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Rise of the Myles Bots

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In 2060, a billionaire named Zachary Delightful and his secretary Carrie Courageous witness the ending of the JLU episode featuring Batman Beyond and come up with an idea: namely the Myles Bots initiative. The members consist of: a Darwin Watterson that was flushed down the sewers and was subsequently resurrected and mutated similiarly to the current Darwin as a result, a lucky cricket that has been frozen during the end of the Chinese times and thawed out a day before the events happened, an alchemist with a twisted loyalty to his father, a defector from Langer's Empire who is on the run, a descendant of the leader of the Fab Four, a hypnotic super heroine and the current co-head of McDuck Manor. With their selected members put on a pedestal and recruited, Darwin, Cri-Kee, Varian, Colonel Greene Jr., Pipsqueak, Screenslaver and Louie Duck are taken in by Zach and Carrie thus beginning their new adventures.