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Lust In Red

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My father left when I was five.
He said he didn't want to live with two whore omegas. Mother had cried a lot that night, her makeup didn't look nice when it was smudged. 
We were kicked out of our old place, the rent was too high and mother hardly had enough money for us to eat. She earned money however she could even if it did make her a 'whore omega'. 

The new place was shabby at best, the walls were thin and the floorboards creaked. But it was home. Just the two of us. 

My mother was beautiful, her silky raven hair that reached her waist, her makeup always done to perfection, her slender figure still plump in the right places. However, the best thing about her was her scent. Mother smelt like freshly baked cake with a hint of chocolate. I loved her. She cared for me and loved me when no one else would.

But I couldn't help but hate her when she started to bring her 'clients' home. 

The walls were always too thin. 

By the time I was seven the light in my mother's eyes were dying. Her scent dulled. She became more and more tired. The more 'clients' she brought home, the more bruises painted her pale skin. That's why at seven I vowed that I'd become an Alpha. One strong enough to fight the other Alphas that mother brought home. An Alpha my mother could be proud of.

I presented at twelve.

It was a normal day, eight thirty in the evening. Mother and her 'client' in the other room. My hands pressed firmly against my ears trying to block out those sounds. The pain that gripped my abdomen was sudden. The heat spread through my body like a wildfire. My scent was out of control pumping out waves of fear and


Mother and her 'client' went silent. The paper door was quickly slid open, an alpha's hungry eyes greeted me on the other side. The heat made my brain turn into mush as I reached my small fragile arm towards the alpha begging him to take me, begging him to make the pain stop. 

Mother was mortified. Her red eyes widened in horror. Suddenly she snapped back to her senses and attempted to wrestle the alpha off of my small frame. She was thrown back with such force that the whole house seemed to shake. I took no notice of this as the alpha kissed and sucked down my neck. My body craved his touch, his scent was addictive. I still feel dirty and ashamed to this day. 

The alpha and I didn't get very far as the police showed up in my room. The alpha was shot with a tranquilliser and arrested. My heat had triggered his rut. I was taken into hospital and rode out my first heat in a cold white room.

The hospital bills were expensive. Mother began drinking. Her eyes were sunken in and her face was defined with wrinkles. She would scream and shout at me, blaming me for everything that had happened to her. She would occasionally throw things at me too. When mother was at her lowest I would go days without eating which made going to school difficult.

My middle school was pretty shitty. The school staff couldn't care less about the students and half of the third years showed up to school high. In my second year I met a guy called Masaaki. He was an omega and the prettiest guy I had ever seen. He offered to sell me scent blockers and heat suppressants. I knew I couldn't afford them so I forced myself to get a part time job. I never let my mother know. I knew that she would accuse me of whoring myself out and I didn't need to hear her screech about that too. 

Needless to say, the scent blockers and suppressants were a blessing. I cut my hair short (it was just about past my shoulders) and stole a set of the boys school uniform. Nobody at school noticed the change. I never had any friends in the first place. From then on school was just the same boring routine, although my mother hadn't gotten any better I was content for the first time in over five years as a beta.

Third year rolled around and I was still in contact with Masaaki meaning that I still needed my part time job and that I was still living as a beta. Mid Terms came and went (as always I fucked them up) and life was still decent. Mother had calmed down at bit, spending most of her time asleep or fucking random men in our house while I was studying. When it was Finals I tried my best to balance school work and real work but in the end I decided that the meds were more important than getting good grades. Who needed a smart omega anyways? 

Just as I thought I would, I did terrible in my finals and graduated middle school with zero friends. I decided that I would go to a high school called U.A Academy known for its gang violence and drug dealing.


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My first day at U.A Academy was nothing like the things you’d see in anime or manga. In this area no sakura trees blossom, instead there is the constant smell of smoke. There was no entrance ceremony, students were assigned a class as soon as they entered the gate by a teacher who looked as if he hadn't slept in months.


“What’s your name kid?” he mumbled.


“Kirishima Eijirou.” I replied.


“Secondary gender?”


I froze. It’s not like this school would care right?


“Beta.” I lied.


“Alright,” he said “You’ll be placed in 1-A and I’ll be your homeroom teacher.”


“Ah, u-um thank you sir.” I really have to get over this stuttering bullshit.


“It’s Aizawa Sensei.”




The inside of the school was as shitty as I expected it to be. The walls were peeling and covered in graffiti. My classroom wasn’t hard to find, it’s on the first floor by the lockers. I slid open the door and saw three students in the room smoking by the windows.


‘Seriously? It’s literally the first day…’ I thought to myself.


One of them began to approach me. He had electric blond hair with an odd looking black streak in the front. His face was soft and he was quite short. Apart from the weird dye job his entire demeanour screamed omega. As he got closer I noticed his scent was sweet and fluffy. My eyes trailed down his frame. His short skirt swished as he walked.


‘Definitely an omega then.’


“Hey! My eyes are up here you lil perv!” He called as he shoved his face close to mine.


“A-ah! I’m sorry!” I panicked waving my hands about like an idiot.


“It’s ok dude,” he chuckled “ My name is Kaminari Denki! Want a cig?” He pushed the small stick into my mouth and started to screech with laughter as I choked and coughed on the dirty thing. I removed the cigarette, dropped it on the floor and stepped on it.


“What the h-hell man?” I stammered out between violent coughs. He only laughed harder.


“That’s enough Kaminari.” A plain looking boy sighed. He too approached me but this time there was no scent that came with him.


‘So a beta then…’


“Yo, I’m Sero Hanta and that girl over there is Ashido Mina” He stuck his hand out towards me. I shook it. His hands were surprisingly soft!


“I’m Kirishima Eijirou,” I said “It’s nice to meet you”


“Ooooh who’s that cute boy your talkin’ to Sero?” The girl, Ashido, spoke up as she made her way over to me cigarette in hand. “ Hey, I’m Mina.” She winked. Her scent was strong and powerful although she didn’t look very intimidating.


‘A female alpha.’


“U-um isn’t school supposed to have started? I thought I was gonna be late…”


“There’s literally no one else here buddy. They can’t start with like five people in class.” Sero stated.


“Yep! We just gotta wait until more people show up.” Kaminari chimed in hands behind his head in a carefree position.


“Of course. Well I’ll just find somewhere to sit then…” In the back next to the door should be good. It’s where I used to sit in middle school. Nobody bothers you there, which makes it perfect for me.


My three classmates returned to their window, lighting up new cigarettes and talking about nonsense. I placed my head on my desk.


 ‘I just want school to be over and it hasn’t even started yet.’



Eventually the classroom filled up with more students and the school day began with homeroom. Each of us were forced to stand up introduce and ourselves. There were some odd looking people in our class, a beta with half white and half red hair and a blue haired guy with the stupidest looking eyebrows. After all introductions were made, Aizawa Sensei began to go through the school rules, gave up half way and went to sleep in an odd yellow sleeping bag. We were all shocked at first but soon began to talk amongst ourselves. Kaminari and his friends went back to the window to smoke which nobody took notice of- apart from me of course.


The bell rang to signal the start of lessons and as Aizawa woke up all cigarettes were put out. He left without a word and a new teacher came in and introduced themselves.



Morning recess finally came and went all too quickly.


Kaminari and his friends never came back to class.




As lessons continued I started to smell a strange yet familiar scent coming from right in front of me. By lunch break the smell was even stronger. A quick sniff of the air revealed what that nostalgic scent was.


There was no mistaking it.


The sickeningly sweet smell of slick.


Somebody was going into heat.



I glanced around the classroom. It seems as if nobody else had taken notice of it. All of the alphas were acting normal, nobody had been thrown into a rut.




I set my eyes on the person in front of me. The boy’s form was trembling slightly. His red and white hair was slightly sweaty.




‘Red and white hair?’ I thought to myself ‘I thought that guy was a beta…’


The scent was getting increasingly potent. I had to act fast. I rose from my seat and stood beside the boy’s desk.


“U-um Excuse me?” He flinched slightly as I addressed him.


“What?” His voice was icy cold but still had a slight waver to it.


“Your name is Todoroki right?” Todoroki nodded. “You’re a beta right?” He froze for a second but nodded again. I had to get him away from the classroom to avoid any ‘incidents’ from occurring. “Can I talk to you outside for a moment?” He sighed but stood up from his chair and made his way outside of the room and into the boys toilets.


'Why the toilets?’


We entered the toilets which were surprisingly clean despite the state of the rest of the school. He opened up a stall and walked inside.


‘What the fuck is this guy doing?’


I followed him inside and locked the door behind me. He let out another sigh.


“If your gonna fuck me, just get it over with.”




“Eh?” I was shocked.


‘What the hell is this guy on about?'


“W-what the fuck dude?” I stuttered “I’m not gonna fuck you!”


“Then why did you call me out here? You know I’m going into heat so what else could you want?” He retorted


‘I was right! This guy is an omega but…’


“I thought you were a beta?” I said stupidly


“Clearly not dumbfuck!” Todoroki shouted. His scent was becoming distressed. Once again he sighed and said, “I’m sorry, I’ll get out of your way.”


“Wait!” I called as I grabbed his arm. “You’re pretending to be a beta too right?”




‘Why did I say that out loud?!’


Todoroki’s eyes widened. “Pretending?” This was the first trace of emotion I had ever seen on his face. “Then, you’re an omega too?”




‘There goes keeping this omega thing a secret. Well done Kirishima Eijirou you’re a fucking idiot.’


“A-ah yeah…”


“Oh I see. That’s why you could smell me.” He placed his thumb in his mouth as he mumbled to himself. “Well it’s nice to know there’s someone like me in this shithole. Bye.”


“Dude are you nuts?! You’re about to go into heat! If you go back to class all the alphas will be on your ass. We need to get you home!”


“We?” He raised one of his eyebrows.


“Of course man we can’t have you getting jumped in the street.” I rolled my eyes in exasperation.


“Whatever. I’m going to jump the gate before lessons start. Let me just go get my bag first.” He unlocked the stall and walked back to our classroom. I trailed behind him.




We quickly jumped the gate before lessons could start and soon we were on our way to Todoroki’s house. It’s convenient that he lives in the same direction as me so that I can go straight home after dropping him off. As we made our way down the street we got tons of odd looks. Probably because everyone could smell Todoroki in pre-heat rather than seeing two highschoolers skipping school.  


The silence between us was awkward and stifling. If one of us didn’t say something I was gonna go crazy!


“So.” He began. I jumped in shock at the sudden sound of his voice. He ignored this and kept going. “Are you really an omega?”


“Y-yeah” I responded scratching my cheek.


He didn’t look convinced but continued nonetheless. “I guess that would explain why you’re not reacting to my pheromones…” He trailed off. “But why did you decide to live as a beta?”


