or is it a disease?”

Midoriya Izuku, also known as the Mastermind of Jabberwocky incident from a few months ago. A controversial case, where a group of notorious gang held over sixty civilians hostage. The case was broadcasted on national channels, courtesy of the gang themselves to pressure both heroes and the police force to meet their demand. Even the high ranked hero like Hawks and Ingenium were stuck in a rut to solve the case until the boy came in and propose a daring plan. The material damage was astronomical, but no life was lost after the plan was commenced. Earning the boy a reputation for his strategic mind and boldness.

Not all rep about him was good, some were skeptical of a teen who easily proposed such an extreme measure to accomplish his goal. Dangerous was unanimous opinion of heroes who learned of his existence, but they also think he’d want the boy to stay firmly on justice’s side. Hence, why Tsukauchi lost sleep arguing for the boy’s case until Nezu stepped in to take Midoriya under his protection.

“He is more complicated than I heard…” Toshinori couldn’t help but say.

He had a clairvoyance Quirk like Yagi’s former sidekick, something All Might just learn because Tsukauchi refused to elaborate about the boy’s Quirk. ‘A bit similar to mine- but stronger and more troublesome… you’d think the boy has enough trouble without his Quirk.’

“ Isn’t their worries a bit too much? The boy is young and his Quirk isn’t offensive.” Unless equipped with a security system and weapons like Nezu.

Nezu snorted, “His Quirk is a strange blend of clairvoyance and elemental… his elemental side is offensive.” Toshinori gaped at that, “The huge golden fire on national television during the case a few months ago? That’s his.”  

“A dual Quirk?!”

“No, he says the clairvoyance part is an extension of the elemental one… frankly, even with my high spec, I am at a loss to make out the tail and head of his Quirk…” Nezu sounded frustrated by the puzzle he couldn’t solve. “Anyway… Izuku-kun!” The principal called out, “Before you figure out everything about Toshinori-kun yourself, please give him a chance to explain himself…”

Toshinori sweat-dropped, wondering if he was so obvious.

It was a short story so it didn’t take very long, “Hm… that’s what I thought, a strong villain seriously injured you and limited the use of your Quirk.”

Toshinori turned to Nezu, “Is there any point in me telling the story if young Midoriya can guess it in less than ten minutes?”

“I need you to tell him about One for All, All-Might.” Nezu told him.

That made the number hero freeze, “But that’s… I know young Midoriya is an amazing hero candidate but-” He didn’t know the boy well, it felt wrong for the decision of his successor to be decided by recommendation of others. Even if he trusted Nezu.

Nezu gave him a pointed look, “You’re mistaken… I want you to tell him so he could help you to choose. You’re a good hero, All Might… but you’re not the best judge of character.”


“I have suspected this for years, but what Izuku-kun told me today confirm it.”

“But I-”

“All Might, what do you think of Endeavor?”

“Oh, Endeavor? He is a reliable hero, a bit cold but he always did his best to save people! I really respect him for his strength and conviction as a hero. I think I will have a hard time without him as number 2 helping society together!”

Young Midoriya for some reason buried his face on his hands, “All Might… you’re really a positive thinker, aren’t you? Well, that’s why you’re great and All Might but still…”


“Now you understand why I don’t trust you to choose your own successor, or at least- please get a second opinion on your choice?” If Todoroki Enji was a good person to Toshinori, the number one hero really need to get his eyes checked.

Young Midoriya narrowed his eyes, “One for All… All for One?” Both Nezu and Toshinori froze at the boy’s word. “Each individual should act for the benefit of the group, and the group should act for the benefit of each individual… What’s so important about Switzerland’s traditional motto?”

Toshinori felt cold sweat rolling down his face, ‘It’s just random muttering, but that almost scares me to death.’ He took a deep breath. “It’s the name of my Quirk.”

The young boy’s eyes swam at that, “One for All… uhm, you always dodge the question on your Quirk so there is dozens wild theory. The most popular and widely accepted is super strength augmentation… but the calculation on energy intake for that is too enormous to be just from your food since your punch can even change the weather! So- the source of energy could be from somewhere like…. Sun maybe? Or even other sources of energy in nature and storing it inside  you-”

Toshinori sweat-dropped, ‘If I leave this boy to his own thought for one hour, he might figure out everything himself by analysis alone.’ He cleared his throat.

Midoriya sputtered, “I am sorry for rambling- I can’t help myself! But… is it okay for you to reveal it to me? I thought it’s a big secret so villain can’t take advantage of the information.”

Nezu snorted, “That’s correct… now then, Izuku-kun. How does One for All feel to you?”

“Feels?” Toshinori echoed in confusion.

The boy beamed, “It feels really nice!”


“I am not really sure… but this Quirk is the most harmonious one I ever felt!” His eyes look dreamy before it fluttered close, “Very strong- bright… overwhelming even, which is strange… but I can’t put my finger on it…” He trailed off. “It feels like sun, that’s the easiest description to me.”

This boy… Could he sense the nature of Quirk too?

Then Midoriya began to frown, “Hm… why does it feel familiar too?” He shook his head, a hand reached out to lift his cup of tea. “Uhm, sorry- my brain and mouth run ahead of myself again. So… what does One for All do actually?”

Nezu just snickered.

“Well, it’s a stockpile energy Quirk… but the unique part of my Quirk is that- it could be inherited.” The boy froze, which wasn’t a surprise because it was unheard of for a Quirk to be passed around. “It’s a stockpile energy Quirk as you have guessed, but it’s powerful enough to make me the strongest hero because I am the eight wielder… so there are eight generations worth of energy in me and-”


There was the sound of the china cup hitting the table before rolling to the carpeted floor, prompting both Toshinori and Nezu to look at the boy. Midoriya’s eyes were impossibly wide, hand hanging in the air as if he didn’t realize he had dropped his cup. “A… Quirk- that can be passed- inherited… that’s- so-” The boy started muttering shakily, and his eyes color shimmer to the color of amber and his original green back and forth.


“La Vongola la passa… forma non è lo stesso…’

He didn’t even speak Japanese anymore, but some other foreign language that wasn’t English either.  

“No-no nay!”  

He stopped as if his whole body short-circuited, eyes rolled to the back of his head before the boy joined his cup on the floor.


“Young Midoriya?!!”

When it comes to the boy’s quirky condition, the one they had to call wasn’t Midoriya Inko but Ishigami Senku. Since Recovery Girl had diagnosed the boy wasn’t ill or injured, just fainted from shock- Nezu was sure his student won’t appreciate worrying his mother to hysteria. So he only called the genius.

Said genius was also calm, overly calm for someone Nezu -he had met Senku a couple of times to convince joining their Support Dept- knew was so overprotective of Izuku and overheard planning hiding corpse of Izuku’s bullies. One of many things Nezu overlook for Izuku’s sake.

“He is speaking in a foreign language? Well- I think you mean in Italian… and yes- he did that on occasion.”

Nezu frowned, “Where did he learn Italian from? That’s not an elective in both middle school he attended.”

“His Quirk is registered in Italian name… at first, I thought he is just using it because it sounds cool but he DOES speak Italian fluently. I am no Quirk researcher, that’s Izuku… so I can’t say where it comes from but- in the first place, Izuku’s Quirk sometimes feels like pulling knowledge out of nowhere. So yeah- speaking Italian is the least strange thing his Quirk do to him.”

“And him passing out?”

“That’s not strange at all actually… well- Izuku have issues with his Quirk, did he ever tell you that he is suppressing his Clairvoyance Quirk 24/7 because it’s too strong and give him a bad headache?”

That made Nezu pause.

“Overtaxing himself with the elemental side would make him pass out of exhaustion or even medical coma if he push it further- so yes… he does that all the time.”

Nezu took a deep breath, “AND NONE OF YOU BRATS THINK YOU SHOULD TELL ME THESE?!!!” Obviously, there was less tea to drink and more to spill that afternoon.

The Next day

Izuku didn’t remember his dream, but he was sure he was dreaming of trying to throttle someone. Maybe his past life self, especially Giotto for not reading the fine print on Vongola contract. He woke up the next day and very thankful that his Master had told his mother they had an overnight training so she won’t worry.

His Master wasn’t so forgiving though, apparently, it wasn’t acceptable forgetting to inform me about his medical coma and headache. That wasn’t so important, he had to talk with All Might. Izuku had to know if the man really understood the meaning of passing the torch of his Quirk.

“You won’t talk to All Might, NOT before you explain the severity of your Quirk’s side effect to me. I’d be damned if my first disciple to die on me because of his distrust of teacher.” Izuku froze at that, “Which is understandable, because for most of your life… teachers are the useless authority figure who never help you.”

Izuku swallowed, “It’s not like that, I don’t think you’re the same-”

Nezu sighed, “Izuku-kun… for your sake, and everyone else who cares about you. I want you to trust me with this knowledge, Ishigami-kun is a trustworthy individual but he is a child like you. Do you want him to shoulder the burden if anything happens to you?”

The verdant eyed boy shook his head frantically, “I don’t want that!”

Nezu felt guilty pushing the boy but this was necessary, they couldn’t afford secret that could endanger Izuku’s life. “Very well… now, can you tell me the true nature of your Quirk this time?”

Izuku nodded, he couldn’t avoid it anymore. “My Quirk is registered as Trinisette Fiamma… but it just describes the offensive aspect of my Quirk…” He trailed off, “The more suitable name to call is...Dying Will Flame.”

“Such name…”

“It’s a Quirk that uses lifeforce as it’s fuel, manifesting it as malleable flame I can control at will…”

Nezu frowned, “That sounds like the Quirk of one of our strongest third years… she too converting her life force to energy.” But why the ‘Dying Will’ was part of the name?  

His disciple’s next line answered it, “The trigger is a resolution as strong as a man in his last moment.” He swallowed heavily, “Like the last burst of fire before it died out.”

“That’s why… you’re thought as Quirkless for most of your life.” It wasn’t so rare for a Quirk to require the user to be in danger to manifest. “But… if it strains your body to that extent…”

“Aside from the flame, the lesser effect is giving me boost in power, speed, quick thinking… just like the hidden strength, people can pull out when they’re in a pinch- or really focused.” Izuku’s eyes wander to the side. “Sportsmen call it… in the zone, I believe.”

No wonder it was taxing to his body, his disciple was a healthy and fit young man in spite of his slender built. “And… your clairvoyance side?”

“I call it Hyper Intuition… it’s a super  extrasensory perception I develop because of the property of my flame.”

“Wait- there’s more?”

Izuku nodded at Nezu, “Dying Will Flame only cover my flame… as a set- my Quirk should be called ‘Armonia’ which is harmony property that characterizes my flame.”

Nezu frowned, “I see… it’s more unique than Nejire-kun’s Wave Motion.” Not necessarily a good thing, he made a mental note to introduce his disciple to Nejire later on April. “But what does this harmony property does?”

The boy hesitated, “Well… am I correct to assume like other Quirk using vitality as its source, Nejire-san’s Quirk is limited by her stamina?”

The hybrid nodded, “Yes… the girl has impressive stamina, one of our best- but due to this… she isn’t suitable for long drawn out battle.” She would be out like the light if she ran out.

“In my case- that won’t happen…” Izuku trailed off, more like it won’t happen after the first time. “As you can see from the size of my flame in the Zen Plaza case, it’s more than the vitality of my fifteen years old body can hold.”

Certainly, the torrent of flame that suspended Hawks and Midoriya Inko from twenty stories fall was huge. It wasn’t just the two humans suspended by its force, but also larger debris so heroes and police waiting below were unharmed.

He held his palm up, and a tongue of flame appeared. “The life force I use isn’t all mine… my body takes most of it from my surrounding, the world itself… because my body and soul is in harmony with them, enabling me to use it to fuel my flame.”

Which mean- theoretically Izuku’s power source was almost bottomless.

“However- I am severely limited by how much my body can take and channel.” The young boy added sheepishly, “As you can see if I go over my limit- I collapse.”

Nezu’s eyes widened, “Harmony… so your Hyper Intuition is the result of you being in tune with the world itself.” So that's how his flame and clairvoyance ability was connected. The Intuition wasn’t the real Quirk but a side-effect of his Quirk!

Izuku nodded, smiling. “For example… if we need to find a villain hideout, as long as I recognize villains who own it- I can pinpoint them easily.” In his previous life, this was one of many reasons why Vongola rose quickly to power.

“That’s quite…” Nezu frowned, “Dangerous if it leaks out to villain.” He gasped, “So the drawback…”

“Yes, the world is noisy… aside from a headache from sensory overload, I can’t really notice some things the world make me do. Like how I keep running to a criminal case, it doesn’t help this is the world of hero and villain... “ Hence, being controlled by the world itself.

Nezu gave the boy a comforting pat with his paw, “My dear student, I am so sorry to hear that.” Nezu could say this was the first time he was really sorry for a human.

“I can feel your sincerity, Master…” The boy had tears in his eyes now. “Oh, have I ever mention that I am grateful you exclude me from the practical exam with robots?”

“...? Why?” Nezu wondered.

“My Hyper Intuition doesn’t work with machines, they’re not alive- no life force- so I can’t predict them.”

Nezu smiled, before whacking the boy upside his head, “Next time, TELL your Master sooner about this kind of thing!”

Izuku looked bewildered, and Nezu regreted for losing his temper. “Hm.” The boy nodded sagely to himself. “Yes, this is more like it… like a home tutor.”


“So, can I talk with All Might now?”


An hour later All Might was invited in, the man looked nervous and nothing like number one hero he was known for. Maybe it was the lack of muscle and sunny grin, Izuku had no idea.

“It must be presumptuous of me, a fifteen years old kid to tell you… the greatest hero of our age this. But… I have to ask you, All Might. Do you- really…”

Nezu watched his disciple speaking to All Might with slow and gentle tone, about the meaning of passing the torch. He wondered if the world told Izuku to warn All Might, or the boy was talking from his own experience. The pain in his eyes as he question All Might be real, and their greatest hero was reeling as it sank down on him that-

Passing his Quirk wasn’t just the matter of leaving a successor behind. He was the symbol of peace, unknowingly he had made a flawed system in hero society. All Might didn’t mean it, but he had done so.

“It’s not just someone suitable to pass your Quirk you should choose, but also a hero who wants to shoulder the burden…”  

All Might went home, swaying a little but Nezu could see the hero was thinking deeply about what Izuku said. Suddenly, Nezu thought he didn’t have to worry as much about All Might’s choice. The man knew, desperate or not- he couldn’t just change someone’s life just because the world needs a symbol.

Gran Torino got a call from All Might after an almost eternal silence from his former student. They had a long talk and the aged pro hero wondered what happened to make Toshinori talked at length with him about a potential ninth successor. He thought the brat had grown up enough, but apparently, All Might still have room to grow and Nana would be proud.

“If all else fail… I can always try to ask young Midoriya, I am most likely would be soundly rejected though.”


U.A Stadium

All Might was going to teach in U.A next year and as Nezu’s disciple he was given an inside information. The perk of connection, not that the idea of being taught by All Might was good. Don’t get Izuku wrong, All Might was an amazing hero! Even if his Master now came really close in his personal ranking.

“Does he has a teaching license?” Like other pros teaching in U.A?

Nezu sipped his tea, “No.”

“Master… are you sure, his limited time is best used for teaching?”

“All Might is a great hero because he is inspiring, he might be not a professional instructor- but it’s in his best interest I hire him.” So he could spend his limited time with the generation that would fill in his absence in the future, and possibly be finding a worthy successor.

Izuku contemplated that, “Haaa--- I suppose, who knows if he might be a good teacher too?”

Nezu nodded, “Yes, in case he screws up- I am counting on you to clean up after him.”

The green haired boy froze, “Heh? Wait- Master! I thought you said-”

“You’re like… his biggest fan! Surely you can cover for him.” Nezu beamed.

Scholarship student couldn’t be picky about an extra job, he supposed he could cover All Might if his time run out or something. Though… All Might should have experience teaching interns sometime during his career, right? Izuku never heard of any pro interning in All Might’s agency during their school days though, but as much as he knew as a hero otaku, he couldn’t claim he knew all about the inner-working of pro hero world.

“Well- back to watching the exam, Izuku-kun.”

Izuku turned to the arena, where the recommended future heroes were stretching for their next demonstration. There were many of them, recommended by pro-heroes but the examination through this route was even stricter. ‘It really drives home of how unfair my special treatment is…’ He didn’t even sign up for it. “So far two examinees really stand out when it comes to physical ability.” He commented, inclining his head towards the arena. “Todoroki Shouto-kun… and-” He filled the papers on his clipboard. “Yoarashi Inasa-kun.” Another elemental Quirk, this one was also especially strong for his senses.

“Just physically? Then what about other students?” Nezu asked, he was always interested in Izuku’s input.

Izuku flipped his papers until it stopped to one particular girl. “This one, Yaorozu Momo… she is a rare all-rounder. She isn’t as flashy as the first two especially on brute strength department, but… how she utilizes her quirk is very diverse. If we just grade them on the versatility of their Quirk, she will come on the top.” She even already had a Ph.D. on chemistry, as expected- considering her Quirk depend on her extensive knowledge.

Nezu nodded sagely, “Very good, the three of them are most likely to come on the top of this exam…”

“By the way Master, is there any reason why exam for the recommended student is more lackluster but more well rounded?”


“Tradition isn’t an answer- so… from what I see, I am not needed here. So why am I watching-” Izuku became very still, stood up just in time to see Todoroki Shouto brushed off the other top contender coldly. “That’s not good.”

Nezu leaned forward, looking in the same direction as his student. “Oya? What happened, Izuku-kun?”

Izuku shrugged, “I am not sure… but Todoroki-kun is a cloud of gloom since he arrives.”

“You can tell?”

“His Quirk is elemental, that type is usually very affected by their emotion… he is basically radiating his mood for me to see.” That was a breach of privacy, but it wasn’t like he could control it. “And just now- I am pretty sure Yoarashi-kun’s sunny-self has turned stormy… well- their mood matches now.”

Nezu sweat-dropped, now looking the scene on his tablet from CCTV it was obvious the smile on Yoarashi’s face froze at something Todoroki said. “Human is unpredictable at this age.”

“I don’t think that’s the problem, Master.”

“I will make sure to separate their class at least.”

Izuku frowned, “Hm…” from his previous encounter with Todoroki, the boy wasn’t very friendly but not hostile either. For a ten seconds exchange of words, a boy that didn’t speak much like Todoroki shouldn’t manage to make Yoarashi hated him so much. Whatever Yoarashi did down there, he just accidentally caught Todoroki in bad mood.

A week later the result was out, and much to Izuku’s exasperation Nezu dumped the job of the final interview to him. Yoarashi wasn’t coming, he rejected the admission.

“Yoarashi-kun changed his mind and goes to Shiketsu?”

Gee- what a petty guy. Just because one person pissed you off, you didn’t want to be on the same school as him?

“I am Midoriya Izuku, third year from Teikou Middle School. We will become schoolmates in U.A by April, nice to meet you.” Izuku greeted him.

The boy with no lips frowned, “I didn’t see you in exam…” While there was a lot of examinees, the top participant was easily remembered due to their outstanding performance.

Yaorozu Momo’s eyes widened, “Midoriya… you’re Midoriya Izuku-kun?!”

“Yes?” She wasn’t going to call him Mastermind, would she?

Her eyes sparkled, “I have read your thesis that published by All-Quirky from America! It’s so amazing, your analysis on how Quirks shape society and the effect for technology development! For a Japanese to get a spot in their column is an achievement! I can’t believe it! You’re our age!” Then she panicked, “Oh, I didn’t bring the magazine if only I know… I will get to meet you today.”

Izuku sweat-dropped, he certainly had forgotten about that thesis. Especially since as scientific and well put together as it could be to be published, the thesis was basically him ranting on how Quirk should advance technology instead of the other way around. Senku was such a talented editor to turn a rant to a proper thesis. “Uhm… like I said, I am going to be in the same school as you Yaorozu-san. You don’t have to get my autograph.”

“No! I certainly have to!” She decided determinedly.

Honezuki still looked confused, “A professor in the heroic course.”

“I am a middle school student like you all, I don’t have master degree.” He waved his hand in denial. “I am here to conduct the interview with you in place on my Master.”


Surprisingly it was Todoroki who explained, “He is principal’s disciple…”

“That’s why he can skip the exam?” Honezuki wondered.

Izuku cleared his throat, “Actually- this interview is part of my exam and please leave it at that.” He cleared his throat, “We will use that room over there, I will ask some basic questions so relax…” The interview was just to know the student better, it doesn’t affect their admission at this point. “Yaoyorozu-san, please follow me.”


The door was closed and the two students were left waiting on the lounge of U.A main building. The silence stretched like an eternity for Honezuki, and he wondered if this cold atmosphere was Todoroki’s fault. “Todoroki! How did you know Midoriya?”

Todoroki turned to look at the lipless boy if he recalled correctly his fellow recommended student was the nephew of Pro Hero Potter Molder, whose Quirk was similar to the boy. “From my father.” He answered curtly.

“Oh, Endeavor.” Honezuki nodded to himself, “So what is his Quirk, it’s so amazing he can just skip all examination? I mean- not even Endeavor’s son like you can enroll to U.A without passing the exam first.”

That soured the mood of the bi-colored boy instantly. “It’s none of my business.”

Honezuki nodded again, this time stiffly. ‘I stepped on invisible mine… Yaoyorozu, please come back before I turn to a popsicle.’

Yaoyorozu was a very passionate girl, which was a surprise considering her lofty background as the sole daughter of a conglomerate family. Or it was because she admired him -she liked Senku’s research too, and Izuku made mental note to introduce them-  it was a foreign situation to be subjected to this kind of attention. The basic questions Nezu prepared was quickly answered by the girl enthusiastically, and personality wise- Izuku thinks she would make a good hero.

She had good judgment skill, versatile in her Quirk, with the right mindset to be a hero. Izuku supposed Yaoyorozu had a lot of room to grow until she hit a wall at some point, judging from her confidence that also had a touch of naivety the ponytailed girl never meet failure in life. In that sense, she was like Bakugou, raised in an environment where she is hailed as a genius.

‘Her personality is still very charming though…’ Unlike his childhood friend, a proof that a genius could grow up in pampering environment without an ego the size of Japan. Izuku would be overwhelmed by her passionate personality if not for Futaba, who was as clingy as koala to people she likes.  

“And-” He paused, before turning to look at the door connected to the lounge where the other two students were waiting. “Hm?” Speaking of another genius…  


He smiled at her assuringly, “Let’s conclude your interview for today, Yaoyorozu-san. On behalf of my Master, I welcome you to U.A next spring.”

“Hai!” She nodded enthusiastically, “I will not forget to bring the magazine next time!”

No, seriously… he will spend three years in the same school with her so what’s the point of an autograph?

“Sure… please call Todoroki-kun for me on your way out.” The other room had a steady drop of temperature and he’d rather not let Honezuki or Yaoyorozu froze because of Todoroki.

“With pleasure.”  

Izuku heard the door closed, and opened a few moments later. There he was, the problem child number one. Well, Izuku was a problem child too but according to his Master, he was in his own class. Rude  

“It’s been a while, Todoroki-kun.” The boy looked tense as soon as he entered his line of sight. Typical, nobody likes it when an outsider knew your muddy homelife. “Let’s start from the top.”

And ooooh-boy- if U.A cared about the interview part of the exam, Todoroki would have failed badly. When asked about his reason to attend U.A, it was simply because U.A is the best school and they will help him to be stronger. He doesn’t have particular academic interest, which could be seen from his grades. He did very well on most subjects, a bit weak on literature and Izuku could guess a lot of test on this subject talk about describing the feeling of character and author. So when asked about his favorite book, Todoroki gave a long pause until he decided to answer- once again- with nothing in particular then added he had no time for it. When asked about what he does outside of school, it was all training under his father and his hobby was nonexistent.

A one-eighty from Yaoyorozu’s passionate answer, no- more like dropping to Cocytus from spring.

Izuku wisely skipped the question about family. He had a rough picture the moment he saw how Todoroki interacted with his father, and Futaba’s intel on Todoroki family was just a depressing list. Todoroki’s mother was in a mental hospital, apparently due to stress and trauma. His oldest brother was missing, but Endeavor didn’t report it because Todoroki Touya was disowned. The second brother, Todoroki Natsuo live in a dorm even though his school was just ten minutes walk from home and his sister, Fuyumi was the only family member left living in the same house as Todoroki and Endeavor.

Yep- a complicated family life indeed. Perhaps it was a wise decision for Nezu to rope him in for this job. It would be awkward if another teacher who was unaware of Todoroki's family problem tripped on this particular question.

“Is there anything else you would like to ask about U.A, Todoroki-kun?”

The boy just shook his head, his mood was still as somber as when he came in. That won’t do at all.

Shouto had been anxious when he entered the room, his mood had plummeted when Honezuki unknowingly stepped on his mine. Judging from the concerned look on Midoriya’s face, the other boy already knew too. Yaoyorozu finished her interview at the right timing, before informing Shouto that Midoriya asked for him.

Thankfully, Midoriya proceeded with the interview as if nothing was wrong. Then again a flame quirk user won’t be bothered by the temperature drop. The boy did look amused as Shouto answered his questions.

“Alright, before you go…” The boy stood up and offered his hand to Shouto.

Because the hand was offered, Shouto accepted it out of politeness. Then warmth stretched from Midoriya’s hand, and he could see a small tongue of flame brushed his right hand gently. The color was orange like a normal flame, but the hue and gradient shimmer like amber- made it distinct from Shouto’s own fire or Endeavor’s.

Whatever weighing his heart was soothed, it was still there but Shouto didn’t feel like wanting to lash out anymore. It became bearable.

“Your Quirk… is a healing flame.” He murmured softly, and a mental healing flame at that. How unlike Endeavor’s and his.  

Midoriya shook his head, “Not quite… I am sorry for meddling without your consent, but you look like you need help.”

Yes, Shouto couldn’t deny he needed that help because if he went home in that state he would anger Endeavor, which would result in harsher training for his rebelling behavior. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Midoriya beamed at him. “Send Honezuki-kun in for me, please?”

Shouto felt sorry when Honezuki looked so relieved when he saw Shouto’s face was back to his normal poker face. The other boy almost stumbled in his haste to enter the room, and Shouto supposed he had to be more careful around Midoriya.

Few Hours Later...

“I skipped asking about Todoroki’s family, there’s no point…”

“What happened?”

“I asked Honezuki-kun, he thinks he accidentally stepped on Todoroki-kun’s mine… he mention Endeavor and Todoroki-kun’s mood plummet below zero.”  

Nezu just sighed as started planning of what to do if his student lost his patience and drag Endeavor out of his number 2 throne, and also the possibility to get Todoroki Shouto to agree to go to therapy. The idea of boarding school gets really appealing nowadays, especially since his student’s little vigilante group came into the picture.

All of them were problematic except for Ojiro Mashirao-kun, but he wasn't so sure. The boy only had extra appendage as his Quirk, nothing as worrying as Izuku’s or Futaba’s but…

“Izuku-kun, would your mother be interested in a job to manage our dorm?”


Thankfully, that was the only reason why she agreed to let her only son she was so protective of to U.A’s care. Nezu started to understand where Izuku’s strangely brutal mindset come from when Inko threatened to shave him bald if he tried to take her son away from her, the government be damned.

Chapter Text

The Day of UA’s regular EXAM (26th February)

Izuku was running for his life, because he was late and so screwed because Nezu was going to introduce him to the faculty members. While he was a reluctant future hero in study, making bad first impression to his teachers was out of question. He had like- ten years of experience of how miserable school life could be if the teachers were not on your side. Even if the principal was his master, it was better safe than sorry. He was already marked as problem child by Nezu, it won’t help his case if the rest of faculty think so too.

“Huwaaa… Mommy, where are you?”

And why did he have to run to lost child? You’d think the molester would be enough for his morning quota. So Izuku picked up the kid, whispering soothing words as he ran to nearest police station that thankfully was on the same direction as U.A.

“I found lost kid, Sir! Please help find his mother.” And unceremoniously shoved the already quiet kid to the first officer he found.

Then he ran to purse snatcher, seriously- this was too early for stealing a poor lady’s purse. Izuku tripped the thief and ran with the purse before once again- pass it to the owner. He sensed a hero on the way here, that thief won’t get far. Hopefully-

Izuku could be careless at this moment, he was late-late-laaaate. He was so focused on running he didn’t notice he ran pass someone familiar. The other person DID.

U.A's entrance

Life didn’t treat him like king since he changed school, while officially he didn’t have a record- the teachers in new school had to be informed that he was a problematic student. Katsuki also learned that apparently a teenager with his brand of special speech was a novelty no teacher outside of his old school would overlook.

His school wasn’t particularly prestigious, it was normal but according to his mother’s high praise- they took their job in educating their student seriously. So overlooking his excellent grade, the teachers cracked down on his less than stellar manner. His parents always knew he wasn’t a well behaved child or particularly polite, but new school and new batch of teacher enlighten the Bakugou couple of their child’s problematic behavior.

“In new school and class, it’s not unusual for transfer student to take time to know their classmates… but your son- pardon me- doesn’t make any effort, three months and he couldn’t tell me even one name of his classmates.”

“Oh my God…”

“He needs anger management class… and I am not sure how to bring this up- but your son seems to be under delusions that he is the main character of a fantasy, and calling everyone around him as either extras and cannon fodder.”


“Isn’t he too old for playing hero? Nowadays, hero is a profession. I don’t think I feel safe if someone like Bakugou-kun want to be a hero, no matter how talented he is. Are you sure he want to be a hero?”


“I’d say he needs Quirk Counsellor too… his mindset and his Quirk is a dangerous combination, Ma’am.”

Nevertheless to say, that was the worst. Katsuki wondered how did his life turned one eighty in new environment. People still admired his strong Quirk, but as soon as they had a taste of his personality- they quickly question his resolve to be a hero. They didn’t say it out loud to him - those pansy- but they commented on it behind his back so much he would be deaf to not overhear at least once. It varies but it summed up to three kinds.

“A hero, with that kind of attitude?”

“Jerkish hero isn’t rare but Bakugou is so damn temperamental, how is he going to handle fans or media?”

“I don’t feel safe around him, it feels like he is going to hurt me just for breathing near him.”

His parents keep beating themselves up for it, wondering where did they go wrong. It got to the point his mother stopped to curse at home, she didn’t turn to be a perfect polite mother but she had toned down her rough side. Katsuki didn’t like the change in his home, because suddenly everything he did was unacceptable. His school was suffocating and his home wasn’t a home anymore, he couldn’t catch a fucking break.

Fortunately U.A’s entrance examination was just around the corner, which mean he would attend the school of heroes and be with other hero aspirant. They won’t be as good as him, but surely the quality of extras should be on more tolerable level right? There would be no sneaky trash like-

Then the very guy he wished won’t be part of his life just ran pass him. He would recognize that bush of green hair anytime.

“DEKU! How DARE you come to U.A!!!”

But Deku didn’t stop, the bastard just ran like a coward as usual. No, that wasn’t quite right- Deku was usually too scared to move, not ignoring Katsuki. Deku’s usual behavior would be stuttering and walking nervously to U.A instead of running like he own the road? Katsuki tried to chase after Deku, but- fuck- he was getting better at running.

Then at last Deku was stopped on the front door when he almost crashed to a glasses wearing guy who came from the corner, and jumped over the guy with a flip in the air. “WHAT THE-”

The guy Deku used as vault was enraged, he was even louder than Katsuki. “You shouldn’t run like that! As future pro-hero, it’s unbecoming-”

Deku whipped out the lanyard around his neck, “I am sorry, but I am your examiner! And I am late!”

Katsuki was halfway towards the gaping glasses guy but he could see U.A’s logo blazing on the lanyard with word examiner. ‘HOW?!!!’

“Sorry, Sir! I thought you’re my age!”

“I am!” Deku was running on the spot. “Gotta go! Or my Master will double my work-looooooad!” He shouted as he ran to the hallway with familiarity.  

“What the FUCK?!”

Nezu, their principal with unknown species at last decided to unveil his disciple for his faculty members to meet. Which, in Aizawa’s opinion was a frivolous secrecy considering Nezy wanted to put the damned disciple in Aizawa’s class and not Vlad’s. He was a bit problematic, Nezu said. Considering Nezu’s taste in people, the underground hero was sure Nezu meant disaster of epic proportion by Aizawa’s scale.

Clue number 1, said student had been coming in and out of U.A unseen by teachers.

Clue number 2, for some reason Nezu saw it fit to make the boy interviews other teens his age.

Clue number 3, being exempted from exam without proper explanation from Nezu.

The last one was  giving Aizawa shiver, as according to Nezu, there was no point testing the boy. His Quirk is quirky, and let’s just leave it at that. Nezu had zen like expression when he said it. Aizawa hated puzzle, or any mystery he couldn’t solve in general.

“Good morning! I apologize for my tardiness!” Said the boy everyone was waiting for, who promptly tripped on his own feet and did a spectacular fall with rolling down the stairs of their viewing theater. “I am really sorry…”

When looking at the boy, the first thing came to mind was- clumsy and followed by harmless. He does looks like a problem child, in a sense he would make you worry to death but- the way heroes talked about the ‘Mastermind’ suggest someone with dangerous potential. This harmless appearance with disheveled white blue uniform, lab coat that one size too big, fluffy curly hair and big eyes framed by glasses if anything… it made Aizawa even more wary.

“Uhm, why don’t you stand on your feet first, Kid?” That was Midnight, looking very sorry for the boy.

“Izuku, you’re usually not this clumsy… also your morning routine is taken to account when I tell you the time. You’re just on time.” Nezy said.

The boy jumped to his feet, standing to his full height of average fifteen years old boy. “Uuh- I turned it off so my balance is a bit-”

Nezu groaned, he looked so done with his student. Which was a novel sight, Nezu made people exasperated not the other way around. “Maybe you should inform me next time that your Quirk also affect your sense of balance.”

He turned off his Quirk? One that connected so closely to his VOR? That kind of Quirk was usually couldn’t be turned off,  that was like- stopping one’s heart from pumping blood.

“And turn it back on, I’d say your morning quota is done for today.” Nezu sounded amused. “So how many?”

“A molester, a lost kid- and a purse snatcher.”

All Might beamed, “Very praiseworthy young Midoriya!”

“I see.”

All teachers looked at their boss as one in disbelief, “Principal… this boy is a vigilante.” Except for the second case, the boy was a bonafide vigilante.

Midoriya Izuku turned to Vlad, who was speaking out. “I am sorry, Sir… but the molester is helping himself to a defenseless girl in front of me. I can’t forgive myself if I go leave her while looking for hero with license.” His tone wasn’t hostile but stern, “The purse snatcher ran towards my direction, should I make way for him or I stop him?Also… I didn’t fight with Quirk, I abide by the law to the letter.”  

“Technically.” Nezu added. “Skirting with loopholes and dance in grey area, I am so proud.” He wiped nonexistent tears.

Was that something principal of most prestigious hero school should say?

“Alright- get to work Izuku-kun, the students are on their way to their battlegrounds.”

The brat looked forlornly at his clipboard full of papers with names, one all teachers had in their hand. “Right.”

Aizawa didn’t understand why the boy had to be in U.A, and how Nezu were so attentive for the boy like a dragon protecting its hoard.

Five minutes to the physical exam, they knew why- and Oh… what a relief Nezu made the boy attend U.A.

“Most interesting, the Quirk of examinee number 78 is very fascinating! Dark shadow is a sentient quirk, it has it’s own personality- could it be Tokoyami Fumikage’s projection of id? He calculates his route very well- avoiding well lit road but he also avoid indoor even though his shadow Quirk would grow stronger under the shade… hm- most likely control problem. In that case- Tokoyami would have problem working at night…”

“Quirk of duplicating arm, which mean he can grow flesh, bone and nerves… hm- there’s a delay on his newly grown appendage,If he can regenerate, is it possible he is impervious to injuries on his Dupli-arms… what of his legs then?”

“As expected of Ingenium-san’s brother, hm… the placement of engine greatly affected their fighting style, they’re both still speed based hm… the time needed for his engine to cool down is poor. I suppose that’s where their full bodied armor is for-.”

Even All Might looked wary, “You’re very sharp indeed, young Midoriya.”

Who said the boy was harmless with a bit of vigilante problem? He was a disaster of epic proportion! Suddenly the reason Nezu wanted the boy in U.A so much made sense. He was running commentary of every Quirk that caught his attention and he picked then apart with terrifying ease.

‘How could you be smiling when doing that?’

Nezu was enjoying himself, “Have you done analysis on U.A’s teachers?”

“Of course I do! Eraserhead’s Quirk is especially fascinating-” Did this boy seriously forget Aizawa was in the same room? “It seems simple in first glance but so complex.” The boy sighed in content, as if pulling apart Aizawa’s Quirk was like tasting fine wine. “The trigger itself is fascinating, target have to be the focus of his field of vision so… even if it’s called erasure, it’s more like Aizawa-sensei is interfering with Quirk Factor. I’d say it’s similar to plugging running water from the sink… hence I wonder if there’s a possibility if one force through they could break the influence.” The boy murmured to himself, he sounded very gleeful. “After all- most emitter Quirk that influence others in some way customarily could be broken by sheer will…”

Yep- forget the Quirk or physical exam. This was the devil from hell itself, it made so much sense why this boy was not pitted to compete with other students. Who Nezu was trying to save from who was debatable, but Aizawa leaned on saving other students from Midoriya Izuku. Aizawa should sleep in his bed today, so he didn’t have to spend the next few weeks dreading the start of education year with Midoriya Izuku in his class.  

“Hm… from here the top scorer is quite clear.” Commented Cementoss, a relief from his mental breakdown. “Bakugou”

Ectoplasm hummed, “His battle sense is well honed for a kid, mastery over his Quirk, good mobility with brute power to match.”

“No sound but from image alone, this kid needs anger management class.”

The boy snorted at Midnight’s comment before frowning deeply as the exam was almost reaching its end. “Hm…”

“What bothers you so much Izuku-kun?”

“All top scorers have rescue point, either intentionally or by accident… but for Bakugou-kun to score none at all is concerning.” The boy was distracted by his own thought, he didn’t answer their question as much as speaking out loud.

Temperature in the viewing room feels like it drop before zero as the teachers let that seemingly accidental score sink, the terrifying implication. The rescue point was second part of the exam, it wasn’t said not because they wanted to test their future students. It shouldn’t need to be said because hero was all about saving, it was under the job description. It was first above anything else.

So for the current top scorer, Bakugou Katsuki to go from the start to the end of the exam without rescue point send alarm to the rest of U.A’s faculty members. It wasn’t rare to have unbalanced point, but surely Bakugou had accidentally safe his fellow examinee at least once in duration of the exam?

“Well, the boy will get in.” It was Midnight who broke the silence, “We will have to monitor him closely though.” For a future hero to be so lacking in desire to help others was worrying.

On the screen Bakugou Katsuki blew up five one-pointers in one go, which was impressive if not for the piece of robot sailing straight to examinee a few feet behind it. The boy was the second placer, with almost balanced score for rescue and villain. In fact, the boy made his bulk of rescue point acting as meat shield for other participant from Bakugou’s reckless explosion.

“Kirishima Eijirou…” Another good candidate and less worrying than Bakugou.

All Might agreed, “Even if they were rivals in this exam, all heroes has instinctive desire to save others. For this young man to score nonexistent in that regard…” It was a dangerous premonition no matter how you see it. All Might winced when another shrapnel made its way towards Kirishima.

Nobody noticed Midoriya Izuku face-palming with pained look on his face.


U.A was a school of dramatics, from the start of the exam Present Mic already made a jab on spacing out examinees waiting for start signal. True, in real battle there was no signal but they came here with exam in mind.

“For them to pass this exam, they need a combination of skill, speed, power and focus.” Said his master.

That certainly true, just look at his childhood not-quite-friend who racked up points like no tomorrow. He was like at least twice if not thrice the speed of other students. Then he noticed the screen keeping tally of the points, to be precise at the nonexistent point in Bakugou’s rescue box.

You’d think after the disaster in their second year, Bakugou Katsuki would repent and change. Or at the very least reflect on his mistake, but it seemed the lesson didn’t sink in very well. In hindsight, Izuku should know that any attempt at teaching Bakugou the right mindset couldn’t come from him. Bakugou Katsuki made the bulk of his gargantuan ego from stomping on Izuku, and this was also why Izuku gave up trying to change Bakugou back then.

Bakugou had to respect Izuku first for his opinion to worth anything, but nothing short of whooping his ass could work. If Izuku defeated him - he knew he can- there were two possible outcomes. First, Bakugou’s opinion would change and maybe he would start to see Izuku as an equal, second- his defeat would turn Bakugou’s world upside down and the explosive boy would try harder to put Izuku in his place as he knew it.

Sadly, at this point- the latter was more likely to happen. Bakugou wasn’t an idiot, the boy was very intelligent but he also did a serious damage hampering that with his ego and tunnel vision. What a waste of his abundant potential.

“Master.” He’d better not stressing himself over Bakugou, not until high school started. “Is there any particular reason to use robot for the test? Personally- I think something like round robin would be better because some Quirk only works for human opponent, it’s not very fair for potential student with that kind of Quirk.” Izuku gave cursory glance at Midnight and Eraserhead. “Not to mention those kind of Quirk tend to be less destructive but effective in subduing villains.” Especially in sensitive cases.

Midnight beamed, nodding sagely at Izuku. “Well-said Midoriya-kun!”

Eraserhead agreed, “Well… we transferred from general course, it’s harder detour though…”

“I know Izuku-kun.” Nezu heaved a sigh, “But as a school, even U.A have to avoid serious injury in our exam. Robots are used because it’s easier to set their parameter and limitation.” They looked dangerous but they had been programmed to not aim for vitals and missed their target. They also would warn people before attacking, even if their choice of line doesn’t sound like one.

So that was the reason, it made sense for Izuku. Especially with Bakugou in the exam, it was a super good thing it wasn’t a battle against human because that guy had zero restrain.

“Hum- on the flip-side whoever manage to pass this exam in spite of this handicap is exceptional.” There was this invisible participant who used metal pole she fished out from somewhere to poke the robot’s joint, quite a dangerous tactic if she didn’t wear gloves. ‘They can’t be naked right?’ Izuku doubted it very much this particular examinee got clothes that cater for her invisibility on the market. “And after a while the robots used in exam gets very predictable, their movement follows simple pattern… they’re big but it’s easy to knock them off of their balance. Also- due to their programming.. They actually freeze if their target didn’t move from their attack’s trajectory-” And the rant went on and on.

Midnight turned to Nezu, “Principal… I think now we can say exempting Midoriya-kun from exam isn’t special treatment.”

Nezu nodded to himself. “It would be a waste of time…”

Izuku winced when he saw a participant had to dodge flying robot’s limb after Bakugou was done with it. Thankfully this exam was determined by scoring points and no taking it away, because Bakugou was a hazard for other examinees sharing space with him. It wasn’t like he was out of control, in fact he paced himself very well. On purpose of reserving his stamina, not for others. However- controlled explosion or not the flying parts and shrapnel he caused was dangerous. That guy with red hair was racking up rescue points because of Bakugou though, and his score was super close with the blond’s due to that.

‘Oh my God… Bakugou unknowingly helping someone- depending on timing- Kirishima-kun could surpass his score-’ Izuku was shaking with silent mirth.  

“Basically we’re conducting exam in safe and controlled environment with not even one millimeters miss.” Power Loader explained proudly.

“Putting faith in machine…” Izuku’s mind wander again, and a flash of bulky robot with tube like mouth came to mind. “I don’t know Master, but considering who one my closest friends is…” A hacker who waltzed through strongest firewall like a boss. “I harbor skepticism for anything controlled remotely by computer.” The last failure with Senku’s robot was painful, it almost explode on Senku’s face if not for Shiro bat it homerun with his tail.  

Nezu cackled, “Ha ha ha- isn’t it because you can’t see through machine, Izuku-kun?”

Izuku frowned, not even noticing Vlad King turned to ask Cementoss and Power Loader. “Can’t see through machine, what is that even mean?”

“I have a bad feeling all of a sudden.”

Nezu’s laughter stopped abruptly, and other teachers stilled too because their boss looked terrified.”Uhm… Izuku-kun, are you sure?”

“I wish… but-” He fidgeted nervously.  

“Izuku-kun, I am sure the danger you sense is from the colossal villain robot- we also have full control of that.” Nezu assured him, “And- it’s almost time to activate them.” And his Master brought out a cliche looking button.

“I think this is a bad idea.” Izuku pleaded, looking pointedly at the red button.  “Can I call Futaba-chan first?” Just in case.

Nezu’s smile became stiff. “I am not giving that little girl a free reign of U.A’s system.”


“However, in light of my faith in you… feel free to call her but promise me to convince Futaba-chan to come to school.”

“I will do my best.” Izuku promised, pointedly ignoring confused look from his future teachers and made the call.

Futaba picked up at the second ring. “ Izu? Heeey~ Did you see Shirou kicking ass in U.A’s exam! It’s so cool his tail can make shockwave like you said!” Izuku’s mind blanked, Futaba’s sound effect mimicry sounded far away as the implication sink.  “U.A’s firewall is good but not good enough! Don’t tell Nezu-sensei though- he thinks I can’t get in and I didn’t correct him he he he-”

Nezu heard everything, “Izuku- kun.” Why did that damn girl already sneak in without permission?

Izuku wanted to dig a hole, she was already inside U.A’s system. “I am so sorry for her…” Why in this life he was doomed to manage unmanageable friends too? “Futaba-chan- we will discuss this later, but I would like you to be on standby- in case something went wrong.”

Futaba sputtered, most likely she heard Nezu’s voice and knew in how much trouble she would be after this. “Okay… “

“Is it possible for you to check if there’s no tampering on the robots that still functioning?”

“That’s a lot of robots Izu… promise me I won’t get in trouble if-”

Nezu interrupted, “Futaba-kun… you’re welcome to join us if you want to watch Ojiro-kun’s test so badly, yet you went through backdoor as usual. So all you will get is one hour discount of lecture for your assistance.”


“Two hours.” She haggled.

“One and half-”



The exam was reaching the last stretch and it was getting obvious the top thirty six students that would earn the right to bear U.A’s name. This year the spot for regular exam should shrink to thirty five but due to Yoarashi withdrawing, there was one more free spot. Now- this was the last chance for every participant to turn their luck around.

“And here we go!” Nezu pushed the button with his paw.

The colossal zero pointer, Executors made their epic entrance, and Izuku couldn’t help but sweat-dropped at the sheer difference in size. The other villain bots was about the size of one to two storey height building. The zero pointer was as tall as high building scattered all over replica city. The presentation slide and flyer distributed to students had the gall to show all robots in same size, and judging from the look on participant’s face- they were quite hurt by the deception.

“On the print they looks about the same size as other robot.” Izuku couldn’t help to keep accusation from his voice.

“Teach the students not to assume-” Eraserhead grumbled.

“And second-guessing their superiors?” Did they want the students developing trust issue so soon?

All Might’s voice boomed, “Plus Ultra Young Midoriya! It’s our school motto!”

Their size was ultra indeed, Izuku had to agree with that point. “Futaba, everything’s okay?”

“Yes, so far? I didn’t detect any bug- or virus… and the robots including the giant one is responding to command-”

Futaba’s sudden pause made Izuku’s heart gripped by worry. “Futaba-chan?”

“Did the programmer of 0-Pt-Executor.07.11.16 put an easter egg as a joke in their bots?”

What is that even mean? “Futaba-chan- don’t launch technical explanation because I won’t get it- is it dangerous?”

“Maybe yes- maybe not… it’s like that one time Senku’s bot start to squeal like a pig out of nowhere, there’s a code slipped into the system of One-pointer… it didn’t do anything at the moment and I don’t think meddling on it is a good idea.”

Izuku looked at the horrified expression of Power Loader and the rest of faculty members. “Now what? Stop the exam?”

In the background the zero pointer was rampaging, and the teacher in charge of support department paled beneath his large helmet. “I found it-” He had his own laptop open. “We’d better stop before-” He sucked in the air sharply. “Oh my God- that freaking foreign code just-”

That didn’t sound like a good premonition. On the other end of the line Futaba shrieked, loud enough for everyone in the room to hear as the phone was on speaker. “IT DEACTIVATE ALL SAFETY MECHANISM OF YOUR ROBOTS! IZUUUU! Get Shiro out of there now!”

All Might succinctly summarize their predicament. “Shit.”    

Midnight jumped to her feet, “Just now that kid almost got stomped!!! The robot didn’t stop! It shouldn’t move that fast-” They had watched zero pointers in action often so the teachers were familiar of their movement.

“Free Loader! Shut down all zero pointer by force if your must! NOW!” Nezu ordered.

Free Loader almost destroyed his laptop in frustration, “It rejected my command! I can’t deactivate the robots!”


“I am trying! Why did U.A have to send so many of this stupid big giant! I-I need like… 5 minutes on each robots! I can’t do them all in one go-so-so…” Futaba was stuttering, “No- maybe ten… but by the end of the day they would be scrap metal-so uuuh- Oh!Oh! I can just- add in command for it to walk away or something- yes-”

The teacher looked like he want to slap himself, “Yes- it won’t enable the safety mechanism back- but we should be able to reroute it!”

Nezu asked, “Will both of you make it in time?” Before the executors inflict permanent damage on the children.

“I don’t know!”

“I will try our best!”

“If Shiro get trampled by that robot…” Izuku hissed to himself, he didn’t even want to imagine his friend broken.

“I am diverting their route faraway from the contestants… most of them, I am directing them to meet each other in some random spot in U.A’s vast forestry. Hopefully they will beat each other up.”

Power Loader deflated, he was helping Futaba from his end. “Dear me… if any of our robots harmed the children permanently…” He shuddered to himself. “Huh?”

“Now what?” Izuku didn’t mean to snap, but every pause either Futaba or the teacher made it was always mean trouble. It didn’t help the dread was still swimming in his stomach.

“The zero-pointer in area B can’t be diverted, it has refuse to give me access!”

“This one is programmed differently… oh-shit, I think this one won’t stop until it get something killed on its path.”

Izuku turned to his Master, “This isn’t an accident…” The other malfunction was a diversion to buy time.

The exam time limit was ticking- if they didn’t eliminate that robot before it ended- the participants would notice something was terribly wrong. The panic in exam area was a controlled one, in which the students had faith U.A had everything in control. Letting them know would make the situation worse. This was Jabberwocky’s case all over again, throw the regular  procedure out of the window and proceed for swift execution.

The teachers in the room was already running, none of them but All Might had the mobility needed to travel all the way to replica city. The one who had longest reach here was Snipe- but a rifle could hardly…

An image of blond man in army uniform using massive rifle flashed on his mind. “Snipe-sensei! Lend me your best rifle!”

The sniper had been silent since the start, “Young man, what would you do with it?”

“It’s a hero grade weapon, so it should be fire-resistant to some extend, right?”

“Yes- but…”

All Might rushed to the door, “I will be there for them! NO ONE GETS HURT ON MY WATCH!”

Izuku panicked, ‘His quirk is about to dim again!’ He apologized, “I am sorry Sir! I will borrow it.”

Snipe stared at his empty hand and at the young man who jumped to latch on All Might, “I AM GOING OUT THROUGH THE HOOOOOLE!!!” and the hole the number one hero made on the wall.

“IZUUUUUKUUU-” Nezu shrieked. “That problematic disciple of mine! You’re in trouble young man- if your mother know…” He shuddered to himself. “All of you- make sure the zero pointers under Futaba-chan and Power Loader’s control didn’t go off of their course! Be discreet!”

“Yes, Sir!”


Replica City Area B

All Might Airlines had a terrible service, and Izuku learned a couple of things about flying or moving in high speed in altitude in general. Something he had no worries about in previous like as a Sky, and a natural flier. Air pressure was a bitch without thin flame coating Vongola emitted naturally warding it off, inertia, temperature drop, gravity-

So yeah-flying without Hyper Mode on was a terrible idea, and shall not be repeated even in emergency. “Young Midoriya- this is dangerous!”

“What’s dangerous is you!” Idol or not, idiot deserve reprimand even at four hundred feet above the ground. “You almost run out of energy! How could you not notice?!”

“EH?!” It seemed he had really forgotten, “Crap- at this rate in our next landing-I-”

“I will take care of it! Brace yourseeelf, because I am baad- at-”

All Might found out what the unfinished sentence mean, because when they were near the ground Izuku let out a burst of soft flame to cushion their fall. Which propel them a few meters above  the ground before they crashed again. All Might was already in his skeleton form, “Young Midoriya… your landing is terrible-” His back was in pain, he was really getting old. “Cough- GACK!”

“Just stay still All-” Someone was coming- and this presence.

“Sir? What are you doing here?” A familiar looking face of a boy with engine Quirk popped up around the corner. All Might had ducked behind a debris to hide.

Ingenium’s brother, Izuku couldn’t believe his luck and he didn’t bother correcting Iida’s way of addressing him. “Iida-kun!”

“How did you know my name?”

Seriously? As if square shaped eyes and engine quirk didn’t scream Iida family. “I need you to bring me to Zero-pointer! This is emergency!”

As expected of the boy raised in hero family, he didn’t ask further question. “Yes, Sir!”

Izuku turned to All Might, “I will take care of the rest, Sir! Just stay still-” In case All Might did something stupid.  

All Might just raised a trembling thumbs up.

Luckily for him, the robot was so big and All Might chose a good landing spot so Izuku could easily reach the scene. Iida trailing behind closely, and Izuku hoped there was no participants to save that require Iida’s speed. Unfortunately- they were… a girl with puffy brown hair were stuck beneath the rubble and couldn’t get away.

‘There goes the plan playing bait.’ Not only the girl was on Zero-pointer’s war path, this road was the only big one that could accommodate its size and the closest intersection was hundred of meters away. ‘And Iida-kun’s speed is also can’t be used here.’ He could reach the girl faster than Izuku, but that mountain of rubble burying half of her body had to be cleared up carefully or it would collapse on her.

The girl saw them, her eyes widened with hope. “Heeelp me! I am stuck!”

“Miss, in one to ten scale- in how much pain you are?” He asked as soon as they reached her.

The girl answered shakily, “Uhm- four I guess? The pain isn’t so bad but I just can’t move.”

Which mean she could hold on staying in that position, “IIda-kun, get her out as careful as you can! I will handle the zero-pointer!

“Eh?” Iida looked at Izuku as if he was crazy, “By yourself?”

He ran ahead of Iida, there was no time to lose. A gargantuan robot without limiter on the loose wouldn’t wait for him to explain. Izuku summoned his past life knowledge, and hoped he didn’t get it wrong. He did have good understanding in how to wield a gun, a rifle however- not as well. It was one of those skill a mafia boss candidate was taught about but never touch again.

He knew how to shoot with a rifle, it was a good thing the robot as such a big target because Izuku was sure his aim was accuracy was questionable. ‘All right- now… focusing how to store flame inside the bullet.’ First, he had to store a bit of flame so the bullet would be flame conductive. ‘Don’t melt-don’t melt.’ He chanted on his mind before he put the cartridge back on.

“Here goes-”

The robot locked on him, and there was no going back. Izuku pour his flame onto his weapon, his mind went haywire when he felt the rifle’s temperature rose. ‘Gah- hero grade weapon or not, Snipe’s rifle wasn’t made for Dying Will Flame! Hm- wait- I forget something-’ He pulled the trigger, and the familiar beam of flame shot towards the robot.


Izuku watched wide eyed as the torrent of flame took out a large chunk of Zero-pointer’s head, and the gargantuan robot fell backward with a loud thump. “Oh-”


“Strong…” Iida breathed out, stopping from digging the girl out of the rubble.

“The robot… in one attack just-” The girl whispered in awe and shock.

Iida snapped out of his reverie, “I am sorry! I will get you out now!”

“It’s fine.” Iida had removed most of the wreckage piled on top of her, so she could pull herself out with a little help. “Phew!”

The tall boy beamed, “It’s good you’re safe now- and-” He stopped on his track when he saw Izuku walking towards them. “Sir!!! Your right arm!!!”

“Huh?” Izuku turned to look at his right, and indeed- the hand holding the half-melted rifle was hanging awkwardly. The sharp pain on his shoulder and arm told him that he head dislocated his shoulder. ‘Ah- so that’s why no one in the family use rifle…’ And not until seventh generation a Vongola used firearms.

The recoil of using flame amplified firearms was too strong, especially for Vongola who favor using their Dying Will Flame for area-scale attack. The rifle on their family symbol was pure aesthetic in Giotto’s part.    

“Ah don’t worry- I can fix it.” Much to Iida’s and the brown haired girl’s horror, the green haired teen promptly popped the dislocated bone back to its socket. “OUCH! That’s quite painful...uuuh…”

Recovery girl who arrived a few minutes later was very unhappy to learn about Izuku’s self first-aid. “Your Master will hear from me if he didn’t curb this stupid habit of yours!!! You hear me young man?!”

“But my shoulder is fine now, and I have first-aid-”

“Your First-aid certificate doesn’t cover fixing your own dislocated bone!” Recovery girl whacked Izuku upside his head with her giant needle. “Also- why won’t you wait for me to fix it for you?”

Because he didn’t want to sleep through the night recovering. “I want to rewatch the entrance exam video! I can’t miss it!” More Quirks to see and research!

Recovery girl was ticked, “So you’re that type huh- God forbid Nezu let All Might anywhere near you…”

In the background, All Might wisely made himself scram before the youthful granny could catch him.


Snipe looked very distraught - as much as one with mask could be- when Izuku handed him what was left of his beloved hero grade weapon. “I am so sorry Snipe-sensei…”

The sniper hero shook his head, “I assume both you and I thought my rifle can survive whatever you planned to put it through because it’s a hero grade weapon…”

Obviously, both of them thought wrong.

“You will give support dept a headache to develop your weapon for you…”

Izuku turned to look at Nezu hopefully. “Can I get a gun Master?” Smaller firearms like one used by seventh Vongola boss should be safer to use. It made channeling flame much easier than using his own fist!  

“Is this one of those things you forgot to inform me again?” Nezu asked sweetly, a vein popped all over his head.

Izuku averted his eyes, “… more like I don’t remember I can do it until just now.”



When he was on the way out of U.A’s building, Shiro was already waiting with his karate uniform bag over one shoulder. “Shiro…”

“Let’s go home together!” He beamed.

Izuku smiled at him, walking side by side. “You looks very spirited after a gruelling exam, very confident of your scores, Shiro?” He joked.

“Nah- if I did badly… someone would act awkward the moment they see me!” Shiro snickered at Izuku’s red face, the table had turned. “I trained with you all the time- Senku use us as his robot’s training dummy~ pretty sure the odds is good for me for practical exam.”

The green haired boy sweat-dropped at that, “If you put it that way…” Shiro wasn’t wrong to be confident, not to mention because he was around Izuku all the time- the tailed boy take helping people as part of his daily routine. Pretty sure he had scored highly for rescue points.

“Ne… Izu, during the second half of the physical exam..” Shiro trailed off, “Did something wrong happen?”

Green eyes narrowed, “You noticed?”

He nodded, “Considering the exciting life I lead since I befriend you… I start to puck up this kind of stuff, Yamamoto-sensei said I have a good instinct!”

Well, Shiro was pretty sharp even if he was no Izuku. “...Since it’s Shiro, I will tell you but keep it to yourself.” The taller boy nodded, “Someone tampered with U.A’s Zero-point villain bot, those bots was rampaging the stage without their limiter on.”

“Hm…” Shiro looked calm from outside but inside he was shocked, “So Futaba-chan helped to clean up the mess?”

“Yes.” Izuku answered, “I had a bad premonition so I suggest pre-launch check for those bots… if I didn’t- it’s likely nobody would notice they have been tampered with.”  

Shiro frowned, “That’s so unlike U.A’s support dept to be so careless.”

“They’re not.” Izuku refuted, “Those bots are meticulously programmed so they can be used safely for exam, and they had been cleared for operation one hour before the exam…” He cupped his chin, “Which mean-”

“The culprit get to the robot after…” Shiro groaned, “Which mean-”

There was a traitor in U.A High School and attempting to terrorize the school from within. Not to mention this year All Might was going to teach heroics in U.A and that couldn't be a coincidence.

“Master, I can not blame All Might for being the symbol of peace- I admire the man who bring safety and stability to the world. However… the world with one strong pillar as its foundation is fragile, the villain side couldn’t help but see him as King piece.”

Just like how the sky used to be in mafia society.

“If we take out All Might, that’s it…”

“You’re saying… U.A become a dangerous ground because of All Might?”

Izuku looked up, “Shiro, Futaba, Senku…” He murmured softly, “You three don’t have to come to U.A, I will negotiate with my Master to let you guys off.”

Shiro huffed, “What are you saying? Just because U.A will get dangerous, it won’t stop us from coming with you.”

Izuku blinked at that, tears started to wet his eyes again.

“Pretty sure danger is part of our friendship deal. Izu is a trouble magnet, Fu-chan is a socially crippled hacker… Senku is a mad scientist…” Shiro listed on. “Isn’t it too late to warn us off?”

“SOB!” Izuku cried, “Shiiirrooooo!!! Thank you… though I will you insult us all in one breath too… I-I- am so glaaad!!!”

Shiro just nodded sagely as returning the awkward hug. “I get it- I get it- though… are you sure the waterworks isn’t part of your Quirk?”

“It’s not- *sob*!”

A few days later Izuku got a sneak peak of the exam result by email, with a note to keep it a secret from Shiro attached by Nezu. He had been part of committee that marked participant's heroic act for grading but because Shiro was a participant he wasn't involved with the grading process nor he knew the system.  

So, he had no idea of how the ranking of U.A’s entrance exam looks like. Izuku was more interested on the bottom rank, which consist of students that barely make the cut. The invisible girl, mute boy who could communicate with animal and the boy with giant grape for hair had occupied the last two spots. It made sense, considering invisibility wouldn’t much of a help against robots.

‘I should rewatch the video… I am curious how animal help defeating those bots.’

Shiro was ranked thirteen, very close to top ten with rescue points made up the bulk of his scores. The gravity girl, the unlucky one they had to save made it to top ten. It seemed the reason she got stuck was because she was saving other participants, hence her high rescue points. Iida Tenya was on the top five too- because Izuku got him involved- he had scored rescue points too. However as Izuku himself noted- Iida Tenya unlike his brother had one track of mind and suffer from inflexibility during the exam. Which was why his rescue point was low before Izuku dragged him on rescue attempt.  

“Oh well, this ranking doesn’t matter so much by the end of the day- only to those who cares about competing. The top dog only get right to give speech in sport festival and bragging right anyway-”

His heart almost stopped when he saw the top two above Iida Tenya.

  1. Kirishima Eijirou       39 VP 39RP
  2. Bakugou Katsuki      77VP 0RP
  3. Iida Tenya                 52VP 20RP

He rubbed his eyes and mentally calculate the points, and it tsill says that Bakugou was on second place and Kirishima was first with one more point.

“...Did I-”

Bakugou could be surpassed by Kirishima by accident if the blond keep throwing chance to score rescue to him, that was what Izuku thought back then.

“Did I jinx Kaa-chan?” Izuku wondered out loud timidly, unknowingly using the old nickname.

Nevertheless to say, Shiro and Senku were confused to find their friend during lunch break looking torn between crying and laughter.
And few days later in different part of Tokyo, Bakugou Katsuki exploded his bedroom.



Chapter Text

His mother had moved to dorm ahead of Izuku, because unlike Izuku who became a student in April- his mother had to start acclimating herself with the new job of dorm mother. At the moment U.A only had one general dorm, which house student of heroic course from first to the third year. She had quickly become popular with the students there, especially the big 3 who quickly decided to take advantage of the dorm for their last year in U.A High School.

"It's the pants guy." That line had slipped the moment he met Togata Mirio face to face for the first time.

Togata looked very embarrassed, "Yeah, my quirks and clothes don't mix well…"

He was really sorry for that comment and learned the interesting effect of using one's DNA material as part of the costume. Looking at Mirio's short hair he couldn't help but wonder if the guy went bald in his first year for the sake of making a costume.

His Quirk was very strong and fascinating in the application, and also prove it to Izuku that his Hyper Intuition couldn't really rate a hero's power accurately on Quirk alone. Togata's Quirk was very unobtrusive to his senses, like something formless, flexible and intangible.

The unassuming Amajiki-senpai's was more pronounced, it was also as scary as hell. Everything he ate became part of him in a literal sense, hence his hero name. His Quirk made Izuku imagining an amoeba surrounding its food and taking on shape after shape, and it gets to the point of auditory hallucination of someone munching and gulping whenever he was walking past the timid third year.

The Big 3 was very surprised when Izuku absentmindedly ask if Amajiki-senpai need to eat, and they found out that he could sense Quirk characteristic.

"That's so awesome! How does mine feel?!!!"

Togata-senpai was very enthusiastic, and deflate as soon as he heard Izuku's description that he felt like vibrating air. "That's… very accurate- but still-"

Amajiki-senpai looked sick, "I didn't mean to give out such a disgusting feeling."

"No, I didn't say that-"

"Mine, how about mine next?" Hado-senpai pointed at herself enthusiastically, her whole body vibrated with excitement.

Futaba who was hiding behind him poked her orange head out, "It's so big and bouncy."

Izuku slapped his hand over her mouth, "Futaba-chan, we will review in your manner again later." Where did she get her fascination for boobs had come from? All of her closest friends were male, but none of them ever behave pervertedly around her.

"Huh? What did Sakura-san just say?" Nejire swore she heard something amazing that shouldn't come out of a little girl's mouth.  

"Don't mind." Izuku almost squeaked, "Hadou-senpai's Quirk is unique…. It's bright and strong, it also gives me a sensation of dizziness after spinning really fast." Just trying to feel it too long made him dizzy.

Togata-senpai was still a bit depressed, "So… only my Quirk is not leaving a very strong impression…"

Sorry, but it does feel like vibrating phone you would ignore to Izuku's sense.

"Izuku-kun is a scholarship student and a disciple of mine." Nezu introduced him, very pleased the Big 3 already had a rundown of his ability. "He has multi-faceted Quirk called World-Synch…"

Apparently, the misleading name he used for his Quirk was unacceptable and he had to update it, thankfully there was no demonstration needed.  Also, the use of Italian was also a no-no. To be honest, Izuku didn't think the name made it stood out less, because the name made a curious term people would wonder what the heck it does.

‘I am so not looking forward to repeating the long-winded explanation of Hyper Intuition and Dying Will Flame.' Seriously, why does his power so complicated in explanation when what it does was so simple?

Basically, he was in synch with the world and get to draw energy and use it in form of flame and ice, he also got the bonus of super intuition. It also came with a drawback like how his body was still acclimating to using flames without prior adaptation training all Vongolas went through, sensory overload and the world get to boss him around.

"I am teaching him to be a hero versatile in strategy and Intel, Izuku-kun will also work closely with police force along with Futaba-chan here." Nezu continued, "So I will introduce him to Nighteye sometime this year after he gets more training, so look forward to working with my student, Togata-kun."

Togata-senpai was brimming with excitement, "Ooh! Midoriya, your quirk sounds really cool! Is it something like Sir?"

"Sir? Nighteye… the former sidekick of All Might?" What was his Quirk again? Nothing physical from what he knew, the man was incredibly intelligent and the brain in his partnership with All Might.

Togata nodded, "Some sort of clairvoyance?"

"Sort of." It was almost prophetic but it wasn't looking at the future.

Oh well, at this rate he didn't have to worry about the internship period. Hawks nagged him too much to intern in his office at the first opportunity anyway. He'd like other option than Nezu's and Hawk's office if possible.

Hadou-senpai asked if he knew how to make her shock-wave to come out not in spiral shape. "It gets really slow…" It could catch villain with average speed, but not so much against agile opponents.

"Erm- mine come out in shape of flame- it's malleable- but shockwave…" Izuku trailed off. "Once the school start I can help senpai experimenting."

"Thanks, Midoriya." Apparently, Hadou-senpai had been pretty fed up with the limitation of her Quirks.

Amajiki-senpai still made sure to keep three meters distance from him, as if Izuku's range of Hyper Intuition was that short. He felt quite guilty for making the dark-haired senior so wary of him, even if Togata-senpai assured Izuku that the Suneater was like that to everyone he was unfamiliar with.

"Here, Senpai… it's not much of an apology but I get my friend to make these." He handed Amajiki three bottles of capsules.

Togata blinked curiously, "What are these? There's label with a picture of elephant, cheetah and- eagle?"

Izuku frowned, wondering if it wasn't obvious. "These are supplements mixed with DNA of elephant, cheetah, an eagle. I thought it would be very useful for Amajiki-senpai's manifest quirk."  

Amajiki-senpai stared unblinkingly at the bottles. "I never ate those animals…" Because they were never part of cafeteria menu and he wasn't desperate enough to eat elephant or cheetah.

"Also- since it's in tablet form… I think the effect last shorter than food you consume normally, but I hope it will work well for you Senpai." Izuku continued to explain. "I hope they will serve you well, though- my friend would be very happy if you drop by to tell us how effective they are! Also- if there's any other animal or plants you're interested in to add in your repertoire! We have friends in wild animal reserve and Mustafu Botanical Garden!"



"...Midoriya, this is very… useful."


Later when Izuku was out of earshot, Mirio asked his childhood friend. "Well… at least you don't have to force yourself to eat too many variations of food every day." Sometime before the mission his friend had to eat some unholy combination of food.  

Tamaki looked down, "I never thought of this…" And it was his own Quirk. "This certainly more agreeable for my stomach capacity…"

"Sir would love the little guy for sure!"  

Considering his own height at that age Tamaki would like to correct Mirio that Midoriya has a respectable average height for fifteen years old. "...Though, are you sure Midoriya and his friends didn't just make me their guinea pig?" Tamaki wondered out loud.

Mirio and Tamaki exchanged looks. "He is nice, maybe not."

Somewhere in Support dept's dorm, Senku was cackling madly.


It seemed he would have a good dorm life, and his mother wasn't alone in their home helped. His Master had been toying with the idea of boarding school and make all heroic students live in dorm mandatorily, easier to keep eye on problematic ones. Izuku would like to imagine that beady eyes didn't give a pointed stare at him.

Nezu also said unless the circumstances forced it- the idea won't be implemented until Izuku's second year.

Shiro lives near U.A, so he wasn't going to live in the dorm. Senku was coming because his foster father would live in Russia for a while before going to the space station in few months, not to mention the idea of getting access to U.A's lab and resource was too mouth watering for Senku. Futaba's placement in the dormitory was mandatory like Izuku, the technopath was a disaster with two legs due to her Quirk and lack of common sense. Her foster father was a very good father, but a cafe owner had no clue how to keep someone with Quirk as powerful as Futaba in line.

Not to mention, Futaba had to go to school sometime in her life. She could skip high school straight to college with her intelligence, but that wasn't the point of formal education with Futaba. She was in school so she could socialize with her peers that weren't their little vigilante group members. She needed a normal and positive influence because the closest guy to normal in their group was already corrupted beyond help.

Power Loader-sensei looked pretty resigned when Nezu introduced him to Futaba and Senku. "I already dread this year because of Hatsume Mei, the recommended student for my department…"

If he was only looking at their abilities, Power Loader would be over the moon. Senku was an all-rounder in the field of invention, he could build the whole civilization from zero if he put his mind to it. Futaba had a rare Quirk that controls technology and also a genius programmer. Their personality on the other hand…

"His body is disproportionate, won't his head falls off with that helmet on?" Futaba asked curiously to his face.

Senku nodded in agreement, "It couldn't be healthy for his neck."

"Maybe that's what stunted Power Loader-sensei's growth," Futaba said seriously. "Though it's already too late for a costume change at this point."

Izuku was already bowing profusely beside Nezu. " I am so sorry! They have no manners!" He barked at them. "Senku! Futaba! Apologize!"

"Eh? But we're being honest!"

"Ten billion percent honesty! I thought you said it's the best policy for-"

Izuku glared at them, his green eyes blazing. "Apo-lo-gize…." He had worked so hard so they won't get arrested, so help him so his friends could be released to society as upstanding citizens.  

Aizawa Shouta, the Eraserhead looked almost gleeful that someone shared his pain this year. Izuku would feel sorry for Eraserhead if his misery wasn't because he would get Izuku as his student. Seriously- it's not April yet and Eraserhead had thought the worst of him.



U.A High School, 1-A class (1st Apri)l

April has come and Izuku marveled at the sight of pink petals dancing in the warm wind of spring after he stepped out of the dorm. It was such a beautiful sight, but it also represented the transience of the world. Such as how frail the peace and quiet, because starting from today he was once again sharing the same classroom as Bakugou.

He could try asking his Master to move one of them out of Eraserhead's class, but that would be misusing his position as principal's disciple. Not to mention with Bakugou's explosive temper, someone like Eraserhead would be more suitable to reign him in. Izuku was fine with the idea of being taught by Vlad King, but Nezu was adamant to push Izuku to Eraserhead.

It didn't help Todoroki Shouto was in 1-A too, and Izuku himself was the one who wanted to keep an eye on the boy. Then there's Shiro, he'd rather not imagine what his increasingly dangerous karateka friend would do in the same class as Bakugou if Izuku didn't keep him in line. He missed the pure and chivalrous Ojiro, this new Shiro was starting to develop a black heart that didn't match his name.

He heaved a sigh as he rested his forehead against the window of class 1-A, watching the pink petals fell as if mocking him. The confetti of nature, as if today was worth celebrating. Well, it was- this supposed to be the big day of his life if he was the same Midoriya Izuku when he was thirteen. The first milestone of his dream to be a hero, but that wasn't his dream anymore.

