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Taehyung stared at his reflection in the mirror. The man staring back at him couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. He's wearing a suit. Sure, he's worn suits plenty of times, more than the average man probably did, but this was more. This suit had accents of purple in the flower on his lapel and the cumberbun on his waist. Even though he was told he could make it loose how he tends to like his clothing, he had turned down the suggestion, opting for a tailored fit that would bring out the proportions of his body. After all, this wasn’t just any suit. This was the suit he was getting married in. As the thought floated through his head he took a shuddering inhale of breath and held it. He held everything in that breath. His love and devotion, his fear and sadness, his heart and his life. He closed his eyes, beginning to exhale.


"What the hell are you doing?" a deep voice asked from behind.


He startled at the voice and let the air out in a fit of coughing. Opening his eyes, he looked up at Yoongi in the mirror coming to pat him on the back as his coughing died down.


"Hyung, when did you get in here?" he asked after taking a few deep breaths.


Yoongi raised an eyebrow at him. "I've been here the whole time. I was taking a nap on the couch over there," he said with yawn as he pointed lazily to the side.


Taehyung turned around and followed his finger to a small blue couch positioned in the back corner of the room beside the door. He hadn't even noticed that there was a couch in here let alone that someone had been sleeping on it when he walked in 30 minutes ago to get changed. He really needed to get a handle on himself soon or he wouldn't even know where he was in a couple of hours.


"Oh..." Taehyung mumbled dumbly as he looked back at his friend.


Yoongi chuckled at that and raked a hand through his disheveled blonde hair. "You doing okay, Tae?"


"Yeah,...I'm just-" he began but realised there were too many emotions going on inside him to make any semblance out of and just huffed a sigh as he looks down at his shoes.


The older boy gave him a knowing look and put his hands on his shoulders. "Taehyung, you’re doing fine. I know it's a lot, but everything will turn out okay. Okay?" Yoongi spoke in a encouraging tone and gave him a small smile, but Taehyung still wasn’t convinced. Instead, his mind wandered elsewhere.


"Do you think she’ll actually be happy with me, hyung?" He asked softly.


Yoongi blinked at him in surprise, clearly not expecting him to say something like that. He took a moment, choosing his words carefully. "Tae, I think you’re thinking about this too much. I don't think we would be standing here if she wasn't happy already happy with you."


"I know, I know" he said and looked down at his shoes again,"it just-" he paused and his friend quietly waited for him to finish. Taehyung knew he could trust Yoongi, but he also knew that he wasn't gonna like what he was about to say. "They still don't except it and they’re still trying to threaten us. Who could be happy like that? I would be bringing that all on to her!" He felt himself slump and curl into himself with each word.


When they had made the announcement of Taehyung getting married 6 month ago he had expected backlash and angry fans, but he had also expected it to eventually die down. It hadn't, and the fans seemed to get even more enraged as time went by. Sure, there was support but it was almost impossible to see through the angry black wall of text the unsupportive had made. He felt his resolve breaking and this was exactly what he was trying not to do. He didn't want to let his thoughts get the better of him, but he just couldn't help it; not when it was about her.


The older boy closed his eyes and sighed. "You’re really still on this, Tae?" Yoongi opened his eyes only to give him a look of disappointment. "You know damn well that isn't any of your fault and you can't keep sitting here blaming yourself for it." Yoongi spat, his raised voice laced with frustration.

Taehyung looked up at his hyung sheepishly, knowing that what he was saying is true, but..." I just don't want her to get hurt."


"You should know best out of all of us how strong that girl is. She has been put through the ringer over and over again to stay with you. She would only be insulted by the fact that you don't think she can handle it. Have more faith in Shauna. She loves you." Yoongi said with a pointed look as he took his hands from the younger’s shoulders.


At his hyung’s words, Taehyung bit his lips and looked down apologetically. He knew he had hit a nerve with the older boy. He and Shauna, his soon to be wife, had gotten close when they had all met. Yoongi had been the first person the girl had started talking to, and wouldn't even say anything to Taehyung at first. Yoongi had seen everything first hand that Shauna had to go through, and they actually might not have even ended up together if it wasn't for Yoongi.


"I'm sorry hyung, I-"


The sudden opening of the door and a soft giggle cut Taehyung’s next words off. He and Yoongi turned to see Jimin walking in with a smile on his face. Taehyung caught a flash of dark skin and a white sundress as the door closed and knew that Samirah was waiting outside while Jimin came in.


"Hyung, you’re still not dressed!" Jimin exclaimed while looking at Yoongi with wide eyes.


Taehyung looked down and sure enough Yoongi is still in black sweatpants and a hoodie that he had arrived here in. He really wasn't an observant person today, wow. He closed his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose to try and assemble some kind of focus.


"Oh, yeah," he heard Yoongi say as if he had just realised this as well. "I wanted to lay down for a bit, but I didn't want to mess up the suit so..." he trails off.


"TaeTae what's wrong?" Taehyung opened his eyes to see Jimin staring at him with worry. "...You’re thinking about it again, aren't you?"


Leave it Jimin to know exactly what was going through his head. Sometimes he thought the dark haired boy knew him better than himself. When Taehyung didn’t answer, Jimin huffed and came to stand in front of him. Taehyung looked back down at his shoes, not wanting to see the anger he knew was forming on Jimin's face.


"Tae, look at me." Jimin didn't wait for him to comply and instead took his chin in his hands and pulled his face up so he's staring into his brown eyes. When he saw the sadness on the younger boys face he visibly softened, but he kept a stern tone. "Today is your wedding day. You should not be thinking about 'what ifs' and second guessing yourself. Stop blaming yourself for something that hasn't even happened yet, Tae. You should be thinking about the girl that you loved so much that you were willing to deal with all the angry fans just so you didn't have to hide her anymore. You should be thinking about the the fact that she loved you enough that she still stood by your side when you had to hide her. Where's the Tae that can always see the bright side in the worst situations? Where's the boy who smiles when it rains?" Jimin finished softly, his hand drifting to rest on the younger man’s shoulder.


Taehyung stood quietly and let his words sink in. He was still that optimistic boy that he was talking about, and he knew he should be finding the best in this situation. It was just different when it came to Shauna. She brought out this fierce need to protect inside him. He didn't want anything to touch her, and for her to always be happy. He would turn the world upside down just to keep a smile on her face.


"It's not always gonna be happy, Tae." Jimin says softly, seeming to read his thoughts again. "But she already knew that and still wants to be with you. And I know you know it too. So please stop worrying, please." He begs.


"She wouldn't give you up for the world, Taehyung." He heard a soft voice say in english from the door.


Jimin let go of his friend and turned to look at the girl. They hadn't even noticed she came in.


"Samirah," Jimin said in a tone that Taehyung had come to realise he only used for her.


The girl smiles at him."I couldn't help but hear everything, these walls aren't exactly sound proof." She then turns to Taehyung and has sympathy flooding her deep brown eyes "I don't exactly understand everything you guys said, but I know your worried, Tae. And I'm telling you as her friend, don't be. The last thing she would want is for you to be worried about her. If you want to make her happy," she stepped forward to rest a hand on his arm, "you just keep being happy because that's all she wants."


Taehyung felt the smile coming to his lips without even thinking about it. He knew that was all she wanted, she tells him at least once every day. He always seemed to forget that when he was faced with problems though, so it was good that she kept telling him. He realised that she hadn't told him today when Samirah had said the words instead. He let out a breath he didn't realise he had been holding, and smile gets wider.


"I know," he replied in english, with slight accent in his voice. "Thank you."


She gave him a blinding smile in return and let his arm go. Glancing back over to Jimin, her smile faltered a bit as she looked back up at Taehyung.


"So! I hate to do this now, when you just got your mojo back, but there is actually a reason we came here," she said quickly as a grimace replaced her smile.


His eyebrows knit in confusion as she glanced back over to Jimin. He followed her eyes, and the other boy sighed in defeat when he realised he was going to have to be the bearer of bad news. He looked back up at him with a grin Taehyung assumed was supposed to calm him, but only made him more confused.


"So," Jimin continues in korean, "we might have misplaced Yeontan.” He said the last word very quietly, like he didn't want Taehyung to hear it.


Panic quickly rose up in Taehyung’s chest, and he could feel his eyes expanding along with it. He quickly grabbed at the boy’s wrist.


"You did WHAT?!” He tried not to yell, but it still came out in a strangled growl.


"Now, TaeTae it will be okay," the boy replied cautiously, holding up his hands. "We will find him. He's a small dog, he couldn't have gotten far."


"Why are you all shouti- holy shit! Why is there a girl in here??"


Taehyung glanced to the side and sees a half naked Yoongi in the open doorway of the bathroom quickly trying to wrap his dress shirt around his front. Blinking blearily, Taehyung realized he hadn’t even noticed Yoongi slip out to change as Jimin and Samirah calmed him down. What was wrong with him today?


"What the hell Jimin!!!" the blonde yelled, "you can't just bring your girlfriend in here!"


Jimin's face immediately colored three different shades of red and he quickly stammered out, "S-she's not my girlfriend, Hyung!"


"Oh whatever the fuck she is! Just get her out of here." Yoongi shoos them with his hand that isn't holding his shirt around his body.


Jimin quickly pulled his wrist out of Taehyung’s grip and goes to take Samirah's hand, pulling her towards the door.


"Wait, what about Yeontan!" Taehyung called out desperately, his panic only growing more as they walked away from him.


"Sorry hyung, and we will find him, Tae!" Jimin called as he grabbed at the door handle, only to be swept to the side as it was slammed open.


Jimin was pushed back into Samirah and she caught his waist as they both fall together, the girl landing on her butt and Jimin on her lap. Taehyung didn't think it was possible, but Jimin's face became even redder when he realised his position. He would laugh at the older boy right now if he wasn’t still worried about his dog. Instead he looked up at the huffing boy at the door, doubled over trying to catch his breath.


"We-we...found" Namjoon coughed, "we found Yeontan." He finally gets out and continues to wheeze.


Taehyung deflates as his words and whispers a soft "thank god".