“Probably for the same reasons as you Todoroki and every other omega.” This time I sighed. “It’s hard to live as omega in this world, we can’t even go out without being cat-called, stared at or even touched up. No one wants to employ us because we have to take time off for heats and because we ‘distract’ the other workers. Most omegas just give up and become prostitutes or commit suicide, I just didn’t want to live like that. Being a beta has made my life so much easier but sometimes I wish I could be proud to be an omega and not have to hide my secondary gender, like that Kaminari guy, but I’ve been a beta for so long that I don’t know if I can ever adapt to live as an omega again…”There were tears gathering in my eyes as I glanced over to Todoroki who had nothing but understanding in his eyes.


He smiled softly at me. “Yeah I get what you mean Kirishima.”


He stopped abruptly. “We’re here.” We were in front of a shabby looking apartment. The grey building looked old and some of the windows were smashed. It’s the typical looking apartment in this area, nothin’ new.


“A-ah ok. I’m sorry for ranting about my stupid thoughts to you Todoroki…”


“It’s fine. I liked what you were saying. It was interesting.” He was still smiling at me. “I’ll see you tomorrow Kirishima.”


“Y-yeah see ya.” He waved at me then opened the front door and stepped inside, closing the door behind him. I saw him walking up the stairs through the slightly brown windows. Once he was out of sight I began making my own way home.





My first day of school was a fucking disaster.


I slept through all of the day and left at lunch break. I’m sure I’ll get in trouble tomorrow but whatever. I just can’t believe I let out a secret I’ve been keeping for years to the first guy I fucking speak to! I even spilled out my heart and soul to him.




God Eijirou you’re a fucking idiot.


Well at least Todoroki seemed like a decent guy.


I’m fucking dreading school tomorrow.

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Fuck school.


That’s what I said to myself as I woke up on April 1st. I went through my morning routine as normal, breakfast, shower, that kinda thing. However, instead of throwing on my school uniform, I dressed in casual clothes ready to go out. I set out with no plans, maybe get in a fight with other kids? Or I could meet up with my supplier and buy some shit off of them, although I only had about a thousand yen on me so that was out of the question.


So I decided to get in a fight just to pass the time.


Kids in this area chose when or when they don’t go into school and that particular day it seems like a bunch of students from Shiketsu High School chose to bunk off. They were in a filthy ally way smoking cigarettes on top of garbage dumpsters. There were three of them. Nice. I could take all three by myself.




‘I’m so fuckin’ hungry!’




McDonalds breakfast is the best kind of breakfast on earth. I’ll fuckin’ fight anyone on that. I threw my trash in the bin before I left (because I’m not a fuckin’ tramp!) and left the restaurant.


 By the time I had gotten back to where the Shiketsu bastards were chilling five new guys had appeared.


‘What the fuck? Where did these guys even come from?’


But of course I wasn’t gonna pussy out of a fight. I just needed some backup.


I left the entrance to the ally and went to sit in a nearby park. I pulled out my phone from my jacket pocket, unlocked it and went through my contacts. There were loads of people I could have called but only a few I knew would pick up no matter what. My finger moved and pressed on a name.




I held my phone to my ear and took a deep breath.


“Yo.” Came a voice from the other end.


“Sero.” I growled


“Yeah bro?” He sounded confused.


“You at school? Who you with?” I rushed out.


“’Course man I’m a good kid unlike you who misses literally the first day of school.” I could tell that he was rolling his eyes. “I’m with Kaminari and Mina by the way. What’s got you so worked up man?”


“I Was gonna fight with a couple bastards from Shit-ketsu but more showed up. I just really wanna punch the fuck outta someone.”


“Alright, relax you damn alpha we’ll be there. Where you at?”


“That park by McDonalds that our weed man likes to meet us at.”


“Cool bro. See you in a bit.”


With that the line went dead and I was left to wait alone like a fuckin’ loser.




Thirty minutes later I see the stupid trio approach me. Kaminari and Mina waving like a couple of shitheads, Sero lookin’ tired as usual. Long story short I’m pissed.


“Oi! What took you fuckfaces so long?!” I roared.


“Jeez Bakugou relax! We hadta wait until morning break to escape that hellhole. At least some of us come into school.” Mina sighed with her hands raised in mock surrender.


“Whatever. We got fuckers from Shiketsu that I wanna kill. Let’s go.”


“Ah that’s right! Bakugou isn’t your ex going to that school now? What was her name again?” Kaminari gasped.


“Camie.” Sero piped from the back.


“Shut up broom fuckers! I don’t care about that bitch anymore!”


“Touchy.” Mina giggled.


All three broke out into a loud boisterous irritating laughter.


‘I hate these fuckers.’ I thought with a tell-tale grin on my face.




Before we entered the ally I turned to Kaminari.


“Be careful in there and put your damn collar on, I don’t want any of these fuckers to bite you.”


As he fished his collar out of his school bag he said, “Ok I get the collar part but ‘be careful’? Seriously dude? I’m not some helpless omega I could knock out an alpha any day!”


“I know that pikachu but Shit-ketsu fight dirty with omegas it’s disgusting. They get off on giving omegas alpha commands and watching them squirm. Be. Careful.”


“Ok I understand.” He pouted as he clasped his collar around his slender neck.


“Then let’s go bitches!” Mina called and ran out ahead of us.


“Wait pinky, you idiot!”



In the ally there were two male betas, two female, three male alphas and one female alpha. All with a cigarette in hand casually conversing. Almost comically all their eyes snapped to Mina at the same time, who was proudly charging up towards them.


“Yo you fuckfaces having a nice smoke?” She bellowed.


“Is that Ashido Mina?” One of them whispered to the person next to them.


“Yeah, and there comes the rest of them.” A male alpha spoke out, no trace of fear in his voice or scent.


“Oi Inasa Yoarashi how you doing ya bastard?” I asked with an ugly sneer on my face.


“Better now that I’m smashing Camie every night, how ‘bout you bro?” He responded.


‘Ha! This guy thinks he’s the shit.’


“Oh it’s nice to know you’re enjoying my sloppy seconds. I hope you taste my cum in your mouth when she kisses you. She’s all yours ‘bro’. ”


Inasa and his stupid stocky self marched up over to me and swung his fist right for my jaw. It was a rushed attack that I easily evaded and made it easier for me to strike him right in the nose. As the blood poured out, his eyes went feral and all of his shitty lackeys began to attack my friends. Of course they fought back humiliating their opponents in the process. I glanced towards Kaminari during the time Inasa was recovering from my knee to his stomach. He looked fine, appropriately fucking up a male beta and a female alpha at the same time when suddenly she called out to him.


“Stop fighting and submit you shitty fucking omega!”


An alpha command.


I seethed with rage as Kaminari stopped mid attack, eyes wide, sweat dripping down his face, body slumping as he fell to his knees, making harsh contact with the dirty concrete. The shitty bitch took this opportunity to kick him in the face knocking him down fully to the floor. She stood atop him and screamed,


“Who do you think you are you fucking whore?! Go back to sucking your alpha’s cock before you even try to fucking touch me slut! That’s all your kind is good for, taking knots and popping out pups! Stop pretending to be an alpha. You’re pathetic.” She finished her rant by spitting on his struggling form.


All I saw was red. Sero and Mina were already too occupied to deal with this. I had to do something. I pushed past Inasa in their direction and threw the beta Kaminari was also fighting against the wall.


“Get off him you skank!” My voice boomed. She was shocked for a second but turned and looked me up and down.


“Or what? Ya scared I’ll fuck your omega right in front of you? I’m good thanks he’s dirty.” She sneered.


There were tears gathering in Kaminari’s eyes.


I ignored what she said and struck her in her cheek. She too went feral with rage.


We brawled for some time before Inasa came from behind me, recovered from our time together minutes prior. I can admit that he caught me off guard with the punch to the back but thankfully Mina came to my side and called,


“I’ll deal with this fucker! Kill that fucking bitch!”


Mina had managed to knock out all of her opponents. They probably underestimated her. They got what they deserved.


I turned back to the blonde female alpha and kicked her legs from underneath her causing her to drop to the ground with a surprised yelp. I got on top of her and started to beat the shit out of her. Suddenly, I felt a hand grip my forearm. Ready to attack I snapped my eyes towards the direction the hand came from.


Kaminari had a weak grip on my arm but a fierce look in his eyes.


“Katsuki stop. That’s enough.” He forced out. The alpha commands effect was slowly wearing off.


“Why?” I gritted out. “Let me kill her.”


“Just stop. Look around you. We’ve already won. Let’s just go I don’t want to get arrested for the hundredth time.” He sighed.


I looked around us like he told me to and saw Inasa knocked out cold on the floor and the rest breathing heavily against the walls, some sitting down. I looked directly under me and saw the battered face of the female alpha. Her face bloody and slightly puffed up. I couldn’t force myself to feel guilty about it but rose off of her and grasped Kaminari’s hand. His legs were weak as he stood, the alpha command still not fully out of his system. It’ll take a few more minutes for it to wear off, she wasn’t a very strong alpha. The most dominate alpha can make an alpha command last as long as until omega died if they wished. It’s barbaric.


“Bakugou you’re squeezing too hard.” Kaminari winced.


“Sorry.” I whispered. He smiled.


“It’s not your fault.” He looked at me fondly, knowing what I meant.


“Kaminari! You good?” Sero called as he rushed over to us worry etched into his expression.


“Yeah I’m fine.”


“You lot are fuckin’ assholes!” Mina barked addressing the Shiketsu students.


“You should be ashamed of yourselves. Using an alpha command against an omega in a fight just because you couldn’t take a beating? You are the pathetic ones. You make me sick. Don’t let me ever see your faces again or I swear I will kill you. One after the other.” My scent was deadly, coming out in waves, they each were shitting their pants as my hostility went up their noses. As soon as it was clear that the message had come across I turned and left the ally way. My hand still clasping Kaminari’s.




When we were a good distance away from the ally way in that same park I waited in, I let go of Denki and pulled out a cigarette and lighter from my jacket. His skirt was torn and tears were pouring down his scratched face. He sat on a swing attempting to hold back his sobs.


“I’m sorry! I was just a hindrance that whole fucking time! God why did I have to be born as a fucking omega?! Why are alphas so shitty?! I’m so sick of this secondary gender bullshit!” He was full on sobbing by the end of his rant and covered his face in his hands as his body shook.


“You’re not a fuckin’ hindrance Kami! It’s the alphas fault, she was just to pussy to accept that an omega was fuckin’ her up despite what she may think they can and can’t do. You’re human too, omega or not.” Mina cried as she draped herself over him in a hug.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything to help Kaminari. I should have been there to help you when she commanded you.” Sero said eyes downcast with a guilty look on his face.


“Everyone shut the fuck up.” I said calmly. “We won. There’s nothing to mope about. Omega, alpha or beta we’re still the fucking strongest. Denki stop fucking crying. The last time you cried this hard was when you were five and it’s fucking annoying.”


