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"What were you thinking?!"

This was the angriest she had ever seen Visnu. His mouth was almost drawn back in a snarl, and he had actually raised his voice beyond the droning midtone that it usually stayed at. Even when dealing with Kali, Brahma had only ever seen him filled with exasperation; never anger.

Brahma let her bubble pop before answering. "Relax."

"Relax? I had expected this from Kali, but from you? I had never thought to look into the futures where you would be the one creating problems in this universe!" Ah, so that was it then. He was more blindsided than usual.

"It's not going to be a problem," Brahma said.

"You gave Agni a way to kill Gandharva!" Visnu said. "You gave the one god who has the desire to kill Gandharva for the sake of killing him, the ability to kill Gandharva!"

"Eh, it's up to him if he can actually find the way--"

"He will." Visnu groaned and dropped his forehead to a hand. "I've already foreseen it."

"Then you must've also foreseen that he won't go through with it."

"It's a fifty-fifty shot."

"And that's easy enough to push in your favor, I'm sure," Braha shrugged.

"Why?" Visnu lifted his head. "Why did you make him the sword?"

"I was just annoyed, that's all."

"Tch." He shook his head, anger cooling to the familiar exasperated understanding. "Well, I agree that his complaining can be bothersome."



It was exciting when a new universe began. The possibilities seemed limitless, including the possibility that the universe could last. So like a fool, she'd pour her love into its creation. A beautiful world for the beings that would surely hold things together this time around.

And then like a house of cards, it'd all come tumbling down.

Visnu who always insisted he knew what to do, and Kali who always tried to prove him wrong. This was the little game they played, and Brahma had no part in it except to watch them wreck all that she had poured herself into.

Her job was done after the world was created, but she was always forced to watch it fall apart. All her efforts, all her love, all for nothing.



Things had already fallen apart to such a degree; there was no love left. She already dreamed of the next universe. What was there left except to decide who won between Visnu and Kali? She was just waiting now for a victor to declare themselves among the ruined rubbles of her hard work. As far as she was concerned, this game had already worn itself thin.

So, just for once, she threw in a wildcard for both of them. They wanted to wreck her universe, then she'd interfere with their stupid game. It was a worthless, trivial interference, but if it annoyed them, then it did its job.

She kept an eye on Agni as he revived in Hell, but feigned focus on the paperwork before her. She had promised to help Yama after all. "Died again, did you?" she said as she stamped a paper.

Agni glared. She supposed that meant that he didn't succeed in getting a new transcendental.

"Hey now, I told you it'd take a while, didn't I? You could always stop..."

"No," he said tersely.

Brahma snorted. "You're a real idiot. This goes beyond you, you have to know that. Yet you still keep trying like you don't."

"If trying means I'm an idiot, I like myself better as an idiot."

Brahma stopped mid-stamp, considering for a moment. "Well, a game between two geniuses can be rather boring. Do your best," she said, finishing the paper with a stamp. "I don't mind having something to entertain me while I wait."