Namjoon righted himself after taking in a few more deep breaths and looked straight at Taehyung.


"He was... in the cake." His leader said slowly.


Taehyung blinked twice, and really hoped he had just imagined what Namjoon had said. He pinched himself, wanting to wake up from this really crappy dream. When he blinked again Namjoon was still leaning in the doorway, Jimin was still on the floor looking like the reincarnation of a tomato, Yoongi was still half naked with a scowl on his face, and his dog was just found in his fucking $300 wedding cake.


"Oh for fuck’s sake..." Taehyung lets out as he moved towards the door. " DADDY IS COMING, YEONTAN!"  


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Shauna looked at the mess that had become her changing room and sighed. A tornado called her friends had hit the room and hit it hard. There was lace and white cloth covering every inch of the room, except the tiny little holes Tori had created while she hoped around. There was purple ribbon hanging from odd places throughout the small space- some on the couch in the back, some tied around the bathroom door with the other end tied to a hanging rack, some hanging off the back of Bre's bun, some wafting through the air as it was blown about by the ceiling fan, and some in Ning's hand as she twirled around like some kind of ballerina. In the middle of the mess, Allison was practically buried in the wedding dress, going at it with a needle and thread. Shauna sat off to the side, her back leaning against the wall, as she tried not to have a mental breakdown. It was only 2 and maybe a half hours before she was supposed to walk out of this room and down the aisle, and nothing seemed to be ready. She shoved her face into her hands only to have them pulled away by another pair of warm hands.

"Nope, don't do that. You’ll mess up your make-up." A taller woman stood in front of her with a smile coming to her face." Though I'm sure he would think you looked beautiful even if you wore a pancho and a rainboot on your head." Monie laughed at her own joke.

Shauna felt the side of her lips tug upwards, and it made Monie smile even wider.

"He would want to get a matching rainboot for him to wear so you guys could be matching too," a tanned girl said as she slid up next the bride-to-be.

At that Shauna cracked and let out a laugh. "You have no idea how right you are, Lily," she said with a giggle.

"Hah! I know your husband better than you do!"

She felt heat rising to her cheeks and whispered, "he's not my husband yet."

"Uhg, details!" A blond girl comes up and started plucking at her hair, fixing the flyaway strands back into their place. "That shirt looks good on you, by the way," she says with a smirk as she glances down.

Shauna looked down at the shirt she was wearing so she wouldn't be completely naked while waiting for her dress to be fixed. Though, she seemed to be the only one to care about that seeing as most of the girls were walking around in their bra and panties or only wearing half of their outfits. She would have already be wearing her dress if she hadn't been a complete idiot and threw herself at it when she came in and started crying. Those tears had become sad ones when she realised she had clung too hard, and the dress had ended up ripping in small parts. Kaylee and Monie where quick to console, Kaylee taking Steph’s spot in the mother-father duo while she was out and about. They held onto her and rubbed circles into her back and said sweet nothings into her ear. Zoey came bearing tissues to keep the tears at bay, complaining about how she couldn't mess up the makeup the other girl had JUST put on her. Allison quickly produced a needle and thread and said that it should be no problem to fix and just give her a bit. That had been a little over an hour ago and Allison was still trying to figure out the art of mending a wedding dress. She would glance over at Shauna and keep telling her that it will be fine and they have time,  and she would just nod to that, not sure whether she believed it or not.

So now all she had left was the shirt Tori had handed her when she said she felt cold, though she would of rathered Tae's warm arms around her instead. He would have made her feel better, but the bride and the groom couldn't see each other until she walked down the aisle. Taehyung was not going to give in either; always saying they had to do it right. She loved him, but she wasn’t sure how she felt about him at the moment, his stupid rules keeping her stuck in this stifling room of chatting girls. She took the shirt into her hands and looked closer. It had a bunch of meme faces of the boys all over it and there was some writing in korean on the back.

"Where did you even get this, Tori?" she asked the blonde.

"Jimin's closet," she replied without missing a beat.

"Why were you in Jimin's closet?" Bre asked, poking her head up from the spot she had chosen on the ground. It looked like she had started making an angel out of all the cloth on the floor.

Tori looked down and focused on the lace edging her bra and shrugged, "I needed a shirt, and his clothes are cute."

Shauna didn't miss how the edge of her lips turned down, but decided that it was better to talk to her about it later.

"Samiarah isn't gonna be happy that you’re going through Jimin's clothes," Ning calls from across the room where her and Lisa where now doing handstands on the couch, their legs resting against the wall.

"Why? “They’re not even dating”," Tori say with her fingers curled in air quotes while she turns to look at them. "I'm not gonna even begin to ask what the hell you’re doing." Tori deadpans as she gave them an incredulous look.

"We were recreating Jungkook’s and J-hope's iconic moment on the couch!" Lisa says brightly as she adjusts herself.

The door opened, and all the girls turn to look as Samirah walks in.

"I heard that Tori," she said as she passed by them to grab a dress off the ground. Samirah seemed to have superhuman hearing or these walls weren’t as thick as they thought. The wavy haired girl straightened and looked at the blonde with what others would see as a calm face, but Shauna knew that she was frustrated. "Why don't you borrow your own 'boyfriend's' clothes?" she asked with her own air quotes and she tossed the dress towards the blonde.

Tori smiled widely, but it didn't quite reach her eyes. "His clothes are too big for me," she replied sweetly as she caught the dress and left to put it on.

The silence was thick in the room and no one dared to break it. Shauna looked at the door Tori had just went through and back at Samirah that was now looking at the floor pretending to study a piece of lace. They had been like this for a few weeks now, and nobody could give a guess as to why other then the fact that the smaller girl had gotten very close to Jimin lately. She was worried for her friends and hoped to god it wasn’t what she thought was happening.

"Um," Samirah finally managed, looking over at Shauna and giving her an unsure look. "Yeontan got into the cake, by the way. I just came to tell you that." she said quickly before she leaving just as quickly through the door she came from.

Silence enveloped the room again, but not the same thick tension as before. This time all jaws were dropped open, the girls too shocked at the abrupt news to speak.

Shauna slowly looked over to her left where Elly was doing her make-up in front of the mirror. Their eyes locked when the other girl looked up at her, fear twisting her features.

"Elly, why did she just tell me that Yeontan, my sweet, little pup that you were supposed to be watching, was in my cake?" Shauna asked, deadly sugar dripping from her words as she planted a tight smile on her face. She curled and uncurled her fists a few times to keep herself in check.

Elly shot up from her spot. "I am so sorry! I'm so sorry! I-I-I...he...and th-" she flailed her arms around as she tried to explain, before she stopped and ran for the door. "I'll go get him!"

No one had the time to tell her that she didn't have her dress on before she was already out the door.

"Oh god," Lily whispered as she stared at the door in horror, face falling into her palm.

It took about 3 seconds before they heard a loud scream, and then a bunch of noises happening at once. There was a man talking, cursing, a big crash as if something hit the ground, and then the door was thrown open. Elly ran through the room, her hands plastered against her face, and threw herself into the bathroom, a confused shriek leaving Tori as the girl startled her mid-change. A yelp made it through the door before it shut and a muffled 'holy fucking shit' was heard through it. Not even a second later the main door was thrown open again, a bright flock of red hair poking around the corner.

"Elly! Wait!" he yelled and took a few steps into the room before realizing what he had just walked in to. There are screams from all around the room as all the naked and partly clothed girls scrambled to cover themselves. Thankfully there was plenty of random cloth on the ground, so it wasn’t a hard task. But the deed was already done and Hoseok probably had that image burned into his mind now even though he quickly covered his eyes.

"I'm so sorry!" he exclaimed loudly in korean, quickly changing to English and mumbling the phrase over and over again. He bowed multiple times in random directions, large hands still over his eyes, thick accent coloring his words.

He quickly turned and reached around with his hand, moving in the direction he thought the door was in. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite the right direction. Instead he walked straight into the wall, the force of it knocking him back where his legs found the edge of the couch. A flailing of body parts later, the poor boy landed on the two girls that were perched on the couch, his head landing on Ning’s legs and his body sprawled out on top of Lisa's. Hoseok stared up at the still half naked girl as Ning leaned over him.

"Hi, Hobi!" she sang as if this was just a casual conversation between friends and she wasn’t in just her underwear. Shauna guessed that it could be casual if this were a porno, but they weren’t in a porno! What the hell, Shauna. She quickly shook her head to dispell the thought.

"What the hell just happened?!" Tori yelled as she made her way out of the bathroom, now the only fully dressed girl in the room. "Why is Elly crying? Who the hell made her cry?!"

At that Hoseok finally stirs and picked himself up off the girls’ laps. "She's crying!?" He asked with wide eyes, and quickly darted into the bathroom. Tori gestured wildly at the boy, her face a mask of confusion.

Lily giggled next to her and looked over at the tan girl, wondering what was going though the other girls’ heads. Turning to her friend, she laughs. "This is like something we would have made up on our discord chat back in the day."

Oh, that's what it was, Shauna thinks, before she lets out her own laugh. Eventually, both of them are doubled over in laughter.

"I think it's missing a whole lot more smut for it to be something from our sinning discord," Monie added, casually leaning against the wall with her arms crossed like a red headed ball of screaming hadn’t just burst into their dressing room. A collective snort rose from the other girls before they all dissolved into laughter.

Ning perked up at that, "I can be of assistance there!" She jumped up and wrapped a long piece of cloth around her semi-naked body before grabbing her friend by the hand and pulling her towards the door. She picked a shirt off the floor as they went and threw it at her. "Lets go! I need to go get an onion!" Tori and Bre both sent Ning a disgusted look as she disappeared.

Lily was now on the floor rolling in her laughter and Shauna felt like her sides are gonna burst if she didn't stop soon.

"What the actual FUCK!" Tori yelled looking even more confused than before. One look at Tori's face and Shauna's knees hit the carpet as she joined Lily on the ground.

