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Five Minutes

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Get your dress off. We got five minutes.

“What're we gon’ do in five minutes?” Beth asks, but even as the words leave her mouth she's hopping up onto the desk, eyes yawning at the way Daryl is stalking towards her.

“Girl, I been watchin’ you get yourself off for three years,” He growls as he comes to a stop in front of her, hot blue eyes raking down her body as his rough oil smeared hands come to rest on her knees. Her whole body feels as though it's on fire, burning under the heat of his gaze, his touch.

Daryl smirks, and it’s the most delicious thing she’s ever seen, his face just a breath away from hers, “Five minutes is more'n enough time for me to get you there. Hell, might even get you there twice.”

“Is that r-right?” Beth quips, tilting her head back to stare down her nose at him, an attempt at cocky but when Daryl strokes his rough thumbs across her upper thighs her voice shakes.

Daryl grunts in affirmation and then pushes her knees apart, his smirk growing into a wolfish smile when she gasps. They’ve just fucked and yet somehow the want in his gaze, the curiosity in his touch it sets her skin on fire like nothing she’s ever known. He’s looking at her like she’s the only thing in the world worth looking at and she wouldn’t be surprised if her traitorous eyes mirrored the same damn thing.

“Now that I'm here with the real you, m'hopin' you'll let me do what I been fantasisin’ about these past three years,” He says in a voice so low and rough Beth's clit starts to pulse as he slowly pushes her dress up to her waist.

“Which is?” She asks, voice coming out tight and breathless as his hands trail the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.

“Tastin’ that beautiful fuckin’ pussy of yours,” He murmurs, voice dropping to just above a whisper as his intense blue eyes lock with hers and take her breath away. She’s never felt so wanted and it lights up every fibre of her being, the way he’s looking at her like she’s the fucking oxygen that he needs to breathe.

She draws in a slow, deep breath, regaining her composure as oxygen fills her bloodstream and letting him sweat for an agonising thirty seconds. Her eyes follow the line of his throat, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows nervously.

Blinking up at him, she parts her legs wider under his hot palms. “Eat me,” She whispers, but the way his pupils pool to black the words fall on his ears as a command.

Her equally lust blown eyes follow his tongue across his bottom lip, nostrils flaring with ragged breaths as he ducks his head in a nod. She falls back onto her elbows and he drops to his knees between hers, pushing her legs further apart until her hips ache. As his fingers dip under the hem of her thong his eyes dart up to catch hers. She nods, a tiny crooked smile tugging at her mouth.

All the times he’s watched her, he’s never said much. Never asked her to do anything for him, just mumbled ‘wanna watch you come’ and watched in rapt fascination with those piercing blue eyes, striking even through a grainy webcam. Whenever she pressed him for likes or dislikes, he just shrugged, rolled his head back on his broad shoulders, ‘whatever gets you hot’ he’d murmur in that cigarette stained drawl of his.

That’s what made him quickly become her favourite client; that in the hour he watched her she could relax, take her time, maybe even enjoy herself without some creep interrupting by calling her a slut or a whore as he jerks off. No, Daryl never said anything, just moaned in the back of his throat  as he came across his stomach, and always, always after watching her shudder through her own orgasm.

His rough fingertip grazes her quivering pussy lips as he drags her thong to the side and brings her crashing back into the present moment. He wastes no time in smothering her clit with his mouth and running his hot tongue over the pulsing nub of her arousal.

Hot hands dig into the space between her and the desk, curling around her ass and pulling her cheeks apart, fingernails dragging across her skin. He moves down to lap at her slit, drinking down the juices shamelessly spilling from her quivering walls.

Beth keens high and desperate, hands flying to grab at his unruly hair as his wide eyes catch hers and she trembles against his tongue.

Holy fuck.

Her eyes widen back at his as he eagerly swirls his tongue against her begging flesh, hot breath burning her sensitive skin. A broken moan pours out of her mouth as his thick fingers nudge between her sticky lips and seek her pulsing hole. Her pussy walls desperately clench around his questing digits as he thrusts two fingers into her slick wet heat and twists.

Her fingers curl in his hair as a pulse runs through her pelvis and lights a flame deep inside her. His eyes, God, his eyes. Glued to hers and pulsing with every twitch of her fluttering pussy walls, twitching and sucking harder and deeper until she’s shuddering against his open mouth. Her orgasm hits her so hard she sees stars, hips rocking forward violently into his jaw as he pulls her apart with the deftness of his fingers and the swiftness of his tongue.

All the while he watches from behind his wild, tousled hair, piercing gaze flooding with blue as a litany of ruined moans spill from her lips. He doesn’t let up, as though spurred on by her desperate sounds he curls his fingers deep inside her as he draws her pulsing clit into his mouth, flicking his tongue against her nub mercilessly until the combination kicks a scream from her lungs.

All of a sudden, another orgasm grabs her by the spine and shakes her to the core. She’s screaming so loud there’s no way that Daryl’s hard-mouthed brother isn’t turning his head in the workshop.

But she doesn’t care.

Couldn’t if she tried.

This is the realest orgasm she’s ever had and it’s pouring out through her lungs and lighting up every cell in her body. For one white hot moment she knows only pleasure and everything stops. Her head falls back onto the desk with a clunk as her bones turn to liquid, every ounce of tension is her being melting into the hard wood.

When she finds the strength to peel her lids to half mast, Daryl is looming over her, staring down with pupils blown so wide black eclipses blue. She watches him suck on his bottom lip and swallow, humming low in his throat as though enjoying the taste. Her taste. His nose, cheeks and chin are all painted with her cum, swollen lips glistening luridly as he breathes heavily through his mouth. He looks as fucked out as she feels, broad chest heaving against his grease streaked wife beater.

On her next shaky inhale, Beth pulls herself up to sitting with considerable effort. She instantly regrets it as her head spins and her stomach lurches with the hangover she'd all but forgotten. Daryl's tanned hands come to rest at either side of her on the desk and she can't help stare at his scarred knuckles in fascination for a moment before lifting her gaze to his.

He's biting his lip and looking at her with intent.

"Spit it out,” She prompts, voice coming out so raw she cringes a little.  

His nostrils flare.

“Gimme half an hour to clear the floor, talk to Merle, an’ I’ll take you out for lunch, line your stomach wit’ more' n jus donuts ‘fore you drive back,” He says quickly, words pouring out in a rush as his trembling eyes hold hers, but just barely. His tongue flicks out to wet his lips and it's presence sparks an ache between her legs, tingling as she remembers the feel of him just moments ago.

“What d’you say?” He asks, thumb coming up to catch between his teeth as his darting eyes study her face, looking for a cue from her.

She blinks back at him owlishly, cunt throbbing at his proximity and the prospect of spending even more time with him. This man who’s just given her three toe curling orgasms, the best orgasms she’s ever known, is now offering to fill her rumbling belly? What can she possibly say to that?

“Sure, I could eat,” She answers on a smile, pushing herself up off the desk to stand on wobbly legs.

His huge hand comes up to curl around her elbow and steady her, eyes sparkling as a smile splits his face. Not a smirk this time, but a real smile and her heart grows warm under the light of it. It's not just her pussy that's fluttering when his hot palm gives her elbow a quick squeeze before he steps away.