‘I am half-threatened half-bribed to come to this school.'

The old him would be ashamed, and Izuku once again questioned his resolution. It should be fine as long as he could protect his mother and friends, no more dream of messiah's grandeur. He could slip in Senku's grand ambition to travel beyond the stratosphere somewhere in his life plan.

"Must be nice to leave the Earth."


Shouto had run to Yaoyorozu one hour before class started, and both of them were so early on their first day for a completely different reason. Yaoyorozu was plainly excited for her first day and planned to explore the school before class to familiarize herself. In Shouto's case, he had woke up earlier than usual simply to avoid Endeavor's redundant lecture about his conduct. Even though he detest getting into U.A by Endeavor's recommendation, this was still the school of his dream.

He rejected Yaoyorozu's offer to explore the school as he wanted to find their class first. So they walked together to class and surprisingly they weren't the first one to arrive in class. There was no mistaking that green hair and lab coat, it was Midoriya Izuku. The boy was sighing in a melancholic fashion as leaning to the window.

He and Yaoyozoru by a silent agreement tiptoed to approach the shorter boy standing at the back of the class. Then one line slipped from the boy's mouth, "Must be nice to leave the earth."

Shouto wondered if it was normal to wish for a space travel first thing in the morning instead of more snooze time he often craved but his shitty old man never deigns to spare.

"Oh, Todoroki-kun and Yaoyorozu-san…" The boy called their name out before turning to greet them. "Good morning, you come very early for your first day!"

Shouto looked out the window, the weather outside was so sunny there was no chance the window was reflective enough to serve as a mirror. "Morning." He returned, staring impassively at Midoriya. "Do you… have eyes on your back?"

"Todoroki-san!" Yaoyorozu looked scandalized by his question.

The boy didn't look offended, so Shouto was sure he didn't social commit faux pass or anything. "Huh? Oh-" He laughed softly, "It's one of my Quirk's facet, I am very sensitive to people's presence… especially those with strong Quirks like yours."

Yaoyorozu looked very impressed, "That's wonderful, Midoriya-san would be skilled in recon!"

His eyes narrowed, "And to emotions I presume?"

Midoriya looked sheepish, "Ah yes, I am sorry that my Quirk is intrusive to privacy but I might…" His face darkened, "Kill myself if I turn it off, so sorry I can't turn it off…"

Shouto flinched, "I am sorry, I didn't mean that."

"It's okay as long as it's in a flat ground I think." Midoriya trailed off, rubbing his head and Shouto spotted a small trail of flame from his fingertips. "Oh, did you come early to explore the school?"

Yaoyorozu nodded enthusiastically. "Yes! Can you be our guide Midoriya-san? You seem pretty familiar with U.A already."

"Of course." Midoriya started to walk away, depositing his bag on the most on the second chair from the right back corner. Shouto tossed to the one next to Midoriya's and Yaorozu put hers the other side of Midoriya's. Midoriya was only five feet away from his original spot before he tripped over his own leg and kissed the ground.

"Midoriya-san!" Yaoyorozu shouted in worry. "Are you alright?"

Midoriya stood up shakily as Shouto pulled him up. "Apparently I can still trip in flat ground…" Midoriya lamented with the most pitiful puppy eyes they had ever seen.

"Sorry, just activate your Quirk back…" Invasive or not, Midoriya wasn't kidding of how reliant he was to his Quirk. "It's not like you're the type to gossip."

Midoriya was the meddling type who couldn't leave people in need alone, but he didn't pry on privacy. So far he hadn't ask Shouto about his scar or his father, even if the boy was observant enough to piece the clue together. Which in Shouto's opinion was even more… annoying, because usually when people pry he had all the right in the world to shut them down. In Midoriya's case, it made Shouto feel like he owes the green haired boy something instead for helping him without asking for details.

"So where do you guys want to go first?"

They couldn't cover everything in one morning, so Midoriya suggests to stick with facilities they would use most often such as general training ground, audio-visual room, infirmary, cafeteria, faculty room, etc.

"The dorm is over there." He pointed at a smaller building in the distance, "So far we only have a dorm for heroic and support dept, I also live in the heroic-dept dorm." Midoriya explained.

A dorm, if only... Endeavor would give consent so he could get out of the house.

"Yaoyorozu-san has to be careful when you walk pass Support-Dept area, you might get kidnapped," Midoriya warned her seriously.

Yaoyorozu's eyes crinkled with mirth, "Ara- Midoriya-san, you have a wonderful sense of humor!" She laughed daintily.

Shouto had a feeling Midoriya was deadly serious and most likely right.

Their last stop was the faculty room, the school wasn't as empty anymore and most students had arrived. Midoriya knocked on the door. Startling him and Yaoyorozu as they thought he was just going to show them where it is. "Excuse me… Aizawa-sensei ask me to pick him up?"

Why was there a question mark in that sentence?

"Aaah young listener, hello!" That was the Present-Mic, "Taking advantage of your student on the first day…" The voice hero shook his head. "Your homeroom teacher is that yellow caterpillar over there."

Midoriya, Yaoyorozu, and Shouto turned to the right where the biggest caterpillar in the world laid. "Our homeroom… teacher…" Yaoyorozu echoed in wonder.

A hero with scandalous outfit poked her head from the table across Present Mic, the R-rated hero Midnight. "Just drag that yellow bundle, no need to be gentle or anything."

Was that alright to treat a teacher like that?

Midoriya accepted that advice and proceed to grab one end of the yellow caterpillar, dragging it across the room. "Midoriya-san, that's…"

"Aizawa-sensei won't dislike me any more than he already is for this anyway…" He said in a deadpan voice. Shouto contemplated for a moment before lifting the other end, at least now they didn't drag their teacher. "Thank you Todoroki-kun."

Yaoyorozu couldn't help but comment. "This isn't how I imagine we will meet our homeroom teacher."

A soft snore could be heard from the cocoon, Shouto couldn't see their teacher's face, which was covered by his thick black hair.

"Don't worry, I am sure your first impression of him would go much better than mine, Yaoyorozu-san."

Shouto shrugged, "Aizawa-sensei…" He wondered which hero the content of this sleeping bag was. "I don't think this count as meeting him." Shouto was pretty envious of extra sleep their homeroom teacher got this morning.

Not to mention…

"Huahm." Yaoyorozu covered her yawning mouth, "Excuse me… I am sure it's still a bit cold outside but inside the temperature is comfortably warm. U.A have excellent temperature control." She wiped her tearing eyes daintily with a handkerchief, "Even back during our interview the temperature is excellent."

The yawn was infectious as Shouto followed her example. "Indeed."

Midoriya just laughed sheepishly. "Ha ha ha…"  

Shouto chose not to tell Yaoyorozu that Midoriya was a walking heater, Midoriya embarrassed himself enough for one morning.


When Izuku and the two recommended students arrive in their class, they were greeted by the sight of Bakugou arguing with Ingenium's brother of all things. The topic of argument was also super petty, Iida disagreed with Bakugou's chosen footrest and the blond mocked him for coming from elite private school. The brown haired girl with gravity Quirk -Uraraka Ochako, Izuku reminded himself- was trying and failing to mediate the argument, and at some point had taken Iida's side because the other boy was being a mean jerk. The redhead, Kirishima took her place as the peacemaker, he didn't do a very good job either.

"Chaos." Summarized Todoroki-kun curtly.

Izuku didn't think he should speak up here so he gave Yaoyorozu a pointed look, and bless her quick uptake. She stepped forward and speak out in a stern voice. "Our teacher is here, please be seated, everyone!"

Bakugou looked ready to snap at her before he processed what she just said, this was U.A and he knew better than starting problem so early with an authoritative figure.

Izuku would laugh at the wide-eyed look from Bakugou, Iida and the Uraraka at his entrance. "Aizawa-sensei… wake up please." The situation wasn't the good time for laugh, however.

The giant caterpillar wiggled from their hold and Izuku watched bemusedly as the pro hero stood up to his full height, still wrapped in his sleeping bag. "Good morning…" He unzipped the bag at last and Todoroki followed Izuku back to their seats.

Izuku high-fived Shiro who was sitting in front of him, wisely walking on the left side of his table's row to avoid Bakugou. Izuku didn't put it pass Bakugou to not trip him or something if he walked past the blond's desk.

"My name is Aizawa Shouta, your homeroom teacher." Introduced the dark-clad hero. "Welcome to U.A and without further delay…" He whipped out U.A's sports uniform. "Put this on and we will begin our assessment."

"What about the opening ceremony?" Uraraka asked.

"It's a waste of time, principal does it every year and the content of his speech never change. Trust me, you don't need it." Then Eraserhead gave Izuku a pointed look. "Be a good messenger boy and pass that to your master, will you?"

Izuku waved his hand in negative, "As a student, it's not my place to send a complaint on behalf of a teacher."

Aizawa rolled his eyes, "None of you have common sense from your display of behavior this morning, and I almost believe Midoriya has it if his diplomatic answer if anything to go by- but the rest of faculty know better by now."

As one all eyes turned to him, Bakugou's eyes were twitching. Shiro had understanding eyes look and nodding sagely. ‘Where did my chivalrous friend who will never mock had gone to?' Izuku lamented.

He stopped on his track, you'd think living in a dorm would spare him from his morning quota. Apparently not, as this familiar feeling of dread alerted him of disaster on the horizon. There was a bad feeling of something dangerous would happen to people he cared about, there's an annoying twinge of not so urgent call for help like cats on trees, or villains incoming-

This one, however- it was -something I don't want to get involved with is happening- alert.

"Helloooo~ Eraserhead! Skipping orientation as usual." Said the flamboyant voice as she slammed the door open. "Every single year you never fail to skip it." It was Midnight, and she looked amused by the attention she got.

Eraserhead frowned, "What do you want, Kayama-sensei?"

She grinned, "Don't worry, I am not here to rain on your parade! I need to borrow Midoriya-kun over there."


Midnight turned to his direction, "Midoriya-kun, there's a case that needs your assistance for a bit so you will be excused from Aizawa's shoddy test."

"My test isn't shoddy."

Izuku stood up, his eyes wide in alarm. "Erm, Can I not?" Hopefully, he didn't stutter or squeaking that line.

"Duty's call- what can you do?"

The underground hero, of course, wasn't going to help him, "Hm… it's a good idea anyway, there's no point testing your Quirk considering how you get here." He heaved a sigh. "Midoriya, get the hell out of the class now." Jerking his thumb at the door.

Izuku would rather stay, to be honest.

"And Aizawa… I bring you a student, Principal forgot to drop him off to this class." Midnight stepped aside, look and behold…

In unison, all students in 1-A stood up from their seats- eyes glued to the four-legged figure walking to the class with his head raised high. "Gao!"



The girls burst to a loud squeal, "SO CUUUUTE!!!"

Aizawa-sensei cleared his throat, accepting the note from the R-rated hero. "This is Nezu-Natsu…" He let out a snort at the made-up surname. "He is principal's adopted son."

"A mouse adopt a… lion?"

"I think our principal is a dog." He had paws.

"Isn't he a bear?" The ears looked like bears.

He cleared his throat again, silencing the class. "This cub has a Quirk, and he will join our class… as a special student."


Izuku wondered if it was just his imagination the underground hero looked at Natsu with an adoring look. Said cub, of course, was making its way towards Izuku and jumped to his desk. "Natsu, not on my desk."

Then he jumped to Shiro's head, the taller boy became very still. "Izu…" When he was on Izuku's head, Natsu was being affectionate- but in the case of Shiro however… the cub was looking down on him.

"Natsu, Shiro isn't your chair either! Come down now."

Then Natsu locked eyes not with Izuku but with Todoroki who was sitting on his right. Neither of them blinked, staring at each other silently. "That's enough." Izuku lifted the cub off of Shiro's hair and deposited him on his desk. He'd rather not have Natsu gauging Todoroki as a rival or something.  "Sorry about that, Todoroki."

"It's fine."

Natsu was different, Izuku always knew the name wasn't because he found the cub in summer but because it was the name from his past life. Natsu in this life was a proud little king, a sucker for attention from Izuku and looked down on everyone else that wasn't Izuku, Inko or Nezu.

"Hm… any objection for Natsu to stay?" Aizawa-sensei interrupted his thought.

"The HELL-"

Whatever Bakugou said was drowned by the roar of approval from girls and more than half of the boys, in particular from Iida and Kirishima.

"Lion in class? So manly!"

"As expected of U.A to give us experience interacting with an animal with Quirk! A valuable experience!"

At some point, Izuku was dragged out of the class by a very amused Midnight, and Aizawa-sensei looked too happy to replace Izuku with Natsu.

What had he done to deserve to make Aizawa-sensei bully him like this?


They were ready after changing their clothes, and waiting for Aizawa to come back from supply room for testing equipment. "Before anyone did something they regret." Ojiro Mashirao began because he was really worried by the fawning look of his classmates at Natsu. The cub was wearing a vest version of their gym clothes.

"Natsu isn't a domestic animal, Quirk or not he isn't tamed… so don't even think about petting or picking him up unless he lets you." Shiro pointed at the cub, who once again used his head as a resting place.

Majority of the class gave him a disbelieving look. "The cutie is napping on your head, Ojiro. He is being affectionate with you! I am so jealous!" Said a pink haired girl, Ashido.

Natsu let out a snort, and Shiro sighed. "He is using me as a chair, this little king isn't as cute as you think." Pretty sure Natsu think of him as part of the pride or something because their tail was similar, Shiro was deemed to be bottom rank by Natsu though- much to his shame.

"He…" All of them heard the snort, "He understand human speech?"

Bakugou scowled, "Glad to hear that, so the flea infested feline would know I don't like it in class."

Natsu turned to face Bakugou and growled. "Grrrr…"

Kodai stepped forward and started to speak with Natsu with his Quirk, and holding up a notepad. "The King didn't ask for your opinion."

The class burst into laughter. "HA HA HA HA!!! Did Natsu just diss you, Bakugou?!"

"We have a little king here!"

"He has a big head alright! But since he is too cute, he is forgiven!"

"Of course my king!" Hagarakure, the invisible girl was swooning.

Ashido added, "Your wish is our command!"

Shiro groaned, "Don't pamper him!" Izu would be very displeased if their classmate spoiled Natsu rotten.


In another side of Tokyo…

While his feline sidekick was enjoying life, Izuku was miserable. Life was cruel for one Midoriya Izuku, after all, it wasn't his idea of the first day in school.


"I didn't mean to!"

A miserable howl could be heard from below, "Gyaaa! Get me out of here!"

This must be karma coming back to bit him for not appreciating his school life in U. A  or something.


Back in U.A

His classmates felt bad for racing against Natsu for their assessment, which was silly. "You can't win, seriously…"

"What do you mean, Ojiro-kun?!" Iida, the excitable guy asked.

Shiro looked up, "Natsu, we're racing- get down and make Izu proud."

The cub hopped off of him and the moment its paws reach the ground, it had transformed into an adult lion with a golden mane. "Gao…"

"That's more like it." Shiro nodded to himself.

Iida, Sero, Satou, and Mineta gaped at the full-grown lion standing between them and Shiro. "It's-it's…"

"Natsu's Quirk is Growth, he can transform into his adult form as long as his stamina last," Shiro explained gleefully. "Well, then- anyone confident they can outrun the king of jungle even with Quirk?"

Bakugou jumped at the opportunity, "I can beat you anytime you hairy kitten!"


Kodai once again wrote the translation in his drawing pad, "Be silent."

The race resulted in Bakugou and Natsu reaching the goal at the same time.

"There's no WAY I will let Deku's cat beat me!!!"

Shiro frowned. "Bakugou Katsuki…"

"Bakugou is seriously competing with Natsu, this is surreal." Sero couldn't help but comment. "Natsu seems to see him as rival too…"

Kirishima glanced to the side. "In the other hand…" On the shade, several guys were resting, waiting for the girls to finish their assessment. One of them was Todoroki, and the aloof guy was nodding off after he finished with grip strength test. Not so far from him was Natsu in cub form, the little guy scored well too in the same test using his bite strength. Said cub was also nodding off in the same rhythm as Todoroki.

"Why is Todoroki so in tune with Natsu?"

Shiro was also confused, "Maybe they share the same wavelength or something…" It wasn't like Natsu and Todoroki were instant friends, if anything there was a very strange tension around them. ‘Though… for some reason, Natsu didn't think Todoroki is Izu's minion like he does to the rest of us.'

Five minutes later- Todoroki was competing with Natsu for long distance jump. Todoroki was using his ice as skate ramp while Natsu used flame powered jump. Todoroki won, but he didn't look very happy after he realized he just competed seriously with a big cat.

Shiro sweat-dropped, ‘On second thought, never mind.'


Maybe this year wasn't so bad if he had a cat in class, a very big cat but it made up for the trouble of Midoriya Izuku. Well- the boy wasn't the only problem child. From this assessment, he already could spot a number of them. There were many with a minor problem he could overlook and correct easily, like Aoyama's dramatics, Iida's rigid mindset, Kouda's timidness… and there are glaring ones Aizawa had to wreck his head on where to start with.

Mineta Minoru's perverted behavior, Shouta wasn't going to demean a teenager for finding their opposite sex attractive but it was completely different matter altogether if a hero in training couldn't be trusted to behave around women.

Todoroki Shouto seemingly had no problem, but Aizawa noticed that in all test he was using only his ice Quirk even on a test where his fire was more suitable. The boy wasn't stupid, so there must be a reason for him to cripple half of his Quirk. And there's Nezu's request to keep an eye on Todoroki.


And here comes the biggest problem child in his class if he discounts Midoriya, "What do you want Bakugou? The test hasn't finished yet."

Bakugou swallowed a scowl, there was hope for this boy if he knew enough boundary to not make an enemy with his teacher. "De-" He paused, "Why is Midoriya Izuku in U.A, the guy is Quirkless."

That confused Shouta for a moment before he recalled Nezu's briefing about Midoriya's history, a late bloomer due to the tricky trigger of his Quirk. The boy also had a long history of bullying, hence the occasional nervous tick and tendency to avoid attention. "I see, you're one of Midoriya's bullies."

The boy looked like he had been electrified by Kaminari's Quirk, and Shouta could see a flash of fear in his eyes. "I-"

"I don't care very much about your past, my job is to guide you in the present for your future." Shouto told him sternly, "But past is connected to the present, and I would hate to expel you if you let your history with Midoriya to get on the way of your hero education."

"It won't." Bakugou hissed. "You have not answered my question, Sensei."

Shouta snorted, "Bakugou, this is U.A… I am here to teach and guide you, not bending over your demand."

"It's weird…" The boy hissed again. "Midoriya Izuku is Quirkless, and yet- he is accepted on recommendation!" Shouto guessed Bakugou look up on the entrance exam ranking, Midoriya along with Todoroki and Yaoyorozu weren't on the list. As shown in this assessment, the two recommendation students were the cream of the crop. Bakugou must be smarting from

"Midoriya Izuku is accepted to U.A, not because of his Quirk, I can tell you that much."

"Huh?" It confused the boy even further.

Shouta heaved a sigh, "He is accepted for the same reason as the rest of you, we see heroic potential in him so we take him in." The boy's potential was enormous, combined with his Quirk it was becoming a hazard if the boy and his little group weren't kept in line. "As for his Quirk…" Shouta trailed off, sighing. "Frankly, U.A don't even care  if Midoriya Izuku is Quirkless."

It was actually would be better if the boy was Quirkless, easier to keep an eye on him.

"Also- let me warn you, Bakugou." The boy looked offended by another warning. "Midoriya from what I see wants to let past be-" He avoided Bakugou and tried to not draw attention to him. "You'd be better do the same for your own good." He glanced at where Ojiro Mashirao was watching from the distance. Nezu was so wrong to think the tailed boy was a safe one, under that composed exterior was a hidden righteous fury.

Then there's the other two from Support Dept that made Power Loader his company in misery. Ishigami Senku was a troll of scientist too happy to skirt around the law, and Sakura Futaba would chuck both law and common sense out of the window.

Bakugou opened his mouth and promptly closed it again, and Shouta had a feeling whatever the boy wanted to say would be something he regrets. At least the boy was smart enough to know when to keep his mouth shut.

For now, Shouta will keep an eye on the boy, he had potential with his powerful Quirk and battle sense to match but that was his worth as a fighter, not a hero. If it was just the matter of power, it was abundant even in the gen-ed dept where they reserved the majority of the failed heroic-dept applicant. Not to mention with several heavy hitters like Midoriya, Iida and Todoroki in class he won't feel it was a big loss if he had to let Bakugou go.

He knew he could speed up the process with letting Bakugou knew how precarious his position in 1-A no matter how strong he was, forcing the boy to reflect on his weakness. However- that would be Shouta's last resort. It would be much-much… better if the boy fixed the issue himself, a much more valuable lesson.

"Is that…" The boy looked startled, "Deku?"

Midoriya had returned from his job, the boy was unscratched but he looked off.



Izuku walked unsteadily towards the gathering student, his uniform was slightly crumpled and his lab coat was gone. His classmates wondered what happened to him, and for some reason of all classmates of theirs, Midoriya staggered to Iida's direction like a dry leaf blown by the wind.

"Midoriya-kun!" Iida caught the boy before he could fall over. "Are you alright?"

If Iida was expecting yes or no for his inquiry, Izuku gave him neither. "Iida-kun… I am so sorry about your brother."

Iida froze, after meeting Midoriya Izuku he had asked about the boy from his brother and found out Tensei had worked a couple of times with the boy's assistance. So if Izuku apologized to him for Tensei… "Midoriya-kun! What happened to my brother?!!!" He shook the limp boy back and forth.

Izuku was snatched from Iida's tight grip by Shiro and Natsu, the lion was growling. "Oi! Watch it, Iida!"

Their teacher sighed, "Iida, careful… you have irritated them- see how their tail swish… that means they're angry at you."

"Sensei!" Shiro looked scandalized, "Even if our tail looks alike, I am not a cat!!!"

Izuku blinked owlishly, eyes widened in horror. "Wait, Iida-kun!" The boy had his phone out and ready to call his parents. "I mean- your brother is fine- I mean-" The green haired boy stuttered, "Mostly fine."

Iida stopped like a robot that had been turned off, "Huh?" Mostly… what do you mean my brother is mostly fine?"

Izuku averted his eyes, "Eeeh… " He glanced at Eraserhead who shrugged.

"We just finish the test." And whatever the boy wanted to tell Iida, it seemed urgent.

He swallowed, "Uhm… it would be on the news now, about the abandoned factory south of Mustafu."

Iida promptly searched for the news and it happened, less than half an hour ago- a group of heroes which include Ingenium, Hawks, and Gang Orca had foiled a terrorist attempt by a villain capable of breeding and controlling insects. Of all species, the villain had chosen to breed Madagascar cockroach and set it loose to demand ransom in astronomical amount.

Izuku was called in to pinpoint the criminal, they would have gotten Ragdoll of Pussycats but they came up short with the identity of the culprit and rendering the pro's search quirk ineffective. They managed to find the culprit hiding a few miles away, but their road to reach the culprit was full of hissing and trauma-inducing by the sky filled by the flying black insect.

"It says my brother is unavailable for an interview."

Izuku nodded, "I am sorry… because the culprit could use cockroach as some sort of flying carpet and sensed us coming… we're forced to resort to pincer operation. Ingenium-san and Hawk-san act as pursuer to lead the culprit to Gang Orca…."

Aizawa hummed, ‘If it's just strategy, he is on the level of pro hero already…'

"At the time… Hawks- sort of forgetting that cockroach can fly." After all the creepy crawler usually would just run to sewer and other small places when they see human, "He and Ingenium-san were ambushed by black cloud… and Hawks…" Izuku growled, "He dropped your brother when flying over cockroach covered ground."

Iida looked pale, "Nii-saaaan!!!"

"He-he is fine- mostly, but he is pretty scarred mentally." Izuku looked pretty ill himself, "And his costume would be permanently out of commission."

Last time Izuku saw him, Iida Tensei couldn't shake the feeling that hundreds of creepy crawlers get inside his costume.

"I am really sorry for making him Hawk's backup." Next time, he will send the flying chicken alone. Hawks didn't look very repentant for traumatizing Ingenium even if he did say sorry.

Eraserhead patted Iida's shoulder, "You can go home now, you're not on the bottom rank anyway…"

Iida bowed deeply before speeding towards classroom to pick his belonging.

"Hey, Midoriya's back so- he isn't going to take any test?" Kaminari Denki wondered out loud.

"Wait, more importantly… why does Midoriya work with pro already?"

Shiro was quick to diffuse the situation, "Izu have a very convenient Quirk to search for villains, working under supervision is within our right you know? Besides- it's not like Izu gets to fight, his job is on the rear."

"Like Deku can fight in the first place," Bakugou grunted. "Also what Quirk? He is-"

Aizawa clapped his hands, stopping the explosion user from finishing his sentence. "Akright- gather around students… I have finished  grading and ranking you."

The rank was revealed and Bakugou scowled when he saw he was third, right below Yaoyorozu and Todoroki. ‘I am not number one again…' He sort of can accept Kirishima coming first, he was still the strongest as he beat more villain bots but this…

Shouto was slightly disappointed he was second, but it made sense because Yaoyorozu's Quirk allowed her to have a very large repertoire of tricks. ‘My ice can't be used for side jump for example.' Though he wondered where Midoriya would be if he joined the test. He already knew from Endeavor that Midoriya was more of a strategist than a frontline fighter, but the green-haired boy wasn't a slouch either if his ease in disabling villain was anything to go by.

Not to mention… the boy was already working with pro hero as strategist so when it comes to field experience, Midoriya was above everyone in the class.  

The last rank was Mineta Minoru, in which his Quirk only helped him inside jump and nowhere else.

"As promised, Mineta… you're out of Heroic Program."

Izuku pried one eye open from his position leaning on Shiro's shoulder, ‘Hm… seriously, Eraserhead-sensei is enjoying this a bit too much. I really have to ask Master if making your students skeptical of everything you said won't be counterproductive in the long run.'

The underground hero was testing Mineta's resolve to be a hero, he wasn't going to expel anyone. Izuku could see the glint of amusement mixed with determination in Eraserhead's eyes with this ruse. The last ranked student had to stand up for their dream, maybe even resort to challenging Eraserhead themselves and not bending down to his sentence. In the same time, Eraserhead showed the rest of the class they need steel-like resolve to continue on this thorny path to becoming a hero.

‘He is a good teacher… ' If this was the standard of U.A's teacher, Izuku was getting really worried for All Might as he was the only teacher without a teaching license. ‘Oh well, I will think about it later… soon this drama should be wrapped up. All Mineta-kun have to do is showing his resolve, and-'

The short boy with grape like hair started to beg and whining pitifully. "But- but… I just got here! How can I get popular with girls now, and I didn't get to enjoy the high-level girls in our class yet!!!"

And… he jinxed his last chance spectacularly.

Chapter Text

If his childhood friend Bakugou Katsuki was the aggression with two legs, Mineta Minoru was libido in human form. The comparison was jarring but Izuku could imagine the anime and Lovecraft’s lover in Futaba would comment about the two boys being one of seven sins avatar. Wrath and Lust to be precise.

It was obvious from Mineta’s speech the boy had no filter and most likely a mild case of mental issue, which made his mind wander once again to certain orange haired girl he had adopted as a little sister in spite of being the same age. ‘It doesn’t help Futaba develop strange interest for certain body part of her gender.’

“Without any chance with girls, what should I live for?!”

On second thought, he’d rather not see Futaba in Mineta Minoru. ‘His honesty for impure reason to be a hero is quite amazing in a way.’ After all, almost every heroes and hero-in-training out there would answer with a variation of wanting to help people if their purpose to be a hero was asked.

Izuku included, but well- he was never a good example considering his past life as a half-baked messiah.

“How should I know?” Eraserhead asked back gruffly.

“This is unfair!” Mineta sobbed again.

"Life is unfair, You think a heroes work is ever fair?" He looked at the whole class in front of him. "Villain, natural disasters, random terrorist attacking our society is a form of unfairness on its own we heroes have to deal with…"

Izuku could agree with that, as even justice the heroes sworn to protect wasn’t a form of fairness. ‘That’s why Vongola was born.’

Mineta ruined Aizawa's epic speech with latching on the man's leg, his pop off Quirk stuck stubbornly on Eraserhead's pants. "The entrance exam physical is hard for me! My Quirk isn't suited for combat at all! I work really hard until I bleed to get here!" Came to think of it Mineta was one of the injured participant listed by Recovery Girl.  

Actually, Izuku could imagine how devastating super sticky balls be with correct application, especially if one was logged on someone's orifice. Or if it gets someone's stuck to train or other dangerous surfaces with no escape.  Or-

"Izu," Shiro called him, snapping him out of his musing. "You're scaring our classmates, what did we tell you about letting your train of thought run ahead of you?"

And indeed, as Shiro said they were looking at him with various degree of horror. "Midoriya, cease your muttering especially if it involves using someone's Quirk to kill." Eraserhead's voice looked impassive, but Izuku could tell from a slight shake and his dilating pupil, the underground hero shared everyone's sentiment.

“Sorry.” He covered his mouth himself.

Bakugou looked especially terrified, Izuku couldn’t help but note. “Deku… you-”

Mineta was borderline hysterical, "I always throw lots of them when I am in panic…" He trailed off. "If someone gets stuck during exam…" He looked ready to faint, apparently the grape boy never imagine what an accident hazard his Quirk could be.  

Even if they were newly formed, at that moment 1-A’s united thought was. ‘It's super lucky, he hasn't killed someone by accident.' In the other hand… Midoriya was scary, why did his mind go there when thinking of Mineta’s pop off quirk?

“Midoriya, for safety’s sake… all suggestions on Quirk you give should be documented and given to me before you pass it to your classmates.”

Did he get another ground rule make up on the spot just for him?

The teacher then used his Quirk to make Mineta’s sticky ball to slid off of his leg. “As for you…”

Mineta winced as he fell on his butt, “How?”

"Perhaps your potential isn't zero after all." At least the boy showed care of what accident his Quirk could cause, that was good enough for Shouta at the moment. "But you're still on thin ice." The dark-haired pro sighed, "Well, the expulsion threat is a logical ruse to draw your full potentials in the first place... "


Izuku sweat-dropped, ‘He wanted a drama and yet he gets tired so he cut it short.’ He blinked when realization sank in. ‘Did I help Mineta-kun by accident?’  

Mineta collapsed in relief. “My dream is still alive.”

Aizawa just had to rain the parade of relieved students, "Like I said, you're not safe yet." He repeated, "A probation period so to speak…" That silenced the rowdy students in an instance. "Don't think your high rank in this test means you can rest on your laurels…"

Bakugou, in particular, flinched when Aizawa's eyes glanced at him.

“Today what I measured is just the versatility of your Quirks, not your potential as a hero. As a school, U.A will do our best to polish the rough diamond in you but…” He flashed gleaming red eyes at them, “If you’re just worthless pebbles that couldn’t live up our school’s motto, Plus Ultra- I will cut you off.” Eraserhead finished, making beheading motion with his thumb.

The warning was loud and clear, even if they made it to the top percentile of this prestigious hero school- they still had a lot to live up to earn their place in U.A Heroic course.


"I know it, Aizawa-sensei isn't serious about expelling the last place." Yaorozu Momo said as their group who sit on the back picked up their bag after changing out of their gym clothes. "It's a logical ruse indeed, and even now Aizawa-sensei made that threat to keep us on our toes!"

Jiro Kyouka, the girl with long jack earlobe approached Yaoyorozu. “Is that so? He sounded like he really means it.”

Izuku was honestly worried for Yaoyorozu now, she was too overconfident with jumping to that conclusion. ‘A reality check would be harsh on her sometime this year.’ But that was life for you.

Well, the threat was taken seriously by Mineta and Bakugou at the very least. The blond didn’t even confront Izuku after Aizawa dismissed them, ‘But if he avoids me…’ That means whatever the blond up to wasn't on a civil ground and it was just the matter of time of how long Bakugou could keep his temper in check.


"Ah- Todoroki-kun." The others had gone ahead of them, including Shiro who had an appointment with their martial arts teacher. "What is it?"

Todoroki glanced around, making sure the class was empty aside from them. “Aizawa-sensei, he is serious, isn’t he?”

Well, the boy was certainly sharper than Yaoyorozu when it comes to reading between the lines. Then again with an abusive father like Endeavor, Todoroki had to be. “Why do you think so?”

“You didn’t say you agree with Yaoyorozu’s analysis.”

Izuku chuckled softly at that, "Hm… she is half-correct that he wasn't serious about expelling Mineta, but that because he does have potentials. He is after all… one of few non-combat candidates who make it past the entrance exam that geared towards combat Quirk." Aizawa himself didn't make it when he was a student but Mineta did. "But Aizawa-sensei won't hesitate to expel anyone with no potential, he certainly has done so last year. He expelled the whole class.”

Even Todoroki looked surprised by that revelation. "I see…" Their homeroom teacher was toying with them from the start. "Still, your intel is amazing… then again you're Principal's disciple."

Izuku stood up with a sigh, "Knowledge is a weapon, one I wield as my strength."

“I can see that.” Mineta’s seeming useless Quirk’s devastating potential came to mind.

He sweat-dropped at that. “Ha ha ha, I’d better get going…  a senpai wants my advice on her Quirk.”

“Do you remember about Aizawa-sensei’s rule?”

"...She is a senpai." Aizawa only mentioned classmates, not U.A's students in general.

“...And you’re exploiting loophole on his rule.” Todoroki noted as he hoisted his own bag over his shoulder, before walking towards the door himself. “You’re quite a dangerous person, Midoriya.”

Izuku just smiled wanly at that, “I get that a lot.”

More often than he wanted to.


U.A Heroic-dept’s Dorm

“How is your first day, Midoriya-kun?” Asked a very cheerful Hado-senpai, who was happily hugging the paper containing Izuku’s idea on how to get around her Quirk’s lack of speed.

Izuku became silent mid-bite of his katsudon. “I got called out for work before the start of the class… and Eraserhead is famous for making his class skip opening ceremony.”

Togata-senpai winced, "Don't tell me… the emergency mission is one from the abandoned factory in South Mustafu?" At Izuku's nod, the blond senior shuddered. "That would go down in history as the worst case no hero wanted to be involved in."

Hado-senpai was also shivering. "Is ingenium-pro okay? He is not available for the interview, but I doubt cockroach can hurt him."

Amajiki-senpai looked at the sole female member of Big 3 as if she had gone crazy. “Cockroach can bite you know.”  

“I thought they’re just disgusting, and they can’t hurt us!”

“Any animal can hurt human if they try hard enough.” As the owner of Manifest Quirk, Amajiki-senpai knew this better than most.  “So how did it go? The aftermath I mean.”

After getting familiar with Izuku, the timid senpai could speak normally with him at least. “Maa… most of us came out okay from that but no one wants to see the creepy crawler for a long time to come.”

As one the Big 3 glanced at the grocery bag full of anti-cockroach supplies on their pantry’s counter. “I see…” They were not against cockroach free dorm, especially after they watched what villains could do with it.

"Ingenium-pro gets the worst of it, but that's only because Hawks-pro dropped him to…" Izuku stopped himself from finishing it. "Next time, I won't trust him to carry anyone off of the ground… absolutely not…"

They sweat-dropped, “Well…” If they ever found themselves working with Hawks, they won’t ask him to help them up in the air either. It was a good thing Nejire and Tamaki could fly themselves.

Change of topic, nobody wanted to remember the case from this afternoon if possible. "By the way… with All Might in town, the crime rate has a sharp drop in Mustafu." Togata-senpai began. "As expected of number one hero and the man Sir respected."

Izuku frowned at that, “Hm… is that the only reason?”


"The drop in criminal activity because the presence of All Might is the matter of course." Izuku stated confidently, "However… it's too early, if it happened for short period a few months ago when All Might just arrive I can understand- but since the exam started- All Might have been very busy preparing for his job in U.A to teach in our department."

Togata cupped his chin, “And yet, it’s steadily dropping according to Sir’s statistical data…”

"And that data also include low-level crime, right?"

Togata looked up at that, “Ah, I see…”

Amajiki frowned at his childhood friend. “What do you mean?”

"It might seem a bit petty but All Might don't really go out his way for low level crimes like purse snatcher or minor thugs prowling in the back alley of city… he is a top-ranked hero, and it won't look good if he didn't let his juniors to have some action themselves."

The sad side of heroic world where everyone save people because their income was on a commission basis. Even the symbol of peace has to be considerate of his inferiors.

"Which is why Master and I gets suspicious of this phenomenon… and he has checked with the police force, the number of arrest for criminals below B rank has dropped to almost nil." In fact, Izuku hadn't run to those kind of criminals at all lately, hence why he noticed when his morning and afternoon consist only of perverts, cats, and lost kids.

Togata smiled at that, “If we’re being positive, they’re all repenting in fear of All Might.”

“If only.” Izuku snorted, “My guess…” He trailed off, “They’re up to something, and someone with big influence is planning something big so these criminals lay low to avoid arrest so they can become part of the plan.”

Hado senpai looked pale, “That’s an ominous prediction, Midoriya-kun.”

Amajiki-senpai didn't look better, "And I hate how made sense that sounds."

“Did Principal ask you to tell us this?”

He shrugged, “You will know soon anyway, Master will inform all intel based hero agency about this. If Nighteye-pro didn’t figure it out himself.” He certainly would. “Then it would go to hero with best patrol record like Fatgum…” Which would involve Amajiki-senpai. “Then to heroes who specialize on organized crime like Ryukyu-pro.” And ended with Hadou-senpai’s mentor.

“All Might’s presence in U.A will be a catalysis to change the underground world…”  Now the hero had a permanent living arrangement.

The Big 3 winced, “That’s a bit unfair to blame All Might.”

“Nobody blames him, but it’s a fact he is a walking trigger to villains… being the pillar of society and everything.”

Togata’s frown was getting deeper, “Sir would be very displeased.”

"Aren't we all?" Izuku heaved a sigh. "It will be a very busy year for us." Nezu already got Futaba to investigate underground forum frequented by criminals, and while the hacker girl hadn't found anything concrete she had mention the criminals from top to lowest had been strangely more active lately online.

That wasn’t a good sign for sure.

“I am hungry…” As one Izuku and the big 3 jumped on alert, startling the hell out of innocent Uraraka Ochako who came down from her room for a snack.

Silence fell in the pantry, and dismissed as Uraraka’s stomach growled in protest. “Oh.”


She beamed, her cheeks pinker than usual. “Midoriya-kun! You live in the dorm too!”

Hadou-senpai gushed, “Who is this cutie?” Her cheeks were round like mochi and this adorable kouhai just gushed happiness by her mere presence. “Can I call dibs?” Her mentor would love this girl.

“Nejire, don’t scare our kouhai.”

“Hush!” Hadou-senpai scoffed at Togata-senpai before offering the bubbly girl the plate of Mom’s homemade cookies. “Have some cookies dear, it would be a while until dinner so don’t eat too much.”

Uraraka’s eyes widen with gratitude, “Thaaank you, senpai!” And she start to nibble on the black sesame cookies, filling her cheeks like a squirrel. “So delish…” She was even crying tears of happiness, she must be terribly hungry.

Izuku definitely had to introduce Uraraka to Futaba, this girl was a bundle of positive influence Futaba needed!

“Hey, can I call you by nickname like Ojiro-kun did?” She asked in between nibbling cookies. “I don’t know anyone else other than you and Iida-kun and…” She trailed off, deflating. “Iida-kun won’t let me.”

It was impossible to refuse her when she looked so much like squirrel. “Sure.” Iida must had heart of iron.  

She was beaming again. “Hm… Mido-kun, Izu-kun? Dori-kun?”

An image of spacey blue fish came to mind. “Izu-kun is fine.” Then she gave him expecting look, Izuku didn’t need hyper intuition to know she was waiting for him to nickname her.

“Cha-cha!” Hadou-senpai decided for him. “She reminds me so much of this magical girl show I watched as a child!”

“Uhm…” That was a bit too intimate for Izuku’s taste. “Chako-san?” He tried.

“That’s cute too!”

Well then.


Deku had changed since one and half year ago, and it showed by how extras in their class flock to him. Not just extras, the top two who ranked above Katsuki sat beside him and talking with Deku amicably. Though in case of the half-half bastard it was more like he only talk more than one sentence with Deku, and ignore everyone else. Katsuki could see why Deku had connections and heroes need those.

Then there's his sidekicks, the monkey, and the lion.

Katsuki really hated that cub, maybe even more than Deku. The little shit was so full of itself, and the majority of the class was head over heels for it. Not that Katsuki would do anything stupid to U.A's principal's son, how did an unknown species of a mutant like Nezu adopt a lion was a mystery.

The monkey, however- was a different case altogether. After his transfer, his parents tried to enroll him in more traditional martial art class in the hope it would teach Katsuki better discipline than modern ones like boxing he attended prior to the incident in middle school. It didn't work so well for Katsuki because most of the teacher were stuck up prude, they all complained about Katsuki's conduct and didn't want to deal with him. The last one lasted longer until Katsuki's temper get the best of him, this time because a senior wanted to bully him and they ended up expelled together.

In that short period of training, however, Katsuki get to watch a tournament where a senior represented their dojo in Kanto regional competition. That was where Katsuki saw the boy with a tail, he was the winner of Kanto district karate tournament and won middle school level national in his third year.

The monkey was undoubtedly one of the best hand to hand combatant in class if they discount Quirk. ‘And he is Deku’s sidekick.’ Then again the guy was from Teikou, from what he heard it was a private school too and on the same level as glasses’ old school.

From his observation, Deku had four sidekicks. In their first few days in 1-A, the other two had visited a couple of times. Both of them were part of Support-Dept and had quickly become famous enough to be called Triple-Ace with some other girl. There's one guy with crazier hair than Hair for Brain in their class, and another was a shut-in orange haired girl.

"Futaba, you can't send a robot to replace you in class!" Deku howled to his phone on the second day of the school when real class started.

“Should I pick her up from dorm?” Asked the monkey guy.

Deku looked conflicted. “She has to grow up, at least she should start with walking to her class herself.”

The crazy hair guy nodded sagely at Deku. "So true." On his hand perched an octopus-shaped robot, which apparently supposed to be some sort of drone to broadcast the lesson for the shut-in.

“You don’t get to say that Senku…” Deku looked pissed, which was a strange expression on the nerd’s face. “We could have started on baby steps with you escorting her to class! But then you just take that stupid drone with you to class instead.”

“...Making Futaba do anything she doesn’t want is too troublesome.” The guy rolled his eyes.

"You spent the whole day weaving bamboo to make a replica of non-inflated wheel NASA made! That should be more troublesome than getting a high school girl to go to class!"

About half an hour later, a girl with big doe eyes wearing fancy headphones poked her head when a class was ongoing. "Izu… I don't know where my class is."

“That’s a lie and we all know it.” The monkey told her, rolling his eyes.

She stuck her tongue out, “Shiro, you meanie!” Then she turned to the teacher, which was Midnight. “Can I use my Quirk to navigate school?”

The pro hero shrugged, "Sure~ just report to Power Loader soon, you're giving him an aneurysm!"

The girl huffed before her hand swept over the empty air and glowing lines like computer windows appear. "Ja ne~ Izu, Shiro, let's have lunch together later!"

Midnight whistled after the girl closed the door of their class shut. "And that's class… is a technopath! One of rarest type of Quirks that controls technology and also one that greatly contributed to the foundation of modern hero societies-"

What the fuck.  


1-A (Foundational Heroic Studies)

Izuku wasn't surprised when the door of their class was opened with a dramatic slam on the scheduled. "I AM HERE! AND COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!" A normal person didn't just coming through the door, they didn't run and not announcing it loudly for the world to hear. At least All Might didn't get a background music to go with his entrance.

He failed as a normal person for sure.

Izuku blinked when he noticed All Might was wearing his silver age outfit, ‘How nostalgic…’ Not a bad move to get his classmates to see it to pick up the mood.

"Alright, now we will be having a mock scenario as your first lesson!" He flashed a card with golden letters. "A BATTLE SIMULAAAATION!"  

All Might grinned pointedly at him as if asking if he had done a good job. Izuku honestly thought while the scenario was exciting- maybe he should start with patrol or rescue scenario instead of telling a class full of hot-blooded teens to beat each other up on first day. And his Master wanted Izuku to back All Might up, seriously… how to back him up in this kind of case? Well, the majority of his classmates seemed to be the sensible sort sans a couple of problematic case.

As long as All Might didn’t pit Bakugou as his opponent, all should be well.


His costume was stored in a suitcase with number 15 on it, his seat number. Izuku opened it and marveled for a while of another milestone he was dreaming of since he was a toddler. This costume Senku and members of support dept put so much effort on looked nothing like the doodle in his childhood, some part of him was saddened by the lost chance but for the most part, he was relieved.

“Izuku… this is the kind of costume you want?”

“What’s with that look? Senku, Futaba? Is the costume I draw ugly or something?” Izuku had gotten very good in drawing after years of making notes on hero and villains.

The two genius exchanged a glance before saying. "It's far from ugly, in fact… it looks more... sophisticated." Futaba decided on the word to describe Izuku's costume. "Than majority of things your classmates submitted."

Senku nodded, “Especially the one that girl Yaoyorozu asked for, it’s sorta practical for her but-” He shook his head, “If you take the cloak off it doesn’t look like hero costume anymore and even with it-”

Futaba added, “If you don’t mind we will add some decoration so it won’t look plain.”

“As long as it looks nothing like Senku’s doodle.”


Speaking of added decoration, they placed a symbol on the upper part of his sleeves. He could see Futaba all over it. ‘I wonder from which game she take this motif from?’ Izuku sweat-dropped, ‘Wait, isn't this the symbol that represents harmony, perfection, and balance in alchemy?' It looked like capital 2 mirrored capital D and larger roman number for 1 in the middle.  

He chuckled softly, "Senku and Futaba are as thorough as ever."


"You're like wearing almost nothing," Sero commented at Kirishima.

The redhead shrugged, "With my Quirk, wearing armor or skin-tight suit like the rest of you would be pointless." Kirishima whistled when he observed costume of their choosing, "Wow… Bakugou's clothing scream explosive and manly."

“Haaah?!” Bakugou snarled at them, “Are you that bored of living, fuckers?!”

Kirishima had to say Bakugou got his costume down with the explosive theme. ‘Now if only he doesn't get angry all the time, he would be popular.' Kirishima knew he was first by pure fluke, in term of raw power Bakugou had him beat. ‘And… I will never tell him that my rescue points are thanks to him.’

More of their classmates emerged from changing room. Some of their design felt plain lazy to be honest, not that Kirishima think he could talk. Satou was just wearing a plain yellow tight suit. Kouda's was just slightly better, the color was very cheerful and clash a bit with his shy personality. At least he could tell it was a costume. Kaminari and Jiro could pass their costume as street clothes.  

Ojiro just added some fur in his karate uniform, his belt wasn't plain black belt but utility belt with a lot of pockets.He was also tapping some part of his muscular tail.

“Kirishima, look at Todoroki.” Whispered Sero to him.

The redhead turned, they had been curious of what the top-ranked folks got for their costume. Bakugou's was cool but Todoroki's… All white and half of him are iced." Was that his own ice? Without it, Todoroki would be just wearing a white dress shirt and pants then? It sorta similar to what Ojiro did, just some touch to normal clothes to give personality but Todoroki was a whole new level of lackluster.

Then again… maybe because he was so pretty he didn’t need anything fancy. ‘Go figures the bishonen folks don’t need cool clothes to look good.’

Speaking of being fancy… “Iida and Aoyama go all out.”

"Aoyama is one thing, but Iida wore full armor," Sero added.

If the guy wasn't so loud they wouldn't recognize him at all, then again- his robotic movement was very telling. His armor made him even more robot-like.

“Yo- boys!” It was Ashido, and her costume fit her personality to a T.

“The alien theme really fits Ashido.”


Asui's costume was very appropriate for her mutation Quirk, so did Uraraka's. Uraraka looked like an astronaut, which was one of the smarter theme to go for the costume with her gravitational Quirk. He and Sero became speechless at what Yaoyorozu and Hagarakure wore, or rather the lack of it. "Erm… is that even allowed?"

Ashido whispered, “Dunno about Hagarakure, but she is invisible so maybe that’s why it’s ok.” Then she added. “As for Yaoyorozu, apparently the support dept cover more than what she asked for obvious reason…” They had seen her using her Quirk and how she needed exposed skin, but still…

"A good thing too since we have that guy in class." As one they glanced at Mineta who was wearing his own costume, which consisted of tight skin suit in the same color of his hair and… a bowl-like armor for his bottom. The guy was panting as looking at oblivious Yaoyorozu and bubbly Hagarakure.

"If libido has legs…" It would look like Mineta Minoru.

“Izu-kun’s costume looks really neat!”

Look and behold, the most mysterious guy in their class emerged in his costume.

Izuku's hero costume

Midoriya's choice of costume was different, it was a suit in a dark green color that matches his hair. He had mint colored undershirt and black tie with the flame motif. The jacket suit reached halfway to his thigh.  The sleeve stopped a bit past his elbow and there was a white colored symbol on his arm. There was a utility belt like Ojiro's but strapped on his right thigh instead, and his feet were wrapped dark green knee guard and black boots with the same flame motif on the soles.


If it wasn’t for the decoration and boots the costume could pass as formal clothes. ‘Is it normal in this age to wear suits for hero costume.’ It wasn't uncommon for adult heroes but on a teenager like them, it looks odd.

“So Senku and Futaba can’t veto the tie and dress shirt collar?” Ojiro asked, snickering.

Midoriya shrugged, "They said it would be accident hazard if someone pulled it or something. I can manage- I am not so stupid as to let people use it against me."

"They did a big favor with making your costume looks as heroic as it could, the design you gave them almost looks like a uniform you know."

“Well, I am used to fight in them.”



In hindsight, Senku and Futaba saved him from dressing like a typical Vongola. ‘I just can’t stop the habit.’ Fighting in a suit that was quite a restricting choice of apparel was a tradition, and some part of Izuku felt like cheating if he didn’t wear it. ‘Like I broke some school regulation.’ but his friend had a point about the tie and collar shirt.

At least his costume managed to squeeze into well-dressed category somehow, so he could wash off the niggling feeling that someone would kick him on the back of his head for dressing sloppily. He missed his hoodie and other comfortable baggy clothes but he couldn't bring himself to wear them anymore since he got his past memory.

"Oh, I almost forgot." Shiro passed him a suitcase, which was about half the size of their costume suitcase. "A drone just flies this over, it's from Senku and Futaba."

Izuku accepted the suitcase and keyed in the password he always used. He opened it and promptly closed it again before anyone could peek over his shoulders. “They could have given this to me somewhere more discreet!”

Shiro had eureka look on his face, “Oooh, the thing you get Senku and metallurgy division of support dept to figure out how to make? I heard you object using Tungsten since it’s too heavy?”

"And using that won't work anyway." In the first place, Dying Will Flame wasn't natural flame and dealing it using metal of highest melting point wasn't a solution. High-temperature resistant wasn't equal Dying Will Flameproof. Not to mention he was a fighter that prioritized agility, anything heavy on his person would be a hindrance.  

Speaking of fighting- since they were in the urban area, the battle was most likely indoor. Their regular exam was already outdoor so All Might would want to see how students work in contained space. Several individuals in 1-A would be already handicapped by that alone. If All Might add material damage on top of the handicap, that would put all heavy hitters in a tight spot.

That won't be a problem for Todoroki and Bakugou, they had brute power but they also had the brain to back it up.  

He opened the suitcase again and pulled a pair of gloves, which was half of the content. It was made of most flame-resistant leather and metal, ‘Thanks to Mirio-senpai, I remember my body is flame resistant and blood, in particular, is a precious material in Vongola line.' His body was changing, hence the drawback of flame overuse was getting milder along with sensory overload. ‘I am not looking forward to explaining I sneak into U. A lab to mix my blood into metals and cloth.'

"Whoaa- that's super cool!" Kaminari approached them, eyes shining when looking at the gloves Izuku was putting on. "Maybe I should ask for some from support dept next time."

That made Izuku frown, "Hm- does your Quirk doesn't rely on skin surface contact? You still have to be careful on that especially in body parts that get in contact with others a lot."

Kaminari looked confused, “Eh?”

Izuku gave a brief scan of Kaminari's costume. "Hm… you must be very skilled, I didn't see any directive tool for an element as unstable as electricity in your person." Flame was wild and breathing but its movement could be directed, but electricity only moved in specific direction through medium but directing it in open air? Even if it was a Quirk, it wasn't an easy task.


Silence fell between them.

Shiro was looking at Kaminari as if he was insane, “Oi, Kaminari…” The boy looked sheepish, which mean the guy knew his Quirk was easily out of control. "Isn't that mean you can only attack with becoming a human stun gun?"

"Yeah!" The blond beamed, "It's super effective in the entrance exam."

“YOU!” Someone shouted in the background.

As one class 1-A looked at the newcomer who was a few steps behind All Might, they looked very unhappy. "STUDENTS! Greet your comrades from Support Dept!" It was Futaba and Senku, along with an unknown pink haired girl with yellow pupils. "They come to review how your costume and tools work for you on behalf of Power Loader."

Futaba was pouting, "Would be nice if that's the case, but Sensei just realized some of designs you all sent is at the height of idiocy like the lack of safety mechanism or even lacking enhancement for your Quirk!" Futaba was glaring at Kaminari now.

“We got send here because we blow up our lab again!” The pink haired girl was giggling, apparently this was the notorious Hatsume Mei and Futaba's new buddy.

Senku huffed, “Basically you guys are our extra credits.”

“And because there are idiots who don’t know your costume should be more than just clothes!” Futaba looked to be the most upset by the arrangement.


“The shame~” Senku joined Futaba’s and the pink haired girl’s woe for the heck of it.

Kaminari looked like he was about to melt from shame, Kouda too- Izuku supposed he didn't have anything on him to help his voice type Quirk either. Iida looked thoughtful, it seemed he was also wondering if he misses something in his costume.

“SO much research time wasted.”

Ultimately that was the biggest regret of the three young geniuses. Izuku sweatdropped, ‘Well… they're only involved in some of our costumes not all but now they have to review them all.' Senku and Futaba obviously involved in his and Shiro’s, and perhaps… Izuku could see some trace of their work in Uraraka’s too.

"Ahem!" All Might cleared his throat, "Anyway let's start the exercise… you see, the cleanup job we usually see on media is done outdoor but a majority of villainy act is committed indoor."

On the background, Futaba brought out a large screen that showed said statistical data in a graph.

"More often than I like," Izuku grumbled under his breath.

All Might turned to Izuku, “Right, your Midoriya?”

"Yes." Then he caught All Might's expectant look. "Indoor battle means… we have to exercise more caution depending on our environment, more often than not villains used abandoned buildings which present problem of not well-maintained structure."

Iida was taking notes? Why?!

"But if it's in normal civilian building that means hostages, and depending on Quirks of villains and heroes involved the danger of collateral damage could spread to neighborhood… so in either situation, we have to exercise utmost caution."

All Might gave him a thumbs up, “Well done Young Midoriya!”

Izuku ignored Bakugou’s scowl of ‘Show off’ in the background.

“I will have you all split to hero and villain role, it’s two on two battle!”

“How about foundational studies?” Asked the frog girl, Asui.

“It is foundational!”

Izuku facepalmed, ‘It’s NOT foundational if you jump straight to simulation!’ Does the students here even knew there were part of a building they could and couldn’t destroy so the building won’t topple over them? Or how to evacuate civilian in this scenario? Or securing the perimeter?

Nadda! Zilch! Zero!

The students started to throw a barrage of questions to All Might, Yaoyorozu's inquiry made sense but All Might would explain it later anyway. As for Ochako's- All Might wasn't Aizawa-sensei. Bakugou's question was valid but considering the one asking, he just wanted to maim his opponent. Iida's question was the same case as Yaoyorozu's, even if you didn't ask that All Might would tell them how the team would be decided anyway. Why did Aoyama even ask All Might's opinion on his cape?

The scenario itself was pretty cliche and Izuku had a feeling if he dug through cases All Might solved before he would find a similar one. The Villain team had to protect their artifact of doom, namely nuclear bomb. The hero predictably had to stop the villain either by capture or taking the bomb from them.

“That’s super stupid.” Came from their resident inventor and scientist. “Do you even know how sensitive nuclear is if handled improperly?”

"Keeping it in a building that looked like it would fall apart no less?"

“The villain won’t even wear any hazmat suit.”   

All Might was flustered, luckily all that muscle hid it well. “Uhm.”

“Futaba, Senku… it’s just an exercise, don’t nitpick on it.”

Senku scoffed, "I am just saying other kinds of bombs that safer to control is more make sense."

All Might jolted, ‘He is right!’ He coughed, "Anyway! Let's start choosing the team with the lottery!"

Futaba displayed a randomizer program, “Right ahead of you.”

"Eh, but I want to use this." All Might had boxes with a hole on top of it. "It's classic!"

"It's lame." She told him. "It's up to All Might-sensei… you see, according to their registered Quirk… I can make the best match for the team and opponents so they can display their full potential. This is your first class, you would want to see both their strong and weak points… not to mention we need the data too."

All Might look almost convinced but he really liked his lot box, most likely the guy made it himself.

"Pro Heroes are more often than not teamed up with other heroes they didn't know very well, so it would be good to use a manual lot instead." Izuku had a soft spot for All Might, it should be fine to spoil the guy this one time, right???

Or so Izuku thought-


When his lips couldn't help but pull up to a forced smile, Izuku knew he had chosen wrong.

"I can't die in peace if I didn't give this my all… after all, as a hero with responsibility, I can't be considerate for a villain's pride."

“Deku you-”

And everything went dark for Bakugou Katsuki, and the last thing he saw was a heartbroken smile of Deku. As if Katsuki's defeat meant nothing- his pride Deku trampled…



Chapter Text

U.A, Replica City Area B

All Might had both hands inside the two boxes of lot, and Izuku tried really hard to not laugh at the utter joy the pro hero was emitting just for using the handmade lot box. The guy for all his glory was very simple at heart, almost like a kid.

“Team A! Sero Hanta and Jirou Kyouka! Vs… Team B, Yaoyorozu Momo and Mineta Minoru!”

Sero grinned at Jirou. “Nice, let’s work hard partner!”

Jirou grinned back, “Let’s, we have a tough opponent.”

Mineta looked over the moon, his eyes were glued on Yaoyorozu’s exposed skin then his eyes accidentally meet Izuku’s. He gulped when Izuku motion his eyes to go up, and smiled eerily at the grape haired boy. The boy obviously had an interesting cocktail of fear and awe of him, most likely because he helped the boy to stay in Heroic-dept but in the same time made Mineta aware of dangerous side of his Quirk.

The boy wasn’t a completely hopeless case for a hero, but if Mineta stepped out of the line Izuku would build up a case against the boy himself. So Mineta would be better to learn to keep his libido in check or else.


Sero whistled, “Midoriya is scary alright… in a good way though.” He looked like a harmless good guy, the type who helped grannies to cross the street and feeding stray cats. They learned soon enough that Midoriya was anything but harmless.

Jirou nodded in agreement, “Mineta is looking at Yaomomo’s face now at least.” She had been worried because her friend was overly comfortable in her sexy costume.

“Now, I have a one dollar coin with me!” All Might brandished the US dollar coin.

‘Why dollar and not yen?’ Class 1-A couldn’t help but wonder.

“Head or tails? The one who win gets to play hero!”

Yaoyorozu who was placed the highest in Quirk Assessment got the right to make the call. “Tail please!”

All Might flipped the coin, it was head so Team A was the villain. The team quickly made their way to the building and five minutes later, the hero team follows as the rest of the class watched through Futaba’s drones. They had been startled silly when Senku and Hatsume unveiled a gigantic spider robot that bore passing resemblance with U.A villain bots, and it started spawning smaller spider robots that crawled towards the designed building.


Shiro whistled, “Is it just me or your taste in robot design gets worse?”

“And we think that gorilla tank is already bad.”

All Might cleared his throat, “Young Sakura, all set up?”

Futaba nodded, they had set up numerous screens to show the building in all angles. “All camera online-” She could have used her Quirk for monitor but that would take a toll on her body. “I am assigning three cameras to follow hero team and another three for villains.”

All Might beamed, “First Battle! Staaaart!”


Replica Building (2nd Floor)

“I would rather play villain actually…” Sero couldn’t help but say as he and Jirou walked side by side, “I am more of defensive guy considering my Quirk.” His tape was good for ambush and capture, but in this scenario the villain had the first move. It was more likely for villain to ambush them rather than the other way around.

Jirou nodded, “I get what you mean…” Her Quirk and Sero’s would be a killer combination for trap.

In the other hand, their opponent was also a trap nightmare combi too.


Observational Area

“Considering Sero-kun’s mobility Quirk… they shouldn’t have taken the entrance.” Izuku murmured to himself.

Todoroki who overheard him asked, “Is it a bad move to stick together? Sero don’t have a lot of firepower while Jirou does… working closely also remove possibility of ambush.” Because Jirou’s Quirk could work for recon.  

Izuku hummed at that, “If they’re fighting heavy hitters, their move isn’t wrong but both Yaoyorozu-san and Mineta-kun manifest their Quirk as tools detached from their body… so they should look out for trap instead of ambush.” The pair didn’t have to be there to fight Jirou and Sero. “Going through that route is more dangerous.”

And indeed- since the hero entered the building the villain team didn’t move from their evil lair together with the bomb. ‘At least it’s shaped like a rocket.’ Not the giant meatball of doom.

“There’s not even a launching pad for it.”

All Might looked ready to explode with shame himself as the Support Team nitpick his choice of bomb’s shape.

“Yaoyorozu is multiplying the bomb…” Todoroki muttered quietly. “In parts.”

Because there’s not enough surface on her skin to materialized the whole solid bomb. He wondered of maximum size of object Yaoyorozu could materialized from her torso, as she had made object bigger than herself before- the skin surface was more like the gate. As long as it could be pulled through that gate, it would materialized. Didn’t that mean if she was fatter she could make bigger object? That would be very rude to suggest to a girl anyway, not to mention considering what she used as fuel- Yaoyorozu was unlikely to get fat.

He had been getting used to tone down his volume when muttering, but unfortunately Todoroki was close and his ears were sharp enough to pick Izuku’s rant on Yaoyorozu’s Quirk. “If it makes her stronger why not? Then again- it would compromise her mobility if she-”

Izuku shouted over Todoroki’s unfinished words. “None of that! Todoroki-kun, girls are sensitive about that kind of thing alright!”

“Is that so?” He asked so innocently, thoroughly confused.  

“Yes.” And with that they turned their attention back to the screens. Yaoyorozu had Mineta pinned inside of carton box she found lying around the building so he won’t peek at her.  “The bomb is a fake made of papier-mâché , she can easily duplicate them in parts.” The camera also thankfully avoided showing risky image of her.

“Young Midoriya! It seems you have excellent insight on your classmates’ battle!”

Izuku shook his head, “I don’t… Yaoyorozu-san can be predicted to certain extent because her Quirk is versatile and she is efficient at it.” Hence, she wasn’t so unpredictable. “She will choose the most effective tactic to win this but…” Jirou and Sero wasn’t like that. “As we can see, she laid traps in windows… predicting Sero-kun would use it but he didn’t…”

And he avoided that trap because of it.

“The villains didn’t go separate ways to confront hero…” Ochako murmured, “This will take a while until the real battle start.”

Kaminari yawned, “This gets boring until they do.”

“Of course they won’t… if they get separated, hero team who have Jirou-san will get an upperhand to ambush them.” Izuku pointed out. “In the other hand I suppose, the window is pretty orthodox for Quirk user with good mobility like Sero-kun…”

Senku who had been pretty quiet added his own two cents, “Your tape classmate should have done so- orthodox or not… if he is smart he would stop at fourth floor to avoid trap.”

Kirishima turned to his fellow spiky hair comrade. “Why? Slow and steady is good right?”

The smarter portion of their class looked at him with pity. “Remember the condition of winning for both sides?” Shiro pointed out.

Bakugou scowled at Kirishima, “I know you’re an idiot fucker but your IQ is below standard too!”

“Do you have to be so mean?!” Kirishima looked scandalized.

“I will call an idiot accordingly to your fucking level of intelligence!” Bakugou growled at him, “The hero got a time limit to win! While the villain have all the time in the world! The hero side don’t have freaking time to take a walk on the park for this damned scenario!!!”

“Oh.” Kirishima now understood why wasting time was a bad idea for hero  team. “That’s why.”

“Oh-YOUR ASS! You hair for brain- ”

Futaba interjected, “Did you kiss your mom with that mouth?”

“Futaba!” Izuku snapped.

Bakugou also snapped, “I don’t kiss that old woman!!!”

“Good for her, your mouth is full of shit.” Futaba said, heaving a sigh of relief in mockery.

Shiro and Izuku sensed the direction of this conversation was going downhill. “Bakugou- don’t-”

“Like yours is any better you Shut-in! How about your mother you kissed with that?! HMPH!” The next thing Bakugou knew, his mouth was covered by Shiro’s tail.

Futaba smiled eerily at Bakugou, “She was murdered two years ago, I can’t kiss my Mom with my filthy mouth, so it’s fiiiine.”

Silence fell heavily in the air at her flippant revelation. By unspoken agreement, even Bakugou dared not to continue conversing.

Todoroki was shocked, although his impassive mask hold on.

On the screen, Jirou had opted to break wall with her Quirk from room next door. The hole was just big enough for Sero’s tape to go through for surprise attack , Yaoyorozu was quick to move behind one of her bomb replica but Mineta was slower.

He got caught and in his blind panic pulled on the tape that caught him, combination of adrenaline of his body weight causing Sero’s hand to get stuck on the hole along with his head. Jirou who saw her partner stuck on the wall quickly made the hole bigger to free Sero. Unfortunately for her, that action made her open to Mineta’s barrage of sticky ball.

Remembering what the ball could do, Jirou freaked out and run to dodge the ball. She tripped on leftover tape of Sero’s and crashed to one of Yaoyorozu’s fake bomb. Said bomb was the one Yaoyorozu used to hide, and both girl’s got stuck. Yaoyorozu was underneath the crushed bomb, and Jirou was rendered immobile by combination of Mineta’s and Sero’s Quirk. Sero was also stuck by the wall because of Mineta’s pop off, while the grape boy was in similar fate from Sero’s.

“It’s a double knock out.” Izuku concluded, being the one who found his voice first.

All Might was as shocked as his students. “FIRST BATTLE, THE RESULT IS… A TIE!”


Later on…

“I suppose matching up two Quirks with sticky property is a bad idea.” Summarized Futaba once they finished cleaning up the aftermath of Team A Vs Team B. “ Really bad idea.”

All Might coughed, “Well- all thing considered… strategies on both sides are well thought out- but the execution is very clumsy.” Rather than recklessness it was more of misfortune and blind panic working against them.

Yaoyorozu looked very depressed, “My first match… is so shameful!”

Mineta didn’t look better, “I am already on red line as it is…”

Sero and Jirou weren’t as depressed, “We all failed for our first simulation but still…”

Yaoyorozu looked ready to cry, “I left Mineta-san to fend for himself… and that’s what made our battle end in disaster!”

“I throw my pop off blindly at you all! I didn’t even aim! I almost kill Sero and Jirou!” He was crying river now.

Sero had to say when the ball got his face stuck on the floor, it was a bit suffocating, but he still can breath through his mouth. “Erm, I am not in that much danger actually.”

“I think even though I got stuck too, the one who almost suffocated is Yaomomo. She was under that fake bomb.” And at some point they lost track of which bomb was real.

Izuku commented, “It’s not a bad idea, but you could have moved the bomb out of the room and guard the fakes…”

“But won’t we leave the real bomb defenseless?” Asked Mineta.

Yaoyorozu answered that herself, “That’s fine as long as we keep Jirou-san and Sero-san occupied until the time run out!” Of course she couldn’t tell Izuku that she had lost track of the bomb as she multiply them, after all- even the real one wasn’t real but a fake bomb too. ‘I should have used slightly different materials to build it!’ It wasn’t like the hero team who never get a close look of the fake bomb before the simulation started would know.  

Izuku saw her blushing face and kept it to himself. ‘She was rushing to duplicate the bomb and lost track of the real one, didn’t she?’ Then again… the fake bomb was so simple in construction, he didn’t think they could tell it apart anyway. Maybe Aizawa-sensei could nullify the construct made by Yaoyorozu’s Quirk, but even that beg for question if finished product of her Quirk could be affected by his erasure.

...He wanted to know so baaad~ Yaoyorozu wouldn’t mind, the girl was a researcher herself but Aizawa-sensei would be harder to convince.

“She lost track of it since the start…” Todoroki murmured to himself from beside him. “Didn’t she?”

“Shhh…” Izuku shushed him, “She is depressed enough as she is, let’s pretend we don’t know.”

Todoroki looked at him with a frown, “You’re being too soft… too gentle.”

He’d rather be gentle than harsh any day. “Not really, she already know her mistakes.” He laughed softly, “Beside she is being too honest.”

Since most likely All Might himself couldn’t tell fake and real fake bomb apart, it doesn’t really matter which bomb survived the confrontation. Yaoyorozu of course was too pure and honest to cheat like that. Then again- as the villain… all should be fair in love and war.  

Izuku was nodding to himself, too distracted to hear his friend conversing among themselves.

“No one else could be as devious minded as Izu and still have an angel heart.” Said Futaba.

Senku nodded in agreement, “Izuku is so kind to a fault but he is the also the type of guy who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.” He also conveniently forgot from who they learned that law exist as guidelines to exploit from.

“And he wonders why his alias is Mastermind in pro-heroes circle.” Shiro was shaking his head, exasperated.

At this point all three of them were getting too familiar of how Izuku’s brain works, their friend and leader was a fearsome individual indeed.   

Their discussion was interrupted by All Might pulling the first name for next round. “Team C, Nezu Natsu and-

“Eh, Natsu too?” The cub was napping on Futaba’s head, wearing green vest the same colour as Izuku’s costume and visor with flame theme on top of his cute little head.

All Might beamed “If he is to become a hero like our Principal, he has to learn to work with others too!”

“I suppose he does have to learn.” The cub was pawing on Izuku’s left boot, visibly upset. “There’s not many animals here so- if All Might-sensei don’t mind to be lenient, we can put Natsu in Kouda-kun’s team.”

“Eeeh?!” Ashido looked disappointed, while Kouda was almost in tears. “That’s unfair!”

Shiro snorted, “Natsu is very intelligent because he has Quirk, he won’t be as affected as other animals by Kouda’s Quirk.”

Kouda nodded, agreeing with soft voice. “Natsu-sama won’t.”

“-SAMA?!” Izuku glared at Natsu who averted his eyes and pretended grooming his paw. “Where did I go wrong with you?” Izuku lamented. ‘I start to understand Bakugou couple’s feelings…’ You could wish your child to be good all you want, but you can still go wrong somewhere with no idea how to make it right.


All Might sweat-dropped. ‘This little kitten will boss Young Kouda around for sure.’ The addition of this little king to his team could go good or bad.

“Next, Team C VS Team D! Team C is… Kouda and Sato! Team D, Kirishima and Kaminari!”

Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to use lot for random team up, in case of this arrangement… Kirishima and Kaminari were noted by Aizawa for not being particularly bright. Kouda was timid and Satou’s Quirk was overly reliant on brute power. It was also mentioned in Aizawa’s report that both Kaminari and Satou had drawback that affected their brain, overuse that leave them temporarily incapacitated.  

The heated stare ‘ I told you’ from Young Futaba was particularly scorching to his back.

“Team C win the coin toss, so Team D go ahead and enter the building!”


Surprisingly this match was straightforward and yet- didn’t go wrong like the first one. Mostly…

Kaminari and Kirishima duo surprisingly didn’t resit to a frontal attack, they tried to lay traps with taking apart cables from the building to use with Kaminari’s Quirk.

Yaoyorozu had perked up when All Might mention that analyzing the battle would give them extra credit to make up their original score for this exercise. “That’s not a bad idea but… Kirishima-san is very rough when taking them apart, and he is taking cable for the top floor where the bomb is being kept.” That was very reckless.

Young Futaba was grumbling, “He wouldn’t need to do such a crude thing if he is smart enough to ask for tools to direct his electricity!”

“I suppose that’s right, Sakura-san.” Agreed Yaoyorozu.

Young Midoriya was very quiet as he watched the hero team parted ways in second floor. Most likely he was giving his classmates a chance for extra credits. ‘How heroic and fair of him.


Kouda listened to Natsu attentively and Satou was resigned the one making plan was a cat.

“You will pounce the enemy from the back, and this King will hunt the prey from frontline with sweet smelling gorilla.” Kouda translated.

Satou pointed at himself. “He means me?” Surprisingly, the cat have a sound strategy. He sniffed at his hand, “Hm… do I smell like sugar or something?”

Neither Natsu nor Kouda answered Satou’s question.


In the building Kirishima-Kaminari duo barely made it in time to set up their trap and waited to catch their opponents.Which was set on the stairs to top floor. It didn’t take long for Satou to get caught, but Midoriya’s kitten was walking a few steps behind and ready to rescue Satou. The kitten had grown to his adult mode and roared at the trap, the video feed was clear but it was unknown what the lion did to remove the trap.

“What was that?” Young Jirou wondered out loud.

No one could answer her and their attention once again drawn to the screen where the hero and villain team clashed on the top floor. Kirishima was fending off Natsu while Kaminari was using cable as whip to catch Satou.