Shauna let herself laugh until her body ached with it; letting all her cares and worries go for a second. Eventually, her and Lily let their laughter die out as they came down from their high. Every pair of eyes was on her and she felt herself smile sheepishly.

"Now that's the smile we were looking for!" Monie said happily, smiling down at her. "Are you feeling better now, kiddo?"

"I'm not that much younger then you, stop calling me a kiddo!" Shauna bit back, but she couldn't help but smile back at the woman.

"You’re right! You’re getting married now! All grown up and turning into a woman!" Monie yelled like a proud father, a misting of tears in her eyes.

"Hate to break it to you, but I'm pretty sure she was a woman long before now," Bre snorts, her eyes looking off to the side with a knowing look.

Shauna’s cheeks tint red at Bre's words. She knew she shouldn't be embarrassed about this kind of stuff anymore, but when an image of Tae's flushed cheeks and half hooded eyes flashed through her head she couldn't help the heat the rose in her.

"Stop defiling my flower!" Monie tells Bre. "She must remain pure and innocent.” Bre let out another snort of laughter in response.

At that moment the main door opened again and in strolled a tall man with brown hair sitting messily on his head as if he had run his hand through it a thousand times.

"And now there's another guy in here! Do you people read signs anymore? Does anyone care about privacy anymore?!" Tori ranted from in front of the bathroom door.

"Joonie!" Monie chirped as the man strode up to her.

"Hey, babe" he planted a soft kiss on the top of her head and gave her a small smile.

"Joon, I know you can read english! This is the girls changing room, and you are in a room full of half naked girls!" Tori continued ranting from in front of the bathroom door.

"Oh, really? I guess I couldn't see anything past this beautiful lady!" Namjoon chuckled as he wrapped his arm around Monie’s waist.

"You guys make me want to vomit," a deep voice countered as yet another person came waltzing into the room. Though he was much more cautious as he checked to see if everyone was at least covered.

"Not you too, Yoongs." Tori slumped, finally accepting defeat.

"Please, stop calling me that!" he grimaced in return, turning to glare at the blonde.

"Would you rather her go back to calling you Mr. Meow Meow?" Shauna asked from her spot on the ground. Yoongi gave her a horrified look, making her chuckle a little.

Ignoring both woman and their nicknames, Yoongi glanced around the room. "Where's Kaylee?"

Shauna shrugged and told him that she had left about an hour earlier saying that she had something important to do.

"And you didn't think to ask her?" He asked with a raise of his eyebrow.

"I'm not her keeper, Yoongi." Shauna throws back. "I have a lot more to worry about here." She sighed as she gestured around the room.

Yoongi looked at the room, eyes slowly widening in disbelief as he finally paused to take in the state of the room. "Where the hell did all this cloth come from?" he wondered, his eyebrows starting to knit together.

Shauna let her hands hit the floor. "You know," she started, shaking her head, "I have no fucking clue!"
Then she let out a laugh and wondered if her soon-to-be husband was having as hard of a time as she was.

Chapter Text

The table was filled with laughter and chatter as the girls talked about the concert that night. They grabbed at their soju and and stuffed samgyeopsal in their mouth without a care. It had been an amazing night! When Jungkook did a backflip Ning and Lilia almost went down from the shock. Every time J-hope came slightly close it was like Elly was possessed and inhuman sounds came pouring from her mouth. Kaylee had let out a keening ‘please choke me with those hands’ at Yoongi and quickly smacked a hand over her mouth. Her eyes had become saucers when Yoongi had smirked at her like he had heard it. Javi was laughing at all the girls freaking out, but he had no room to talk when Jungkook did shooty-fingers at him and actually squealed. All of them had cried at least once throughout the night, unless you were Shauna and just cried the whole time. It had been something they could have only dreamed of, but it had actually happened.


Tori snapped her head up when she noticed Elly getting up to leave, and quickly grabbed her hand.

"No, you can't leave yet!" she pleaded, putting on her best puppy dog face.


"Tori, I’ve already stayed too long. I was supposed to leave right after the concert." Elly sighed as she tried to pull her hand out the blonde’s grasp.


"Just stay for a little longer, pleassssse~~~~." Tori let out while wiggling back and forth in her chair. "We still haven't done karaoke!"


"I think we are a little too broke to do karaoke," Stephanie, their fearless leader, comments from the other side of table.


"Who said we have to pay for anything? I ment karaoke right here!" Tori pointed at the table, still holding onto Elly's hand.


"Tori, I don't think we can just start singing at the restaurant." Tara muttered scepticly, taking a sip from her drink.


"We’re already being loud as hell! What's it gonna hurt if we start singing. Anyway it's a closed off room!" April grinned as she gestured to the thin paper wall around them.


"You can hardly call that closed off," Monie giggled, "But I'm down for anything!" She lifted her shot in mock cheers and tipped it back.


"I'm with Tori! Let's sing!" Ning shouted a little too loudly, causing Tori to suspiciously wonder about the teen’s alcohol consumption. They had given her a shot, but told her that that was all she could have. Yet, as she looked at Ning swaying back and forth with Javi, she doubted that the girl had listened to them.


"I'll start!"Joyce jumped up and started sing yelling 'Dope' at the top of her lungs. Slowly everyone started to join in with her until they were a chorus of happy voices.


"Okay, who’s next?!" April shouted.


"Tori is next because she came up with the idea!" Elly yelled from beside her. She had finally sat down, but she still hadn't let go of Elly's hand in fear of her bolting.


"Okay, okay," Tori conceded with a smile. She wasn't actually sure what she was gonna sing, and took a second to think. "I'm gonna give you guys a good one!" She finally said as she thought of something.


In a soft yet confident voice, she started singing an english translated version of ‘The Truth Untold'. She only knew parts of it, but still sang as best she could. Once she was done, a round of applause and cheers ran through the room.


"Not too shabby," Stephanie praised with a nod of her head.


"Thank you," Tori smiled as the others clap for her. She looked over at Shauna sitting next to her. "You should go next." She grinned, remembering the girl had once expressed a love for singing.


Shauna looked up with wide eyes. "Oh no, I'm not that great at singing. I can't follow that performance." She declined politely while shaking her hands.


"Come on you should do it," Zoey, Shauna's sister, called from the other side of her.


Shauna looked at her and sighed in defeat, "okay, fine."


When Shauna opened her mouth a nice sound came drifting out.The soft tones of “Beautiful” echoed through their little room, bouncing off of the paper walls. It was softer than the original, and she let the words glide together. The girls were silent as they listened to her pleasant voice. As J-Hope’s rap comes closer, April perked up and helped Shauna through it, the two giggling slightly together as April makes quick work of it. Then Shauna closed her eyes and finished out the song. She hit Jimin's high notes perfectly and the girls gave a chorus of appreciative noises. There was a stilled silence once Shauna finished. No one dared to even breath in fear of breaking the beautiful moment that she created.


Before anyone can speak, they hear a deep voice from the other side of the thin wall. "That was really good!" it praised happily.




Shauna heard the voice from the other side of the wall and quickly snapped her head and turned to stare at it. That voice sounded familiar, but she wasn't sure where she remembered it from.


It took a few seconds before she could stammer out a 'thank you' at the man through the wall. There was a moment of silence, and she glanced around seeing that the rest of the girls were looking at the wall as well.


"What's your name?" the voice asked, and she noticed there is an accent in it that she hadn't picked up on before. There are other voices that followed his in hushed whispers, but they were too quiet to pick out anything.


"Um, it's Shauna," she replies sceptically. She wasn’t sure why she was giving her name out to a random stranger, but it didn’t seem like he was hostile or weird. At least she was hoping he wasn’t.


"Shauna," the man said simply, slowly, moving it through his mouth and tasting it like one would a fine wine.


She glanced around again at the other girls and their faces had taken on confused looks, except for Tori. Tori was staring wide eyed at the wall like it was some kind of mythical creature. The blonde looked over at her with the same look and ever so softly whispers to her. "They are speaking korean."


Shauna didn’t know why that was such a big deal, they were in a korean restaurant, weren't they? Her brows knit in confusion as she looked back at the wall and heard a soft voice say 'hyung' and slowly started to realise where she had heard that voice before.


"What's your name?" she blurted out, staring at the wall like it might catch fire any second now. There was another pause and she could hear the mumbling again and started to realize that it is korean.


"Vincent." A deep voice finally answered through the screen and she felt the breath catch in her throat. "Vincent Van Gogh."


Shauna heard a gasp from beside her and a tiny squeak from somewhere else.


"No, calm down. Don't freak out." She heard Tori saying to the rest of them in a hushed tone, and slowly the girls break out into soft exclamations.


"Vincent," Shauna breathed out.


"Yes," the voice said back to her.


She didn’t know why she did it, but she didn’t think she would ever get a chance to do this again. "You got to hear me sing. So I should be able to hear you sing," she said, her voice becoming a bit more confident. "Will you sing for me, Vincent?"


The silence that came after was almost unbearable, and there were no low mumbles this time. She just waited for what felt like an eternity before she could hear a low voice draw out a sigh. Then singing came through the wall. He sang the same song that she had just sung, his voice low and husky. She fought the urge to sing with him, along with the tears that prick at her eyes. His voice was even more magnificent in close proximity, even if there was a wall between them. She wanted so badly to tear that wall down and get closer, even if it was just to see his face. To know that she wasn’t imagining this. Once the man was done, the silence didn’t last long. The voices picked up from the other side of the wall not seeming to care if the girls hear them now. It was in korean so she wasn’t sure what they were saying, but she picked out words like 'idiot' and 'don't' and 'stop'. Joyce is the only one that could understand it and she was busy looking at the wall, her mouth slowly falling open more and more.


Just then there's another voice, deep but lighter than the previous’, and he spoke in english.


"Do you guys think you could not tell anyone we are here?" he asked with a laugh.


"Oh my god, it's real!" Monie blurts out, her hands coming up to her face.


"N-N-Namjoon?" Joyce asked, barely being able to get the name out.

"Uh,"he began before pausing a moment, "...yeah."


