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the heathers/mean girls crossover texting fic no one asked for

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or.its.the.russians has added too-gay-to-functioncaddy-the-daddyactualangel, anxiety™, and golden-retriever to the chat.


or.its.the.russians  has named the chat "webkinz vs. neopets."


Saturday 2:23 pm


or.its.the.russians: hi id like to start off with gretchen wtf are you ok


anxiety™: :) yep


or.its.the.russians: okay im worried for you but mood


too-gay-to-function: Lmao same


or.its.the.russians: id like to continue with caddy wtf


caddy-the-daddy: yes?


too-gay-to-function: janis, darling, you taught her that word youve brought this on yourself.


or.its.the.russians: who even r u the daddy to


caddy-the-daddy: ;)


caddy-the-daddy: jk no one yet lmao




actualangel: Oh please Janis you know Cady would tell e v e r y o n e if she had a crush on somebody. I mean she would not shut up about Aaron.


or.its.the.russians: and then he turned out to be gay lol


too-gay-to-function: im with aaron rn and he said regina turned him gay jashgdhaf


too-gay-to-function has added father-of-gays to the chat.


caddy-the-daddy: bitch im the father of the gays


or.its.the.russians: tag urself im caddy calling aaron bitch


actualangel: Tag yourself im h u R T!?


father-of-gays: Sorry Regina!


too-gay-to-function: hes not sorry lmao


actualangel: :'(


actualangel: Well you turned me gay too soooooooo


or.its.the.russians: bitch you were already gay you just used aaron too make you look straight™


actualangel: And Aaron used me to make him look straight™


father-of-gays: Lol truth


golden-retriever: Guys why is my name golden retriever? I'm not a dog?


caddy-the-daddy: karen sweaty were calling you pure


golden-retriever: What does that mean?


caddy-the-daddy: unicorn emoji, tent emoji, strawberry emoji


golden-retriever: mushroom emoji!! rose emoji!


too-gay-to-function: what did she say?


caddy-the-daddy: she said "aww!! youre so sweet!"


or.its.the.russians: how the frick did you know that


actualangel: I've known Karen for six years and I don't even know what she's saying???


or.its.the.russians: fake friend


actualangel: ...


or.its.the.russians: shit gina u know i didnt mean it


maybe.its.the.russians: gina it was a joke


caddy-the-daddy: ruh roh


or.its.the.russians: regina?


anxiety™: oh my GOSH janis


or.its.the.russians: fuck it im coming over crap


caddy-the-daddy: good hecking job janis


anxiety™: no cursing on My GOoD cHrIStiAN SeRvER


caddy-the-daddy: oops sorry


too-gay-to-function: whipped


father-of-gays: Whipped


actualangel: No Janis oh my word I'm fine! I had to eat dinner with my family!


actualangel: Also whipped.


golden-retriever: Guys??? Is Cady hurt????????? Clown face emoji?!


anxiety™: karen cayds fine theyre just saying shes rainbow flag emoji


golden-retriever: Oh! Smiley emoji! Rainbow flag emoji!


anxiety™: yes dear pure karen


caddy-the-daddy: cayds


too-gay-to-function: cayds


actualangel: Cayds


father-of-gays: Cayds


anxiety™: bitches


caddy-the-daddy: WHOS CURSING NOW!?!!??!?!?!


actualangel: Lmao


actualangel: Guys Janis got here and she's pissed at me lol


too-gay-to-function: just hug her shell calm down


too-gay-to-function: doesnt work when i do it


caddy-the-daddy: used to work when i did


too-gay-to-function: lol yeah thats how we found out bc caddy doesnt know what personal space is


or.its.the.russians: screw you all


too-gay-to-function: and did it work?


or.its.the.russians: ...


or.its.the.russians: yes


caddy-the-daddy: whipped


or.its.the.russians: shut


caddy-the-daddy has changed or.its.the.russians's name to whipped


whipped has changed caddy-the-daddy's name to whippedx2


whippedx2: h u r T


whipped: lmao k


actualangel: Janis couldn't care less rn.


too-gay-to-function: wtf did i miss


anxiety™: lmao a lot apparently


anxiety™: also @whipped what is this name 


whipped: oh yes


whipped: well you see


whipped: my cousin her friends and i had a debate on neopets and webkinz and which ones better and so i wanted to ask you guys


actualangel: "debate"


whipped: yes??


actualangel: Janis, honey, you argue


actualangel: You do not debate.


whipped: agsgdhjgfhjafh


useless lesbians


Saturday 5:19 pm


whipped: FUCKIN




v-sawyer: biTCH WHAT


whipped: wait hold on


whipped  has added anxiety™golden-retriever, and whippedx2 to the chat.




whippedx2: wth bitch im bi


golden-retriever: Half moon emoji!


whippedx2: (she said me too janis)


anxiety™: i ship it


h-macarena: Ship what? What do we ship? I'm ready?!


anxiety™: karen (golden-retriever) and cady (whippedx2)


h-macarena: Bitch I ship it too the fuck.


v-sawyer: asjfhgfhsg


v-sawyer: did the great????? heather mcnamara???????? just curse????????????




v-sawyer: BITCH YES


h-macarena: New ship! Ronnie and anxiety™!


anxiety™: my name is gretchen lol


h-macarena: That's a very unique name! I like it!


anxiety™: thanks i got it for my birthday




anxiety™: pop? lmao we call it soda


whipped: they from ohio


anxiety™: worst state -2/10


v-sawyer: bitch whAT THE FUCK???!!!


anxiety™: WHAT THE FUCK?!??!!?


v-sawyer: ayyyy she got it


anxiety™: better state 3/10


v-sawyer: ill take it


v-sawyer: anyway @whipped BITCH SHE CALLED YOU WHAT?!?!!?!?!?!


whipped: oh yeah


whipped: reginacallingmeapetnameforthefirsttimeinyears.jpg


v-sawyer: omg


anxiety™: omg


whippedx2: omg


h-macarena: omg


golden-retriever: Smiley emoji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has she told you yet?!


whipped: told me what?


golden-retriever  has left the chat.


whippedx2: sigh ill go talk to her