He laughed gently, rose his head and wiped his tears.


“You’re right. All of you. I’m not gonna let those bastards get to me. Sorry for going all omega pity party on you guys just now.” His face broke out into a gentle smile.


“How about we get some McDonalds?” Sero offered “It’s on me.”


“Wooo McDonalds!” Mina screeched and ran off with Kaminari in hand.


I looked at Sero and said to him,


“That goes for you as well, idiot.”


“What?” As usual he was confused.


“Don’t think that you’re not good enough because you’re a beta or I’ll fucking kill you.” With that I walked off to catch up with Mina and Kaminari.




After eating McDonalds for the second time in one day we all decided to go home rather than stay out. On the way we talked about casual things, nothing too serious because we were already tired of that. We dropped off Sero at his house first. As usual his dad was out working so the house was empty. We said our goodbyes and continued on.


 Next was Mina’s house. She lived with her fourth foster mum in a dingy apartment. Her mum opened the door and we conversed with her for a few minutes before moving on.


Kaminari lived alone so there was no one to expect at the door. Before he could shut the door I wrapped him up in a tight ass hug. Of course he was mildly shocked until I said,


“You’ve been my best friend for ten years Denki. Don’t ever pull that crying shit again.” With that I released him and left before he could get a word in.




I returned to an empty home for once and went straight to my room. I undressed and got into more comfortable clothes then promptly jumped into bed.


I guess I’ll go to school tomorrow.

Chapter Text

As usual I woke up, brushed my teeth, had a shower, got dressed and took my suppressants. I would apply my scent blocking patch after breakfast so I could at least smell my scent in the morning to calm me down. For breakfast it was toast and butter, like every other day but it’s cheap so I can’t complain. Mother wasn’t awake that morning, which was the best thing to happen to me in a while. I already had so much on my mind that I didn’t think I could deal with her bullshit.


I left the house early in hopes that I could meet Todoroki on his way to school (although he was late yesterday). Eventually I got up to his street and saw a guy exit his apartment building. He had charcoal black hair with piercing blue eyes and was dressed in our school uniform. He continued down the street, his potent alpha scent following him, his shirt was sloppy revealing a deep bond mark on his neck. It looked fresh, barely a month old.




I jumped out of my skin. I whipped around to look behind me.


“Are you ok Kirishima?” Todoroki asked with his left eyebrow raised.


“A-ah yeah I’m good!” I blurted out awkwardly. He nodded slightly and began walking. I caught up with him to walk at his side when suddenly it hit me.


“Todoroki aren’t you supposed to be in heat?” The omega glanced at me and said,


“I took my suppressants. I hate going through heats.”


“Doesn’t everyone?” I joked attempting to lighten up the mood. Todoroki ignored me and carried on walking.




We entered the school gates on time and changed our shoes. We made our way into our class in silence and took our seats. Todoroki turned his chair to face my desk.


“Thank you for yesterday. We’re probably going to get in trouble today and I suppose you already knew that, but you still helped me so thanks, I guess…” He trailed off with a cute blush on his face.


“No sweat Todoroki! I don’t want to even imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t helped out.”


Todoroki smiled at me but that smile quickly faded away as an unfamiliar alpha approached us.


“Todoroki and Kirishima right?” The alpha had dark green bushy hair and freckles underneath his big (and also green) eyes. He was quite short for an alpha with a slightly stocky build, however Todoroki and I were most likely shorter than him because of stupid omega genes. I can admit that he was cute and had a unique scent of trees and cinnamon, but he wasn’t exactly my type neither was his scent.


Todoroki on the other hand was blushing so hard he looked like a tomato. His breathing was heavier than usual and his eyes were wide, looking directly at the alpha in front of him.


“Yeah that’s us.” I answered because it didn’t seem like Todoroki could form a coherent sentence at that point in time.


“Ah that’s good I thought I had got the wrong people for a minute!” He nervously laughed as he scratched the back of his neck, obliviously letting out more of his scent. “Um so! You guys missed out on the handouts from yesterday that were given out after lunch, I’m not gonna ask why you guys left but all I’m gonna say is Aizawa is onto you two… and a few others.” His face soured as he reached the end of his sentence.


“Thanks for the heads up man. What’s your name?”


“Oh of course! That was rude of me, I’m Midoriya Izuku.”


“It’s nice to meet you Midoriya.” I said smirking in Todoroki’s direction.


“Y-yeah.” He stammered out.


“Well here you go!” Midoriya placed the papers on my desk. “I’ll see you around.” He said as he walked away, his now lidded eyes completely on Todoroki. He made his way back to his seat and a small group of friends. Todoroki let a breath out that he’d been holding for some reason.


“You good man?” I chuckled. He glared at me, breath still uneven.


“I’m fine.” He panted out.


“What was that? Is he your type or something?” I couldn’t help but tease him even if he was glaring even harder at me now.


Before he could respond the door violently slid open and a strong alpha presence filled the room. The alpha had spiky blond hair and deep blood red eyes. His scent was heavy and powerful like smoke with a hint of chocolate.


‘Just like Mother.’


Needless to say, this alpha was exactly my type.


Behind him were Kaminari, Mina and Sero. They were all sporting bruises and plasters in different places. Kaminari looked the worst out of the four.


‘What the hell did they do yesterday?’


The blond alpha looked around and his face screwed up as he made eye contact with Midoriya.


“Deku? What are you doing here?” His voice was gritty and intimidating which complimented his scent that pumped out waves of aggression and violence.


“Fuck did we forget to tell him?” Sero cursed.


“Kacchan. Don’t cause a scene. We’re not the only people here.” Midoriya rolled his eyes at the alpha from the other side of the class still in his seat. This only provoked the alpha (kacchan?) even more.


“Who the fuck do you think you’re talkin’ to?” The blond alpha snarled as he made his way across the room. His scent was so overwhelming that even Todoroki and I were affected despite being on suppressants. Todoroki was covering his mouth as his body shook in fear, he looked like he was gonna throw up. Even Kaminari was affected by this alpha because I could see his legs shaking and his grip on his school bag was deathly tight. I felt fine, slightly aroused even, but no one could smell that anyways.


“You’re being immature Kacchan, you always pick fights for no reason.” Midoriya forced out as he stood from his desk. You could tell that he was getting irritated and that keeping his calm demeanour was becoming difficult.


“Stop callin’ me that, you pathetic excuse for an alpha.” Midoriya flinched at this but went on to say,


“What’s your deal? Just leave me alone and sit down. I don’t know who you’re acting up for but you just look like an asshole right now.”


“Say that to my face pussy!”


“You’re the one that picked a fight. Why don’t you say something to my face?”


With heavy footsteps the alpha made his way over to Midoriya and his group. Sero and the others watched this happen, ready to fight if the alpha called them to. As Kacchan (?) swung his fist towards the green alpha’s jaw the door once again violently slid open to reveal a pissed Aizawa on the other side.


“Bakugou Katsuki, teachers office, now.


Bakugou let out an angry ‘tch’ and spat on Midoriya before storming out of the classroom, hands in his pockets like a thug. He pushed past Aizawa on his way out by knocking his shoulder against the teacher’s. Aizawa had no reaction towards this and began taking roll call at the front of the class as normal. Everyone was settled in their seats by the time he had finished.


Homeroom went on as normal only this time Aizawa proposed the idea of having a class president which led onto discussions surrounding the topic. These discussions continued till the end of the period and as Aizawa collected up his papers he said in a casual, probably bored tone,


“Oh that’s right, before I forget I’ll need the following students to come to the teachers office at the end of the day. The students are Ashido Mina, Kaminari Denki, Sero Hanta, Todoroki Shoto and Kirishima Eijirou.” With that he left the classroom. Todoroki turned behind to face me.






The day continued on as normal, except that Bakugou kid never returned to class. The tension was still in the air between Midoriya’s friends and Bakugou’s friends but I just spent my day hanging with Todoroki. Everything was normal until lunch when Midoriya approached Todoroki and I for the second time that day. This time he pulled out a chair from the desk beside the other omega’s and sat on it.


“Yo.” He said with a friendly smile on his face, eyes still directed in Todoroki’s direction.


“U-uh hi?” Todoroki stammered out confusion evident on his face. The blush from earlier was making a fierce comeback.


“Hey Midoriya, I’m gonna go get us some snacks, I’ll be back in a bit, ok?” I said with a smirk.


“Thanks man.” Midoriya responded.


I promptly left the two on their own as it was clear Midoriya was more interested in Todoroki than me. In the hallway, as I made my way to the cafeteria I was so lost in my thoughts about the two lovebirds that I didn’t notice when I accidentally bumped into someone.

Right into their chest. 


My body fit into theirs perfectly. Their body was so well sculpted that I could feel their muscles through the white shirt they wore. I breathed in their scent of smoke and chocolate, feeling content. I gasped suddenly.


“I-I’m so sorry! I wasn’t looking where I was going a-and I just-” I looked up and my eyes met with the same deep red from this morning.


“Watch it omega.” Bakugou bit out and continued past me as if nothing had happened.


‘That was close.’ I sighed in relief ‘I though he was gonna kill me.’








I made my way back into class, snacks in hand, in a daze. I dumped the food on the table, sat down and placed my head on the desk. Todoroki and Midoriya were so deep in conversation that they hardly noticed me. However when the alpha left Todoroki tapped my arm gently.


“Are you ok?” He said in his usual monotone voice.


“Todorokiiiii.” I cried as I rose my face from the desk. He smelled different? Todoroki made a face at me.


“Kirishima you reek of omega.”




“Yeah it’s kinda like strawberries and sugar.”


“W-well you smell like vanilla!” I retorted harshly.


“I do?” He looked surprised and almost fearful. “Why do we smell like omegas? I put my patch on this morning and I’m sure you did too…” He trailed off.


“Is it ‘cuz of that alpha scent show this morning?” I questioned.


“Probably not because we would of smelt like omegas since then.”


“Then maybe it’s ‘cuz you were with that Midoriya boy for so long.”


“Yeah but you weren’t with me at that time, unless you let an alpha get close to you while you were getting snacks, but I doubt that.”


“A-actually I kinda ran into that Bakugou guy in the hallway and fell into his chest like this is some shitty shoujo manga.”


Todoroki sighed “That’s probably it then. We breathed in the scent of two dominant alphas and we let out our omega scents in response, blockers or not.”


“Let’s go to the nurse’s office then!” I panicked.


“There’s no point. Schools don’t carry scent blockers, only suppressants.”


“That sucks I guess we just gotta wait till the end of the day and leave extra early since neither of us are on cleaning duty.”


“We have to go to the teacher’s office at the end of the day.” Todoroki put bluntly.