All the sudden everyone was talking at once. Shauna couldn’t make anything out over the sound of her heart beating fast in her ears. Taehyung, Kim Tae-fucking-hyung was on the other side of this wall, and he had just sung to her. She couldn't believe it, but she knew she wasn't dreaming as she felt Zoey's fingernails clawing down her arm as she held on for dear life and laughed like she was going crazy. Maybe she was. She vaguely started to realise that the girls were now talking to the boys. Questions and answers were shot back and forth.


"Yeah, we won't tell anyone."

"Your concert was really good."

"That backflip killed me!"

"Thank you!"

"Are you guys getting enough rest."

"Do you want the truth?"

"It's so cool to meet you guys."

"It's nice to meet you too."


She heard all the boys starting to talk in broken English and laughing along with her friends, but she couldn’t hear Taehyung. She wanted to ask him something, but couldn’t bring herself to start formulating words into a sentence, let alone say them.


"Did you like the song?" she almost didn't catch the soft words being spoken, but she immediately knew it was for her.


"Yes," she managed to get out. "It was beautiful, Vincent." She added the name on the end quickly, almost sure she could see him smile at it through the paper screen.

"I'm glad."

Chapter Text

Taehyung could hear excited voices and laughter from the room beside theirs when they were escorted to their private table. It seemed to only be females, but he thought he could hear a male voice every now and again. He, the rest of the members, and their manager Sejin filed in and took their seats.


"They must be having fun over there." Taehyung mused to no one in particular.


"I need them to have a little less fun. It's like we haven't left the concert. I need peace. I'm tired and I have a headache." Yoongi complained while staring up at the ceiling.


"We all have headaches, hyung," Namjoon deadpanned. "You should have just went back to the hotel if you were so sleepy." He said with disinterest as he looked down at the menu.


"But I'm also hungry," Yoongi mumbled as he looked down at his own menu.


"Then stop complaining." Jin chastised with a tone that ended the conversation.


"Can we get lots of meat?" Jimin asked their manager excitedly.


Sejin opened his mouth to answer before he was interrupted by Hoseok. "No, let's get seafood! Their clams look really good here." He cut in.


With that another argument arose right after the first one. The concert had just ended and it seems like more things had gone wrong than right, leaving the boys worn out and on edge. The mood had fallen further and further throughout the night. Taehyung had suggested afterwards they go out to eat to cheer everyone up, but it didn’t seem to have the effect he was hoping for. Taehyung sighed and looked down at his menu.


"But we had seafood for the last two days, Hobi hyung." Jimin whined.


"Shrimp at Panda Express doesn't really count." He countered.


"Just let him get meat. I want meat too." Yoongi said without looking up from his menu.


"Me too." Namjoon seconded.


Hobi looked over at Jungkook and Taehyung, daring them to say something other than seafood.


"Uh," Taehyung started, and looked to his other hyungs to save him, "uh, I-"


"OH MY GOOOOOD!!!" A scream from the other room caused everyone to jump, except for Yoongi who just scowled.


"Do you think they are okay?" Jungkook asked, looking at the wall with wide eyes.


"Yeah, I'm sure they're fine." Jimin replied as he eyed the wall too.


"Do you wanna go check on them?" Taehyung asked as he turned to Jungkook.


"They’re just being loud. It's fine." Yoongi said with a wave of his menu, batting their worry away.


With that the matter was dismissed and the argument along with it. A women came in to take their orders and Sejin ended up ordering them 4 servings of meat and a seafood stew that the place was known for. Taehyung was glad that no one had the guts to argue with their managers decision, or at least was too tired to. They sat in silence as they waited on their food, some staring at the table while others scrolled through their phones. This really wasn't what Taehyung had wanted when he suggested they all go eat together. He looked over at Namjoon at the end of the table and caught his eye. Gesturing with his head at the rest of the members, he mouthed the words "say something". Namjoon looked at Taehyung for a moment before nodding his head.


"Okay guys, we need to talk about this." Namjoon started, clapping his hands together and gaining everyone's attention. "Look, tonight didn't really go so smoothly, and I know it was really hard on everybody. Our performance was lacking and we could have done better." He looked each one of them in turn before continuing. "With that said, we still got through tonight and no one was hurt, so I say we did good. It could of been a lot worse, but everyone pulled through and kept going. You guys did a good job tonight, so let's not be so hard on ourselves. Let's have a good night okay, and fall asleep full and happy." He ended his speech with a dimpled grin.


Taehyung could visibly see the others starting to relax as there shoulders slump a little and the corners of their mouths pulled up into smiles to match their leader’s. He saw Jimin and Hoseok throwing glances at each other and chuckled.


"Just say sorry to each other already." Taehyung said as he pushed their faces towards each other from across the table.


Hoseok sighed. "Sorry Jimin." He said with a kind look at the younger boy.


"No, it's okay. I'm sorry too." The younger boy replied, and brought his hand up to Hoseok's arm to pat it lightly.


Taehyung smiled at them and looked over at Yoongi when he let out a scoff. Taehyung caught his eye and just gave him an expectant look. The older boy raised an eyebrow at him.


"I'm not apologizing if that's what you're waiting for." He said dryly.


It's Taehyung’s turn to raise an eyebrow and keeps his eyes trained on him.


"Just say your sorry, you grouchy old man." Jimin chirped with a smile from beside the blonde, quickly tacking on a ‘hyung’ at the end when Yoongi gave him a look. Yoongi couldn’t stay angry though, and already looked like he'd lost the argument before it even could start. Jimin had that effect on the older boy, Taehyung had noticed.


"Fine, I'm sorry I'm such a grumpy old man." Yoongi let out incredulously.


They all laughed at that and finally the last of the tension dissipated. Their food came and they began eating and talking like they usually would. Namjoon stuffed his face with lettuce wrap after lettuce wrap. Jimin talked to Yoongi and Hoseok about getting a new phone case for Yoongi because his was scratched up when Jimin had accidentally stepped on his phone. Jin chimed in, telling them it should be pink with sparkles, much to Yoongi's horror. Taehyung battled Jungkook for the last piece of pickled radish in a game Cham, Cham, Cham. It was fought hard but, Taehyung won in the end. He decided to share it with the younger boy anyway. Taehyung took a second to look around at everyone and pat himself on the back when he saw they all had smiles on their faces.


"Yeah, hyung?" Jungkook asked, looking up from his food looking at Taehyung. Taehyung looked behind him to see if he was maybe talking to Jin that was seated nearest to him, but the eldest was looking at his food with pleasure as he chewed.


"What?" His eyes knit in confusion as he looked back at Jungkook.


"You called me," the other boy insisted.


"I haven't said anything," he replied with a shake of his head.


Jungkook gave him a confused look and glanced over at the rest of the boys that were in different stages of eating. There was no sign that anyone had called Jungkook’s name. "I could have sworn I heard someone say my name."


"I think you need some sleep." Taehyung pat Jungkook’s head and smirked, "or it's just the voices in your head trying to talk to you."


The boys eyes widened like Taehyung was the crazy one, and then narrowed when Taehyung chuckled. "Don't say weird things, hyung." He whined and turns back to his food, not caring to take the older boy’s hand off his head. Taehyung chuckled again and ruffled his hair. He felt a tap on his shoulder and looked over at his manager.


"I'm going to go pay the bill,” he said before he getting up and exiting quickly. Taehyung looked after him as the door closed. What? Sejin never paid the bill, and this definitely wasn’t being paid for by their company. Taehyung looked over at Jin who had heard it too with a confused look. Jin just let out a chuckle and looked at the door.


"He's been flirting with the waitress all night. He's probably gone to talk her up some more," he said with a shake of his head. "We might be heading back on our own tonight.”


"Oh." Taehyung answered simply and looked back at the door. "That's nice."


His smile faltered a little bit as he thought about his manger going to flirt with a girl and probably getting her number. An uneasy feeling started forming in his chest and Taehyung looked down at his plate as he chewed on his cheek. He stared at a piece of lettuce hanging off the side of it while wondering if Sejin was gonna go out somewhere with the girl or just go back to her place tonight. He picked up the lettuce and popped it in his mouth, trying to swallow the sour taste in his mouth.


"Must be nice," he mumbled in a low tone, more to himself then Jin.


"Wait a second, are they singing Dope over there?" He heard Hoseok ask and pulled himself out of his thoughts. He looked up to see the rest of the guys turning their heads to look at the wall again.


Sure enough, there were a bunch of girls’ voices yelling the chorus to their song coming through the wall now, and it was only getting louder.


"We are sitting next to ARMYs" Jimin said with his eyebrows drawing up into his hairline.


"Makes sense why they were so loud now. They must have come from the concert." Yoongi explained what everyone else already assumed.


Everyone mumbled their agreements before going silent again. They sat there staring at the wall while they listened to their song being performed by their fans in the next room over. When it was finished he heard them speaking in english, but couldn't catch enough words to figure out what they were talking about. None of the guys went back to talking, instead they silently ate their food. Everyone wanted to hear what the girls were saying now. The voices stopped again and were replaced by a breathy voice starting to sing. It was in english this time, but he recognised the tune.


"Did she translate the song?" Yoongi asked quietly.


"Seems like it." Namjoon agreed just as quietly.


Everyone listened carefully as the girl weaved her words together. He saw Jin smiling out of the corner of his eye and looked over at the boy swaying with the music. She finished strong, her voice bellowing out the lines and then going soft again as she sang the last phrase.


"That was pretty good." Jungkook said softly from beside him.


"She did Jins part perfectly," Hoseok whispered while looking over at said man. Jin nodded in agreement the smile still on his face.


"She needs a little help wit-" Jimin started, pausing when they heard another voice start to sing.


This voice was sweet and melodic. Her words flowed together as she sang an old song of theirs. It was supposed to be an upbeat song, but the way the girl sang it made it sound soft. She sang with ease as if she had sung it thousand of times before. Hitting the notes with strong and soft pulses where they needed to be. Her Korean wasn't perfect, but it didn't make much of a difference. Even through the soft flow he could hear the emotions laced in each word. He could almost imagine her singing this to a boy and holding his hand, the girl sounded like she was in love. It made his heart swell a little bit as he got lost in her words. She made love sound really good. His heartbeat picked up along with the beat of Hoseok’s rap being done by another girl. The sweet voice started up again and he felt himself closing his eyes. There were emotions rising in his chest that he didn’t understand very well, but he liked them. They made him feel fuzzy and warm. Too quickly the song came to an end and Taehyung found himself already missing the girls voice. He opened his eyes to the silence and his heart thumps in his chest.


