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When Husband Is Away (Daddy Will Play)

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The first time, it was probably an accident but Orihime didn't know how to explain to her husband that she tripped and landed on his father's dick.


The next time he came over, Isshin must have known Ichigo was at work. Yet, he had her bent over the back of the couch, pounding into her warmth with a cock bigger than Ichigo's.


It was good.


He never was inappropriate towards her when Ichigo or his sisters were around. He was never lewd when his grandson would skip in yelling for him to, "Come play, Jii-chan!"


They almost got caught when Ichigo returned a little after he had left for work, she was holding onto the kitchen counter with Isshin's face buried between her thighs, gripping tightly so that she wouldn't collapse.


Ichigo never knew his father was eating her pussy. He just grabbed his notepad off the table. He glanced at her. "You okay, Orihime?"


"Fine! Just have a headache!"


"Take some pills and lay down," he replied before leaving.


After she came the first time, he had her naked on the tile floor of the kitchen, fucking her. Isshin's big hand was tangled in long ginger locks of hair. She was screaming out every time his cock would press against that sensitive spot inside of her body and making her twitch.


Orihime said nothing as she watched his cum drip out of her and pool on the floor. She didn't mind. It was kind of a turn on.