As soon as school ended Todoroki and I collected our things together and silently made our way to the teacher’s office, both of us still slightly smelling of omega. Aizawa was no where to be found, only a few teachers at their desks typing away. Waiting inside was Kaminari, skirt swishing as he rocked back and forth on his heels. He looked to his left as he heard the door open.


“Mina you got the snacks?” He made eye contact with Todoroki and I and pulled a dumb face. “Oh you’re not Mina or Sero. Wait you’re that Kirishima kid!” He skipped over to us, smile back on his face. “Oh? You smell different. Both of you. I thought you two were betas but I guess you were pretending and are just like me! No wonder you two get on so well, bonding over the fact that you’re too pussy to be omegas!” He called with a smug smile on his round face.


“Leave them alone Kaminari.” Aizawa’s voice drawled from the door.


“Yo teach! You gonna put us in detention or what?”


“I’ll wait until the rest of you get here.” He responded.


About two minutes later Mina, Sero and Bakugou showed up at the door.


“Kami we got the snacks!” Her eyes landed on Aizawa “Oh hey teach!”


“Don’t ‘hey teach’ me.” He glared. “All of you kids are gonna be in detention today for skipping the end of school yesterday and Bakugou you of course for this mornings stunt. Have fun and no snacks, give them to me.”


“Awww.” Mina moaned but handed over the food regardless.




Aizawa led us to the library and I turned to Todoroki who was glaring daggers into Kaminari’s back.


“Don’t mind that guy,” I whispered “He didn’t mean it. Maybe.”


Todoroki glanced at me and gave me a small nod. We stopped at the doors to the library. Aizawa unlocked the doors and led us inside.


‘It seems like no one uses the library at this school which is understandable because it’s dusty as fuck in here and the majority of the students here are delinquents so I guess they don’t study at all.’


I must have stopped walking because a voice called out from behind me.


“Keep walkin’ cutie.” Bakugou’s voice called out.


I whipped around towards the source of the voice, a stupid looking blush on my face and words that struggled to come out. Bakugou smirked at me and walked ahead of me into the library. I followed and we each took a seat slightly separated from each other.


“Sit there and do whatever. I’ll be back in an hour and I swear to god if any of you leave there will be hell to pay.” Aizawa let out sluggishly and left the library.


As soon as he left Mina got up and said,


“Who wants some snacks?”


‘This is gonna be a long hour.’

Chapter Text

Within in the thirty seconds that Aizawa had been gone Mina had already made her way over to Bakugou’s desk with the snacks. She pulled her chair along with her and sat directly in front of the blond boy.


“What are you lot waiting for?” She called addressing the rest of the room. “Come sit around Bakugou’s table!”


Sero went over and took a seat to Bakugou’s left.


“Wait Pinky my bag is stuck!” Kaminari replied as he tugged the strap of his bag that was underneath his chair. He added more force and eventually the bag came out from where it was stuck, unfortunately causing the short omega to fall straight onto his ass.


Sero and Bakugou immediately began laughing like two drunk hyenas. Kaminari pouted, rubbing his (probably) sore butt. Surprisingly Mina didn’t laugh but instead turned in the direction that Todoroki and I were watching from.


“Hey that means you guys too, come sit!”


We exchanged a glance and both decided that it couldn’t hurt.


Plus they had snacks.


We got over to the desk as Kaminari took a seat next to Mina. Todoroki was in front of me and took a seat on Bakugou’s right, meaning that the only seat left was the one right beside the very alpha himself.




As I sat down Bakugou looked my body up and down and smirked.


I bet if I was a beta I would’ve found that creepy, but my stupid inner omega was practically preening from the attention of an attractive alpha with an equally intoxicating scent. Right on cue my cheeks were flooded with a pretty pink blush. I’m pretty sure my ears had gone red too.


Finally, I took my seat. I could feel his eyes on the side of my face.


“So, you guys are omegas right? Not betas.” Sero questioned.


There was no reason to lie at this point. It didn’t seem like these guys had any problems with omegas especially since one of their friends was an omega. They could probably smell us anyways. Our scents had been getting stronger as the day went on.


“I am.” I answered.


“Me too.” Todoroki joined.


Kaminari seemed pleased.


“That’s cool but why did ya smell like betas when we first started?” Mina said.


“That’s ‘cuz we were using scent blockers, but they wore off today… at the same time…” I trailed off.


“Hmmm. There must be a reason!” Kaminari chimed. “But for now I’m hungry! Pass the snacks!”


Mina passed him a bag of crisps and a wide smile spread on his soft face.


“Hey I have a question.” Todoroki unexpectedly piped. “How do you guys know each other?” He reached for a crisp and ate it with an unchanging stoic expression.


“I’ve been friends with dunce face over there since we were kids,” Bakugou said, talking about Kaminari judging by the offended shriek he let out. “I met flat face and pinky in middle school along with a few others.”


“Yeah Tetsutetsu and Monoma! They go to this school but they aren’t in our class.” Mina looked over to Kaminari and said “Tetsu is Kami’s boyfriend!”


“N-no he’s not!” Kaminari called with a familiar red covering his whole face.


“Yes he totally is!” Mina called back, playfully shoving the omegas arm.


The two continued arguing as Sero added, “Monoma is already bonded by the way.”


“Already?” I cried. Although this wasn’t uncommon I didn’t expect one of their friends to be sold off so easily. They seemed like the type to fight against any type of authority.


“Yeah his parents arranged it. The alpha is one of that Midoriya guys’ closest friends.” Both Todoroki and Bakugou tensed at this. The air was suddenly awkward as even Mina and Kaminari stopped play-fighting.


“Don’t say his fuckin’ name around me Sero.” Bakugou bit out.


Before the beta could reply Todoroki spoke out,


“What’s your problem with him?” His voice was ice cold and his face was scrunched in irritation. He was challenging an alpha.


“Mind your fucking business half n’ half.” Bakugou’s scent seethed with rage as he barked out his words.


“He doesn’t seem that bad. It was you who started harassing him this morning in the first place!” The stoic omega argued.


“You don’t even fucking know him! You have no idea what that shithead has done! Don’t act like you know him just because he gets your slick running!” Bakugou roared and banged a fist on the wooden table. The force made me flinch violently but his scent made me almost drool in hunger. My omega was all over the fucking place!




My heart stopped. Our heads snapped towards the source of the voice. None of us had noticed the door even being opened.


“Hey Dabi!” Kaminari called.


‘Dabi? Who the fuck is that?’ I thought.


“Yo Kami.” The boy in the door replied. His charcoal hair was all too familiar, along with those piercing blue eyes. It was the same guy I had seen leaving Todoroki’s building this morning.


Although there was another boy behind him. His hair was a light blue that went past his ears and was a bit wavy. His eyes were blood red like Bakugou’s but not quite as captivating. He turned to look at that Dabi guy as he replied to Kaminari and there on his neck was a bonding mark, barely a month old.


‘Just like Dabi’s’


“Oh! Hey Shigaraki, I didn’t see you behind Dabi’s fat head!” Kaminari chirped.


“Yo.” Was all he said.


“Watch it blondie!” Dabi shouted with a laugh in his voice.


“Why are you here?” Todoroki asked.


‘Does Todoroki know this guy?’


“To get you out of this shitty detention, obviously.” Dabi said as he rolled his eyes and stuffed his hands in his pockets. “C’mon get your stuff so we can go.”


Todoroki sighed and collected his things before standing up.


“Bye Kirishima. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He directed at me. Before he left the table he shot a dirty look at Bakugou then he made his way over to the raven haired boy at the door.


“See ya kids!” Dabi said then swung his arm around Todoroki’s shoulder as they exited the library. The three of them made their way down the hall together until they were out of sight.


“Who were they?” I asked turning to Kaminari.


“Third years.” He responded simply, looking confused.


“The black haired alpha is Dabi. Nobody knows his real name. It’s not even in the school records. That boy behind him was Shigaraki Tomura, which is not his real name, he’s an omega. The two are bonded.” Sero said making up for Kaminari’s mediocre response.


“How does he know that half n’ half bastard?!” Bakugou let out.


“I don’t know, that’s why I’m so confused.” Kaminari pondered. “Why would Dabi need Todoroki of all people and Todoroki seemed to know him too…”


“Don’t think too hard or your brain will short circuit!” Mina joked making the omega let out another shriek.


“Wait isn’t Todoroki gonna get in more trouble tomorrow? Aizawa is gonna go mad!”


“Not if he knows Dabi took him.” Bakugou said looking me in the eye.


“What do ya mean?” I questioned.


“Listen sweet stuff, in this school the third years basically run the place. By your third year some gang or even yakuza will take you in to work for them. Obviously the teachers don’t wanna get on your nerves if they know you can get someone to kill them the very next day. That’s why they give up on the third years and let them do whatever they want. Most days they don’t even do any lessons, not like they need ‘em. Nobody that goes to this school goes onto further education. We’re gonna be stuck in this shitty area our whole lives working under some fucking yakuza scum.” Bakugou spat the last sentence like it left a bad taste in his mouth.


“Ya he’s right. Dabi basically runs this school ‘cuz he’s the most dominate alpha. His mate is even the heir to some massive yakuza group that are part of some deep shit like omega trafficking, drug trades, assassination those kinda things.” Sero counted off his fingers as he spoke. A shiver went down my spine.


“What could he want with Todoroki?” I stammered.


“Dunno. Let’s just hope he’s not dead!” Mina cheered.


“That was mean Mina.” Sero sighed.


“S-so! Tell me about that Monoma guy!” I said, it was a way for me to forget about what could be happening to my only friend at that moment.


Sensing this Kaminari said,


“Well he’s an omega like us but his parents forced him to bond with this alpha to get him off their hands. It’s sick. He lives with his alpha, a guy called Shinsou Hitoshi who’s in another class. Honestly they barely tolerate each other so Monoma crashes at mine a lot ‘cuz I live alone.” He explained.


“That’s horrible.” I whimpered.


“I know the laws are fuckin’ ridiculous. Omegas aren’t even seen as people! They are under ownership of their parents or family members no matter how old they are, then they get a mate and suddenly they belong to them. They can’t get certain jobs and aren’t even allowed into court. If an omega is raped whether they’re in heat or not, no charges will be placed onto their attacker. Instead the omega will be blamed for tempting the attacker or some other bullshit excuse.” Bakugou growled.


“That’s why I pretended to be a beta. I didn’t wanna live a life like that…” My scent was letting out waves of sadness and dread.


“Don’t worry Kirishima I’m sure someone out there will be able to change things.” Bakugou said in an uncharacteristically soft voice. He was letting out a soft scent in an attempt to calm me down, and it was working. My body relaxed and I leaned slightly into the blond alpha.


“Why can’t you change things?” I whispered looking up into his eyes as we drew closer together. “You seem to be really passionate about it. I think you’d be great. It’s even a way to get out of this town that you hate so much!”