"That was really good,” he heard himself saying aloud. Maybe it was too loud because he could hear a wobbly 'thank you' come from the other side of the wall after a few seconds.


The other members quickly snapped their heads to Taehyung in alarm. Taehyung just looked at the paper wall in shock. He hadn't meant for her to hear it, but a part of him was sort of glad she did. He wanted to say something else to her, but the members’ eyes on him were telling him that he had already done too much. The urge was biting at him to hear the girls voice again. He swallowed and mouthed a ‘sorry’.


"What's your name?" he asked in english, and realised that he had said the earlier phrase in english too. Maybe his body had spoken for his heart that had beat a little faster at her song, wanting her to hear him. There was a lump forming in his throat as he waited for her reply.


The other boys burst out into outraged whispers then.


"Tae, what are you doing?!" Jimin snapped at him in a hushed tone.


"Why are you talking to them! Do you want the whole fan base here in 10 minutes?" Jin whisper shouted, his arms flying in the air.


"Just stop talking," Namjoon said lightly with a hand out in warning.


Taehyung stopped listening to them as soon as he heard the girl again.


"Um, it's Shauna," she replied, caution in her voice.


Taehyung smiled at the name. "Shauna,” he breathed. It seemed to fit the voice perfectly. Flowing together and rolling off the tongue languidly. He really liked that name. His hyungs were looking at him like they would like nothing more then to throttle him, but Taehyung can't care enough about it.


"Hyung?" Jungkook said softly beside him in a questioning manner. Taehyung didn’t know what he was trying to ask though. He turned his head to Jungkook and the boy had a look on his face that he couldn't quite read. He looked worried, but there was something else there too. Taehyung’s eyebrows knit together as he holds his gaze.


"What's your name?" He heard Shauna ask, her voice a little louder than before. He looked back at the wall quickly.


"Don't!" Yoongi warned in a hushed, but firm tone.


"See, this is why you shouldn't have kept talking to them!" Jin said in a rushed whisper.


"Tae, I will come over there and strangle you, if you say fucking anything!" Hoseok swore quietly.


"I can't just stay quiet! She is waiting for me to answer. I'll just give them a fake name," he whispered back at all of them.


Before any of them have time to protest again, he looked at the wall and said a little louder, "Vincent, Vincent Van Gogh."


Jimin slapped his hand to his face and groaned. There was a gasp from the other side and another high pitched noise. Maybe that wasn't the best name, but no one had questioned him when he had used it before. He couldn’t think straight right now. He just wanted to hear the girl’s voice again without knowing why.


"Vincent," the girl said.


"Yes," he replied immediately.


"You got to hear me sing. So shouldn't I be able to hear you?" she paused and he waited for her to finish. "Will you sing for me, Vincent?"


He just stared at the wall and breathed. If they hadn't already recognized him from his voice there was no doubt that they wouldn't know if he sang. He knew he shouldn't, he knew he should politely decline, and leave it up in the air. But, he knew he wanted to sing for her. Wanted to give back what she had gave him when she sang. He didn't know what love really felt like and couldn't put those same emotions in his song, but he could at least accept her request as a thank you.


He felt the members eyes on him, so he looked down at the table instead and closed his eyes. He let out a sigh as he prepared himself. He didn’t have it in himself to stop his emotions from pushing him forward into this mess. He didn’t know what he was doing, he was just doing it. He sang the same song for her, hoping she could understand the sentiment. He tried to put all the emotions he had felt, when she had sang, into his own words. This was his reply to her beautiful voice, that sounded like love. He thanked her for letting him feel what it might be like to fall in love for just a little bit. He felt himself shake a little as he inhaled. He finished the song and barley registered the voices that raised around him. Focusing on the breath leaving and entering his body. Singing had never felt like that before.


"You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, Taehyung!" Yoongi said at a normal volume, not caring to hide his voice anymore. He swiped a hand over his face. "Fucking Van Gogh! Are you an actual idiot?"


"We told you to stop talking! And you just go and just- urhhhggg" Hoseok yelled with his hands stretched out towards Taehyung and curling menacingly.


Taehyung didn’t say anything and just watched the wall. His chest rising and falling. Faintly he could feel fingers curl around his wrist and glanced down at Jungkook’s hand there. He looked up and the boy had the same look as before, but now he also looked scared.


"Everyone knows who Vincent Van Gogh is, Tae, he's a dead painter. Not a korean boy that sings in a kpop group," Jin ranted pointing his finger at Taehyung.


Taehyung gave the younger boy’s hand a reassuring pat. Jungkook looked down at their hands and quickly pulls away.


"What made you think singing was a good idea!?" Namjoon asked loudly.


Jungkook now looked at his hands in his own lap and Taehyung couldn't help but feel sorry, thinking he must of done something wrong. Other then alert fans to their existence.


"We need to make sure they don't tell people, hyung, if they haven't already," Jimin said to Namjoon expecting the man to be able to fix this somehow. Taehyung looked back up at that.


Namjoon coughed and looked back at the wall. "Alright," he said in korean, and then switched over to english. "Do you guys think you could not tell people we are here?" He asked politely with a laugh at the end.


"Oh my god, it's real" he heard another voice say. A small voice stammered out Namjoon's name.


Namjoon looked over at Taehyung and sighed, he closed his eyes while he faced the wall again. "Um, yeah," he replied dumbly.


There was a burst of noise as all the girls start talking to each other. Their voices overlapped one another, none of them making sense. One of the girls started talking to Namjoon and reassuring him that they wouldn't say anything. Then others started chiming in, and saying nice things or asking questions. The other guys started to join in on the talking as the other side dies down and they could understand a little bit better. They laugh at some of the things the girls say and don't seem so hostile towards him anymore, so he takes that as a sign that he could talk too.


"Did you like the song?" he asked quietly, afraid to talk any louder, just in case his members heard him and turned on him again. He didn’t know if she would be able to hear it, but he wanted to know. So, he at least tried.


"Yes," he heard her say after a second, "It was beautiful, Vincent."


He smiled at the name knowing that she knows it's not his. "I'm glad," he let out softly to himself and to her.


He heard her giggle from the other side and it was an even better sound then her voice. He laughed along with it, like it was contagious.


"We are gonna go ahead and get going guys! It was nice talking to you." Namjoon said and started gesturing for the guys to get up.


He stood up and looked at the wall again, his smile falling. The other room had fallen a bit quieter as they realised they were leaving and gave them sad little goodbyes.


They made their way out the door and Taehyung waited for everyone to come out before he turned to look at the neighboring door. Would they come out? He thought. Surely they would.


"Come on, Tae." Jungkook said at his side, taking his arm lightly.


Then he saw the door crack and a pair of eyes pop up over the side of the door.


"Shauna?" he asked.


The pair of eyes shook its head. "No, I'm Zoey, her sister," she said meekly not meeting his eyes.


The pair of eyes suddenly disappeared and another head popped up. She had long blonde hair and her blue eyes shine as she smiled at them.


"Wait, I wanna see them too," someone said from inside and soon enough all of them are tumbling out into the thin hallway.


There were about 12 or 13 girls and oh there was a boy in there. They all stared at them with wide eyes and smiles. There was just one girl that looks at the ground with her hands clasped tightly in front of her.


"Shauna." A tall and thin blonde whispered as she nudged the other girl.


Finally, she looked up and locked eyes with him. Her eyes were a startling bright green that contrasted against her slightly bronzed skin and dark hair. Her bangs fall into her face and she quickly sweeps it to the side. When the light hit it he could see hints of red. He smiled at her and when she smiled back for a brief second, before her eyes went back to the floor again, he caught a glimpse of deep dimples. He starts to think that maybe they SHOULD be illegal. He opens his mouth to say something before he was interrupted.


"We were, uh, just leaving too." A short brown girl with purple in her hair said quickly, trying to usher the girls and boy in the other direction.


"Fearless leader!" The girl with shining eyes protested and the other girl gave her a pointed look.


"Where are you going?" Taehyung asked, glancing back at the shy girl before tearing his eyes away again.


The purple haired girl stopped in her tracks, clearly not expecting him to ask her that. "Oh, we were just gonna go back to my hotel, and drink some more," she said simply trying to keep the shock out of her voice.


"You don't have far to go, right?" he said while taking in some of the drunker girls in concern. "You should be careful."


The girl nodded at that, "It’s not too far. The one that is right in front of the venue. We should be able to make it just fine,” she reassured him.


Taehyung eyebrows rose and he could feel Jungkook stiffen beside him. The hotel in front of the venue, he thought.


"Okay, see you later then," he said simply as a boxy grin spread over his face.


She gave him a curious look as she turned and started ushering the girls again, who waved goodbye and some of them bowed as they exited. Taehyung gave the shy girl one more glance before he turned around, the smile still on his face as he looked at Namjoon who looked a little disgruntled. Taehyung started walking down the hall and the other boys soon follow into the cool night air.


"So, they are staying at the same hotel. Interesting,” he whispered to himself as they got into the car.

Chapter Text

Yoongi lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling. There was an open beer in his hand, but it was left untouched. He wasn’t really sure why he was still holding it. Maybe because if he put  it down someone would just place another one in his hands thinking he had already finished it. Maybe it was because he actually wanted to drink and drift off into sweet stupid bliss, but he couldn’t.