“Kirishima is quite badass, he didn’t flinch against Natsu.” Sero commented.

“Kaminari isn’t so bad either, he make do with what he can get there.” Cheered Ashido.

Natsu was very nimble and Kirishima barrelled to a pillar, trying to get his punch to connect.

Izuku stopped being silent.“...Kirishima-kun just now have damaged all stub columns in that room.” Two of them.

Said Izuku for the first time since the second simulation began. “Stub? What is stub column?” Asked the invisible girl.

It was Senku who answered her, “It’s extra column added post-construction, usually added if there’s extra load than planned. For example…” He pointed at the top where they could see a water tank, “That’s an addition made for one reason and another so the existing columns aren’t sufficient to support it.”

“Wait.” Said Jirou, paling rapidly. “Won’t the building- or at least the room collapse because of that?!”

This was WHY! Before simulation with delicate scenario like this, they should be taught about what they should and shouldn’t do indoor when fighting!

Fortunately the almost forgotten Kouda emerged from the window and touched the bomb, ending the simulation with Hero team victory. They were pretty confused when All Might asked all of them to rush exiting the building.

“I think we did pretty well!” Kaminari didn’t seem very upset they lost.

“But Kouda… seriously, you’re so quiet Man! I forgot about you…” Kirishima admitted sheepishly. “Then again with Satou being so manly and Natsu roaring…”

Satou puffed his chest, “Kouda is no Hagakure but he is good with stealth and recon!”

Kouda looked plain embarrassed.

Natsu was bouncing towards Izuku, eager for compliments and petting.

“Yes, you did very well… your tactic is sound.” All Might complimented, “However…”

That very moment the room they occupied a few minutes ago collapsed with a boom.

The four heroes in training gaped in shock at the building, it was still standing but a small chunk of the top floor was gone.

“As you can see,  the damage on the structure is unacceptable. That’s a big minus point for all of you.” All Might said, “Any input, students?”

Yaoyorozu raised her hands, “While it’s difficult to lose, Satou-san and Natsu-chan…”

-Chan? She call Natsu with -chan?

“They should lose quickly to focus attention of Kirishima-san and Kaminari-san on them instead of prolonging the battle. Kouda-san too, you should have taken earlier chance to grab the bomb before your teammates and opponent cause further damage to the structure.”

Iida followed suit, “It’s very commendable of Satou-kun and Natsu-kun to play bait! Kirishima-kun and Kaminari-kun also worked together very well in spite the odds against you! Of course, you should have more situational awareness! You could have avoided damaging the structure, as hero in training we should be very careful! In real life, this mistake could mean casualties not just in materials but civilian as well!”

“Very well done! Both of you!” All Might praised. ‘I lost of words of what to say now, they said it all.’

Izuku was staring at Kirishima curiously, and the redhead beamed at the attention. “What is it man?” He knew Izuku was very insightful, so he was curious of what the guy wanted to say.

“Ah- I better ask it in private.”

“It’s fine, Man! Constructive criticism is always welcome!”

Izuku hesitated before asking. “Could you use your quirk again and- repeat your habit of sharpening your hand against each other?”

Kirishima tilted his head to the side in confusion. “Sure…” His skin became jagged like cliff and crossed his arms together, making friction that send little sparks.

“Hm… your hardening Quirk is the stone type?” The sound his arms made wasn’t that of clinking metal.

Kirishima nodded, “I am as hard as the strongest rock!”

“Oh!” Yaoyorozu unsurprisingly was the second one to notice what Izuku was getting at. “I see…” She looked sheepish now.

Kirishima looked back and forth between Yaoyorozu and Izuku now, “Eh?Eh?”

Iida, Todoroki and Bakugou weren’t far behind. “Oh.”  

Bakugou groaned, “You’re really a hair for brain…”

“What, why?” Kirishima demanded.

The blond roared, “If your freaking hardening is like stone...” He trailed off, “You’re resistant to Pikachu’s electric attack, you doofus!!! Pikachu could have just shocked the whole floor and it doesn’t matter how many they are, and you could have won! IDIOTS!!!”

“Ah-” Kaminari and Kirishima exchanged glance, and they reached out for a handshake. A blitz of electricity later, Kirishima was just lightly smoking but unharmed. “You’re right- Kaminari didn’t shock me too badly. I can take it.”

“Wow… so I can just go crazy and you would be okay.” Kaminari nodded to himself.


They were quite for a moment before perked up, “Lesson learned!”

“Wow, so we can be a great duo!”

“Hell Yeah!”

While it was good and all they weren’t depressed like the Yaoyorozu-Mineta pair, Izuku couldn’t help but wonder if the two forgot they would have huge point deduction for the structural damage they had caused.

The next match was Asui and Tokoyami partnered up against Aoyama and Ashido. The first being the hero and latter the villain.

Izuku pondered who had upper hand of this combination, if they looked at versatility alone the hero team had the advantage. Asui had multifaceted Quirk of a frog, so she had variety of skills. She wasn’t very strong for offensive like Tokoyami and Aoyama but her mobility was one of the best in class. Tokoyami had that avatar of his Izuku saw in exam, it was versatile but since Tokoyami had to bait robots to to dark places… he was most likely weak against light.

‘He won’t fare well against fire type Quirk…’ Aoyama had the light to deal with Tokoyami’s Dark shadow but his accuracy and control was most likely nowhere as refined as other heavy hitter like Todoroki-kun and Bakugou. ‘His pose said a lot of how inflexible his aim is…’ Not to mention in enclosed environment he’d better off not using that laser.

As for Ashido, she seemed to be naturally fit- He had seen her using her acid in similar fashion as Todoroki used his ice. shouldn’t be hard for Tokoyami and Asui to dodge her attack.

“And here is another idiot.” Futaba was marking her checklist. “Does she think she is tentacle alien that can spray her acid for mid-range attack? I don’t see such organ anywhere near her.

Hatsume was nodding, “Also, she didn’t have any container to store it either~”

“She is a walking hazard considering her Quirk.”

Ochako shuddered, “Huwaaa… Ashido-san isn’t even here, and you guys are so harsh.”

Iida objected, “Uraraka-kun! It’s troubling our comrades from Support Dept, they should be responsible of their own equipment that would help their goal to be a hero!”

Futaba rolled her eyes, “Says the guy with engine on legs but not cooling system whatsoever on his costume.” Iida froze at that, “Strange thing is… the guy with temperature regulator is one with ice and fire Quirk.”


In opposite spectrum of Iida’s reaction, Todoroki was pointedly ignoring Futaba’s remark.    

Izuku supposed it confirmed his guess that the device on Todoroki’s back was indeed a regulator. ‘Handicapping yourself for the sake of spite is very unproductive.’ A memory flashed on his mind, of a blond man getting kicked out of an office for early retirement.

...He wasn’t one to talk about daddy issue and spite, was he?

“Hero Team wins!”

Ah- he missed the flight, what happened?

“Aoyama blasted the bomb by accident.” Said Shiro, apparently Tokoyami had been creative in his partnership with Asui. Utilizing her maneuverability at its fullest, Tsuyu had destroyed a number of lightbulbs on their path. The building they moved in now was facing the North and on west side where the sun was at the moment was shadowed by taller building. So Tokoyami was strong enough to overwhelm villain team.

Aoyama didn’t get the memo that his navel laser was no good for this exercise, so when Dark Shadow came towards him- instead of dodging he had blindly shooting his laser at the bird like creature. He managed to fend off Dark Shadow for that one time, but also blasting their bomb by accident. Ashido was occupied to fend off Tsuyu, they were evenly matched because Tsuyu couldn’t disable Ashido with her tongue because of her acidic skin and Ashido was no match for Tsuyu’s speed.

All Might complimented the three who had done their best and scolded Aoyama for not learning from previous battle. “I am not sure what should I do if not sparkling my best!”

The usual case of someone who didn’t know how to work without their Quirk, a sadly common case even among pro hero.

“And that’s the idiot number 5 of Class 1-A…” Grumbled the support team. “Seriously, you have a laser but no way to adjust the output…” Futaba was especially irate.

“Or even think of how to aim better.” Senku added. “Another hazard.”

The next match was Shiro’s turn and he was partnered with Mezo Shouji, the teen with many arms. His opponents are Todoroki and Hagakure.

Todoroki won the coin tost so he got to play the hero role.

Izuku ignored the niggling feeling of dread, the inevitability that Bakugou was also going last. He couldn’t choose which was worse, partnered with Bakugou or against the explosive boy.

“Hm… this is going to be an interesting show!” Futaba cheered, “Izu-Izu~ Shiro can win this, right?”

Izuku shrugged, “Hm… who knows?” Todoroki had walked away towards the entrance with Hagakure in tow, glove and shoes floating as she moved. “Quirk wise… Shiro’s team consist of formidable fighters, but both of them are close range fighters. In the other hand… Todoroki is a long range fighter with elemental Quirk.”

The rest of 1-A student perked up, Izuku had been quiet after the second match so when he spoke up for Shiro’s battle their interest was tickled. Not to mention the battle was between Todoroki and two of best close range fighters in their class.

“Hm… Tooru-chan isn’t much of a fighter.” Ashido hummed, “So she will have to stay out of it and sneak in when the boys are busy I suppose.”

“But even if it’s Todoroki…” Sero trailed off, “He will have a hard time fending off two big guys like Shoji and Ojiro, don’t you think?” Todoroki wasn’t short, he was one of tallest guy in class but the other two were had more intimidating build especially Shoji. Even Shiro had extra appendage that was all muscle, so imagining the more slender Todoroki against them was a bit...

Yaoyorozu nodded in agreement, “Also, with Shoji-san’s Quirk… Hagakure-san won’t be able to sneak in easily.”

Considering the objective of their respective mission, the class seem keen to side with villain team.

Izuku heaved a sigh, “Well… that would be the case usually, but Todoroki-kun-”

On camera, Todoroki was telling Hagakure to stay back then immediately froze the whole building from bottom to top in record time.

Futaba’s glasses fell off, “Holy! He… he is like me.”

Technology related Quirk like Futaba was really rare, but one on her level where she was a walking supercomputer herself was almost one of a kind. Fire or Ice Quirk like Todoroki wasn’t rare, but it was more common to see them on the level of making air hotter or cooler- or like Izuku’s so called father- breathing out some fire. Todoroki was already on the level of changing landscape if he so wished.

“You’re kidding me!” The rest of their classmates were gaping in shock, not even Bakugou was an exception.

On the assessment, he didn’t show this terrifying level of prowess. Simply because he didn’t have to. “Hm… Todoroki-kun is so composed but he is the type who resort to calculated amount of brute force.” Then again if the boy went as far as crippling half of himself just to spite his father, Todoroki had his aggressive side beneath that icy exterior. “What?”

Why did Senku and Futaba looked at him like that?

“Aren’t you even worse?”

“Excuse me?”


Shouto was fully expecting to see both Ojiro and Shoji to be trapped by his ice. After all-  none of them came down to ambush him. So, imagine his shock when he was almost send flying halfway on stairs leading to top floor. A muscular tail almost whipped him on the face, and he narrowly avoided it as the additional limb swept empty air an inch from his head.

“How?” He asked curtly as Ojiro threw him a barrage of punches and kicks. They were fighting on stairs, giving Shouto difficulty to dodge on the narrow passageway.

Ojiro laughed sheepishly, not even pausing in his relentless attack. “Izu made a comment that you’re very powerful!”


“He only give that compliment for kids our age once! And that’s our Futaba.”

Shouto send a wave of ice but before it could grew bigger, Ojiro spun and destroyed it with a powerful swept of tail. “That’s all?” So Ojiro used physical prowess to stop the ice from trapping him.

“Yeah- I imagine the worst and since Futaba is a walking supercomputer…” Ojiro trailed off, “I was prepared if you turn this building to a giant freezer!”

Izu? He meant Midoriya, right? ‘I forgot… that guy can sense Quirk and most likely power level too.’ He shouldn’t underestimate Ojiro, a close friend was likely also sparring partner. Shouto haven’t seen Midoriya using his flame for offensive purpose, but Ojiro was definitely experienced in fighting elemental Quirk.

‘He didn’t give me any opportunity to use large scale attack again.’ Shouto jumped back, landing on the fourth floor.

“No, you don’t!” The martial artist shouted almost too gleefully, and Shouto once again barely avoided concussion.

That tail was strong enough to break his ice, if that heavy hit connect… Ojiro knew Quirk wise he was severely outmatched, it was very fair to use full force of his own Quirk. ‘He also know if I get to catch his tail, he is done.’ Shouto was impressed, he didn’t expect anyone in class to give him this much trouble.  

“If you keep dodging the time will run out for you! Todoroki!”

“Over here!!!” Yelled a feminine voice followed by groan of pain.  

As one, both Ojiro and Shouto looked to their right at… nothing? No- that was Hagakure, she had sneaked in but tripped on slippery iced floor. She must had ditched her shoes, which was the wrong move as it exposed her whereabouts.

“Get out of here!” Shouto barked, at last he had chance to send a barrage of ice towards Ojiro.

The tailed boy rolled over to dodge, and then grabbed onto the protruding steel pipe on the ceiling to dodge another. He jumped down and about to attack Todoroki before something tackled him to the ground, most likely Hagakure.

That was all the opening Shouto needed as Ojiro didn’t block his way and rushed with his ice to the top floor. Shoji saw his arrival, but unlike Ojiro- the guy was wholly unprepared when Shouto used a blast of ice to pin him on the wall.


“Sorry, but I am in hurry!” And he touched the bomb, finishing the simulation with victory for his team.


Shiro clicked his tongue, annoyed for giving Todoroki the slip.

“Cooold!” He stopped on his track and saw thin eyes on empty air, showing silhouette of an arm and hip. In any other situation, Shiro would be embarrassed to death.

“Todoroki!!!” He roared, “At least unfreeze your freaking ice first!”

Todoroki must have heard him as soon, the whole building was full of steam.

Shiro sighed as he heard Hagakure let out a moan, “Waaarm, I am baaack to liiiife…”

He had to say Todoroki and Hagakure deserved this victory.


Futaba groaned, “Shiro lost… he did well though.”

“All thing considered, any other guy would be frozen and helplessly watching Todoroki claim the bomb.” Supplied Senku with a shrug. “And we found another idiot of 1-A, seriously… invisibility Quirk and her costume was only glove and shoes… who the heck let a naked girl, unseen or not to walk around like that?”

Hatsume was giggling, “Hm… how scandalous.”

Futaba snickered at her friend, “Flying costume will leave little to imagination, maybe that’s even worse-”

Iida was furious, “Such indecent comment! Cease talking about our fellow students that way!”

The technopath raised an eyebrow at Iida, “It’s not like she got nothing I don’t have- you must be a virgin!” She pointed at him triumphantly.

Iida was as red as Kirishima’s hair now, “Well- I off course I am a- wait- why am I even telling you?! That’s none of your- business! Right!”

Izuku took pity on the boy and reached out to calm him down, “Iida-kun, Futaba is just trying to get a raise out of you.” They were fifteen for Trinisette’s sake, and hero in training no less- it should be more questionable if an underage students like them already have sexual experience.

The engine boy looked like he was about to faint, “Yes, of course! I should have seen through your scheme!”



Shouto was not happy, his victory be damned because the regulator wasn’t working as well as he thought. It did emit heat, but he was still cold. His teeth gritted as he pondered if he still had to use his left side, he had asked the device on sole purpose of completely abandoning the bastard’s legacy. He had used some flame to unfreeze the building but the temperature of his body was still low, demanding him to use more of Endeavor’s accursed side. It irked him, the mechanism of his half cold and half-hot body made him unable to survive without the fire side.

“Senku, the regulator didn’t work right for Todoroki-kun.” He almost jumped when he felt a hand on his, and the familiar warmth of Midoriya’s flame trailed through his right side. Of course Midoriya would notice, and the review session was stopped in favor of bring him to the side towards the support team.

Senku- or Ishigami as the boy with towering hair introduced himself was frowning. “It’s not my work but I recognized this device, it’s very simple so nobody in our class can mess this up.”

“Yeah, it’s basically just replicating air conditioner anyway~ take and give heat…” Added the girl with pink hair from support.

The one named Futaba was frowning too, “Aah- I found the problem, oi- Todoroki, did you explain in your request form of how your Quirk works?”

“How is that a problem?” He had specified that his right side produce ice that when overused made his body temperature drop dangerously low and his left side emitted fire.

Midoriya shook his head, “In general… Ice Quirk works with taking the heat in the air and freezing moisture to produce ice, and it works the other way around for fire Quirk… most likely the person in charge of your tool assume your Quirk is simple exothermic and endothermic at works… but if you have to consciously regulate it with your other side…” He trailed off. “This type of regulator is the wrong one for you, not to mention they also didn’t expect your Quirk is on such level…”

Midoriya was holding up something, but Shouto cared more for the part that the regulator he requested was useless. “Thank you.” Midoriya even went as far as warming him up and Shouto was getting envious of Midoriya’s flame. Unlike harsh and wild heat of his and Endeavor’s, it felt more like warm embrace…

Then again since he got the flame from his old man, of course it wouldn’t be the like Midoriya’s kind flame.


“Young Todoroki have done the best job so far for this exercise, even when your plan didn’t work you keep a cool head and wait for your chance to succeed.” All Might complimented, “Young Hagakure did her best to give her partner an opening! Though… maybe you shouldn’t be that reckless.”

Yaoyorozu hummed, “But Hagakure-san’s decision to hinder Ojiro-kun is superb. After all the one guarding the bomb is Shoji-san, so she will have a hard time to get pass him.”    

Hagakure’s glove was clenching, “Right!”

Izuku sweat-dropped, ‘I can’t see her face but I can feel her nervousness in waves…’ She most likely didn’t think that far, she just saw the fight and tried to help Todoroki. ‘Well- Todoroki-kun also froze the stairs so it won’t be easy for her to walk up there herself.’

“Ojiro-kun did well too!” Complimented Iida, “I am surprised Todoroki-kun’s ice didn’t catch you! You even risk letting him come so far to ambush him in unlikeliest place so he won’t notice you and Shoji-kun are free!”

Shiro smiled sheepishly, “Maa… you’re bound to pick up one or two thing around Izu.” the blond was nodding sagely. “Especially in deceiving your opponent.”

Was that a compliment?

Shoji was sighing, “I didn’t do much…”

“Actually… you did what you could do best with guarding the bomb.” Izuku interjected, “With both Shiro and Todoroki-kun occupied, Hagakure-san is free to sneak in. If you jump in to join their battle you will leave the bomb defenseless.”  

All in all, their battle was the best one with good planning and counter on both sides.

“Ojiro-kun, thanks for your karategi! It’s not so cold anymore.”

“You’re welcome!” Shiro was blushing as putting his gi back.

Ohooo~ so spring has come for Shiro.

“You’re right! Standing beside Midoriya-kun is really warm!” Whispered Hagakure who was standing between him and Shiro.

...Forget spring, summer please come quickly, he wasn’t a heater damn it!

“Next is the LAST SIMULATION!” All Might shouted dramatically, interrupting Izuku’s train of thought. “Let’s decide the team-”

Bakugou interrupted, “There’s no chance in hell I will team up with him.”

“Young Bakugou- the chance is fifty-fifty.” All Might told the boy patiently, and pulled the lot ignoring the younger blond’s protest. “Team K! Bakugou Katsuki and Iida Tenya! Which mean… Team J are Midoriya Izuku and Uraraka Ochako!”

Bakugou looked at Iida, Izuku and Ochako. “I will take what I can get.” He grumbled to himself.

Iida was offended, “Bakugou-kun! You’re very rude!” Waving his hand in sharp movement in protest.

Ochako obviously was very hyped up with this arrangement. “Let’s do our best! Izu-kun!”

“Of course.”

“Bakugou-kun seems very angry.”

That was his default mood. “He will be angry, whoever he is partnered up with.” Especially him.

Bakugou called the coin toss as he was ranked highest in the group for Quirk Assessment, he lost- so he played the villain.

“How fitting.” Ochako couldn’t help but say as they watched Bakugou and Iida entering the building ahead of them. “I didn’t mean Bakugou-kun is evil but he is just so-” Ochako trailed off, “Murderous all the time…”

Well, Izuku could understand where did she come from. It was hard to see a hero in someone who was more likely to bite your head off instead of saving you.

Now- he had pondered over what to do if he was pitted against Bakugou- which was ten billion point easier than working together with him, as Senku would put it.

Did he want to win and made Bakugou hated him even more? As if the boy didn’t hate him enough. For a hero, winning was saving people and not just defeating villain. So yes, he will defeat Bakugou Katsuki with his all.


The girl as always was very eager, “What should we do, Izu-kun?”


All Might overheard and grin at them, “That’s very bold of you Young Midoriya! Considering your wealth of experience I am not surprised, but careful! Your classmates can surprise you if you let your guard down.”

Izuku smiled at the hero, “I am not… it’s foolishness of highest order to think you have won before a fight.”


“But you see… All Might-sensei, Bakugou-kun is strong… firepower wise- he is one of the best in our class. He act temperamental all the time but he can judge situation well. Even with firepower he has, he didn’t neglect strategizing to win. He is also very well trained in utilizing his Quirk and master both his strong and weak point… It’s not a stretch to say in straightforward battle he can win against almost anyone in class.”

All of them were gaping at him, with exception of Todoroki who just looked thoughtful. “Wow Midoriya… you’re singing praises for Bakugou, he don’t need any more ego boost. You know.” Said Sero.

Kaminari nodded in agreement, “He will be crushed underneath his gargantuan ego, and in his tombstone would read…” Kaminari swept his hands apart as if imagining text written on empty air. “Here lies Explodoboy, death by huge ago.”  

Everyone burst to laughter at that.


Shouto decided to stand near the support team, they weren’t the quietest bunch but not rowdy like Kirishima and Kaminari. Not to mention they were resourceful, and Yaoyorozu enjoyed her discussion with them. Best of all, they didn’t mind his silence and not intrusive.

“So- how long the walking bomb will last?” Sakura Futaba wondered out loud as Midoriya and Uraraka entered the building.

Ojiro was grinning, and everyone in class inched away from him. “Depends on how long Izu want it to last…”

“Then it would be as soon as possible, this is a simulation of real mission… as shoddy as capturing people with tape could be- Izuku won’t play around. If the other guy think they can monologue or pull any dramatic villain shit- they can kiss the ground ten billion times faster than they can blink.”

Shouto could see Midoriya’s friend had a full faith in him, which unnerved the rest of their classmates because Ojiro and co didn’t put Bakugou in their eyes at all. They seem to think higher of Iida, but they made it very clear Bakugou would be a quick work for Midoriya. This was the person who ranked just below Shouto and Yaoyorozu in Quirk Assessment, and the same person Midoriya himself praised.

Then again…  what Midoriya said  before he left.

“I’d rather he don’t face me in this simulation, because he will throw all his best potentials out of the window when I am in his sight. What a waste.”

They had a history, that was obvious.

After they reached the top floor, Tenya approached the fake bomb curiously. Rapping his hand lightly against the surface to test the durability. “It pains me to be a villain, even if it’s just training exercise.” Tenya couldn’t help but utter his thought of his role. Bakugou was muttering to himself and Tenya didn’t expect him to talk strategy anyway.

“So… he has a Quirk all along, huh?”

What was that even mean? “Eeh- of course he does.” He and Uraraka had been told to keep the incident during their entrance exam confidential. He was disappointed of UA’s carelessness, but since they dealt with it properly before anyone could get hurt Tenya could accept it. “I don’t think he would be send working with my brother and other pro heroes without a Quirk of his own.” Though- considering Midoriya’s intelect, maybe he didn’t need it at all.

“That bastard…” Bakugou growled, “I will take him on.”

“That’s a bad idea, did you hear what Ojiro-kun said during our assessment?” Midoriya have sensory Quirk, which mean his Quirk was a multi-facet one like Asui or Jirou. “Not to mention firepower wise…”

Bakugou Katsuki was strong, Tenya couldn’t deny that even if Bakugou’s conduct left a lot to desire. Just from a few days in the same class with Bakugou, Tenya could already tell that Bakugou wouldn’t know what teamwork was even it bite the blond’s haughty posterior. Or so Tensei-niisan once commented about Endeavor on subject of humility for treating Tensei like a sidekick on their joined mission. His brother was quickly reprimanded by Mother for speaking ill of his elder, but Tenya also didn’t miss silent agreement shared by their parents about Todoroki’s father.

“Just get comfortable and sit your elite ass here.” Forget sidekick, Bakugou had zero respect for Tenya.

“Wait, Bakugou-kun! It’s best to stick together!” Midoriya was strong and Uraraka had a Quirk that would make reaching this floor easier. “We need to work together.”

Bakugou scowled at him, and Tenya wondered if he had said something offensive by accident. He had done that a lot back in middle school even though he meant well. “I want to beat Deku.”

Deku? Oh- that was Bakugou’s nickname for Midoriya. “Yes, that’s why we have to stick together. We can’t win against him one on one.” Midoriya had both fire power and brain, not to mention real life experience working with pro hero neither he nor Bakugou had. “So I am thinking-” Tenya never get to finish his line when a small explosion popped up dangerously above Bakugou’s palm.

“Listen here, stuck up elite.” Tenya didn’t think Bakugou had the right to point finger when arrogance was concerned. “I will defeat Deku… I will show you, I don’t need your help! Just guard the bomb and don’t let Round Face get a drop on you!” He growled, “You rank just below me for that test from Aizawa-sensei, you should be able to do that much! Turbo leg!”

And he ran off before Tenya could object further. “Aaah- Bakugou-kun, are you crazy?” Image of headless gargantuan robot came to mind. “Taking Midoriya-kun head on… I can’t depend on him at all.” It would be counterproductive to chase Bakugou, Tenya should take this as a lesson on how to make the best of unexpected situation like this.

One way or another, someone of Bakugou’s caliber should be able to delay Midoriya. So he had to try his best against Uraraka instead. Hopefully the time would run out or he could catch Uraraka first before MIdoriya was done with Bakugou.  

“Mastermind-kun? Hm… he is the number one guy I don’t want as my enemy. That’s how I will describe him.’

An enemy even someone as strong as Tensei didn’t want, Tenya was both eager to test himself and scared too because he was MIdoriya’s enemy in this scenario. Hopefully Bakugou kept their opponent company long enough, Tenya had some spring cleaning to do.


In front of Replica Building

Ochako watched in awe as Izu-kun’s eyes changed hue to amber, they were so pretty when mixed with tint of his original verdant colour. ‘His eyes are like jewels…’

“Bakugou-kun has left their villain base.” He told Ochako, “Iida-kun is getting busy upstairs all by himself.” Izu-kun was snickering at the last part.

She couldn’t help but wonder, “Hm… Bakugou-kun really leave Iida-kun.” Even Ochako could guess he would do that even if she wasn’t Izu-kun. Poor Iida-kun, “So what Iida-kun is doing upstairs?”

“Spring cleaning most likely.” Izu-kun’s eyes were fluttering as he said this. “I can feel him moving back and forth restlessly… in preparation of Chako-san most likely.”

Ochako pointed at herself, so Iida-kun was removing all ammunitions she could use. How clever of him. “I see.”

“Hero Team! You may enter the building!”

“Shall we start?” Izu-kun had relayed their plan to Ochako, a very simple one even someone like her could understand.

Three minutes later- Bakugou-kun jumped from a corner, yelling ‘Deku’ at Izu-kun.

‘Bakugou-kun… it’s a bit sad how predictable you are.’ If he wasn’t Ochako’s opponent, he would feel very sorry for the blonde.

All fair in love and War, so Ochako quickly slipped away to check on Iida-kun and picked some ammunitions for herself on the way.


“Bakugou-san didn’t know Midoriya-san can sense presence, did he?” Yaoyorozu asked.

Shouto scoffed, “I don’t think Bakugou will care…” Midoriya did imply Bakugou would be beyond reckless against him. “Still- it’s very foolish trying to ambush anyone with sensory Quirk.” The chance of counter-ambush didn’t worth it. ‘Bakugou couldn’t possibly think he can overpower Midoriya so easily…’  

Jirou who was standing beside Yaoyorozu joined in, “Ojiro did say he has Quirk to track down villain. Hm… come to think of it- he is always quick to notice people in class.”

“Midoriya-kun is very alert even when I try to be quiet.” That voice was Hagakure’s.


“I am invisible but- I can’t rely on my Quirk alone so… I am used to walk as soft as I can- Cat’s steps and all!” Which was true, Shouto suspected her loudness and upbeat persona was so people couldn’t notice her when she was quiet. “Midoriya-kun always spot me very quickly, so it always surprise me when I was behind him and he just turn to speak with me.”

So, the observant folks in their class did notice.

“But Bakugou and Iida are both crazy strong.” Sero cupped his chin, “I know Midoriya is smart but… can he win against both? I am not sure how Uraraka can win this either.”

Sakura Futaba snorted, “Heh… from the looks of it, this Baku-guy won’t stand a chance.” She turned to Ojiro, “So I bet one minute once he made contact with Izu.”

“Give him some credit, explosions is useful when applied correctly.” Said Ishigami, “One and half.”

Apparently credit was worth half a minute to him, and majority of class A gaped at blatant disregard they displayed for Bakugou.

All Might cleared his throat, “Uhm, Young Futaba and Senku… perhaps you shouldn’t underestimate team villain that much.”

Ojiro spoke up, “Thirty seconds minus Bakugou’s monologue.”

“Young Ojiro!”  

Shouto now was sure Ojiro had a black heart underneath his genial disposition, he was the most ruthless in Midoriya’s group if he tried.


There were too many things Izuku wanted to say to Bakugou. On top of the list was- did you forget the goal of this exercise wasn’t beating Deku to submission? Or, openly displaying personal grudge for the whole class and their teacher to see was plainly a bad idea. Did you even listen about the warning on collateral damage?

Of course, all of these were irrelevant to Bakugou Katsuki who saw his favorite punching bag in reach.

Bakugou Katsuki-Kaachan- wasn’t a fool, far from it- but due to their toxic relationship starting from young age of four- Bakugou acquired a very twisted worldview when Izuku was concerned. For example, the stunt he pulled in their old middle school year. Bakugou had enough sense to not even touch cigarette even if his friends offered it, heck- he even didn’t want them smoking it around him. Yet- Bakugou had the gall to suggest jumping off of the roof in room of people just to be cruel to Izuku.

So yeah- actually it was Izuku’s existence that was toxic to Bakugou, not the other way around- at least not anymore. Bakugou couldn’t pull out the worst in him anymore, but it was still the same for the temperamental teen.

If this was a friendly spar, Izuku would say something for advice. Unfortunately- or fortunately depending on how you see it, a simulation of real life battle meant Izuku couldn’t afford to deal with Bakugou’s emotional shit.

So after Ochako was far enough to scout Iida, Izuku turned to Bakugou. “Maybe you should think through your tactic some more, Bakugou-kun.” Izuku had one hand on the back, fingering the capturing tape. Sticking the end on the pillar he was leaning his side to.

“Who the hell do you think you are, Deku?” Bakugou growled at him, brandishing his arm that wrapped in grenade shaped device. “I don’t give a fuck of who you are now, I am still the best and I get to have a say while you- useless Deku.”

“I didn’t see your name next to number 1 since entrance exam.”

Predictably Bakugou jumped with a roar at him for that remark, and Izuku pulled away from the pillar so Bakugou was jumping straight on path of stretched tape. Of course, the other boy didn’t fall for that. Even if blood rushed to his head, Bakugou still had excellent battle sense. He halted mid air, using a small explosion to propel himself away.

Izuku had rushed ahead and was on Bakugou the moment he landed, The boy saw him coming, and with how quickly Bakugou had to react- the blond had no choice but made a wide swing with his right hand.

It was a habit and knee jerk response, exactly what Izuku wanted. He twist his body to the side, letting the punch passed harmlessly before pulling on Bakugou’s arms. Red eyes widened in shock as Izuku knocked the boy off of balance and pinned him to the floor.


Katsuki knew he had fucked up, he had seen Deku’s knowing look the moment he threw that first punch.

"I can't die in peace if I didn't give this my all… “ Deku said as he knocked Katsuki off of balance, pulling his arm and kicked his legs. Katsuki felt numbing warmth on his back and them he went limp, ‘What the-’ His body disobeyed him, whatever Deku did- it as if they shut down after that hit.

Deku had a heartbroken smile, the same one he had when they parted without any farewell. It didn’t take a fucking minute and Deku had disabled him. “Deku you-” He was still smiling as if he was sorry. As if Katsuki's defeat meant nothing- his pride Deku trampled…

“After all, as a hero with responsibility, I can't be considerate for a villain's pride."

And all went dark for Katsuki.

“Bakugou Katsuki, captured.”


The rest of Class A watched with muted shock at what transpired on the screen. They had watched Bakugou lunged for Midoriya, and Yaoyorozu protested about how the blond looked like he was seriously trying to deal a fatal injury on Midoriya. Kirishima tried to be positive and said, murderous was Bakugou’s default mood.

Then Midoriya turned the situation around in record time, Bakugou almost run head first to capture tape line before propelling himself away. But then it was Midoriya’s turn to charge on him, Bakugou tried to punch Midoriya only to be captured and knocked out.

Class 1-A watched in both awe and horror as Bakugou fall like a puppet cut off of its string, limp on the floor before their other classmate.

“One of the strongest guy in class…”

“Just like that.”

“In Instant.”

“Yep, thirty seconds like I said.” Ojiro who was on the back of the group said, his jovial mood was contrast to his fellow heroes in training. “Pay up!” He held his palm up in give me gesture.

The support team grumbled as they passed a couple of hundred yen coins. “I will treat Izu to some Gari-gari after school with this!” He beamed.


“I want some Godiva soft cream!” Protested the girl with glasses.

While Ojiro argued with Futaba over cold treat in spring, students of class 1-A continue watching the spectacle on screen. Midoriya was sighing before taping Bakugou’s arm with capture tape. Then without hesitation he unclasped both grenade shaped bracers from Bakugou’s hands. Shaking it lightly, most likely gauging how much liquid Bakugou stored inside. Then he walked away with both, a skip on his steps.

Sero was sweating as he found his voice at last. “Erm… Bakugou is ranked third just below Yaoyorozu and Todoroki, right? He is strong, right?”

“Yeah, he is super strong!” Agreed Kirishima. “But Midoriya just-” He trailed off, unsure if he could use the word ‘curbstomp’ in the same sentence as Bakugou.

It wasn’t like they couldn’t believe Bakugou was defeated, but it was just so swift and barely could be called a fight. It was so anticlimactic, with nonexistent drama. Midoriya didn’t even use his Quirk.

“Midoriya made Bakugou looks so easy to beat.” Ashido added hesitantly. “Isn’t that a bit…mean?” Bakugou obviously hated Midoriya, the green haired boy seemed quite chill about it but how he dealt with Bakugou when given the chance…

Ojiro as always was quick to defend Midoriya. “He had that coming, by first day I told all you Izu can track down villain like a hound and Bakugou is stupid enough trying to ambush him.” They winced at Ojiro’s harsh tone.

Surprisingly Todoroki was adding his two cents too after Ojiro. “Considering the objective of this exercise, Midoriya’s method is correct. There’s no point dawdling for a battle if it can be avoided altogether.” Hence, his own initial strategy of freezing the whole building. “With time limit that would be hero team’s automatic loss, there’s more reason to not waste time.”  

“Not to mention…” Yaoyorozu trailed off, “Even though Midoriya-san said Bakugou-san have a sound judgement, he certainly don’t at the moment… a villain on rampage with destructive quirk inside a building is a recipe for disaster. So I agree that Midoriya-san’s move to subdue him swiftly is for the best.”  

The more emotional members of the class quieted down at that but they couldn’t help but feel bad for Bakugou. Yes, all of them had made mistakes in their own simulation but none of them was knocked down as harshly as what happened to him.

Ochako shared her classmate’s sentiment when Izu-kun reported that he finished with Bakugou. That was too fast, and Izu-kun wasn’t kidding about not using his powerful Quirk to subdue Bakugou. She couldn’t disagree using it on human was a bad idea though, Bakugou-kun was a jerk but he didn’t deserve to be incinerated by Izu-kun’s flame.

“Are you okay?” He sounded a bit upset so Ochako was worried.

“I am fine, stay focused at task Chako-san.”  

Right, but it was easy for Ochako to find Iida-kun. She was standing outside the window, using her Quirk to float her up. It was a bit scary but thankfully there was a wide enough foothold near the window. The prim boy was moving like a busy bee, oblivious of what had befall his partner. Ochako couldn’t blame him for thinking Bakugou was just prowling downstair like a starving and angry pomeranian minus the cuteness.

In the other hand- ‘So cute…’ Iida-kun was so adorably sincere and hardworking, in between his back and forth he even practiced his villain’s monologue seriously.

“Heroes, you have come! Ha ha ha ha ha!” He laughed out loud, “No, that’s not quite right- maybe evil cackle would be better! Kufufu fu fu… yeap, that’s more evil like!”  

‘Calm down Ochako, don’t laugh at Iida-kun’s strange laugh - wait for him to go and grab the bomb when you can.’ He left and Ochako quickly rushed to go in. She was half-way towards the bomb when a loud voice stopped her.

“Ah! You-” Iida-kun came back sooner than she expected, and faster than she could react he had grabbed the fake bomb and run with it. His turbo legs were really amazing. “Heroes- you have come! Ku fu fu fu! Welcome to our humble lair!”

He would look more villain like if he wasn’t hugging a giant rocket, but he just looked silly because Ochako couldn’t see him from behind that bomb.

“Pfft! The rocket is talking!”

“Don’t laugh! Just fight me!”

Ochako grinned and she rushed towards the pile of miscellaneous objects Iida never managed to clean up. Then she threw them, yelling. “You gotta let go of the bomb soon! Iida-kuuun!”


And their tag game began.

His radio cracked with static before Ochako’s voice came in. “Iida-kun take the bomb away before I got it! Sorry, Izu-kun.” That was fine, and Ochako sounded calm even though they didn’t get the easy win.

“That’s fine.” He was one floor below them, and Iida due to his spring cleaning didn’t touch the emergency stairs at all. “Just keep him occupied, Iida-kun knows if you touch him- he is toast.” Speed based Quirk require skillful control, and losing the feeling of gravity pull would mess with that. Especially since Iida’s engine was located on his calf.  

“Roger that!”

Izuku sighed as he stared down the bracers he looted from Bakugou. “You’re smart enough to store your sweat for extra ammunition and protect your arm from recoil and yet…” He fell to such a basic tactic. “So this is how you activate it? Hm…” He had taken it on impulse and in case of Bakugou waking up earlier. He started rummaging his tool box, “Senku add some supplies for simple smoke screen… let’s add some of it.”  

He craned his neck and waited, “Chako-san.” He called, from where you’re facing Iida-kun- try to draw him to left corner! Also hit all the ball I am sending you!”

“Eh? Sure! I have enough ammunition to do that!”  

And Izuku could feel Iida’s presence, which was like the hum of working engine moved to the spot he wanted. On his mind he thanked the blurry image of blond baby in army uniform for teaching him about trap and delivering sass.


Ochako was tired, just a few minutes of constant movement against Iida’s super speed ran her stamina down quickly. It looked so easy on TV for heroes to fight against other human, but in reality even catching breath was hard. It was good Izu-kun had suggested her to practice her aim since she moved to the dorm, so she could throw lightened desk to corner Iida-kun to desired spot in one hand and-


“What was that?” Wondered Iida-kun when three metalic balls were thrown from outside.

“Homerun!” Yelled Ochako as she used a plank to bat all the ball towards Iida-kun. The content broke open mid-air and a thick smoke burst forward after a small crackle.


And the room was filled with the smoke and Ochako could hear Iida-kun’s yell of distress. “Uwwoooh!” She couldn’t see what happened to Iida-kun but there was sound of his armor crashing to the floor. “Where did you come from? I have to blow this smoke away, Recipr-”

Thankfully the smoke lowered and Ochako used her Quirk on herself and lunged for the towering bomb. “Retrieved!” Oh- the feel of cold metal- no- paper on her face felt good!

“AAAH!” The smoke was cleared, revealing the form of Iida-kun who was pinned to the floor by Izu-kun. “The BOOOMB!!!”

Izu-kun was holding a roll of capture tape in one hand, wincing at Iida-kun’s yell. “Iida-kun, no need to yell.”

“Kufufu fu fu… it’s our defeat, heeero! Well done!” They were done and IIda-kun still acting, he must be enjoying the role playing a bit too much.

Izu-kun froze and stared at armored Iida-kun as if he had grown second head.  Then he burst to laughter, “PFFT!” Iida-kun’s evil laugh was funny but there was no reason for Izu-kun to roll on the floor like that.

“Ha ha haha- Kufufu? Ha ha ha…” He was banging his fist on the floor and holding his sides on the other. “Ha ha ha… Iida-kun you… do you like pineapple?”

“Heh?” Iida-kun was obviously confused, “I don’t mind the sour taste if I eat it together with chocolate.” He answered honestly.

“Choco?!!!” For some reason, Iida-kun’s answer send Izu-kun even further to land of laughter. “Ha ha ha!! You’re killing me- for Trinisette’s sake… what’s the odd?! Pineapple- chocho...Kufufu…”

What was Trinisette? Was that English?

“Hero team wins! Erm… Young Midoriya, are you alright?” All Might chose that moment to interrupt with his announcement

He wasn’t, he was convulsing on the floor and didn’t have breath left to respond. He was nodding enthusiastically, which was totally unconvincing as he started to wheeze. “Ha ha… I can’t-”

“Erm, Midoriya-kun…” Iida-kun called. “Are you really?”

“Give me… ten seconds-ten… no fifteen.”

Well then, this certainly not how Ochako imagined their first epic battle would end.

At least Izu-kun was fine enough to walk all the way down on his own. By the way, Ochako almost forgot about Bakugou and they had to come back for him. Fortunately- Bakugou didn’t wake up yet- it would be so scary if he do later… Izu-kun had the gall to strap the two bracers back on unconscious Bakugou, as if the video didn’t catch him looting them from the other boy.


“Well- since Bakugou got knocked out we figured Midoriya and Uraraka will win.” Decided Serou, “Still- for Midoriya to lead both Iida and Bakugou by their nose is very…”

Ashido finished, “Creepy, in a good way. How did he know all of these? He got hidden eyes Quirk or something so he can spy on Iida and Bakugou all the time?”

Shouto suspected that sometimes, “He is just too observant.” Unfortunately that was the simple truth.

Ojiro was nodding sagely, “Yeah… hence why he ended up with that damned alias he hates so much.”

Looking at the boy who was laughing so hard he had no breath to spare for talking on the screen, Shouto supposed the alias ‘Mastermind’ wasn’t too off but- Midoriya certainly didn’t act like it.


As soon as both team rendezvous with their class they were showered with compliments but also awkward smiles. “Won’t Bakugou-san need Recovery Girl?” Piped in Yaoyorozu, “I mean- Midoriya-san knock him out and I afraid…”

It looked easy in movies, just a tap on the head and they fell down. In reality however, you will often not hit hard enough, and pissed your would be victim off, or you'll hit them hard enough that they suffer an open head trauma, which probably going to kill someone by accident.

Shiro scoffed, “No worries… Izu is an expert, if he hit hard to make people faint with head trauma all the time… prison would be full of brain damaged criminals by now.”

“Shiro!” Izuku hissed, scandalized. “Uhm… but yes, I didn’t hit him hard.” He assured them, “My Quirk makes me very familiar with pressure point and the likes, If you’re unsure… Recovery Girl can check him for such injury.”

Yaoyorozu looked guilty, “I am sorry, it’s just…”

‘Knocking people out by force is dangerous’ That was the lesson all martial arts teacher shared with her on the subject.

“You’re right on that, so yeah- unless you’re Izu I don’t recommend trying to knock someone out with hitting their head.” Added Ojiro with a shrug. “Bakugou will wake up soon anyway.”

AS if on cue, Bakugou woke up. “DEKU!”


Katsuki heard Ojiro’s remark and chose that moment to wake up, eyes blazing as he jumped to his feet. “DEKU! You… you knock me out!” He was rubbing the back of his head, hecking for injury. “What the fuck, who give you the right to-” Not even him dared to do such thing.  

Do not do it, and his teacher once suggested using Katsuki’s Quirk to shock them to dead faint was perhaps saver. And Deku just-

“I didn’t give you a brain damage.” Denied Deku, rolling his eyes. “Are you dizzy? Do you feel any pain? Your ears ringing? Nausea?”

Of course Katsuki himself knew the sign of concussion, he didn’t need Deku’s stupid question. And he found himself- feeling quite well- no ringing ears, a bit disoriented but not so much, and there’s no headache either.


When he puzzled over his condition the extras and All Might had went on with the review.

The ponytail was merciless, “Bakugou-san is obviously the worst participant, not only he is driven by personal grudge against Midoriya-san. He tried to ambush someone we all have been informed to have tracking ability, attempted a large scale attack but fortunately stopped before you could get carried away that far…”

What could Katsuki say to that, she wasn’t insulting him- she was stating the truth. Katsuki hunted down Deku to settle their personal tiff, and forgetting the goal of All Might’s lesson.

“Uraraka-san did pretty well when her plan didn’t go through, but her attack against Iida-san is quite reckless considering he is holding the bomb.”

“I am to blame for that, I ask her to keep Iida-kun occupied. I failed to give more specific instruction on that.” Deku piped in with a sigh.

Round face shook her head frantically, “I should have known that! I mean, Iida-kun is holding a dangerous object and I just throw desk and chair at him without thinking! If it’s not Iida-kun, I might hit the fake bomb by accident.”

“It’s good you know your mistakes and acknowledge it.” Boomed All Might’s voice. “How about Iida-kun?”

The one who answered that was Ponytail again, “Iida-san did very well, he is the one who have it the roughest in this exercise… Bakugou-san left him by himself without any strategy discussion so he has to make the best of it by himself. Midoriya-san predicted he would clean up the room so Uraraka-san sneak up on him in mid of it- yet he is quick to recover from that.”

Turbo legs looked very flattered by the compliment.

“Well- in real life you can’t grab nuclear weapon and run with it.” Said crazier hair from support dept. “Just so you guys know, if it’s real- it shouldn’t be carried around like Teddy Bear like Iida did.”

And Turbo legs deflated as quickly.

“I am not sure what to criticize about Midoriya-san but…” Ponytail trailed off, “He has the situation under control from start to finish. Even knocking out Bakugou-san is proven not something he did recklessly, and if the mission is real… it’s the best option because there there could be civilians around and could fall victim to the explosion. Though… maybe wrapping Bakugou-san like a burito is a bit...”

Tape elbow interjected, “Yaoyorozu… with how wild Bakugou acted around Midoriya, I can’t blame the guy for making sure even if he wake up he won’t try anything funny.”

How so like Deku to not even think Katsuki had enough dignity to step down when he lost. ‘ I didn’t win this battle, and there are stronger people in this class than me… how dare he think I am so stupid and blind to not see that!’

He would get stronger, and next time- no amount of planning would save Deku from defeat.

  U.A (Main Building)

He won against Bakugou- against Katchan. Izuku should feel happy and proud of himself, but nothing. Winning couldn’t make him feel joy, and Izuku hated himself a bit for it. He looked to the side, where the sky had darkened and he could see his reflection. Unsmiling, eyes deep set with determination. He slipped slightly to artificial calm and resolve that was Hyper Dying will mode, eyes blazing.

‘In this age… they don’t need a hero like Vongola.’    

A blur on the corner of his eyes caught his attention, it was All Might. The newbie teacher had just caught a student from leaving, and of all people it was Bakugou. Izuku had escaped from class as soon as he could, unwilling to answer curiosity of his classmates of his victory against the explosive boy. So Bakugou shared the same sentiment, tired and wishing to get away.

“All Might I-”

“I need to tell you something Young Bakugou! Do not lose your spirit!”

Bakugou was obviously not in the mood to talk but All Might had him in iron grip by his shoulders, “Fuck, can you just let me go-” He stopped mid-sentence, spotting Izuku watching the spectacle by the entrance door. “Deku.”

“I will make myself scram to give you privacy.” Izuku offered meekly.

“What’s with that face?!” Bakugou suddenly roared, and All Might let go of him. “You WON against me, and you don’t even fucking care!!!”

Izuku drawn in blank, “Care…” He trailed off, “Of what?”

“I don’t know! Gloat a bit! Show that defeating mean something for your nerdy ass!”

“Good grades?”


Izuku blinked at him. “Oh- your habit of starting with right big swing?”


He clamped his mouth shut before he could go on rant about another dozen of habit and tells of Bakugou Katsuki. The boy didn’t need to know how much Izuku know about him, hyper intuition or not. “Uuuh…”

“Deku…” He hissed, “I am pissed I lost, that Half and Half is so strong- and I can’t deny anything Ponytail and Tail-bastard say about our battle… but worst of all…” Bakugou’s voice was shaking.

He was holding back tears.

“You don’t act like it mean anything…” He finished, choking back a sob. “I am so fucking hate you right now.” His words was as harsh and unforgiving as usual but Izuku couldn’t feel the heat and malice.

Bakugou was right, Izuku…

‘He never smile in battle…’

‘He swings his fist as if he is praying…’

‘A person who detest conflict, for someone like you… victory taste like ash…’

‘You can’t reach your goal without winning, and yet- for each battle you won- you only wish for an end.’

“I… have not dreaming to be a hero for a long time.” He uttered with a wan smile, “Maybe that’s why… victory, rivalry, pride… all of those become nothing to me.”

Bakugou’s eyes were wide in shock, as if Izuku just told him the earth was flat and Martian will migrate. “Deku’s dream is to be a hero, you’re not Deku…” He hissed. “Deku can’t just- but you’re here! You WANT to be a hero.”

“If our first day is anything to go by, do I look like I do my hero duties with smile on my face?” Izuku asked petulantly, “I am here because I need hero license but I don’t want to be a pro hero anymore, competing for popularity, saving people for commission… I don’t wish to be a part of that like you.”

The blond looked startled by his words.

“Not all hero is like All Might who donated 90% of his earning to charity and walk during his off day in cheap white shirt and jeans!”

All Might flushed red, “It’s durable and stretchy!”

“He don’t even own any other suit than that obnoxious orange!”

“I have more than one! I swear, but- well- same model but I still have more than one!”

“His grocery includes cereal and discount vegetable!”

“It’s cheap and taste the same-” All Might added meekly. “Wait- why are you revealing my grocery?!”

Izuku was panting now, “So yes, I am not interested in being a better hero than you! I didn’t see why I should compete and lord my victory over you! I despise being a pro hero, I just want to save people- I wish I don’t need a license for it!”

Bakugou’s expression was locked in wide eyed look, stunned by Izuku’s confession.

“If that’s all, I am leaving!” Izuku huffed, he had gone from lethargic to furious in short span of time.


“Now what?!” He snapped back. “I am not on your way, go win the popularity poll- I won’t be there-”

Bakugou pointed at him, “I will show you… I will be number one hero that surpass even All Might, and then! You would be there, fighting me for my top spot.”

“I just said-”

“I will be a hero so good in everything- more than you could ever be and you will want to be better than ME!”

And with that statement, Bakugou ran to U.A’s entrance, shooting murderous glare at his back. As soon as he was out of sight Izuku groaned, and face-palmed. “The world doesn’t revolve around you…”

“Young Midoriya?” Wonderful… they forgot All Might was still around. “Are you alright?”

Izuku was sobbing now, there was no way Bakugou would get out of his life. And for nine years Bakugou wanted him out, and it was the other way around now. So Izuku pointedly ignore All Might’s inquiry, and shouted to the sky above.

“I just wish for peaceful retirement!
Not an epic rivalry out of Shounen Jump! DAMN IT!”

Chapter Text

In the age of heroic, it was almost forgotten that their world also experienced the era of social media. It was a side effect of population idolizing heroes, and the heroes themselves need to promote their image to society. In the same intangible universe of internet, villains weren’t behind in taking advantage of social media.

Whether it was to find like minded comrades, or looking for job in the dark side of the net. There was also no shortage of information broker online, it was no different than offline as long as everyone knew where to look.

That was how they found that blog.

It was an unassuming blog, with clean layout that mostly orange and mint in colour. There was no private information whatsoever about the creator, just a review posted on latest hero in action complete with video and image. The review was detailed, and instead of fawning rant or condescending critique found everywhere else the blogger was systematically dissecting Quirk mastery and strategy on both side without bias.

Then at some point he even posted a reflection essay of discriminating status in current society due to hero system and Quirks. The blogger stated that society was blinded by these titles. It asked the readers to broaden their worldview, to rethink what define a hero, villain and civilian.

Heroes weren’t the paragon of justice for their whole life, each of them have their ideology and their fault. The definition of hero nowadays had shifted from great figure who had done noble deed to individuals who had license to use their Quirk to fight villain and rescue civilians. Could you put all pro heroes who was paid by commission to save people under the same definition of hero in the past?

It was a misconception that all villains were cut from the same cloth and ultimate evil existence hero had to defeat. It was injustice on itself to assume all of them become one to bring suffering to civilian for their own gain. Could you call a hungry homeless child a villain for stealing a bread? Had the definition of villain, criminals in society also changed drastically?

Do you believe civilians are background character in epic rivalry between heroes and villain, . Was that why children in their tender age dream to be a hero? Centuries ago, the one who bring humanity to age of enlightenment were scientists, they were civilians by definition of this era but they were also a hero on their own right.

How long would they be blindsided by these limiting address? Wasn’t this the very reason humanity was standing still since Quirk emerged? Super power we are blessed with should serve as tool to advance and yet we became content in our very own cage that was earth, forgetting the thirst to advance as a race even without super power.
One day, the world hopefully become an utopia where we don’t need heroes anymore.

That short reflection swept through them like a tidal wave. An outlier considering the society of this era, you’re either on hero’s side or villain’s. This blogger however was hell bent on not touching the morality or ideology behind hero vs villain. This deviating of a blogger drew attention to them like bee to fragrant flower.

Then the blogger started to accept request for Quirk consultation, offering advice to improve your Quirk and new way to utilize it. Villains started to take notes by then, watching mindless fans heaping request after request. Whoever the blogger was, they were resourceful, methodical and efficient.

It didn’t take long before someone from their side was stupid enough to give in to temptation and followed the mindless crowd. Somehow the blogger felt something amiss with that particular request, and the villain side watched in horror when the blog was shut down swiftly two days later.

An unspoken rule had been broken, the blogger might not care of hero and villain role in society but getting dragged into the rivalry was another matter entirely.

As the blog was no more, another name was whispered from one ear to another to refer to the legendary but transient existence.


A term in theosophy that introduced in the late of 19th centuries as indestructible tablets of the astral light, recording both the past and future of human thought and action. A treasure trove of knowledge that shouldn’t be touched by humanity.

Nobody knew who started addressing the unknown as Akasha, or why the term felt so fitting. Some started to theorize the mystery man himself was the one coining the alias. Akasha was a sanskrit word for ‘aether’ or atmosphere, but also refer to..

The Sky

After all, heroes, villains and civilians in spite of their different role in society all lives under the same all encompassing sky.

Somewhere Unknown 

“There’s a possibility that… the golden egg Heroes aliased as ‘Mastermind’ and ‘Akasha’ are the same person?”

The mass of dark miss who was appropriately named Kurogiri winced at the fifth glass his charge disintegrate for this week alone. “Shigaraki Tomura… control that awful temper of yours.” The pale skinned teen covered in disembodied hands had been in foul mood by the news of All Might becoming a teacher, but his Master made him drop another bomb to Shigaraki.

The teen was groaning, scratching his dry skin restlessly. “That cannot be… Akasha is different, They are a wild card NPC! You know… super important background character, Akasha can’t side with dirty heroes…”

It was no secret to both Kurogiri and ‘ Sensei’ that Shigaraki was enamored by Akasha’s existence. The essay itself already made the unstable teen thinking, mind whirling with unquenched curiosity. The last line captured him like sun pitchers, losing footing and swiftly drowning in deadly nectar within.     

Akasha called the world without heroes as Utopia, and Shigaraki had taken that to heart without reading further to its double meaning. He was an intelligent child, scarily so especially under tutelage of their master. However- Shigaraki was never taught wisdom and trapped in his own world. It made the boy easy to manipulate, exactly what they needed to make sure he would stay on this path set for him before he grew his own wings.

“It’s conjecture.” Kurogiri offered, “We have no proof, aside from some major cases… the way heroes operate have similar thinking and style as Akasha.”

Quick and decisive without fanfare.

“Hmph!” Shigaraki scoffed like a petulant child, “So heroes start to get smarter… so what?”

“Shigaraki Tomura…”

“If… if Akasha is taken by the heroes, I will just take them back like a villain I am! Heroes don’t deserve a key NPC like them..”

Kurogiri’s eyes narrow, a slit of yellow on the mass of dark mist. “Very well… as our Master wish, our target is All Might and- the Mastermind.”


UA Training Ground X

“ACHOO!!!” Joined sneeze filled the silence in the morning, and both of them sniffed.

All Might in his real form looked up, sniffing. “Young Midoriya, I heard your sneeze! Are you alright up there?” He had been asked by Nezu to oversee Midoriya’s morning routine, other teacher got their turn and today was his.

The boy was not normal indeed, and this was All Might talking. He had his own harsh training regime to make himself a fitting vessel when he was young, but Young Midoriya’s menu was insane.

He did some normal exercise but from time to time, the boy would ask his friend to make obstacle course for him to train with. It would be no problem usually but they were rigged with deadly trap- almost deadly because of Nezu’s interference. All Might wondered what prompted the young boy to train in environment that rain bullets - rubber one now- pitfall - no spikes- , and occasional gigantic hammer flying out of nowhere.

All Nezu get from the boy was- if his training wasn’t deadly- it won’t be effective for him. DYING will flame, the offensive facet of the boy’s Quirk was dangerously demanding.

It that wasn’t enough on the list of oddities, the boy now had changed his training to extreme cliff climbing regime. Why it was so extreme? The boy was so high up there, he couldn’t hear All Might anymore.  

Toshinori  buffed himself up and jumped, catching up with the boy who was sprawling on the top of the cliff before deflating to his skeletal form again. “Young Midoriya… what’s the purpose of this exercise?”

The boy pried one eye open at him, “It helps with my endurance and control I guess… the world told me what to do and I follow.” He paused before adding, “I try not to question the world really…”

The blond scratched the back of his head at that, “Hm… Nighteye’s Quirk is clairvoyance type too but it’s nowhere as complicated as yours.”

“...Foresight hm…” All Might had been kind enough to enlighten him about Nighteye’s Quirk.

“Are all these training necessary to make your Quirk stronger?” Asked All Might again.

Young Midoriya turned towards him. “Hm… not exactly, I am basically strengthening my body so I can use more of my power. Due to the nature of my power-  I don’t have to make it stronger… my limit is determined by the capacity of my body.”

How alike to One for All, Toshinori couldn’t help but think. Whatever Midoriya Quirk was, it should be very compatible with One for All.

“After watching Todoroki-kun’s match with Shiro I can’t help but think… Ice is really useful.” He said wistfully. “Especially in capture, and area control…” The boy wasn’t talking to Toshinori, he was mumbling about versatility of Quirk like ice.

Toshinori didn’t mind, the boy was like this to everyone. For all spaciness and quirky behavior, he had the making of an ideal hero. He had the heart who yearn to help others, without care of glory it brought him. He was also stupendously powerful and yet not overly reliant to his Quirk. Pro Heroes respected him for his intellect and drawn to his unique charisma and wisdom that didn’t match his age.  

Then there’s his Quirk, the world itself guiding his hands to help people in need.

Of course, that perfection was an illusion- just like All Might he crafted. He wasn’t a natural born hero with powerful Quirk or infallible.

“I only wish for a peaceful retirement!!!”

He couldn’t get what Young Midoriya’s problem though, the boy was just fifteen- not even half of Toshinori’s age and already wanting to retire.

‘Sigh… I can always dream the boy admire me enough to accept my legacy, right?’

“Hmph!” THe boy let out an annoyed huff out of nowhere, startling Toshinori out of his thought.

“Young Midoriya?”

He was glaring at the sky balefully. “Today is going to be awful… I have a bad feeling.”


Stupid world of heroes!!! Tone down the drama in the morning!”

What does the world had ever done to you, Young Midoriya?

When Toshinori saw the crowd of press one hour later in front of UA’s gate with microphone and camera out for blood, he started to understand Young Midoriya’s sentiment.
This was too much for the morning.  

UA's Main Gate, 8AM 

Shouta would never said it, but he was quite thankful of resourcefulness of biggest problem child in his class. For who knows why before sunrise, the whole class 1-A got a message to use the less conspicuous entrance to U.A on the East side complete with map to guide them there. Midoriya’s Quirk informed the boy about the incoming horde of land-sharks known as reporters, and majority of his class escaped the blockage following Midoriya’s advice.  

It was surprising all of them followed his advice when the boy didn’t specify why they should take another entrance. Even Todoroki, the most aloof in his class also came in through the other door. Shouta had pegged the boy as the type who didn’t trust others so easily unlike Uraraka or Kirishima, then again since the start of the year Midoriya had been paying the boy extra attention for some reason.  

Their problem child was the charismatic type who made people follow him blindly if Ojiro and his gang was anything to go by. It was a big problem for a student to be so magnetic this early, easier to get in trouble. Speaking of trouble…

Bakugou unsurprisingly didn’t get the memo, he should have seen the crowd and get why Midoriya told them to take another route and yet… the boy insisted to go through the main door as usual.

“You’re from Hero Course, right?”

“How does it feels, learning under the number one hero?”

“Wait, you’re the boy with powerful Quirk Sluge Villain hold hostage!”

“Your savior is still a mystery, but do you think it’s connected to All Might?”

“Say hi to our viewers!”

As always, the reporters were lacking in self-preservation if they didn’t see Bakugou was a ticking time bomb. Shouta decided to save their sorry ass and hauled Bakugou inside with his capture weapon.

“Our students are under age… you can’t interview them without permission from their guardians.” He reminded them of existence of law protecting minors the reporters thought didn’t apply to hero in training. “Now, please leave…. You’re overstaying your welcome. Shoo!” And closed the massive gate of U.A on their face.

He turned to his problem child number two, “Didn’t Midoriya send all of you a message to take the other door?”

Bakugou grumbled, “I am not going to listen that Nerd’s suggestion!”

Shouta sighed, “Normally… I will say that’s fine, he is your classmates not your teacher. However… in the future, if Midoriya made everyone do something- you better follow it to the letter. He has a very convenient Quirk where following his instruction makes perfect sense… as you can see yourself.” He had heard stories of heroes not heeding the boy’s random warning, the result was often not pretty. It was unspoken rule that whatever the boy warned you about, heed it and worry how it make sense later.

The boy opened his mouth to protest before clamping it shut, as much as he hated Midoriya- he couldn’t deny Shouta had a point after he was smothered by reporters.

Kan looked annoyed, “All of my students got stuck because of those damned reporters! How come there’s only one of yours here?” He had to drag a particularly chatty copycat of his class out of a reporter’s grasp, it didn’t help the boy ranted about the unfairness of Class A getting All Might’s class first and more recommended students.

Seriously, it got nothing to do with favoritism.

“...We have a convenient walking alarm for this kind of thing.”  

“Oh, Midoriya?” Kan asked and Shouta nodded, “Keep the alarm to yourself then.”


As soon as Bakugou entered his classroom, barely make it to his first class before Aizawa -who was still patrolling outside- a lot of his classmates were laughing openly at him. The greatest offenders were Sero and Kirishima.

“I told you, he won’t listen to Midoriya’s email!”

“Ha ha ha ha, I saw you on TV!” Kirishima added, holding up his phone. He was watching the broadcast live. “Your face was amazing when that reporter asked you about Sludge Villain!”

“SHUT UP!!!” Bakugou growled, “Why are you even listening to Deku anyway?! He didn’t say why we got to take another door!!!”

The whole class looked at him as if he was stupid, “Even if we don’t get why, isn’t it obvious when you saw that huge crowd on the way to school?” Pointed out Asui stoically, pointing with her overly long digit at general direction of their entrance gate.

“Anyone would take one eighty after looking at that given the chance.” Added Shoji, shuddering at the image of traversing that swarm with his huge body.  “Who wouldn’t?”

“Bakugou apparently.” Added Jirou, “Seriously, Midoriya show us there’s another entrance and you still want to face that crowd?”

Bakugou didn’t answer.

Somebody did, “You think you will be fine and the reporters will part like red sea if you ignore them.” It was Midoriya, and he had an amazing annoyed face on. Which was one eighty than his usual genial expression. He had come first to class as usual and they had forgotten he was already there since he was so silent and glaring at the direction of entrance gate for who knows why. “I am glad Aizawa-sensei pulled you inside, you’re an UA student now and in hero course… think before you yell about killing or cursing on camera.”

“Ugh-” Bakugou looked like he really wanted to protest, but Midoriya nailed him. “I know already Nerd! Che!”

Midoriya sighed, “Anyway… on behalf of Principal, I’d like to warn all of you to not answer to the reporters. They have no permission to interview you without permission, that’s illegal. Get a teacher if they’re too insistent and don’t deal with them on your own.” He said in tired tone.

“Hai.” Majority of their class answered, voices overlapping with each other.

Satisfied by their answer, the verdant eyed boy made his way to his seat between Todoroki and Yaoyorozu.

“Good Morning, Midoriya-san. Thank you for the warning.”

“You’re welcome.”

Todoroki simply gave the other boy an incline of his head before asking. “You looks exhausted, another mission?”

“Nothing of that sort.” Midoriya answered Todoroki. “Some of Class 1-B students got caught by the reporters and one of them said some incriminating things, Principal Nezu wanted Futaba to make sure his careless remark didn’t get exaggerated on media.” Hence- monitoring what media says about certain Monoma Neito.

It was definitely not a good morning for UA or one Midoriya Izuku.

Their beloved homeroom teacher made the roll call and had the gall to replace his name with ‘Problem Child’ and he almost answered to that. “I am not answering to that, but yes, Midoriya Izuku is present.”

Aizawa-sensei snorted, “At least this bad morning didn’t make you lost focus… never mind the roll call.” He marked down the rest of the list. “I saw every seats filled anyway, all present… so let’s move on to the more urgent matter. First… your evaluation from foundational hero study.” Aizawa-sensei handed out their marks and evaluations for All Might’s class.

Izuku hummed at the score on the top corner of the sheet. He had an A, which was expected considering the clean operation he managed the day before. The evaluation itself wasn’t so different from discussion they had amongst students, with more details and organized in pointing out good and bad points.

‘Hm… all in all, my field experience really helps. Though… according to All Might there’s nothing wrong with dramatic fight to inspire others.’ As if, he’d rather be efficient any day. ‘I certainly won’t fight to promote pro-hero as the best profession like All Might.’

“As expected of Midoriya-san.” Yaoyorozu had a B, which was impressive considering how unlucky she was with her simulation. Then again luck was part of skill, some would say.

Todoroki had the same grade as Izuku, an A. “What does being more inspirational means?” And also had similar critiques.

“Basically our strategies aren’t exciting to watch.” They were both aiming for efficiency, if all went according to their plan the result wasn’t very heroic. Todoroki would just waltz in to retrieve the weapon while his opponents got stuck. Izuku would have Ochako retrieve the bomb while Iida was busy next door.

“I see…” Todoroki nodded to himself, but his expression said he didn’t really get what Izuku mean.

Aizawa once again call for their attention, the class was getting rowdy about their grades. “Discuss your grade latter. Let’s move on to the more important matter.”  

What could be so important? ‘ Also… see how you make the whole class restless, threatening kids all the time is counterproductive, see?’ Never mind that in his previous life, his tutors all threatened him and went through with it.

“You guys need a class rep and vice-rep.” Aizawa-sensei droned in dull tone, and the whole class deflated from their tension.

“So normal!”

“I thought we’re in danger of expulsion again!”

“So we’re just choosing class rep! Sweet, I am nominating myself!”  Said Kirishima, raising his hand.

This was a strange sight, for everyone to rush nominating themselves like a pack of starving puppies begging for treats. Kirishima said he was going to promote manliness, Bakugou flat out giving an ultimatum, and Ashido was going to make class fun all year around. Then there’s Mineta… he was about to say something about skirt’s length.

“What was that?” Izuku wondered out loud.


Iida rose from his seat, “I say, we shall abide by democracy and vote for our class rep!”

That wasn’t going to work in hero course where everyone wanted to be on spotlight. Though… Izuku wondered if they realized the duty of class rep was pretty lackluster, even if this was the hero course their list of duty wasn’t anything glorious. With someone like Eraserhead as their homeroom teacher the position was basically the pair Aizawa got to keep the class in line while he catch a nap.

Asui thankfully voiced his thought to everyone, “We just know each other for a few days… ribbit. Voting is how class reps is usually decided but… we will just vote for ourselves.”

“That’s right!” Agreed Ashido and Kirishima, these two were in tune with each other.

Aizawa yawned, “I don’t care how you do it, just get someone to do it.” He cleared his throat. “I’d like to sleep but Nezu-Kochou told me not to until you do, so hurry up!”

So sleep was more important than your class?

“Let me make it easy for you… imagine you guys are stuck in the middle of nowhere and being hunted by villains, who do you think in this class will lead you out of that situation alive? Now, point at that person.”

Bakugou predictably pointed at himself, yelling about busting everyone’s ass.

Majority of the class however turned to Izuku like sunflower towards the sun and point their finger at him. Izuku himself was pointing at… Yaoyorozu, who was pointing at him.  

Eraserhead grinned, “Well, I know this will happen.”

Bakugou exploded, “WHY?! Why the fuck all of you are pointing at Deku?!”

Kirishima was smiling sheepishly, “Well… Midoriya is the guy you can rely on to save your ass.”

“He is the one with most experience in class, ribbit.” Said Asui, the voice of reason.  

“Also, if you’re to lead… you will blast us together with our enemies or something.” Added Sero.   


Izuku had a headache, “I respectfully decline, I can’t be the class rep.”

Of all people, the one protesting was unexpectedly Bakugou. “SHITTY DEKU! How dare you! Everyone choose you, YOU WIN! So take the fucking position and-”

“I would be called at random time without warning for mission, and other duties as scholarship student. I have no time for class rep’s job too.” He told them, rubbing his aching temple. “I am sorry, but it’s just impossible… especially considering my retirement plan.”

The class became silent for a brief moment before they expressed their confusion. “Your… what?”

Shiro as always was ready to back Izuku up, “Basically Izu is too busy for another extra job.” As if he wasn’t pointing at Izuku himself.  

Kirishima oh-ed before smiling sheepishly, “Sorry man… I don’t know you’re super busy.”

“It’s just you seem super reliable for this kind of thing.”

Right, that was sky charisma at work. Please ignore it.

“Midoriya, since you’re making this more complicated- at least have the decency to lead the election.” Their homeroom teacher said before taking a seat in the corner. “Like now , I need my sleep.”

You still tried to get out of this mess in the end! With no choice, Izuku walked to the whiteboard and unplugged a marker. “Let’s go with Iida-kun’s suggestion.” The engine hero in training perked up at that, “However… taking what Asui-san said to account, we will nominate candidates first. No one can nominate themselves… we will try to narrow it down to a pair. If there’s more than one person holding same number of vote we will vote again for those selected candidates alone.” Izuku elaborated the simplest procedure he can think of. “Agreed?”

Kirishima and several others nodded in agreement. “Eh- you’re really good at this.”

“Let’s get this over with, start from Aoyama-san.” Who had seat number 1.

“I can’t vote for my sparkly-self?”

“No Aoyama-san.”

The fake French-boy turned around to see the rest of his classmate before deciding. “Hm… I will pick Asui-san then.”

“Okay, next-”

Hopefully they could pick a good pair of representative by the end of this. Unsurprisingly, Bakugou vehemently refused to pick anyone. Which was fine for Izuku, and Kouda wanted to elect Natsu- which was totally not fine when others followed suit.

“Okay! Let’s just pick female and male rep!”

Unsurprisingly, it was easy to get representative from girls as majority voted for Yaoyorozu but the boy’s side was still undecided.

“Let’s just jan ken pon!” Sero suggested.

“I am good at Jan ken pon!” Cheered Mineta.

“Mee too.” Added Kaminari.

Izuku was ticked now, they definitely not taking this seriously or rather forgetting what the job of leading the class mean. It wasn’t glorious, but he’d rather not have people calling it quits. “Fine, Iida-kun! I entrust you the role of temporary class rep for boys.”

Iida stood for attention. “ME?!”

“Iida-kun display excellent adaptability in our simulation, he is also the type who will take the job seriously. So yes, just accept the position on probation… to be fair- both Yaoyorozu-san and you will do the job for a week and the whole class will see if you’re the right fit for the job.”

The boy looked over the moon before bowing in sharp angle at Izuku, he almost ram his head to his desk. “I will do my best to not disappoint you all.”

“Deku! Are you saying I can’t do a good job?”

Izuku wondered by his childhood friend even argued on this, “I can trust you to explode almost anything out there, but not for attending committee meeting and doing paperwork for class.”

Bakugou had a shocked look on his face, “Meeting? Paperworks?” He echoed, “Whatever, I don’t want the shitty job.”

Izuku could feel a vein throbbing in his temple as he watched not one or two but majority of his classmates breathed a sigh of relief. They didn’t think as far as what the actual job contained when nominating themselves. ‘Why, you… bunch of impulsive teenagers!’ Then again if they weren’t impulsive to certain degree, they won’t be here.