His face fell “I can’t.” He mumbled and averted his eyes from mine with a guilty look on his face.


“Why not?” I pleaded as I placed my hand on the side of his face, bringing his eyes back on me and his face closer than ever. His smoky scent filled my nostrils. The alpha was the only thing on my mind I couldn’t deny how attracted I was to him and I’m sure he felt the same way towards me. It’s like there was an invisible force drawing us together making me feel that emotion I hate the most,




“Oi are you two finished flirting yet?” Kaminari drawled.


Instantly we jumped away from each other with a yelp. I could tell that my whole face was flushed with colour. I didn’t dare look at Bakugou to avoid embarrassing myself further.


Mina laughed and said,


“Want some snacks Kiri?”




We talked about random, stupid things for the remainder of the hour. By the time the hour was nearly up, all of the snacks had been eaten and I had learned more about my classmates.


Kaminari boasted about being a pure virgin omega while Mina proudly announced that she had had many partners in the past, both betas omegas and even some alphas! Bakugou avoided talking about his partners only saying that he had had sex in the past but wasn’t currently in a relationship.

Sero refused to talk about himself saying that it was personal information.

Bakugou teased him for being a virgin.


Finally the question was asked to me.


“So! What about you Kirishima? Are you a sexual deviant or a pure virgin Mary like me!” Kaminari exclaimed.


“A-actually.” I let out awkwardly “I’ve not even had a friend since like yesterday, so there’s no way I’ve ever had sex…”


Bakugou seemed to perk up at this.


“Awww Kiri we’ll be your friends!” Mina gushed as she got up to hug me.


“Kirishima you’re so cuteee!” Kaminari gushed twice as hard and climbed over the table to hug me. “You too Sero!” He said as he pulled the beta into our embrace.


“Why did this turn into a group hug?” He cried with a teasing tone “That’s not fair! Bakugou’s gotta get in it too!”


“Whatever.” Bakugou grumbled “If it makes you fuckers happy, why not?” He squeezed his way into the hug with a soft scowl on his face, which was probably the Bakugou equivalent of a smile.


We broke the hug after around thirty seconds then everyone returned to their chairs.


“Hey Kiri do you want my number? We can hang out after school or talk about omega stuff or both at the same time!” Kaminari said excitedly.


“Sure!” I laughed with a genuine smile on my face. I handed him my phone and watched as he added his number to my contacts then added my number to his contacts.


“Actually lemme just add everyone’s number so ya don’t hafta ask around.” The omega said as he copied multiple numbers onto my device. Eventually he passed it back.


“Thanks man.”


“No problem dude!”


“Did you give him my number?” Bakugou asked.


“Of course man.” Kaminari replied smirking.


Bakugou turned to me. “I’ll call you.”


The bell rang to signal that an hour had passed since school finished and right on cue Aizawa opened the door to the library.


“You kids are free to go. Don’t skip school again and don’t try to fight other alphas.” After he said that he promptly left without saying anything about Todoroki’s absence.


We all got up, went to our lockers, then headed out of the school. We were all headed in the same direction. First we dropped off Sero, then it was Mina. We were quickly approaching my house and when it came into view I said,


“Hey guys my house is in there.”


“No way!” Kaminari called “That’s the same block that I live in! What number are you in?”


“Number four.” I didn’t know that there was a boy my age in my block, but then again I only ever leave my house to go to school.


“Ah I’m in number six!” He sounded excited. “W-wait number four?” His face fell suddenly and his voice sounded extremely worried. “Is your first name Eijirou?”


“Y-yeah.” I muttered. Why did he sound so concerned and how does he know my name? I doubt he would have remembered it (this is Kaminari we’re talking about).


“I-it’s just that I hear your mum a lot. Screaming and shouting at you…” His scent was full of concern and annoyingly, pity. My own scent soured at this.


“Don’t worry it’s fine. I’m used to it.”




“He said that he’s fine. Drop it Kaminari.” Bakugou stepped in and said.


“Ok, but if it ever gets unbearable you know that you can always come over to my place.” He smiled.


“Of course. Thank you Kaminari.” I smiled back at him.


“Ok let’s go I’m tired! See ya Bakugou!” Kaminari waved and began walking towards the block of houses.


I turned to face Bakugou.


“I’ll see you later Bakugou.” I said weakly unable to keep the blush off my face.


“Yeah later cutie. I’ll call you.” He winked at me and carried on down the street.


I walked up the stairs to my house in a daze with a stupid smile on my face when I got up there I saw that Kaminari was outside my door.


“So you and Bakugou eh?”


“W-what are you talking about?!” I babbled twirling a black strand around my finger, trying not to meet the other omegas gaze.


“Remember that I’m an omega too. I can tell when you like someone. It’s basically spelled out in your scent!” He boasted. “Well I can just tease you tomorrow, because right now I wanna sleeep!” He moaned as he skipped down the hall to his door and opened it with his key.


“W-well I’ll just have to tease you back about your boyfriend! What was his name again? Ah that’s right Tetsutetsu!” I called and laughed as the blond omega blushed down to his neck.


“He’s not my boyfriend!” He shouted and slammed his door shut.


I laughed and entered my own house, feeling lighter than I ever had in my life.

Chapter Text

It was exactly 7:43 when I heard keys jingling in the lock and the shoddy wooden door being pushed open. Since I had gotten into my room I had been waiting for a call from a certain blond alpha. It had been almost four hours since we had parted ways.


‘Maybe he’s busy?’ I thought to myself.


“Eijirou? Are you home?” My mother called from the doorway. I could tell based on how far her voice was. She sounded fairly normal, neither drunk nor angry. I figured that it was safe to venture out of my room to greet her.


My door creaked open.


“Yeah I’m here.” My voice croaked out. I hadn’t had a normal conversation with my mother in ages. She was holding plastic bags filled with what I assumed was food from the local supermarket.


“Come here and help your mother unload the groceries, I’m tired. You never come out of your room to help.”


‘Geeze I wonder why?’ I thought bitterly.


“Ok.” I answered simply, I didn’t want to anger her if she was in a decent mood. Although she never stopped complaining.


I walked over to her and grabbed three of the bags she was holding.


Her scent suddenly spiked.


‘What did I even do?’


She dropped the remaining bags she was holding and grabbed both of my wrists. All of the groceries had fallen to the floor.


“Why do you smell like alpha Eijirou?!” She screamed in my face as she smelled my wrist.




Bakugou’s scent must have stuck to me when I held his face in my hands. I really am a fucking idiot.


“I bet you’re sleeping around with alphas you fucking whore!” She slapped me hard enough around the face that I dropped to the floor luckily not making contact with a plastic bag full of canned food.

The floor was cold. I’m sick of this.


What was the point of this all? Why do I let my mother treat me like this? If someone like Kaminari was in this situation what would he do? Was he listening to us right now? What would Bakugou think of me like this, a useless omega who can’t even defend himself from their own mother?


I sat up on my elbows and shouted,


“Don’t call me a fucking whore! Where do you think you got all the money for this food? Oh right! Probably sucking some random alpha off. Wait- nah that wouldn’t be enough to pay for all this food… You probably let them fuck you too! Don’t ever call me a whore again you bitch!”


The kick that was delivered to my face was swift and hard.


Mother’s scent was filled with rage, almost parallel to an alphas. It made the atmosphere heavy and my whole body shake in fear.


But I wouldn’t give in. I didn’t submit, instead I rose to my feet.


Mother stood eerily still, her long black hair covered her expression. She kept her head down as she walked over to the kitchen and grabbed an empty glass bottle.


My eyes widened but I wasn’t quick enough.


Without warning she pushed me against the wall. The back of my head made such harsh contact with the wall that I blanked out for a few seconds. Next thing I felt was the glass bottle shattering against the top of my head and the fragments embedding themselves into my delicate head. Warm blood dripped down my face. It was getting hard to stay conscious.


Mother threw the now broken bottle to the ground.


“How dare you?!” She was seething with rage as she screamed in my face even louder than before. “I do all of this for you! How are we supposed to eat? Where are we going to live? I just want him to come back!” She was crying now. “Why did you have to be an omega? You’re useless Eijirou! A failure! I wish you were never born!!”


She dropped me and we both fell to the floor. She was sobbing into her hands completely ignoring me and the blood gushing down my bruised face.


I can’t do this anymore.


I have to get out of this place or I’ll go mad.


The inside of my head was banging as I once again rose to my feet using the wall for support. My whole body swayed as I made my way towards the front door. I didn’t know where I was going, anywhere else would have been better than that hell hole. Mother made no attempt to stop me. I doubt she even noticed.


The cool breeze made my head spin. I could hardly fight the need to sleep. My mind was going black.






A voice.


A familiar voice.


I turned towards the source of that voice.




Yes that’s who it was. Kaminari.


There’s another figure beside him.


Who is that?


“It’s Monoma, don’t worry Kiri I’ll call Bakugou, he’ll know what to do.”


Oh did I say that out loud?


I want to see Bakugou, his scent is good.


“I know he’ll be here soon.” Kaminari said, his voice laced with panic.


Ha I did it again.


“Monoma help me get him inside while I call Katsuki.”


I didn’t hear what the other omega said in response but quickly I was engulfed in a new omegas scent. However I didn’t panic, a mated omegas scent was always soothing.


I buried my bloody head into Monoma’s chest and breathed in. He supported me as we made our way down the hall and into Kaminari’s house.


He put me down onto what I assumed was a bed, although he didn’t let me lay down.


“Try not to fall asleep.” The omega said. His voice was nice, smooth and slightly deep. It was hard to fight the urge to sleep but Monoma had asked me to do something, it’s rude to go against a mated omega.


I could hear Kaminari shouting in the other room and I could hear Bakugou shouting back. The phone call was short.


Kaminari stepped into the room. He looked stressed.


“Bakugou is on his way. He’ll be taking you to a private hospital.”


I’m sure that Kaminari was saying more but I couldn’t focus on what was coming out of his mouth. All I could think of was Bakugou.


I want to see him. I want to smell his scent. I wanted to be close to him.


I don’t want him to see me looking this pathetic.


I lost consciousness.

Chapter Text

Only once Kaminari and Kirishima had finished having their little omega spat and had safely retired to their homes, did I begin making my own way home. My trainers squeaked as I made my way down the street. I pulled out my phone and texted Shinsou.





I’m on my way back.


-Monoma’s Bitch-


Good. We’ve got guys that we need to take ‘care’ of






I’ll be quick


-Monoma’s Bitch-


Thank God. It doesn’t look like Shigaraki will be here anytime soon


It was his problem in the first place… but whatever


I’ll see you soon.



I didn’t feel the need to say anything else so I pocketed my cell and picked up my pace.




I arrived at the location Shinsou had sent to me a couple minutes after his final message. Luckily it was in the same direction that I was going in anyways so it wasn’t too much of a inconvenience.