He sighed as he saw Taehyung in his peripheral happily crossing the room with more drinks to give to the members. He knew what the kid was doing. Taehyung had them stop at a convenience store on the way back to the hotel and had come back into the car holding a case of beer. He held it out as an offering, saying he was sorry for the trouble he had caused. The others had been skeptical at first, but eventually gave into the young boys antics as he wiggled around saying he was sorry in a sickly sweet voice. Their manager had dropped them and the van off and told them that tomorrow they could rest before they had to move to the next leg of the tour before he got into a taxi and disappeared. So here they all were drinking and having fun while the rest of their tour crew were sound asleep in their rooms. It all seemed nice on the surface, but Yoongi could see what Taehyung was brewing underneath. He was trying to get them tipsy and complacent before he would let out a suggestion, easing them into it. Then when they were just the right amount of a happy and swaying mess he would drop the actual question in a manner that seemed like they couldn't possibly refuse. Yoongi had seen him do it a few times before when he didn't really feel like drinking, and he wonders how many times the boy had done it to him when he had.


Taehyung might seem like a boy that didn't have much going on up in his head with the blank stares and the random comments. Yet, Yoongi knew that that was all a result of just how much WAS going on inside the boys head. He wouldn't say the boy was manipulative, he was too nice for that, but he knew how to work a crowd. And that was what he was doing.


"You know I've never actually been to an actual party. Ones like they show in movies. Don't you think that would be fun, hyung?" Taehyung said to Jimin, setting his plan in motion. Yoongi couldn't see him, but he knew that Jimin was probably nodding his head sloppily. Jimin liked alcohol and always drank too quickly, so he was always the first drunk and therefore the easy target.


"Yeah, it would! I've~ always wanted to dance~ in the big crowd they always had." Jimin said with a slight slur to his words. Jimin shouldn't already be drunk enough to start slurring, they were only drinking beer. He tilted his head up and sees the boy holding a green bottle of soju that was already half gone. He sighed again as he lay his head back down on the bed. Probably another courtesy supplied by Taehyung’s plan.


"I've always wanted to do that too, Jiminie," Hoseok said happily. He saw his rose gold head bounce up and down as he gets up and starts dancing on the other bed. The ball has started to roll, and soon enough all the members were talking about it. Their voices jubilant as they discuss what they would do or what kind of mix drink they would try.


"I bet those girls are having mixed drinks." Jin mused thoughtfully. Yoongi was surprised that it was the older boy that said it, but all the same it was exactly the statement Taehyung needed.


"I wonder if they would make us some?" he threw the bait out waiting for one of the many fish to grab ahold of it.

"Drinks made by pretty girls are always better," Hoseok bit, and bit it hard.


"I wanna pretty girl~ drink." Jimin chimed in holding his hand and drink high in the air while wiggling his body and with that Tae had his hook line and sinker.


"We should invite them over. We could all go to the living room," Taehyung started excitedly, guestering to the bigger room that joined his and Hosoeks room to Jimin’s single room,"and we could dance and drink. It would be so much fun," he was jumping with excitement by the end of his sentence and Yoongi can see his golden hair come in and out of view.




Yoongi quickly turns his head at his leaders voice. He was taking a sip of his beer and going on to eat a chip like he hadn't just busted a giant bubble of excitement that had been growing in the room. Yoongi then noticed the mistake Taehyung had made. Namjoon only had 2 cans in front of him and his shot glass was still full, no sign of being touched. It wasn't nearly enough alcohol to get the man to agree to anything, and Tae must have missed it. Everyone was looking at Namjoon now but no one dared to say a word.


The younger boy just blinked in surprise as his whole plan comes tumbling down."but-"


"I said no, Tae," Namjoon said in a firmer voice, still not looking up at him as he picked up the shot.


Yoongi realised that their leader was probably waiting for this, knowing that Taehyung would probably try something after his stunt at the restaurant. That was why only now did he tip the shot back into his mouth.


Taehyung's face contorted into different expressions until it rested on a sort of sad anger. His bottom lip came in as he bit down on it and he just stared holes into Namjoon. None of it was really his business, having checked out of the situation as soon as it had begun, but he felt a little sorry for the boy. He knew how it felt to want to break out of their perfect little bubble sometimes, they all did. Of course their life was nice, but there was still so many things that they wanted to experience that couldn't fit into the space they had made for themselves in this world. They had all wanted something they couldn't have at one point in time, but they had gotten through it. Now, Taehyung just had to get through this one too.


Finally, Tae looked away and instead trained his eyes on his shot glass that was filled to the brim. He snatched it up and quickly knocked it back. His hand swipes angrily across his mouth as he gets up and walks out of the room. There was a sound of a door slamming, and Yoongi guessed that he had gone into Jimin's room.


Namjoon closed his eyes and sighed deeply. It probably wasn't easy for him to do that, but he was their leader and he had to. As his hyung, Yoongi felt bad for not stepping in sooner and stopping Taehyung's plans before it got to this point, but he knew that he wouldn't have been able to say no to Tae in the end. That was why Namjoon was their leader because he knew how to say no, just as much as he knew how to say yes.


Yoongi got up off the bed and walked over to the small table they were sitting at. He took the bottle of soju and put a good amount into 2 shot glasses. He picked one up and held it out to Namjoon to take. When Namjoon opened his eyes and took the glass Yoongi picked up the other one and clinked it against his before throwing it back. The liquid burned while it made its way through his body. Namjoon soon returned the gesture and drank his own.


"He'll be okay, Namjoon-ah," Yoongi said and gave the other man a smile. Namjoon slowly nodded taking in his words, and with a smack of his lips he let out a chuckle.


"Yeah, I know he will, hyung," he said a little more happily. Silently, Yoongi wished that Namjoon would get the chance to just say yes for once to something he wanted. He deserved it.


Hoseok perked up then and smiled as wide as he could. "We can still have a good night. I'm sure Taehyungie will come back out soon enough," he said while grabbing his beer off the table.


With that, the chatter slowly started back up and the mood lifted again. Yoongi just sat back on the bed and took a few sips of beer that was still in his hand. He didn't know how much more of this he can take. Too many things have happened tonight and there had been more arguments in a span of a few hours then they usually had in a week. He pinched the bridge of his nose as he tried not to think about it.


Taehyung had been incredibly stupid and reckless when he talked to their fans at the restaurant tonight. There had been no reason for him to do something like that and go against their words, but it had seem like logic had checked out of the boy’s brain when he had started talking to that girl. The girl had a nice voice when she sang, he had to admit, but it still didn't excuse what Taehyung had done. None of it made sense to him, and he quickly shook it all out of his head not wanting to think about it anymore.


He got up and mumbled something about needing fresh air before going out into the empty hallway. He made his way to the elevator and hit the button. As he waited he took another long sip of his beer. He wondered if it could be considered drinking in public if he brought it outside with him, but didn't care enough to put it down. He got on the elevator when it arrived and rode it down to the ground floor. As he walked out into the lobby he notices that there were a few people lingering out on the community balcony and instead headed for the front door. The chill of the night air hits him as he stepped outside. He welcomed it rather then cringe away; it was combating against the heat from the alcohol and felt nice. He looked to his right and saw a small stone bench and took a seat. He took another sip of his beer.


The view wasn’t that great out front like it would have been if he went out to the balcony. He was just looking at a road, that a car would wiz past on every few seconds, and the venue they had the concert at on the other side of said road. He could almost still hear the screams from hours before. His head ached just thinking about it. He loved his fans, but he also loved the way silence sounds. Things always became so much clearer in silence. He took another sip of his beer.


Yoongi leaned back against the brick wall and closed his eyes. This was the most peace he had had all day, maybe all week, just sitting here listening to the silence. He could fall asleep out here as he just breathed in the night air.


Seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into clumps of time that Yoongi didn't care to keep track of. Maybe he will fall asleep out here, he thought wistfully. He could feel the black void begin to take him, and his tired brain didn't even care that he was outside sitting on a bench in a foreign country.


There's a warmth on his forehead and he sighed in content wanting the warmth to spread everywhere. Slowly it moved down to his cheek and Yoongi leaned into it. He liked how the warmth of sleep felt like a sweet caress. He waited for it to spread to the rest of his body, but it didn’t come. He felt himself being pulled from the dark void of sleep as his eyebrows knit in confusion. Then he could hear a voice and wondered if he was just dreaming, but knew immediately he wasn’t.


"Yoongi," he heard a light voice say.


There are other words, but for some reason his sleep addled brain couldn't make any sense of them. The warmth moved away from his face and there was a low whimper that escapes his lips before he could stop it.


"Yoongi, are you okay?" the light voice spoke again. He understood the words that time. It was korean, but it also didn't sound korean either.


The warmth was now on his arm and he could feel his focus coming back as he was being shaken out of the void.


"Yoongi, Yoongi are you okay?" the light voice repeated and Yoongi noticed the worry in it now. Why were they worried? He didn’t want them to be worried.


"I'm okay," he managed to mumble out, and that was when his brain seemed to snap on and he realised what was going on around him.


There was a girl calling his name and speaking broken korean to him. There was a hand on his arm and he was being shaken. His eyes snapped open and he was met with another pair of jade eyes. They look worried and concerned as they scan his face.


The girl said something in english again as her hand came back to his forehead. He thought he heard the word hot; was she calling him hot? He felt heat rise to his cheeks at the close proximity and the touch. As his mind started working better he realised that it was one of the girls from the restaurant. The top of her hair was in a messy little brown bun, and there were glasses on the tip of her nose close to falling off. She kept talking to him and he knew enough english to get by, but right now he couldn't really put anything together.


"What are you doing?" He said in korean and looked up at the hand that is still on his forehead. She squinted at the words and quickly pulled her hand away quickly when she seemed to understand.


"Uh I-" she began in English and then stopped, her face twisting up in concentration, "I saw you-you uh...look not okay...ah shit," she tried to say in korean.


"You saw me? And you were worried something was wrong?" he corrected her. She simply stared at him trying to make sense of his words before she was nodding her head vigorously. "I'm okay," he said in english.


"Ah, okay," she replied dumbly, straightening back up all the way, but not going to move.


"I needed fresh air and I just fell asleep out here. Uh thanks for waking me up. I'll just get going now," he said not caring if she understood him or not, and went to move. That was when he felt a wet stickiness on the palm of his hands and on the side of his pants. He looked down to see that his beer had fallen over and spilled over the stone seat. He quickly stood up so that more didn't seep into his sweats. The girl looks down at it too and gasped.