Would be a nice surprise for all of them once their internship started, heroic duty wasn’t heroic all the time.

“We’re done.” Izuku turned to Aizawa-sensei expectantly.

Aizawa was beaming, the sadist. “Well done, problem child. You really have a gift in managing the unmanageable.”

It wasn’t a gift, just two lifetime experience managing a mafia family. A rowdy class of hero in training got nothing on Vongola  family’s level of chaos.


Lunch Break

Shouto was pretty annoyed by the commotion this morning, first with the reporters- thankfully he didn’t have to deal with them. Then out of nowhere their teacher announced representatives election, and decided he didn’t want to deal with it. His boisterous classmates rose to a new level of rowdiness, acting ridiculous in general.

Not all of them even have the sense of responsibility, from little he knew about them…. The one who could do the job properly without fooling around were Midoriya, Yaoyorozu, Iida, and perhaps Asui.

Unsurprisingly by majority they chose Midoriya in the end, it was quite amusing to see Midoriya who was pointing at Yaoyorozu so flustered by everyone’s finger directed at him including Shouto’s. The boy declined and ended up taking charge of the election on Aizawa-sensei’s behalf. They went in circle until Midoriya put his foot down, and they ended up with thankfully a capable pair of Iida and Yaoyorozu.

Bakugou was unconsolable until Midoriya reminded him the position of leader in class was more of a chore than glory. The blond was getting on his nerve, he had nothing against the explosive boy at first but he eerily reminding Shouto of Endeavor. Driven to be the best, even though it was obvious he didn’t have what it takes. Bakugou was just more open- louder with his ambition, and his anger ran in blaze for Midoriya he viewed as a rival. Which was thankfully what set Bakugou apart from Endeavor, in some twisted way- the boy was sincere and not hiding his loathing for his rival like Endeavor.

Which would be enough for him to tolerate pseudo-Endeavor in Bakugou, but then- Shouto noticed he was also a target of Bakugou’s unwanted rivalry. Bakugou had been openly glaring with envy at Shouto since he displayed his power yesterday, and the attention was unwelcome.

“Todoroki-kun.” It was Midoriya, who had just finished his meal judging from his tray. Both of them were heading to return tray station it seemed. “If you don’t mind, can we talk somewhere more private?” He asked as placing his tray down.

Shouto nodded, acutely aware of heating gaze of Bakugou from somewhere in cafeteria. “What is it about?”

“Your regulator.” Midoriya answered as they made their way to the hallway leading to their class. Which should be empty during lunch and indeed it was.

“So, what about the regulator? I thought Sakura and Ishigami brought it back with them to support dept?” Shouto asked a bit impatiently.

Midoriya heaved a sigh, “Well, it’s not a good news… but after a bit of discussion last night we think due to how your Quirk works, your body temperature can’t be regulated by machine. At least not with the conventional temperature regulator.”

That surprised Shouto, “How did you come to that conclusion?”

“Well… during your simulation with Shiro and Shoji-kun yesterday, I notice while they’re affected by the cold… they’re fine. Even Shoji-kun who was stuck in ice for a while recover right away after you raise the temperature of the whole building.” His verdant eyes narrowed and Shouto felt very trapped. “And yet… you’re still affected, it’s nothing severe but I presume if Shiro hold you back any longer your body temperature would continue to drop.”

Shouto said nothing to confirm Midoriya’s analysis, his condition yesterday was evident enough.

“Regulator is an external heat source, it tried to do the job but your body… it rejects it.”

“What do you mean my body is rejecting it?”

Midoriya crossed his arms, and Shouto felt like a petulant child who couldn’t understand why he was scolded. “Rejecting perhaps is a strong word, more like it’s not what you body need. The explanation will be long winded if I go to the details, but basically your body is demanding you to use both of your elements equally…”

“That didn’t make any sense, I have been fine for ten-”

Midoriya’s eyes widened in horror, “You… have been crippling your Quirk for ten years?” He sounded like as if Shouto had been mutilating himself, “What have you done to yourself?”

“I am fine-”

“Todoroki-kun… your Quirk is elemental, you should have natural resistance for them. If your resistance is as terrible as we saw yesterday, you’re definitely not fine at all.” Midoriya said exasperatedly. “For Trinisette’s sake…” He face-palmed, sounding even more tired than he was this morning.

Shouto felt irritated now, “Why do you care so much?” They weren’t really friends, no matter how much Shouto respected Midoriya. “It’s my business.”

Midoriya cracked one eye open, peeking between digits covering his face. “Todoroki-kun, I am a hero in training… how can I not care when someone is strangling themselves in front of me?”  

When you put it that way…

“The problem shouldn’t be why I care- but what did you do to yourself. It doesn’t matter how you feel about your Quirks, it’s part of your body and mind… and we all can see the signs of deterioration in you due to imbalance on your right and left side.”

What he was talking about?

“What are you talking about?” Shouto said out loud.

Midoriya once again looked startled Shouto had no idea what he was talking about. “Todoroki-kun… the first sign is your poor resistance to your own element.” He pointed out, “The other is… you’re aloof most of the time, surely you notice on occasion you have hair trigger temper and you will lash out at anyone who catch you on that bad time?”

Several instance of such occasion flashed on his mind, and then he recalled his own mother. The kind mother who lost her self-control and lash out on him . Shouto wanted to get angry at Midoriya for being so logical, for knowing too much. However he was overwhelmed more by fear, dread if he hurt someone… like Endeavor did.

Because he wanted to spite Endeavor, he refused to use his flame. But… if for his own selfish goal he hurt others, wouldn’t he be no different than…


Izuku could see conflict in Todoroki’s heterochromia eyes, his pupils dilated as what Izuku said sank in. He didn’t want to do this, telling the bitter truth of self-harm the boy did to himself. For all power and talent Todoroki Shouto held, he was ultimately just a child. One that had been harmed by his parents, and did stupid things to vent his hatred.

Just like Izuku did back then.

But this was necessary, sooner or later Todoroki had to quit this idiocy. The one who got hurt the most wasn’t Endeavor he hated, but Todoroki himself.

A shiver ran through his spine, jolting his eyes wide as they shimmer to sheen of amber. “This presence…”

“Midoriya?” Todoroki sounded lost, “What-”

“There’s a dangerous… hostile presence nearby from-” Izuku couldn’t believe this, but his Hyper Intuition never lie. “You’re kidding me, an enemy right in our front door?!”

Eeeoooeeeooo, woo-woo-woo

As if on cue, a loud alarm Izuku recognize as one alerting of intruders filled the air. “What is that? Alarm?”

Izuku opened the window, “That’s alarm for intruder.” He pulled out his phone and dial a speed number which was picked up immediately. “Futaba, get the recording from CCTV surrounding our main gate! Don’t let anyone tamper with it and monitor other entrance too! Also- get Master to send some pro hero teacher to main gate, now!”

“Roger that.”

He just put one leg on the window sill when Todoroki stopped him, “Midoriya, where are you going?!” Surely Todoroki wasn’t worrying about jumping off of the second floor, right?


“I am coming with you!”

He had no time to argue, “Sure, but it’s not my responsibility if Aizawa-sensei scold you later.” And he jumped off, landing with a small puff of soft flame cushioning him.

Todoroki wasn’t far behind with his slide of ice, “What’s that?”

Izuku quickly gestured to Todoroki to hide, and not long after a swarm of reporters passed by like a rampaging horde of bulls. “Reporters? How did they get inside?” Izuku wondered out loud. “Never mind them, let’s go.”

“Are you sure?” Todoroki asked, glancing back at the retreating horde.

“Futaba will inform the teachers, they won’t get far.” Much less faculty office where All Might was having his lunch.

The sight that greeted them when they arrived on UA’s gate startled both heroes in training. The proud arch of their entrance had crumbled, all that left was a pile of rubbles. Izuku didn’t let the sight to stun him for long as he ran again, “WAIT!” He looked around outside the crumbled gate, but he couldn’t find anything. The hostile presence was gone, and just a moment ago Izuku could feel it vividly. He also sensed something else, a discord in the air that twist… like empty air coming undone before being sewn shut. It was very brief though, was that just his imagination? No.. it couldn’t be.

“Whoever did it manage to get away…” Said Todoroki, “You couldn’t sense the culprit nearby?”

Izuku shook his head, “Yes, it’s strange… I still sensed it just now.” He knelt down, inspecting the wreckage. He reached out and picked a piece, and it crumbled to dust. As if he wasn’t holding a chunk of metal but clump of flour.

Todoroki gasped, “That’s not normal… what kind of Quirk could do that?”

DIsintegration, the property of storm flame. But it couldn't be storm flame, from what he knew- the flame had the color of vivid pink to scarlet and looked even more unnatural than sky flame. With a crowd of reporters waiting nearby, storm flame user couldn’t disintegrate a gate as massive as this without drawing attention.

“Not a flashy Quirk for sure… the reporters were stalking UA’s gate, if the door is disintegrated by something like All Might’s punch there would be a huge commotion here instead of inside.”

“Indeed.” Todoroki murmured, “Also, why did the reporters just rush in without thinking twice?”

After all, the absolute defense gate of UA just collapsed.

“Who knows?” They certainly wasn’t under influence of any Quirk for this reckless charge in. “Futaba has secured the recording, we will know where  these shameless reporters come from… they’re terribly mistaken if they think they will get away after intruding UA unscatched.”

“...For someone who couldn’t help but help… you can be quite unforgiving.” Todoroki was smiling now.

Izuku scoffed, “They’re adults, and according to common sense they should know better…”

“Midoriya!” Called a familiar deep voice, it was their homeroom teacher along with several others like Cementoss and Midnight. “You came here to investigate only with Todoroki as back up? That’s very reckless of you!”

The one offering to come was Todoroki but he was automatically become the one who responsible? “I am so sorry… I felt hostile presence since this morning.” And he head told his Master of it. “But only just now it become very prominent… “ Then he gestured towards the wreckage. “They left declaration of war as souvenir though.”

“Wha… just what’s going on here?!”

“Villain knock our gate down to dust, that’s what.”


Nezu’s Office

“Declaration of war… hm…”

“Yeah, like our problem child number one said… it can’t be anything but that.” Said Shouta, he was beyond annoyed of how chaotic their day went. They just pass the first week of the year and they already had to deal with threat that was lovingly send to their front door. “Destroying our main gate like that…”

Midoriya Izuku, their most beloved problem child huffed. “Flashy threat indeed, but… ironically the Quirk used to destroy our door isn’t…”


“As brazen as reporters who charge in blindly to our school could be… I don’t think they will ignore it if someone suddenly disintegrate the gate with a bang.”

Like Bakugou? As if.

“Hm…” To note on how Quirk used to destroy their barrier and the out of place situation, Midoriya’s perceptiveness was always surprising. “So someone whose way of triggering Quirk won’t draw attention like…”

The boy’s verdant eyes narrow, “Uraraka-san’s touch trigger Quirk…” Raising his hand with each digit spread apart. “Nobody would blink if the culprit touch the gate and destroy it right under their nose…”

Nezu-kochou crossed his arms, “Then… this also imply the Quirk used is on extreme level like Futaba-chan’s technopath and Todoroki-kun’s half-cold half-hot.” A Quirk that naturally had high level of power by birth alone. He hummed, “And considering what it does… it might be even more dangerous.”

“No one have tampered with our security system or data at least.” Midoriya offered, “Though I did sense… something distorted before the culprit disappeared.”

Shouta frowned, “Teleportation Quirk.., huh, that’s one of  the most troublesome kind in the hands of villain.” Kinzou of Jabberwocky was the notorious example, and that was just a short distance one and the gang leader couldn’t teleport more than a small group of people. The one appeared in this incident was likely a long range type, Midoriya’s range was enormous enough to cover at least of Mustafu in suppressed state. So for them to get out of Midoriya’s range in one leap…  

Midoriya continued, “The declaration of war aside, this incident not only compromise our security but also smear our name in media.”

Nezu scoffed at that, “Indeed… we can’t just let those reporters scot free from their inappropriate behavior in our school ground, but the villain also show the world that our defense for our students isn’t as absolute as we thought.”

“Yes, the purpose of destruction of our gate is twofold…”

He wondered if it was alright for a boy this young to be so perceptive, then again Midoriya was anything but normal. “So this villain or a group of villain wants to bring us on rollercoaster of media nightmare…”

Just exactly the thing he loathed the most in the world, dealing with press.

“...So their next move would be…” Midoriya trailed off.

“Attacking us with even bigger scandal.” Finished Nezu, “Either they will make up some skeleton from unknown closet somewhere or a frontal attack media would eat us with.”

It was a terrible start of the education year indeed for one Aizawa Shouta.

Izuku walked back towards his classroom, feeling even more terrible than this morning. ‘And I never manage to get Todoroki-kun to change his mind! I am so close…’ And now he lost the timing, it would be more difficult to bring it up again. Todoroki was the evasive sort, he was going to avoid Izuku even if their seat was close.

Then there’s an unknown threat in horizon. ‘It’s debatable that hiring All Might is a good move or if the pro outweigh the con.” It was for sure, this fiasco started because All Might was teaching here. He didn’t want to blame All Might, but the pro hero was indeed the indirect cause of this mess. Then again UA could be attacked just because they were UA.

Like how Vongola was attacked for being Vongola.

“Elena is dead.”

“...I am sorry to hear that D****n, this-”

“This happened because of your reckless bleeding heart, GIOTTO!”

“D****n- I…”

“A naive fool who think he can protect his people by being soft!”

Izuku’s steps halted, his breath came up short. “No.” Guilt and shame washed over him like an unforgiving tide and he knew his body was on the verge of panic attack. He pulled himself to the calm of his sky flame, and breathing came easier. “I am sorry… so sorry…” He chanted like a mantra, unknowing of who he was apologizing to.

He shall not fail again…

“Oi, Deku! Why the fuck you skip Cementoss’ class? You-” Bakugou stopped on his track. “Oi, what are you crying about this time? Wait- that’s not tears and snot-”

Izuku slowly uncovered his mouth and about to reply when he noticed Bakugou had gone very pale. “Ah-” His mouth tasted like iron and something wam was gushing from his nostril.

“Deku! Go to infirmary- gah! What the fuck- why are you bleeding out of nowhere?!”

Izuku stayed calm, wiping his mouth and nose with handkerchief. “I am fine, it’s just a bit of stress.”

Shiro chose that very moment to appear from the corner, “Izu- I have been looking for you-” He whirled to Bakugou, “You sick fuck! How dare you-”

“I didn’t do anything!!!” Bakugou howled in his defense, “Deku can knock me out in less than one minute flat, what’s the chance of giving him a bloody nose?!” Bakugou covered his mouth as soon as he finished that sentence. “Fuck, that didn’t come out of my shitty mouth.”

Well, as always… if there was one thing you can count on about Bakugou- it was his honesty and strange sense of chivalry.

“Forget I ever said that to you, Monkey!”

Shiro snorted, “I have commited it to memory.”

“Bastard, you-”

“You two, please don’t start a fight in the hallway. We will get in trouble if teacher caught us.”

That shut up whatever incoming argument and they reluctantly made their way back to class 1-A. Apparently Midnight didn’t come back yet from investigation so it was a self-study period. No much studying done as majority of the class was teasing a very embarrassed Iida.

“Exit Sign Iida!” Kirishima, Sero and Kaminari stood with one leg with both arm swung on their side like exit sign door.

Iida was already very red, “Stop it guys!”

“You’re very cool Iida-kun!”

“As expected of our Class-rep! I think you pass your probation with flying colour!”

“Other class will be so jealous of our cool Class-rep!”

Izuku’s lips quirked up to a smile, the bitter flashback buried to the depth of his mind. It seemed even if the world wasn’t so peaceful, this class was just so full of cheer and positive thinking- he couldn’t help but feeling hope… if these kids graduated to be amazing heroes…

It would be fine… everything would be alright…




Chapter Text

Some Villain had no fashion sense, while majority of heroes were more often than not overdressed for drama sake. Though- half of villain population dressed more for practicality, which was understandable considering there was no underground company for villain costume. Izuku himself found himself lean more towards villain when it comes to costume-

Maybe because he had lived as a mafia boss- but Vongola fashion sense had a class of their own.  

Still… for a villain, who could be so brazenly turned their gate to dust…

“Well- we thought we will have a harder time spotting the villain who destroy our door but…”

“Is he an idiot? Or he is that confident?”

“He dress like you Eraserhead! Minus your capture weapon!”

Among reporters and cameramans dressed neatly in front of UA gate, a man who was either in his late teen or early twenties walked with hunched back to the still intact gate. He stood out because of his messy hair, and he also dressed in long sleeved shirt and loose pants one would wear to sleep instead declaring war to the most prestigious hero school.

“He is a criminal, right?” Asked Futaba. “A villain?”

They watched him getting close to the gate, they couldn't see his hand touching the barrier but it crashed down soon after. The reporters panicked but their panic didn’t last long as they decided to take a leap of faith and charged inside UA.

“Touch based trigger like you said… Midoriya.” Grumbled Eraserhead. “That’s a terrifying power this boy has…”

Izuku was frowning, “He did nothing whatsoever to blend in…” But since the reporters were so hung up over getting blocked from UA they didn’t notice him at all.

“He is either too confident or foolish.” Said Ectoplasm.  

“Or it’s something else entirely…” Izuku murmured softly, sketching the full body portrait of the culprit on his tablet. The face of the criminal was hooded by his hair.

Midnight turned to Izuku, the only student aside from Futaba present in the meeting room. “The way this man dressed, his posture and body language in general… this is a quite a leap in conclusion but… it’s likely he isn’t mentally sound.”

“Eh?” The R-rated pro hero gasped, “How did you come to that conclusion?”

Futaba had a strange look on her face as she answered on Izuku’s behalf, “Well… anyone with common sense, even villain won’t walk in bright daylight like that…” Wearing all black loose clothing with uncombed hair and hunched posture. “Even I don’t dress like that at home anymore…”  

Izuku sweat-dropped, “That’s not what I mean Futaba… it’s just that- people… how they present themselves often reflect their mentality. It’s part of reason why heroes wear costume…” He coughed, “This villain is brazen, but he certainly not a fool… we’re in precarious situation because of him. In one move he put us in this hard spot, that suggest this villain is very intelligent.”

“Yet, he didn’t dress like someone smart.”

Izuku laughed at that, “I am not sure that’s why. If we’re being positive… he is just too confident to care he stand out like a sore thumb, but… the hostile presence I felt from him… there’s madness and instability.”

Like someone he knew in the past… someone who had been hurt and lash out almost without restrain at the world.

“So nothing missing from our database?” Asked Nezu to Futaba.

The orange haired girl shook her head, “There’s no sign of tampering or hacking… but I wouldn't know about hard copies, UA still keep written record after all… such as schedule, student profile and such…” She pouted, “I can’t protect offline stuff.”

Nezu rolled his eyes, “You just sulk because I won’t let you get to them.” He sighed, “Izuku.”

“Yes, Master.” Izuku answered quickly, snapping out of his thought.

Nezu looked at him in the eye, “At this point we can be assured that we know we have an enemy after us, but we don’t know their target.”

“And when All Might started teaching here no less…” Added Present Mic, “No offense All Might, but if the villain did attack because you’re here… aren’t they a bit too out of their depth?”

All Might laughed sheepishly at that, “Well… it’s been a while since any villain come after me like this, usually they run away.” He cupped his chin. “Well, while I don’t believe I am completely infallible, if they’re after me they must have an idea how…” He turned to Izuku. “What do you think young MIdoriya?

The boy had a dear on the headlight look at that question. “Erm.” His mind was already whirling to a very dangerous direction. ‘Don’t think about it.’

“All Might, my disciple’s mind is a dangerous place…”

Midnight nodded, “You get those brain gears of his turning to a terrifying direction.”

“Sorry.” All Might said, his sunken cheek reddened. “Still, we want to be as cautious as possible but it would be a hindrance if we have to cancel our plans… such as the study trip to USJ.” He covered his mouth as soon as he saw Izuku’s widened eyes.

“Master!” He hissed, “USJ is an off campus facility…” It was very secure but still far from UA where students could be the safest.

Nezu whacked his student lightly upside the head, “I told you to keep your paranoia under control!” He huffed, “It’s still unclear what the villain is after, as All Might said… it won’t do if we let our paranoia hindered your study.”

There was no need for education if we were dead! Izuku wanted to say that, but Nezu had a point. ”Hmm… uuuh…” Still- his paranoia was always warranted!

“If anything happen, I will let your Mother shave my head.”

“...Master, you shouldn't jinx yourself like that.”

It won’t be Izuku’s fault if Nezu turned to naked mole rat by the end of the day.

Blond hair, amber eyes… cloak as dark as the night covering the pinstripe suit. He knew who was this man right away, as he had seen the same fair face on reflection for one lifetime. The man was…

Giotto, the first… the beginning and the origin.

He was sitting on a rock, rough and flat surface that looked nothing like the throne the man used to sit on. Giotto looked almost frail, his shoulders hunched and his usual blazing amber eyes dimmed.

Across him was a lady sitting on lush grass, her delicate face had a very sad smile adorning her lips. She was dressed in all white dress, save for the orange flower emblem on puffy hat  she wore. Her name passed through his mind and escaped his lips in a whisper.

Sephira, the seer, the guardian… and also the origin.

Both of them turned, facing him. His throat went dry and-

'What have been given away…'

The serene baritone voice said, followed by melodious one.

It couldn’t be taken back…’

Fireflies, the night sky was filled by the bioluminescence  light… no- it wasn’t light and on the sky wasn’t milky way either… the light was brighter and burning. The two figure before him were dispersing, fading as they broke to millions of light particles and lightning the world anew.  The night became the day.

“What have been given away couldn’t be taken back.”


Once again he was woken up to smell of blood, metallic and smothering his nostrils. He sat up and quickly cough up what remain in his mouth. There was no pain, just bitter taste plaguing his tongue.

This was normal, happening at least twice a month. The first time it happened he had panicked, and thankfully he was camping with Senku so there was no mother dying of heart attack when her son woke up in a pool of blood. Senku almost fainted though- before asking if Izuku was pranking him. It wasn’t, the coppery smell was very real.

The underground doctor Senku acquaintance with had examined him, and he was fine and just a bit anemic. The female doctor named Tae Takemi theorized that Izuku’s body was playing catch up with his Quirk, making up all the time wasted due to his late blooming Quirk to adapt better to use his power. An astounding phenomena, because as amazing as a human body could be- they usually couldn’t keep up with debt that ten years overdue.

She wasn’t wrong about his body compensating.

Vongola blood apparently wasn’t a product natural biology at works, it started to make sense why the ring became essential for Giotto’s family line. Hyper Intuition and Giotto’s high purity flame was never meant to be passed on as 100% dominant gene in his bloodline. Vongola’s miracle of vertical axis was why it became possible.

Hence… what happening to him.

It became a routine when he had his -never call it period- bloody day, he had to grab his bed sheet and whatever on the bed that had blood stain and- threw it on Senku-made mini washing machine. Which was the size of a small one door fridge, tucked away in the corner of his dorm room together with real fridge.  

He waited for his laundry to finish, he always skip training in bloody day because he always felt awful in the morning. On his mouth was a blood lollipop, which was his anemic medication concocted by Doctor Takemi and Senku jokingly. Or it was their sad attempt to cheer him up, he couldn’t tell. He’d rather not bother with hyper intuition to determine they were making fun of him or not.

“Haaah…” Today too…

He had a bad feeling, worse than the day before. Izuku curled up and began sobbing.  You’d think he would stop being such a cry baby, but in this life… it was a luxury because there was no family to lead and not show any tears to. No home tutor who would kick his ass for crying.

Midoriya Izuku had the luxury to shed tears in privacy of his room.

UA, Class 1-A 

A special case, that was how Aizawa-sensei called it.

“What are we going to do?” Asked Sero, raising his hand.

A card was whipped out, the word ‘RESCUE’ in bold font said what their training menu this afternoon would be. A rescue training, much better than what they had the week before but-

“The class will be held off campus, so we will take a bus.”

The whole class was ecstatic when their study trip was announced, Izuku in the other hand didn’t share the sentiment. His Hyper Intuition had gone haywire, blaring inside his head like siren complete with fireworks and annoying headache. If Hyper Intuition could take a human shape, it would be shaking him back and forth and yelling he was going to be in deep shit.

A study trip? Exciting? Fun? As if-

“You can take choose to wear your costume or not, because there’s costume that will hinder you instead for this exercise.”

The prime example would be Aoyama’s full armor when it meet water rescue drill. Or Hagakure’s nonexistent costume in zone with extreme weather setting, the same goes for Kirishima’s bare chested costume.

Go figures everybody decided to wear theirs, and Support Dept had gotten nowhere with additional support these original costume needed. So yeah- Aoyama’s costume didn’t help with adjusting his laser output. Todoroki’s regulator was still useless- Kaminari and Ashido still go manual way with their dangerous Quirk.

“Oi, Midoriya…” Called their homeroom teacher as everyone but Izuku and Shiro left the class to get changed. Izuku gestured for Shiro to leave without him and Aizawa continued. “In light of your concern about our safety… Principal saw it fit to allow you to use complete set of your gears. We will also have three teachers on standby, what else do you want?”

Izuku frowned at him,  the blinding light that was All Might’s One for All tickled his senses. “Two actually.”


“All Might almost run out of  time.” He jerked his thumb at general direction of Mustafu Town. “He was almost overspent…”

Aizawa-sensei face palmed, “Just how far your range is… and that flashy guy…”

“Also…” Izuku could help but add. “If sensei think I felt bad when the villain destroy our barrier, I feel worse now! We should just cancel this trip!” Not to mention Natsu couldn’t go with them because of a check up scheduled with vet for him today. Then again it wasn’t easy to secure a good vet that would be discreet with an animal with Quirk like Natsu. It felt like another bad sign to Izuku, missing his lion partner.

“Midoriya, control yourself before you go hysteric.” Aizawa-sensei deadpanned.

“I think I have all right in the world to be hysteric.” He argued petulantly. “Fine if we can’t cancel this class, my Master should be prepared to be bald by the end of the day.”  

And for his birthday, Izuku would buy Nezu a wig or a deerstalker hat, a cape, pipe and...  he texted Futaba and asked her to sneak into USJ security system. On a side note, he also asked her to contact that cosplay tailor who sew Futaba’s navi costume.

In his office certain mutant with unclear species were staring at the mirror longingly, wondering if he will part with his fur sometime today.       

UA's Parking Lot 

All eyes were on Izuku, and he didn’t even try to stand out or anything. Perhaps it was the cloak he was wearing, which was black in colour. One that fashioned after Giotto’s cloak, minus the golden ornament which was replaced by flame themed brooch with harmony symbol and silver chain that connected the left and right side.

“Whoaaa- your cloak looks really manly, Midoriya!”

How could a cloak be manly?


“How lucky.” Kaminari was grinning, “Must be nice to have a girlfriend in support dept, preferential treatment for her-” He wiggled his thumb, implying Izuku was Futaba’s boyfriend.

“...Actually this was part of my costume since the start.” And he wear it to hid the additional item that shouldn’t be seen by his classmates. “Also, Futaba is more like my adopted sister… “

Mineta wailed, “But she is so cute! One of the prettiest girls I saw in UA!” Her problematic personality aside.

At least he didn’t comment about Futaba’s body so Izuku let this slide. “It’s impossible for us to see Futaba in romantic light…” More often than not they forgot she was a girl, and that was why Izuku tried so hard to get Futaba more female friends. Normal and positive female friends like Ochako, and hopefully he could rope Yaoyorozu and Jirou in too.

Shiro who was standing beside him nodded, “Yeah, no way in hell...” Especially when they saw she had made a ranking of breast size for class 1-A. “So Uraraka-san…”


“If you can influence Futaba to be more… no-not girly, just be more aware she is a girl and should learn girl’s sense of decency.” So she would stop comparing Hadou-senpai’s boobs with Yaoyorozu, or using their candid photo to figure it out. Izuku swear, there was better mystery out there for her to put her brain power into.


“To ensure a smooth boarding, please form two lines according to your student numbers!”

Izuku turned to Iida, “Not to rain on your parade when you go on full throttle Iida-kun.” He pointed at the bus. “Have you seen the bus layout though?”

Iida quickly take a look inside the bus and went deep red. “I am so sorry for my poor observation, Midoriya-kun!”

“...You don’t have to be sorry.” Also, why to him? 

On the bus 

Midoriya took little to no time to lean on Ojiro and doze off as soon as the bus departed from UA’s parking lot. The class watched in amusement as the verdant haired boy slept without care of the world, at least he seemed like it to them.

Asui looked disappointed after waiting for a long while, their destination was nowhere in sight and the boy didn’t even stir. “Hm… I have been looking forward to ask Midoriya-chan about his Quirk, but he is sleeping."

“It’s one of those days.” Said Ojiro with a resigned sigh.  “He will just shut down when not in class or work to save energy.” He glanced at Aizawa-sensei. “I can answer a bit about Izu’s Quirk, though Senku and Principal understand it better than I do.”

Aizawa pried one eye open and said. “Ojiro, you know what to say and not.”



At this exchange, the whole class except a few turned to Ojiro with bewildered look. “Uhm… what?”

Ojiro just smiled sheepishly, “Due to Izu’s unique position, a lot of thing about his Quirk is… confidential.”

Iida cupped his chin thoughtfully. “That make sense…” His Quirk was unique and very versatile to the point as student he could put it to use in world of pros. “Is it alright if you tell us anything at all?”

Ojiro nodded, “We will spend three years in the same class and working with each other, you will bound to find more anyway…” He coughed, “For a start, Izu’s Quirk is registered under the name ‘World Synch’ and it’s mostly emitter Quirk with a bit of transformation.” Then he added, “Just a minor one though.”

Uraraka clasped her hand together, careful with her fingertips. “Ah! His eye colour! When Izu-kun use his Quirk it changed to golden colour… like amber!”

“Eh, really?” Kirishima perked up curiously.

Uraraka nodded, “Yes, I saw them during simulation! They’re like jewels!”

Ojiro laughed at that, if his friend was awake…  the boy would be blushing. “That happen when he is actively using his Quirk.”

“World Synch…” Asui murmured, “That’s an unusual name, I thought Midoriya-chan’s Quirk is something like Scan or Analysis.” Most Quirk had a very descriptive name, such as hers- heck- Todoroki's was Half-hot, Half-cold. Bakugou's was straightforwardly named Explosion. 

Ojiro looked amused, “...You’re not the first, Izu’s keen analysis ability is mostly unrelated to his Quirk.”

“Mostly? What do you mean Ojiro-chan?”

“Izu’s Quirk is multifaceted like your ‘Frog’ Quirk, one of it is making him very perceptive of his surrounding…” Ojiro explained, “He is also very sensitive to danger, it’s almost prophetic.”

Kirishima whistled, “Cool! But it’s not very flashy… like mine and yours too, Ojiro.” He hardened one of his arms. “It’s handy but it doesn’t help me to be a popular hero.”

Iida frowned, “Midoriya-kun’s Quirk is very flashy though…”


“Ah, I mean…”

Uraraka nodded, “It’s really bright and powerful!”

“Ah, you’re talking about other facet of Izu’s Quirk.”

Kirishima leaned in at that, “There’s MORE?!”

“He did say it’s multifaceted like mine, ribbit.” Said Asui, “I mean, I can jump, extend my tongue and excrete poison… but it’s still one Quirk.” She hummed, “But he didn’t use it during your mock battle.”

Iida and Uraraka shook their head frantically at that, “No-no-no… if Izu-kun use it, there would be no more building standing.”

Iida nodded at that. “I agree.” He didn't want to be on the receiving end of an attack that beheaded Zero-pointer.   

Ojiro sweat-dropped, “Izu don’t really like using the offensive side of his Quirk, it’s too flashy and unwieldy to his liking.”

Image of dislocated shoulder came to Uraraka’s and Iida’s mind. “Ah.”

In the background, Bakugou grew increasingly irate and Jirou wisely escaped to empty seat on the back. "Holding back... on me..." He growled menacingly. "But he win... Deku..." 

“Maa… what do you need to know about Izu’s World Synch are just two, first… he is extremely sensitive to danger so don't ask for details and just run when he ask you.”

Aizawa-sensei added, “He is an amazing alarm with two legs. It almost make up for his problem child status…”

Midoriya mumbled under his breath, “I am not… a problem child…”

Ojiro chided Aizawa-sensei jokingly, “Give Izu a break Sensei, don’t be mean when he is sleeping.” He coughed, “Second, Izu won’t use the full power of the combat side of his Quirk unless he really have to or given permission by teacher or supervising hero in school activities. This is a limitation put on him by Principal Nezu, so don’t even think about asking him to fight you with it.”

“What the fuck with that shitty rule?” Yelled Bakugou.

“It’s decision of Principal and teachers.” Said Aizawa-sensei, interrupting them. “Cross it, and we will expel you. UA have no need for student who don’t understand their boundary or knowing what confidentiality is.”

That silenced the whole class, Bakugou included.

As always, Kirishima and Kaminari who was the pair of self-assigned mood maker in class quickly stir the conversation elsewhere. “So Midoriya is the flashy type too aside from being the smart guy, other strong and flashy ones in class would be…”

“Bakugou and Todoroki.”


Midoriya chose that moment to pry one eye open, the whole class noticed and gasped.

His lone open eye was the same colour of burning flame, fading to verdant. “Hm… we’re almost there.” He yawned, covering his mouth with his hand. “Yes? What’s wrong?”'

“Holy shit, bro! Your eyes… the colour is so rad!” It wasn’t uncommon to have odd eye colour since the emergence of Quirk, Todoroki was a prime example for having blue and grey eyes in spite of being Japanese. Amber wasn’t a rare colour popping up in Japanese either, but Midoriya’s eyes looked like there was burning flame inside it.

“Ah yes, they do that sometimes.” Obviously Midoriya didn’t share their excitement. “What was that about flashy Quirk again?”

Kaminari grinned, “We’re saying folks with flashy Quirk like you, Bakugou and Todoroki are lucky.”

“Yeah.” Agreed Kirishima. “You will ace popularity poll easily!”

Midoriya gave him a flat look, “Quirk like yours is more useful as a pro than flashy ones, trust me… more often than not flashy means collateral damage. Pro Hero Mount Lady is famous as a major offender since her debut.” Then he added, "Her sidekick and manager is so pitiful, he almost jumped off of the building last week." 


“A dose of reality even before their internship, how nice of you to share… Midoriya.” Said their teacher drolly not even looking back but they could almost hear his grin.

Asui was unfazed as she added her two cents, “Then that means… Bakugou-chan will  hardly be popular, he is too temperamental and his Quirk will destroy a lot of stuff.”




Uraraka Ochako laughed at Bakugou’s eruption, which was a common thing in their short time together. Izu-kun was smiling too. Ochako had many amazing friends since she enrolled to UA, and the most amazing of them all was Midoriya Izuku-kun. Perhaps she was a bit biased because he was her savior, but then the simulation battle they won against Bakugou just proved Izu-kun was even more amazing than she thought.

He was one of smartest student in class, strong and also very kind. Looks wise, most people would call him plain but his glasses and gentle smile made him easy on the eyes in cute nerdy way. It was easy to see almost everyone in class looked up on him, even the aloof Todoroki-kun.

Almost- so there was an exception like Bakugou Katsuki. Like Izu-kun, he was one of the best in class but he was scary and nowhere as friendly as Izu-kun. For some reason, he greatly disliked Izu-kun and whenever he got involved with Izu-kun… Bakugou turned stupid. Well… not exactly stupid, but more like he stopped thinking and lunge at Izu-kun like an angry chihuahua.

“I can be popular! Just you see…” The whole class had too much fun teasing the explosive boy.

“...Sure, I know you can be popular too, Kacchan.”

“Aaah, what did you say Deku?” Apparently their childhood nicknames were insult to each other.

Izu-kun whipped out his phone, a video of an angry pomeranian with fur in similar colour as Bakugou’s hair was barking angrily, and hopping around in mad dash at its owner. “See, Bomby is popular… so with this as reference I am sure you can too.” Izu-kun looked very sincere if not for the eerie smile on his face.


By the way, for some reason- since the mock battle Izu-kun can be quite mean to Bakugou-kun from time to time. Bakugou always wanted to pick a fight with him, and Izu-kun responded with testing Bakugou’s limit to endure his teasing. The class naturally followed his lead on this, and Ochako could tell nobody was trying to be cruel to Bakugou. If anything, the wiser one in class like Asui took it as stirring Bakugou in the right direction.

The boy was too proud and angry, his Quirk was usefully explosive but in his personality the explosive part served the boy more harm than good. As they could all see from Bakugou’s fight against Izu-kun.

“In our brief time knowing you, we have been made apodictically cognizant of your personality, redolent as it is of a turd getting steamed in a sewer.” Kaminari weaved a particularly sophisticated sounding line that basically said Bakugou had a shitty personality. Ochako had slight suspicion that Kaminari had purposely look for obscure words in dictionary for the sole purpose of telling Bakugou this line at earliest chance.   

“Haaah? What kind of vocabulary is that?!”

They had a strange dynamic, but Ochako was unsure if it was healthy for them. Izu-kun certainly tried his best to give Bakugou a hypertension, if the boy didn’t already have it.

In front of USJ 

They were really close as not even three minutes later they had arrived in their destination, it started become a habit to look at their resident Vongola in unison. Mentally yelling ‘ How do you know’ a silent inquiry hung awkwardly in the air as they continued to stare.

“The teacher in charge of this facility have a very distinctive Quirk, I can sense it all the way from 400 meter!” Izuku was gushing. “It feels exactly like I imagine too!” Silent, but there was a feeling of pull and twist followed by crackle in the air.

Aizawa-sensei sighed, “I will ask you to turn that off if only you won’t trip on flat surface, also- don’t traumatize my junior teacher. I still get the chill recalling what you ranted on my Quirk.” He had never forgiven Izuku for laying his Quirk bare for the rest of faculty members.

“I was trying to be educational actually.” Izuku knew it could be off putting, but he wasn’t being creepy! He also said sorry! “Also… I will once again recommend for you to cut your hair. It’s an obvious tell of your Quirk being active, Aizawa-sensei.”

“Leave my hair alone, Midoriya.”

“Sensei, you already wore knight’s visor because tinted lense will hinder your Quirk… if you want to be meticulous about subtlety why not-”

“Midoriya, I swear… I will take up on your advice when I need it.”

Izuku rolled his eyes, “Suit yourself, Sensei.” His eyes were already drawn by the figure waiting by the entrance of the dome structure. It was Space Hero Thirteen, a teacher who was a pretty new addition to US in comparison of Eraserhead or Present Mic. Though he wasn’t as green as All Might for a teacher for sure.

A smile crept to his lips as he could feel Thirteen’s excitement from where the space hero was standing. All teacher in UA was happy when teaching their students, Aizawa included but the space hero was  especially so. Considering their subject was focusing on rescue drills, Thirteen didn’t get to teach as often as other teachers.

“Hello everyone! I am Space Hero Thirteen, and this is the facility I oversee to train young heroes in training in face of accident and disasters.”

It was really an amazing facility, there were landslide, flood, squall, fire, mountain… how much money spend to maintain this? This facility was rented to other hero school and pro heroes for rescur drill too, Izuku believed.

“Is this the Universal Studio of Japan?” Someone on the back asked.

Not quite.  

“I call it the Unexpected Simulation Joint.”

It IS the USJ’

Izuku was paying attention on hushed conversation between Aizawa-sensei and Thirteen. The scruffy teacher gave him a speaking look. ‘ The irrational guy can’t come as you say’ before subtly signing, ‘Back up plan.’ with his fingers.

Izuku face-palmed, ‘All Might…  just how useless heroes in Mustafu that he spent most of his time limit to the point he didn’t have enough for class?’ Well, the highest ranked hero operating in the city was Kamui Wood and the guy as Senku said… for a hero with cool reputation, Kamui Wood wasn’t particularly bright. The last time he met Kamui Wood, they didn't leave the best impression on each other. 

Ochako was fangirling so hard beside him, nodding so quickly when Thirteen explained his Quirk to the point her head looked like it was vibrating. “So before we started… I’d like to bring up one, two… three- no- four things- well five maybe…”

“They are increasing.” Commented someone, who was probably Sero.

Izuku wasn’t listening anymore, he was sure Thirteen was giving them a very inspirational speech about the two sides of their Quirk that could save and also destroy. The blaring alarm inside his head that was his Hyper Intuition however- it wasn’t letting him to listen.

“So remember students, as heroes… we have to make sure we use our Quirk to save people in need!” Concluded Thirteen. “Thank you for paying attention and-”

“Aizawa-sensei!” Izuku interjected, “We have code red!”

Iida turned to him, “Midoriya-kun it’s rude to interrupt when-” Then he processed what Izuku just said and about to ask for explanation, but the word died on his tongue when he saw what Izuku whipped out from beneath the black cloak. “Midoriya-kun, that’s-” Shrieked Iida, pointing at the weapon he was holding in his right hand.

It was a custom made gun that was tailored for his flame, modeled after the gun he saw in his past life. An Italian model handgun that wasn’t the most wieldy for a beginner but he had insisted because that was the only gun hyper intuition blessed muscle memory knew how to handle. It looked a little like a toy because of the green part and flame decoration, but there was no way Izuku would bring a toy and the metallic sheen fooled no one that the gun was very real.  

Especially so as they watched Izuku loading the bullets with familiarity. “Permission to make the first move.”

Aizawa-sensei scowled, “Granted, students! Huddle together and don’t move!” That order of course was excluding Izuku.  

The lights surrounding the dome began to flicker, and the fountain in the plaza gradually stopped flowing. ‘To save energy, USJ used sensor to control all energy used in the facility only when it’s occupied...which mean, someone is already tampering with it.’ Either with Quirk or the good ol’ manual sabotage. Which mean Futaba’s assistance was out of question, with this distance she could only control computer remotely not fixing what’s broken or jammed.

“This is a real emergency? Not a test?” Asked Kirishima cluelessly. This was why pulling those logical ruses all the time was counterproductive in the long run.

“Sensei! Quick, try to contact UA… there’s someone jamming the signal if the malfunctioning of the lights and fountain is caused by that.”

Aizawa didn’t need to try, his phone had no signal was enough clue. “Midoriya, you must hate being right now.”

ALL the time actually.” He hissed back. “There!” He pointed his gun at the fountain, where a blot on dark mist start to form.

“There’s nothing-” Trailed someone behind him but ignored by Izuku, became villain came pouring in horde.

Todoroki and Shiro were beside him in instance, ignoring Aizawa’s scowl. “Why are they here?” Wondered Shiro.

“This is too well planned for a reckless invasion of hero school.” Said Todoroki with an impassive voice. “An isolated facility, right when we have a’s still up in the air if we’re the only one attacked.” He concluded. “But they certainly have a clear objective to go this far…”

Certainly, they were either targeting the whole class, All Might or even Izuku. “It would be trouble if they surround us.”

“Eh?” Todoroki looked wide eyed at the gun he was aiming at the crowd. “Midoriya-”

The Vongola pulled the trigger, unleashing a barrage of flame infused bullets simultaneously, they fused together in one powerful blast. Scoppio di Fiamma, his own spin of technique he saw in his memory from a rival.

His hand shook a bit from the recoil but he wasn’t harmed, and the group of villains who was unlucky enough to receive his welcome laid on the floor with burns on their body and knocked out from the shockwave and intense heat. He had taken care to not aim directly, killing was still illegal for heroes even if villain tried to kill you. The fountain was a smoking crater now, and the surrounding greenery had been blown away or turned to ash.

“Ck.” Izuku clicked his tongue. “The big ones escaped, and I even wait for them to step out…” Which was why he even bother dawdling here watching their epic entrance, keeping the drama going so he could take out the head.

Shiro was sweating, “Izu… I thought you graduate from blowing things up skyhigh?”

“I am not against any method that’s ethical and working just nice.” Shiro must had noticed the deeper pitch of his voice now, a sign he was slipping deeper to his dying will mode.

The gate reopened again and a man Izuku recognized from the recording emerged, and this time he looked even more malicious with embodied hands all over his body. “Are you going to take a second shot?”

“They know where I am now.”

Todoroki had recovered quickly from the shock, “They will just dodge your attack or move the warp gate further.”

Izuku narrowed his eyes at the target he had failed to take down. ‘His presence… he is practically a bundle of malice.’ Just sensing his intense emotion from the distance made Izuku sweat, then a gigantic figure that vaguely humanoid emerged by his side. In contrast, this black skinned creature had no emotion whatsoever but his intuition could sense it was alive and not robot.

A memory flash before his eyes, of a group of muscular and dark skinned creature that only heard and obeyed their mistress. “A meat doll.” A product of biological manipulation, which mean… resource. This was a proper criminal organization with resource to manufacture this monster.

Izuku was loading another round of bullet but Aizawa had stepped forward. “Sensei?”

“Who are the two that stands out like the big guns of the group?” Asked Aizawa urgently.

The green haired boy swallowed nervously, “The pale haired man with hands all over him is the one with disintegration Quirk, dangerous and unpredictable… he feels like a mess.” Izuku had no time giving the more detailed description. “The big one is like meat doll… it’s alive but I can’t feel human in it. It’s mindless…” Then he added. “Most likely it moves on instinct or command.”

Aizawa sighed, “You’re the only long range fighter between me and Thirteen, but these scumbags have too many canon fodder. Don’t waste your energy and evacuate other students with Thirteen.” Ordered Aizawa. “I will handle  them.”

Izuku’s eyes widened in shock, “You can’t take that many at once, I am-”

“You’re the one your class trusted to lead  them out of danger.” Aizawa pointed out, his google was already in place. “I am a pro hero and have more than one trick in my sleeve.”  

He closed his eyes briefly, before hardening his resolve. “I will come back later, Sensei.”

“You thin out the crowd well, so you don’t have to come back.” And with that he jumped to the air, and meeting the villains waiting in clash.

Izuku was about to follow Thirteen’s lead towards the main exit when he sensed the air distort again and backpedaled, “Turn left!”

“The door is right there, Nerd! Hmph!” Bakugou was swiftly dragged by Shiro with his tail.

And Izuku just shot the empty air, or rather the spot where the warp villain tried to materialized. ‘The harmony property should be able to neutralize his warp somewhat…’ But with purity as low as soft flame, he was unsure how effective it was.

Unfortunately Thirteen wasn’t the most agile hero, which was expected considering their build. And in rescue, he was mostly standing still while sucking in debris so understandably Thirteen wasn’t built for a swift retreat. “We’re not going to main entrance?” Asked the hero with no gender.

“No.” Answered Izuku, “The villain with warp Quirk, he almost ambushed us there.” Going to other smaller exit meant further away from their bus, but it would buy valuable time for the Warp-gate user to figure out their location. With that horde of villains to beat, the chance of their teacher disabling the teleporter was small, not to mention the dark mist was obviously a mutant type too.

If they were lucky,  hopefully there’s no tracking type of Quirk in their midst. That was too much to hope, they were too prepared to not have sensor Quirk too. Also- escaping with this many people was harder than he thought. That was fine, Izuku could improvise.

“What happen to the intruder sensor?” Asked Yaoyorozu. “Why didn’t it work?”  

“Sabotaged!” Answered Izuku, trying really hard not to snap at the obvious question the girl launched. “Kaminari-kun, any luck?”

“No! It’s all static!” Kaminari answered frantically.

Izuku scowled, “It’s an area type jamming Quirk!” Most likely encompassing the whole USJ, it was a big building but this type of Quirk didn’t require a lot of energy in the first place. Not to mention there was too many villains in USJ now, he couldn’t pinpoint a Quirk as subtle as jamming. That would be like trying to find a needle in the haystack even with his Hyper Intuition.  

Also, there was something weird. The targeted students were together in one spot so why the villains were scattered all over the USJ according to his Hyper Intuition? Why did they divide their force against a bunch of hero in training and two teachers? Wait- divide?

“Merda, Figlio di puttana!” Izuku swore floridly to himself before quickened his pace. “Hurry!”  

“Midoriya-kun?” Called Thirteen.

Izuku’s scowl deepened, “That black mist villain will come after us to scatter us all with his Quirk, I have thought it’s strange why didn’t they warp all their force in plaza to overwhelm us in one go… they didn’t scatter their force for no reason! They also group themselves accordingly to the field to have advantage too!”

Todoroki scoffed, “So they’re serious about torturing kids, pathetic.”

“You get all of that just from-” Yaoyorozu trailed off, unsure what more to say about Izuku’s Hyper Intuition. “What should we do then?”

“Plan A, Thirteen-sensei will use black hole on that black mist villain.” Izuku turned to the sole pro hero in the group. “But he know you’re here… so.”

“He should have an idea how to counter me.” Said Thirteen.

“Let’s go with plan B.” He decided. “I will hold him back, and Thirteen-sensei will continue evacuating with the rest.”

“Midoriya-kun!” Protested Thirteen. “You can’t do that, you’re still a student!”

Surprisingly the one protesting after the teacher was Bakugou, and followed by Iida. “Deku, who do you think you’re? Thinking you can take that villain yourself?!”

Iida agreed, “If you have to fight, at least let us to assist you.” Bakugou scowled, obviously that wasn’t the plan he had in mind.

It was Todoroki of all people was supporting him. “Midoriya’s Quirk can cover a large area and he can track the villain, if you have neither… you will just be a hindrance to him.” That wasn’t very nice but Izuku had to agree Todoroki was right about that.

“What the fuck, did you say?! Half-and half bastard!”

“I have nothing to say to convince a fool.”  

They were hero in training, why the hell did they start an argument in emergency situation like this?! He was used to strategize with pro heroes and cooperative friends, not a group of rowdy teenagers in which Bakugou was part of and nonexistent experience. His Hyper Intuition chose that moment to alert him that  ten meters away from smaller East exit, the villain caught up to them. Izuku slip his hand beneath his cloak, hand firmly on his gun as he charged it with his flame to its full capacity.

It was the mist guy, blocking the door with his smoke like body. “Greetings, we are the Villain League.” And started introducing their organization and name as if he was paying them a courtesy visit that afternoon. “My name is Kurogiri, the humble lieutenant of Villain League… and your villain of the day.” And they went through trouble to make a detour too. 

The gentlemanly type of villain, who was all polite and soft spoken even if the topic of conversation was murder and carnage.

“We endeavor to slay the Symbol of Peace but our target is absent, is there a change of schedule?”  

So All Might was their target, well- that was one concern down that they didn’t target specific student or all of them for terrorism purpose.

“I also have a question, have you heard of the notorious Mastermind?”

Okay, at least the one fucked up in this situation was Izuku alone and not anyone else. Fortunately or unfortunately, everyone in Class 1-A clamped down- whoever had a clue on his alias didn’t even look at his direction. Then again as Iida and Todoroki were raised in hero family, they were quicker to put the pieces together.  

“The treasured golden egg guarded jealously by the Principal himself, which one of you is he, I wonder?” Kurogiri continued, “Then again he could be a teacher too, we heard he is very young…” His luminous yellow eyes slid over them searchingly. “Then again you’re all golden eggs of UA… maybe the real gem will show its worth in battle…”

He would rather reveal himself than put others in danger, but villain was unpredictable. Good if he became the sole target and leave everyone else be, but if Kurogiri used his classmate as hostage the situation would get worse. A villain that come here with ambitious goal to kill All Might wouldn’t be above attacking random students.

“No one raising their hand? A pity- but I shall do my role.” His smoke like body began to spread out menacingly.

Izuku raised his gun, it was heating up to almost unbearable temperature. He was halfway pulling the trigger when Kirishima and Bakugou dashed pass him.

Shiro was howling, “Idiots! Get back!”

Todoroki was as irate, “Oi! Midoriya-”

He couldn’t stop it, so with no choice Izuku shifted his aim. “Damn it!”

Bakugou’s and Kirishima’s attack passed Kurogiri harmlessly in the same time Izuku destroyed the exit door, blowing it to melting mess of metal and other composite material.


Kirishima’s eyes went wide in shock, Bakugou was also frozen as they stared at the devastation left on its wake.

“That was dangerous… very dangerous.” Any other time, Izuku would be happy to hear the fear and tremor in Kurogiri’s voice. “Thank you boys, for saving me…”

Izuku dropped his gun, or rather what was left of the gun as the nozzle was half-melted and burned to the floor. His hand was thankfully protected by his glove from the heat, but not the recoil. Nothing broken but it was shaking and sore.  Bakugou was looking at him angrily but there was also shame in his eyes, Kirishima was on the verge of tears.

“Don’t freeze!” Izuku shouted, “MOVE!” Izuku saw Asui wrapping Mineta with her tongue, the shorter boy froze in terror. Iida and Shoji had grabbed whoever in reach, they were standing further in the back with better chance to escape. Kirishima and Bakugou were the closest to Kurogiri, so they had been caught.

“Shiro!” If they had to be caught, he at least had to increase the chance of survival. He had to get the non-combat student out of here! Izuku moved on instinct, he grabbed the floating glove that was Hagakure and throw her to the edge of Shiro’s direction. Shiro saw Hagakure, wrapping his tail around her and tossed her out of the mist.

As they teleported away, Izuku hoped the hole he made on the wall could be of use for his remaining classmates. Or the property damage he inflicted on USJ won’t be worth anything and his Master would be furious.

The world just can’t help but screw Vongola over.’  

 BONUS: Origin of Natsu

The cub was very aware since his birth, even when the eyes were still unopened to the world. The mother rejected him, there was no sweet scent of milk or familiar body sharing warmth with him. Instead… it was furless hands hugging it close and feeding it milk with rubbery nipple. Warm tongue washing soft fur of a cub was never there, he became familiar with warm towel and shampoo.

The ‘he’ was a male lion cub, rejected by a lioness who sensed this one was different than the younger two babies of her litter.

“Why only this cub is rejected?”

“It’s strong and healthy, and this is the mother’s third litter…”

He didn’t care much about the mother that never want to be near, or siblings that scamper away at the sight of it. The male cub knew he was different than other lion, he was smarter and he could understand human better than any lion could hope for. It knew the caretakers think he was cute, and also know he wouldn’t stay cute forever.

It was fine, if the caretakers won’t serve him anymore as it was destined to be a king! Caretaker said he was the king of jungle, and it will grow big and strong! That was why it was named Heika. Then one day everything changed, it’s world was turned upside down when all of a sudden his body changed. It could always feel fire inside its belly, but only that day it let the heat spread and it was no longer a cute cub.


“He has a Quirk!”

His caretakers never fear him, and that was the first time he saw a tranquilizer gun. The cub had no idea what it was when it shot something sharp, piercing his front leg. Heika was angry and scared, as he closed his eyes he wished it was all just a nightmare.

When Heika woke up again, he was a cub again- the same size as that stupid pug one of caretakers brought to work to be his playmate. His world changed from full of pampering and love from human to a cold cage and eyed with wariness.

“Heika is still a cub.”

“He has a Quirk, he can grow to a dangerous adult lion without warning!”

“He is dangerous.”

This was unfair, Heika had seen his caretakers using their strange power and he wasn’t afraid. So why when he had his, they feared him? He didn’t even do anything with his big adult body to them. Heika had no intention to hurt them, they had been good for him all this time.

That was the day Heika learned human was a hypocrite species and they will betray you as soon as they perceive you as a dangerous existence.
At least they were still feeding him but there was no longer affectionate pat and hug, Heika didn’t like his caretakers anymore but he still missed the comfort. The king… missed being loved and pampered.

A week later, Heika was fed something weird. He could smell it in his food, and pushed the plate away. But then the caretaker force-fed him. Heika wanted to grow big, so he could fight this mean man but his consciousness was fading away.

That was the second time human betrayed him.

When he woke up, a human wearing too many shiny thing and looked like his toy ball called Heika as his new pet. The human said he was Heika’s owner.

“Are you sure he can understand me?”

“Yes, apparently… animal with Quirk is always intelligent. If it develop a Quirk the brain was altered to accommodate it, the Principal of UA even has bigger brain than human. Heika here is at least as smart as chimpanzee.”

“Ho ho ho… how fascinating, I will pay you well for this rare pet.”

Heika hated the man called Owner at first sight.
Being a pet of a rich man wasn’t so bad when it comes to quality of life, Heika got better food, bigger cage and toys. However… none of that make up for the way ‘Owner’ looked at him. Heika wasn’t a living being with feelings for Owner, it was a rare pet, a trophy to be paraded around to his friends. Heika decided to escape from human, he was sick of them betraying him.

So Heika decided to play nice, pretending to be a harmless cub Owner could show off without fear to his friends. Heika didn’t growl at him, or even use his Quirk to scare Owner. He behaved well, standing still as Owner’s friend gawked at him and showing Owner with compliments. He only grew big when Owner asked him. He even let Owner bring a trainer to teach him Quirk.

It only took a few weeks for Owner to be lulled by his obedience. Just like his caretakers, if they think he was safe- human would be careless. Such as… forgetting to lock his cage at night after playing with him, and Heika took his chance.

Heika found himself in a small forest near an unknown big town, where a lot of human lives. Living in the wild and having to feed himself was hard, there was a river and small preys but Heika never hunted all his life and there was no sibling to practice with when he was younger. He didn’t know he had to be quiet to approach smaller preys like mice, bird and squirrel. He couldn’t catch them just by running and climbing tree wasn’t easy for his untrained limbs. Everyday he was starving, he could barely fed himself with scraps he caught. He couldn’t even eat those sweet scented fruits or grass, it tasted bitter and gave Heika stomach ache.   

He almost went to town, if it was easier to find prey but Heika was scared to see human again. Then a human come to find him, wandering the forest almost aimlessly before the human run to Heika. Heika saw it from the distance, It was a human child, smaller than his adult caretakers. Heika quickly grew big, ready to defend himself even if this human looked weak.

It was only when the human got closer Heika knew he was wrong, the human child carried the scent of power. He was petrified with fear as the human got nearer, and even more so when the human’s limb erupted with flame.

“Don’t eat me please…” The human said.

Heika eyed the hand carrying the flame to scare him with dread, his instinct roared at him to flee but he was frozen to the ground. Heika hated it when human had power over him, and he hated fire! Against his wild instinct as a lion and heart full of resentment, Heika opened his mouth wide and clamped down on the flaming hand. He didn’t bite very hard, he never bit human and his fear stopped him from sinking his teeth deeper.

Something sweet and warm flowed into cavern of his mouth and Heika knew he had done something very wrong, this human wasn’t someone he should harm- if-

“Oh MY GOOOOD! You ate my flame, are you okay?! Did I hurt you?”

Heika froze, his eyes wide at the sight of frantic human who still had Heika’s sharp teeth around his hand. This human didn’t get mad at Heika, he didn’t try to hurt Heika even though Heika bit him. Heika didn’t know he had loosened his jaw and the human pulled his hand free, blood still dripping from the teeth mark.

“Who should I call? A vet? Do regular vet treat wild animal like lion?” The human didn’t run away, it was holding Heika’s face so gently as if he was the one who got hurt. “Okay, I will call anyone who can help you first… boy, so please don’t move too much. Be good to them, okay?”

The boy was still bleeding when older humans found them. Heika refused to leave the boy’s side, leaving the warmth this boy shared with him. He was petrified when he saw the iron rod that will put him to sleep, but the boy convinced older humans to let him escort Heika to wherever they want to bring Heika.

Heika didn’t put any fight when the boy lead him to a truck and the boy stayed throughout the examination by doctor, human wearing white that would prod him all over. That day Heika was fed a full meal the first time in months, and he ate his fill to the point he couldn’t stay awake.

When he woke up, Heika was small and alone. The boy was nowhere in sight, and Heika cried  the whole day until the boy came visiting him the next day.

“Hey buddy… whoaa, you’re smaller than I thought.” He was laughing and no longer smell like iron from his bleeding hand. “So you have a Quirk, that’s cool. You must be very smart and I can see that you understand what I say… your Quirk make you smart, your brain is bigger than normal lion to facilitate your Quirk.”

He said the same thing but he sounded very kind, the boy was looking at Heika as if he was the most amazing lion in the world. He felt like the king once again… the king of jungle.

“Sorry for ranting, must be boring to hear this motormouth human chatting your ears off.” The boy giggled. “My name… is Izuku.” Izuku was a name, the boy’s name. “Nice to meet you Natsu.”

Natsu? The boy called him… Natsu?

“Oh- what am I saying… that come out of my mouth…” Izuku covered his mouth, smiling sadly. “It’s just… looking at a scared cute cub like you remind me of a memory… of Natsu…”

Heika decided he was Natsu now, he was Izuku’s Natsu. The boy visited him every day after that. Even though the caretakers warned the boy to not touch Natsu, the boy never refused when Natsu asked for attention.

“He wants it… I can’t refuse, one or two playful bite won’t kill me.”

Natsu learned that refusing to eat would make his new caretakers call Izuku. Then he learned how to escape and found Izuku in his den called Midoriya Residence. Apparently because of some strange human law he couldn’t stay with Izuku, Natsu cared not for human law. He found a place to belong and that was by Izuku’s side. He was the king of his world when he was with Izuku.

Izuku managed to convince stupid caretakers to leave Natsu in Izuku’s care, and Natsu was glad he learned how to behave by human’s standard. Izuku’s friends are nice, especially the submissive one- who only had lion part for tail but human for the rest. The one with tall grass for hair was scary,, he said he ate Natsu’s species once. He had to be careful, or Senku will eat him. Futaba who came last was the strangest, but at least she wasn’t going to eat Natsu. She gave the best belly rub after Izuku and Mother Inko.

Then one day a mouse- a human sized mouse with bear ears and paws like him came visiting. It said the name was Nezu and he was going to be Natsu’s father. “So that you can stay with Izuku and not break human’s law… I am an animal with Quirk like you, we should stick together.”

Natsu wasn’t sure what father meant, he never had one and Izuku didn’t have this father thing either. Later he learned that father was the male version of mother like Inko-mama, which was a good thing to have.

“Human did terrible things to you too hm? That’s fine, you find good human too… and you’re okay now. You’re happy, you’re very lucky you find Izuku so early before you become as bitter as me.”

Natsu didn’t understand his father very well, but he was good to Natsu and teach Natsu cool tricks to protect Izuku. “In this school you will find more human friends, we can’t go back to our kin but living among humans… make the best of it little guy”

Of course he would make the best of it, Natsu was the little king of jungle after all and next to him was the king of the sky.



Chapter Text

Izuku didn’t fancy being thrown to the lake, it was spring and USJ was all about realism so the water was too cold for skinny dipping. His sense of temperature was a bit off because if his flame, but cold was still cold, Vongola or not. A villain appeared, holding a harpoon of all things and attacking him. Before he could decide what to do with the fish-villain, Asui had come swooping in for his rescue.

She was definitely a better swimmer, so it didn’t take much of her to dash away, leaving trail of bubbles. Izuku was unceremoniously thrown on top of the boat by her tongue, he could land on his feet just fine regardless. Asui wasn’t as courteous with Mineta, the pervert had the gall to comment on Asui’s chest and dumped on the boat rather roughly for his remark.

“Mineta-kun…” Asui just saved your life, not to mention she literally holding your life just now. If she wasn’t a hero, she might throw you to the sharks below. “Behave yourself, this is not the time to fool around.”

Maybe he’d better be fooling around, because apparently Mineta do so to distract himself from fear. Because as soon as Izuku reminded him of their precarious situation, Mineta was shaking like a leaf and that certainly not because of the cold.

“Thank you Asui-san for helping me.”

In contrast of Mineta, Asui was very calm- almost overly calm for a hero in training with nonexistent real battle experience. He’d thought only Todoroki, Shiro and Bakugou would be unfazed by this level of danger. Oh, actually she wasn’t completely calm or fearless- she was just good in self-control and that unchanged expression was part mutation of her Quirk.

“You’re welcome, ribbit.” She returned, climbing to the deck. “And call me Tsuyu-chan.”

What’s with girls and first name? Hadou-senpai also insisted to be called Nejire-senpai lately. “Ah, Tsuyu-chan.” He will stutter later, but not now. “I am sorry- I was careless and get all of you in danger.”

Asui turned to face him, “Midori-chan.” Was that a nickname? At least she didn’t use certain airhead blue fish’s name.“Just because you’re the strongest in our class and most experienced, it doesn’t mean you’re responsible for this. The villain wants to torture us to get to All Might and someone by alias Mastermind, so one way or another we will have to find our way out.”

Mineta nodded, “Yeah, you’re super strong so we will be fine right?”

“Wait- what do you mean the strongest- I am not.”

Asui ignored him in favor of lecturing the shortest classmate of theirs. “Mineta-chan… why don’t you try to think of a way instead of relying on Midori-chan?”

Izuku sweat-dropped, “Well… I suppose we have to get off of this shipwreck area first.” And looked over the manmade lake, the villains had surrounded their boat. Quite a number for one area,  if they could dispatch about twenty underlings per area- it answered where those low level criminals were gone to.

‘Togata-senpai, the mystery solved but it doesn’t help anyone…’ Oh- he could imagine the blond senpai being depressed they didn’t figure this out sooner, “Ten, twelve… fifteen- no twenty villains.” With wide range of power, all of them are ranked C to E level. Definitely goons brought over to deal with hero students that barely started their training.

The purple haired boy were shaking even more violently, “They are coming to kill us… waaaah.”

“All water related Quirk villains.” Asui observed impassively, “It’s as you said Midori-chan, they’re really taking advantage of the field…” She frowned, pointing at herself. “Wait, then why did they put me here then?”

Izuku’s eyes narrowed, “Because from the mess they caused yesterday, they only manage to get their hands in our schedule. The timetable of classes isn’t guarded as securely as student’s profile… especially after Master decide to let Futaba keep it.”

“Futaba-chan…” Asui hummed, “Your friend with Technopath Quirk.”

Izuku nodded, “The jamming Quirk really put a hamper on my backup plan… Futaba suppose to take over USJ’s security system in case of this kind of thing happen.”

“So you already suspect this kind of thing will happen?”

Mineta wailed, “Then why we’re still going to off campus facility?! Who needs study trip if you’re DEAD?!”

“Err… we know there are villains who has their eyes on UA, but we don’t really have any idea what they’re after.”

The frog-girl nodded, “You can’t blame UA for this Mineta-chan, we’re hero school to booth. We can’t just stop any class because of what-ifs… on the bright side now we know what they’re after.”

“Yeah! All Might! If he come, there’s no way these villains can do as they please!”

If only, Izuku didn’t get to check on All Might’s condition after his hero-ing but even if he gets here he would run risk being exposed. He was close enough when All Might came back to UA, from what he could feel…  All Might don’t have more than half an hour tops. Most likely not even half of that.

“Todoroki-chan bring up a good point before… they couldn’t come all the way to USJ with elaborate plan splitting us up, and don’t have any idea how to achieve their objective at all.”

Mineta was shaking again now, “Then we’re really in deep shit! These are villains who plan to kill All Might! We can’t beat them! We should just wait until rescue coming from school! We will be killed if we fight them!”

“Don’t worry Mineta-kun.” Izuku said as he rummaged his pocket, “I won’t let anyone in our class to die here, I can’t retire and die in peace if that happen.”


Izuku brought out a second gun, the same model. It was a good thing he had brought a spare- then again the man he got the idea from was twin gun wielder, Izuku unfortunately couldn’t use both hand to wield gun. He didn’t have the dexterity on both hand to do so. Also as Snipe-sensei told him, his aim was decent in his dominant hand but the sniper would never want to see Izuku aim his flame powered bullet anywhere with his non-dominant hand.

“At the very least I- huh?”

Asui and Mineta were looking at him with impossibly wide eyes, “You have another?”

“Uhm- Midori-chan, I know we can’t be picky but I’d rather not have USJ lake to be red anytime soon.” Said Asui, her face didn’t even twitch but she was stuttering.

“...I haven’t kill any villain who come here.” Izuku assured her, “They’re all alive and these folks won’t dye USJ lake red either… now, I need your help.”

Mineta and Asui sighed in relief, “Okay…”

They weren’t seriously thinking he was going to slaughter them all, right? “We will leap together off this boat, Tsuyu-chan will carry Mineta-kun to the shore, Mineta-kun… throw pop off as many as you can.”

Mineta paled, “They won’t die, right?”

“No, these guys all have gills so it’s fine.” They might get hypothermia, depending on their resistance to cold water, Or they might get unlucky enough for pop off to get stuck in their gills or other air passageway,  but Izuku won’t tell Mineta that. “Ready-set..”

Mineta squeaked when Asui pick him up, and on the ‘Go’ they leapt.

Izuku pointed at the water surface and fired. ‘Scoppio di Fiamma!’ It was no All Might’s Delaware Smash, but dying will flame had kinetic energy that was comparable to bullet train. The impact made a hole on the water surface and as physic wills it, the water converged back to a whirlpool.

Mineta was crying in the background as throwing his pop off to the point his head bled, while Izuku used the impact of Scoppio di Fiamma to make a second leap after Asui.  

“First hurdle, clear.”


Landslide Area

“How pathetic…”

“I agree.”

Todoroki and Shiro were standing with deadpan expression as watching their handy work, in one side was early winter festival and on the other was much less interesting pile of bodies.

The villains were crying, the one Todoroki made to terrible work of art from- the ones on Shiro’s pile were too busy groaning in pain.

“Scatter and kill us…” Todoroki repeated their plan. “Are villains always act so predictably to Midoriya?”

Shiro sighed, “Nah… only the idiots, these guys though… bragging about killing our teacher and they don’t seem to have any idea how to use their Quirk properly. In fact, they seem to be under impression we can’t put up a fight.”  What the heck did they expect Shiro and Todoroki would do? Froze in terror instead of beating them up like proper heroes in training would do?


“I thought they’re just kids!”

“But the instants they arrived…”

“Get a hold of yourself, aren’t you adults?” Todoroki said, his voice was as cold as his ice.  

“Todoroki, growing old is the course of nature but growing up is a choice.” Shiro quipped, “Since they came to bully us in horde, I don’t think they have done much growing up…”

“...Right.” Todoroki agreed. “Let’s get this over with.”

Shiro was already cracking his knuckle, his tail reached out to the top of his pile. “Hey! Why don’t you make this easy for us all?”

In the same time Todoroki was reaching to one of his ice sculpture. “If they’re smart enough.”

The villain trembled as he felt Shiro’s tail tightened around his body like python. “You see… we have a few questions, and I’d like it if you just answer us like good boys. Or we will see… which one is more convincing to get you to talk- the constricting power of my tail that three times stronger than boa or nasty froze bite from Todoroki’s ice. To be honest I’d hate to lose.”

Todoroki snorted, “I don’t like to lose either so… if any of you would volunteer telling us on what basis you think you can kill All Might, it would be appreciated.”

“Yeah- and why do you guys go after Mastermind too.” Shiro added. “We’re hero in training so we don’t really like torturing even low lives like you… even if it’s just froze bite and bone fractures, not to mention Izu will be very upset…”

“...Ojiro, I don’t think Midoriya will be upset over breaking one or two bones.”

All of them started singing like canary, it was almost sad how pliant these villains became as soon as they learned kids or not- UA students were stronger than common thug. It was also their misfortune to meet Todoroki and Shiro, who were more trained than most of their classmates.

“So Noumu… that meat doll can take hits and regenera+te.” Shiro hummed, he didn’t feel guilty whatsoever for leaving the villains to their fate. They won’t die, but they would be in a lot of pain. “That’s quite a nasty combination of Quirks…”

Todoroki was frowning, “Two Quirks in one individual… that’s impossible.” Even his own Half-hot Half-cold was essentially one quirk, hence his dependence on both sides.

“Saa~ but that Noumu must be biologically altered.” Shiro said, “So they recruited these goons with a display of Noumu’s power.”

“Make sense, raw power wise… a hulking monster that could take hit and regenerate is antithesis of hero with strength augmenting Quirk like All Might.”

Shiro shrugged, “Hm… dunno about that, but go figures these low level thugs aren’t well informed… well, they’re just recruited with temptation of glory of killing All Might.”

Todoroki’s eyes narrow, “You know something.”

Shiro shrugged, “Well, being friends with Izuku means I am privy to some stuff I have to keep confidential. Though… in this situation it’s stop being one.”

“What is it?”

“There’s a sharp dip of appearance of low level villains for the last few weeks.” Shiro informed him as  they scouted the area in case of more villains in hiding. “In exchange, there’s a sharp raise of them arranging offline meetings in dark net forum for villains.”


Shiro nodded, “Mystery solved though… now we know where they are, here with us.” Shiro gestured to USJ at large. “Though… they have no idea what the League of Villain is up to with Izu.”

Todoroki frowned at him, “I’d say this organization have a lot of reason to want him alive or dead.” Shiro raised an eyebrow at the fire and ice user. “Midoriya is very powerful, and he also intelligent and adept as a strategist. Not to mention… It’s obvious All Might have his eyes on Midoriya.”

“Huh?” All Might was what?!

“He is also Principal’s official disciple.” He added, “If these villains somehow get a hold of our schedule, I don’t think it’s a stretch they saw the strongest pro hero and the most intelligent are watching over Midoriya. That’s more than enough reason to either have him eliminated or converted to their side.”

Shiro didn’t like what he heard, “Hm… That make sense, though- I am not sure if All Might really think Izu is a potential disciple.” He mumbled to himself. “So, what should we do now? Go look for our classmates or go to plaza to help Aizawa-sensei… or help Thirteen?”

“With these low level thugs, there should be no worries our classmates couldn’t handle them.” Todoroki narrowed his eyes, “Not to mention… Midoriya in that split second make sure only capable combatant got captured by that Kurogiri’s warp.”