As usual the location led to an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town. Most of the metal covering the outside was browning and for some reason the whole building had a damp smell surrounding it. Without even considering that it could be a trap I stepped inside.



The two idiots’ smells are so strong that I could tell they were in the room as soon as I stepped inside.


“Shigaraki, Dabi. I thought you weren’t gonna show up.” I grumbled out.


“Who told you that?” Shigaraki questioned. He was sat atop of a pile of dusty boxes playing on some sort of handheld device. The omega’s legs dangled in a carefree manner as he mashed on the many buttons on the device. His mate, Dabi, was leaning against the boxes right next to his omega’s feet. All he had was a cigarette in hand, obviously content with just being near the other boy.


“Shinsou.” I responded blankly. “Where is he by the way?”


“Behind the curtain.” Dabi said as he took a drag of his cancer stick.


I knew what was behind that curtain, I’ve had years of experience. I’ll just deal with this quickly. It didn’t seem like those two were gonna help anyways.


I stepped further into the warehouse heading directly for the curtain. I passed the alpha and omega who ignored my movements. The closer I got, the more I could smell the scent of old crusted blood.


“Maybe you shouldn’t Katsuki.” Shigaraki called.


I snapped around to face him.


“Why the hell not?!” I bellowed.


“Your rut Katsuki.” His eyes didn’t leave his game. “It’s soon. I can smell it. I don’t want you to start going feral on all the alphas in this room. It would be a pain.”


“Hah? I feel fine, besides my rut is due for next week.” I retorted.


“No it’s not. It’ll hit soon.” He sighed. “Whatever, do what you want, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.” The omega turned his back to me and continued with his game.


“Ugh, what do you know? It’s my body and I’m not some stupid fucking hormonal alpha. Even if my rut does come I can control it, and you know that Shigaraki. Stop playing stupid.” I snapped.


“Oi watch it Katsuki, that’s the boss you’re talking to.” Dabi called, his eyes narrowing and scent spiking in offence.


“It’s fine Dabi. He’s right, It’s his body… but it’s just that there’s something different about his scent this time. I’m probably just over-thinking things though. Just take care of those bastards before I do it myself.” Shigaraki said.


Without another word I walked a few more steps until I reached the curtain, drew it back and stepped inside.


“Ah it’s you Bakugou.” Shinsou didn’t need to turn around to recognise my scent, we’ve known each other for a pretty long time. His lean frame was covering what I knew was behind him. He bent over slightly to pick up a freshly cleaned and sharpened knife, his bond mark on full display. My suspicions were correct, behind him I could see three men tied to separate chairs, gags in each of their mouths.


“Those three are Endeavour’s men.” Shinsou spat, his scent leaking out waves of disgust. “One of our men caught them raping a female omega on our land last week and reported it to the boss. He asked us four to take care of them. He didn’t order us to kill ‘em though, just to rough them up a bit, teach ‘em a lesson.” He handed me the knife “Here. They’ll be conscious in a few minutes.”


“That’s all fine and dandy but where’s Monoma? Why was he not called out for this? I mean, it’s what he’s best at.” I questioned. It really was odd not having Monoma making snide remarks and torturing rapists. It was obvious that he enjoyed doing it too.


Shinsou sighed.


“Truth is, Shigaraki said he caught him throwing up a couple days ago, so of course he went to tell the boss. A few hours later the boss called me up and told me he wouldn’t be sending Monoma on anymore of these outings. They think he’s pregnant Katsuki! He and I barely get along, we can’t add a kid into the equation!” Shinsou’s scent was layered with distress and panic although it didn’t show on his face.


“Relax Hitoshi, he could’ve just eaten some shitty food. I’ve thrown up before and I’m not pregnant!” Shinsou scoffed. “It’s not the time to talk about this anyways, those rapists are waking up, I can hear them groaning.”


“You’re right.” The alpha said and picked up a baseball bat. “Lets get this over with then.”


“It’s a bloody good stress reliever too.” I said and made my way over to the three monsters.



After we had beat the living shit out of those three men we also had to drop them on the side of some road. Specifically on one of Endeavours ‘claimed’ bits of land, just to spite him.


We rode around in Dabi’s car throwing grown men onto the pavement or sometimes down dark alleys. We made sure to be quick incase we got caught, Endeavour hates trespassers, especially those from the rival yakuza gang.


Just as we had dumped the last guy my phone started to ring.


“Yo, Kami?” It’s odd for the blond omega to call me, he’s always preferred texting.


“Bakugou,” He sounds panicked. “It’s Kirishima h-he’s hurt. I don’t know what to do!”




“What happened? How bad is it?” I growled, the grip on my phone impossibly tight. Everything around me faded into the background, had Kirishima been raped? Stabbed? The scenarios flew around in my mind, each making me angrier than the last. Kaminari was silent.


“Answer me Denki!” I shouted


“It was his mum!” He shouted back. “S-she with a glass bottle…” Kaminari trailed off but I didn’t need to hear anymore.


“Where are you? I’ll send for a car to take him to Chiyo.” I asked


“We’re at my place. Please be quick Katsuki he’s losing conciousness!” Kaminari shrieked. I could tell he was on the brink of tears.


“Ok, I’ll call Chiyo while I run over to your place. Ten minutes max, I’ll been there soon don’t worry Kaminari.” With that I cut the phone and brought up Chiyo Shuzenji’s number. She’s the private doctor for the boss and all his men.


As soon as I hit the call button I began to run as fast as my legs would take me. I knew this town like the back of my hand, so finding my way to Kaminari’s house wasn’t a problem at all. Within the fourth ring Chiyo had picked up her personal cell phone.


“Bakugou? What is it?” Her aged voice croaked on the line.


“Chiyo, I need you to send someone to Kaminari’s house as soon as possible to pick someone up, get them to drive there, anything it doesn’t matter. Fuck make them ride a helicopter if you have to!” I said with more fear in my voice than I liked.


“Understood I’ll send someone as quick as I can, and call me Shuzenji, it’s disrespectful.” She must of understood the urgency in my voice that she chose not to babble too much and dropped the phone.


I pocketed my device and continued running, the warm April breeze caressing my face. My breath coming out in small pants, I hadn’t run this desperately in years, in fact never since the incident.


As I attempted to regulate my ragged breathing and the fear running through my veins, I though about Kirishima. The omega with straight inky black hair and ruby red eyes. The omega I had known for a day. The omega I was running so desperately for.


Why am I even this worried for a guy I just met? Was it the way his scent made me feel horny and safe at the same time? Was it the way his hand felt wrapped around my cheek, his face close to mine? Kirishima is a gorgeous omega, but so is Kaminari, why don’t I feel these types of ways about him? What makes Kirishima so different that I had completely forgotten about Shinsou, Dabi and Shigaraki.


‘God Shigaraki must be fucking livid.’ 


‘It doesn’t matter right now. I just need to get to my omega.’


I ran faster than I did before.

Chapter Text

Without wasting any time I ran up the stairs onto Kaminari’s floor. On my way I passed house number four. The door was wide open and inside was a woman sprawled across the floor, sobbing harshly.


‘That’s none of my business, I have someone who needs me! There’s no time to worry about her.’


I made my way across the narrow hall and up to the blond omega’s door.


“Open up Denki!” I shouted as I banged my fists against the wooden door.


After the fourth hit, the door swung open to reveal a distressed Kaminari. The omega’s hair was messy as if he had been running his fingers through it. His scent was sour in distress and sadness, making me recoil.


“Bakugou you’re here!” His face lightened up a bit. “Kirishima is on my bed, he passed out a few minutes ago.”


“Chiyo sent someone to pick him up, they’ll be here soon. Let me in. I want to see him.” I said as calmly as I could, attempting to calm down the upset omega. It’s instinct.


Kaminari said nothing and instead turned around to enter his home. I followed him and shut the door behind me. I made my way to Kaminari’s bedroom while he entered the kitchen. To the left the bedroom door was open and as I peered in I was greeted with the sight of Monoma supporting the raven haired omega. Shards of glass were piled on the bedside table and the blinds were closed. The room smelt of panic and the comforting scent of a mated omega. I took a deep breath and stepped inside to fully take in Kirishima’s appearance.


His inky black hair was crusted with dried blood and his face was pale. Although he had lost conciousness he didn’t look comfortable. There was a furrow in his brows and his face was scrunched up in pain.


“Urgh Bakugou you stink.” Monoma’s voice cut through the tense silence.


“Hah?” I replied.


“Your scent. It stinks, you’re getting angry.” The omega drawled while attempting to keep Kirishima up-right.


I quickly took in the scent of the air and noticed that the snarky omega was right. I was letting out an aggressive smell which had less effect on the conscious omega because he was mated.


“I can’t help it.” I huffed in embarrassment. “His own mother did this to him! I should go over and kill that fucking bitch!” I growled.


“But she’s an omega. You swore to never hurt omegas.” Monoma raised an eyebrow at me.


“Not if they’re fucking assholes!”




My eyes snapped over to the smaller omega. His eyes were squinted and hazy but he was definitely awake.


“Bakugou is that you?” He stammered out and reached a weak hand out to me.


“Y-yeah it’s me.” I responded uncharacteristically softly and went over to place his hand into mine. I knelt down in front of him as he squeezed my hand tighter.


“It hurts Bakugou.” He whined and let out a distressed scent.


“It’ll be fine. Someone is on there way to help and take you to a doctor.” I cupped his face with my hand just like he had done to me earlier that day. From the corner of my eye I could see Monoma giving me an odd look. I ignored him.


“A-a doctor? I can’t! My mother can’t afford it!” The omega’s eyes widened as he panicked. He flinched in pain and gripped his head tightly, his hand leaving my grasp however his face remained in my palm.


“Don’t raise your voice hair-for-brains, you’re just gonna hurt yourself even more, and relax I’ll take care of it, neither of us will have to pay anyways.” I reassured the boy and let out a soft scent in an attempt to calm him. He hummed in response and stayed quiet.


Around thirty seconds later Kaminari appeared at the doorway to his room, his face grim but calmer.


“The car’s outside.” Was all he said before he turned back and made his way out the door.


Monoma and I shared a glance before he said,


“You can carry him, my shoulder hurts.”


I mumbled curses under my breath but didn’t argue. Monoma shifted to the side so I had access to the omega. I reached out and lifted him off the bed. I settled him in my arms bridal style (because it’s the most convenient way).


“Am I heavy Bakugou?” He asked sweetly, his ruby red eyes looking up right into mine innocently.


“S-shut up.” My face grew hot and I could hear Monoma giggling like a five year old behind me.




Getting down the stairs wasn’t as much trouble as I expected but then again Kirishima was worryingly light. Finally we made it to the car with Kaminari already sitting in the front with the driver. We didn’t exchange any words and as soon as the three of us were situated inside we drove off.