"I'm so sorry!" she said in korean, "I did that....I shook you, I'm sorry," she said, gesturing what she had done with her hands. "Ah!" she held up a finger to tell him to wait a second. She turned around and went over to a couple of bags that were placed on the ground. She picked up a bottle with yellow-orange liquid and came back over to stick it out in front of him. "Compensation," she said simply and Yoongi was surprised she knew such a word in korean.


He looked down at the bottle and took it. There was a big word in silver letters on it. S-C-R-E-W-D-R-I-V-E-R he sounded it out in his head. Screwdriver, wasn't that a mixed drink? He laughed thinking back to the guys’ earlier conversation, he had gotten a mixed drink from...a pretty girl? He looked back up at her. She was just wearing a plain white t-shirt and red shorts under a thin, black jacket. Her body wasn't skinny, but she wasn't big either; her body curved into an hourglass shape. He looked back up at her face with jade green eyes, full lips, and clear milky skin. Yeah, she was pretty, in a simple and fresh kind of way.


He felt the corner of his lip perk up into a smirk as he said "thank you" in english. She smiled back at him, showing off her dimples that were as deep, if not deeper, then Namjoon's. Yeah, she was definitely pretty.

Her smile faltered when she looked down at Yoongi's attire, white shirt and black sweatpants. Her eyebrows came together in confusion as she looked back up at him.


"Uh, why..are you here?" she asked in korean, concentrating hard on what she was saying.


"Uh," he started and glanced back at the hotel door. He didn't know if he should tell her this was where he's staying, but it would become painfully obvious when he had to go back through that door, so he might as well. The girls hadn't outed them at the restaurant, so he assumed he could trust them again, just this once. "We stay here," he said simply in english as he looked back at her.


Her eyes widened in surprise and her mouth fell slightly open. "You’re all here?" she said in english, but Yoongi had woken up the rest of the way and could understand a bit better now. He nodded lightly. She looked like she could combust at any second.


She stayed like that until he snapped her out of it. "You," he glanced at the bags left on the ground, "have a party?" he tried saying in english.


"Oh, uh, yeah," she followed his eyes, "I should probably go bring those up there to them."


He understood enough of her words to get what she said. Yoongi nodded and looked around. It probably wasn't a good idea to be sitting out in public talking to a girl, even if they were in a foreign country. Cameras still seemed to find them wherever the group went. He stood up and made his way to the entrance.


"I go inside too," he said before turning around and holding open the door. She didn’t understand at first and just sat there staring at him, but eventually she jumped to grab the bags and a big box of beer that had been hidden by a potted plant. Once they were both inside, they went over to the elevator and waited for it to come down. The girl looked like she was struggling to hold everything and jostled it around a couple of times. Once the elevator arrived she quickly entered and set everything down with a huff. He walked over and hit his floor number before turning to her.



"Uh, 6" she says and he hit the button under his.


He glanced at the girl as they went up and she was busying herself trying to rearrange the bags so that it wasn’t so hard to carry. Once the elevator hit floor 4 she still hadn't gotten a good arrangement and at floor 5 Yoongi walked over to her and picked up the box. He turned to the doors and walked out once it hit 6, turning back to the dumbstruck girl. "Room?"


"Oh, uh," she quickly grabbed the bags and followed him out, "605," and she nodded in the direction of the door to their right.


"Uh, you don't have to..." she trailed off not knowing the words she wanted to say in korean. Yoongi just inclined his head, telling her to lead the way.


She eventually turned around and headed down the hall and he followed her. He didn’t really know why he decided to help her, but chalked it up to him being a gentlemen. The girl glanced back at him several times before they came to a stop in front of the door. She held up a finger to him and he waited. He could just sit the box down, but he waited. He knew a part of him was curious of the sound of laughter and music coming from behind the door. She knocked on the wood and waited until it was opened by a thin girl with bleach blonde hair.


"Welcome back! What too-"the girl stopped talking as her eyes fall on him and quickly turned into saucers. "Holy shit!" she disappeared from the door as she jumped back like the very sight of him had burned her.


The other girl turned and smiled at him sheepishly before going to peak her head around the corner and started speaking in english. Yoongi leaned in to try and catch what she was saying.


“- You guys dressed....a person with me...dont scream."


The last part had him arching his eyebrows and making him wonder if he really should just set the box down and head back to his room. She turned her head back to him then and motioned for him to follow her. He guessed he lost his chance and followed when she entered.


The first thing he saw was the girl that had opened the door staring at him, in what he believed was disbelief, with her back pinned to the adjacent wall. Yeah, he couldn’t believe he was here either. Curiosity killed the cat, he guessed, because if looks could kill he would of been dead 10 times over with the looks he was getting from all the girls....and a boy. They were scattered around the room holding drinks or bags of chips. It wasn't all the ones he had seen at the restaurant, some weren't there anymore and there was also new faces. He noticed that 'war of hormones' is playing in the background and smirked. That seems to break the frozen silence the room had come over.


"Am I dreaming?" One girl with a shooky t-shirt on said and slapped herself before looking back at him. "I'm not dreaming!"


"Girl, what the hell is going on?!" another tall tanned girl asked from her place on the bed.


"He was outside...asleep," the jade eyed girl said as she glanced back at him. "He said he's staying here and he helped me carry this because I was having trouble."


"Wait! He's staying here? That means they’re all here!" another girl, short with brown hair, yelled while jumping up from her chair. "Where's Hobi?"


"Whoa, girl!" A blonde girl with blue eyes scolded the short one while jumping off of the dresser. Wait, why the hell was she standing on a dresser? "Let's reign it in. Don't start running all over the place looking for Hoseok," she finished and rest a hand on her shoulder.


Yoongi struggled to keep up with what everyone is saying, not understanding everything. He then looked over at the jade eyed girl, not really knowing what he should be doing. It must have shown on his face because she quickly came over and took the box and sat everything down.


"Uh thank you...for helping me. You can go now, if you want," she said in korean. She said 'if you want' like he could choose to stay. They probably would want him to stay, it's not every day that a kpop idol that you’re a fan of just shows up in your hotel room with beer. He couldn't stay though, his members would start looking for him. He didn't want to see the chaos that would ensue from that. So he just nodded his head and turned around to go for the door.


"Could you tell Namjoon that he's an amazing person and even better leader and that we love him!?" He heard a shy voice say in rushed korean. He turned around to see a thin, pale girl with dark hair and light brown eyes sitting forward on one of the beds looking at him expectantly. "Please?” she asked as an afterthought. He just looked at her and nodded his head, trying to recover from the shock of her suddenly speaking fluent korean.


He heard the song change then, and looked over at the Bluetooth speaker as 'So what' came on shuffle. He looked back at the group, then at the speaker again. He stared at it for a long time just listening to the song. Then a moment of insanity stuck him as he looked back at the light eyed girl.


"Do you guys want to come drink with us?" He asked in korean. "W-we wanted to try some new mixed drinks," he sheepishly tagged on the end as he lifted up the bottle in his hand as an explanation.


Everyone looked at the darker haired girl probably waiting for a translation, but the girl kept her eyes trained on him.


"Really?" she replied skeptically.


He didn’t say anything, not really wanting to acknowledge the stupid thing he just did. He could sort of understand Taehyung in this moment.


The girl took his silence as a confirmation and let a smile light up her face. She quickly started speaking in english, much too quickly for Yoongi to follow along, but he knew that his point got across when the room abrupted in sound and people started moving. They were picking up bottles of liquor and cans and food and chips as quickly as they possibly could. He looked back over at the jade eyed girl amongst the chaos and she was already looking at him with her eyebrows raised. Yoongi just shrugged because he literally didn’t know what he was doing. The girl gave him a dimpled smile and he can feel himself returning it with his gummy one. Mixed drinks made by pretty girls always tasted better, he remembered the words in the back of his head. He would need to get her to make him a drink.


Soon enough everyone was standing in front of him, their arms filled with anything they could possibly carry, and that was a lot, he noticed. He took a deep breath and accepted that the damage was done and he couldn't go back now. He turned around and started leading them to his hotel room. They take the stairs because there was far too many of them to all fit on the elevator. Jade eyes walked next to him holding the bags again and he had picked up the box on their way out. He looked over at her and thought that this was a really bizarre thing that was happening just because he had fallen asleep on a bench. Bizarre things come out of bizarre actions, he supposed.


She looked over at him feeling his eyes on her. "Thanks for inviting us, Yoongi," she said timidly. She seemed flushed and he didn't think it was from walking up the stairs.


"No problem, uh," he realised he had went this whole time without ever asking her name. Actually he didn't know any of their names. He literally was bringing a bunch of strangers into his room to drink, so why did it not feel like a bad thing? He glanced down at the others and they were all whispering excitedly with each other. They all looked harmless, even the tall boy that walked at the back of the group with a dopey smile.


"It’s Shauna," Jade eyes replied.




That was the girl that Taehyung had talked to, the one that had a nice singing voice. She was standing in front of him now and he was doing something equally as stupid, if not more, as Taehyung had done. And this girl was at the start of these stupid decisions. Why did this girl make them want to do stupid things? Maybe it was the playful spark in her eye, he thought briefly as they finally come in front of his door. He can hear the other members inside laughing and talking now. He feels like his stomach drops to his feet as he feels a bout of nervousness hit him. Namjoon wasn't gonna be happy, and he was just hoping he was drunk enough to be persuaded now. He turned and held up his finger to the group and they all nod and wait. He opened the door and the voices of the guys leak out into the hallway as he goes in. They all had come in the living room and were seated in a circle around the table at the end of the room. They look up at him as he closed the door behind him hiding the group from sight.


"Hey, you’re back! Where did you go for so long~?" Namjoon said with a bit of a slur, and Yoongi almost deflates with relief. Namjoon was drunk enough to slur, so maybe this wasn't gonna be too hard.


"I, uh, went outside and fell asleep on a bench," he said with a forced laugh.