“You noticed huh?”

“You two threw Hagakure out… the closest to non-combatant that got caught is Kouda but I saw he was standing beside Tokoyami.” And Tokoyami was one of the strong combatants in their class. “Still… those two fools.”

Shiro scrunched his nose at the reminder, “Ah, Bakugou and Kirishima… the idiots.” His eyes narrowed, “This might be petty but I am super pissed with them.” They won’t get stuck in this situation if those two know how to stay put. “Kirishima would be sorry but I am sure Bakugou wouldn’t be repentant.”

Todoroki scoffed, “And Midoriya said Bakugou isn’t an idiot.”

Collapse Zone 

“We fuck up a big time.”

“Shut up Shitty Hair and punch that one on the face.”

Kirishima did so, and Bakugou finished off the last of them- and grabbed empty air, revealing a villain with chameleon quirk. “If you sneak on people, at least learn to not steps on fucking piece of glass , low level mook!” And slammed the sorry face to the hard floor.

The red head flinched, “So violent… hey, Bakugou! Should we go look for our classmates, I am worried about Midoriya.”

Bakugou looked at him with bewildered expression, “I know you’re not particularly bright Shitty Hair, but hell! Of all people you can worry about, you’re worried about freaking Deku? The Nerd would be fine, I am not surprised if he get out of his match with his nerdy suit in pristine condition.” He said, running towards the exit of the Collapse Area.

Kirishima sweat-dropped, following the explosive boy closely. “In one hand it’s touching you have a lot of faith in his ability, but you just have to curse him in the same time.”

Bakugou snarled, quickening his pace. “I don’t have any fucking faith in Deku! Just stating the freakin obvious fact the Nerd is like cockroach!”

Said cockroach ko-ed you in less than a minute, Kirishima didn’t think Bakugou could say that about Midoriya. “Also, don’t fret your stony ass over the fuck up.” Bakugou told him. “Knowing the nerd, he won’t even have a clue why you’re sorry to him the next time you saw him.”

That sounded very much like Midoriya the nice guy, but- “...You unexpectedly know him quite well.”

“Well, yeah- can’t help it if we got stuck like bur to each other since we were three.” Bakugou growled to himself. “If you want to say sorry, say it to the Monkey Bastard.”

“Eh? You mean… Ojiro?”

“I could be careless, but if you care so much- that bastard is the dangerous one Shitty Hair like you don’t want to mess with.” Bakugou could be careless if Ojiro’s opinion of him hit a new low, if it didn’t reach the deepest pit of hell by now. But Bakugou sensed danger, not just from Ojiro but from the rest of Deku’s sidekick squad.

Especially since the day after their mock battle, his father relayed absentmindedly about someone getting into his company’s database. The hacker didn’t do any damage, but they leave a trace of them ever been there and Bakugou Masaru had been fretting over it.

One of Deku’s sidekick was a freaking technopath, that was automatically a hacker. Bakugou was perceptive enough to see outright threat when it was thrown to his face. Someone like that shut in should be able to get in without trace to his father’s company’s database. It didn’t take much to piece the puzzle, added with Deku’s confession of his dislike of license and being pro hero.

It made some sense if Deku and his squad was a vigilante group, and a high profile one if UA scramble to recruit all of them at once. Deku was a recommendation student, so were the Shut in and Crazy Hair. Ojiro was the only one who went through regular test, but he was also the muscle of the group and less dangerous in term of Quirk.
UA don’t have a lot of spot for recommendation, but this year they accept not just one but three extras without exam whatsoever.   

And now these villains went after Deku. The alias they used was ‘Mastermind’ but Katsuki couldn’t think of anyone else in their batch that fit that title.

“I mean it to be a lesson.”   

He sometime saw that accursed eerie smile in his sleep, telling him how easy it was for the boy to turn it upside down. And again when Deku defeated him in battle simulation.

Fuck you, Deku.


Shipwreck Zone

It was a shame he didn’t catch anyone to interrogate, but considering the playing field he’d rather not fish one out. “Hm… they were amateurs and overconfident.” Asui and Mineta watched Izuku used his flame to dry his suit in a daze. “Normally they should keep some of their members underwater as reserve…”

“I am glad they didn’t.” Said Asui, interrupting his thought.

If they did Izuku will clean up the rest, in a way those villains were lucky they just turned to human raft. “Would you like me to dry your clothes, Mineta-kun? Asui-san? It’s cold… you don’t fare well in cold, I believe.”

Asui nodded, “I am a frog after all, I am unsure using fire to dry me is wise…”

“I can control it in small amount for mundane use like this, I won’t hurt you.”

Asui beamed at that, “Then I will take up on that offer.”

Mineta eyed her intensely, “Asui… you-”

“There’s no way Midori-chan will take advantage of me, he isn’t a pervert like you.”

Izuku sighed, letting the softest flame he could emit to dry his classmates from the cold water. “All done.” He inhaled deeply, “And this is where we will part.”


“I will head to the plaza to help Aizawa-sensei, he is with two of the villain leaders… he won’t last long with that odds.” Izuku said to them, one hand reached out and fingering the case of his pill on his utility belt gingerly. “Thirteen is fighting against the Warp Villain but he isn’t alone, also…”

“You make sure Class Rep Iida-chan and Hagakure-chan are there.” Said Asui, “With that big hole you make on the door and Kurogiri occupied by the rest it’s very possible for either Hagakure-chan or Iida-chan to slip in.”

Izuku smiled at her, “You’re very perceptive Asui-san.”

She just smiled back to her, “Still Midoriya-chan, their second target after All Might… is you, right?”

“EEEH?!” Shrieked Mineta. “You…”

“Well, no one else in class fit that alias.” She said, pointing at him. “Also… even in this kind situation, you never really lost control. If all goes accordingly to your plan, we could have escaped by now if not for Kirishima-chana nd Bakugou-chan are hot heads.”  

Izuku flinched, grasping his shirt in pain. ‘I know I can be manipulative, but for her to figure me out like that… aaaah… ‘ He cleared his throat, “It’s fine, they don’t know who I am and… I have no delusion I can keep my identity under wraps forever.”

“Do you really have to go?” Asked Asui.

“I don’t want Aizawa-sensei to be killed.” It wasn’t about a must or obligation or what was the best thing he should do. “I won’t let them kill anyone, so I have to go. So you guys have to listen… I have no doubt that they guarded all USJ’s exit by now. So try to gather the rest of our classmates, maybe start from Landslide Zone.”

Mineta frowned, “Why Landslide Zone?”

“Shiro and Todoroki-kun were there.” He grinned, “They’re one of the best in class…”

“You know where everyone is.” Asui breathed out in awe.

Izuku nodded, “In Squall zone… it’s Tokoyami-kun and Kouda-kun, Fire zone is empty so don’t bother, Yaoyorozu-san, Jirou-san and Kaminari-kun are still fighting in Mountain Zone. Bakugou and Kirishima-kun are in Collapse Zone. So that’s four locations.” The green haired boy listed, “Our enemies want to overpower us with number so we should take that advantage from them… and escape with our teachers from their grasp.”

Mineta looked down, “Okay, we can do that… at least someone like me  should be able to do that.”

Asui smiled, “Mineta-chan.” For once the tiny boy looked cool.” Let’s go and do our best for everyone.”


Back with Bakugou and Kirishima Duo

“Anyway… I want go after that Warp Bastard instead.”

“Eh?! We should go look for others and regroup!” Eijirou suggested instead, “I am worried for those with non-combatant Quirk.” Really, they don’t have time for Bakugou to settle a personal vendetta against that Mist-guy.

Bakugou rolled his eyes, “The Nerd get them the hell out of the mist or stick them with combatant in class.”

Image of Midoriya throwing Hagakure and jumped to Mineta’s side come to mind. “Oh… as expected of Midoriya.”

“Beside… the Warp-bastard is their entry and escape route, in a sense it’s more important to beat the hell out of that one more than other scumbags.”

Eijirou looked at him with awe, “Whoaa… you’re really smart and rational when you’re not fighting Midoriya.”


“Well, you-”

Then without warning Bakugou ignited a huge blast of explosion, which was met by a wall of ice. Said wall of ice shattered, revealing a solid but flexible muscle that almost send both of them flying if Eijirou and Bakugou didn’t duck in time. It also took out the wall behind them, leaving a sizeable crack on the already fallen structure.

“So it’s just the two hotheads.” Commented a calm voice they both knew,

The one Bakugou almost exploded were Ojiro and Todoroki, and ooooh boy- They looked pissed off. Which was very understandable because Eijirou and Bakugou made them stuck in this mess, and also attacked them out of the blue.

Eijirou did the first thing that come to mind, he groveled. “I am very sorry for what I did! If I didn’t rush in, Midoriya wouldn’t hurt himself and we won’t be here! I am so sorry!”

“Shitty Hair, is this the time to grovel?!”

“You apologize too, Bakugou!”

“To Monkey Bastard and Half-Half Bastard?! Hell NO!”

Todoroki scoffed, “No one expect an apology from someone like you .” Eijirou could almost hear the special frost on the last part.

“Hell will freeze over first.” Added Ojiro with a scowl. “We won’t be here if not for your folly.” He said it as if Bakugou was the only culprit.

Eijirou began to sweat, ‘Huwaaah… I am stuck with these guys now?’ Ojiro was a genial guy most of the time but he had a deep grudge against Bakugou. Todoroki ignored everyone in class, and only respected Midoriya. It felt just like yesterday these two were opponents, now they were allies in their dislike of Bakugou.

Midoriyaaaa… help me!’

The only guy who can control these guys wasn’t here. He was in deep shit indeed.


On the Way to USJ Plaza

Why the fuck did the plaza felt so close when looking from high place but when walking to that place, it was farther than expected. Luckily according to his Hyper Intuition, Aizawa was still doing good. He would love to see their usually lethargic homeroom teacher kicking ass left and right, but he won’t last long. Eraserhead didn’t have the best stamina, better than civilian but that unhealthy sleeping cycle would be the death of him someday.

This battle he was fighting was a cardio exercise for Eraserhead, and since the meat doll and the white haired guy didn’t make a move yet - the odd wasn’t in Aizawa-sensei’s favor. He couldn’t just jump in either, disrupting his teacher’s rhythm.

Izuku’s eyes narrowed at the thought of two remaining main villains in plaza. The guy whose body was covered by disembodied hands, he was pretty sure it wasn’t fake and not part of the villain’s terrible fashion statement. Perhaps it was the side effect of his touch based Quirk, or it was just because the guy was mentally unstable. Then there was the meat doll he had by his side, it had Quirks- in plural. And he had an image of two things that shouldn’t mesh together getting stuffed in one container. Which was the most unpleasant feel his Hyper Intuition ever passed to his body, it was sickening and if Izuku pried too deep into that empty husk of a human he would get sick.

Came to think of it, in Dying Will Flame powered society there was a similar bio-engineered human. It was also dark skinned and all muscle, but this one was even more crude looking considering the exposed brain. Quirk evolution started from human’s brain so perhaps they altered the brain so more Quirks could co-exist in one body- but this meat doll lost its mind and sense of self.

Izuku’s eyes widened, the hand-guy started to get restless- shit!

Aizawa saw the guy coming, the last boss- the one with disintegration Quirk and he knew getting close to this menace was a bad idea. However, looking at the boy’s scrawny body and sluggish movement- this wasn’t an experienced hand to hand fighter. So Aizawa decided to take a risk and let the guy charged at him.

Then he was stuck, that pale hand clamped in iron grip on his elbow. “I have noticed… your Quirk is amazing Eraserhead, you’re very cool… taking all of us in frontal combat to reassure your students… really coool…”

That didn’t sound like compliment, the boy had a haunting voice that sounded so wrong in his ears. “Kuh-” Also, contrary to his looks- this kid had a considerable power. “But you see, I have been watching and counting- your Quirk… have minor telekinesis side effect on your hair.”

Aizawa’s eyes widened, ‘My tell.’

“Aizawa-sensei, I don’t know if you keep your hair long out of laziness or personal taste but…
It’s like a giant on and off switch of your Quirk for all to see.”

He had told Bakugou off on not listening to Midoriya’s advice, but he had been on receiving end of it himself. That problem child just had to be always right, damn it!

His red eyes widened when he saw his clothes turned to stone like substance before shattering, and the Quirk spread to his skin before his very eyes. “Don’t push yourself, Eraserhead.”

Aizawa pushed the boy away, but his elbow was already shattered and the pain was almost too much to bear. It didn’t help there was more villain fodder jumping to get a lucky shot at him, he spun around and used one of them as meat shield before using his weapon to make a human morningstar.

“Isn’t it too different than what you usually do?” Said the creepy teen from his crouching position. “You’re not suitable for long drawn out fight against large group, riiiiight?” He drawled on mockingly, “Your tactic is usually swift battle after catching your enemy off guard with ambush…”

This bastard, that analytical mind eerily reminded Aizawa of Midoriya.

“By the way- it’s a shame Eraserhead but I am… not the Last Boss. Enter- Noumu.”

A gargantuan figure loomed over him and Aizawa was faced by grinning creature with dead eyes. The creature Midoriya called as meat doll? This was the Last Boss, a mindless hulk? The creature raised an arm, deliberately slow but he couldn’t move-


The pain never come, in exchange Aizawa almost choked when someone had dragged him out of the arm’s way by the collar of his shirt. Like a cat would a kitten, and Aizawa was torn whether he should be relieved or enraged to see Midoriya by his side. The Noumu’s body tilted sideways like Tower of Pisa, the boy had kicked the monster.

Their favorite problem child looking at their enemy with furious expression. “Mi-doriya?! You- I told you-”

“A problem child like me won’t listen to such suggestion.” He deadpanned, amber eyes blazing as they narrowed at him. “And while I hate to agree with our enemy, he is right about not pushing yourself.” And much to Aizawa’s exasperation, the boy backhanded a villain coming from behind without even looking. “You look quite beaten up, Sensei. So just stay still while I handle them.”

The hand teen looked at Midoriya curiously, “A student?”

Midoriya pointed his gun at the group of incoming villain, “It’s better if you guys just surrender.”

The villains laughed, “Kid! What one gun could do, can you even use that?”

For one moment AIzawa wondered if Midoriya had taken to dramatic posturing like some newbie heroes, but as soon as the villain finished the boy pulled the trigger without fanfare and send them flying to the air.


“That’s my last warning.” Midoriya hissed, “I can’t retire and die in peace if I don’t make you regret the day you decide to attack my classmates and teacher…” His eyes of flame were burning with suppressed rage.

Now Aizawa could really see why this boy could scare even Pro Heroes to follow his bidding, that was his thought before the boy threw him to the nearest lake. He knew it was to save him, but Aizawa couldn't help but curse Midoriya for not letting a responsible adult to take care of him. The brat would be the death of him. 


Tsuyu’s plan was simple, she just had to follow what Midoriya-chan said. To do her best with Mineta-chan to gather their classmates. Though- sadly the two group they encountered first weren’t being cooperative. “You two let him go to Plaza by himself?!” Ojiro-chan looked like he was about to explode like Bakugou-chan’s Quirk.  

Tsuyu answered calmly, “Midori-chan’s order…” What could you do about that, Ojiro-chan was the one who always follow Midori-chan around so he couldn’t protest if Tsuyu did the same.  

“That Deku…” Hissed Bakugou-chan. “Che, I am going now while you fret over Deku, Monkey ass.”

“Shut up Italian Red Devil reject!” Snarled Ojiro-chan at Bakugo-chan.

Tsuyu was sure nobody but history nerd like her would get the reference, which was a very fitting description of Bakugo-chan’s personality. Bakugo-chan unexpectedly got what Ojiro-chan was implying and was about to lunge at him when something buzzing from Ojiro-chan’s utility belt.

The martial artist fished a device that looked like those retro tamagotchi. “Warning.” It said, “World Sync rate is steadily increasing- twenty- twenty five… thirty percent.”

It was talking in dull monotone replica of Futaba Sakura-chan’s voice, and Ojiro-chan’s face was steadily losing its colour. “Izu… no-no-no, don’t get any further than that.”

“Thirty five percent, first critical limit almost reached- warning… “

Ojiro-chan turned to face her and Tsuyu could feel she and Mineta-chan were fearing for their life at the murderous look on Ojiro-chan’s face. “Okay, do what Izu asked and gather the rest of our classmates… I am going to the plaza.” Then he ran off, using his strong tail to propel him to the air.

“Wait-wait-waaaaait!” Stuttered Kirishima-chan. “What is that warning device is for? World Synch rate, give us explanation on the way will you?” The three classmates of theirs had run after Ojiro-chan, leaving her and Mineta-chan hanging.


Mineta-chan growled, “Why… just because you guys are strong doesn’t mean you can just-”

Tsuyu sighed, “Forget it Mineta-chan, just think they’re reinforcement for Midoriya-chan… let’s just go to Squall Area and pick up Kouda-chan and Toyokami-chan.” Knowing the two boys, they should be more cooperative than Todoroki-chan and Bakugou-chan.

Shiro didn’t want to explain, seriously- who would want to explain to Bakugou about Izu. The bastard didn’t deserve any and he wasn’t going to talk. “Izu is attempting to use his full power and that’s not a good thing, that’s all you need to know.” Bare minimum, just because Kirishima was a nice guy and Izufor some reason took a shine on Todoroki.

“Full power?” Echoed Kirishima. “Midoriya left a gaping hole on USJ’s entrance and that’s not his full power?!”

“You’re fucking kidding me!” Snarled Bakugou.

Todoroki looked thoughtful instead, “I didn’t expect someone who usually operate on the rear like Midoriya to hide such power.”

“That’s your biggest concern?!” Shiro shouted as he made another leapt. “I SAID it’s NOT a good thing, DAMN IT!”

USJ, East Entrance  

Playing goalkeeper with Thirteen and a bunch of UA students was still within Kurogiri’s ability. After all- as versatile as ‘Black Hole’ Quirk of Thirteen could be the space hero had abysmal battle experience. So as long as Kurogiri could catch Thirteen off guard, he could easily eliminate Thirteen from the battle.

And he did-

Unfortunately, the boy with green hair who shouldn’t be a student at all with that much power had left a gaping hole on the door. Also, the size was too big for Kurogiri to cover for extended amount of time while fighting.

“So, the boy in green suit I teleported is the Mastermind…” The boy who bore resemblance with Turbo Hero Ingenium looked startled by his words. It fit their intel that Mastermind often worked together with Ingenium, so it wasn’t a stretch his relative know Mastermind too.

“Hmph… you didn’t give him away students… it’s just- someone so skilled is hard to hide.” Kurogiri said. “Especially when his plan didn’t go accordingly because of the two impulsive boys… a normal first year hero in training wouldn't be so composed." He quickly made use of his his undirected attack instead of wasting it, and then made sure the scattered students were those who could deal with real battle. "H is mental prowess when judging a scenario and making split second decisions is exceptional even when under pressure.”

Something he and his Master wished Shigaraki to learn soon, because if there was anything their resident man-child couldn’t deal with was pressure and failure. If their situation was reversed, Shigaraki would broke down to hysteric fit about game over and glitch instead of thinking up a solution.   

The students glared at him before confronting Kurogiri himself. They were no Mastermind but they were prodigies chosen by UA too, they figured out his metal plate was a weak point and took advantage of it to give the engine hero in training a chance to escape. They succeed and Kurogiri couldn’t help but regret his own failure. The Mastermind had set the pieces and playing field, the match had been won before it started. 

“It’s a game over.”

USJ Plaza 

The fury of Vongola sky was a tranquil one, smouldering in intensity and left waste on its wake. Giotto and Tsuna were hard to anger, one of many traits they shared in every reincarnation. A sky as pure as them tend to be peaceful, detesting conflict and desire nothing but harmony in their life. It took a lot to disturb their peace and ignite retaliation from them.

The easiest way to earn their fury was to touch their people, as some would find it was the most foolish thing to do.

Izuku knew this about himself very well, Vongola never have the best self control when they saw their family in danger. He didn’t know since when but in short time under Aizawa’s tutelage, he had come to value Aizawa as his people. Aizawa always call him problem child and how his mere presence cause the pro to lose valuable sleep, yet- Izuku also knew Aizawa worries constantly for him. To Aizawa, problem child mean a student who need his attention the most.

That was more than any teacher that wasn’t Nezu had ever done for him.

So when he saw Shigaraki Tomura had all intention to kill off Aizawa for amusement, something snapped inside him. So what if the pale haired boy was mentally unstable, or Noumu was just a walking sack of muscle? Or these villains were just cannon fodder disillusioned by the glory of killing All Might?

“Oi! Shigaraki! This is not the deal- this brat is too strong!”


It seemed because the Fire Zone didn’t catch any student, the excess of villain from that area was warped to the plaza. Izuku had emptied all of his ammo, and gave himself a metaphorical kick for not packing more.

“He run out of bullets! This is our chance!”

“People with guns should be terrible in handling real battle with fist, what are you gonna do? Gun-boy?”

Shigaraki was smirking, “Get him guys! NPC butting in main battle always die.”

This guy had been talking in game lingo for a while, he also seem to be under delusion the world was a game. As for the rest of villains… It wasn’t really an unreasonable assumption that people who fight in long range won’t be as good in fist fight. Especially ones with gun, being dependent on such a handy weapon could easily give off such impression. However in case of Izuku they couldn’t be more wrong.

His eyes narrowed at the upcoming villains, all of them had variation of mutation and simple body augmentation quirk. They also severely underestimate him even though they had seen them dealing with a large group with ease, which suit Izuku’s plan just fine. A hit on solar plexus, an uppercut on a stony jaw and a chop on the neck. All three of them fell like flies and Izuku could feel the rest began to hesitate.

“You can’t see very well under that hand I think.” Izuku said Shigaraki, “I don’t wear gloves for fashion…” He smiled eerily at the surrounding villains. “I am a hand to hand combatant in the first place.” He stretched his hand, crooking his fingers at beckoning gesture he once gave to a fellow sky. “Come at me then… if you insist to not flee.”

Deeper… he need more, so he shall fall deeper to the sky.

Shigaraki stared at Izuku with unreadable expression, and it wasn’t because of the hand covering his face. “KILL HIIIIM!” Noumu didn’t move yet but the rest of the villains heard his order, and they hesitated. “If you don’t move, that order would be for Noumu and you will be the dead ones!”

They protested, “That’s not the deal!”

“We’re just here because you said-”

Some of the villains looked at their comrades lying conscious on the floor and then to Noumu, Izuku wondered if he should be offended they decided he was the less painful option before charging at him.

That was dangerous- not even him could take ten to twenty villains that come at him in one go. Not- in pure fist fight… So he fell to the sky.

He raised his fist, flame began to gather with intensity comparable to the one he poured to his bullet. The gloves mechanism shifted to reveal a sharper edge of a gauntlet and he brought it down as they closed in to him. “BING BANG AXLE!”

The plaza was enveloped in deafening blast, sky flame bloom like a flower- dyeing the surrounding in the colour of twilight. As the explosion subsided, Shigaraki was left staring wide eyedly at the figure standing in midst of the crater. The villains were scattered all over, unmoving while the figure of the boy remained unscatched.

The sky looked up, his head that adorned by crown of flame swayed as he turned to Shigaraki.

Shigaraki’s breath was caught, and his words escaped his lips in a shudder. “Who the hell are you? You… you’re not an NPC.”

Izuku didn’t answer to him in words, his amber eyes narrowed as his mind echoed the answer.

“I am the sky… in previous life, and another and even now… I am always-
The all encompassing sky.”

Chapter Text

“It’s already twenty six minutes and seventeen seconds since Shiro and Izuku sent their last message of their arrival in USJ.” Announced Senku out of the blue in midst of their practical class.

Mei popped up from her work station, smeared from head to toe in soot, “Ishigami, what time is it now?” A clock was always absent in their workshop so students won’t keep looking at it, one of many homeroom rules of Power Loader. One that had gone moot the moment Ishigami Senku entered their department with his biological clock ability, which wasn’t a Quirk- he just always keep track of time a bit too well.

“It’s thirteen past fifteen minutes and twenty six seconds.” Senku said without batting an eye, before returning to his conversation with Futaba. “So?”

Futaba frowned, “That means they missed like... two reports.” Whenever Izuku had a bad feeling, they had established a system that Izuku or whoever accompanying him on that ‘bad’ day had to report every ten minutes when their squad went separate ways. It seemed excessive, but considering Izuku’s track record they won’t take any chance. “Let’s go then.”

Their esteemed teacher didn’t think so. “Where are you going, my dear prodigal students?” Contrary to his disproportionate body, Power Loader was agile and strict as both hero and teacher. He also had a very keen eye and watched his students like a hawk even with his gigantic helmet covering his eyes. “Who give you permission to go?”

“We’re just thinking of joining class 1-A study trip.” There was no way they could tell Maijima-sensei that their friends hadn’t checked with them for about half an hour and why it was enough warrant an emergency visit.

Maijima-sensei wasn’t impressed, “Again… who give you permission to leave my class?”

They rolled their eyes towards each other and sighed, “We would love it if you make it easy for us all, Sensei…” Said Futaba, circuit line began to spread from her glowing eyes and spread all over her body, giving eerie glow that could be seen through her overall.

Power Loader scowl, “Saaaakuuuuraaaa! If you dare-” He never finished his threat.

“Come forth, Necronomicon! Morgiana!”

All hell broke loose. It was said, Power Loader’s scream could be heard through all UA’s ground that day.


USJ Plaza

“Shigaraki Tomura.”

Izuku’s eyes narrowed at the swirl of black mist beside the villain whose name had just revealed. ‘...While I don’t memorize all villains in database like Senku, I remember most of high profile ones…’ Shigaraki Tomura didn’t ring a bell at all.

An alias perhaps? Come to think of it, when looking for someone with disintegration Quirk that matches his appearance, they didn’t get any result at all. Izuku doubted this name would help them to find Shigaraki’s origin.

“Kurogiri.” Asked Shigaraki Tomura. “Is Thirteen dead?”

Izuku felt his heart clench before heaving a sigh of relief when he sensed Thirteen’s presence, the space hero was alive but not in good condition.

“He is incapacitated.” Reported Kurogiri. “Unfortunately one of the students escaped.”  

His plan worked, what a relief- by the way… these villains were really confident speaking so loud so he could overhear them. “Hm?”

Shigaraki was weird since the start of their confrontation, but now he was scratching his neck furiously. “Uuuh… Kurogiri, if you’re not our escape out of here, I would have turned you to dust. We don’t stand a chance against a dozen of pro UA will send!”

Was that wise to tell your enemy that Kurogiri was tangible enough to be disintegrated?

“Keep your distance, and attack him from afar!”

“The kid needs his gun to attack from long distance.”

These annoying pest! It was getting unfunny of how they keep making wrong assumptions about him, he was tempted to not correct them to keep more secret cards to himself but… he had no luxury of holding back anymore. “I ask all of you to leave this premise or else, I will show no mercy.”

One of the goons laughed, brandishing his bow like arm at Izuku. “What can you do without gun for long range fight?”

Izuku placed his left hand on the side of his right as support and aimed, “Cannone di Fiamma!” Several basketball sized flame fired towards the villains in high speed, creating explosion as soon as they reach the target.


He was the sky, all Vongola sky had no problem fighting in all range.

“Not only his flame is versatile, he is also an all rounder fighter…” Kurogiri concluded. Well… it can’t be helped.” Kurogiri turned to face him. “We’re up against the Mastermind of UA.”

So they figured him out after all. “...”

“Hoo…” Shigaraki looked at him with newfounded interest. “So you’re the Mastermind… coool- seriously unfair! You’re just a high school student but already so strong, and you’re also a notorious strategist…”

If they were the only two enemies Izuku had to deal with, he would find some way- but… that meat doll, Noumu… ‘Now that I unleash more of my Hyper Intuition, he feels more like bad news than the other two.’ Shigaraki and Kurogiri were tricky opponents, but he figured out their Quirk by now so getting around it was possible as long as he was careful. In the other hand...  

This Noumu was a weapon Shigaraki called as last boss, and most likely one with power to beat All Might. Regardless of what kind of Quirk the meat doll has, it had to be strong and agile to make it count against All Might.  

“Already think of way to deal with us… hm?” Kurogiri murmured almost too softly for him to hear. “I have to agree with Shigaraki Tomura, what a waste for a child so powerful with mind as brilliant as you to be chained by heroes…”  

Wait- are they going to try a recruitment pitch on him? ‘That damned alias make villain misunderstood my personality!’

Shigaraki was eyeing him in a way that made his skin crawl, “Yes… you can be greater as a villain!”

Who the hell are you to decide that? For his whole life, this was the first time he was told he would be better off as villain.


With Shouto, Ojiro, Bakugou and Kirishima

Ojiro had panicked since they went separate ways from Asui and Mineta, while Shouto believed going to Plaza was for the best perhaps they owed the two an apology. They had come for help and brushed aside, which was pretty heartless thing to do even by Shouto’s standard. He would apologize, because that was something Endeavor wouldn’t do and Shouto wasn’t above asking for forgiveness.

The device in Ojiro’s belt then interrupted their thought, announcing. “Fifty one percent world synch- Midoriya Izuku, entering Hyper Mode…”

Ojiro came to a complete stop, the plaza had just entered their field of vision when a giant flower of flame bloomed, almost blinding them with the light. The martial artist looked really pale now. “Shit- I am too late.” Ojiro was holding his temple as if he was in physical pain. “What to do now? Senku and Futaba aren’t here…” Shouto couldn’t understand what Ojiro was fretting for.

Shouto ran ahead of him, followed by Kirishima. For some reason, Bakugou was similarly frozen like Ojiro, he caught sight of Bakugou muttering to himself in shock as Shouto ran past him. “That flame… the colour…”  

Came to think of it, when Midoriya used his flame Bakugou was too far to get a good look and the other time he had his back on it so the explosive boy only saw the aftermath of the damage. What about Midoriya’s flame that made him so shaken?

They were close enough when Kirishima once again almost jumped in, but Shouto dragged him behind one of trees nearby. “Don’t fool around Kirishima.” Shouto warned the red haired boy. “Jumping into an intense battle like this on impulse will endanger Midoriya instead of helping him.”

“Eh, but?”

“The goons doesn’t matter, as of now- Midoriya doesn’t show any gap in his defense. If you get your timing wrong, the two real threat who haven’t move at all would go after you, who are much weaker than him.” Hissed Shouto, he knew Kirishima meant well but he didn’t need the idiot to do another damage with his kindness.

Kirishima flinched, “I am sorry…”

Perhaps Shouto shouldn’t rub the other’s boy weakness on his face, but it was the most effective way to make Kirishima understand that interfering on someone’s battle without a plan was the worst thing he could do. Shouto heard Ojiro landed a few feet away from them, Bakugou wasn’t far either and his face was red with fury.

“Deku.. so it’s you!”

Shouto could be careless why Bakugou was angry this time, his breath was caught in his throat as he watched the spectacle Midoriya made in battle. He always knew Midoriya had flame that was beautiful unlike Endeavor’s and more gentle than anything, but this was the first time he really had a good look of the flame when it burned fiercely for battle.

His fist was gloved in flame as he swung them, gliding pass his opponents as if he was weightless. The whole battle looked like a choreographed dance, a fiery dance that followed Midoriya’s own unique tune. He used more of his opponent’s energy, turning it against them before letting them fall to the ground.

“...This is a real battle right?” Wondered Kirishima, “But Midoriya… it’s like he knows where they’re coming from all the time and respond before their move. It’s… strange.”

The villains, every single time they were about to move Midoriya was already on them with flaming fist swinging. Shouto didn’t think many of them had chance to activate their Quirk, it as if Midoriya saw through their every move. As beautiful as Midoriya’s fighting style could be it was also feel eerie.

“It’s Izu’s intuition…” Said Ojiro, his voice sounded resigned. “World Synch is a quirk that enable him to see through his enemy’s movement, so he could intercept them faster than normal.”

Shouto frowned at him, “That’s not prediction or analysis, that’s already precognition.” He told the tailed boy, and he could be careless of incredulity that seep to his voice.  

“Izu insisted it’s not but I agree with you…” Ojiro shrugged, “Aaah- what the hell am I going to do now?” He had calmed down a lot but Shouto could feel Ojiro was still very anxious.

“Midoriya seems to have full control of the situation, what are you so worried of?”

Ojiro gave him a horrified look, as if Shouto suggested him to eat his own liver. He opened his mouth to answer but clamped it shut as soon as his eyes darted briefly on Bakugou. Oh- so this hyper mode or whatever had a weak point. Which made a lot of sense, such a powerful Quirk at their age always had an equally powerful backlash. Shouto’s was a prime example and there was no reason to think Midoriya was a lucky exception.

Also- whatever problem Bakugou had with Midoriya, it was toxic enough to the point Ojiro dared not to breathe even a hint of weakness when the blond was around.

That was fine- Shouto wouldn’t reveal a weakness around Bakugou either. Another thing Shouto noted of pseudo Endeavor in Bakugou was his hate for weakness, Bakugou looked down on their weaker classmates and saw stronger ones like Shouto and Midoriya as a wall he had to surpass. Shouto hated being weak, but as a hero aspirant he would never look on those weaker than him- his mother and siblings- with disdain like Bakugou and Endeavor or fodder to fuel their ego.

“You will be greater as villain!”

At some point Midoriya had stopped fighting and was speaking with the two villains instead and… they were trying to recruit him?

Midoriya didn’t look good, it was only because the villain’s outrageous declaration Shouto really look at his face and not the battle. He was stunned by the shadow of his mother’s anguished face on Midoriya of all people, the one she wore whenever she had to watch Endeavor training him mercilessly until she couldn’t endure and stepped in.

It was an expression of someone who suffers from doing something forced upon them and something inside Shouto clenched in pain.


On the road to UA

Tenya’s heart was thumping against his ribcage, threatening to escape as he desperately run back to his school. He was frustrated with himself who had to use his Quirk to escape to get help instead of fighting with his friends. He wanted to cry at classmates who trusted him with the task. He had an urge to smack both Bakugou-kun and Kirishima-kun upside their head for their impulsive action that landed them in this predicament. Tenya also wished he could shake Midoriya-kun and scream for being such a Mastermind who set everything in motion to give Tenya the best chance to escape.

Sure- Mastermind or not, Midoriya-kun didn’t have time to consider Tenya’s feeling when he blew up the door and teleported to who knows where. However Tenya wished he had been the one scattered somewhere in USJ to fight and left the more capable Midoriya-kun with their remaining classmates. Then maybe Thirteen won’t get hurt and the rest of his classmates won’t get stuck holding back a dangerous villain like Kurogiri.

He could wish for so many things but the one out here was still him, and Tenya wasn’t going to let his friends down.

In another world, Tenya would run to All Might who just escaped long winded lecture from Nezu. In this world, someone left earlier than All Might- if the Symbol of Peace manage to escape the Principal at all.

Instead he run to an octopus, or rather a cross between an octopus and ufo- octopus with ufo for a head- that sped up through the road in unbelieveable speed no sea creature should have right to have in land.

“Oi, Glasses! Why are you doing here?” Asked the Ufo Octopus that towered three times Tenya’s height.

Tenya was very close to a breakdown at the sight of the gargantuan creature blocking his way, and belatedly realize it wasn’t a living creature from hell but a robot. He also recognized the owner of the voice, it was Sakura Futaba. “Sa...kura-kun?” That lethargic voice couldn’t be anyone but hers.  

“His name is Iida Tenya, Futaba.” Quipped another voice and Tenya saw another scientist from support dept, perched too comfortably on top of the ufo with a cat shaped robot beside him. “So- what’s the esteemed class-rep of 1-A is doing? Speeding is so out of character of you, unless- you’re awakened to a teenage rebellion at last.” Snickered Ishigami Senku. “I’d like to see Tensei’s reaction if he knows.”

Tenya’s brain thankfully chose to reboot at that very moment he heard his brother’s name, “HELP!” He didn’t mean to cling to one of the metal tentacle, but he was desperate to hold onto something.


“We’re attacked by villains in USJ!” Tenya suddenly realized how blessed he was to run to Senku and Futaba here, especially the latter because ‘technopath’ means communication device and he didn’t have to run all the way to UA to get help. “They called themselves League of Villain, and they want to kill All Might!” At some point Tenya was hand-chopping the tentacle to emphasize his point, but he could be careless of the damage. “They have a warp Quirk user that scatter all of us- Thirteen-sensei is hurt! Aizawa-sensei is fighting a bunch of villains and-” He was about to say more but a tentacle covered his mouth shut.

Senku hopped off of the ufo, “Breathe… Breathe… Iida Tenya, so basically it’s an emergency right?”

Tenya was half-crying as he nodded frantically.

“Alright, Futaba will send a message to UA and in the meantime… you will make do with us as your reinforcement.”

“Eh?” Tenya wondered if he had taken the wrong turn with running to them, but at this point he really couldn’t care about bringing fellow students that don’t even belong to Heroic-dept as back up or what kind of disaster he brought back to USJ. It was only moments later he realized they left proper asphalt road and went in straight line towards USJ in their haste. Tenya had nothing against extreme resort in emergency, especially if his classmates were in danger but-     

“Wa-waiiiit! You can’t go that way- that’s a cliff!!!”

“You’re a future hero, have some sense of adventure!”

“There’s adventure and there’s insaaaaanIIIIIITYYYYY!!!! Aaaaaargh!”

Tenya’s tears floated as he fell to mercy of gravity and he suddenly missed Uraraka-kun very very much.  When they landed, Ishigami Senku didn’t give even a shred of sympathy for Tenya’s near heart attack. “Wow, you have a good set of lungs in you. Are you sure you’re not secretly related to Present Mic?”

“I HATE YOU!” Tenya cried.

UA High School

Power Loader was fuming when he run to Principal’s office to complaint, he knew it was futile but he just had to try. He couldn’t expel Futaba and Senku, because the two teens were too valuable for UA even without their connection to Midoriya Izuku. Not to mention, Power Loader didn’t have a heart to do so either, they were too talented in spite of all problematic behaviors they had shown to him. He also knew both Futaba and Senku had a pretty complicated history.

Senku was an abandoned orphan, who hopped from one foster home to another too many times to count with equally long bullying history before his current adopted father stepped in to the boy’s life. The boy was happy now, but Higari could still see the shadow of that less than happy life in Senku. The distrust on authority figure, putting his classmates that wasn’t Futaba or Hatsume in arm length and unwillingness to let rules to control his life.

If Senku’s background was problematic, Futaba’s was a disaster and a half.

Futaba’s mother, Isshiki Wakaba was a prominent scientist and doctor in field of neuroscience, specifically for physic Quirk. Her death was a tragedy for scientist and inventors like Higari, a suicide case that revealed to be murder two years later. Higari’s blood had ran cold when Nezu told him that the culprit behind the murder dared to go as far as faking Professor Isshiki’s will to blame Futaba for her death, all for the sake of stealing her research. The girl also spend a year in abusive home before she was saved by his mother’s friend.

Higari could sympathize with either teens a thousands times over by then, but a few weeks before school started a politician by the name Masayoshi Shido encountered bad luck one after another, so his empire of connections and business crumbled in record time. The uprooting of his influence was ruthless, no stones was left upturned and the media fiasco following the reveal of the man’s evil deeds swept through Japan.

It was a political shit storm in epic proportion, and heroes scrambled to help police to deal with the aftermath.

Only after the crisis ended Nezu tiredly inform them that a group of vigilante consisting of middle school students were the culprits. The same group of kids was going to come to UA no less. They did it everything to exact an overdue justice, because Masayoshi was out of law’s reach and all of them suffered a varied degree of distrust for adults and authority figures. Only Mastermind seemed vaguely guilty about their action, but Higari could see Midoriya Izuku didn’t really regret dragging Masayoshi Shido through the mud three times over.

He still didn’t expect Nezu to hand over both Futaba and Senku for him to teach. Higari managed to earn some respect from them, but it was nonexistent in comparison to what they had for Midoriya Izuku. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say, especially to Futaba that Midoriya hang the sun and the moon in the sky.

So if something really happened to Midoriya, both of them would go crazy. No one would want them to go out of control, so Higari prayed whatever happened in USJ wasn’t dire enough for Futaba and Senku to bring hell in the same proportion as what they did to Masayoshi.

His prayer wasn’t answered when he entered the faculty room, and about to ask if Principal was free to speak to him to his fellow teachers. They personal phone rang in the same time, and Higari only know one damned girl who could do that. They found an email send to their address and Higari wondered if it was possible to die by stroke at that very moment.  

“USJ is under attack by filthy criminals who call themselves League of VIllains and they said they want to kill All Might- fine, but they want to kill Izu too- that’s not fine at all- so… Sensei-tachi~ quick come to USJ or we won’t left anyone for you .”

Love, Sakura Futaba.  

The one who found their voice first was Midnight, “So- we’re going to save our students from villain or villain from our students?”

Higari couldn’t answer that question, as a teacher and hero he would like to think he was going to save his precious students from villain but knowing Futaba and Senku… and Midoriya Izuku- it was more likely to be the other way around.


He had been scouted by UA  and several hero agencies that interested to have him as a sidekick, including the number 3 Hawk himself. He never dreamed a villain organization would try the same pitch, in spite of his past life history. “You attacked my teachers and classmates, and now you want to recruit me?” If the situation wasn’t so dire or he wasn’t in Hyper Mode, Izuku would have laughed at the absurdity of his situation.  

Shigaraki felt thoroughly confused by Izuku’s legitimate question. “Do you care about them? Strange… how strange Mastermind.” That wasn’t his name, or alias! “Aren’t you supposed to be this key character that will turn coat when you realize you don’t belong with heroes?”

While he was reluctant to be a pro heroes, he certainly had zero intention to jump ship to villainy.

He heaved a sigh, “Once again, I will ask you to surrender.” It was a big talk considering Noumu was still towering like an obedient statue by Shigaraki’s side. “I’d rather not show you how I will deal with you.” Because of their Quirk, he really had to hurt them- or worse- disable them permanently.

“It’s admirable of you…” Shigaraki breathed out, “I am sure all of your friends beat up the guys I brought with me without hesitation, using excessive violence taught in your school for heroic purpose…”

That was how this guy wanted to play it?

“Unlike you…” Shigaraki almost sounded excited, “No matter how angry… you did your best to not hurt them too much, using minimal violence even against mooks! You’re so unlike other heroes...”

Izuku’s eyes snapped open as he spotted more villains trying to get a lucky drop when they were talking. It was a villain with similar Quirk like Ashido, perhaps not the same substance as acid but most likely shouldn’t touch it with bare kin. He used his cloak as shield, and the substance slid down harmlessly against the dark fabric. Then he made a turn, giving a chopping hit on the side of the villain’s neck before giving the same to another.

“See?” Shigaraki drawled gleefully, “I don’t think they even feel any pain… how kind of you, Mastermind!”  

“Haa-ah…” Keeping up Hyper Mode this long wasn’t a big problem, but he had used no small amount of dying will flame with his own body as conduit. He could keep this up longer, but for large scale attack… four? No- two. If he goes beyond that… his body will shut down.  

“And that expression…” Shigaraki was still talking, the guy really love the sound of his voice. “Are you aware, Mastermind? Your expression when fighting...”

Nice. he hated a too observant villain who couldn’t keep his mouth shut .

Shigaraki never managed to finish, as towering tsunami of ice spread out between them like the Great Wall of China. “Midoriya!” “Izu!” That was Todoroki and why does he sound as worried as Shiro?  

“Deku!” Growled Bakugou.

Oh great- he had sensed them for a while and it was too much to hope for them to stay away-

Shiro was beside him in a flash, “Sixty! It’s sixty- you…”

“Discussion and lecture should be saved for later, Shiro, Kirishima-kun! I threw Aizawa-sensei to the lake.” That wasn’t the best way to say it.


“So pick him up and administer first aid, he must be floating somewhere.” And very pissed for sure. He hoped reinforcement would come soon, it was just about time Shigaraki would get impatient and used Noumu he reserved for All Might on them.

And if that happened- Izuku was unsure he could take the monster down.

Shiro gave him a look before sighing, “Fine…” He turned to Kirishima. “Let’s go.”

“Eh- is that okay if we-”

“We have no long range or mid-range attack, we will just get on the way.” Said Shiro before dragging the well meaning Kirishima, Izuku didn't miss Shiro passed Todoroki hiis 'Synch-meter' to the boy and whispered some instruction before he left.  

Izuku heaved a sigh and began to plan their next move.

Deku was the one who- defeated the sludge villain who smeared Bakugou’s perfect record of victory. He would never forget the feeling of hopelessness, and the relief when that wave of flame washed over him. Katsuki was fine and intact while the Sludge let out a horrible high pitched scream before heroes scrambled to detain the villain.

The bastard really had a knack in ruining Katsuki’s life, but this wasn’t the time to strangle Deku. He had that Mist Bastard to explode to kingdom come. Deku could wait-

“As for you two.”

Katsuki growled at him, “If you dare to ask me to step back and let you-” Fuck, why the hell did Deku sounded so different. It was as creepy as fuck, deep and overly calm like this was an exercise and not real battle.

“Actually I want you and Todoroki-kun to fight with me.” Deku said quickly, sensing incoming explosion of temper from Katsuki. Gosh, this must be the first time Katsuki feltremotely happy with anything Deku decided for him. “There’s Kurogiri-”

“MINE!” Katsuki staked his claim, daring them to steal his prey for him.

“He is yours.” Deku rolled his eyes. “The messy haired teen is Shigaraki, he has disintegration Quirk- so close range fight is out of question.”

“So I should take him on?” Asked half-n-half bastard, which grated Katsuki’s nerve because the icy-Hot acted like he need to ask for Deku’s permission. Fuck, why the hell someone as strong as this act like he was Deku’s sidekick?

“...He won’t step in unless he has to, he will just disintegrate your ice with his Quirk.”

At the exact moment, the hand bastard displayed exactly that- the wall of ice crumbled to a giant pile of shaved ice.

“Hello- Mastermind…” No villain should be so happy to greet Deku like they were old friends, what the fuck was wrong with this one?  

“Where’s that Kurogiri?” He didn’t see the fucker anywhere.

“He is hiding.” Thank you Deku, the captain obvious.

“You can track him or whatever, so where is he?”  Katsuki demanded.

“You want me to point at someone with warp Quirk?” Asked Deku back, the smartass.  

Katsuki’s brain halted at that, and realized how pointless to ask for location of someone who can warp anywhere anytime when you’re nowhere near the guy to intercept his teleportation. “Shut the hell up. I will clean up the trash in the meantime.”


With Kirishima and Ojiro~

Eijirou would be embarrassed to admit it but he let out an unmanly shriek when he saw black humanoid figure floating on the manmade lake of USJ. It even had the hair spread out like seaweed, and haunting red eyes. “Aaargh!!! A BODY!!! “

Ojiro smacked him upside his head with tail. “That’s Aizawa-sensei.” Said Ojiro, before he stepped into the lake and carefully carry Aizawa-sensei-not corpse- to the shore.

Aizawa-sensei had his red eyes open, thankfully not dead with eyes open like fish. “Where’s our problem child?”

Ojiro was unfazed as he cleaned up Aizawa-sensei’s elbow, which was terrifying because the skin was no more and exposed bloody muscle tissue inside. It wasn’t bleeding anymore because the cold water of the lake, but it still looked bad. “He is fighting in the plaza, together with Todoroki and-” Ojiro winced. “Bakugou as his backup.”

Sounded like 1-A dream team for their three strongest to team up, but Bakugou was Bakugou… so yeah.

“That brat.” Spat Aizawa-sensei. “I will go back there and-”

Ojiro sighed, “Sensei… you’re on your last leg, you overuse your Quirk and at some point I think you also did a damage on your leg.” And indeed, there was an ugly bruise on their teacher’s ankle. “If you can go back there, you would have swam back to the shore yourself instead of floating like nile crocodile.”

That explain why Midoriya threw their teacher to the lake, because he knew Aizawa won’t be stupid enough to swim with that leg and would just float until someone found him.  

“...Is it just me or you guys see a human raft over there?” Eijirou asked.

“Don’t mind them.”


Back with Izuku’s group

Shouto watched Bakugou launched himself like a rocket at the horde of villains, they followed closely and started cleaning the leftover villains.  “Midoriya… is it wise to let Bakugou loose?”

“Perhaps not- but our life is hanging on the balance of how much patience Shigaraki has.” Midoriya frowned. “Stick close to me… I have a plan.”

If it was anyone else Shouto would think he was being underestimated, but Midoriya wasn’t the type who would do that. “...He is that strong?” Shouto asked, freezing the a group of villains who tried to catch him off guard.

Midoriya crouched down, sending a wave of flame himself. The stance the green haired boy used was very different than Endeavor, instead of scooping and throwing motion-  the boy gathered his flame in his fist and releasing them as if his flame was a living creature with their own mind.

“If it’s just Shigaraki, I have a number of ways…” Midoriya sounded frustrated, “But the meat doll-” He stopped, “Bakugou, three o’clock!”

Bakugou had an amazing reflex, as he had jumped at direction Midoriya pointed in a flash and had pinned Kurogiri by the metal collar, the only solid thing on his body. “Got you!” Kurogiri obviously not used to be the side who got ambushed considering his Quirk, and he had appeared too close to Bakugou to avoid the explosion.

“...Midoriya.” Shouto’s voice was small. “That Kurogiri- he targeted Bakugou because he is alone.” For obvious reason, Kurogiri was almost killed by Midoriya earlier- he won’t take Midoriya in frontal battle or Shouto who was back to back with Midoriya. “You make a bait out of Bakugou.”

“He volunteered.” Midoriya said stoically, slowly but steadily inching closer to where Bakugou was pinning Kurogiri. “And do you think Bakugou would deign to fight anywhere near me for protection?”

Good point, nobody make him to do it. Beside- Bakugou looked very trigger happy to have Kurogiri under his grasp. “If I sense you move suspiciously… I will blow you up to kingdom come!”

Now Shouto was confused, who was the villain here? They were standing close enough to be a group but far enough to not make Bakugou too pissy about the distance.

“See, Mastermind… “ Shigaraki was still talking, why this villain liked talking so much? “Your friend is so violent!” ...His escape gate was in danger, and Shigaraki made him an example. “This is what your school teach to heroes! Violence that will just breed violence.”

“Bakugou is already like that before UA teach him anything.” Shouto felt like he had to defend his school, because there was no way UA was responsible for Bakugou’s or Endeavor’s violent tendency if the rest of their graduates turned out okay like All Might and their teachers. “And who are you to talk about violence, villain who come to attack kids…”

“What did you say?! Half n Half?!” Bakugou snarled, “And fuck off villains!”

“And he is the prime example of seed that had to be purged-” Shigaraki finished, “Perhaps- that kid too- Endeavor’s kid, the the fruit doesn't fall far from tree I bet.”  

This bastard!

Then Midoriya moved, Shouto couldn’t react when he felt a tug on regulator strapped on his back and Bakugou was also dragged in similar fashion by the back of his shirt. Shouto’s eyes widened in fear when he realized, that monster called Noumu was almost on them- very-very… close.  Neither he nor Bakugou could react, but Midoriya did- he threw his cloak at grinning face of Noumu in one hand before pushing them aside with another. Shouto yelped when he felt Midoriya’s flame blasted both of them to considerable distance, and it wasn’t painful at all much to his surprise.

Midoriya had the blinded Noumu almost on his face and brought down his fist.

“Big Bang Axle!”

That was the same attack that blasted off so many villains at once, but Noumu only pushed back a few meters by the force. Midoriya wasn’t even holding back or trying to knock Noumu out, he was unleashing that attack at full force on Noumu but- the monster was fine.

Midoriya used another burst of flame, landing beside them but not as gracefully as he did before. He was stumbling and Shouto quickly moved to his side, inspecting his injury. Bakugou however- he didn’t get the memo that the last thing Midoriya needed now was his ire. “Deku, who the hell need your sav-”

“Shut up Bakugou!” Snapped Shouto, “If Midoriya didn’t save us just now, we’re dead! Both of us!” Bakugou glared at him but Shouto didn’t back down, because the blond needed to accept the reality that he needed Midoriya saving him. This wasn’t the contest of pride, but a life and death situation.

Shouto at last turned his attention to Midoriya, he could be careless of Bakugou’s mood swing now. Midoriya was panting heavily, holding his arm with a grimace. If Shouto wasn’t holding him upright, he would fall over any second.  

"Warning, world synch rate is dropping by two percent...four- six-"

This doesn’t look good for all of them.


Mountain Zone

Momo was frustrated with herself for being so careless, Kaminari-san’s attack was strong with zero control but it was a very good finishing attack. As a woman of science and a hero, she neglected checking if there was anyone in villain group with the same Quirk or hiding underground. It was the basic of basic and she failed on that!

Midoriya-san’s seemingly paranoid move to disable Bakugou-san back in mock battle made so much sense. Real battle didn’t have off signal!

Jirou-san tried to get the villain to talk, it wasn’t a bad move and so much better than Momo who could only watch Kaminari-san helplessly to be hold hostage. However to the villain, she wasn’t subtle enough with her jack.

“Do you think I will get fooled by that? Hmph! I wouldn’t want to harm a kid with similar Quirk as mine but-

Then a tongue and shadow creature smacked the villain mid-sentence, followed by a barrage of sticky balls. Momo had never been happier to see her classmates coming to their rescue, even Mineta-san!

“Hmph! That will teach you to not bully girls!” Mineta-san kicked the villain he stuck to the ground with his pop off.

Asui-san followed by Kouda-san and Tokoyami-san was by her side in instance, Dark Shadow was carrying Kaminari-san with it. “Everyone!”

“Are you alright? Yaoyorozu-chan?”

“Yes, we are!” She beamed.

Tokoyami-san eyed Kaminari-san worriedly, “I am not so sure about Kaminari…”

“Wheeeey~” Kaminari-san gave them a very cheerful thumbs up.

Jirou-san rubbed her eyes, “Am I dreaming or Mineta just saved us?”

Mineta-san wailed, “Give me some credits when it’s due!”

The villain growled, “You brats- I will take you along to hell with me!” And began to crackle with electricity.

Momo wanted to slap herself for letting her guard down again and dove for discarded insulation sheet, there was no time to make another! On the corner of her eyes she saw Tokoyami-san attempting to use Dark Shadow to shield everyone- she didn’t care which- they had to make in time to protect-


The next thing they knew, a shadow fell onto them and then there was a loud clash of something heavy landing on the ground. Her fear of not protecting her friends in time was replaced by incredulity because…

One, all of them were fine.

Two, the villain was not fine at all because he was crushed under a…  was that an ufo? Or was it a gigantic metal octopus?

“Why is there a trash under my beautiful Necronomicon?” The lid of the ufo opened and revealed Sakura Futaba-san, Ishigami Senku-san and…


Iida-san climbed out of the ufo shakily, “Iida Tenya, class rep of 1-A have returned…” He looked like he had been through hell. “And- have I told you how much I love you my classmates?”


“Because you guys aren’t crazy like these two.” He slid down the ufo and stood up unstably before Kouda-san kindly supported him. “How did Midoriya-kun control you two… he must have patience of a saint.”

He sounded venomous- which was so unlike Iida-san. “Erm… Iida-san? Are you okay?”

“No.” He glared at the two unrepentant scientist. “Also- make your giant ufo to MOVE! There’s a human under that!!! Villain or not they at least don’t deserve to get crushed under this thing!”

Sakura-san rolled her eyes, “Well-”

“Warning- fifty eight percent synchro rate reached- Hyper Mode activation- detected.”

Momo never knew human being could lost colour of their face that quickly.


The Octopus-ufo then jumped off of the ground with all tentacles- octopus shouldn’t be able to jump on land but theirs did. Momo couldn’t help but wince when she saw the villains that unlucky enough to faint under Necronomicon. The rest of the villains loitering their area was also similarly crushed in hit and run against Necronomicon, a single thought echoed in their mind.

“They’re still alive- right?” Someone said it out loud.


USJ Plaza

Izuku had hoped to injure Noumu severely with that attack just now, but he had been too naive. Of course the creature they wanted to pit against All Might had resistance against brute force attack, they engineered the creature to deal with pure raw power that was All Might. He couldn’t get a good feel of this creature’s Quirk, it all meshed up-

Maybe it was body that could absorb shock, not hardening like Kirishima’s for sure, or rubber like muscle… the other Quirk that mixed perhaps- something to deal with injury inflicted not by blunt force… healing like sun flame? Detachment of injured body like lizard? Or worse- regeneration?

His option was limited- he either had to burn this Noumu monster to nothing with his flame… but this monster was too strong, too agile! His flame at this point had no such power so he had to stop Noumu dead on their track. So perhaps Todoroki-kun can…

No- involving them when Shigaraki had an upper hand would turn the man-child’s attention back to Todoroki and Bakugou. Izuku had no delusion he could make another mad dash to save them from Noumu without breaking his legs with forcing that much of kinetic force regenerated by his flame on it.

“Not giving up Mastermind?” Taunted Shigaraki gleefully. “Such expression… even in this situation all you can think is that- how you can’t protect your useless friends!”

That hurts, what he said really hurt.

“I am not sure what your Quirk is… it’s not a simple flame, isn’t it? You can blast them to safety and they didn’t seem injured at all… your reaction time is also unnatural. It’s like… you knew Noumu will attack them.”

Izuku didn’t answer, he couldn’t waste his breath here.

Shigaraki was clapping now. “I think you can survive Noumu at least- even escape him… not defeating him… but you can’t because those two are sloooow~”

“What did you say, bastard?!” Snarled Bakugou.  

“Bakugou!” Izuku hissed.

“Aaaah… so scary, all bark but no bite! If I send Noumu to you now-” Bakugou and Todoroki tensed. “You think your very exhausted hero here can save you again? He know Noumu move… he can see- but responding to Noumu’s attack take a toll on your dear friend here…”

He found out about that too? This Shigaraki… he was too sharp.

If only All Might was their only objective- he could try to convince them to leave because All Might wasn’t here but Izuku was also-


“So Mastermind, why don’t you just come with us quietly and-”

Izuku smiled, “No.”


“We’re not going anywhere because…”


The symbol of peace was here.

Chapter Text

Edge of Mountain Area

All Might had arrived, after all who else would smash the entrance door open that it landed all the way to another end of USJ? Also- his yell of “I AM HERE” echoed through the facility and bring a wind of hope in all of them. It was a miracle by itself that Tenya manage to catch up with them before they got too far, and maybe it was because Ishigami took pity on him. He was Tensei’s little brother, and Senku knew Tenya’s older brother well it seemed.

“All Might is here! Midoriya-kun should be safe now!”

“Oh-” They sounded relieved, which was good.

Tenya heaved a sigh, “I beg of you to save my friends in East gate first- and if I heard you correctly your other robot- Morgiana… have life support function and other medical function.” If they were going to mass produce this robot, Tenya would propose to his family to fund it- heck- he would even beg his father to use their connection to do so.

“It’s for-”

“God damn it Sakura-kun! If you don’t help Thirteen-sensei first, Midoriya-kun will be disappointed in you forever!!!”  

Sakura-kun gasped, as if the prospect of disappointing Midoriya-kun was more dire than their teacher’s life. “Okay then! I will save your teacher with unlucky number name!”

“At least remember his name! He is a teacher! Respect HIM!” How did Midoriya-kun control this overly powerful but heartless girl again? No- rather than heartless, it was more like she had single-minded devotion for Midoriya-kun and her friends- and the rest of the world could go to hell for all she cares. It eerily reminded Tenya of Bakugou’s single minded devotion to his own goal, but directed for her own group of friends. Of course, he would never tell her this because by now all members of 1-A knew Ojiro and his friends looked at Bakugou like one would a rabid dog with rabies that should be put down. They only send the look at Bakugou’s direction when Midoriya wasn’t around though.

“Iida, it’s amazing you can get her to cooperate.” Said Jirou. “I thought Sakura only listen to Midoriya.” She added in whisper as they climbed to Necronomicon- it was larger than it looks so there was space for everyone on it and on smaller Morgiana.

“I have to accept her total lack of interest in humanity at large first.” Which was jarring- then again Nii-san did say someone who had went through tragedy - her mother was murdered- tend to be closed up.

“Oh yeah- maybe I should turn the security system of USJ back on first-” Sakura said as if it was an afterthought.  

“You should have done that first.” Ishigami-kun scoffed at her.

Yaoyorozu looked at her in disbelief, “I thought there’s someone jamming the signal?”

Sakura huffed, placing a hand over her chest. “Signal Jamming Quirk is basically under the same category of my Quirk, a minor one… I can override whoever has it if I want to.”

“So like- Todoroki-san overpowering other ice-Quirk user?”

She nodded, “Not quite… “He gave Kouda a pointed look, “For example, if there’s someone with similar Quirk like his that only work for specific animal. My Quirk is basically interfering with machine… overriding manual control and replacing it with mine.” She swept through the empty air, revealing holographic interface. “I also can track down the one who use jamming Quirk~ they emit electromagnetic signal after all!”

“Amazing.” Tenya couldn’t help but breathed out.

Sakura puffed her chest proudly, “Of course! Izu is the one who help me to develop my Quirk to this level, and this world that full of electronics is my playground!”

Midoriya-kun did?! That made a lot of sense… there was no way someone with nonexistent formal training could utilize a Quirk as complicated as Technopath to Sakura-kun’s level. Which mean… ‘Midoriya-kun, your value is off the chart-’ and not even counting his potential as a combatant. It was no wonder he was watched over so carefully like national secret.

Sakura was cracking her knuckle now. “Thank you for reminding me about this bastard… because- now I remember why I have to come all the way to USJ and Izu is put in danger.”

Ishigami huffed, flipping his lab jacket to reveal a series of suspicious colored bottles with questionable content. “I have some drugs that need testing, can I have the guy once you’re done?”

“Sure, I will leave the digestive system intact for use!” They were talking about human being and not guinea pig!

Tenya snapped, “You will do no such thing in front of me!” Tenya swore he will do his best to not let these two mad scientist to violate human right when Midoriya-kun was not here to do so.



All Might wasn’t smiling, he was furious- and the absence of smile touched Izuku’s heart all the same. He would apologize a thousands time over to All Might for the condition they were in, scattered and scared classmates, injured teachers and villains walking all over them. Izuku wanted to collapse with relief when All Might blasted the rest of the villains with his smash and even knocked the disembodied hand off of Shigaraki’s face before Kurogiri could save the unstable teen.

He really wanted to pass out now- his body was already heavy like lead and his temperature was rising quickly. “Hhh… haa-ah.”

A cold touch on his shoulder soothed his overheating body a little, “Midoriya… your already overwork your Quirk, you should turn it off now.” Todoroki’s support was very welcome, if not for the taller teen Izuku would be on his knees by now.

Izuku shook his head, “We’re still… in danger-” He gasped out, amber eyes blazing with stubborn resolution. “I can’t rest yet.” All Might also didn’t have a lot of time left, maybe just twenty but depending on the intensity of the battle he won’t even have half of that.  

“Young Midoriya… I am sorry.” All Might said. “I am late.”

Izuku coughed, “No, just in time…” Before he was out of option. “That black skinned mutant have some sort of Quirk that render physical attack useless… it also has second Quirk, presumably a self-healing type… it moves mostly on instinct, and order from Shigaraki, that teen over there.” Which mean Noumu had zero tactical ability.

Shigaraki was putting on the disembodied hand back on his face. Izuku didn’t miss how the boy was so protective of that particular hand and calling it ‘father’ so lovingly. ‘It can’t be a preserved hand of his father, right? Who am I kidding? Someone with this level of mental instability is unpredictable.’ Heck- in his past life he had stranger and more mentally unstable people for family. On hindsight being open and accepting was good and all- but as a sky Giotto was a bit too accepting.

“Isn’t this very embarrassing? All Might… instead of teachers, the one protecting the students is Mastermind, who is a student himself!” Taunted Shigaraki. “And unlike you… the pinnacle of heroes, he doesn’t like violence… you’re all smiles as you beat up villains black and blue! But Mastermind… oooh, he looks like he in anguish when fighting! What a hero, instead of promoting violence like you do to impressionable kids! Ha ha ha ha!”

This was a surreal experience to see a villain praising Izuku to high heaven and bashing All Might in the same breathe. He wasn’t feeling flattered at all, hell no!

“What the fuck Deku, you got this crazy villain boss as your fanboy.” Nice to know he wasn’t the only one who felt that way about Shigaraki. “Aren’t you satisfied with your pack of crazy sidekicks already?”

Bakugou had the worst timing to run his mouth, but nothing Izuku wasn’t overly used to. Though- for some reason Todoroki looked like he wanted to throttle Bakugou, strange- Todoroki was usually more composed than this and the one who get insulted was Izuku anyway.

Shigaraki was still talking, “Villain… Hero, we’re evil and you’re good. Even though we’re both deal in violence, by the end of the day we’re not so different.” The pale haired teen pointed out with a sneer, “Your violence is just in the name of justice and your students, and that make you a hero…” He turned to Izuku. “You see Mastermind? The Symbol of Peace is also the symbol of violence… he is the tool that make society approve the brutality heroes use to subdue villains! Is this really the side of society you want to stand by?”  

‘You're slandering All Might to recruit me?

“That’s a lie.” All Might was undeterred, “Don’t tell your bullshit to my students, idealistic villains have different kind of fire in their eyes… yours-” The Symbol of Peace gritted his teeth, “That’s the eyes of someone who enjoys it, you’re having fun with your crime, your game...”

Shigaraki smiled mischievously, “You see through me…” He sounded gleeful, but Izuku could sense something else in that smile and eerie eyes. Which reminded him of the more terrific smile that was part sarcastic and part sadistic belonging to his Mist guardians- but underneath that… they-

Izuku’s breath was caught in his throat, ‘No… this… this child isn’t-’

“....Young Midoriya, head towards the entrance.” All Might said to them, his enraged face scared the rest of villain mooks to submission. “Young Todoroki, Young Bakugou… support him.”

Izuku stood up, taking a deep breath before shaking off his stray thought about Shigaraki. Leaning slightly towards Todoroki as they stepped away from battlefield, “Sorry about your ice.”

Todoroki’s ice was melting quickly just by leaning to his side. “It’s fine Midoriya.”

Bakugou looked unhappy to be away from battlefield, but for once his logic was winning as he didn’t want to get on All Might’s way. He couldn’t even see Noumu move, it was suicidal to get involved. “This is the worst.”

All Might was trading blows with Noumu, and evenly matched. In any other hero vs villain fight, this was a normal sight- but for All Might… it was discouraging. “Change of plan- keep our distance but we have to be close enough to provide assistance.” They just moved not farther than three meters but Izuku couldn’t bear leaving now.

Todoroki disagreed, “Bakugou and I still can move well… you already push yourself too far.”

“Just rest, you Nerd!” Wow- Bakugou was of the same opinion as Todoroki. “Don’t drag your pathetic ass back to battlefield.”

Izuku inhaled deeply, “Not yet- I still have some use…”


“Shigaraki won’t interfere, but that’s very dependent on his mood swings. There’s Kurogiri… “ His eyes snapped wide and he looked up, “Oh, Futaba and Senku are here...”

“Your Nerd Squad?! What’s the use of them in here?”

They certainly more helpful as back-up than Bakugou, both of them.“Back-up is here… pro hero teachers from UA would still take a while.” They were speeding, using car most likely. Hopefully no traffic police stupid enough to stop their cars, because worried UA teachers in one hundred miles per hour speed wasn’t something those poor sod should face any day.

Todoroki asked, “Your technopath friend, Sakura?”

“She will deal with the security system and jamming Quirk, Futaba and Senku would know what to do. They’re heading towards our friend in East Entrance, Thirteen-sensei is in good hands.” Said Izuku, sighing in relief. “I just hope they didn’t go too far with villains here… I don’t want to explain to Tsukauchi-san about excessive violence again… and Maihama-sensei, I have to apologize to him again.” There was no way Futaba and Senku got to skip class in peace, he was almost afraid to see the property damage paperwork his mentor would shove to his desk.  

Bakugou looked pissed, “What’s the use of losers from support dept?”

“They certainly more helpful than you.” Todoroki didn’t sound like he was being malicious, no- he was stating a fact.

“What did you say?! Half-bastard?!”

Izuku ignored his outburst, “Senku have medical experience, so worse comes to worst....”

“You shouldn’t risk becoming the worst case.” Todoroki said to him.

“I won’t- but if we don’t do this, our teachers won’t make it.” Izuku gritted out, ‘And I can’t retire and die in peace.’

Todoroki sighed, thankfully not commenting on his recklessness. “Fine, but you do have a plan right?”

“I do.” He always had one, he had learned the hard lesson when he didn’t have it.

Bakugou snarled, “Why do we have to listen to Deku’s plan?”

Bakugou was obviously protesting for the heck of it, if he saw sense in Izuku’s plan he wouldn’t hinder them at the very least. “Okay, here it is.”

By the end of it both Todoroki and Bakugou wore the same look of bewilderment. “Well, I have a fucking idea where your shady alias come from but this confirm it- maybe that Hand-bastard have the right idea.” He mumbled the last part to himself.

Todoroki was near enough to hear it and Izuku had to grab the other boy by his sleeve because he seemed like he wanted to do bodily harm to Bakugou for that remark. God- Todoroki spent like less than an hour in Shiro’s company, how did he get so many of Shiro’s tendency this quickly? The boy was more impressionable than he thought, maybe it was a good thing Todoroki wasn’t so sociable to pick bad habit from people around him.


Toshinori knew his time was running out and if he had passed his Quirk to someone, he would be running on fume by now. Still- he must have weakened considerably to be locked in stalemate with a monster that rely on pure brute force.

“Noumu can’t be defeated so easily, like Mastermind said… with Shock Absorption Quirk- your punch is useless... you have to tear Noumu bits by bits…”

“Thank you for the tips!” All Might pulled and the creature’s right arm was torn from its shoulder.

His eyes widened when he saw the limb grew back quickly. “So it’s regeneration Quirk…” Punch didn’t work and tearing this monster apart was pointless too. Also, this mad kid wasn’t being generous with his tips- he wanted to demonstrate this monster’s hyper regeneration to Toshinori.

“It would be weak on that side! Arm that regrow, the nerve and reflex wouldn’t recover right away!” Yelled young Midoriya.  

All Might kicked that side and indeed, Noumu’s reaction time on his right arm wasn’t as fast. TEXAS SMASH !!!” And the creature had to back down, they were no longer on stalemate.

Shigaraki, the teen was fuming. “Mastermind… you! Hah! No worries, Noumu can regenerate! There’s nothing that can put him down for long!”

“That’s a bluff.” Countered the verdant haired boy, “Regeneration consume a lot of energy, even if the Quirk is powerful… that Noumu don’t have endless stamina to regenerate endlessly. Each regeneration would weaken it considerably.”

All Might rip another limb, and indeed- the Noumu got slower. Of course- with such a big and muscular limb the energy needed to regrow it back would be enormous. Especially since this creature forced its body to grow it in seconds. Even All Might was exhausted when Recovery Girl used his stamina to heal injury that less than missing limb, as Midoriya said- this creature wouldn’t have so much vitality for endless regeneration.

“You…” All Might didn’t like how Shigaraki looked at his young charge, the eyes of a villain looking at a very valuable loot to steal. “Even if we’re in opposite sides, you’re really cool Mastermind… what’s with your eyes I wonder? Some rare item? The colour is indeed peculiar even in this accursed world of Quirks.”

All Might would like nothing but blocking Young Midoriya from Shigaraki’s eyes from his body but instead of a denial, the currently amber eyes boy gave Shigaraki a very beautiful smile. “My eyes see through all… Shigaraki-kun.” He was speaking kindly, as if the one he was talking to was a child- a clueless little boy who didn’t know better instead of a mad criminal.

“Young Midoriya.” What were you thinking?

There was something else in the boy’s eyes, the way he was looking at Shigaraki changed. As if the verdant haired boy was trying to see through Shigaraki’s very soul. “You can hate the world with all your heart, but it won’t be sated even if you burned it to the ground.”

That was when All Might saw something akin to shock, grief and confusion in the teenage villain, “You…”

“Becoming a villain… on the other side of people who couldn’t save you.”

Young Midoriya! You-

“You can’t avenge yourself on the world, nor is All Might represents the world you despise! What you’re doing is-”

“SHUT UP!” Shigaraki howled, “You should hate this world of violence too! The one that drive you to suffering, what’s wrong with enjoying this shitty game of life to beat it?! At least as villain, I am free from shackle of society or even becoming hypocrite like heroes who beat people up in the name of justice!”

All Might pinned Noumu to the ground, and the mutant was unmoving. ‘It obeys Shigaraki’s order, because the man-child is distracted… and it’s exhausted, this creature become more submissive.’ No, in the first place this creature had lost the ability to feel so it wasn’t aggressive. It was a meat doll like Young Midoriya said.

“Free from shackle of society?” Echoed Young Midoriya with an amused smile, “According to law, Villains are those who misuse their Quirk… society define them in narrower view as those who use their Quirk to bring harm and for their own gain. All along- you’re abiding to that narrow worldview…”


“If you let yourself be defined by that, how can you say you’re free? More like you’re the one who was bound the most by it!”

Shigaraki’s mood changed, from shaken and grief to something else he couldn’t read. ‘Young Midoriya, trying to get through a villain’s heart is good and all but this kind of mad man is just too dangerous!’

“Ne, Mastermind…” Shigaraki was staring at the boy in awe now, “Why do you hate violence so much, or be a hero in training at all?”