Kirishima sat in the middle with his head resting on my shoulder and his hand in mine. He would occasionally squeeze it when he experienced any pain which was often but he didn’t pass out again during the drive which was a good sign. However Kaminari was looking worse and worse with every passing minute. The blond omega in the front was biting on the nail on his thumb and was holding in his scent hoping no one would notice that something was bothering him.


I didn’t say anything to him because I knew someone at the house would comfort him better than I ever could.




Eventually we pulled up to the boss’ house which was a massive traditional Japanese house, deep into the forest on the outskirts of town hidden by the trees.


The driver stopped at the entrance and we each undid our seatbelts, I removed Kirishima’s for him. Kaminari didn’t stop to help and instead made his way towards the house. Monoma, on the other hand, assisted me with removing the raven omega from the vehicle. Once he was out, I took him in my arms again (bridal style which made Monoma snicker). The blue eyed omega shut the door and we made our way to the entrance.


I figured that a bodyguard had already let Kaminari in because he was already through the gate and making his way towards the house. I rolled my eyes and stepped through the gate which was closed behind Monoma by a man in a black suit. When the gate clicked shut the driver pulled out and drove away.


 Kaminari waited for the three of us at the front door, his hair covered his expression and his scent was still being held back. I rolled my eyes and pressed on the button by the heavy door.


“Who is it?” A deep, manly voice called out. Kaminari perked up slightly.


“It’s Bakugou, open up metal head.” I responded snarling into the machine.


“Oh ya, Chiyo said you should take your friend straight to the infirmary room.” He let out casually.


“Then hurry up and buzz me in jackass!” I snarled making the omega in my arms close into himself. Immediately I let out a comforting scent and whispered apologies into his ear.


The door let out a ‘click’ sound and without wasting any time Kaminari pushed it open and let himself inside. As soon as he entered, the irritated blond omega’s eyes snapped down the hall where the scent of distressed alpha was coming nearer and nearer. Tetsutetsu was barrelling towards him at a high speed, his alphan scent leaking all over the place.


“Kaminari!” He called and pulled the small omega into a tight embrace. Kaminari flushed but buried his head deeper into the crook of the alpha’s neck. “You’re ok!” Tetsu said. “I thought that you had gotten hurt, don’t scare me like that!”


“I’m fine.” Kaminari said unenthusiastically, which was odd for the usually bubbly boy. “But he’s not.” He said and turned in Tetsu’s embrace to face Bakugou who still held Kirishima in his arms.


“You two block heads can keep hugging each other, I’m going to bring Kirishima to Chiyo.” I grunted and made my way down the hall Tetsutetsu had come from. “Monoma come with me and Tetsutetsu, talk to Kaminari for me.” I called with my back to them.


Kirishima had been oddly silent for the past few minutes so at first I thought he had passed out again. However as I looked down to the helpless omega in my arms I noticed that his eyes were still open and taking in his surroundings.


“Are you ok Kirishima?” I asked peering down at the defenceless omega.


“W-where are we?” He looked concerned, slightly scared even.


“Don’t worry we’re safe here. I’ll explain it to you when we get you fixed up.”


I can’t deny my interest in the raven haired omega, although it made me nervous, which is an emotion I hardly ever feel. I had never felt this way with any of my other partners, hell not even Camie had made me feel like this! It’s like there was an invisible force pulling me closer to him, making me act all nice and mushy towards him.


I hate it. He makes me act weak, even in front of others. I’m Bakugou Katsuki for god’s sake! Why did I even bring him here?! I barely even know this guy!


Well it’s too late anyways, I can’t just kick him out, especially with the shape he’s in.


“You’re doing it again Bakugou.” Monoma called out from behind me. I forgot he was even there.


“What?” I snarled.


“Your scent, you’re leaking out aggressive pheromones and if you’re starting to irritate me with it, imagine how the poor omega you’re carrying must feel.” The blond said as he pointed down at Kirishima.


“Whatever.” I mumbled and slid open the paper door to the infirmary.




“Ah! Katsuki, you’re finally here.” Chiyo Shuzenji smiled and said, “I’m assuming that the boy in your arms is the one I’ll be taking care of.”


“No shit.” I growled out.


Her wrinkly face shrivelled in displeasure. “Watch your tone young man.”


I ignored her and went to place the omega on one of the many medical beds. As I set him down atop the covers and drew my hands away, he whined at the loss of contact. In response, Monoma let out his comforting, mated scent from where he stood by the door frame. Kirishima calmed at this but remained tense nonetheless.


“So what exactly happened to him?” Chiyo said as she made her way around the room pulling out random bits of medical equipment.


“His freak of a mother smashed him ‘round the head with a glass bottle.” I said with a hint of anger in my voice.


“Ya that’s the gist of it.” Monoma shrugged. “I removed the bigger shards before but I’m sure there are still some little ones in there.”


Chiyo hummed in response whilst she placed all the equipment on the table beside the bed. She put on fresh medical gloves, then she turned to Kirishima. Gently, she moved her hands towards the wound and separated the hair so she could take a better, in-depth look at it. The raven haired omega winced in discomfort. She hummed once again and grabbed a pair of tweezers.


“You boys don’t have to stay and watch you know?” She said, still fully concentrated at the task at hand. “Actually, Hitoshi said he wanted to talk to you Neito.”


The blond omega paled.


“And you too Katsuki. Tomura wants to know why you ditched’ him earlier today.” She continued.


“Fuckk.” I drawled as I ran a hand through my hair.


The old hag chuckled as she placed another shard of glass on a little white dish.


“I think I’ll go and talk to my alpha then…” Monoma said nervously and swiftly exited the room.


“I’ll stay until you’re done, Shigaraki probably already knows about all this anyways.” I made my way over to the wooden chair beside the bed occupied by Kirishima. Chiyo put the tweezers on the table.


“Alright, all the glass is out now. I’ll have to give him a shot of local anaesthesia. He’ll remain concious but don’t talk to him or you’ll distract me from stitching him up.”


I sighed. “Whatever.”


Chiyo fuddled around with a syringe in silence until, with her back turned to me, she said,


“So you’ve finally found him a-”


Suddenly, Shinsou slid open the shoji screen, cutting off the old woman.


“Shigaraki and the boss wanna have a chat with you Bakugou.” He announced.



Chapter Text

If I said my hands weren’t sweating a little bit, I’d be a liar. All of my past experiences in going to see the Boss haven’t been my proudest memories but rather, were lessons a young alpha needed to learn. The doors to the Boss’ room were heavy and the dark wooden door didn’t fit the rest of the traditional theme the house seemed to embody. My steps were purposely slow and controlled. My sweaty hands were safely tucked into my pockets. Although the feeling wasn’t quite fear it was almost akin to dread. The Boss always had such ridiculous punishments.


It all happened too soon. I was standing in front of that far too familiar looming walnut door. I eventually reached my hand to turn the golden knob, my face turning down into an even deeper scowl. The door creaked open as I pushed it slightly. The room was almost completely dark, the blinds were drawn, yet still a single line of light managed to creep its way through, dimly illuminating the room.  Shigaraki Tomura and All For One were inside a soft light surrounding their forms, no sign of Dabi. Tomura was sat on the plush couch beside the Boss’ desk, he had been the one to decorate it with the softest pillows he could find, deep down he’s a typical omega. To his left was the man himself, the brains behind this whole yakuza group. He sat on his big black chair, a mahogany desk in front of him. His signature tubes were protruding form every part of his body. Although I couldn’t see his face, his pungent alphan scent pierced the room flaring up in irritation as soon as he noticed I had entered. Tomura flinched slightly but tried to disguise it as he steadily cleared his throat.


“Katsuki, Sensei would like to have a word with you.”




I knew where I could find that bastard alpha, since we got bonded it was easier to pick out his scent and track where he was. In turn that meant he could do the same to me which is a real pain in the ass. Honestly, I’ve been avoiding Hitoshi for the past week ever since that day, I know I’m being childish but for some reason I just can’t help it. You can’t blame me though! My bond partner was chosen the day I was born. Both Hitoshi’s and my parents are higher ups in the gang, they go on longer missions and are told all of the dirty secrets this town has to offer. When both Hitoshi’s mother and my Mama got pregnant at the same time they stupidly decided to, in the future, force their sons to marry. It was even more convenient when Hitoshi presented as an alpha and I, an omega. We bonded four months ago due to the pressure of our parents and are planned to have our wedding ceremony as soon as possible.


My thoughts of the annoying alpha were abruptly cut short as I reached the wooden door to our shared bedroom. I could tell he was waiting in there for me by using my stupid mate tracker. I gulped quietly before I pulled open the door to my (our) room.


“Shinsou?” I called softly as I stuck my head through the doorway. He was sat on the couch on the other side of the room. The bed that we bonded in to his left.


“Neito.” He responded.


‘Fuck he’s serious.’


“Yes alpha?” I whispered weakly. I hate acting meekly like this, stupid fucking hormones.


“Is there something you want to tell me? Something very important.” He sighed “Actually first, come inside and sit on the bed.” It was an alpha command so before I knew it my legs were moving on their own.


‘Fucking bastard.’


“So?” He continued. I took my place on the bouncy bed. “Answer me Neito.”


That time it wasn’t an alpha command so I simply (stupidly) said,




No?” He quirked an eyebrow at me.


“That’s right there’s nothing I have to say to you. Just because you’re an alpha doesn’t mean you get to bully an answer out of me you self righteous prick.”


“I’m the self righteous one?!” His voice boomed, the sudden increase in volume made me shiver. “For fucks sake Monoma you always act like this! All I’m doing is asking you a question! You never hated me when we were children but now you always act like a bitch whenever we’re in the same room!”


“Why do you think that is Hitoshi?!” I screamed. “It’s because I never got a chance to live with you around! I’ve been tied down to you my whole life, I couldn’t even talk to other alphas that weren’t Bakugou or Tetsu incase I fell in love with them and ran away like this is some stupid fantasy story! My whole life I’ve spent my time learning ways to please you, cooking, cleaning, sex and this is what I get out of it? An alpha who can’t get off my ass? Leave me alone Hitoshi, I don’t want to talk about this and you should at least respect that.” My voice lowered as I reached the end of my mini speech. I just couldn’t hold in the emotions I’ve been feeling for years now.


He let out a very long trademark Shinsou sigh.


“I understand Neito-”


“Do you?” I interrupted.


“Let me finish. I never wanted to tie you down, you know that, this whole arrangement was made by our parents, we’re doing this to make them happy.”


“Why should I throw away my happiness for theirs?!” I called, the tears began welling up in my eyes.


“You know that the Boss gave his blessing, there’s nothing we can do anymore.”


“I know that! But it’s not the end for you, you can have as many omegas as you want! I can only be mated once!” Fat tears ran down my face in messy tracks. My hands reached up to wipe them, but more just kept falling.