"I swear you're a cat, Yoongi hyung," Hoseok commented as he popped a chip in his mouth. Jimin giggled beside him.


"Hah, yeah I guess I am," he said while scratching the back of his head, and he decided he should just get on with it. "You won't believe who found me and woke me up. You remember the girl Tae was talking to at the restaurant?"


They all perk up at that.


"The fan?" Jungkook asked and Yoongi realised that it was the first thing he had heard from Jungkook since they had gotten back.


"Yeah, that one," he said and moved over to a shelf with weird ornaments on it, feeling their eyes move with him, and he began playing with them. "She introduced me to the rest of her friends. They seem nice."


"Oh, really~!?" It was Jimin now and he sounded interested and Yoongi clung to that.


"Yeah, they gave me a mixed drink." Yoongi holds up the bottle he still had in his hand, having left the box outside.


"Ooooh, a mixed drink from pretty girls!" Hoseok said with an eyebrow wiggle. Yoongi laughed at that and saw that everyone else does too, even Namjoon. Good, he thought. While everyone still has a smile on their face he quickly hit them with it.

"Yeah, and I didn't want you guys to be left out, so I invited them over," he let out in a rush and all of their faces fall into shocked expressions.


"You did what!?" Namjoon said breathlessly. Leave it to Namjoon to still be the responsible one even when they were drunk. They really didn't deserve a good man like him, when all they did were stupid things like this.


Yoongi swallowed."They’re outside," he tried to say with a smile. Before Namjoon can say anything, Jin stumbled to the door and looked through the peephole.


"You just left them outside?" the older boy asked.


"You can't just leave them outside. Let them in! That's rude!" Jimin pouted, and quickly got up to go to the door. Silently, Yoongi thanked the younger boy for being so kind and so drunk.


"Jimin!" Jin hissed as the Jimin grabbed ahold of the knob, but he didn’t go to stop him.


Jimin swung the door open and spoke like he had known these people for years. "Hi again!~" he sang in english.How he can manage to remember to speak english with how drunk he is, is beyond Yoongi. The looks on everyone's faces ranged from shock to amusement to down right confused. A dark skinned girl whispered hi back to him timidly.


"Come in!~" Jimin said happily as he moved to the right, leaving the door ajar, to usher them in. The first one to move is the blue eyed girl that had jumped from the dresser earlier.


"Oka-ohmygod!" she says as she smacked right into Jin who had just moved from behind the door. Jin caught her arms to make sure they didn't fall over and she snapped her head up to look at him. She immediately stiffened when their eyes met and red heat creeped up her face as she just stared at him. Yoongi caught a dash of red coming to Jin's ears as he stared back down at her. She then quickly removed his hands and walked away, sitting right next to jungkook on the couch. Jin watched her with confusion and blinked rapidly. She didn’t look up and just stared at the table in front of her, eyes wide and chest moving a little too quickly with shallow breaths. Jungkook just looked at her like she was some kind of mythical creature that had come to attack him.


Everyone else took that as their cue and started walking in slowly. They placed drinks and food on any surface they can find and start sitting around the table with the rest of them. None of them members moved or even breathed, Yoongi thought. Except for Jungkook who started to inch his way away from the blonde, only to be trapped by a tall, tan girl on the other side.


"I'm Tori and that's Lilia, she's really nice," the blonde said, finally having come out of her stupor at the boys movements, pointing to herself and the tanned girl on the other side of him. Jungkook turned to the other girl."Lilia," he said, still looking like he couldn’t believe they were real.


"You can call me Monie," a curvy girl with blonde and blue hair said as she extended a hand out to Namjoon. He looked down at her hand for a second before taking it and she shook it excitedly. He looked back up at her, their hands still clasped together, and huffed out a laugh.


"I'm Namjoon, but I'm sure you already knew that," he said with a smile on his face. The members took that as their blessing and began talking to their new guests.


"Hi, I’m J-hope...I mean Hoseok!" The rose head exclaimed excitedly while smiling at the girl that had jumped from her chair when Shauna told them he was staying here.


"Hi, I'm Elly," she replied with a giggle.


Two girls and the one boy had crowded around Jungkook, much to his dismay, taking seats on the floor in front of him.


"I'm ning!"


"I'm lisa."


"I'm Javier...but you can call me Javi," the boy said looking like he was about to explode, from what he wasn't sure of.


Jungkook glanced at the girls and inclined his head at them and then looked at Javi seeming to find more confidence with the boy and smiled slightly. "Hi, Javi." Then the boy does explode, letting out a squeak. All the girls around him burst out into laughter and slowly Jungkook joined them, seeming more at ease.


"Javi has such a boy crush!" Lisa let out between laughs. Javi's face reddened at that and Jungkook’s followed after.


Jimin and Jin had made their way back over from the door and took their seats. Jimin next to the dark skinned girl that had said hi and Jin next the short tan women with purple in her hair. He remembered the women as the one that had started making her group move to the exit when they had just sat there staring at them. That felt like so long ago, but it had only been a few hours. Now, they were all together talking and drinking.


Yoongi looked over everybody and thought he did a good job. Everyone was happy. Everyone except-


"Where's Taehyung?" Shauna had just come up next to him and touched him on the shoulder. He had just realised that Tae was still in Jimin's room when she had asked.


He turned to her, looking at her dumbly. "Uh, he's just in the other room. I was about to go get him." He said pointing to the door on the adjacent wall. He didn't realise he had spoken in korean and she probably didn't understand until he was starting to walk toward the door. He opened the door and saw Tae laying on the bed, his back to him. He wondered how Tae hadn't heard everyone and came out, they weren't exactly being quiet, until the door closed and he realised that the walls were sound proof. This was definitely a 5 star hotel he thought briefly.


He walked over to Tae and went to tap on his shoulder.


"Leave me alone, hyung, I don't wanna go out there right now," Tae said in a husky voice with Yoongi's hand hovering over him.


"Tae?" Yoongi began bending over to look at his face, but the other boy quickly brought the covers up over his face. "Are you-"


"I said leave me alone!" Tae snapped, but Yoongi can hear the crack in his voice. "Please, hyung," He whimpered at the end.


Yoongi pulled the covers down swiftly, showing Taehyung's tear streaked face. He sniffled and looks away.


"Tae-" Yoongi began.


"Hyung, I know. I know why we can't h-hang out with random girls and drink and h-have parties."


It wasn't what Yoongi was gonna say. He wanted to tell him that he had brought the girls over and that he better wipe his tears fast before they saw them, he wanted to see Taehyung smile. But, he stayed silent. He had a feeling that whatever was going on inside Taehyung needed to be let out right now and the others could wait for a little.


"I-its just hard sometimes, yah know, hyung?" Taehyung looked at him for confirmation, so he just nodded. He did know, but that didn't make it any better. Taehyung looked so distraught right now, so small, as he curled around the blankets. It hurt to see him like this. "I just wanna do it once, just once I don't wanna care about everything and go wild. Be free to party, eat whatever I want, go wherever I want," he paused for a second and looked down at his hands. "To fall in love with whoever I want." His face scrunched up and new tears fell from his eyes. Yoongi had to bite his lip to keep his emotions at bay. It made sense now why he had talked to the fans and why he had tried to get Namjoon to let them over. His heart broke for the younger boy because falling in love was the furthest thing from what they were allowed to do. Even if they had any time to do it.


"You know what I realised today?" he said with a sad laugh. "I don't even know what falling in love feels like. I'm almost 23 and I've never fallen i-in love." His voice choked on the last word as it turned into a sob. "I it so wro-wrong? Why does it have to be wrong to fall in love?" There were tears falling down his face in a steady stream now. Yoongi fought the urge to curl up and cry with him. Instead he took his hand and Tae clung to him, fighting sobs that racked his body now. Yoongi took a deep breath and blinked tears from his eyes. He didn’t know how to console the boy because he didn't know either. Why was it so wrong for them to love when everyone else could do it?


"Does that make me selfish, Yoongi hyung, am I doing wrong by the fans?" he asked timidly, his voice barely above a whisper now. Yoongi looked Taehyung in the eyes, seeing every bit of sorrow there, and knew the answer immediately.


"No, your not Tae." Yoongi was firm in his answer. "Everyone wants to fall in love, and if someone tells you that's wrong, they're the ones that are selfish." Yoongi held tighter to Taehyung's hand and squeezed reassuringly. "And you also deserve to not care sometimes. So what do you say, let's not care right now, huh?" he wiped at Tae's face, clearing it of any new tears.


"W-what do you mean, hyung?" Tae asked, sitting up as his eyebrows come together in confusion. Yoongi got up and has to physically shake himself to keep everything at bay. He smiled as wide as he can, and pushed thoughts of Taehyung’s tears away. He was so glad he had been stupid tonight because he didn’t think he could of handled what Taehyung had told him otherwise. Now, he could make that sadness go away and give the boy what he so desperately begged for.


"I meant what I said," Yoongi went over to the door and opened it, the sounds of everyone talking wafted into the room. Shock joins the confusion on Taehyung’s face, and maybe even a little hope showed up too. "We aren't caring right now." Yoongi said with a smirk.


Taehyung gasped and all but ran from the bed. He hit the door frame and took in everyone sitting and drinking together. A boxy smile started to lift on his face, tears still in his eyes, but it faltered and he looked back at Yoongi seriously. "Wait, but how?" he asked.


Yoongi turned towards him and started backing out of the room. "I fell asleep on a bench, and one thing led to another," he shrugged.


Taehyung tilted his head at him, confusion and curiosity finding their way onto his face. Yoongi chuckled at him, but soon it was gone and his face changed. There was a longing in his eyes as he looked at something over Yoongi's shoulder. He turned to see Shauna holding Taehyung's stare. Redness came to her cheeks as she looked down at her feet quickly. He looked back at Tae and there was a soft smile creeping up his face. Yoongi should have been happy that Taehyung was finally smiling, but all he felt was a hollow pit in his stomach. He didn’t like the way he was looking at her, and Yoongi was very terrified of that feeling