The boy was narrowing his eyes. “There’s something more important than that, if I have to be a hero for that- so be it.” He said with a tone of finality. “Hero, civilian, vigilante… I would be anything for that purpose alone. That’s my resolution…”

The pale haired villain shuddered, “Oh… you sounds so much like Akasha.”

Akasha? Who could that be? A villain taken to custody recently perhaps? No… the name didn’t ring any bell to All Might, and it was such a peculiar name too.  

“You’re inspired by Akasha too, Mastermind… ha ha ha… now I want you in my organization more and more!”


His plan to distract Shigaraki who had full control of Noumu worked somewhat, but he actually hoping to get through the pale haired boy too. No one deserved to hate the world so much and throw themselves to the path of ruin like his Mist from his past life did. There was no end in that road but self-destruction.

Izuku miscalculated that- for all mental instability suffered by his Mist- in both life- they were also very collected and well versed in mind game. They were the master of their own mind. Shigaraki in the other hand, the man-child was a slave to his own twisted world. Someone like this… he wasn’t the mastermind of this plot to kill the symbol of peace and destabilize the society.

Shigaraki, this child… he was just a puppet!

“I want you to be on our side even more!”

A shiny trinket, that was what this child saw him as. ‘Fine, focus on me… not- All Might! Keep stalling! Or even better-’

“Why don’t you come quietly? The flame in your head has been flickering like it’s going to be snuffed out soon. I hope it’s not your HP indicator- oh- it’s your super mode indicator right?”

Izuku gritted his teeth. “You’re very observant.” It was obvious anyway, confirming it wouldn’t cost him.

“And It seems Noumu have difficulty to subdue All Might…” Shigaraki was smirking. “That’s fine, he is not as weakened as we thought… so- Noumu! Release yourself!” The engineered creature broke free of All Might’s lock, tearing one of his arms in the process before regrowing it again.  

All Might lunged, as expected of the greatest hero to realize so quickly what Shigaraki was up to. “NO, you DON’T!”

Izuku’s eyes widened when he saw Noumu hit All Might’s left side, his old wound, which slowed down the hero from going after the charging monster.   Damn it- they really know his weakness.’ This battle- it couldn’t be prolonged any longer!

The king piece of this twisted game of chess had changed in Shigaraki’s eyes-

Izuku’s gritted his teeth, “Todoroki-kun! Bakugou!”

“Noumu! Capture Mastermind for me!” Shigaraki finished his order, which couldn’t be taken back anymore.

Todoroki and Bakugou had moved away from Izuku and more to the side of Noumu’s route to Izuku. Wall of ice and explosions swiftly blocked Noumu’s path to Izuku, but the dark skinned creature didn’t slow down.

“It’s pointless! Noumu won’t be defeated by that trashy move!” Shigaraki laughed gleefully. “Mastermind! You’re ours!”

‘2….1…’ Izuku mentally counted down, putting his hyper intuition in overdrive so he could react in time. His hand crackled with energy before the flame shifted and turned to ice.

‘Zero Point Breakthrough-First Edition-’


The smoke from Bakugou’s explosion cleared up revealing the two figures of hulking Noumu and Izuku. Noumu had rammed through Todoroki’s ice wall as if they were made of paper but it stopped dead on its track when tendril of spiked ice spread through its head from the hand that touched it.

“Ice?” That was Bakugou’s voice, “The hell… that’s not ice like Half&Half’s…”

The ice that was negative form of Dying Will FLame of the sky was nothing like natural ice from Todoroki’s Quirk. It had eerie icicle like spikes growing in all direction, sparkled gray and white and reflected rainbow colors onto other surfaces like diamond.

The Noumu was hunched, the ice of Zero Point Breakthrough had frozen its head and upper half of its torso to the ground. On its leg, All Might was still perched on it after tackling the monster from getting to Izuku. “Young Midoriya… a warning would be nice.” Muttered All Might.

“There’s no time.” Izuku answered as he slid down from Noumu’s arm.

“Noumu! Move!” Shigaraki howled, “Break that ice!”

“It can’t hear you-” Said Izuku to the villain, “I made sure to block its ears, eyes… all senses that could response to your order… inside my ice is the world of stillness and silence.” Everything stopped, sound, light and even time.

Shigaraki trembled, “But- it’s just ice! Noumu should be fine with that! No measly ice could stop it!”

Natural ice- yes but not this particular ice, it was a crystalized negative energy- Even if not encased fully- Noumu that move fully by Shigaraki’s order won’t be able break free. This move was that powerful, a technique he invented in his first past life to deal with fellow flame wielder. An absolute prison of ice that could only be melted by the strongest flame on the level of three great sky of trinisette.

But- it wasn’t unbreakable, so in normal circumstances as Shigaraki said- it couldn’t work on Noumu with its brute force that could rival All Might. This technique was also not very fast, it lacked the speed of flame to catch Noumu. Which was why Izuku had Todoroki and Bakugou to use their Quirk to slow Noumu down. It was All Might who did it best with tackling Noumu’s legs though- if not Izuku wouldn’t be able to jump out of the way and froze its vital head.

“Hh…” HIs eyes were getting blurry- no good- he was about to pass out.

“Midoriya.” What’s with today and Todoroki catching him before he could fall over? “I didn’t expect that- but you…”

“What the hell Deku- leave it to you - your ass! What is your Quirk now- you’re fucking twin of Half & Half now?!”

So not the time for that remark, “All Might! Now!”

“Plus ULTRA Young Midoriya!” He pulled the half-frozen Nomu and spun around in great speed. “OKLAHOMA SMASH!!!” And promptly launched the half-frozen Noumu to the sky with his signature smash, making a hole on USJ’s dome in the process.

“...I would prefer it if you don’t damage the dome even more…”

All Might laughed sheepishly at that, “My bad!”

Izuku heaved a sigh, ‘He still have… ten no… five more minutes, and the damage on his left side is minimal.’ Now, it depended on what Shigaraki would do next.

Shigaraki was catatonic, scratching his neck in agitation as muttering incoherently. “No-no… he won’t lie to me about All Might is weakening… yes- the dirty hero must be cheating!”

“Give up now!” Yelled All Might, “This battle is over.”  

“Shigaraki Tomura!” Kurogiri hissed.. “Get a hold of yourself!“

Shigaraki surprisingly calmed down, “I will not have this game over without any good drop, right…”

Kurogiri smiled beneath his cloak of mist, “Yes- we have to avenge Noumu at least, and retrieve a treasure…”

Just what kind of grudge one could hold against the Symbol of Peace to the point he went this far? “They’re coming!”

A hand emerged from the darkness of mist, reached out to them dangerously. Izuku was about to move but someone was faster.  


A shot rang out, swallowing Shigaraki’s mad howling as the bullet pierced through his overstretched hand. “Aaargh!”

Their back-up was here, the pros- their teacher.


Izuku turned towards the entrance, where a line up of their teachers were standing. Riding on Vlad’s shoulder was his master, and- oooh boy- Master looked pissed off. “We’re regrettably late… but I see you have been kept company by my dear disciple. But we’re here now.” He began to cackle, “If you think you can escape USJ with your life, you have another thing coming! Ha ha ha ha!”

There goes Nezu’s image as wise and friendly principal of UA.

Shigaraki shrieked, not because of the teachers but a tentacle rose from the ground and grabbed him. "WE ARE HEEEERE TOOO!!!"

"Eh?" Izuku blinked, he was too focused on tracking All Might's overwhelming presence that he missed familiar presence of his friends coming so close, which was accompanied by- "Necronomicon?!" Izuku wasn't ashamed that he shrieked when he saw the hulking figure of the giant robot towering over them come approaching. "You bring that here?!"

Shigaraki was almost sparkling, as Kurogiri had to free him from Necronomicon’s tentacle, cutting off the tentacle with his gate. ""

Why the hell Shigaraki was stuttering?

"Cooooooool!!! What is that?! It’s so coooool!!"

“Shigaraki Tomura, quell your childish excitement.” Great- apparently Shigaraki shared Futaba’s sense of aesthetic matched.

“SAKURA!!! ISHIGAMI!!!” Howled Power Loader from his spot on top of the stairs. “When I get my hands on you I will-”

He owed Power Loader so much apology for his friends, but now that the teachers were here- the objective changed from making sure no one gets hurt until the villains leave to capturing them to prevent future trouble. They had to deal with Kurogiri fast! However- after getting attacked on his weak spot many times since this chaos started, Kurogiri was unlikely would dawdle and let them anywhere close to that metal choker.

Snipe continued to shoot, forcing Kurogiri to make a barrier of mist to protect Shigaraki. That won’t do them good in the long run, they had to- “The one with Quirk to round up this mist villain should be-”

“ME!” Thirteen made a bizarre picture from his perch on top of Necronomicon, an astronaut on top of a giant alien- all digit of Thirteen had the lid open to suck in Kurogiri.

However- Kurogiri was already in midwarp and the mist sucked in was just useless excess. “No… you won’t get away!” Yelled Izuku, alerting the villains of his presence.

Kurogiri howled, “Stop!” They had made a move to capture Izuku, so at this distance and being pinned down by both Snipe and Thirteen made the mist villain slow enough to be captured by Zero Point Breakthrough. “My trapped body parts… it won’t listen to me?!”

Even if some part of Kurogiri was mist like- once it was trapped within the negative form of Dying Will Flame they would stop moving- sealed from the world where even time stopped. “Give up, you can’t escape.” And with one last clink- Kurogiri was fully encased inside the diamond like ice.

Shigaraki was sitting in the middle of Kurogiri’s crystallized form, encircled by the structure like a helpless baby bird in nest of ice. The teen was staring at Izuku in horror. “You… what are you…”

No good- he had completely pass his limit with that last attack- “I am…” His hand reached out, stretched open palm hovered close to Shigaraki. “Is it scary?” His eyes had became blurry and all he could see was silhouette of a trembling child, overlapping with another boy with dark indigo hair. The boy who hated the world too. “It’s fine… I will always be-”

Shigaraki raised a trembling hand as if to reach out to Izuku, but then a hole of darkness opened out- dripping to reality maliciously. “Haa...Sensei?”

Izuku’s eyes widened, and the next thing he knew All Might had dashed to get him out of the newly revealed warp gate. The darkness swallowed Shigaraki and Izuku could only stare at the hand that never reached the boy.

They had won, his classmates had been saved- but… “Futaba!” He yelled, turning to Necronomicon’s direction where the giant robot was putting down his classmates one by one.

“Y-yes?!” She recognized that tone, Izuku had an order for her.

“That timely rescue means their comrade is spying on us! Find them!” Izuku barked, he was losing strength but he couldn’t fall- not in front of so many people!

Futaba who was still inside Necronomicon obeyed, “Yes! Right away-”

Nezu was quick to follow as he gave instruction to his subordinates“Us too- clean up this facility from villains! Kayama-sensei and Shuuzenji-sensei, check on our students.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Of course, Nezu…”

The mutant principal made his way towards his student, who was wobbling on his feet. “Izuku, it’s fine now… Rest!”

“But-” Before Izuku could protest further, Necronomicon reached out with a tentacle to wrap around his midsection gently before putting Izuku inside its mouth.

Senku huffed, “He will stand forever until he is dead on his feet if we don’t do this.”   


Shouto watched Midoriya who was taken away by Sakura’s giant octopus-ufo robot attentively, inwardly relieved the other boy at last took a break from the constant danger they faced today. He always knew Midoriya was exceptional since their first meeting in town, but only now he had first hand experience of Midoriya’s full capability as a hero.

Midoriya put even his number two hero father to shame in comparison.

The other boy didn’t let panic cloud his judgement even in the most dangerous situation, striving to minimize damage and maximize chance of success. His decision making in critical situation was superb, and even unexpected hurdle didn’t faze him for long. Midoriya was never recklessly utilize others in this incident, just himself- and even that was admirable because his selflessness was a hallmark of an ideal hero.

Something Endeavor never had…

“Oi, Half & Half bastard!”

Neither did Bakugou, come to think of it.

Bakugou was growling, and Shouto wonder if Bakugou thought he was intimidating that way. “I don’t like the way you look at me, you’re insulting me inside your head didn’t you?!”

Bakugou was no Midoriya, but his instinct was almost animal like. “Why does my opinion of your person matters?” He asked back instead. “By now majority of the class have voiced their opinion of your personality, and you have proven that you have no desire to fix it.”

“Why should I care of mob’s opinion.”

While Shouto wasn’t looking for friends, he respected his classmates enough to see them as fellow heroes in training striving for their own dream. This was why he despise Bakugou, as a hero you’re not obligated to like everyone but it should be a requirement to not treat people as lesser beings like Endeavor and Bakugou did.

“Well, from what we can see… Midoriya cares of others- and even before today everyone in class look up to him as a hero.” Shouto was a man of few words but he felt obligated to tell Bakugou did. “The same couldn’t be said about you.”


Shouto wondered if in his youth, Endeavor was ever in the same position. Being doubted by his fellow heroes in training for his conduct. Iida was the loudest about Bakugou’s less than stellar attitude since the first day, Kirishima tried to be positive but everyone occasionally could see the red head cringe at Bakugou’s violent tendency. The rest varies in their opinion of Bakugou, but it boiled down on their acknowledgement of Bakugou’s talent as a fighter and skepticism of his character as a hero.

“What the hell Deku told you?!” He hissed.

Maybe he was looking for things that wasn’t there- but Shouto was sure Endeavor was also like this- looking at everything All Might did negatively in regards to himself. As if their rival’s every breath was a slight against them.

“You’re so full of yourself if you think Izu would bother to tell others about your shittyness.” That wasn’t Shouto, but Ojiro who had returned from passing Aizawa-sensei to medic. “It’s a miracle on itself someone hate Izu… then again you seem like the type who will pick a fight with the sun if you can.”

Bakugou snarled, “Of course a sidekick like you would side with Deku! What do you know? That fucktard have been looking down on me for his whole life.”

From what Shouto knew of Midoriya, the boy respected Bakugou for every little scrap of the blond that worth of respect. His action when pitted against Bakugou was telling, Midoriya didn’t dare to risk prolonging battle against Bakugou.

Ojiro snorted, “So what? Are you going to hate the sky for being so high above you?”

“Hah? What the hell are you talking about?!”

“Sky is the limit.” Ojiro recited, “At this point I am sure you all top fighters of our class can agree Izu is the strongest first year student.” Bakugou clamped his mouth shut, as if it took his everything to not deny Ojiro’s statement. If he deny it, Bakugou would just make a fool of himself. “Those on the top have to look down on people below them, simply because they’re standing on the peak…” Ojiro murmured with a smirk. “Not that Izu cares about being the strongest… and that’s why he will never be your rival.”


Ojiro smirked as he looked over his shoulder at Bakugou. “After all those who crawl on earth will never reach the sky…”

Shouto narrowed his eyes at that. “Is that so?”

Ojiro spun, his eyes narrowed dangerously at Shouto. “You’re welcome to try and become the foolish Icaros… Todoroki Shouto. We won’t let anyone even get anywhere near Izu to be a threat for him… especially you, Bakugou Katsuki.”

Bakugou tensed, “You’re threatening me openly now? Monkey?”

Ojiro looked amused, smirking at Bakugou. “Oh, we never fear to make an open threat… we just don’t want to make Izu upset.”

Shouto stepped back, ‘Ojiro… he-’

“We have left you a warning Bakugou, if you don’t heed it- forget your pride… we will crush you, your dream, hope… your everything.” And with that, Ojiro left both Bakugou and Shouto to mull over his parting words.

That wasn’t an empty threat.

“The unreachable sky… huh?” How fitting for Midoriya.

 In front of USJ

It was a twisted thinking that Naomasa was relieved that if the villains had to attack students Toshinori taught, they had chosen Midoriya-kun’s class. No offense to class 1-B or even the seniors and sophomores, but aside form class with Big 3, Naomasa doubted it very much they could survive the villain’s attack with this record.

No student got injured, the teachers also escaped with their life. Thirteen was the worst because of their ripped suit, but because of provided first aid from Ishigami Senku the space hero would recover quickly. Eraserhead was fortunate that Midoriya-kun get him out of the battlefield, his elbow was in terrible state and he sprained his leg but the worse he suffered from was Quirk exhaustion. Surprisingly- his friend Toshinori only got some bruise from his fight against the engineered monster- Noumu. Again- thanks to Midoriya-kun…

The boy himself though-

“Izu is sleeping inside my Necronomicon.” Reported Sakura Futaba, “He is beyond exhausted but he will be fine with a good rest.”

“I see…” You’d think after a row of fight against villains, the boy would break a bone or two- but no- he was just sleeping off the exhaustion. “Erm- we find the Noumu, but… in the mist villain too- what to do about the ice?” They had dug the ground of USJ plaza to take Kurogiri away.

Sakura looked sheepish, “Erm… I am not sure? Izu would be the only one who knows how to get rid of it…” She turned towards Ishigami Senku. “Do you know how Sen?”

Ishigami shrugged, “With his flame I think… or you can try to smash it, I can’t guarantee what become of the guy inside if you try that though.” Then he added, “I am interested in his biology…”

Sakura chimed in, “Give me a piece of frozen black mist if you crack the guy up to pieces.” She asked, completely serious about asking body part of a criminal for their research.

He should get used to their disregard of human outside of their small circle, but Naomasa never could suppress his shudder whenever he saw it. “Never mind- we will try to contact heroes with flame quirk.” Worse come to worst, they could be desperate enough to contact Endeavor.

They frowned at him. “Can normal flame Quirk even melt Izu’s ice?”

“It’s not real ice in the first place.” Shrugged Ishigami, “But hey, trial and error is part of science.”

In the end- under his superior’s order, Tanema, the police force decided to called Endeavor in when the flamethrower they used failed to melt the ice. The Flame Hero was beyond livid being called  to melt ice of all things, the look on his face when it was revealed the ice didn’t belong to his son who was supposed to be the only ice user in class 1-A was priceless.

Nobody dared to laugh when Endeavor stormed out of their office in dark mood after he failed to melt the ice and overheard Tanema wondering about asking All Might to break the ice instead. In hindsight- maybe they should just let Kurogiri frozen forever- he wasn’t quite sure how to imprison a borderline intangible criminal that could warp.

 UA, Infirmary

“Izuuuuukuuuuu!!! My baby is hurt again!” Inko was crying river and Izuku was glad his friends only let Inko in after he woke up. He wouldn’t want his mother to see him unconscious.

Izuku smiled at her, “I am just too exhausted after over-using my Quirk, I am fine now.”

“You’re NOT!” Inko looked at her son stubbornly. “You warned the Principal about this! It’s not safe to have a study trip and they insist!”

His master was in so much trouble now with his mother. “Well… to be fair we’re not sure what they’re after but we’re fine, Mom.”

“Only because my baby is very capable!” Inko huffed, “And your friends have to come all the way as your back up! You are all children, you shouldn’t have to be so good in taking care of yourself so young!”

Senku looked sheepish, “Erm...Aizawa-sensei and Thirteen-sensei got hurt, they tried their best.”

“Hmph!” Inko had changed from timid housewife to a dorm mother with heart of iron, she also had slimmed down from all the work she did as a dorm mother. “I appreciate their effort, but the teachers are as much as victims as the children…”

“That’s… true.” Added Shiro timidly.

It was always a sight to see his friends so timid around his mother, they loved her to death but when she was angry they would shrink and even apologize for real sin and imagined ones to avoid making her upset.

“Sen-kun, lend me an electric shaver.”

“Yes- yes… Inko-mama, whatever you say…” Midoriya Inko was their queen, whatever she say- she get it.


The next day…

A meeting was held when school was closed for obvious reason, after the fiasco in USJ the students were given a precious time off to rest and recover from the ordeal. The lucky ones- or rather… no one but Izuku, who felt obligated to attend the meeting.

“Uhm- Midoriya-kun, maybe you should take a time off like your classmates?” Suggested Tsukauchi-san before he started the report on their investigation.

Izuku looked sheepish, he was still tired but he was well enough to attend a meeting at least. “Oh okay…” Then he dropped a two inch stack of paper on the table. “I will leave my report on the USJ incident for you to peruse over.”

“...On second thought, as long as you’re healthy- please stay seated.”

Nobody wanted to read Midoriya’s infamous long winded note, they were as united in their opinion to not look closely at Nezu’s new fedora and his decision to wear them indoor.  

Izuku wasn’t surprised when Tsukauchi-san revealed that Shigaraki Tomura and Kurogiri never exist in registry, even their Quirk was unheard of. “For all intents and purpose, they’re never registered for their Quirks either…” Concluded Tsukauchi-san. “We also can’t find the owner of other warp quirk that help Shigaraki to escape either.” They did find a camera strapped on a camouflaged villain, hidden so well near the plaza under a body of another villain. Futaba unfortunately had let Necronomicon to trample on the villain when searching for the electromagnetic signal the villain emitted from his device. The guy was still alive but he was in no condition to answer any question.

Snipe-sensei hummed, “So in conclusion, we got nothing on them… Once Shigaraki, the boss recovered from his wound, he will come back to cause us more grief for sure.”

“The boss… huh?” All Might echoed, looking thoughtful.

“What is it All Might?” Asked master Nezu.

The number one hero looked at his skeletal hands. “I am not sure about Shigaraki being the boss or even Mastermind of this attack in USJ. It’s a daring plan but under normal circumstances… would any small time villains get convinced to jump at the chance even with their meticulous preparation?” Asked All Might out loud. “There’s too many variables for it to fail- as shown by my unexpected absence and our students’ excellent counter attack…”

All Might certainly wasn’t the summit of pro hero world on muscle alone.

Izuku was ashamed, “Rather than excellent I’d say it’s patchwork job… not only we were underestimated, my tactics rely a lot on Shigaraki’s unhinged mentality.”

“Considering the situation, you and your classmates did exceptionally well.”  Chided Nezu. “Still… unhinged hm…”

All Might nodded in agreement, “Well, that’s one way to describe Shigaraki.” He cupped his chin. “It’s not that he is a fool- far from it… the boy figured out a lot of things from observation alone. He is certainly not lacking in intelligence but! The boy was certainly unstable, he spout a lot of nonsense that sounds true… appear to be charismatic and charming to common villain but by the end of the day he is a man-child.”

“A man child?” Echoed Midnight, “What do you mean?”

“Well, Shigaraki isn’t stupid but the way he handled his ploy was very childish.” Decided All Might. “He is so confident in Noumu’s ability to the point he can’t shut up and spill about the Shock Absorption and Hyper Regeneration.” The number one hero pointed out. “One way or another Young Midoriya and I can figure them if we observe enough but we don’t have to because Shigaraki boasted nonstop throughout our fight about Noumu’s ability.”

“Is it possible he tried to manipulate you with that information?” Asked Izuku’s Master.

All Might hissed, “Yeah- to certain extend perhaps he did… I certainly felt it when I tore Noumu’s limb only for it to grow a second later.” He clenched his fist in frustration, “However… as soon as Young Midoriya throw his plan off track, Shigaraki alternate from looking awed as if Young Midoriya is a new shiny toy or downright hysterical.”

Nezu hummed at that. “Hm… I am not surprised a villain to take interest in my dear disciple. I am surprised they take this long though.”

Master, you could be more concerned-

“Anyway- Shigaraki have an over-simplisistic faith that their plan will go his way in spite of how risky it is. You’d think the world is bending according to his will- like his whole life is a game he would always win.”

Izuku frowned at that, while he sensed that kind of feeling from Shigaraki- that strike a bit too close to certain childhood friend of his. Someone who was wrapped in the world of their own making, a twisted worldview of life with them as the main character. “Hm…”

“What do you think Izuku?” Asked Nezu, snapping Izuku out of his thought.

The green haired boy stammered, “Well… I agree with All Might that Shigaraki is mentally immature.”

“Maybe the low level villains joined him because they’re attracted by his child like view of villainy?” Suggested Tsukauchi-san, “With All Might heralding the golden age of hero, the villains feels the pressure…”

“And Shigaraki and his optimistic view give them hope… it’s not impossible to turn the table on heroes.”

All Might cleared his throat, “Their reasons to follow Shigaraki aside…” He turned to Izuku, “I am interested in what you said to Shigaraki back then Young Midoriya, you threw him off of the loop to the point he forgot about me- his so called nemesis.”

All eyes now were on him and Izuku struggled to not appear a nervous wreck in front of UA faculty members and Tsukauchi. “Well… it’s mostly my intuition backed by small hints I observed from Shigaraki here and there.” He trailed off. “First of all… Shigaraki’s irrational hatred of All Might- no- symbol of peace.” He turned to All Might. “I think it’s not that Shigaraki hates All Might personally, but the idea of symbol of peace itself.”

“What do you mean?”

Izuku cupped his chin, “All Might wasn’t wrong to say Shigaraki spout a lot of nonsense he didn’t mean, but there’s a grain of truth he believes in his words… he looks down on heroes. He think heroes isn’t better than villain.”

“Well- he is a villain, so of course he think so.” Said Vlad King.

“That’s the oversimplified outlook of this child.” Izuku argued, eyes narrowing. “I think Shigaraki hates hero for what happened before he become a villain, most likely something happened when he was young… a tragedy.”

“Look Midoriya…” Vlad sighed, “I know your Quirk makes you very perceptive of someone’s psychology but it doesn’t make you omnipotent.”

“I have no such delusion of my Hyper Intuition.” Izuku replied firmly, “Quirk or not, it’s still just intuition… it have to be backed by facts and experience to produce a reliable analysis.”

Midnight snickered, “Enough Vlad… he is allowed to be here for a reason.”

The blood king grunted, “Okay… so?”

Izuku inhaled deeply, “The first clue is the disembodied hands on Shigaraki’s body.”

“So it’s not his terrible fashion sense?” Asked Present Mic.

Izuku held up a sketch of Shigaraki, where Izuku had drawn the teen with pencil but the disembodied hands on his shoulders, below armpits and head in blue marker but the one in his face with red. “Look at the placement of the hands, does they ring any bell to you?”

Present Mic shook his head, “Not at all, young listener- unless you mean there’s horror movies that feature similar creepy hand accessories.”

Izuku sighed at the same clueless look shared by the pros except for All Might and Nezu. “A child…” Whispered All Might. “Ah… those are where children are usually touched affectionately by their parents.”

Midnight was next, “I see… a pat on head, comforting grip on shoulders… and how a parent would lift a kid up.” She hummed, “I see…. That disintegration Quirk did a damage on Shigaraki’s psyche.” Midnight trailed off, “I believe there’s a medical condition of this… Skin Hungry?”

“I see… then what about the hand on his face?” Asked All Might, “I believe… that boy, he called that particular hand…”

“Father.” Finished Izuku. “He called it… father.”

As one, all occupants in the room became three shades paler. “That’s sick… the kid wear his father’s hand as mask?” Present Mic looked ready to puke. “I thought those hands are fakes! It’s whitish blue for God’s sake!”

“No, the colour is from the preservative used to-” Izuku tried to explain.

“I don’t need to know THAAAAT!” Present Mic almost used his Quirk to yell, he hated creepy things!

Izuku coughed, embarrassed for his oversharing. “Anyway… this particular hand is the deciding factor, what a child- well… anyone who are easily scared really… what will they do with hands over their face.”

A picture of a child covering their face come to mind, peeking at horror movie on TV screen between their fingers. Considering that Shigaraki couldn’t touch his face with all his fingers carelessly… it painted a very disturbing picture of an unstable mind.

“Shigaraki… he was hysteric when that hand fell from his face…” All Might recalled.

Izuku nodded, “To Shigaraki… perhaps the whole world is a horror he didn’t want to watch but unable to turn away from...”

Silence fell in the room, all teachers looked very disturbed and disheartened by Izuku’s analysis. They were teachers, second parents for their students so to know there’s a child that grow up to be Shigaraki was upsetting.

“And if we can believe that Shigaraki isn’t the main leader…” All Might trailed off, “Someone had kidnapped a kid that just awakened his Quirk before it could be registered and raised the boy to be a villain…”

“And there’s no telling this someone killed the boy’s parents and fooled Shigaraki to think-”

Heroes didn’t save his family, the hero failed to prevent the tragedy that befall him.  

“This is the worst.” Decided All Might. “So ultimately… Shigaraki is just a misguided child used by another villain for their purpose…”

Suddenly the world felt a a lot darker as they revelled on tragedy that happened outside of their knowledge, and the result was a twisted child who wanted to destroy the world that betray him. They had failed to reach their hands out for that child and now he had become their enemies.

"On another note... have anyone heard of a villain or civilian under witness protection by the name of Akasha?" Asked All Might, obviously the hero was trying to diffuse the tense air and moved the investigation along. "Shigaraki seems to hold this person in high regard and thinks Young Midoriya have a connection with them."

"Akasha?" Echoed Nezu. "That's not a person's name as far as I know... it's a term."

"Term?" Echoed Snipe. "Term for what?"

Nezu cleared his throat and used his lecturing tone. "Akasha means the basis and essence of all things in the material world according to Hinduism... but it's more popular as Akashic record, which is In theosophy and anthroposophy is the record of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future... basically the ultimate well of knowledge."

"Basically, the kid is part of a cult?" COncluded Vlad King.

Nezu gave izuku a skeptical look, "I certainly not a member of any cult, I don't remember ever joining one."

"Indeed- my disciple is more of the type that started one and gathering followers instead of following one." Murmured Nezu not so quietly.

Izuku was ticked, "Master, that accusation is totally uncalled for." It didn't escape Izuku's eyes that all teachers including All Might and even Tsukauchi didn't even deny Nezu's outrageous statement. "But Akasha... that's an unusual word, is it sanskrit?"

 Nezu beamed, "Indeed it is! Akasha was introduced to the language of theosophy through H. P. Blavatsky who describe it as a form of life force! But in general, in modern n Indo-Aryan languages... Akasha is a generic term for... The sky!"

Izuku promptly choked on his spit at that.

Somewhere unknown…

A figure sitting on leather chair watched quietly of what was left of the recording before a tentaclle followed by crackle of electricity destroyed the camera. Even the recovered data only had a scrap of the recording left, but it was enough to show them the figure of verdant haired boy with flame adorning his head like a crown.

“So… you have returned to this world… Giotto.”

Chapter Text

He had been pretty good in controlling his emotion in his past life once he became an adult, turning back to a highly emotional teenager put a damper on self-control. His mentor from his past life would kill him for choking on his spit in the middle of important meeting, and possibly revealing something that could put him in difficult situation no less.

Luckily for him or not his blood problem started and the spit take was ignored in favor of nosebleed. “I am fine.” He covered his bleeding nostril with his handkerchief. “Please continue.”

“Recovery Girl will kill us if we keep you seated.” Pointed Midnight with a huff.

“I am fine.” He repeated, “What is it again about Shigaraki? We need to find where he come from, right?” Not a very subtle change of topic, but it was indeed more important than Izuku’s nosebleed. “I have an idea.”

Tsukauchi-san looked pained, as if he already had a feeling he won’t like what Izuku would suggest. “Fire away, Midoriya-kun.”

He dabbed the last of red trail from his nose and spoke, “Shigaraki’s age range from eighteen to twenty five most likely… so let’s start from these, we need to look for a missing child under below five years old for the last twenty years.” Izuku pointed out “Preferably ones where their family also disappeared… murder, accident… robberry- as long as the body of the child isn’t found…”

“That’s still too big of a criteria.” Argued Tsukauchi.

“We will narrow it down further…” Izuku replied promptly. “There’s a possibility that his Quirk is an extreme case of mutation from his parents but it’s small- we can filter the pool more with choice of similar registered Quirk of three generations with matching trait such as- touch based, affecting both organic and non-organic matter on molecular level… and causing a skin condition when activated as drawbacks.”

Tsukauchi narrowed his eyes, “That’s quite specific… I can see what I can do about that.”

“Skin condition?” Asked All Might.

“In few times Shigaraki is close enough I notice his nail is dirty and chipped… and Kurogiri seems to be used to see Shigaraki scratching his neck like that…” He trailed off, “He looks older because of his dry skin and unhealthy complexion… so I think his Quirk affect the moisture of his skin considering how disintegration works…” His finger moved, chalked invisible list in the air. “Well- it’s all conjecture until we have Shigaraki Tomura in custody… but he certainly the type of child born with Quirk that ill suited for his body.”

Tsukauchi looked like he was in pain, “Twenty years worth of record of crime involving family and missing kids before registered Quirk… Midoriya-kun, how could you?”

Izuku just smiled sheepishly. “Ha ha ha…”

“Are you sure you don’t want to join us in police force?”

Nezu levelled a glare at Tsukauchi, “What’s with you all and stealing our Izuku?”

At least the meeting ended in neutral note where everyone vowed to work harder to prevent further accident. He was so glad he didn’t have to deal with media though- UA really need to foster better relationship with them to avoid being roasted with villain organization actively trying to smear their name.

All Might and Nezu had to deal with a press conference soon anyway.

“What do you mean you called Endeavor to melt my ice?” Izuku echoed incredulously when Tsukauchi called him to speak on the side after their meeting.

Tsukauchi looked confused, “Well- we would like to hold a questioning with Kurogiri because… the Noumu according to you and All Might is just a mindless doll. Not to mention- being frozen for so long we afraid…”

Of course they were afraid Kurogiri will die, gosh… they didn’t think he accidentally kill the villain with Zero Point Breakthrough right?! “Tsukauchi-san… he is alive, I assure you that my ice won’t kill him.”

“Really?” He sounded relieved, “I trust you… Tanema-san too, you won’t kill Kurogiri even if you don’t want the villain to escape. You won’t resort to that…”  

Glad to know they had that much faith in his morality. “I have experimented with this technique on test animal before… insects, frog and then gerbils… all of them were frozen for approximately a week before I de-froze my ice and they survive the ordeals.”

Unmeltable ice that won’t kill the imprisoned living being. “That’s… a wonderful Quirk for a hero…”

Izuku shook his head, “It won’t kill… but the instance my ice trapped them they still suffer frostbite.” Before the cradle of ice closed fully, freezing time and life. “Hence, why I used it on Kurogiri but not Shigaraki.” Kurogiri’s biology enable Izuku to entrap him within ice cradle of Zero Point Breakthrough with minimal damage.

“I see…” Tsukauchi cupped his chin, “Can you defrost him? We’re not sure how to keep him though.”

Izuku hummed, “Most long distance warp Quirk works with precise coordinate as guides, so I suppose disorienting Kurogiri’s directional sense will works… “ He tapped his temple. “In case of Kinzou of Jabberwocky he had to ‘see’ his destination, it’s not the case with Kurogiri… but he seems to be the precision type so as long as you keep him somewhere he has no idea of location or precise coordinate from place he know… it won’t be a problem.”

“You mean…”

“I believe there’s a student about space perception, creating a disorienting space for a prison would cost the police force… but that’s as human as we can get without sedating Kurogiri to prevent his escape.”

Tsukauchi had troubled look on his face as he let Izuku’s explanation to sink in. “I will see what we can do.”

Izuku looked around, the teachers were still milling about chatting among themselves outside of the meeting room. He beckoned Tsukauchi to lean forward, so the tall detective could lend him an ear. “In case of…”

The detective groaned. “Midoriya-kun… we should prevent that from happening, I know we should prepare for the worst but-”

Izuku just smiled, “Just prepare it… I will inform Tsukauchi-san once I  recovered enough to defrost the ice cradle.”

His answer to that was just another groan and Izuku couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Midoriiiin!” His chuckled died when he saw the Big 3 of all people were bouncing towards their direction, well- just Hadou-senpai, Togata-senpai was walking normally while Amajiki-senpai tried and failing to hide himself behind his childhood friend. “We come to pick you up on Dorm Mother’s ordeeeer~”

Didn’t she mean his mother asked them to check on him?

He was sure his dignity was trampled beyond repair when Togata-senpai pick him up and they exited the scene with Izuku on Togata’s back.


Todoroki Household

Shouto knew his father was in bad mood the moment the front door of their residence was slammed open with more force than necessary to the point he and his sister could hear it from the dining room. “Shouto, run! I will tell father that you go on your night jog.”

His sister was so much like his mother, so caring and ready to jump between him and their father. He’d rather not she try, because only for the last few years Endeavor make Fuyumi the lady of the house out of necessity to have a woman in charge of household that wasn’t employed. Hence, why Fuyumi at last could interact with Shouto freely instead of sneaking around in her own house just to put a bandaid on Shouto’s injuries.

“It’s too late and you will be his target if I go.” He had made his mother suffer, he didn’t want Fuyumi to be the next victim of Endeavor’s wrath.

So he made Fuyumi left the room and faced the stormy mood of Endeavor on his own. “Shouto.”

Shouto recognized the tone, one Endeavor used when he was trying to hold back his temper because he wanted something from Shouto  that didn’t involve being a punching bag. “What do you want?”

“You fail to inform me that there’s another ice Quirk user in your class…” Endeavor hissed.

Oh- it clicked like perfect fit of puzzle inside Shouto’s mind. Midoriya was still recovering by now, and the villains he captured was left in frozen state. Shouto had took his time observing Midoriya’s ice before they were called for roll call and medical check, and he wasn’t surprised to find that Midoriya’s ice… just like the unusual diamond like appearance suggest- wasn’t natural ice like Shouto’s. He almost touched it but Ishigami warned him to not even try because Midoriya’s ice was harmful to be touched by bare skin and indeed- even using his right hand to ghost over the ice made him feel the unusual sharp and biting chill.

“It’s Midoriya…” Shouto began, “He has flame and ice for Quirk, he just never show his ice until USJ.” Which was true.

“Mastermind.” Endeavor looked like he had bitten something sour. “How…”

Obviously that wasn’t a question for Shouto. If anything, he felt satisfaction to see Endeavor so incessed that someone else’s child had the Quirk he had painstakingly wanted to the point he discard his morality to force a marriage on poor woman like Shouto’s mother.
Shouto’s existence wasn’t something Endeavor earned…

“You’re not losing to him.” Hissed Endeavor. “I don’t want to see my masterpiece to lose on accidental product like Mastermind…”

Of course Endeavor felt slighted by Midoriya’s existence, someone who was already acknowledged by pro heroes and so sought after with similar Quirk as Shouto but had nothing to do with him.

“I won’t, but it’s not for you…” Shouto stated. “Midoriya is a worthy rival… someone the strongest hero and the most intelligent hero took interest in, don’t interfere.”

“Shouto! Do you think you can win against someone with both fire and ice without my fire you refuse to use?!”

Oh, so that’s why Endeavor was so focused in his rivalry with Midoriya. He couldn’t bear to see someone so similar but better than the masterpiece he created. “It’s not I think… but I will beat him.”

Thankfully for Shouto, his father didn’t get to vent the bubbling frustration on him because of the call of duty. He knew he would pay for his cheek once Endeavor returned from his mission in few days, but Shouto didn’t regret it.


UA Dormitory

Izuku knew he was the leader of his group, a position he took simply because his friends needed him as one and none of them wanted to lead. He would prefer it if they didn’t need someone in charge, but that was proven to be a lost case considering the people he took in under his wings.

Senku had the making of a pioneer, charismatic and intelligent- but unless the world faced an apocalypse that require him to rebuild the world from scratch- Senku would dump the position of a leader for the sake of pursuing knowledge.

Futaba was no leader, that much was obvious from her single minded attitude to pursue her desire. If Izuku never reached out to Futaba, the girl was very likely to spend her whole life cooped up inside her room and only interact through internet with the world.

Shiro was a case of mixed bag, unlike Izuku- Shiro wasn’t a natural born leader but he has genial personality that make him a person of comfort. He was reliable and easy to relate with,  the muscle of the group that could get along with anyone. Some would say he was boring, but then after everything they had been through together… Shiro developed a black heart that matched perfectly in dynamic with Futaba and Senku, and became a follower Izuku couldn’t convince to stand in front of him instead of falling in line behind Izuku.

Creating the ‘ Phantom Sky Brigade’ was certainly not his idea, and he certainly had no future plan to make their number true to the name. In spite of leading the biggest mafia family in his past, he had no memory of how did he manage to lead such a gargantuan organization. His squad was handful enough to manage with just three- thank you very much.

Though to be correct, Izuku didn’t watch over them 24/7 due to his busy schedules and how no matter how close- friends didn’t stalk each other like creepy stalkers. So, while he knew  their personality inside out by now, he didn’t always know what they were up to when he took his eyes off of them.

Hence- why when it was revealed what Akasha meant, he started to suspect something was afoot.

So Akasha… a sanskrit term, which translated to ‘the sky’ had his friend- or to be precise- Futaba, the Lovecraft and mythology lover... written all over it. She had deep interest in myth that deeply rooted on subject of afterlife and rebirth, a phase during her darkest period of life after being blamed for her mother’s suicide turned murder.

So when Nezu told him that Akasha was a term that closely related to Hinduism, Izuku couldn’t help but think this ‘Akasha’ matter was very likely to be related to Futaba.

“You see… Shigaraki, the guy who got away from USJ incident mention something about me being inspired by Akasha.” Izuku began after he came back to dorm, having been escorted by the Big 3 and getting a piggyback from Togata-senpai of all people- he wasn’t in the best mood.

Futaba as always- she was never the best in reading the mood. “Hm?”

“So who is this Akasha guy? Do you have any idea?”

Senku heaved a sigh in the background, not even bother pausing from mixing some unknown formula.

Futaba beamed, “That would be Izu of course! Akasha means sky- and as our leader, you’re our sky! I pick that handle name for you. Isn’t it so fitting?” She gushed girlishly, something Izuku noted she had picked up from Ochako.

“And… why do I need a handle name?” Izuku asked, his tone was deliberately slow.

“Because your followers needs a name to follow and fanboy-fangirl over!” Futaba pouted, “They’re very upset you took down the blog, and you leave a strong and inspiration image in their mind! So! You need a name for them to remember by so your ideal shall live through them…”

Why does she sounded more and more like a cultist?!

“What did you do?” No Izuku, don’t raise your voice at Futaba even if she deserve it.

“I use my handle name- Oracle not Alibaba to spread your wisdom!” the orange haired girl looked very proud of her accomplishment. “Maa- I basically make a database that contain all of your short essay about society, quirks and life… since you’re not writing a lot nowadays- I pick up some of Izu’s random rant and ask Senku to make it more presentable for publishing.”

He whirled around and saw Senku hastily cleaning up experiment and about to flee. “Senku- kun. ” Izuku’s voice dropped an octave at the honorific and the scientist stopped dead on his track.  

Senku jumped, looking over his shoulder with face full of sweat beads. “Yeeees?”

Izuku smiled, “It seems you and Futaba are having fun with your online escapade under my nose… so- when do you plan of telling me that you start an online cult that have villain members?”

“Uhm- never?” At this point, the smart Senku had figured out that lying to Izuku was an exercise in futility.

His smile widened and his eyes closed to a crescent slit. “I see…”

One hour later Senku and Futaba found themselves in gym of all places and over-excited Toogata-senpai coaching them for stamina exercise. “One two! One Two! Come on Ishigami! Sakura! Move your legs higher!”

“Izuuuuu~~~ I am so sowreeeeeey!!!” Futaba cried as Togata-senpai made them run another lap.

“...Cruel… where did you learn cruelty Izuku?” Panted Senku. “Oh yeah- Principal Nezu… right…” He answered his own question.

Togata frowned at them, “Heeey… don’t whine, you’re wasting more stamina that way! Midoriya-kun have entrusted me to whip you two to shape! As a hero, I won’t fail! So go-go-goooo!!!”

In the sideline Hadou and Amajiki watched the two genius ran laps with the most suffering expression. “So, what do you think Fu-chan and Sen-chan did to make Midorin to punish them with Mirio?” The perks of being senpai, you could nickname your junior as you please and they didn’t put up a fight no matter how cutesy they were.

Amajiki shrugged, “Dunno...must be a record for Midoriya… to be… this angry with them. Why don’t you ask him?”  

The cheerful girl paused at that, “Erm… tomorrow maybe, Midorin looks so scary when he drag Sen-chan and Fu-chan to Mirio.”

Not even the Big 3 wanted to cross the Mastermind when he was in bad mood, stories form pro that had been acquaintanced with the boy also supported this view. Midoriya was the textbook ‘beware of quiet ones’ type of nice.

“Hey- when do you think we will become the Big 4? Don’t you think it sounds nicer than Big 3?”

“...What’s with random change of topic Nejire? Then again it’s so like you…”


He had a freaking cult- or something close to it! Shigaraki was a member and according to Futaba, there was indeed someone who talk like Shigaraki online- with the game-lingo and deep hatred for All Might. It was an anonymous forum that shares Izuku’s random rant, which Senku not so helpfully re-written to sound more… prophet like.

Futaba was devoted in building the forum, simply because she think Izuku deserve a group unwanted followers.

Senku thought it was hilarious, hence- why he was helping Futaba for his amusement.

Shiro thankfully was uninvolved.

Later after he had calmed down, Izuku confronted his nearly-dead friends once again. Izuku would like nothing more than disbanding the whole thing after the fiasco his blog caused- unfortunately… “It’s a neutral ground network! We have members from villain, hero and civilian background- not much on hero but they are there~!” Futaba gushed out. “And they really really loves you.”

“Can we even track Shigaraki from that?”

“Hm… his firewall is good… and he keep using public wireless instead of private one, but we can get the general area he frequented in at least!”

He couldn’t shut it down now- they had to keep it secret from teachers of course.

“... I didn’t have to post anything, right?”

“Nah~ it’s more effective when Izu appear as distant figure that have ascend to higher plane.”

So he was already dead in the setting of this cult?! So Senku and Futaba were playing prophet for him?!

“...I will pretend I never know of this until next time I need it.”

The next day, Izuku woke up with massive headache- courtesy of delayed sensory overload after overuse of Hyper Intuition in USJ.


Next Day...
UA, 1-A classroom

“Oi, is Midoriya alright?”

“Why is he even come to class?”

Katsuku hated to agree with the extras but they were right about Deku coming to class after USJ. It grated his nerves to see the Nerd slumped over his desk like an insomniac salaryman, especially after the display of power in USJ.

Sure the nerd had defeated him during battle simulation, but Katsuki had attributed it to his mistake of underestimating Deku and letting his anger to cloud his judgement. He thought, if he had been more clear headed he could have won- but Deku had proven Katsuki was wrong again.

That obliterated door of USJ, craters in the plaza… and the frozen Noumu and Kurogiri…

Deku was even stronger than Half & Half bastard, and strangely their Quirk even look similar.

“Izu-kun… are you alright?” Asked round face.

Deku didn’t even lift his head from his desk. “Mostly… it’s just Quirk backlash… headache.”

“You could just sleep it off in Dorm.” Suggested Monkey-tail.

“...And show my mother my miserable form? I don’t want to… beside, being alone during my sensory overload will make me feel even worse.”

What the fuck was sensory overload? He had a fever after overusing his flame and bone tired after his ice- The hell- just how many backlash Deku’s Quirk has?!

“Midoriya, there’s this pressure point to alleviate nausea and headache.” Was it just Katsuki’s imagination or Half & Half sounded genuinely worried for Deku?! Didn’t he want to beat Deku too?


Monkey, Half & Half- didn’t you just threaten each other over Deku two days ago? Why the fuck did you work together to make the nerd feel better?!

“How manly of you Midoriya!” Cried Hair for Brain. “Enduring your pain for your mother’s sake!”

Manly? More like wimpy if he was scared to make Aunty Inko worry! Then tough up a bit Nerd! So what if your Quirk was powerful if-  

His train of thought was interrupted when Glasses marched to the podium, spreading his arms towards them as if sending telepathic message and forgetting he had engine on leg for Quirk and not telepathy. “Everyone! Get back to your seat, the homeroom is about to start!!!”

“We’re all in our seats already, except for you.” Pointed Elbow Tape at their supposed Class-rep Deku chose.

“Morning.” Greeted their homeroom teacher, who looked mostly fine if one didn’t pay attention to the protective google on his eyes and bandage over his arms and left leg. He looked like a half-mummy but not quite.

“Sensei? Are you okay?” Asked Glasses, raising his hand high in the air.

“He walk with a crutch… I don’t think he is okay.” Thanks for the obvious clue, Round Face.

Their teacher cleared his throat, “My Quirk exhaustion makes Recovery Girl’s Quirk out of option… I will recover soon and get the cast out so don’t worry.”

“I see!”

“Sensei is beyond pro already… coming even when he is sick.”

“Also… why the one who exhausted the most after USJ in class to play dead?” Obviously, Aizawa was referring to Deku.

Deku rolled around for a bit, “What Aizawa-sensei… you’re here too.”

Aizawa scoffed, “I am not the one who forgo rest yesterday to attend a post-case meeting.”

Katsuki always knew the Nerd was a workaholic but…

“...Master make me after he saw my report… he said… it’s not healthy to read it themselves… why?”

“Why indeed… I am pretty sure you’re why the rest of faculty members attending the meeting looks ill afterward, heck- even Mic is quiet this morning. Problem Child, you just create a miracle.”

Glad to know he wasn’t the only one who think Deku’s note was creepy. Still, why the heck did their teacher went on and on with his problem child talk with Deku?

“...I am not problem child…” Neeeerd… had the decency to not sniffle so early this morning.

Monkey raised his hand, “Uhm… Aizawa-sensei, Izu is on sensory overload… don’t agitate him too much.”

Deku at last raised his head, only to stare at the window listlessly. ”On that tree… I wonder if it’ a cat that get stuck? Poor thing...” He was sobbing again now.

As one, their half-mummy teacher and cliff-head slapped their face on the window. “Where?!”  

“In that tree… over there.” Pointed the nerd who had his face planted on his desk again, not even looking at direction he was pointing.

Aizawa jumped off of the window to save a cat he didn’t even see, displaying his combat skill with landing not on the injured leg and using his capture scarf as rope to go down. Then he proceed to limp towards the tree, everyone in class waited with bated breath before their teacher emerged from trees with a tiny kitten in hand.

“So, I have an announcement.” Aizawa spoke again as soon as he re-entered the class as if Deku didn’t just send him out to save cat of all things. “The battle isn’t ended for you yet.” The tabby cat with red eye perched on his shoulder then proceed to punch their teacher’s cheek.

“Battle?” Katsuki echoed, “What battle?”

“More villains?!” Fretted the Grape Coward.

Deku chose to spoke up at that moment, his voice had deadpan tone. “It’s just Sport Festival… don’t be so dramatic sensei, it’s too early in the morning.”

And all hell broke loose.

Izuku understood the general excitement over Sport Festival that become an event that was even more grand than Olympic. When the sensory overload was using his brain as punching bag though- he couldn’t bring himself to care about the contest and becoming national wide entertainment on TV. So yeah- who the hell cares about Sport Festival?

He didn’t want to compete.

He didn’t want a victory for himself.

He certainly didn’t need anymore recognition, and on TV no less.

So yeah- count him out of it.

“What if Villains attack UA again, it sounds like a big event Villain would try to invade…” Someone pointed out a valid concern.

“Can we stop the event if they attack?”

Aizawa-sensei scoffed, “You’re students but in the same time you’re training to be a hero, it’s unsightly to be undaunted by possibility of villain attack when you have to live with that  threat hanging over your head the moment you choose to be a hero.” That silenced the chattering of his classmates.

Agreed- caution was good and all… but if you pick this profession to live with, cowering will just get you killed. He had worked with many heroes, and those who worry instead of thinking a solution to overcome it was bound to fail as a hero.

“That aside… UA choose to proceed with the even to show the world we’re not weakened by the attack in USJ. Far from it, we took the lesson to heart and buffed our defense five times than last year… pros, police… security system-” Aizawa-sensei listed on. “We’re giving our Plus Ultra to tell the world UA is still the best there is.”

Izuku would clap like his classmates if his head wasn’t pounding, such a rousing speech- he was almost interested to join the cheer of Sport Festival.

“It’s a big chance for us since pro heroes would come to scout.” Said Yaoyorozu in answer to Mineta’s anxiety.

Yep-yep.. For those not from hero family, they had to rely on their time in school to build connection. Shinketsu relies more on their alumnus, hence why they weren’t as open as dramatic UA. In the other hand- UA didn’t rely a lot on their alumnus but reach out to all heroes in Japan to show off their young talents in grand event like Sport Festival.

Kaminari was speaking to Jirou about his plan after graduation to be a sidekick, which was the orthodox route for those coming from civilian background. Jirou raised a fine point of typical case of getting stuck in sidekick position, and how Kaminari seemed to be the type who would end up like that if he tried it. Which wasn’t wrong- Kaminari wasn’t much of a leader or  a thinker in battle, he had to fix that- well- maybe he had to train how to direct his Quirk first because frying his brain even more would be counter-productive for his career.

“Sure, becoming part of high ranked agency will drive your career further with recognition and experience you gained…” Said Aizawa-sensei drolly, “This is the once a year chance, in your three years here- that would be just three times. So make sure you didn’t waste them and your potential.”

Fight guys~

“Oh- and Problem child?” Aizawa-sensei called him out, the kitten now was sleeping on top of his head.

“Yes, Sensei?” Oh- the headache started to feel better- maybe that pressure point Todoroki told Shiro to try really worked.

“Gao?” Natsu was pawing Izuku’s leg, worried of his human partner.

“You’re not getting out of the Sport Festival, it’s compulsory for you to participate.”

And the headache returned with vengeance. “Why?!”

At his response and Aizawa’s statement, all eyes were on him- mostly in disbelief including Todoroki. Shiro just sighed tiredly. “Don’t act like a kitten being thrown to bathtub for a wash, Midoriya… it’s just a sport festival.”

Izuku’s eyes narrowed, his head was throbbing still and- “I refuse. I don’t want to be part of this competition, and even as scholarship student I have right to object!” He had not raised his voice, but how his voice dropped an octave was telling of how unhappy he was with the arrangement.  

“Izu…” Shiro had turned around, hands up in placating gesture. “Calm down…”

Natsu clung to Izuku’s leg, distressed by his stormy mood. “Gao-gao?”

“I am…” He hissed, “I have discussed this with Master before, why would he change his mind now?”

Aizawa sighed, “Your participation is something I suggested to Principal, because from your performance in USJ it suggested that… you’re heading to a very dangerous direction Midoriya.”

“And confronting me in front of the whole class can help you to win this argument, Sir?” Izuku was livid now. “I despise competition…”

“Yes, and unlike your classmates… you have been in touch with world of pro with your extended internship under our principal. But that’s not why I want you to participate, it’s for your own sake.”

Izuku had an idea where this was going. “Even so-”

Aizawa heaved another sigh, “Midoriya… you’re the Freshman’s ace of UA’s heroic dept, if you don’t want to make an effort in the festival for yourself at least do it for UA…”

“I don’t remember being chosen for such title!” And boooy- Bakugou looked like he wanted to explode.

AIzawa rolled his eyes now, “You’d think you’re just titled as class clown instead of rookie of the year… anyway- discuss it with your Master if you must.”

Obviously- Aizawa didn’t expect the model student Midoriya Izuku - second only to IIda on that department- to storm out of the class and head straight to Principal Office-Natsu followed closely behind him.

“Well…” Aizawa shrugged, That went as smoothly as I thought.” Like not at all.

Nezu's Office 

When he first met Midoriya Izuku, there was so many things about his disciple he couldn’t understand. He was such a complex character, a human like no other he had encountered in his life. Sure, he guessed many things about the boy after a bit of digging in his history. A child who never gave up his dream to be a hero in spite of born Quirkless, a mirror of All Might in his youth but then…

He changed, he didn’t want to be a hero anymore after an incident in his school but he became more heroic than any kid his age with help of his newly developed Quirk. Izuku was a walking contradiction, for a kid who against the idea of becoming a hero his action says otherwise. At first Nezu thought it was just Izuku being sick of the idea that the world was suddenly fine with the idea of him becoming a hero after he got his Quirk, as if his worth was decided by the super power he had instead of himself.

So the boy scorned the world with denying to become a pro hero with his powerful Quirk. Nezu could relate with Izuku if that was the case. It wasn’t that simple, Midoriya Izuku was far from a petty teenager who hated the cards the world deal him with.  

Aizawa-sensei was the first who bring it up,

“He takes no pride in anything he accomplish… to an extent he thinks he has it but he is quick in deflecting compliments. It gets to the point his classmate’s awe of him make him uncomfortable, you should see how the boy who could scare pro-heroes squirm in his seat just because his peers think he is someone reliable.”

Followed by All Might,

“The boy by all right has the making of an ideal hero but… he isn’t exactly relatable. He doesn’t care about achieving greater high with his classmates in healthy competition among your heroes, no… more like he despise the idea of competing with others to be a hero. Victory and superiority seems to be something he avoided like a plague…it’s like he is detached from the world at large in spite of his Quirk.”

In the end both teachers expressed their opinion, two different teachers like night and day but the same conclusion.

“I am worry for Midoriya… what kind of kid jerks away from compliment as if it burns him?”

“Young Midoriya… why does he desire so little things for himself if not at all?”

Which was why- when he remembered how Izuku refused to appear in Sport Festival as part of their arrangement, he realized he couldn’t spoil this opportunity.

“I don’t want to.”

It was rare for this disciple to pout like a spoiled brat and whine because he didn’t get what he wants from Nezu, it tickled his paternal instinct. “Izuku… I want you to learn from your classmates in this festival, to compete, to improve and be the hero of your dream.”

Izuku didn’t look convinced, “Is that a fancy way of saying… Master wants me to be a teenager?”

“Sort of.” You're clearly missing out a lot of spring of youth moments, Midnight would be devastated if she know... she was a sucker for teenage drama life Izuku sorely lacked. 

The boy frowned deeper, scrunching his nose. “I don’t understand.” He sounded frustrated, and showed that rare ‘lost kid’ look Nezu didn’t see often in Izuku.

Nezu felt pride in his ability to drive his disciple to the corner. Due to his Hyper Intuition, Izuku rarely unable to understand things… he was always perceptive and sharp minded, nothing Nezu teach could faze him. And yet… something as simple as fighting in a competition against his classmates and enjoying the spring of youth eluded him. ‘If I didn’t know better… Izuku is like a monk, so lacking in worldly desire in his young age… peaceful retirement is certainly not a dream.’ More like a sad one, like he was an overworked salaryman instead of young hero in training with promise.

Nezu heaved a sigh of content, “You’re in synch with the world but you’re so out of touch with your peers…”

“I do understand them… my Hyper Intuition-”

“If even once in your head calling them as ‘impulsive teenagers’ who choose the life of danger with zero idea of what is it about… no, you don’t.” Izuku clamped his mouth shut and Nezu face-palmed. “Gee… Izuku, you are fifteen and act like you’re over a hundred years old... “ What’s with that strange expression in response of his age comment? “I know you despise competition with the heat of thousands sun… and you plan to just watch your classmates duke it out.”

Izuku rolled his eyes, “I don’t see what’s the point of promoting myself, at this point I have enough recommendation…”

Which he didn’t even want, because Nezu knew Izuku was fine interning under him for the rest of his pro hero career. “Yes, you got that far without your combat capabilities… as expected of my disciples, but there’s more than career in life you know?”

“My family and friends?”

And there he goes again… he didn’t even think about his own good that didn’t involve others.

“Anyway… it’s final! As your tutor, I want you to learn new things about yourself. So stop complaining and join the Sport Festival! It’s for your own good!”

Izuku obviously couldn’t see what could be so good for himself.


Uraraka had scary face on that was so unlike her, bouncing around the class in uncharacteristic determination that scream murder. So Shiro couldn’t help but ask why she had so much pent up energy over Sport Festival, which led to her telling them about her family situation. Uraraka’s family was poor so she wanted to be a hero to provide her parents with better life, and she was ashamed of it.

“It’s so embarrassing! You guys must want to be a hero for more… genuine reason unlike mine.”

Iida had a weird way to show his support and enthusiasm, waving his hands in robotic gesture all over the place. “There’s nothing embarrassing about wanting to be a filial daughter to your parents!”

Shiro agreed, “Yeah, you can’t be ashamed if you’re becoming a hero for your family… mine would be lamer.”

“Eh?” Uraraka leaned in curiously, “You’re part of Izu’s squad, I don’t think you will have impure reason to be a hero!”

Just what kind of impression Uraraka had of Izu he wondered? “Izu’s squad?”

“Yes! You, Futaba-chan and… Senku-kun!” They were roommates, so Uraraka was closer to Futaba and Senku who had shared dining table with her. “They’re from support dept but in USJ you guys are so cool! Futaba-chan’s robot and Senku-kun’s medical skill… and I heard you fought side by side with Todoroki-kun! You guys will be amazing hero team!”

Shiro fought down the blush that threatened to colour his cheek, and feel guilty Uraraka thought they were a group of altruistic heroes because of Izu. “Actually… we do have a hero team name already.”


Shiro nodded, “We’re called the Phantom Sky Brigade.”  

“SUPER COOL!” That was Kirishima who jumped in out of nowhere, eyes shining with pure awe. Following him was a grinning Sero.  

Iida was frowning, “But there’s only four of you… that’s more of a squad.”

Actually- unknown to Izu and Shiro himself… Futaba had amassed a number worthy of a brigade online. “Nah… we just call ourselves brigade just because.” Though knowing Futaba was the one who attached ‘brigade’ part of their name, perhaps she planned to gather that much people.

“But why Phantom and Sky?” Oh- Hagakure was here too, and Asui was with her.

Shiro beamed, “Phantom is because Izu prefer to operate from the shadow, he prefer to work as tower control like Principal Nezu.”

Kirishima scrunched his nose, “But he is super powerful! We all thought Todoroki is the strongest but Midoriya just- BAM!” He clasped his hand together. “Blow me away with his fight in USJ… it’s like he is already a pro!”

“Kirishima.” Iida began in warning tone, “Just because Midoriya-kun is good at it doesn’t mean he wants to be in front line! In fact- heroes like Principal Nezu is more in demand than flashy and powerful heroes that’s more common in the field!”

The red haired boy flushed at that, “Well- he isn’t less manly as strategist I guess.”

Shiro snickered, “Ha ha ha… it’s fine, anyone would wonder the same thing because being a hero is half a popularity contest.” So for Izu to wish to be an obscure one was strange to their peers. “As for the Sky… it’s just the impression we think of Izu, because he is the ever present and all encompassing sky.”

As one all his classmates blushed, though it was harder to tell with the invisible Hagakure. “My… you guys really loves Izu-kun.”

“Such a touching devotion for a comrade and leader! As expected of you!” Iida was crying.

“Such a manly brotherhood!”

“Even though we often forget Futaba is a girl, I don’t think making her part of brotherhood is flattering…” Then again Shiro wasn’t against Futaba confessing for being gender-fluid or pansexual, he just wished she stopped making boobs ranking chart.

Iida cleared his throat, “Anyway- I almost forgot to ask- if Midoriya-kun messaged you since he didn’t come back to class.”

Shiro sighed at that, “Ah- no worries… he did, he is stuck with paperwork in Principal’s office but he will join us for lunch later.” He raised his hand, “Oh, they have saved us some seats!”


“Hi, Shi-chan!” It was Nejire-senpai, sitting with her fellow Big 3. “Who are your friends?”

The boys excluding Iida blushed at the madonna of third year heroic Dept. “A bishoujo!!!” Breathed out Sero.  

Shiro supposed that was the general reaction to Nejire-senpai’s beauty. “They’re my classmates from Class 1-A, you already know Uraraka- the rest…” He introduced them all and when it was Iida’s turn, Nejire-senpai jumped from her seat.

“Hi! So, you’re Ingenium-pro’s brother! Nice to meet you!”

Iida almost vibrate with how enthusiastic Nejire-senpai shook his hand. “The pleasure is mine!”

“Let me introduce you to our senpai.” Shiro took lead, “This is Hadou Nejire-senpai from third year.” The madonna of third year wave at Iida, Kirishima, Asui and Hagakure. “Beside her is Amajiki-senpai… senpai, please look up- you will get back pain hunching like that.”

Amajiki-senpai hesitantly raised his head, and almost jumped when Iida used his loud indoor voice to introduce himself. “I AM SORRY IF I MAKE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE!”

Shiro sweat-dropped. “Class-rep, lower your voice… Amajiki-senpai is a bit jumpy.”

Nejire-senpai snickered, “Even though he is so cool when fighting villains…”

“Social interaction is different…”


Shiro ignored the giggling of Nejire-senpai, “And last but not the least Togata-senpai.”

“Hello! Nice to meet your first years!” Togata-senpai looked very happy to see his classmates.

Sero leaned in, whispering to Shiro. “Their personalities are very colourful… they’re hilarious.” Kirishima nodded in agreement.

Shiro just smiled at them, “Indeed, they’re also the strongest students of UA heroic course that called the Big 3 for a good reason.”

That got their eyes wide in shock before turning their eyes to the Big 3, Togata-senpai was trying to get Amajiki-senpai to cheer up, Amajiki-senpai wanted to hide behind Togata-senpai and Nejire-senpai was laughing at her friends as if they were stand-up comedy.    

“Anyway…” Nejire-senpai at last stopped giggling, taking a seat beside Ochako. “It must be scary back in USJ for freshmen who just started in UA, you guys are really brave… protecting each other like that.”

Kirishima started to tear up.

“Good job!” Added Togata-senpai. “I don’t think I can do what you did when I was a freshman myself!” Amajiki-senpai muttered ‘good job’ following his childhood friend.

That was the highest praise given by their seniors, it was not pity or sympathy they had received all days from people who didn’t know how it feel risking their life against real villains before they were ready. The Big 3 simply compliment their accomplishment, sincere in their concern without coming too strong and encouraging them for getting through it. 

"Kirishima-kun." The red head almost jumped off of his seat by the sudden call, whirling around to find Izu staring him down. 

He patted his chest as if Izu nearly gave him a heart attack, well- Izu tend to walk as silent as a cat. "Oh, it's you Midoriya! What's up!" 

"Hi Midorin!" She beamed, "So the Big 4 is complete now!" 

Izu blinked at that, "Erm... What kind of strange idea you got now, Nejire-senpai?" 

Izu was theirs okay! Even Nejire-senpai couldn't take him away! 

The lilac haired girl just smirked mischievously, while Togata-senpai looked flustered. "Oi, Nejire..." 

Their leader just shrugged, already used by Nejire-senpai's random teasing. "Kirishima-kun, I just want to tell you about your task for Sport Festival." 

Kirishima perked up at that, "Be manly!" 

The poor sod... 

"Aren't you always?" Izu sounded amused, "But no, I am talking about the opening speech as first year representative." 


"You come first in Entrance Exam, so you get to give sportsmanship vow and short speech. Principal Nezu ask me to assist you with that." 

Kirishima looked totally lost, "Erm... speaking in UA... giant stadium... giving speech." 

For some reason, the most positive and cheerful guy in class 1-A looked like Izu just told him to fly to the sun or something. Izu wasn't kidding when he said Kirishima deep down was a shy guy who tried too hard to appear as manly as someone he admired. He was as red as his hair now, just imagining the stage fright he will suffer in Sport Festival, the poor guy... 

"Can I pass this manly chance to Bakugou?" 

"You can't." 

Chapter Text

Kirishima was a nervous wreck, and Izuku felt his pain- well maybe it was his Hyper Intuition’s doing. The red head was a good kid, but he was trying too hard to become his ideal image. By the very moment Izuku met Kirishima in person, he sensed something off about the boy. It was nothing like Todoroki’s forced self-restraint or Yaoyorozu’s hidden frail side, but it was there.

There was awkwardness in Kirishima’s body language, acting as if manliness was the gospel of his life and social butterfly in class who can get along with anyone. It wasn’t like Kirishima was being fake, the boy sincerely wish to be a new person, a better man- but he couldn’t shake off the real person within. And it shows at time like this, Kirishima shying away from spotlight and wanting to give the chance to the Bakugou he deemed more worthy. For all his talk about popularity, Kirishima was all too willing to fall in line behind Bakugou he admired.  

“You can’t pass it to Bakugou, it’s a responsibility as someone who comes first.” He told Kirishima firmly. “You still have two weeks to prepare, and you’re welcome to discuss it with Aizawa-sensei or me… whoever is available.”

Kirishima nodded numbly.

Nejire-senpai hummed, “Ne, Midoriiin~ speaking of availability… you have things to do before Sport Festival?”

“Yes.” Izuku heaved a sigh, “There’s some major cases that need Master’s and my attention…”

The Big 3 exchanged looks, they obviously had an idea what case it was.

League of Villain obviously and-

Hero Killer, Stain… This particular vigilante-villain was getting out of control too much, pro hero fallen victim to him was bad enough but then public opinion had started to sway to his favor too. Before, Stain just go after heroes with obvious scandal but now… even heroes that fail to save life not for the lack of trying was targeted too. Even though people started to admire his dedication to purge society from fake heroes, in Izuku’s eyes the guy had fallen to serve his own twisted justice.

‘I have to figure out his method of operation and Quirk as fast as I can…’ Before more innocent victim fell upon his blade.

“Midoriya.” Togata-senpai called. “Why don’t you sit down to eat with us? You’re as bad as Sir, workaholics.”

He shook his head. “I am just here to pick up something easy to eat for lunch.” He held up his take out meal in plastic bag. “I need to go back to work-” Then he added for Iida, “I will be back for the last class though.”

Iida started to gesture with his hands wildly, “It’s admirable you work hard, but you’re a student too! You shouldn’t skip school too often even if Principal Nezu approve!”

“Easy Iida-kun, you will hit someone if you keep that up.” Iida froze like someone just push ‘pause’ button on him.

“A robot! A living robot!” Nejire-senpai tugged on Togata-senpai’s sleeve as pointing at Iida.

Togata-senpai looked sheepish, “Nejire, he is a human…”

Shiro snorted, “Maa- Class-rep, don’t worry about Izu’s grade… he is second place back in Middle School but that’s because of Senku. If not for UA, both of them will skip to college by now.”

Izuku frowned at him, “That’s unnecessary to say Shiro beside-” He spotted a familiar red-white hair and called out. “Todoroki-kun!”

Todoroki had an empty tray on his hand and returned the greeting, “Midoriya.” The boy came closer but then again in public, Todoroki had no worries Izuku would bring up a dreaded topic of his Quirk.


From opposite sides, Todoroki and Bakugou closed into him. “Oi! I am the one who got a business with this bastard first!”

“He called me.” Returned Todoroki.  

What were they even competing about?

Ochako squealed, “Man to man talk!”

“Epic showdown!” Added Nejire-senpai, cheek to cheek with the younger girl to watch the spectacle. Was it a mistake for Ochako to meet Nejire-senpai?

Izuku just pinched the bridge of his nose, “This is a cafeteria, don’t start a commotion.” His eyes narrow, “Shiro, sit down.” It was only then Bakugou and Todoroki noticed Shiro was right behind them with menacing expression.

Togata-senpai was clapping, “Wow, Ojiro-kun! You’re so good in stealth! I didn’t notice you have left your seats.”

“Assassin in training…” Muttered Amajiki-senpai shakily.

Shiro huffed, both Bakugo and Todoroki had took a step back because Izuku’s friend was leaking killing intent like they were out of fashion. “Hmph!”

“And Futaba, I know you’re there.” Izuku glared at the two cleaning robots that shouldn’t have any business creeping towards Bakugou with mop in hand. Usually he won’t notice robot but the two AI wasn’t trying to be inconspicuous. “You have to back off too.” The two robots obeyed but not before flipping a bird at Bakugou.

Bakugou let out a strangled noise in response. “Where’s the other one?” He was referring to Senku obviously.

Did he think they came in one set?  

“Never mind! More importantly… Why the fuck did you want to drop out from Sport Festival in the first place?!” Bakugou hissed, “Are you looking down on me?!”

Izuku rolled his eyes, “Everything I did is some form of ‘l ooking down on you’ to you… I swear, once of these days even my breathing is offensive to you.”

Bakugou… looked like he was considering what Izuku just said- one of his Katchan’s dorky moment, the times people got him thinking. The topic now was if Izuku’s breathing was ever offensive to him.   

He cleared his throat and told Todoroki. “You see, Senku needs to see you about your costume. So if you’re done eating, you should see him in Workshop 06 of Support Dept.”

Todoroki nodded, “Okay.”

He still couldn’t bring up the topic of Todoroki’s Quirk- especially after displaying his own power that looked like flame and ice. Because… well- Izuku’s own power have terrible backlash, and telling Todoroki to wield both fire and ice gets awkward. He was unsure why, but since USJ… the way Todoroki looked at him changed. Not by a lot- but there was something different that wasn’t there before…

Support Dept, Workshop 06

Of all members of Midoriya’s unofficial team, Ishigami was the one Shouto most unfamiliar with. Simply because Ojiro was in his class, and Sakura… her character was loud not in dissimilar way as Bakugou. The girl was aggressive and outspoken, not to mention with her Quirk- in a school armed with best technology could offer- her presence was everywhere in a way he couldn’t ignore.

Especially if Bakugou was in vicinity.

It was bizzare to see all robots with eyes in hallway would give Bakugou a dirty look and more than once he and his classmates saw them giving the explosive boy a finger. And there’s even one time a cleaning robot remarked on Bakugou’s face about throwing trash to incinerator.  Bakugou of course could do nothing, they were school properties and attacking them would be a bad mark in his rapport. Shouto was impressed they could bully Bakugou and get away with it.

He also learned that apparently the clairvoyance facet of Midoriya’s Quirk doesn’t work on artificial intelligence, if not- his sidekicks won’t get away with bullying Bakugou for so long under his nose. Ojiro had more than once got a lecture for his behavior around Bakugou from Midoriya, unlike robot- Midoriya could sense Ojiro’s hostility from miles away.

The last member of Midoriya’s team in the other hand didn’t come off as strong, he showed up not as often as Sakura in 1-A and while it was obvious he didn’t like Bakugou either- he wasn’t openly hostile. His temperament was mild, and like Midoriya- he was the undisputable ace of his department.

“Take a seat Todoroki.” He gestured to a nearby stool, still cleaning up after his experiment. “Ignore the mess, I am not so big on cleaning~ so put up with it if you have OCD or something.”

“...I don’t have an OCD.”

“Your hair beg to differ, I can’t fathom how I never see even one hair out of place and mix with the other side.”

Unlike Midoriya- Ishigami wasn’t so polite and speak his mind without care of tact like Asui. “...So, what do you need me for? Midoriya said, it’s about my temperature regulator.”

Ishigami scoffed, “Ah yes… the useless thing.” The pale haired boy brought up a box, revealing Shouto’s regulator that already dismantled. “We try to figure out how we can modify this device to fit in with your unique Quirk… but recording of your fight against Shiro and your own report suggest that… well we gotta resort to something extreme if you don’t want to use your left side.”

Another thing Shouto couldn’t help but note, unlike Midoriya- Ishigami didn’t seem bothered Shouto was hurting himself. ‘If you want to kill yourself, who am I to stop you?’ was most likely what this guy think of Shouto. Which made it easier for Shouto to speak with Ishigami, because Shouto didn’t feel like misbehaved brat for insisting on his limitation. It was strange, but Shouto did feel bad for hurting himself because of Midoriya.

Ishigami launched a lecture, and amazingly he was good in explaining without too many scientific lingo. “Since Izuku’s Quirk affect his body temperature to certain extent though not as drastic as your case, I have some research on body temperature manipulation.”

Indeed- Midoriya seemed to be bothered more by exhaustion than his temperature. So it wasn’t just their seemingly same elemental Quirk looked subtly different, the mechanism was different too.

“Please take note that, while Izuku’s Quirk looks similar to yours- the fundamental is so different… I will laugh if there’s any idiot that get fooled to think it’s the same ha ha ha!”

Endeavor’s face come to mind, Shouto was pretty sure his old man ignored the obvious cosmetic dissimilarity of his ice and Midoriya’s and more concerned about the ‘unmeltable’ property.

“So yeah- to Izuku, temperature doesn’t matter but it’s almost everything in yours.” Ishigami pointed at Shouto. “In your brain, there’s hypothalamus that’s in charge of regulating body temperature… to make it easy let’s just call it your inner regulator!” He beamed. “With Quirks like yours, this part of brain is more advanced than other human however… due to you stopping to use one of your Quirks so early during important stage of growth… it also become not as developed as it should.”


“Basically you’re the reason why your body make you to regulate it ‘manually’ with both side constantly.” Ishigami said without hesitation, his voice was devoid of sympathy as if he wasn’t talking about Shouto botching his own growth and health but the nice weather outside. “How to solve it? There’s two ways… Izuku’s way or mine.”

For some reason Shouto was sure he won’t like either of them.

“Izuku won’t force you… but his is safer, simply because giving your body what it wants would solve your problem in the long run. Train both sides… make your body to suffer the heat of your flame so it would build resistance and better adaptability to the extreme change of temperature...”

“I refuse.”

“Yeah- whatever, your body-your choice… I am not a doctor so I am not obligated to tell you off about being stupid.”

You already said it.

“So here is my solution, I got two… first- a full armor like your Class-rep that equipped with sauna function…”

“No.” A walking sauna armor? Ridiculous.

Ishigami rolled his eyes, “That’s the safe one… a bit extreme and not sophisticated but should work better than this failed thing…” He grumbled, “The second one... which is not fun but scientifically revolutional…” He didn’t look happy or excited, so Ishigami wasn’t as uncaring as his words implied. “The type of regulator that can work for your body is the type that connected to your blood stream.”

“Sorry?” Shouto must have misheard Ishigami.

“Your body is sturdier than others because it’s build for low and high temperature, so- we can create a device that would inject hot and cold solution and also track the change of your body temperature… which is not very fun considering we’re inducing fever for your cold and hypothermia if you overheat… well since you just want to use your ice… you just need the first function.”

By now Shouto was sure as poker faced as he could be, he was looking at Ishigami incredulously. “Uuh…”

“So- the sauna armor? You can match your Class-rep and be armor duo.”

“No thanks… I will figure it out on my own.”

Ishigami shrugged, “Nice~ I am not going to assist possible suicide again .” His voice went very low in the end.

Shouto stood up, “Thank you for your time, Ishigami… and sorry for wasting it.” He was about to exit the door when Ishigami call him again.



The scientist inhaled deeply. “A piece of advice… Izuku won’t give up on helping you and it hurts him that you’re not being cooperative with his effort to help you.”

Shouto clenched his jaw, “I know… he is too kind.” He couldn’t not care and Shouto hated Midoriya a bit for making him feel guilty for not using his flame. He felt so small and petty for rejecting the offered hand but… his mother’s scream and his father’s gruff dismissal of her pain… it played in loop in his mind and Shouto couldn’t just…

“He is… so my advice for you… whether or not you will let Izuku to help you, by the end of it… you should set your priority straight.”

“My priority?”

“Which is more important?” Ishigami posed a question, “Your reason to reject your flame… or why you’re in UA as hero in training.”

Shouto frowned at that, “What are you…”

“Futaba, Shiro and I… have chosen to always stand by Izuku’s side.” He told Shouto proudly. “He choose us to protect at the cost of his wish… everything else take the back seat.”


“So choose wisely… what’s the most important to you.”

Class 1-B, end of school period

Kan could see his students were getting restless the closer they were to the end of school hour, Tetsutetsu in particular had been looking at the door for the last ten minutes. Monoma was also as restless but also emitting this… strange psychotic air as looking at general direction of the other hero class. ‘I swear, Monoma was typical cool and overly proud kid when I got him but… now he become a bit unhinged and his moon swing is unpredictable. I just hope he didn’t start anything with Aizawa’s kids especially Midoriya.’

UA was almost in deep shit after USJ incident, but they got away from the worst case scenario because there were no student that got injured. Mastermind who came out the worst of all students was just plain exhausted, making the incident seemed not as dire as it should if looking at the result alone.

Hence- the roasting media dealt to UA was very mild. Then again All Might himself stepped forward to defend their school, citing the villain was aiming to manipulate media to corner UA with this incident. The media had to back down if they didn’t want to prove to Symbol of Peace that they were playing into villain’s hands. It also helped that All Might lower himself to apologize because the villains were aiming for him.

The clincher was… because Kurogiri was captured along with their Noumu and seventy two thugs, UA became a clear winner of the confrontation. Not to mention, suspecting League of Villain’s next move… the police force had intercepted the video sent to various tv stations and printed media that was send anonymously by the villain organization.  

So the media didn’t know the details of incident at all, and since three teachers were injured and students came out unscathed- it was easily assumed the teachers lay down their life on the line and succeed to protect their students.

However- sharing the same school meant the other students were more privy to the truth. After all rumors travel quickly- several students of 1-A had to send their costume for repair due to the damage it suffered after the bout. Whoever had keen enough eye believe that 1-A students did fight the villains instead of just hiding behind their teacher. Beside… there were too many villains captured in the incident, and even All Might only came for the last ten minutes- there’s no way a rescue hero and an underground hero could take on so many without help.

Naturally- now all attention was on Aizawa’s class.

It was petty but for fellow heroes in training and hopefuls in general studies, not a small amount of students were jealous of 1-A. Aizawa’s class also weren’t very sociable for good reason today, they either sit in class 1-A only tables during lunch or eat in class. Nobody speak of USJ, keeping it to themselves. Giving off the wrong impression they were being cocky about their adventure in USJ.

Kan would love nothing but correcting that. He had seen several students of 1-A cried when he told them Aizawa would be fine, and Thirteen wasn’t dying. He even saw the aloof kid of Endeavor, Ingenium’s brother and Uraraka girl fretting over half-conscious Midoriya as if the Mastermind was on his deathbed.  

That Iida kid was especially shaken by the whole ordeal, asking if he was too late to find Sakura and Ishigami and apologizing for forgetting his phone in his locker and how he could have informed them sooner once he was out of jamming quirk’s range.

According to Aizawa when asked about his students, they recovered well after their break but the anxiety was still there for majority of his students. They cheered up by the prospect of Sport Festival and hopefully they would be too busy preparing to be hung up over their traumatic experience.

So when the bell rang, Kan quickly blocked the doorway with his body.


“Look kids… scouting competition is good and all, I will even compliment you for taking the initiative.” Kan told his beloved students, well meaning kids- but still kids who easily get jealous and hungry for recognition. “However… I’d like you to take a minute and imagine if you were in their place, not as praiseworthy group of kids that survive villain attack mind you! But! A group of kids who just entered high school and watch me-” He pointed at himself, “Jump at a horde of villains, laying my life down for you and dying in front of your eyes… then you have to fight villains to protect yourself and your friends, low lives who won’t hesitate to hurt you.”

They exchanged glance, Shiozaki was praying, Kendo looked sad, the rest had varied reaction but they looked sympathetic. Well- some of his students was unreadable due to their mutation Quirk, but he hoped they understand there were nothing to be jealous of from 1-A.  

Tetsutetsu who was the most hyped up to check on 1-A fell silent, which was good because that meant he was thinking. In his silence in observing Tetsutetsu, Kan missed the look on Monoma’s face and his muttering about how 1-A even get their teacher’s sympathy.

“Also, if a green haired kid from 1-A wants you to scram… you’d better run, you hear me?”

1-A Classroom

Izuku felt a lot better after his break in Principal’s office, and his sensory overload had subsided. At least now he was clear headed enough to not make a spectacle in public over Sport Festival with Aizawa-sensei. For Trinisette’s sake, it was very embarrassing not to mention getting angry at teachers wasn’t going to make them change their mind.

Still… appearing on TV… Could he avoid attention? Become background character Bakugou always told him to be? While the rest of his classmates think up a way to stand out, Izuku was preoccupied on how to blend with the background. There were so many students, for first round not standing out should be a cinch. According to statistical date for the last ten years, UA will cut down the number by 40-50 participants by the second and that was still quite a number. And according to research, human’s awareness when watching TV was lower and it depends on the focus of camera so if he just avoided it…

“Midoriya-san, even if you want to be an underground hero… I don’t think you have to try so hard to not be noticed.” Yaoyorozu said to him, her smiled was strained.

He spoke his mind out loud again, or rather mumbling them.

“Nerd!” Bakugou turned around from his seat, flipping Izuku a bird, “If you don’t get to third stage I will kill you!!!”

“If I get there, you will try to kill me on stage… so what’s the difference?” Izuku asked.

Bakugou froze at that. “Uh-”

Shiro snickered, “You can’t even deliver a productive threat....”

“I will ki-”

“Is it even socially acceptable for a hero in training to scream about murder all the time?” Questioned Yaoyorozu, a hand daintily covering her lips in disgust. “How vulgar.”

Tokoyami chimed in, “Of course not… you might be mistaken by allies as villain.”

Sero cupped his chin, “Hm… sadly that kind of scenario…”

“It’s very possible to happen to Bakugo…” Added Kaminari, “Especially with that face.” The angry pomeranian face wasn’t so cute when the face it belong to wasn’t a tiny puppy.

“What the hell did you say, Pikachu knock off?!” Snarled Bakugou, “Do you want me to explode your already mushy brain to mush?!”

Sero pointed at him, “If you threaten fellow hero like  that, I’d say we have legitimate reason to fear for our life and assume you’re a villain.”

Shiro nodded, “Have a decency to cut down the death threat, you might get arrested by accident for your behavior.”


Todoroki for some reason had a very thoughtful look at what Shiro just said.

“Ah! There’s so many people in front of our door!” That was Mineta yelling, “We can’t go home like this.”

The rest of their classmates didn’t move either from behind Mineta, bags already in hand and ready to go home but they didn’t go pass the crown instead of gawking at them openly. Izuku didn’t miss how Ashido and Hagakure nervously taking backward steps. “Oh dear… this is the day we go back to school and they crowd our door like that…”

His classmates had been deceptively cheerful after USJ, but if he look closely- they weren’t quite fine yet. Any other day they will either bask on the attention or just push their way through the crowd, but after getting crowded by a horde of villains in USJ- getting surrounded by people they didn’t know made them uncomfortable.

“Ch!” Scowled Bakugou, “Extras blocking our way just to scout competition, how annoying!” He grunted, marching to the crowd with murder in his eyes.

Iida blocked his way, “Bakugou-kun!” By now Iida already very familiar of Bakugou’s way of treating people. “Mind your words! Everybody in class already used by your crass language, but it will reflect poorly for our class if you-”

“Who the hell cares of your image?!”

Izuku had a thin patience today, and he thought he was already fine with sensory overload out of the way. So Izuku marched to the front and knock Bakugou out when he was distracted to snarl at the crowd. He apologized for Bakugou’s behavior for them, he wasn’t so sorry actually- considering they did think crowding the door was a good idea.

However, Izuku had zero intention to make Class 1-A a target of ostracization just because of the wrong type of attention Bakugou drew to them. It was up to Bakugou to paint himself as arrogant jerk with dirty mouth to general population of UA, but to drag the rest of his class’ image?


He passed Bakugou To Kirishima’s care, like dropping abandoned kitten. Telling the redhead to take Bakugou home and buy some salted caramel cream puff Aunty Mitsuki love. Izuku of course give Kirishima some money, the red head was confused why Izuku sponsored his gift. Simply because Bakugou’s mother would be very chatty with delicious treat to accompany her tea, and no doubt regaling the childhood story of her spit fire.

Kirishima was very enthusiastic by the idea and almost knocked the crowd down in his haste. The onlookers wisely backed off because the boy might be very well run them over. He wasn’t alone as Ashido, Sero and Kaminari followed him. Either the possibility of getting blackmail material on Bakugou too good to pass up, or they were taking the chance to go home.

“Such a power play in public, do you think you scare us with that show?”

“Hm?” Izuku quirked an eyebrow at the speaker, a quite familiar face looking at them condescendingly. It was the problem student from 1-B, Monoma Neito.

Another guy from 1-B interrupted Monoma, “Oi, isn’t that the green haired kid Kan-sensei warn us about?”

“Tetsutetsu, Sensei is exaggerating… after all! There’s no way someone like this could be remotely threatening to us, he looks like he belongs to some shady lab than heroic dept.”

This kid… his Quirk was quite peculiar, hm… formless like mist no- closer to water that took shape of its container. Izuku was so absorbed in feeling the Quirk- wow- there’s actually two peculiar Quirk in the crowd and the other sounded like lulling static and-

Someone screamed, and  the crowd screamed too- and there’s a lot of tentacles.

Kan knew something was wrong when he heard his student’s scream from 1-A, “I TOLD THEM TO NOT DO IT!”

Aizawa was in his sleeping bag snoozing,  but dragged by Kan back to his class right after the underground hero told Kan that the most beloved problem child was in terrible mood. Or how if anyone piss the kid off today should take it to Nezu and not Aizawa.

Aizawa didn’t even deign to evolve back to human from his caterpillar state. “I am not responsible if your kids gets traumatized by my problem child… Everyone should know by now it’s not a good idea to poke the sleeping lion.”

Kan ignored him in favor of freezing on his track at the sight of Monoma - of course he can’t get out of trouble- wrapped in metallic tentacles in a very compromising position by one of the security robot - doubled as cleaning one for ceiling- Nezu just commissioned from Support-dept aces.

“Izu! I will get rid of this trash for you~” Came the voice of Sakura Futaba, Power Loader’s prodigal student. ‘The closest incinerator from Class 1-A is…’

“Oooi! I know Monoma’s personality is trashy, but please don’t kill him!” Tetsutetsu was clinging onto one of Monoma’s leg, the blond couldn’t even speak because one of the robot’s appendage was stuffing his mouth.

Aizawa sighed, “Oh dear…had I ever told you that Midoriya isn’t the biggest problem but Maihama-sensei’s girl who has eyes everywhere in our school?”  

“You did NOT Aizawa! I swear- if your student and Maihama’s-”

A tired voice echoed from inside 1-A, “Futaba, please put him down… this isn’t even trash day, can’t you just…”

“Whatever you say Izu~” And the robot promptly dropped a very shaken Monoma to the ground.

“Honestly, it’s quite an exhausting day and we all want to go home but-”

“I can make them go away- now!” Squealed the voice from the octopus robot in front of all students, as if it doesn’t matter they overhear the plan for their demise.

The crowd paled so fast and ran from 1-A as if the devil was on their heels, or perhaps a robot possessed by a technopath was even worse. Kan couldn’t blame his students when Tetsutetsu dragged Monoma to run to him and hide behind their beloved homeroom teacher. Not long after, Aizawa’s class from hell emerged in group, Midoriya was on the front and flanked by the class representatives.

“I disapprove of violence and threat Sakura-kun!”

“It’s a bit to barbaric, I admit-”

A boy with ball for hairs were trembling, “A guy in that position with tentacle is just a nightmare to watch!”

“Who the hell cares.” Chimed one with muscular tail. “We can go home now, I was tempted to take the window if they didn’t scram.”

“It could be fun if Todoroki-kun make us an ice slide!” Chimed one of the girls.

“...We will get in trouble so no.” Said Endeavor’s son.

“Also your uniform will get wet.” Added Midoriya, sighing heavily. “Ah- Sensei?”

Kan belatedly realized that there’s other student left from the crowd and hiding behind Aizawa, who was standing still with sleeping bag on.

“Midoriya… keep your group in line and don’t let them  traumatize too many students. I told you this…”

Midoriya face-palmed, “I am so sorry… I was distracted-” He perked up at the sight of purple haired boy in Einstein’s hairstyle behind Aizawa. “Ah- his Quirk sounds like radio static, buzzing and really make a lot of noise…”

“What?” The student responded eloquently.

“You’re not allowed to use any UA students as experiment subject.” Added Aizawa.

The student now looked ready to bolt from Aizawa’s back.

Midoriya was blushing, “I am not a mad scientist! My research is always within moral boundary!”

And the boy didn’t deny he was a scientist and researching human, that wasn’t reassuring at all in Kan’s book.

The boy who was most likely from gen-ed poked his head, “I want to make a war declaration, but will I get killed before the war?”

“Depends.” Said the one with tail. “As long as no insult and you’re respectful to Izu, you won’t missing any limbs!”

“...Ojiro, your teacher isn’t a chopped liver… don’t threaten another student in front of me.”

“...Sure sensei, I didn’t say anything just now! Off record!” Midoriya reached out and pinched Ojiro’s cheek, “Aww- Izu!”

Midoriya gave him a glare, “Behave, we have a long day… so-” He turned to the gen-ed kid, smiling like an angel he was not. “So, what do you want to tell us?”

Positive he wasn’t going to disappear to darkness or in incinerator, the kid launched a declaration of proving himself in Sport Festival against 1-A kids. Kan wondered if the boy forgot his class exist too. “So don’t be too comfortable, or I, Shisnshou Hitoshi.... will take your place.”

Midoriya blinked at him before a smile curved his lips, “Hm… We won’t let our guard down,  that would be unbecoming and our homeroom teacher would put us through hell if we do…”

“You bet I will, now… go home. You have been delayed for too long kids.”

Class 1-A walked pass them, offering farewell to Aizawa in passing. “Wait!” Tetsutetsu regained his vigor. “I am from Class 1-B next door and I am not scared of you!!!”

“Sure.” Said the one with tail, “It’s not like we have recording of you hiding behind Vlad King-sensei."

Tetsutetsu heated up, and Kan was worried the boy would reach steel’s melting point. “Anyway! Don’t embarrass our heroic dept by performing poorly in Sport Festival!”

The girl with dark hair and frog like voice chimed in, “Shouldn’t that what we said to you? Considering you’re the one hiding and your classmates is seen… in less than ideal position by everyone?”

That burns…they were Aizawa's kids indeed.

“Sorry, I said anything on my mind… even commenting about Iida-chan’s happy butt dance over Sport Festival.”  That was an apology?!

Aizawa was snickering but Kan wanted to punch that proud look out of his face. “Sorry, my students aren’t the best in holding back.”

“Can we go home now?” Surprisingly the one speaking was Endeavor’s kid, “This is a waste of our time.”

“I have a headache.” Added Midoriya as pinching the bridge of his nose. “And a delayed meeting.”  

Aizawa shrugged, “Go home kids, no more war declaration… and don’t forget to submit your booking of training ground.”

Class 1-A swiftly vacated the hallway, it didn’t escape Kan’s observation that none of them stepped ahead of Midoriya. Any other day Kan would think they acted like chicks following their mother hen but… this was Midoriya they were talking about. A kid his age shouldn’t so naturally bind his peers to revolve around him like planets to sun.

Then again- this was the Mastermind. Their principal’s notorious protegee.

“You have guts….” Commented Aizawa out of the blue. “Declaring war on Midoriya of all people.”

“I have to if I want to make it to heroic department, after all- while my Quirk handicap me against robots… I have better chance against fellow students.”

Tetsutetsu frowned, “It’s just that one kid, what to compliment about to deliver a challenge like a man we are?”

Aizawa stared at his kid with pity. “...Kan, I thought a softie like you would warn your student of Midoriya by now… considering they will be his rival in Sport Festival.”

Kan swallowed a curse that was on the tip of his tongue. “I did.”

“What’s so special about this guy?” Asked the gen-ed kid. “He doesn’t look remarkable.”

And you were?

“Well kid…” Kan didn’t want to scare anyone but a warning would be kind so they won’t be caught off guard later on. “You just challenged the strongest first year student of heroic dept and draw his attention to you- well…”

Tetsutetsu stared wide eyed at Kan, “But he looks so-”

They thought so too, before Midoriya showed what an analysis machine his brain was- then not even fifteen minutes later blew off a Zero Pointer’s head clean.


Hero Foundational Study, Lesson 2 (to make up for USJ incident)

The lesson today was a rescue drill that had been delayed because of USJ, which was good for Izuku. He felt his body had recovered from the incident last week, so he had informed Tsukauchi to get everything ready to give Kurogiri a proper imprisonment.

His flame danced in his palm and he willed it to swirl to a shape of a bud before blooming-closed- and blooming repeatedly. “Yosh…” Natsu was suddenly perched on his arm, and opened his tiny jaw and swallowed the flower. “Ah-”

“Natsu, you can’t snack on Izu’s flame like that.” Shiro told the sneaky feline.

Izuku was sighing and ignoring Natsu pawing at him, “I am terrible in disciplining him.”

“Oi, Midoriya… your flame isn’t acceptable treat for a cat! Much less a lion.” Scolded Aizawa. “Also don’t sneak in training on the way during class.”

“Your flame is edible?!” Shrieked someone, most likely Sero.

Thirteen cleared his throat, “We have arrived in ravine area of USJ, we will commence our first drill!”

Surprisingly the make up class went on smoothly, even though Iida took it too seriously and Ochako thinks their class-rep was hilarious. Izuku had to admit while immersing himself in the role of victim was admirable, Iida didn’t have to cry so much.

“Midoriya-san.” Yaoyorozu called him during their break before the next drill, “From what I heard you’re very skillful in controlling your Quirk, so I wonder if it have various application for rescue mission too!”

Izuku spotted majority of the class leaning their ears to his direction. “Searching for disaster victim for one… I also have a rough idea of their state of health, my flame is also ideal for heating and lighting… and I won’t risk causing fire accident and the likes.”

Yaoyorozu was nodding sagely, “Then maybe you can use your ice as water source too if you melt it… Todoroki-san can do that right?”

Todoroki glanced at her. “Yes.”

“Not for me.” Izuku replied sheepishly. “Unlike Todoroki-kun’s ice, you won’t get water from my ice.”

“Eh?” Yaoyorozu looked confused, “So your ice is like… dry ice?”

Izuku chuckled softly at that, “I suppose I better clear this up.” If in future drill they mistook his flame and Zero Point Breakthough to have the same application and natural flame and ice. “Even though my Quirk looks a lot like Todoroki-kun’s Half-hot Half-cold… they’re fundamentally different.” He began to explain, “Todoroki-kun’s Quirk produce ice and flame that exist in nature and follow thermodynamic law…”

Todoroki gave a nod at that before adding, “Midoriya’s is definitely unnatural.”

“Ara? I thought the flower you made before is just… you’re very good in manipulating flame.”

Izuku hummed at that, “Can you make a glass for me?”

Yaoyorozu did so, producing a simple translucent cup made of glass. Izuku then poured water from his bottle to it, filling half of it. Then he passed it to Todoroki, “Would you mind to lit up a small fire?” Todoroki didn’t seem to mind as a small tongue of fire was lit on the tip of his finger. “Dip it to the water.” Obviously, the flame was snuffed out.

Bakugou snarled, “What nonsensical experiment you were doing?!”

“Just to show that even flame produced by Quirk follows physic law… it can’t burn pure water, also to proof this is 100% normal water.” Izuku told the explosive boy before he too, lit up a flame on the tip of his finger like Todoroki and dip it to water. Unlike Todoroki’s fire however…

Yaoyorozu’s eyes went wide in disbelief, “Unbelievable! It’s water and snuff out Todoroki-san’s flame but… Midoriya-san’s flame burn in water?!”

“The water didn’t even boil.” Added Todoroki. “Or create steam.”

Izuku could see disbelief at the display of defying law of nature and explained. “It’s because my flame isn’t natural flame… it’s actually pure energy that looks like flame.”

“SO dunking you in water won’t work.” Grumbled Bakugou.

Izuku sweat-dropped, “Erm no.” Of all strategy to think up to beat him, Bakugou think snuffing out the flame on his forehead was feasible?

“Then what the fuck is your ice?!” Asked Bakugou.

Shiro narrowed his eyes, “Scouting the competition?”

“When Ponytail and Half-bastard did it you didn’t say anything!”

Izuku sighed, “My ice is basically just the flip side of my flame… the flame is plus energy while ice is minus, they’re basically the same thing… hence, there won’t be any water even if I melt my ice.”

“So you’re more useless than Half n Half for rescue drill.” Snickered Bakugou. “Water is important you know.”

Izuku clapped, “Todoroki-kun, Bakugou just complimented you… what an improvement.”


“Thanks.” Said Todoroki flatly. “But your flame is certainly more rescue friendly than mine… but for the record, I don’t know if my melted ice is safe for drinking.”

Izuku cupped his chin at that, “Pass a block of ice to Senku when you have the chance, considering the nature of your Quirk… it’s very possible the water is flammable.”

That got him a bewildered look from the usually impassive Todoroki.

“You ice… melt and evaporate very quickly right? Even if you didn’t use massive flame to do so.” Todoroki nodded numbly. “So yes… from my observation it’s very possible the two sides isn’t completely separated despite your appearance suggest. In fact- I won’t be surprised if you can make a bomb out of your ice with combining them. The rapid expansion in ice due to difference in temperature can cause an impressive explosion… ”

“Problem child.”

Shit- Izuku closed his mouth with a snap, “Sorry- I… will shut up now.”

Bakugou looked ready to explode, apparently he didn’t take the possibility of Todoroki replicating his Quirk very well- “Deku, what the hell did you say…”

“Erm, don’t worry Bakugou… explosion caused by differential expansion won’t be nowhere as powerful as nitroglycerin. Though....” Izuku’s mind trailed off, depending on the size of the ice and the flame…

“Problem child, you really have to shut up now. Todoroki doesn’t seem keen to be second coming of Bakugou, seriously- stop.”

The second round of rescue drill was a hide and seek- or so Ashido likened it. Izu was on the ‘victim’ squad, because according to Aizawa it would be extremely unfair for Izu to be on hero team to search due to his Hyper Intuition. So the rescue team consisted of Ochako, Bakugou, Todoroki, Mineta and Shiro.

“So if I rescue a girl, of course I have to hold them and check their condition-”

Shiro slammed his tail on the ground, leaving a sizeable crack. “Izu already told me that you’re banned from rescuing girls and call us instead if you find them.”


Bakugou grunted, “Deku… as paranoid as ever.”

Todoroki scoffed, “Let’s just start this exercise…” And they ran off on their own.

Ochako groaned, “Aaah there they goes.”

Shiro shrugged at Ochako. “Bakugou don’t know the meaning of teamwork even if it’s explode on his face… and Todoroki…”

“Todoroki-kun… he seems to respect Izu-kun a lot, but he… doesn’t really talk with anyone else casually either.” Even with their unofficial leader, Ochako could feel Todoroki was very careful in interacting with him. Even though everyone in class seemed at ease with Izuku even Kouda.

Shiro frowned, “Naaah… you won’t believe if I told you, but according to Izu…”


“Todoroki is shy.”


“Erm… shy? He doesn’t looks like it.” Ochako couldn’t help but say.

Shiro laughed softly at that. “Once you’re around Izu long enough you will pick up those subtle body language Chako… Todoroki is aloof so his ‘shy’ isn’t really like blushing and stuttering like Kouda.”

Really, Todoroki was a pro at hiding his emotion but it was there… how he approach every social interaction that didn’t involve training and hero-ing carefully. He was quite at ease with Izuku but then again… considering how their first meeting goes, Todoroki was most likely decide that Izu could tell easily so faking anything was useless. That was the case with their homeroom teacher and principal, since Izu would just see through them- made up persona was just a paper disguise to his friend.

Then again… Shiro also saw that Izu was very attentive of Todoroki, and it wasn’t talent that draw Izu’s attention on the boy. Shiro saw it too, how Todoroki always walked without making noise as much as possible- and his careful way to measure distance when talking to someone. Shiro also didn’t miss how Todoroki tend to avoid skin contact with anyone. Izu did touch Todoroki on occasion, but he also made sure Todoroki saw him first before initiating contact and he never come to Todoroki from his left- always his right.

Then there’s horrified look on Izu’s face when they saw Todoroki together with Endeavor the first time. ‘Not a good sign if Izu ever get that look on his face…’


With Izuku…

Relaxing during an exercise felt strange… and waiting to be saved no less. Since his awakening as the sky, Izu never waited for someone to save him. Even back during League of Villain’s attack, he did everything he could by himself. It wasn’t like he didn’t believe the pro heroes would come, but deep in his heart- even in his first life…

He always thought that waiting to be saved was stupid, you had to try your best to save yourself.

“I am not cut out to be a hero.” He whispered to himself. “In this era…”

He glanced to the side where a number of vegetation grew in the abandoned building, courtesy of the manmade sun of USJ’s dome. “Hm...these plants… the one Senku use for haunted house back in middle school.” He smiled at the memory, recalling Frankenstein Taiju and zombie doctor Senkuu. “How nostalgic.”

Izuku frowned, standing up from his crouching position in front of the grass and bush. A muscular figure with metal mask emerged from darkness. “I was wondering when you will come to confront me… considering Aizawa-sensei called me out in class and Master outright waiting for me to come to him.”

The masked man groaned, “Your Quirk is really amazing… you can really see through anything?!”

“Hm… I haven’t tested the limit, but I don’t think I will have problem to see through glamour type Quirk.” He told the fake villain. “Also… to me, One for All is too blinding to ignore. Putting any disguise won’t fool me if it’s you, All Might.”

The hero deflated, both mentally and physically. If there was anyone approaching the boy would warn him so All Might deemed it safe to save his energy.  All Might looked sheepish in his skeletal form. “Uuh… so yeah, I want to take this chance to chat… you have been a very busy boy this week.”

Izuku nodded, “I heard you and Aizawa-sensei are concerned of something I did in USJ.” He took a long pause, sipping his tea from his thermos. “I don’t understand.” He repeated the line like a mantra, the same one he told his Master.


It was strange, but to hear the line ‘I don’t understand’ from Young Midoriya was a novel thing. After all, to Toshinori’s knowledge Young Midoriya have more wisdom in his young mind than good ol’ Toshinori.

“You see Young Midoriya, My time have been reduced to… four no five hours if I force it.”

His eyes narrowed at Toshinori, shifting to amber for a brief moment. “I see.”

Young Midoriya’s statement was most likely literal than the more common metaphorical. “So…” All Might trailed off, fidgeting nervously. “As you said before… My way of doing things- becoming the Symbol of Peace isn’t… wrong.” He breathed out. “It does the job to stabilize the chaotic society due to the drastic rise of villains in my youth, heralding the golden age of hero.”


“I can’t do this forever.” A bitter truth he had to hear from the mouth of a boy not even half his age. “I have my limits and I leave a hole that’s too big for my fellow heroes to fill by themselves… a pillar is a pillar, once it collapse… I will bring down the whole structure.” He chuckled softly to himself, “Like a frail house of cards…” He had brought peace, but in the same time it was a fragile one that rely on one man.

“And whoever I passed this torch too… I most likely will ask them to take over my burden.” He heaved a sigh. “Even if they’re willing, it’s just cruel to keep such a flawed system going… good if they can take it- but… if my burden break them, I will never forgive myself.”

What was he doing? Repeating what Young Midoriya told him and his thought of it, what did he want?

“You have your way of keeping the peace.” The boy at last responded. “I know I am the one who told you that expecting others to bear the same burden is cruel to them, but in the same time… your successor would never be you… they should be able to find their own path.”

And there’s that faraway look again, which made Toshinori had a mad delusion that Young Midoriya was someone who- ‘been there, done that’ when it comes to passing the torch. Then he would have a bizarre thought that Young Midoriya wasn’t so young and secretly older than GranTorino.

“What does it have anything to do with you pushing my participation in Sport Festival though?”


“I am not mad.” The boy took a deep breath. “I simply don’t get what did I do wrong- or just… doesn’t sit right with you and Aizawa-sensei.”

One moment the boy was as wise as a sage and the next he turned to a lost kid. “You did no wrong.” He flailed to assure the boy. “It’s just… you’re still young.”

“And?” The boy prompted him, green eyebrow raised in inquiry.

“You shouldn’t be so eager to hide in obscurity like Aizawa in your age… or taking responsibility for the safety of your peers.” All Might said, carefully and slowly as if not to spook him.

“I think Aizawa-sensei himself start thinking about it since high school.” He pointed out. “And what’s wrong with that? I am a strategist, I take responsibility for heroes I send to follow my strategy… it’s a given.”  

All Might groaned, there’s no winning in argument against this boy is there? “Never mind Aizawa… you- your classmates strive to make a name for themselves in Sport Festival. They will give their all and tell the world I AM HERE and become the next generation that bring hope for society!”

Young Midoriya was nodding. “How inspirational...”

All Might fell backward, spurting blood. And Young Midoriya missed the cue spectacularly again, did this kid forget he is also the part of ‘ young generation ’ or something?! One of these days, he might hear ‘being young is nice’ from this boy’s mouth.  “Young Midoriya! We want you to ride the same new wave of young heroes as your peers! Be young and full of drive! Get it?!”

He had the same zoned out look as he responded. “Yeah, kinda... I guess.” Toshinori recognized that tone, it was the same one he used whenever Gran Torino rambled nonsensically and he would half-heartedly agree with whatever the old hero say so he would shut up and stop kicking Toshinori’s butt. Never he imagined he would be on receiving end of it.   

He sobbed, “I suppose young’un would better learn this from kids their age…” He cleared his throat, fixing the sofa and his own disheveled appearance. “Anyway… Young Midoriya, out of curiosity…” He trailed off nervously. “What would you say to inherit the One for All?”

He had dropped the question like a bomb, expecting the boy to be so shocked and speechless, or happy - small chance but he was being hopeful - or angry- Going three shades paler on the face wasn’t within his expectation.

“I thought Master and Sir Nighteye are trying to recommend Togata-senpai to you?”

All Might groaned, “He is a good kid from what I heard and Nighteye train him well… but- but…” All that genuine desire to be a hero and passion to save didn’t make Toshinori think ‘he is the one’ the way Young Midoriya did. “It’s just…”

Young Midoriya ran his finger through his curly hair exasperatedly, “Well… I don’t think Togata-senpai will say yes either.”


“I have not met Sir Nighteye in person… but Togata-senpai respected him a great deal because the man sees potential in Togata-senpai and his permeation Quirk.” The boy explained. “Before Sir Nighteye took senpai under his wing… he barely survive UA curriculum, his mastery of his Quirk is terrible… he also struggles academically…” Toshinori saw those the boy’s grade, they weren’t really great even now- but better than before. “He didn’t even make it to Sport Festival’s third round of his first two years.”

In short, Togata Mirio was the deadlast who couldn’t even use his full potential.

“His struggle is paid off because of Sir Nighteye… Togata-senpai took pride in his family’s Quirk that make him a worthy hero to save millions of life.” The boy once again ticked off invisible list in the air. “He might say yes to inheriting your power- but that would be out of obligation as a hero and his loyalty to Sir Nighteye…but in the process, I don’t think Togata-senpai would be happy with the new him who inherit One for All.”

That burns- even if he had no plan to offer it to the other boy.

“Besides…” He crossed his arms, “While Master agree recommending the boy on behalf of Sir Nighteye for your sake, Togata-senpai is already renowned for his permeation Quirk- just because his Quirk is compatible with One for All it’s hard to make up a story out of nowhere if he suddenly develop super strength on top of it.”

All Might nodded at that, “Yeah… that’s also why I prefer… you… your Quirk is so complicated and mysterious.” The boy raised an eyebrow at that, “From what I see in  USJ, your flame also enhance your physical abilities… so it won’t be as out of place as Young Togata’s…”



“Young Midoriya… there’s no chance you will say yes is there?” He could be hopeful, he was always hopeful.

The boy averted his eyes. “Erm… I don’t think I am qualified.” That wasn’t a no but Toshinori just knew under different circumstances the boy would answer with firm rejection and turn on his heels. It was testament on the boy’s admiration and respect for him the boy tried to refuse gently like this.

“...This coming from the boy who make himself a bait to save me… if I have to find someone better... you already set the bar skyhigh, do you realize that my boy?” He didn’t mean to blurt this out, but it was just outrageous for Young Midoriya to say he is not worthy. Now- he could see what Aizawa meant.

The boy squirmed, like he was super uncomfortable to face the truth that he was someone worthy of respect. “I… you see how I look when I was fighting.”


Midoriya took a deep breath, “I looked miserable, I was frowning and I can’t even crack one smile when fighting to save people like you…” He buried his face in his palms. “Anyone who look at me can tell… I hate fighting, even if it’s to save lifes… like I am forced to do it… that’s why… I gave up becoming a hero like you.”

“Young Midoriya…”

“I am not a very inspirational person… even villain wonder why am I even a hero if I am looks suffering when fighting.” The boy looked heart-broken. “I tried… recalling my old dream to be a hero when I was just a Quirkless little boy, before I realize… the world doesn’t need someone like me.”

True, the boy unlike All Might… he didn’t smile at all. He fought his battle as if it physically pained him. Young Midoriya was a pacifist… and one who would choose to hurt himself instead of others.

“Young Midoriya!” All Might placed his hands on the boy’s shoulders. “Forget about me asking you to inherit my power! What’s more important now is getting into the spirit of Sport Festival!”

‘I still don’t understand.’ Was written all over his face, it seemed Toshinori had made the boy even more confused than ever. The number one hero wept- a kid with so much promise as a hero shouldn’t be this… pitiful!

“Okay… let’s just help me with this exercise first, I need you to be my hostage.”

The boy blinked at that, “Okaaay… I think someone like Yaoyorozu-san wil be better, she is a very reliable class-rep. The class would be more motivated to save her.”

“...Young Midoriya… AIzawa told you that you’re the strongest in class.”

The boy scrunched his face, obviously unhappy with the idea. “He did.”

“It’s not a compliment but a statement we’d like you to be aware of…” It would be bad if the boy didn’t really let that fact sink in his head. His class, even the begrudging Young Bakugou knew Young Midoriya was stronger than any of them so the boy better start to acknowledge it before someone’s dignity got hurt their ace acted like he wasn’t.

“Okay…” Then he started picking grass and leaves. “For realism purpose…”

When the boy was done mixing some sort of concoction All Might knew he had pick the best partner and started to pity his other students.

Then he pitied himself when ten minutes later, a giant block of ice explode on his face. Courtesy of a very furious Young Todoroki.

Once the exercise was over, his classmates were beyond furious at All Might to the point they started hitting him.

“It’s an exercise, and I am so sorry for deceiving you.”

Todoroki and Shiro who were the most enraged during the fake villain attack were still shaking for some reason. “You’re bleeding.”

“You’re unconscious…” Added Jirou.

“What do you think we would feel?” Iida ranted on and on. “Even assisting teacher should have a limit! You don’t have to play with our mind like that!!!”

Izuku couldn’t help but rub his head in embarrassment, “I… there’s creeping wood sorrel and perilla growing nearby and I remember if I mix perilla with oxalic acid in this herb, it can create an amazingly nice fake blood! I didn't think you will buy it...”

Yaoyorozu looked half-amused half-annoyed. “No wonder you smell like dried plum, Midoriya-san…”

“Plum?” Asked Ochako.

Shiro sighed, “Plum is pickled with perilla so…” His family was a traditionalist, of course he would know.

Bakugou was exploding in the background, “YOU-YOOOOOU!!! You fool me with fake blood made of- made of--- grass shit?!”

“... I did.”

He looked like he was about to choke with anger. “As expected of you… no wonder you got that damned Mastermind alias… Deku, you shitty head!”

Was that a compliment from Bakugou? What a novel experience!

“I am really sorry for scaring you all with my… fake death, I am not really pretending to be dead but injured… but still…” He looked at the back, where an impressive babel of ice pierced through the USJ dome. “This is a bit too much don’t you think?”

All Might who was carrying Izuku was forced to drop him when Todoroki in his fury used his ice to make such a massive wall. And then- because Bakugou was tied up fighting All Might, to trap the fake villain on Mineta’s and Sero’s  sticky trap… Todoroki…

He used his fire to explode his ice and the impact was enough to blow All Might to the trap they prepared.  

“Uhm… Todoroki-kun?” Called Izuku worriedly to the boy who had been very quiet even by his standard. “Are you alright? I am so sorry… for deceiving you. I will melt that for you, and do you mind if I warm you up?” That frost on his right side must be uncomfortable.

Todoroki looked at him from head to toe, leaning forward and sniffed. “Perilla…”

Izuku nodded, taking out the leftover leaves from his pocket and squashed them together in his glove, making them as red as the stain in his lips and temple. “Yeah! It’s fake…”

Todoroki gave him a stiff nod, before taking steps backward as keeping his heterochromatic eyes on Izuku. “I see… I am fine, I will warm myself up.” Then he swiftly vacated the premise, leaving a very distressed Izuku watching his retreating back.

“...Izu, you’re quite mean with that fake blood and all- but… Todoroki… he is overreacting.”

“I think I hurts his feeling…” Izuku’s lips quirked to a smile. “Still…” He glanced back at the crater that created by Todoroki’s ice bomb. “I can’t help but happy… he will use his flame to save me after all.”

Shiro whacked him upside his head for that. “You’d better apologize, you told me he is quite a delicate kid and you go deceiving him like this…”

To be fair, Izuku didn’t expect Todoroki to go this far for his sake. At the time like this… he had to be grateful of his origin as the sky, while perhaps he didn’t inspire people to be a hero like All Might did… as a sky he at least could touch the heart of people. Perhaps, he should try a bit harder to be a true hero. He was unsure if he could… but at least he had tried to do so for most of his life when he was just a powerless kid, he could try a bit longer as the sky.

Before that...

"I have to rebuld Todoroki-kun's trust in me..." Izuku sobbed. 

"I told you to not go overboard all the time." Shiro told him helpfully. "You deserve this."


Natsu pawed at his pants unhappily. 

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When you had a job and not the boss -if you were in Vongola, nobody cares either- more often than not nobody cares you just had a bad day in school or possibly ruining a very carefully built friendship with the ice prince of his class. To be fair, it was a job and someone’s life- even if he was a villain- was on the line. Also, Hyper Intuition or not it wasn’t an omnipotent ability that could predict Todoroki’s reaction to his hostage play. Todoroki was really hurt by his action, and Izuku had a feeling it had something to do with using his fire in battle today. In one hand, Izuku was relieved that push come to push Todoroki wasn’t as selfish and pig headed as Bakugou when it comes to his pride if someone else’s life was on the line. In the other hand, Izuku felt immensely guilty to push that boy to that point with faking his injury.

‘I don’t even know if he suspect me doing this to make him use his flame.’ Who was he kidding? With an alias like Mastermind, people assume he play mind game as natural as breathing.

Still… Todoroki’s conviction to not use his flame in battle, it wasn’t just to spite his father- but using them was hurting the boy too.

“Midoriya-kun? Are you okay?”

Izuku was snapped out of his thought and looked up to Tsukauchi, “I am fine.”

The detective frowned, “What happened in USJ is really taking a toll on your body, please don’t force yourself. Especially before the Sport Festival.”

Izuku laughed at that, “Is it more important than League of Villain and Hero Killer?”

“Yes.” Tsukauchi answered without hesitation, “You maybe the intern Principal Nezu lend to police force, but we’re not going to work you to the bone. We have standards, you know.” He said as he opened the door that lead to special section of capital prison.

Inside, Izuku wasn’t surprised to see Tsukauchi’s supervisor Tanema-san but there was another muscular figure he didn’t expect to see but felt even before the door opened. “Hm…”

“Yo! Midoriya-kun.” Greeted Inspector Tanema. “We will count on you again today.”

Izuku nodded, “It’s my pleasure, Sir.” He turned to the number 2 hero. “It’s been a while Endeavor-pro.”

Endeavor narrowed his blue eyes at Izuku, “I heard from my son you also have both fire and ice…”

Of all reason to see him, the guy was curious of his power? He was also pretty sure Todoroki wasn’t the type who report his school life in day to day basis, which mean Endeavor went out his way to interrogate his son. Not that he minded Endeavor knew, with Sport Festival coming it was pointless to hide it. Izuku didn’t think he can make a decent showing without using his flame. While he wasn’t so ambitious or motivated to win, Izuku had a reputation to uphold now. If he had no way out of Sport Festival, he couldn’t half-assing it and embarrass his Master and school.

Besides... The true nature of his power was still safe and only known by few trusted people. “I am afraid you’re mistaken, Sir. The similarity of my Quirk and Todoroki-kun’s is just cosmetic…”

“I will be the judge of that.”

Wow, what an ego even for the number two hero. Izuku was impressed, and that said something for someone who grew up with Bakugou. Even number one hero, All Might listened to his explanation instead of assuming he knew better. While all top ranked hero he knew including All Might have pride in their status, Endeavor takes the cake. It was strange to know that while All Might and Hawks had their down to earth side, Endeavor showed none.

The trip down to Kurogiri’s cell was annoying, because Endeavor keep asking about his Quirk and expect to be served answer on silver platter.

“What’s your parent’s Quirs that produce Quirk like yours?”

He started to feel like racing horse under inspection for his pedigree.

“My Quirk is a mutation, it’s unrelated to my lineage.” It wasn’t a Quirk in the first place- unless well- Giotto’s Hyper Intuition was one somehow. He did tell Tsukauchi a very farfetched theory it was a strange mix of his biological father’s flame breathing Quirk and mother’s telekinesis.  

“Hm… an accident… I suppose if lightning strike in the right place it could create a semblance of masterpiece.” He wondered if Endeavor didn’t care of bewildered look Tanema and Tsukauchi shot at him.

At the time like this, Izuku almost missed Bakugou to speak his mind to a bastard like Endeavor. Izuku was a person, not an object. Also- an accident made him sound like a bastard kid. Even if his father was an unknown guy, his parents were married before they had him. Not that Izuku cared very much of Endeavor’s opinion of him, but then- what does this say about Endeavor’s opinion of his own son?

“Midoriya-kun…” Tsukauchi-san’s voice was trembling, he wondered why.


“Endeavor-pro is asking you something.”

Izuku took advantage of his tendency to zone out, “Ah… please don’t mind me, I am on the verge of finding a solution inside my head on a case.” And back to his own mumbling heaven.

Manner be damned for today.

The temperature on the hallway rose, but Izuku could be careless- he would apologize to Tanema-san and Tsukauchi-saw for turning Endeavor to a walking sauna later.

They thankfully arrived at where the police kept Kurogiri, still frozen and made a very artistic sculpture. Sky Flame turned ice through zero point breakthrough was a sight to behold, it look more like diamond than ice. He never know if it was as hard as diamond, but it wasn’t something one could punch to pieces without strength augmentation Quirk or the likes.

Endeavor was trying to burn a hole on his back with eyes alone as Izuku stepped forward, he popped two pills to his mouth. When not in danger, it was harder to induce Hyper Dying Will mode so he still had to rely on them. “What did you drink just now? Some sort of Quirk enhancing drug?”

“Of course not.” He kept his voice neutral, sinking to the calm of Sky flame. “It’s just medication to lighten the load of activating my Quirk on my body... “

“Hmph… I see, not so perfect.”

He sounded condescending and also elated by the revelation.

“I suggest you to keep a far distance… about fifteen meters or so, this can be quite dangerous… the backlash of my flame is quite bad.”

Tsukauchi and Tanema seemed like they were about to agree but Endeavor refused. “A mere student warning a flame hero such as I of fire? Ridiculous.”

Sky flame was pure lifeforce energy, NOT the flame you use as facial hair. “ It’s not advisable but here I go.” His flame flared and he reached his hand towards the entrapped villain in the cell. “Please stand with your back on the wall, right behind me would be preferable to avoid accident.” He warned them.

Endeavor bristled, “Brat… you-”

“Brace yourself…” A blast of sky flame shot out, the burst of kinetic energy nailed the three men including Endeavor on the wall.

Izuku hummed, the zero point breakthrough began to thaw gradually but nowhere as fast as it would when using all seven flames of the sky.

“Mi-do...riya...kun!” Tsukauchi gritted out. “How long this would take?”

“Five minutes or so.” He said, his voice was barely heard over the the gurgling sound of flame torrent. “I told you to keep your distance… the kinetic energy backlash is quite bad.” Breaking the purity close enough to hard flame was difficult but doable. The shoes he wore was the brainchild of Senku and Hatsume, specifically made to deal with the powerful kinetic force of his flame.

Five minutes later the ice was melted completely and Kurogiri was laid in the middle of the cell, unconscious and defenseless. “Phew…” Izuku phased out of his Hyper Mode. “Thank you for waiting.” He turned back and saw… Tanema and Tsukauchi was in eagle spread pose on the wall with disheveled appearance- while Endeavor- the wind from backlash had snuffed out his facial hair and mantle but the pro hero was stubbornly standing proud without leaning on the wall.

“...Maybe you should wait outside next time.” Izuku pointed out.

Tsukauchi and Tanema slid from the wall in exhausted heap. “Right…” They took off their jacket and pulled their tie loose. “I know you’re very powerful Midoriya-kun but seeing it first hand is something else.” Commented Tsukauchi.

“Next- the Noumu.” Hopefully it wasn’t brain dead from his ice, then again from what he observed of the hybrid- it was just a living flesh without will. Due to the size of the ice was nowhere was massive as one trapping Kurogiri, it was done in half of the time required for the misty villain. It seemed the regeneration Quirk kicked in so the monster didn’t die from his Zero Point Breakthrough.

Endeavor lit up his facial hair, teeth gritted. “Flame shouldn’t have such a powerful blast… and the temperature to melt such ice should make the room hotter than sahara.” The fire wasn’t controlled or concentrated to prevent that, to save time the boy had spread it evenly through the ice surface. By right- Tsukauchi and Tanema could have died with sloppy control of flame Endeavor saw.   

Izuku sighed, of course the temperature of the room didn’t go that high. In the first place, it wasn’t heat that melted the Zero Point Breakthrough. “Like I said, Endeavor-pro… my flame and yours aren’t the same.” He re-adjusted the glasses that slid a little from his nose. “Well then, Kurogiri won’t regain consciousness anytime soon.” Unlike the victim in his memories, Kurogiri had nonexistent resistance to Dying Will Flame.

“For the time being, you can get medic to treat his frostbite.” They already had a team ready on Tanema’s command.

“Should we prepare Quirk suppressant too? Well… he is perhaps too weak for heavy drug we want to use on him but…” Tanema trailed off.

Izuku assured him. “He won’t be able to use his Quirk anytime soon, his Quirk works as warp gate… not self-transportation. He has to turn his body part to mist, with that many frostbite- he will be in terrible pain if not losing his limbs if he tried.” He explained to Tanema and Tsukauchi.

Tsukauchi and Tanema paled at the picture. “That’s terrifying… so that’s why you freeze him.”

The inspector looked ill, “As expected of you Midoriya-kun.”

“Just tell him of his wound if he wake up… Kurogiri is cautious and collected even when his superior was hysterical, he isn’t the reckless type who will try to activate his Quirk recklessly.” He won’t be foolish enough to save himself but waiting to be saved. Izuku approached Tsukauchi and passed a very small object Futaba had prepared. “I am counting on you, Tsukauchi-san.”

Tsukauchi and Tanema saluted, “Leave it to us, Midoriya-kun.”

Izuku was about to make his escape but Endeavor blocked his path. “Come with me, Mastermind. We need to talk.”

“Unfortunately, Sir… my Master is expecting me to go back to dorm soon.” And then he fled the scene, if he spent any longer in Endeavor’s company he would roast the bastard within an inch of his life- Endeavor’s hellfire be damned.

Next Day, Saturday.

As luck would have it- on his meeting for heroes involved in Hero Killer case, Endeavor was one of  the heroes. He was so unfortunate to deal with this guy twice in two days straight. How the hell did this guy got a kid as quiet as Todoroki-kun? Sure, the kid wasn’t sunshine incarnate, but at least he didn’t expect people around him to bend over his whim like Endeavor.

Well- at least Ingenium- a close pro-hero friend of his was here too as representative of Hosu. Then there were other pro heroes representing their city that hadn’t been attacked by Hero Killer yet, all of them dressed in formal clothes except…

Aizawa-sensei. ‘Oi- at least shave your stubble and tie your hair.’ It was very possible he became underground hero just so he could afford not caring about his appearance.The guy did tie his hair during battle now, one with weight so it stay down even if he activate his Quirk.

Izuku himself also dressed in suit- though he forgo the jacket for vest. He wore the dark green version of pinstripe vest and pants he wore in his first life, with ochre colored tie.

“Greetings heroes, thank you for giving us your valuable time today. As you all know, for the last few months we face a threat known as Hero Killer… this particular serial killer so far have-” Tanema was reading out basic fact known of Hero Killer, how many pro heroes had fallen by his blade and so on. “So in light of this threat, we will conduct a joint operation to arrest the culprit. Also known as Hero Killer, Stain.”

Ingenium-pro, Iida’s brother cupped his chin. “Joint operation isn’t a bad idea considering he attacks everywhere.”

“At the time like this, maintaining a solid network of information is the best course of action.” Added Best Jeanist, and one of Izuku’s favorite heroes.

Other heroes voiced their agreement, then came Endeavor who just had to rain the parade. “Hmph… those taken down by Stain bring shame to us pro heroes, joint operation or not… we all should be competent enough to watch our own back. Hero Killer is just one man… for this serial killer to run amok as long as he has, it’s a disgrace to us all.”

Then he turned his attention to Izuku, “And now we go as far as involving Nezu’s prized prodigy… a child who hasn’t even graduate or get his license. Is this how far we have fallen?”

Tanema-san was about to speak up in his defense but Izuku stood up. “I understand there’s dissatisfaction of my involvement in this case, but as intern under my Master… I am expected to do my part regardless. This won’t be the first or last time my qualification is questioned, and I  apologize if I overstep my boundary… but we will get our job done faster if we skip questioning me and move on to the investigation.” He faced Endeavor and looked at the man straight in the eye. “Endeavor-pro, I will listen to your complaint once this case is over whether in failure or success….”

That shut the man up, but he was still sparking fire here and there over his bare face.

“Tanema-san has went over basic information of Stain, but here is what I have investigate of him… Hero Killer Stain.” Izuku put up his sketch on the overhead projector, and the bigger version of it was projected on the screen. “He is mainly operating in alley- far away from public CCTV and travelling over the rooftop. This is the rough picture we can get from questioning his victims and CCTV…”

The man had unusually long and triangular face- flat nose and eyes masked by long tattered cloth. His mouth was wide and his tongue stuck out maliciously.

“He carries at least three pair of throwing knives and wield a katana with chipped blade.” Izuku read out. “It’s not so easy to aquire legit katana nowadays, but we hope we can track down where he gets it… considering one of the victim, Graveldos had a strengthening Quirk that turn his body as hard as steel.” A Quirk that work with drawing the hardest material on the ground he was standing upon and wear it like armor. “No replica would survive such match… considering the poor condition of the blade.”

Best Jeanist hummed, “I see… so this is Mastermind.”

As flattering as it was to be acknowledged by Best Jeanist, he wished he got the chance to tell pro heroes society that his hero name wasn’t Mastermind.

“The throwing knife he use is ordinary but it’s imported from German so we can narrow down weapon shop that supplied the brand.” Izuku continued on. “Moving on… considering his erratic movement, statistically we can assume that Stain will always stick to one hunting ground until at least four to seven victims fell before moving on to the next.”

He wasn’t surprised the pro heroes weren’t impressed by the last bit considering they could figure out that one by themselves from newspaper. He had to say it all for the sake of being through.

“That’s the basic of his operation, and from this pattern I analyze the limitation of his Quirk.”

That got their attention, after all- nobody knew for sure what Stain’s Quirk was that enable him to kill so many pro heroes almost effortlessly.

“First of all… all surviving victim claim they can’t move after Stain’s Quirk took effect, a paralyzing Quirk…” Which was obvious. “However- we can scratch the possibility it’s activated via eye contact since they always ambushed first before falling victim to his Quirk…”

“His weapon could be poisoned…” Said one hero on the back.

“We thought of that possibility and examined the victim for paralyzing poison, but we find none.” Izuku refuted quickly. “Another notable pattern is that… he never take on more than one hero at a time, which bring up two possibilities…”

Best Jeanist cupped his chin, “That his Quirk can only work on one target at a time or?”

“From how he operates, Stain is quite a pragmatic killer… good if it’s just the number of target that limit him. However… it could be just his paranoia to give himself as much as advantage as possible. His habit to attack heroes away from prying eyes in place that rarely frequented suggest this…”  

“Hmph!” Scowled Endeavor, “So Stain is just a coward.”

Don’t make assumption on his personality just because the guy fight smartly. Anyone with half a brain would want to avoid being outnumbered. Also, it was more precise to classify Stain as an assassin.

“It’s quite common to make weapon or costume from one’s body part… but from rare occasion Stain couldn’t recover his knife…” Izuku trailed off, “We found no DNA of him on the knife.” The fingerprint wasn’t on the system either. “So Stain didn’t activating his Quirk from cutting them… it’s what he did afterward that become the trigger of his Quirk.” Izuku pointed at his tongue. “I suspect his Quirk use his tongue to be triggered. As you can see, the prominent feature of his mutation is his mouth and tongue. Suggesting… he ingest something of his victim to paralyze them.”

Best Jeanist looked disgusted, “Blood… isn’t it?”

Ingenium had eureka look on his face, “That explain why he bother using so many knives and a katana! Because he need weapon that would make his victim bleed…”

“And that’s why… even one small wound become fatal.” Gritted out another pro hero. “What a dangerous murderer.” Izuku recalled this pro hero was Snatch.

Tsukauchi interrupted, “And from autopsy and examination… there’s indeed several small wound from bladed weapon and one fatal or crippling wound… it’s quite an obvious pattern.”

Endeavor slammed his fist on the table, “Then I shall take this case on, with my flame… I will melt his knives before it could get anywhere near me and arrest this Stain.”

Izuku would rather recommend heroes with hardening Quirk and other variation that made them infallible to flesh wound actually. Also, as high temperature as Endeavor’s flame could be… Izuku had seen what those knives of that particular brand were made of, melting the thrown knife in instance would be wasting energy. While Endeavor had a good chance to survive the fight…

“No, Endeavor-pro… I can’t recommend you to take Stain on.”

“No?!” Endeavor snarled,  why the heck did this guy acted like a brat denied of his candy? “I recommend your wits for figuring out Stain’s Quirk, but if you think you have credibility to decide operation of this scale… you are over your head, kid.”

Hm- this was eerily familiar, this argument.

“Of course Endeavor-pro, I am just saying…” There was a huge possibility that the guy market you as his biggest target - you had terrible public approval rating for a reason- but didn’t do so because he wasn’t strong enough and Endeavor had many sidekicks. Also- Endeavor wasn’t the type who skulk around in alley like other heroes Stain targeted. “With how you operate, Stain will just avoid you… he is an idealist but not an impulsive idiot.”

Best Jeanist hummed before saying. “Mastermind has a point Endeavor… I suppose other high ranked hero is also out?”

Izuku nodded, “Stain is a very experienced killer, he can judge his own ability and his enemy well. This is a man on mission, he won’t confront an opponent he can’t defeat and risk ending his ideal prematurely.”

Tsukauchi turned to Izuku, “Which mean hunting Stain down when he didn’t make the move first would be difficult?”

Izuku nodded, “For a nomad killer he is very familiar with the alleyway of each city he visited… So, each break of his crime is most likely spent on familiarizing himself with patrol route in civilian disguise, the field and so on.” He was a bonafide paranoid killer.

Aizawa-sensei had been quiet for a long while and spoke up at last. “He just finished his forth victim in Sumida so he’d either kill some more or move out.”

Thank you for not calling him ‘problem child’ in front of everyone, he didn’t need that moniker to leak here.

“We can predict that from the crime rate…”


Here comes the unpleasant part to tell the pro heroes, it would hurt their pride but… “There’s no set indication of how Staind decide he had enough in one area, but most likely it depends on crime rate… all cities he graced with his presence have a sharp dip in crime rate.”

For obvious reason.

Endeavor looked like he wanted to burn the whole room. “What did you say kid?!”

“There’s a reason why he has public support, it’s unpleasant… but he did influence our society in the most twisted way.” He made hero took their job more seriously.

“Hence, why this case should be treated more delicately…”

“Delicately?” Echoed Endeavor as if Izuku just spit on his face.

“Yes…” Izuku went on, “We have to be more vigilant… I suggest to send notice to every cities untouched by Stain for pro heroes to always patrol in group, avoiding dark alleyway at night and-”

Endeavor was glaring openly at him now, “Mastermind… for someone with flame Quirk like mine, I am ashamed to hear such cowardly thing from your mouth! Have UA’s standard fall so far? What did All Might do as teacher in UA if apparently one of the best students is someone like you?”

Aizawa-sensei, bless him… came to Izuku’s defense. “That’s called being cautious… Midoriya is right that with Stain swaying public opinion to his side, we can’t just recklessly arrest him.”

The number 4 pro hero, Best Jeanist put his own two cents. “You might not care Endeavor… but with public in his side, we will have trouble gathering correct information… we could be misled by his supporters.”

Yes-yes… please see some sense, not caring about public opinion like Bakugou would alienate people who could help you and-eh?

“If it’s about public’s opinion, why don’t you ask Mr. Number One Hero? We’re here to arrest a notorious villain not winning a popularity contest.”  

He almost sounded like Ba-



No wonder interacting with Endeavor felt so familiar-

He-he… He was like a grown up version of KATCHAAAAN!!! That tunnel vision to go after villain who catch his eyes… that disregard for people he look down upon, and his notoriety for material damage! Didn’t Bakugou just say something similar yesterday? If you’re on the top what people think of you didn’t matter? Was that mean… if Bakugou continued to be him then- he would grow up to be Endeavor?! Bakugou even had his immense desire to beat All Might by now. No-nono...nono…

“Uhm… Mastermind…”

“Midoriya, are you sick?”

“Midoriya! Izuku!” That was Ingenium, “You’re so pale!”

Izuku blinked and face to face to a room full of confused pros, the reason? He was staring at Endeavor with horrified expression, complete with bulging eyes and gaping jaw.

“Is there something…” Endeavor hissed heatedly that he breathed out literal fire. “On my face?”

Izuku began to sweat, “Your flame?” Izuku pointed out the obvious, and given even more incredulous stare. Shit- while he cared not for reputation, he didn’t need pro heroes to doubt his credibility. “Careful, Sir… we don’t want to turn on smoke detector and the sprinkler.” The flame on Endeavor’s face burn fiercer for that comment.  

As if on cue… the exact thing Izuku warned them about happened, the fire detector and sprinkler was activated by Endeavor’s flame. Izuku wisely not tell the flame hero, ‘I told you’ because the guy looked like he was about to die from sheer anger for Izuku as the water snuffed out his facial hair. Everyone in the room was soaked by the water, most people didn’t mind but Best Jeanist looked like he wanted to murder Endeavor for ruining his clothes.

Izuku didn’t meant to encourage that ridiculous taboo on not listening to him and get jinxed.

“Meeting adjourned.” Nobody argue on that.

On the flip side of things- nobody argue on sending notice of no solo patrol especially around Stain’s favorite haunting at night. Endeavor, the sole hero who disagree with it was too busy drying himself in toilet. It wasn’t a simple task to dry wet civilian clothes quickly without burning them.


“Problem Child… what’s with your face back there? You have more professionalism than this in class.”

Izuku didn’t need Aizawa to question him on that topic because he remember again. “Endeavor reminds me of Bakugou… it feels like arguing with grown up Bakugou, the horror!”

Aizawa became very silent. “...I see… don’t repeat this again.” A pause, “And- remind me to send Bakugou to anger management class and I will crack down more on his more problematic behavior… Endeavor is a hero with good prestige but there’s a reason why people don’t like him very much.” And it wasn’t because he was an asshole.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“You’re not off of the hook though.”


“You see- according to Principal… All Might has something coming on the day of 1-A’s class with him.”

“...You’re kidding right, Sir?”

“That would be the first task once you get back to school. Also, good luck on your first in field investigation that would last longer than a day. Sleeping in hotel isn’t a good experience when you’re busy.”

Izuku groaned, “Don’t tell me, Sir.”

He decided by the next day he dislike Stain- improving public security through murder or not- the guy was slimier than sludge villain to track down. And Endeavor- now Izuku understood why the guy never work on sensitive cases and only poked his nose in Hero Killer case because Stain’s existence was offensive to him.

Izuku had to call Endeavor’s agency repeatedly to tell the guy to not move and chase Stain to hiding more than the hero killer already did. He was so going to kick the guy out of this case if only he was sure Endeavor wouldn’t send all his sidekicks on the move without informing him and police force first. He also didn’t put it pass Endeavor to break ‘no solo patrol’ rule and use his sidekicks as bait.

“Sensei… the hotel’s unfamiliar bed isn’t the worst, it’s Endeavor-”

“Well Midoriya… there’s your problem child, maybe now you will understand my feeling.”

“I take offense to that, Sir.”

It was amazing how Endeavor’s lack of cooperation was giving him more trouble than Stain leading them on a goose chase.

And then another call came in.

“We’re so sorry, Kurogiri escaped… even though we dispatch five other decoy vehicles to throw his organization off like you instructed.”

The world was screwing him again, same old-same old~
It wasn’t like he expected nothing would go wrong with his plan, but it would be nice if something go right this week.

Todoroki Residence

Shouto had a very peaceful days since second class of Foundational Hero Study. Simply because Endeavor got so busy over Hero Killer case to  the point he didn’t get to come home and had been camping in his office for days. So Shouto had the liberty of training by himself without the asshole screaming at him to use his left side. In school- well, Midoriya was also missing because of his job. It didn’t take long for Shouto to put the clue together that Midoriya was in charge of the same case as his father. It must be karma for Midoriya to deal with his father for the whole week after what happened during their exercise.

‘How  petty to think that way.’

Shouto knew Midoriya was just doing his best as usual, that he didn’t mean to cause Shouto using his flame for the first time in ten years in battle. Yet, he couldn’t help but feel betrayed when All Might revealed the villain attack was fake and Midoriya wasn’t even injured. Still not Midoriya’s fault by the end of the day, he seemed to be the type who follow ‘PLUS ULTRA’ motto of their school to the letter. Shouto was feeling guilty now that Midoriya had to endure his father.

“So this Midoriya-kun is why Father isn’t home for the whole week?” Fuyumi asked, “Well, his secretary did say Father’s line is ringing nonstop all day… and he- burned the third desk for this week alone and a bunch of stationary too.” Endeavor’s secretary was a school friend of Fuyumi and also a spy who gave Fuyumi a heads up if their father was in bad mood so they could scram from home during those days if possible.  

Shouto chewed the soba on his mouth before speaking. “He is an intern with Principal Nezu, he… is very good in what he is doing.”

Fuyumi smiled at him. “How rare… for someone your age to receive compliment from Shouto, he must be an amazing hero in training.”

“...He is also good at annoying our old man for some reason.”


“Midoriya is a natural in pushing Endeavor’s button.” He was quite mystified by this skill of Midoriya at first, and then Bakugou came along and Shouto knew why now. “Him being in charge of this case must have drive Old Man mad.”

Fuyumi smiled at that, “Hm… so is he your friend? His skill in annoying our father aside, you sounds… " Fuyumi trailed off as if unusre what word to use before deciding on one. "Fond of him.”

“...Friend?” In the loosest description of friend, it wasn’t wrong Midoriya was the closest to a friend Shouto had in class but- "Fond...."

He was in UA to be a strong hero that could surpass Endeavor, not looking for friends. Even if… someone like Midoriya offered it to him.

‘I don’t deserve it… and I don’t want it.’

Sumida City

Izuku was ready to throw the towel if life wasn’t on the line in this investigation. Apparently Stain was really a paranoid bastard as the rough profile Izuku build nf him predicted. He wished he was wrong on that part. When no one was attacked for almost the whole week, it became apparent that Stain didn’t simply grab whichever hero wandering to his alley.

“Stain most likely stalk several heroes that catch his eyes and memorize their patrol pattern… he isn’t an opportunistic killer.” Izuku concluded.

Best Jeanist narrowed his lone visible eye in distaste. “You’d think he is like a hyena, which mean…”

Endeavor chose that moment to interupt Best Jeanist with slamming his fist on the table, “We should have set a trap! Baiting this criminal to our grasp!”

“Endeavor-pro, we’re talking about a villain who had crippled and killed over thirty pro heroes and-”

“And?!” Endeavor hissed at him and Izuku could almost hear the unspoken ‘so what’ as if the flame hero didn’t care of the casualties. “Being a hero is like playing with fire, you should be prepare to get burned.”

While it pained Izuku to admit Endeavor was right, he would rather not using his comrades as bait. “Very well, Sir… at this point Stain must have realized we’re on high alert, using bait on him would be difficult as he would suspect something.”

“This won’t happen if you just let me handle this, Mastermind.”

Fatgum, the hero who took Amajiki-senpai as his protege frowned. “Endeavor… your plan is sending your sidekicks by themselves to Stain’s favorite battleground, as pointed out by Midoriya-kun… Stain is a swift killer! We would be sending sidekicks to their death!”

Not to mention since Stain was very cautious, most likely they couldn’t be too close to anyone who play bait for this strategy to work. This was a plan that would likely end with someone killed.

“Endeavor-pro.” Izuku called him. “My apologize is you perceive this as a mistake, but as I have mentioned… Stain isn’t a killer who will just go after any hero he can get. He choose his target, and even if we know who he wants to kill?”

As heroes, would they send a comrade out to their death? It was one thing to send heroes to dangerous mission, but sending fellow hero with knowing someone was out to kill them swiftly? With backup so far away?

“Endeavor do have a point though.” Fatgum pointed at himself. “I have a body fit to face Stain, why don’t I go?”

Izuku shook his head, “Stain more often than not go after heroes that not very popular with the mass.” Like Endeavor… Though Izuku also see Stain going after whoever trying to catch him too, which made up the majority of crippled hero victim of his. “If we want to go through with this sugar and ants scheme, do we mind threading to slightly grey area?”   

As one, majority of heroes present stiffened in their seat.

Aizawa-sensei as underground hero predictably did not, “How grey we’re talking about?”

“Spreading some fake information and smear champaign.”

Endeavor huffed, “Someone of my standing wouldn’t care, if it gets that slimy killer out of his hole.”

...Didn’t Izuku tell him repeatedly that Stain won’t take someone of his rank head on stupidly? Also- he was pretty sure Endeavor was already in Stain’s shit list. Of course, even though most heroes here who had the pleasure interacting with Endeavor had the same idea, nobody wanted to tell the flame hero.

Oh well- since Endeavor had took the pain of patrolling the city Stain graced with his presence in spite of being told not to… Izuku took the profiles of sidekicks Endeavor took along with him and settled with one that notoriously loyal to Endeavor. He wasn’t a bad hero perse- but the young hero by the name ‘Endrance’ with Quirk of ‘Thermal Enchantment, Quirk that enable him to make his weapon really hot or cold.’ really worship Endeavor for some reason.

Surprisingly Endeavor was a tad reluctant and loudly told them Endrance was one of few worthy to keep around sidekicks of his, so they’d better catch Stain or else if Endrance couldn’t get out of this case in one piece.

...And Izuku was hoping the man would value his staff a bit more- this painted a very incriminating picture of how this man treat his son. The handsome young man with teal hair didn’t even mind the arrangement, Endrance was obviously very devoted to Endeavor.

Apparently as expected- nobody said it but everyone on board knows - Stain does have long standing desire to spite Endeavor for being such an Anti-All Might. So by third day of Endrance new patrol route, Stain made his move. Apparently even Stain himself didn’t suspect that Endeavor would be heartless enough to send a precious sidekick to the gallows.

Endrance was an experienced sidekick, he could be an independent hero if he didn’t like working under Endeavor so much. So Stain didn’t expect the sidekick to put up a fight like seasoned hero do and blocked his blade.

Izuku’s reason to choose Endrance among Endeavor’s devoted sidekick wasn’t just his notoriety as overly loyal, but also his skillset. Endrance was a fencer, so he should be skilled enough to trade blows blade with Stain without getting cut. The other was his choice of costume as a hero. Endrance’s costume was a full thin armor in purple colour that wrapped majority of his androgynous body so it took awhile for Stain to draw blood.

The killer licked the blood quickly, knowing that backup was already called by Endrance so he had to finish the sidekick quickly at the first opportunity. Endrance fell on his knees and unable to move, Stain approached slowly- a habit to make sure his Quirk took hold of his victim. He was close enough to swing his blade for fatal blow when Endrance retaliated and give the killer a cut across his torso.

“Gah! How did you… you shouldn’t be able to move!”

Endrance smirked cockily at Stain, showing his arm where Stain’s katana grazed through his armor. “I am so thin, you didn’t notice the blood bag I keep underneath…”

Heroes had arrived, surrounding the alley. “Give up Stain! You’re under arrest!”

Endeavor was the first to step out, “Heh… trapped like a rat you are, Hero Killer…”

“Endeavor!” Hissed Stain at the flame hero with hate.

Izuku who was hiding on the rooftop nearby where he could get a good view of the scene turned to Aizawa-sensei who was his chaperone of the day. “Well- it’s confirmed… Stain really hates Endeavor.” He said as he lowered his night vision binocular.

“Problem Child... don’t we all know this?” He snorted. “Still… you’re as meticulous as ever, you even get us heroes to stay in surrounding building doing nothing for two days just so Stain won’t suspect anything…” His teacher was super happy with the arrangement, as he got a lot of snoozing time.

Izuku sighed, “I am sick of letting Stain run amok.” He was also super sick of having pissy Endeavor on his team.

Stain however- the guy didn’t give up so easily. Apparently Endeavor’s presence wasn’t a good idea. He knew this, but Endeavor wouldn’t listen to ‘stay back’ order given by Izuku. “I’d rather die than be captured by scum pretending to be a hero like you!” Said insult was pointedly directed at Endeavor. “For a trash like you to be just below a true hero like All Might… this is why the society have to be purged clean of filth!”

It was no secret that Stain was a fan of All Might, but for him to outright insult Endeavor with comparing the man with the Symbol of Peace?

Shit hit the fan as Bakugou would say it was an understatement. “Endeavor-pro! Calm down!”

Endeavor wasn’t listening anymore, both Stain and him were blinded with rage for each other.

Aizawa-sensei wisely gave him permission for combat, because the alley was on fire and he couldn’t get a good look on either Endeavor or Stain to get his Erasure working. Endeavor however didn’t get the hint - he should stop fighting- when he saw Izuku down there in Hyper Mode, instead- the man aim at Stain who was running at Izuku’s direction. Behind Izuku was several sidekicks from Ingenium’s office and Fatgum- along with Amajiki-senpai.

“Mastermind! Do your job!”

What job?! Izuku was the strategist of this mission and not a sidekick! Izuku however- was always quick on uptake so he knew what Endeavor was up to in instance. The flaming shit expected Izuku to protect their comrades with his ice and simultaneously blocking Stain’s escape route.

Izuku’s Hyper Intuition went to overdrive, and he manage to erect a wall of diamond like ice just in time so no one was burned to crisp. The wall however- was just as tall as two storey house, and Stain climbed on top of it. The killer quickly regretted it when his exposed skin that touched the ice was bitten by the unnatural cold.


However- Stain’s pain endurance was crazily high, not even an ice Quirk user like Todoroki dared to touch Zero Point Breakthrough, but the man tough it out and jumped to nearby rooftop to escape.

The man did leave a severed pinky from frostbite and- loads of blood. Well- they got something at least. DNA samples!

“You should build a higher wall of ice!” Endeavor however saw it fit as the time to criticize Izuku. “Shouto could have done it.”

Izuku wasn’t mad the man deemed Todoroki was superior ice user than him, in fact- he could be careless. “Excuse me…” Izuku gritted out, “This ice isn’t meant for quick barrier! Also- any ice could have melted to puddle if  you throw flame in that high of temperature at us… My priority is to protect our comrades not trapping Stain.”

If Izuku had to trap Stain in the same time, he wouldn’t have enough to save the others from Endeavor’s flame.

“If they’re competent, they could dodge it themselves.”

Best Jeanist narrowed his eyes, “Endeavor, you should be grateful Mastermind prevented you from killing your own comrades! Expecting them to dodge your flame… if they couldn’t, harmed or worse? Dead? You will blame them for not dodging fast enough?”

“They’re pro heroes…”

Izuku had enough, his amber eyes narrowed at Endeavor. “Be silent.” He laced his sky flame to his voice, compelling everyone in hearing range to follow. It wasn’t brainwashing, but the harmony property would make his order sound like the only voice in the air- giving it a presence they were bound to listen.

“Tonight is a failure…” Izuku concluded coldly. “We could have arrested Stain tonight if we follow our plan, and you burning the whole alley isn’t part of it… Endeavor-pro. I have advised against it… because you’re hindering both Best Jeanist and Eraserhead from subduing Stain.”

“You’re blaming me for your failure?!”

“No.” Izuku looked at him in the eye, “I am telling you yours.”

Izuku was very tempted to freeze Endeavor, really- but his professionalism won out. It was fortunate that he had to return to UA for last school day before Sport Festival.

“I don’t want to work with that bastard in any case from now on! He is a hazard, and not just flame hazard!” Izuku called his Master that night and shouted to the phone.

Nezu sounded sympathetic, “You know better than anyone that you can’t choose, but I suppose for this case you can suggest withdrawing Endeavor out of the team because he is proven to be uncooperative and personally compromised by the target of operation.”

Izuku swallowed a string of curse in Italian, “Yes, Sir… I will file that up as soon as Sport Festival is over.”

On the way back to UA

Because of his status and what happened in USJ, Izuku was permanently banned from public transportation. So he was sent back to UA by Tsukauchi’s car. Amajiki-senpai was with him as the third year also had to prepare for Sport Festival himself.

Amajiki-senpai was shaking a little, his hunched form nursing the styrofoam cup of tea made him looked frail. “We almost got killed by fellow heroes.” It wasn’t like the ‘Manifest’ Quirk user was a coward, but he was rightfully shaken by the danger of nearly roasted by someone they should trust.

Izuku nodded sympathetically, a cup of strong espresso in his hand was almost forgotten. “I can’t believe it myself… Endeavor is notorious for his overzealous approach in chasing villains, but this is just insane.”

“I have heard the rumors too.”

Tsukauchi sighed, “To be fair boys, nobody in my division likes getting assigned to whatever case that have Endeavor in it either. One time… the guy almost blew up our HQ along with this random suicide bomber, who for some reason was very upset with us.”

Flame + bomb?

“Obviously since he still has his license he didn’t blow up this bomber.”

“Yeah, thanks to your teachers… Eraserhead and Midnight.”

“Still… Endeavor usually isn’t that reckless to go after a bomber.” He did stay out of that burning store before.

Tsukauchi sighed, “The bomber said something about not caring about blowing us sky high even if All Might himself come to arrest him… Endeavor even go as far as saying something along the line ‘remember, the one arresting you is me not All Might’ to the poor sod.”

Amajiki-senpai whimpered, “Taboo…”

For Trinisette’s sake, the guy wasn’t even comparing Endeavor with All Might or anything.

“And Midoriya-kun, I know you’re very upset but keep your heads down… after all, you did get reported by a high ranking hero to Hero Association.” Endeavor apparently submitted a complaint on him, which was ignored by Hero Association because every other pro on the scene supported Izuku’s case.

And the kicker? Almost all hero involved, including Best Jeanist complained back about Endeavor’s decision to aim that massive attack when Hero Killer was running to their direction, and that should be enough to put Endeavor to long term suspension and investigated for misconduct. Endeavor got away with fine and short term suspension on the ground the Flame Hero argued that- if they let a first year student intern like Izuku onto the case as their main strategist and even go as far as giving his permission to fight on emergency- Endeavor had right to believe that Izuku should be capable to protect fellow heroes with his ice.

Well- now he knew Endeavor wasn’t all brawn under that flaming facial hair of his. He didn’t get to that rank 2 spot just with his skill in combat. Still… being used like that really sting…

Izuku in his fuming didn’t even notice Amajiki Tamaki curled up in the corner, as far as he could from Izuku. “Scaaaary…”

Tsukauchi himself was almost frozen with dread, ‘He is not just angry, he is mad…’ Well, it was a good thing Endeavor was such an insufferable hero, if not Tsukauchi would pity the guy for making Mastermind his enemy.

League of Villain Bar

“Man… Kurogiri, you looks like a mummyman.”

Kurogiri wondered if his Master hates him, precious protege or not- being the babysitter of Shigaraki Tomura was a thankless job. He also had a suspicion that he was saved simply because his Master couldn’t find anyone willing to put up with the overgrown brat.

“I am in this state protecting you from Snipe and Mastermind.” He pointed out, wincing with every little movement he made. Frostbite in every inch of his solid body, which also prevented him from transforming to his mist body because it would open up the wound. Mastermind really knew what he was doing when freezing Kurogiri in that damned ice prison.

Shigaraki Tomura shrugged, “Sure… Snipe is aiming to hurt me like trashy hero he is, but Mastermind?” He snorted, “I don’t know what his deal but the guy is thinking of helping me like… well- a hero- not a trashy one, weird… but fascinating. I don’t hate the guy at least.”

“I despise him.” At least for now, as long as Kurogiri felt every tiny prick pain from that ice. He would be back to composed and professional Bartender Kurogiri once the pain was over. Unlike normal wound, frostbite was tricky to heal.

Shigaraki rolled his eyes beneath the ‘father’ hand, “You’re alive, if we leave it up to other hero you would be particles by Thirteen’s black hole.”

And being in pain all over his body was a better option? Perhaps- he was still alive and whole at least, but it would be a long time until Kurogiri was comfortable touching… any ice. “Shigaraki Tomura, we need… allies. I told you before, we can’t rely on petty criminals like ones we brought with us to USJ.”

They were defeated by kids, talented kids but if League of Villain will have long standing conflict with UA they couldn’t fight the whole school with thugs.

Shigaraki Tomura for once didn’t protest and nodded, “Hm… Mastermind would be nice to recruit.” Please be more realistic, Kurogiri didn’t think that brat would deign to be a villain. Heck- he was thinking to save Shigaraki, the chance of that kid to turn evil? Zero, nil, nadda-

“But Akasha would be perfect.”

Kurogiri sighed, “Are you sure Akasha is a real person? You know of this figure from internet, you can never tell if someone truly exist…” Kurogiri had read those essays saved by Shigaraki, and he was impressed by the wisdom. It sounded like the writer came from a different world. “But why him? And please, be objective.”

The man-child huffed, scratching his neck idly. “Well… it’s because Akasha have a large following… he has ways with people, I don’t know! If Mastermind isn’t a hero in training I would think he is what Akasha would sound offline… it’s like he is a game master who have seen a better world! Somewhere we all want to see, opening our eyes like… he install a new update in our head with his words!”

Well- the parable with game and update aside, Kurogiri got the point. Shigaraki didn’t want Akasha simply because he admire this figure. This was someone who had influence over people, swaying them to see the same ideal and embrace it as theirs.

“Well, I suppose we can’t get Akasha you admire so much Shigaraki Tomura… but I think we have someone that fit your requirement and easier to get.”


“The Hero Killer, Stain.”

Chapter Text

Todoroki Residence

The peaceful days of their house marked its end with the homecoming of the master, Shouto was a light sleeper and he did heard the front door slammed open at unholy hour of 4 AM. Which was a  good timing in his book, not even his father would wake up Shouto to serve as punching bag. The Masterpiece had a reputation to uphold after all, and showing up in school as sleep deprived zombie would hurt Endeavor’s reputation.

His sister in the other hand saw it fit to visit his room not long after, apparently her friend send her an urgent email after she fell asleep. All Todoroki children were light sleeper, courtesy of their dear father. “He is reprimanded for his behavior in their latest operation.” Fuyumi whispered, keeping her voice as low as possible.

Shouto raised an eyebrow at that, which made quite a ridiculous mix with his half-opened eyes. “And?”

“He filed a complaint about someone to HA, and get a complaint back for it.”

Strange, usually with his rank 2 reputation not many hero could fight back if Endeavor smear their name. Also no matter how arrogant their father usually had enough sense to not pick a fight with his fellow top ranked heroes that could threaten his standing. ‘Hence, why the bastard make me pick up his one sided rivalry with All Might.’  

“Multiple ones… from hero with reputation like Best Jeanist, Ingenium and Fatgum.” Added Fuyumi. “Father pick the wrong guy to mess with according to Sayuri.” Her tone was one of wonder, that someone put their father in his place.

Funny that Shouto knew right away who was it, after all the same person had the knack of making people siding with him in school. “It’s Midoriya…”

Fuyumi gasped, “What did he do?”

“Actually the question should be what our Old Man did.” Shouto corrected, rubbing his eyes. “Midoriya is never one to throw the first punch.” Unless it was a horde of villain invading their school. “There’s no complaint from Principal Nezu’s office?”

Fuyumi shook her head.

“There we go, Midoriya didn’t even file a complaint against Endeavor.” Shouto narrowed his eyes, “But for so many heroes to speak up against him, it seems our Old Man did something really grave to warrant it.”

And really- if Bakugou was any indication, Midoriya shared something with All Might that made people like him and Endeavor lose their head. So he shouldn’t be surprised Endeavor wasn’t so different.


UA, Hero Dept Wing

He receive the news of what his father did in form or a very angry teenage girl, apparently Sakura was using UA’s security camera to spy on him. Hence- why he caught Shouto coming to class at seven, an hour before class started. In which Shouto opted to come earlier to school to avoid his father.

“Your bastard of a Dad dare to insult Izu! Even though he is the one who throw fire at everyone!”

Shouto blinked at her, absentmindedly petting Natsu who pick up a habit of using his left thigh as a bed. The cub had started doing this since his Master’s absence, most likely looking for people with closest body temperature to Midoriya, namely Shouto. He didn’t really mind, he owed Midoriya enough that lending the guy a napping spot. Natsu was glaring unhappily at Sakura for interrupting his nap.

“So that’s what happened?”

“Yeah!” Sakura huffed, stomping with her thick soled boot unhappily. “He wrecks Izu’s plan! Your teacher and Best Jeanist suppose to catch their target and the Walking Roast Pit just have to burn the alley!”

‘I got to make note of that insult, walking roast pit.’ Okay, that was just the dumbest mistake- if Endeavor planned to follow Midoriya’s strategy at all. With everything on fire, it would be too bright and hot for Aizawa-sensei to stare at their target. Best Jeanist’s cloth was flame resistant to certain extent for sure but the hero himself was not. Endeavor had single handedly hindering both heroes to take the center stage for himself.

“Then of course Izu had to come down himself, but your stupid Dad.” Sakura was so absorbed by her rant, she didn’t notice Shouto was nodding along with whatever she said. “Thinks… it’s time to go all out with fire because Izu got ice, and throw his flame at the Villain when Izu and other’s hero were just standing behind the guy!”

So that was why Best Jeanist and other reputable heroes filed a complaint to HA on Endeavor.

“And then he has the gall to get angry at Izu because the ice wall isn’t tall enough to block the villain from escaping! Excuse me- you almost roasted your comrades if not for Izu and-” Sakura took a deep breath. “Shouto could have done it! Fuck your Dad! Your ice would have melted to puddle in that situation!”

So true, in split second it was hard to erect ice thick enough to survive Endeavor’s highest temperature flame. “You’re right, my father is a bastard.”

“Right and-” Sakura stopped and looked at him in shock. “You’re okay with me roasting your father?”

Roasting? Was it even possible to roast flame Quirk user? Or was that some pop culture reference Shouto never had the chance to learn? “I wouldn’t care of my biological father, if you can roast him… I would be happy to watch.”

Then Sakura moved, reaching out to tap his left shoulder as she was standing on his left. Most likely she was about to give him a friendly pat, not hurting him but-
Shouto flinched back at sudden movement that was too close to his left side that had been- by his mother and- father…

Sakura was as quick to withdraw her hand to herself, her eyes went even wider. “Oh…” That wasn’t offended look girls had whenever he refused to be touched by them, but understanding look and- “You too?”

He was saved from forming an answer by Ishigami, barrelling to their still empty class. “Oi! Futaba, for whatever his Dad did doesn’t mean you can blow your top at Todoroki! You won’t like it either if someone insult your Mom!”

The girl beamed, “It’s fine! Todoroki’s Dad is apparently like my uncle! And- your relatives!”

That made Ishigami froze on his track, “Uuuh… Futaba, it’s not okay to tell people of our issues.”

Shouto agreed wholeheartedly but Sakura was a force of nature. “You smells fine… so at least he let you take a bath and sleep on bed?”


“Oh, the hitting kind…” She deflated, “Because you’re a boy… well- even though you’re pretty like girl.” She hummed to herself, “At least you’re fed well, there’s always an upside of shitty homelife I suppose.”

“Futaba, shut up already!!!” Ishigami pulled Sakura away much to Shouto’s relief. “Erm- sorry about her! You know- this kind of stuff mess up with social skill and all…” Ishigami looked very flustered as he covered Sakura’s mouth, “And sorry, but this girl and I aren’t the best in sharing life story and stuff…”

Shouto nodded, wondering if Ishigami realized he said sorry twice. “Forget we ever share anything.”

“Agreed.” Ishigami nodded furiously, and dragged Sakura out of 1-A. Just in time for Iida and Yaoyorozu to enter the class and didn’t catch their one sided conversation.

“What just happened? Did you talk to Sakura and Ishigami just now?” Asked Iida.

Yaoyorozu stared at the door, “It’s the first time I see Ishigami-sensei looks so… flustered. What did Sakura-san did?”

“No.” Which was his answer to Iida’s question. “I don’t want to talk about it.”  

Shouto would deny ever having an exchange of unwanted past as abused children. He also kept the horror of Midoriya’s over-familiarity with kids like him to himself. And Sakura.... Shit- murdered mother was bad enough. Shouto’s at least was alive in mental ward. Then there’s Sakura’s little question about bath and bed, which implied a terrifying living situation Shouto couldn’t dream of. Then there’s Ishigami- Shouto had no idea what’s his case was.

He knew the world wasn’t a nice place as someone like Endeavor was the number 2 pro hero, and better person and heroes were deemed below him. No wonder All Might was the symbol of peace and hope.  


UA, Cafeteria

“Midoriya will come back today?”

Shiro was biting his straw idly when Iida asked him, “Yeap.” He let the ‘p’ popped, rolling from his tongue. “It’s not ‘case closed’ by the way so I think after Sport Festival he will keep missing class.”

Iida looked like he really want to protest the idea of a student, even if it was Izu to miss so many classes. “If you’re worried so much, before our mid term test you can come with me to their dorm and see if Izu have difficulty catching up.” Frankly- aside from foundational study on Heroic all department receive the same lesson, Senkuu could tutor them all no problem.

“I suppose we can have a group study to ensure nobody is left behind!” Iida vowed.

“Second that!” Ochako sounded a bit too hyped up over study group, most likely she wasn’t very studious.

“Ojiro-kun, you looks listless.” Iida pointed out.

Shiro gave Iida a weak grin, “Well, this is the first time Izuku left an investigation unfinished, I am just worried he would be upset.”

Ochako huffed, “We will cheer him up!”

“Patience is a virtue hero can’t go without in their mission!” Said Iida firmly, “Midoriya-kun still have his chance to complete his mission successfully!”

Bakugou who was sitting several table away scoffed, apparently Iida was too loud. “Hmph, so Deku fail… glad to know he didn’t forget how to fail.”

The bastard had been irritable all week, excitement over Sport Festival was quickly washed away when Bakugou found out that Izu was out for real hero mission instead of training for a festival. The guy shifted from neutral to rage mode because he felt inadequate, and how Izu was so far ahead of him and the rest of their class.

Personally, Shiro thought Bakugou should worry about controlling explosive temper and cleaning up that terrible mindset of his first before thinking about interning. “So you’re happy a case goes unsolved and probably someone died in a ditch… why the hell do you want to be a hero if you are elated about the victim who suffer?”

And there goes Bakugou’s scrunched up expression whenever anyone question his cause to become a hero, it never fail to twist the sneer on his face to something less proud and more fitting. Good! The guy should be more aware that sneering at fellow hero’s failure was unacceptable.  This wasn’t some goddamned rivalry over who reach finish line first or who could beat up more villains.

“You’re a talented fighter Bakugou, but a hero?” Shiro snorted, “You have a lot to learn if you want to reach Izu’s feet.”

“Ojiro-kun!” Iida warned him. “Provoking your classmates is unbecoming as a hero in training.”

He snorted. “If it’s nothing he need to hear, he shouldn’t be provoked… “

Asui and Mineta who shared their table narrowed their eyes at Bakugou, making the air more tense. “Lunch time is almost over, let’s get back… we might have to change for our FHS class.” Said Uraraka, who eyed Bakugou like one would a vicious stray cat. Luckily for them and Bakugou himself, the explosive boy stomped out of the cafeteria to their class, Shiro and his friends let him disappear from their sight before they too made their way to class.

Iida groaned, “I know you don’t like Bakugou-kun, and he could be excessively aggressive. But so could you…” Shiro didn’t respond to that. “Your words to Bakugou is harsh, I may not be an expert of observing human body language like Midoriya-kun but Bakugou-kun isn’t the best in hiding his emotion.” You certainly always cut Bakugou where it would hurts him the most, was what Iida tried to imply.

Shiro scoffed, “I know, but the person Bakugou had done the same thing to is too kind to get back at him.”

Iida, Asui and Ochako were quite perceptive, and Shiro wasn’t being subtle anyway. The whole class already had an idea that Bakugou and Izu had a bad history, and their mild bullying of Bakugou was their retaliation on behalf of Izu. He was never the one to throw the first punch, Shiro wasn’t going to lower himself to Bakugou’s level. But if Bakugou think he can let one insult for Izu escape his mouth without getting twice the dosage, he had another thing coming.

Well- Futaba was more successful in their endeavor, so far Izu hadn’t catch up on that. The robot’s dirty stare and finger flip at Bakugou was seemingly harmless at first, but by now all Support Dept students knew their aces don’t like Bakugou. Hence- whatever Bakugou asked from Support Dept would be shoved to bottom rank priority. They won’t sabotage Bakugou’s equipment or do sloppy job at it, but they sure as hell would give Bakugou less than stellar service. They all knew Futaba and Senkuu would make it big, while not all of them were bootlickers they certainly not going to get on Senku’s and especially Futaba’s bad side.

It created a chain reaction to Management Dept, as they had been gauging potentials of heroes in training and brilliant minds on Support Dept. By now they should be able to see red flags on Bakugou, no matter how talented this one guy he brought trouble along.

Was it cruel? Heh- as if, the guy just had to stop picking a fight on Izu and give up trying to get one over Shiro’s friend. Basically he just had to learn how to be a decent person who didn’t find it an urgent need to put someone down for his ego, his own path to heroic would improve that way. It wasn’t like someone like Bakugou could survive without strong backing that could waive off his problematic behavior in professional world. Endeavor was problematic, but the guy had money, connection and pedigree.

Bakugou had none but his natural fighting talent, if anything- Shiro and his friends were saving the guy some future trouble if he keep staying in heroic dept.

His group was kind enough to the guy, after all- Bakugou tortured Izu since he was declared Quirkless. Izu couldn’t even keep friends, and Shiro would never forget the look of wonder he had when Shiro declared they were friends for life. Or how Izu struggle to not flinch at friendly touch, how hard the boy learned to not hyperventilate by close proximity with others.

Izu was a wonderful person, Quirk or no Quirk. It wasn’t because of his Quirk, Izu supported Shiro’s dream to be a hero when his old one to be a martial artist was crushed because his own Quirk. It was Izu who made himself Futaba’s hero with pulling the girl towards the light, to live without shackle of her self-hatred. Izu chose to keep helping Senkuu to achieve his dream, becoming a friend the genius could relate his dream and share knowledge with.

He was their hero, and Shiro couldn’t stand the idea that someone failed to value someone like Izu. They even tried to break him, and had gone for years unpunished. If Izu was too kind to return the favor, Shiro and their friends would teach Bakugou that nothing he had done to Izu wouldn’t have consequences.  

Momo had been called by Aizawa-sensei when she walked pass him, and received instruction that All Might was absent today. Surprisingly, the one who get to be substitute teacher was… Midoriya-san. In hindsight, it wasn’t so surprising since Midoriya-san was the best student of their class followed by Todoroki-san and Momo herself. Not to mention, he was already an intern in spite of not possessing Provisional License yet. She had a feeling he would go ahead of them  to take the test, he certainly already have the skill for it.

“Midoriya is teaching us today?” Todoroki-san echoed when Momo informed him when they ran to each other on their way to classroom.

Momo nodded, “Yes, he is good in explaining things and very knowledgeable so I am quite excited what he will teach us.” Some real work experience for intern would be nice. The drill they had was good and all, but too many action made Momo wary they would be unbalanced in everywhere else.

“Even if he is scholarship student, UA sure work him hard.” Todoroki-san commented absentmindedly.

Momo just smiled at that. Todoroki-san was as aloof as ever, he was polite and cordial enough when Momo approach him but that was it. Though Momo could tell that like herself, even though Todoroki-san wasn’t as open about it the boy respected Midoriya-san and quite in awe of the verdant haired boy’s strategic mind.

It was quite funny how shaken he was by their previous class, in which Midoriya-san played the role of a hostage. Sure, All Might went overboard- but Midoriya-san was just being his usual self of doing his best and- beyond. Plus Ultra really- as expected of Principal’s personal student. Todoroki-san’s reaction reminded Momo of her grade school girl classmates, when she told them that Santa isn’t real and rainbow is water droplets in the air not a bridge to Neverland.

And flustered look on Midoriya-san’s face was the same as her parents when Father tried to convince her that he was Santa’s proxy.

...How old Midoriya-san again? “How old is Midoriya-san I wonder, he feels older than us most of the time.”  

“He is our age I assure you.” Answered a voice behind them, Momo turned and saw Ojiro-san and classmates who had integrated himself to Midoriya-san’s unofficial clique. Iida-san and Uraraka-san were the first, followed soon after USJ by Asui-san and Mineta-san. Though the last one was there out of necessity considering how often Midoriya-san had to keep the vulgar boy in line.

Ojiro-san continued, “Well, Izu act like old man sometimes… but I assure you, he is a teenager…” Ojiro-san trailed off before his had that faraway look and added hastily. “In body at least.”

“When is his birthday?” Momo’s ear must have deceived her because Todoroki-san just asked something teenagers would ask their close friend!

The look on their classmates’ face said they were also in disbelief, Ojiro-san was strangely unsurprised. “It’s July 15th, he is a Cancer.”

He even added zodiac to the answer!

“And you?” He asked back.

“January 11th.”

“Oh, you’re a Capricorn! Quite compatible with me and Izu but this kind of stuff is just for fun and shouldn’t be taken seriously! Senkuu even draw a chart of how statistically impossible to determine compatibility for each person based on twelve categories.”

Todoroki-san looked quite at a loss by the random zodiac talk, completely out of depth.

“Girls love those stuff though, Futaba is more interested in Greek tragedy though.”

Momo just laughed, “Personally I find it interesting that in ancient Greek-” She stopped when she spotted Tokoyami-san, Kouda-san and Shoji-san crowding in front of the door.

Bakugou-san of all people had just slammed the door close. “Oi.” He called out to Ojiro-san. “Something is off with the Nerd.”

Ojiro-san thankfully didn’t retort with provoking words like usual and opened the door again, “Oh, that’s just Izu in his work mode… which mean…” He closed the door again. “Take whatever he is going to have us do seriously, be quiet and don’t act up just because there’s no teacher in class.” Then he added. “Izu can scare even pro heroes to submission for a good reason.”

And then he let them in.

Momo covered her lips once she took in Midoriya-san’s appearance, he looks- mature in his suits. It was a dark green pinstripe suit, minus the jacket he hung on the chair. His usually curly hair was combed neatly and also cut slightly shorter. He was also wearing dark leather glove that was similar to one he wore for his hero costume.

Once she stepped into the room she understood why her classmates hesitated. ‘Heavy.’ Midoriya-san always carried distinctive presence around him, warm, inviting and gentle. This time however- it was intense as if there was something massive weighing her down.

“Take your seats.”

Momo never feared Midoriya-san, even now… but she was intimidated, and perhaps a little more than nervous.

Izuku didn’t mean to intimidate anyone, but he had come straight from his work and the uniform he brought with him met a little accident during his stay in hotel. He had no time to return to dorm as the class was about to start and he had to arrive in class earlier. Then another call come, another hero had was killed by Stain. Two of them in one day, he was just after one of them but the other hero refused to  back down and crippled for his decision.

Which shouldn’t have happened, the guy had one pinky severed. Or it was because Stain knew they would let their guard down, thinking he would let the lack of one digit would stop him. Izuku filed down ‘abnormal pain endurance’ in his file and ‘ number of victim isn’t limited by one’ on Quirk section and then wept.

If Stain wasn’t a killer, Izuku would compliment the man’s resolution. He could have awakened Dying Will Flame with that. He was no stranger to ‘if you fail someone will die’ routine in his past life, but this was the first time in this life he really felt it.

‘If you have time to snivel on the ground you no good student of mine, you’d better shape up so you don’t fail again. Stand up before I shoot you.’

Even in this life there was no time to be useless ball of angst, it would be the highest shame to not stand up as soon as he can. And now- he had a class to teach.  

“All Might-sensei can’t supervise our class today, and no- he won’t be surprise villain by the end of the class. In fact you won’t step out of the classroom at all today.”

That caught their attention.

“Then what the fuck we’re going to do?” Bakugou eyed his pile of paperworks on the teacher’s desk. “Help you with those lame office work?”


“Fuck, anything but that!”

Bakugou sounded like he was almost begging, amusing indeed. “I do my own work here, and I will have all of you write a mission report of USJ case.”

His assignment was met by silence which last for three seconds eternity until Iida raised his hand. “Am I correct to assume you expect us to write our respective role in USJ, treating it as mission in preparation of our internship?”

“Yes.” Glad to know someone got it. “I understand the villain attack in USJ is a hurdle that some of you don’t want to recall, and even when you become a hero… it won’t get easier.” Some like Ashido and Uraraka fidgeted nervously. “It shouldn’t be taken lightly when life is on the line, and you have to learn looking at it objectively and write your report to assist investigation for police force and fellow heroes. This is an important skill you need, especially with internship period after Sport Festival.” He finished before writing down on the board of the specification.

  1. Write your report in clear and concise wording.
  2. No more than two pages
  3. Stick to the fact.

Of course, he leave out the tidbit that they would mostly follow pro heroes around and not much on action. Even if they got involved in some action they would be on support role. Or in some cases, they would do community work.

“But aren’t bigshot get to hoist their paperwork to management nerds?”

“Not for sensitive cases, and if you just started nobody will write your paperwork for you.”

“This is loser’s job.”

“For your information, All Might write his own paperwork.” That shut Bakugou up, and Izuku purposely left out that Tsukauchi was the one doing the majority of it.

“Oi Bakugou! You’re the only one who still protesting.” Pointed Shiro out. “We already started.”

Bakugou howled, “Fuck you! I will write the best report here!”

Surprisingly Bakugou wasn’t the first to finish even with his zealous writing, simply because unlike the others he and Todoroki got involved in more complicated battle until the end. The first to submit was Tokoyami-Kouda’s group, followed by Yaoyorozu and those who got stuck assisting Thirteen by the gate.

It was almost sad he had to send most of them back for rewriting.

“Kaminari-kun… you can’t write your report just with katakana.”


“Ashido-san, same for you.”

“Tokoyami-kun… please refrain using poetic and archaic words in your report.”

“...Alright.” Dark Shadow whined at him.

Funnily enough the one who had the most trouble was Aoyama, and Izuku wondered if the boy was taking this seriously. “Writing that your whereabouts is a secret is unacceptable, rewrite it.”

“Oui.” And then he tried again.

“Aoyama-kun, glad to know nothing happened to you because your cape got you stuck in city area’s flag pole… I know you lack materials in comparison of others but waxing lyrical on your cape and armor shouldn’t be part of your report.”

“Oui!” Aoyama submitted another report and this time, it was in French.

Izuku wasn’t impressed as he pick a red pen and started correcting the grammar. “Aoyama-kun, please use Japanese when you’re writing for Japanese agency. Also… these flowery words are not fit for report even in France.”

Aoyama looked surprised at his returned report. “Midoriya, you can speak French?”

“I am decent at it.” Someone in his memory was French and refused speaking in any other language when Giotto visited him in his homeland. He didn’t like speaking it very much because getting the accent to a perfectionist’ standard was difficult.  “Now, rewrite them… in Japanese.”

Unsurprisingly some good report that didn’t need correction cropped up from Yaoyorozu, Todoroki and Iida. Uraraka, Asui and majority of the class manage a decent one that needed little correction but in overall passed for intern’s standard of work. Kirishima was one of the last to submit his, his second try.

“You still have many minor mistakes but quite acceptable.” At least he wasn’t praising Bakugou’s manliness anymore, he hadn’t finished reading pass the part Kirishima remarking his recklessness to jump in to attack Kurogiri when Bakugou tried to throw his report at Izuku’s face, Izuku just caught it without looking at him. It seemed Bakugou disliked the idea of being taught by Izuku, go figures- he wasn’t really teaching them as much as helping them learn how to write a decent report.

“It gotta be the best.” He growled at Izuku.

Izuku put Kirishima’s in finished pile and started reading Bakugou’s report. He didn’t like what he read in instance. Bakugou manage to put a good report, he took it seriously with writing a concise narrative of his role. Bakugou however was sorely lacking in objective assessment of himself. The first alarming part was, Bakugou didn’t regret his action attacking Kurogiri recklessly at all. He just make it as if his attempt was the right course of action and only failed due to the lack of intel on enemy.

What he read next make his blood ran cold, sure- destroying the building and rained debris on Kirishima was bad but what Bakugou wrote he was planning to do-
Izuku had to drop the report before he accidentally burned it, and he never felt this disappointed and angry at Bakugou.

Katsuki took his time to impress, if Deku had them all write a serious report- he had  to write the best in class. If Deku think Katsuki would be terrible at this shitty office work, the nerd had another thing coming. So even if he was the last to submit, Katsuki knew he had finished the best one.

Unsurprisingly Deku didn’t comment right away as he read, unlike Pikachu knock off or Bird Head, Katsuki knew how to write a professional sounding report. The Nerd’s expression was neutral, then again- as long as he didn’t pull anything- Deku would have forgotten Katsuki’s existence. Which always got on his nerve.

For a second Katsuki thought Deku looked amazed by what he wrote, wide eyes and mouth opened ajar. Then it took just another second for Katsuki to realized, that wasn’t awe but horror. Deku dropped Katsuki’s report and stood up abruptly. “You… what were you thinking, are you-” Deku never finished his sentence as he reached out for Shitty Hair’s subpar paper and reread it again.

“Oi, Bakugou! What did you do?!” Asked Monkey’s tail.

The whole class turned to a mass of nerve, and Katsuki felt wave of irritation bubbling up. He really hated his classmates beyond mere irritation sometimes, they were so easily affected by Deku’s mood. If the Nerd was happy, the whole class would perk up and when he was feeling unwell- the whole class would fret, even Half & Half.

Now- whatever he wrote set Deku off and the rest of the class followed like chinese firecracker that had been lit.  The whole class was worked up to frenzy when Deku- powerful Quirk or not- started to cry. He wasn’t sobbing or hiccuping like he usually did when they were kids, Deku’s tears just pooled in his eyes before flowing drop by drop.

It was strange, when Deku cried in middle school he would be mocked. In UA, if he cried the class would go crazy with anxiety and looked like they wanted to throttle him.

At last Deku wiped his tears, and the class held their breath for a verdict. “Class dismissed.” He announced, hands moving almost frantically to gather the report papers in a neat stack before he made a swift escape out of the class.

“Izu! Wait-”

Glasses went after them, followed by Round Face and Frog. “Midoriya-kun!”



“Midoriya!” Whined the grape head.

Bakugou turned around, they looked back at him with confusion. Half & Half was halfway across the class, as if he almost followed Deku’s flock before changing his mind. “What the hell did you do, Bakugou?” He asked.

“I didn’t do ANYTHING!” He roared back. “I just pass my report to Deku, nothing else!”

Hair for brain nodded, he was the closest as after he submitted his report the guy didn’t go back to his seat yet. “Yeah, Bakugou was just being his usual self! I mean- nothing that would make Midoriya angry!”

“Angry?” Repeated Half & Half, “No, Midoriya is upset not angry.” He corrected.

“So what?”

Half & Half looked at Katsuki in the eye, “Someone like you never care, huh? It’s nothing to you but for the other person… you might as well have ruined their lives!” He was looking at Katsuki, or not- it was someone else’s shadow.

Now the whole class were staring at them back and forth. “Todoroki-san…”

“There’s no point telling someone who only care about their pride.” Half & Half hissed as he walked pass Katsuki. “I would know, it’s foolish to think you’re any different than that bastard.”

Katsuki gritted his teeth, “Who the hell do you think you are, talking to me like that?”

Half & Half was half-way out of the door before he turned to give Katsuki a murderous glare, “The question should be, who do you think you are to be spoken with respect?”  He returned before he slammed the door close, leaving the fuming Katsuki with the rest of their class.

Principal’s Office

“I am so sorry.”

Shouta had been called from his nap to Nezu’s office, and greeted by the sight of completely devastated Midoriya bowing at him and Nezu. Then Midoriya dropped four sheet of papers, containing report from two different students. Kirishima Eijirou and… Bakugou Katsuki’s.

Nezu picked it up first, finishing his read quickly. “I see…”

Shouta now was very sure he won’t like what he was about to see as Nezu passed him the papers. Reading Kirishima’s paper, Shouta understood why Midoriya was upset because Bakugou took advantage of his Hardening Quirk to go wild, ignoring the tidbit that Kirishima wasn’t as tough as hardest mineral all the time. Kirishima’s hardening was a transformation quirk not mutant.

It was the usual Bakugou really- then he got into the next part- and cross checking them with Bakugou’s. Now- this was legitimate reason for Midoriya to be devastated- Shouta was feeling the same, this was just- he had seen the sign from Bakugou’s terrible result in team battle, and also Bakugou’s reaction to rescue drill lesson. Stil…

“Midoriya, by all right this is enough ground to expel Bakugou from UA.” He told the green haired strategist.

“But-” The boy was stammering but unable to muster anything to refute Shouta.

“You could have hide this from us but your conscience and professionalism won out, I know you care about Bakugou but you can’t sacrifice other student’s well being with a ticking time bomb like him.” Shouta pointed out to him.

Nezu nodded, “Beside… in the first place, we did consider not accepting his enrollment at all.”


“His high villain points and nonexistent rescue points is a glaring red flag, even if you didn’t point it out- we know problem student when we see it. We decide to take him in because with his high score it would bring too many question if we don’t, and because this is a school- we don’t accept perfect children to be perfect hero… we shape imperfection to someone inspiring like All Might.” Nezy went on and on. “Sure, by right no first year should ever face real villains… but how he act during real danger isn’t something we can just ignore.”

“He does have potential, I know it’s not zero.” Shouta had to add, “But it’s no excuse for this , and I am not sure if we can fix it with anger management class or therapy.” He slammed the paper on the table. “This isn’t recklessness, or stupid teenager’s temperament but pure self-centeredness to the point of delusion.”

The problem child just sink further in Nezu’s sofa, any other time he would rejoice that for once he won an argument against Midoriya but this wasn’t Mastermind- but a well meaning kid who tried to protect a childhood friend. Well- even if the other boy wasn’t much of a friend if not at all.

Midoriya was crying again, and Shouta wondered why the word ‘crybaby’ was never applied in his mind for the boy before. Right- because you had watched the boy with too strong back defending you and your students with unflinching resolution. The boy wasn’t a crybaby for crying over everything, he cried when it truly matters to him.  

“I don’t... want you t-to expel him, to e...end his dream here.”

This was serious, Midoriya didn’t even make up any logical reason for this request. The boy didn’t treat it as a case he could won with his intelligence and win.

“Well…” Nezu was a pampering mentor and a harsh taskmaster. “We won’t expel him, but not without several conditions attached.”

Shouta sighed at that, he didn’t want to expel Bakugou either because Midoriya would be affected and… he didn’t want to see what become of a teenager with unstable temper like Bakugou would do if denied his dream. Not that they would be lenient, if anything they would be harsher on him to justify his spot in UA.

“And we will talk about this again after Sport Festival.”

Sport Festival Day

He had cried a lot on the weekend, and it was over Bakugou of all people. His mother was very upset by his distress, Bakugou Katsuki was like a nephew to Inko but after everything, she couldn’t see the boy in the same familial light. His mother didn’t want Izuku to feel guilty, just because he almost destroyed Bakugou’s dream once.

Of all people, Izuku should know by now that Bakugou had to take responsibility of his behavior and action. That was why…

“Hmph, don’t cry today Nerd. Defeating a crybaby in national television would be just embarrassing.” Typical of Bakugou to say this, as common as ‘good morning’ in his own savage way.

Izuku narrowed his eyes, “You have to do  your best to prove yourself in this Sport Festival, your worth as a hero.”

That retort drew everybody’s attention in changing room to them.

Bakugou let out a hiss or irritation, his palm crackling with small explosions. “I am sick of this! Of course I will become a hero, the greatest there is! But one after another… you! All of you keep questioning me! How dare extras like you to doubt me…” Izuku saw frustration shimmering in his eyes.

“Someone like you don’t even considering the fault lies in yourself…” Todoroki suddenly interrupted. “But that’s how it always goes…  with your type.”

“Oi-oi… it’s getting tense around our top three guys.”

“Shit, if they duke it out here we won’t have a room.”

“Someone gotta stop them!”

“You got no right to speak  to me like that Half and Half! You!” He pointed at Todoroki. “You’re not even looking at me.”

Kirishima looked nervous as he and Iida spread their arms wide as if trying to separate the three of them. “Oi-oi… cool man!”

“Stop it this instance!” Iida added, hands moving frantically. “As UA students we have a standard to uphold, save your spirit of competition for the festival!”

Izuku heaved a sigh, he wasn’t even part of the argument since Todoroki and Bakugou were glaring at each other now. “That’s enough, as Iida-kun said… save it for Sport Festival.”

“I don’t want to hear that from the guy who want to drop out!” Hissed Bakugou. “Take me seriously in the competition or I will kill you!”

He didn’t get Izuku’s warning at all, go figures subtlety flies above his head.

Todoroki turned to face him, “Me too desire to face you in this competition, objectively speaking… you’re far above us all but,  I still want to fight you.”


“And I will defeat you.”

Bakugou growled at Todoroki, “I will defeat you both.”

“I am not interested in fighting you.” Considering the elemental nature of his Quirk, Bakugou would be in disadvantage.  

There was a long silence from Izuku and Class 1-A boys waited for his verdict with bated breath. Shiro was howling in the background. “You gotta go through me first! If you think you will get pass without a single bone breaking-”

“Ojiro! Your nice guy mask is completely off!”

“It’s oni mask now!”

“Put it back! Put it back!”


Izuku inhaled deeply, his eyes fluttered shut before opening a pair of blazing amber orbs. “Very well.” The two glaring boys turned to him. “I accepted your challenge.”

Kirishima fumbled, “Just like that…?”

Then he smiled at them, serene and gentle but promising something they would learn later. This was the same smile that would never fail to make Ingenium take a step back, Hawks use his wings to shield his eyes from it, and the rest of pro heroes wonder who was the unlucky sod who attracted his wrath.

“I won’t be able to die in peace otherwise.”


Chapter Text

The role of the sky was to influence all. He should understand and accept all… as the all encompassing sky. He had taken this role twice, and in this third life, should that be different? He understood both Bakugou and Todoroki had something to prove, he could accept their resolution to reach the top of this competition.

Still- why did they have to challenge him? Because he was the strongest in class? He didn’t even remember they ever decide that through legit means like round robin battle or anything. As before he knew it, a hierarchy had been established in class. He was the first, followed by Todoroki in second and then Bakugou.

Then their beloved homeroom teacher, the dramatic smartass just had to confirm that placement in front of everyone. Anyone else would be flattered to be called the ace by Eraserhead, but all Izuku could think of was- ‘ Why me?’

So he accepted their challenge with generosity of the sky but inwardly he was feeling quite bitter with this situation. Hence he couldn’t die in peace, not before teaching these arrogant brats for not throwing ‘unwanted challenge’ to an already ‘reluctant participant’ like him.

It almost felt like deja vu, nobody listen to his wish of not wanting anything to do with the stupid inheritance.

“Midoriya… you’re smiling but you’re also kind of scary.” Kirishima was flailing. “Oi Todoroki, Bakugou… that’s enough right?”


“Especially you Todoroki, you guys are friends. Don’t spring this rivalry out of nowhere man.”

Todoroki batted away Kirishima’s hand, “I am not here to play nice or looking for friends.” He turned to Izuku. “I don’t think I can afford such thing if I want to beat you.”

Izuku narrowed his eyes, “Hm… as Bakugou said, I am someone who want nothing to do with this competition so I can’t really say I have the same drive as everyone else to win this.” He had to admit that. “Frankly I think they’re the better competition than I am, because they have the resolution to win this Sport Festival I don't have.”

Kirishima was tearing up, “Midoooooriyaaaa…. So manly!”

“How touching Midoriya-kun! Of course we will give our all.” Iida was gesturing wildly in the air to express his enthusiasm.

“However.” Izuku was almost guilty as the air became tense again as his voice dropped an octave. “Todoroki-kun, what did you say about not looking for friends?” In unison Class 1-A except for Shiro flinched, obviously they weren’t used to this side of Izuku. “That’s not acceptable for a hero in training.”

Todoroki’s expression didn’t change much but Izuku saw the momentary flinch and confusion in his different colored eyes.

“You see… certain flaming fecal matter just told me something similar few days ago.” Todoroki flinched again and Izuku almost felt guilty. “Not wanting to make friends is up to you, but… that man, he doesn’t get anywhere near his goal that way, does he?” Izuku pointed out.

“Ah.” For some reason Todoroki discreetly glance at Bakugou.

“And I was very tempted to freeze the burning manure so he could cool down a bit.” He wondered how many synonim of ‘shit’ he could use to discreetly refer to certain number 2. “And perhaps reflect on his idiocy that ruin my whole week.”

Todoroki now was struggling to not avert his eyes from Izuku.

“The fuck are you going with this secretive shit?! Do you think you can scare me or anyone from beating you ass to the ground?!”

Shiro who had his ‘nice guy’ mask back on promptly dropped it again.

Kazunari Takao, or better known as Hawks as his hero name missed his little brother very much. They weren’t related by blood, but he loved the little guy like a brother. At first Takao was just fascinated by Izuku, the boy was a very interesting person after all. It was no different than how he latched on his partner, Midorima, who coincidentally also green haired and in spite of their similar surname wasn’t related to the boy.

Heck- their surname used the same ‘green’ character.

He was sure they were related somewhere considering Inko-mama and Shin shared similar telekinesis Quirk. His wasn’t minor though, Trajectory Control was an awesome telekinesis Quirk when one could throw shockwave or even object with insane flightpath and deadly accuracy.

‘Man… just how many times Shin nail me on the head for this year alone whenever I skimp on paperwork?’ Shin had a license, but he was more of a manager than hero. Takao had suspicion Shin put an effort for license just so he could use his Quirk to throw projectiles at Takao in the air.

“Shin is such a mother hen.”

Shin had given him a lot of lecture before his partner let him go to watch UA Sport Festival live. His number one order was- “Don’t trouble Midoriya-kun, you’re his elder and yet he has to babysit you on the field! Unacceptable!”

Was Izuku still angry at him over dropping Ingenium on cockroach pit? If he is, Takao will scram. Hence- why he latched on Eraserhead and asked the guy to let him see Izuku.

“You’re the troublesome type, aren’t you?”

Takao just beamed, “I just want to say hi to my lil’bro before cheering him up from stadium!”

“Quite a surprise to see Shinketsu’s alumni here… and a brother? I didn’t see any kid with wings in class A or B.” Go figures Underground hero like Eraserhead would never read top hero article, as then he would know Hawk didn’t have a brother attending UA.

“It’s Izuku.”

Eraserhead looked at him in a way that not dissimilar to Shin, the ‘are you nuts ’ look. “Did Midoriya-san adopt you or what?” He nodded, “Right… whatever, I am too tired to argue and Hisazhi would be unlikely get me do something with a guest around.”

He blinked at that, “Why are you trying to escape from Present Mic?” He had worked with the voice hero before, hence he recognized the civilian name.

Eraserhead didn’t answer and just led him to the waiting room of 1-A. Usually it won’t be this easy but Hawks was number 3 hero, and… he could feel electronic eyes following his every move. ‘Sakura Futaba… Alibaba, also known as Medjet. The loyal hacker and Izuku’s eyes.’ Any villain foolish enough to invade UA on high alert like this, they would be toast.

In USJ, from what he heard the new villain organization was sent packing with their tails between their legs. Not to mention after that attack, Izuku would put them on shit list. A list that had gone woefully short after Izuku was done with Shido Masayoshi and his ilk. Izuku wasn’t even sorry for that one after the boy made Hawks worked overtime for two weeks to clean up the mess.

Speaking of enemy… the first year kids in UA would be Izuku’s competitors today. “Are you sure it’s fine to make those poor kids compete with Izuku?”

“This is a friendly competition.”

“Kids are hot blooded in this age.” Except for him and Shin when they were in Shinketsu, but according to Shin he was too laidback his blood might as well be as cold as reptilian mutant. “I am not sure how friendly it can get and as peaceful as he is… Izuku is the type who will give as good as he gets. No… depending, he can give back twice as bad.”

“...You’re awfully familiar of his style of operation.”

“Yeap.” He beamed, “I was there during his debut.” It felt like forever ago.

Eraserhead narrowed his eyes at that, “Is he always like this even back then?”

“Like…” Takao trailed off, “Very analytical, composed… and sees through you?” Eraserhead raised an eyebrow at that, “I’d say he didn’t change much, but he is less reckless in his operation now. It still feels like yesterday Detective Naomasa got a kid barging into investigation and ask us to blow up the building some more after the villains did.” It still sounded ridiculous no matter how many times he retells it.

“And you did just that? Following an advice of a random kid?”

He shrugged, “You know Izuku, he got this special presence. Beside… at the time we don’t have a better idea, and we all know we would get roasted over property damage. But in comparison of failing to save the hostages?” Of course they would think ‘fuck property damage’ and take it like a man.  “We just went along with the plan, and boom!” He threw his arms in the air for emphasize. “The birth of Mastermind.”

“Quite a flashy debut indeed.”

“Right?” Takao beamed, “I almost surpass Endeavor in rank thanks to that case! And man- my public approval rating also shot up, and now I am second only to All Might for that.”

“You doesn’t sound… happy about it.” Obviously, he say his raise of popularity as if he was told to do a house chore.

“Meh- being top ranking hero is troublesome. I don’t like spotlight but my Quirk is damn flashy…”

Eraserhead stared at him in disbelief, “So, that’s why you’re friends with him.”

Yeap, they shared the same sentiment for their flashy quirk.

“It’s here.” Eraserhead showed him a door, which like UA was a tad too big even for a school that had to accommodate mutation Quirk. Humble wasn’t in UA’s dictionary unlike traditional Shinketsu.

Like any room where kids were left without supervision, the waiting room wasn’t soundproofed.

“Over my tail! If you think you can pick a fight with Izu with your bone intact my name isn’t Ojiro Mashirao!”

Takao turned to Eraserhead who had deadpan look on his face. “That’s Izuku’s sidekick… Ojiro-kun, one of your kids just pick a fight with Izuku… I admire the kid’s. Seriously, not even pro heroes want to pick one with Izuku.”

“Then so be it.”

“Fuck you Monkey Tail! Do you think you scare me?!”

“Be quiet all of you, Aizawa-sensei can hear you… he is just outside.”

Of course Izuku could sense their presence, especially his, according to Izuku his Quirk was quite ‘loud’ to his intuition.

Eraserhead opened the door and poked his head in, “You are embarrassing UA in front of our guest.”

It was amusing to see wide eyed look on high school boys at the sight of number 3 hero, and wow- there’s a fellow bird in Izuku’s class! Too bad the kid only had bird head, where’s the wings? “Yo!”

“Hawks…” Izu was sitting on the bench with legs crossed and laced hands on top of his knee, seriously, the boy was petite but he had the flair in sitting like a Boss. “Why didn’t Verdant Shooter stop you from coming?”

“Because I finish one week worth of paperworks!” Takao beamed at him. “I am the fastest hero, it’s quite a shame my lil bro and partner thinks I can’t finish them…” He pouted at Izuku for a good measure.

Izuku rolled his eyes, “You can just watch on TV from your office in Fukuoka.”

“What’s the fun in that? I did come all the way just to watch and cheer you on, I didn’t get many chance to see you fight. Though…” His eyes narrowed playfully at Izuku’s classmates, and he was sure the one with bi-colored hair was Endeavor’s son, this gotta be interesting. “I am not sure if your classmates…”

Izuku narrowed his eyes in warning.

Takao ignored it, as the fastest hero he always played with danger. “Can they put up a decent fight against you?”

An angry looking kid flipped Takao a bird, “FUCK YOU! Number 3 or not I will show you I can put more than just a fight against this nerd!”

Oh boy- he didn’t know about the bite but this kid’s bark was impressive when in combo with that crazed look. In the other hand… Endeavor’s kid had calculating expression on his face. Surprisingly other than one blue eye and half red hair, the kid looked nothing like Endeavor. Takao had to say Todoroki-kun looked almost delicate with that pretty face, the boy took after his mother more than Endeavor for sure.

“How about Endeavor’s kid?” He asked, looking at the boy. “Would be interesting to see a match of fire against fire.”

If looks can kill, Takao would be dead by now. The temperature drop was impressive, and he couldn’t help but folded his wings over his body to shield him from the cold. “I won’t use fire in battle.” He hissed. “My ice is enough.”

Takao blinked at that before looking back and forth between enraged Todoroki kid and face-palming Izuku. “Eeeh, sure kid, I am not sure how it won’t be your funeral though.”

“No, it might be yours.”

And there he goes… Izuku’s saintly smile and blazing eyes combo. If they weren’t in public, Takao would pull his feathers over his eyes.

“Just wait until our next case together.”

Yep, complete with the promise of something more terrible than death. Maybe he would make Takao climb down a chimney or something.

“Nice, I will be in my-”


“Damn it, he found me.”

“OH MY! HAWKS- a non alumnus top hero in here!” Present Mic was running to their direction. “AWESOME! WE HAVE ROOM FOR ONE MORE!”

Room for what? Not something perverted, right? He could always use Shin as his gay shield again, but then he would be pelted with projectiles again all over Kyushu.

“Be our commentators!”

“Sure!” He beamed back, he felt like he had find his new best friend in Present Mic, the bestest was still Shin of course!

Izuku, always the voice of reason and logic chimed in. “Taking a job without telling your manager? What will Midorima-san say?”

Takao was sure he would be so dead once Shin found him commentating in UA for free. Oh well- he wanted to say PLUS ULTRA at least once in his life. His fellow Shinketsu alumnus would go nuts!

“He can kill me later!” He gave Izuku a thumbs up.

In hindsight, of course Hawks would come watching. The guy had taken his role as an older brother waaaaay too seriously at times. Not that Izuku was unhappy that Hawks came watching, the guy took a day off for this festival. Still, as touched as he was… Izuku wished Hawks didn’t provoke the boys in his class into frenzy.

Especially Bakugou and Todoroki.

In case of the explosive boy, there was nothing Izuku can say to him. In the other hand, Todoroki… “Believe it or not he isn’t looking at you as that man’s son, at least not in the way you think.”

That snapped the boy out of his dead stare match with the ground. “Midoriya.”

“Also he thinks of your father quite highly.” Not for his accomplishment, but because Endeavor keep going with his one-sided rivalry with All Might. Because Hawks for all power he held couldn’t be as ambitious and driven like Endeavor. “For not giving up on trying to surpass All Might.”

That got a disbelieving look from Todoroki. “Huh?”

“He is strange like that.” Izuku smiled knowingly. “He is the rising star in hero official ranking, but he don’t care about it very much. For someone who make a name without pedigree like him, Hawks doesn’t really care about your background.” Though he would totally joke about it lightheartedly. Izuku had seen the interest Hawks had when he saw Tokoyami, most likely just because the guy was a fellow bird.

“And his taunting?” Todoroki was narrowing his eyes, “It can’t be just a joke.”

“No, it’s not. Hawks is quite whimsical… he has a bad habit of being impulsive and taunt anyone that catch his fancy. I am not going to be surprised if he pick a fight with Endeavor for the heck of it.”

Good, Todoroki calmed down and Izuku would rather not thaw anyone who got hurt in his tantrum. He was so going to report Hawk’s troubling behavior to the man’s manager after this festival is over.

Todoroki looked down, “I… I almost did it again, losing control of myself.”


He swallowed heavily, “I was mad… over him calling me Endeavor’s son, it’s not even an insult like Shigaraki meant it to be back then. He just call me that because I am Endeavor’s son.”

Yeah, and quite a sad fact being related to that bastard.

“I haven’t make a name for myself.” And getting angry at a hero who made it as far as top three without pedigree like Hawk? “Which mean I should just prove my worth here..”

Sure, go for it.

“I won’t use my fire.” He vowed determinedly before running off to join the line of class 1-A.

Wait- rewind! You just acknowledge your temper tantrum was unhealthy for you so why you make it worse?

“Izu… just give Todoroki a couple of good whack and he will see the light.” Shiro chimed in as he drag Izuku to the line.

“What kind of advice is that?! This isn’t a shonen manga!” It would result in brain damage instead. Uhm… maybe that’s why it works in manga?

Izuku didn’t get to follow that line of thought as Present Mic usher them to show up in stadium, “The miraculous new star who overcome villain’s attack with their heart of steel! Class 1-A of Heroic Dept!”

“Heart of Steel?” Echoed Ashido. “I freaking cried back then!”

Sero groaned, “As flattered as I am, this showy introduction will piss other class off.” Present Mic even introduced Class 1-B and the rest in lackluster intro. “Present Mic has a grudge against us or something?” He could hear gen-ed complaining about becoming their foil.

Izuku gave Sero a thumbs up, “Don’t worry, Kirishima-kun will take care of it for us.”


As one the whole class turned to Kirishima, who was also pointing at himself in confusion. “Me?”

Izuku nodded, “You’re our trump card Kirishima-kun! Do your best!”

“Ou! I don’t get it but I will extremely do it in manly way!”

Shiro began to sweat, “Izu… don’t tell me you.”

“Time for player’s pledge!” Announced the umpire, who of all people had to be Midnight. Who as usual was wearing her risque costume, which was so out of place in athletic event like this. Midnight was a good teacher but R-rated hero in high school was an idea of his Master, Izuku couldn’t wrap his head around it. Nezu even told Izuku that he specifically requested Midnight to be a teacher.

Not that Izuku was being biased, but R rated means above 18 and she was here among underaged kids to teach. “Is it okay for R-rated hero to be in high school?” Tokoyami asked, a very legitimate question. Maybe it was to make them immune to sexy or something.

“Of course! Now shut up! Come to the stage, first year representative, Kirishima Eijirou!

Midnight gave the stage to Kirishima, whose knees were trembling so bad- they knocked together repeatedly.


He had coached Kirishima on the art of speaking in public via video chat during his mission to hunt Hero Killer, and the first one was- when in doubt just shout their school motto and it would be fine. Because saying it would urge the crowd to respond positively even if they had no idea why Kirishima say it, and positive response would do well for his nerve.

“I pledge!” Kirishima raised his hand and recite the regular athlete’s pledge. “EXTREMELY MANLY-” Being peppered here and there on Izuku’s advice.

Why? He thought it was a good idea, yeah- and there was something naggingly nostalgic about a hot headed guy with tons of spirit like Kirishima yelling them at the top of his lungs.  

“Izu… I think Kirishima is enjoying his stage performance, how did you know it will work so well for him?” Asked Shiro in amazement.

“My Intuition says so.”

Ashido groaned, “Midoriya, he is bad enough with his manly talk and you add extreme on that?”

“Nerd… it’s on purpose isn’t it?! You make him more annoying to piss me off!!!”

As if he would go for such elaborate- wait- he would but wasting it on annoying Bakugou? “Sounds like a waste of effort.”

“Second that.”

Bakugou fumed some more.

Fresh wave of laughter broke through the line of first years as they cheered for Kirishima, swept by his enthusiasm.

Kirishima paused on the stage, he had finished the pledge but he still said something to say. “Can I have more time? I wanna… say something more than this!”

Midnight didn’t mind, “Plus ULTRA Boy! Go for it! Enjoy your spring of youth!”

It was a good thing the stage was a good distance away because Izuku was sure she was making some suggestive hand movement at Kirishima. “In USJ-”

That caught everyone’s attention, majority of students and heroes on the bleachers lean forward like a paddy stalk full of grain at Kirishima’s direction.

“My classmates and I saw a glimpse of the world still beyond our reach, the world of pro heroes! It’s EXTREMELY frustrating… I thought we’re just one step- no- just a few steps behind it but the truth is… it’s miles away from us!” Kirishima pointed at the sky. “I did stupid mistakes… getting ahead of myself.” Kirishima was crying now. “I got my teacher hurt! I… my classmates and I wish we can do something more, that our teachers… our heroes don’t have to protect us with their lives on the line. Aizawa-sensei… sob!” He looked at the sky in regret.

Midnight was cooing, “Aww, he loves you Eraserhead.”

“Don’t call my name like I am dead, I am still alive.” Came deadpan voice from the commentator booth.

Bakugou had a very scary face on, unsurprisingly Kirishima’s speech made him angry because it made class 1-A including him look vulnerable. However, Izuku had already foresaw this kind of reaction. So they had Sero, Shiro, Mineta and Todoroki placed near his spot. Classmates of theirs who specialize in keeping someone to stay still with their Quirk.

“Nerd… how dare you.”

Iida adjusted his glasses, “Kirishima-kun is doing his best, so in case you fly off of your handle…”

They wouldn’t go this far if only Bakugou had a better self-control, especially after Hawk’s irresponsible taunt.

“That’s why! As the next generation we gotta to work harder! We shall surpass our teachers, the heroes before us! All of you!”

“Hey, this guy means us from gen-ed too?”

“Wow… they’re not as stuck up as we thought. It’s just that one guy-”

“My sympathy for 1-A, it’s not like they ask to get attacked.”

“Yeah, it’s their bad luck.”


The school’s motto was echoed by the rest of first years in response of Kirishima’s cheer, followed by the loud applause as if they already decided the winner of the festival.

In midst of this Izuku was clenching his fist in happiness. “Yosh! We did it.” They improved their rep with other classes!

“Izu, I know you’re happy… but poor Kirishima is crying on stage. He seriously thinks you have no ulterior motive whatsoever in tutoring him to write that speech.” Shiro said with a sweat-drop.

Ashido nodded, “Midoriya… no wonder your alias is Mastermind, it’s badass but still…”

Sero sighed, “Well, let’s keep it from Kirishima…”

“It’s a logical ruse.” Izuku reasoned.

“...Why did you pull Aizawa-sensei now?”

Iida looked conflicted, “It’s cunning, not so heroic but! Ability to manage your own PR is essential for any hero!”

Ochako was laughing, “Iida-kun is stressing himself again.”

In the end Class 1-A decided to let the rest of their batch to stay ignorant, but they still couldn’t shake off the feeling this wasn’t very heroic.

Class 1-B who was right next to them were inching away in horror.


Shouta felt like burying his face on his hand, Kirishima had made a very heartrending speech that shot class 1-A’s standing to the top as favorites of their batch. He would be very proud of his hot headed student if only…

“This has Izuku written all over it.” Said Hawks, snickering from his seat beside Shouta. “And everyone buys it, the speech is so fitting of this Kirishima boy’s character no one suspect a thing.”

“Then how do you tell?”

Hawks stopped snickering and looked at him in the eye, “What makes Izuku so scary isn’t his powerful Quirk… at least that’s not the scariest part of him.” He inhaled deeply, “It’s how well he know how to tug on human’s heartstring…” Hawks made tugging motion with his finger. “He sees through us and then use it to his advantage, that’s why he earns the name Mastermind.”


“It’s a good thing he is such a good kid, so the extent of using that scary perception of his is only this far… to make people like his classmates, turning the bad PR of his class around.”

“...A really good kid won’t play with people’s mind though.”


Hizashi cleared his throat. “Our broadcast is on soon! So no more backstage discussion!”

Shouta looked down at the program, his eyes widened at what was for the first round. “Oi… do you know what’s Midoriya morning exercise everyday is?”

“Hm? How should I know? All Might, you and Snipe took all the morning watch job! I am not so interested supervising Midoriya’s training anyway.”

Shouta glared at him, he wasn’t involved because Nezu deemed that he was still too injured for meeting and Shouta had pushed to keep teaching. “The brat is an expert of obstacle course damn it! Ones with rubber bullet, pithole, robots…”

“Darn- that won’t be so fair isn’t it?” Hisazhi snickered, “But don’t worry! Principal Nezu did give Midoriya a handicap!”



“Here is the fateful first game!” A hologram screen appear behind Midnight.

Fateful? There was nothing fateful about it if the type of game was already picked before hand since last week!


Seriously? Surely his Master knew that obstacle course was Izuku’s bread and butter for breakfast.

Whatever UA cooked up for a festival couldn’t be worse than military grade course made by joined effort of spartan Sun and Rain Arcobaleno. Not that Izuku was underestimating his Master or UA, it just that he believed they won’t try very hard to murder their students. After all his mafia boss training was running on ‘if you don’t survive this, you’d better of die here than somewhere else’ mindset.

At worst it would be just a couple of broken bones, it was quite worrying how accepting he become over his mortality. “Hm…”

Shiro was snickering, “Won’t this be a piece of cake for you?”

“It’s a 4 KM course around UA Stadium! As long as you stay in course, it doesn’t matter what you do! UA is all about freedom!”

Speaking of freedom, there should be order to balance freedom. This had his Master written all over it, Izuku was given the chance to wreck the competition of first round as he please. Seriously, what the hell Master?!

“Except for hero course, as hero of the future… you guys are given special handicap!”

As soon as she finished her sentence, holographic screen the size of a tablet popped in front of all hero course students. On them was a list of limitation that was set for each hero in training.

“I can’t aim my explosion at people, what the fuck?!” Screeched Bakugou.

Kirishima sweat-dropped, “That’s actually common sense.”

“There’s no sense in it! Also what the fuck with self restraint and property damage?!”

Todoroki narrowed his eyes at his, “Same as Bakugou…” For him, he wasn’t allowed to directly injure competitors with his ice, he got no warning about property damage. The other was… he would be out of the running if he injure himself with his Quirk.

Mineta was hyperventilating, “I am told to be careful with my pop off aim… I am not allowed to spam them aimlessly.”

“Most of us get the same stuff… especially those with large area attack.” Commented Jirou. “How about you Yaomomo?”

“There’s a limit on how many item I can make, and also I have to take to consideration of dangerous item I made left behind in the course…” Yaoyorozu told her friends. “How about you Mido-”

Izuku had his eyes glued on his own screen. “Hm…”

“Wait, that’s un… that’s unfair!” Exclaimed Ochako and the rest who was standing close enough to see his list of restriction.

Izuku had especially long list, to his classmates who had around two to three, he had… six.

Midoriya Izuku
Quirk: World Synch
List of Restriction

  1. You may only use your flame ONCE
  2. The use of Zero Point Breakthrough is strictly prohibited
  3. The passive effect of your Quirk isn’t restricted for duration of the race
  4. However- you may not provide assistance to your competitors.
  5. You shall avoid battle at all cost.
  6. Gloves off for the first round.

“Hm, that’s fair.” Commented Izuku absentmindedly. “Though… I wish I am not using my Quirk at all.” He grumbled as he took off his gloves and passed it to Shirou for safe keeping.

Once? Once using his power was all it took to wreck this competition. Sure, some of his training was supervised by Senkuu and Futaba, and he was sure not all of them were reported to Nezu. But surely Master know he could…

“What’s Zero Point breakthrough?” Asked Jirou.

“It’s Izu’s ice technique.” Shiro supplied.

“Your ice?” Yaoyorozu gasped.

Shiro nodded, “It’s a very sensible restriction.”

Bakugou growled, “What the hell with your list?! I can take your ice anytime!”

He’d rather not make anyone lose their finger today.

“Now poor young hero in training! Weep after you fail, and let’s get this show to start!”

Midnight had zero sympathy for them, that’s for sure. Now then, what should he do to get past this? What would his classmates do in this obstacle course? For a start, he could worry for Bakugou later. The explosive boy was a slow starter, once he saw someone’s back ahead of him he would chase them like a mad bull. Yaoyorozu and Iida were similar, they won’t be so hasty either.

The one who would make his first move… here- hm, obviously, but Izuku wasn’t keen on dawdling and got stuck in crowd so-

‘Or I can just take a leaf out of Bakugou’s book, fuck it and do it my way?’ Izuku snorted at his own thought. ‘No… I will learn from my classmates as All Might says and see… if they can really set me aflame with their passion!’

“Which part we should pay attention to, Eraserhead-san? Hawk-san?”

“This part.”

“Early bird gets the worm!”

And he would be that early bird, he just didn’t want to get squeezed and not for the worm. “I will go first!” And launched himself over the crowd of students over the tunnel to the course, soft flame bursting through his legs as he glided on the wall. Just in time to avoid the cold air shrouding the tunnel, trapping a crowd of unlucky students with wall of ice erected to block their path.

“As expected of Midoriya Izuku! The ace of 1-A didn’t waste his time to take first spot! Wait- did he just waste his ONLY chance to use his flame?!”

“He got pass through the crowd in one leap, he should be fine.”

“Oh dear… Principal Nezu is harsh on Izuku,
then again it should be like this.
If you want a competition with him on the roster.”

Izuku landed a few meters ahead of Todoroki, “That’s a good move you use there.”

Todoroki narrowed his eyes, “And you spend your only chance to use your Quirk.”

“It’s fine with me.” Both of them had shoes that suitable to traverse icy landscape, for Todoroki it was because he liked using his ice as transportation and for Izuku it was because the kinetic backlash of his flame. So they could walk on ice no problem.

On the background, Bakugou was screaming curse at him and Todoroki.

“Cursing should be on Bakugou’s list of things he is restricted from.” Commented Todoroki idly as he caught up to izuku, setting a comfortable pace for himself to run the rest of four kilometers.

“...It’s his mother tongue.” Izuku pointed out. “That would be like asking Bakugou to stop being Bakugou.” Which was impossible.

Todoroki looked back, “There’s more people outside of our class who can dodge my ice than I expected.”

Izuku scoffed, “You specifically aim for either their shoes or the field, correctly applied physical force can fix it.”



Did he just lump them together? Izuku hoped Bakugou still remembered this was a race and not a brawl, he just had to run pass Izuku and Todoroki to win. As Izuku thought of what to do if Bakugou caught up to them, Mineta of all people was the first to reach them. He was using his pop off to avoid Todoroki’s ice and jumping from one ball to another like certain plumber from old game.

“I outwitted you! How pathetic Todoroki!”

Mineta sounded really resentful to Izuku’s ears, what did Todoroki did to offend Mineta? That wasn’t important. “Mineta-kun, you-”



Izuku sweat-dropped at the sight of Mineta rolling on the icy ground. “That must be hurt.”

“First obstacle is up folks! Starting with-”

Izuku ignored Present Mic’s introduction and keep running, the real race just started. He had no time gawking- why? If he gawk at obstacle before him that meant being shot at from the sky with assault rifle. If he hesitate, one ton hammer would fly out of nowhere to his head.

Nope-nope… not going to stop for anything!


It was an impressive sight, the so called robot inferno that was the size of four storey building. Shouto was quite amazed by the size, and the sheer cost UA threw for these robots.

“So these are what they use for general entrance exam?”

Yaoyorozu echoed his sentiment, “Where did they get the money for this?”

Jirou was incredulous, “That’s not what you should be curious about!”

‘This is impossible!’

‘Hero course have to fight these?!’

“This is an obstacle for first part, how can we get pass this?”

As obstacle to his path? It was quite disappointing because it was just a lump of metal, the size didn’t matter.

“If they have to go this far, I wish they prepare something better.” Shouto said wistfully to himself, “Since my damn old man is watching.” He hovered his hand over the ground, willing ice to sprout and freeze the giant robot on its track. Then he began to run again in between the freezing robot. “Don’t even think of coming now! They’re going to fall over soon, because I freeze them when they’re unstable!”

The pain of those restrictions, he had to give early warning instead of a late one. Some people decide to risk it, but it was Kirishima and… the guy from 1-B who most likely share similar Quirk. They would be fine, also- he had given them a warning so if someone got hurt by the collapsing robot it won’t be his responsibility if they didn’t heed it.


“Offense and defense in one go! So coool!!!”

“So his name is Shouto, wow- burning and freezing in one name.
Gotta compliment Endeavor-pro for his naming taste, but as Present Mic said. Coool!
Quite an irony for flame hero’s son to be so coool”

That was Hawk, Shouto had to amend his opinion about the guy. That last comment was bound to piss off Endeavor for sure.

“I am still looking forward to see his burning spirit side, and not facial hair.”

Was that a compliment or Hawks was joking again?

“Class 1-A bastard number 2! Screw you!”

Shouto warned him and he was put on the same cate