“Fuck, Neito.” Hitoshi rose from the couch and sat beside me on the bed. Then, surprisingly, he took me in his arms, my head buried into the crook of his neck where I could smell his scent directly from the source. Instantly, my body relaxed and my tears slowed. He let out a gentle scent to comfort me and soon my sobs stopped completely.


“Why?” I asked refusing to let him see my face in such a pitiful state.


He crooned as he responded,


“I’m done.”


I flinched harshly and tore my body from his, now making direct eye contact.


“W-what do you mean?!” I stammered like a damn clingy omega.


“I mean that I’m done acting like this. I won’t argue with you anymore. I miss the times we could be together and not be constantly at each others throats. The times we knew nothing of the marriage or the bonding. Why don’t we just forget about everything that’s happened and forgive each other or else we’ll just make our lives miserable. Lets just at least try to make this work- try to make us work.” He said calmly and stared deeply into my eyes.


“F-fine. But promise me you won’t leave me, no matter what, even after I tell you the truth.”


“I won’t.” He promised and even smiled slightly.


“I’m pregnant Hitoshi.” Those same tears returned with a vengeance but I felt lighter, as if at least some of my pains were lifted.


“Honestly, I already kinda knew.” He bashfully scratched behind his head.


“W-what? How?” My face flushed, how did he already know?


“Shigaraki caught you throwing up and told the Boss. Then the Boss told me that he thought you were pregnant, that’s why he didn’t send you on that mission with Endeavour’s alphas.


“So if you knew why didn’t you confront me sooner?” I questioned, my tears suddenly stopped.


“I wanted you to tell me by yourself, I didn’t want to corner you or make you feel uncomfortable.” Hitoshi’s face broke out in a small blush as he placed his hand on top of mine.


“A-ah. I see.”


“Yeah…” He finished awkwardly.


“So what are we gonna do? I have school and I can admit that we are kinda young…” I said as I moved my body closer to his. “It’s not like I don’t want a child but what about you?”


“Why don’t we just sleep? It’s been a long day, we can worry and plan tomorrow.” Hitoshi finished off his sentence with a yawn as he stood up to switch of the lights and quickly returned to the bed.


“You’re right I’m tired." I sighed. "Today has been one of the most stressful days of my life. Only wake me up if there’s food or I swear to god I will chop your dick off.”


Hitoshi chuckled and playfully pushed me onto the other side of the bed.


“Ok princess, I guess you are eating for two now.”


I spluttered and stammered as he drew the covers atop of us.


Maybe this would be ok.


My alpha and I and his unborn child sucking all of my nutrients.



Chapter Text

“Katsuki, Sensei would like to have a word with you.”


A shiver ran down my spine.


I really fucked up didn’t I?’


“Step forward Katsuki.”


He didn’t even need to alpha command me to get my legs moving as soon as he took the last breath of his sentence. I couldn’t look like a pussy in front of the Boss, so I regulated my breathing and closed my hands into fists.


“Boss.” I let out, cold as ice.


“The outing I sent you, Hitoshi, Dabi and Tomura on.” He said as he placed his hands on the desk in front of him intertwined.


“What about it Boss?” My voice was still ice cold, eyes like steel. My body didn’t move an inch.


What about it?” He mocked my voice, chuckling to himself. “How about you tell me what happened, boy?”


I sighed. I knew that this was what this was all about.


“I left the mission, leaving Shigaraki and the others to clean up.” I gritted between clenched teeth.


“Why?” Tomura butted in, a knowing smirk on his stupid face. His scent had a teasing aura to it.


‘He’s so fucking annoying!’ I seethed to myself.


“Don’t speak Tomura.” The Boss slyly commented not even looking at the young omega. He continued, “What was your reason for such a disobedient act?”


“My friend was in trouble.” I responded sharply, irritation lacing my tone.


“Is that the same friend you brought back to the house?” He said simply, as if he was describing the goddamn weather.


Of course, I flinched.


“I-I panicked! I can expl-”


“That’s enough Katsuki.” He interrupted. “Tell me, do you intend to bond with this omega?” His hands on the desk were clenched together tightly.


“W-what? N-no! I barely even know him!” My voice was raising.


‘Fuck I’m panicking.’


“If you barely even know him why did you bring him to the house?!” He shouted. “Do you know how dangerous that is? He could be a spy Katsuki, you know better than this! Your mother would be ashamed.”


“Don’t bring my fucking mother into this you bastard!” I roared, my inner alpha screaming at anyone that dared to insult my family.




The Boss’ face darkened, a smirk widening on his face.


“Tomura.” He said, voice barely above a whisper. The omega flinched harshly, it must have been an alpha command but I hardly noticed, my mind had gone blank too at the crushing force of his aura.


“Sensei?” He said meekly, curled into himself, trembling and sweating.


“Get out.”


Immediately the young omega rose from the couch and scampered out of the room. The door slammed loudly as he left the room that was full of alpha pheromones.


My mind was racing as the room was left to the two of us and all our raw alpha emotions (those emotions being mostly composed of anger). My face heated in rage rather than shame or fear. I squeezed the hands at my side.


“So what are you gonna do to me now big bad alpha? Now that we’re all on our own.” I mocked with a cocky smile across my face to hide the explosive rage I felt in the depths of my core.


All for One paused for a moment.



“Your rut will be dangerous Katsuki.” He said.




“Your rut, I believe I spoke quite clearly.” He would have raised an eyebrow at me if he had one or any for that matter.


“What does this have to do with my rut? Aren’t you gonna punish me or somethin’?” I questioned, genuinely confused.


“Oh you will receive your punishment soon,” I groaned. He ignored this and continued. “However your well being is more important at the moment.”


Whether or not the Boss was actually concerned about me or worried about the work that wouldn’t be done without my presence, was not even in my train of thought at that moment.


“What’s wrong with my rut? How do you know that It’ll be dangerous? It hasn’t even fucking happened yet!” My voice continued to raise as I went on.


“There. What you did just now.” He chuckled (the bastard). “You raised your voice and swore at me. That’s not something you usually do, is it Katsuki?”


“N-no, I guess not.” I responded.


“You’re being more aggressive, almost as if you want to protect someone.” The Boss held his chin in thought. “Anyways, your scent gives you away too.”


“Protect someone? Who the fuck do I want to protect?” I screeched, stomping my foot and crossing my arms like some sort of bratty kid.


“I think you have a good idea of who you want to protect my boy.” He smirked, it was as if the expression on his face was cutting into my soul and spilling out all of the feelings I’d kept deep inside.


“W-whatever.” I stammered like that fucking shitty hair. “So what’s going to be different about my rut?” I swiftly changed the topic.


“You’ll be having something called a ‘Red Rut’. It’s basically just a normal rut however the alpha will tend to be more aggressive and even stronger than normal. It will be dangerous for the people around you and even yourself as the alpha will tend not to be careful with others or their own body and physical limitations, you’ll lose yourself quite quickly, even faster than a normal rut. This only happens when an alpha has met with an omega that was once a potential mate that either rejected them or was forcefully separated from them. The rut will only be calmed if it is spent with that same omega or it will last a full two weeks.” All for One explained this calmly as if leaving the information to seep into my brain. “You’ll have to find this omega or I personally will lock you up in a rut room and guard it.” He threatened, but his expression didn’t change.


“How long do I have? I don’t know any omega like that either!” I panicked, hands in my hair pulling tightly.


“Judging by your scent, I’m predicting around five days, but I’m sure it will all come together soon Katsuki.” He smiled… genuinely? What exactly did he mean?


“As for your punishment however.” He quipped quickly.


‘Fuck I forgot about that.’


“Yes?” I rolled my eyes, my hands falling from the death grip.


“I want you to tell that black haired omega boy about us.” He said.


“What? You don’t mean-?” I started.


“Yes. About us, the yakuza. About everything you’ve done and everything you’re going to do. Let’s see if he’ll still stick around if he knows about you, the real you.”


‘What the fuck?’ 


“If you do that for me I won’t have to kill him Katsuki. It’s your choice.”


It was if something in me had snapped.My body seemed to heat up from the bottom and that rush of red hot anger filled me up right to the top. My whole face shrivelled up in pure rage and my pupils narrowed into slits. Even my hair seemed to raise like a feral animal being threatened.


Like an alpha.


“If you even so much as breathe the same air as him I swear to God I will tear you apart, limb from limb and fuck up your face even more that it already has been. Stay away from Kirishima.”


Without even waiting for a response, I turned around and stormed out of the room slamming the door behind me, my enraged alpha scent following me as I went. I headed straight back to the room I knew my Kirishima would be in, weaving through the many empty corridors, my alpha was practically dying to see the omega. I walked a little bit faster at the thought of him.


Finally I reached the medical room. I could smell him from the outside. That sweet natural scent that he had the audacity to cover with disgusting scent blockers was on display. Hastily, I opened the door and rushed inside the white room.


Kirishima was on the same bed, nothing about him had changed, apart from the bandages forming a crown around his head. He seemed to be in a deep sleep as he didn’t react to my noisy entry and his chest was moving up and down in a calming pattern. There seemed to be no sign of Chiyo in the room and all the medical supplies had been cleared off the small bedside table. As I approached the raven haired boy I grabbed a chair from beside another (this time empty) bed and placed it by his bed instead. I collapsed into it rather ungracefully and folded my arms together on the bed sheets. I placed my chin atop them in a seriously uncomfortable position and watched as the omega slept, feeding the urge to protect and watch over him. I watched as he slept peacefully, not flinching in pain this time. There may or may not have been a smile on my face.


My eyes drooped closed and I allowed myself to fall asleep in the presence of my omega, pushing everything about the yakuza and ruts into the back of my mind.  


Looking back on this, it was all super fucking creepy and I would probably knock a bitch out if they did the same to me.

Chapter Text

It’s dark, yet warm.


I can’t open my eyes. My head hurts!




Where are you?






It hurts!






Ah, me.


Yes that’s me, my name.

There’s someone calling out to me. But who?


“Kirishima!” They called.



No. I know that voice.


That gruff sound that plays with my heartstrings, awakens my omega, makes me feel safe.


My alpha.



My eyes open slowly, heavy and lidded. My vision was murky, thoughts jumbled too. Of course, my head was pounding as if someone was knocking the inside of my skull with a hammer. As I continued to come to, the harsh scent of antiseptic hit my nose, it scrunched in response. The horrible smell overpowered the scent of musky pheromones, pheromones of an alpha.




I lifted my head and made direct eye contact with the boy sat to my left. His blood red eyes were filled with- relief? I stared into the pools of blood and almost comically I remembered.


My mother; the screaming. The bottle; the shards. The omegas; the comfort.


My alpha; the embrace.


I sat up sharply. Immediately, the banging became almost deafening. I held my head in my hands and waited for the pain to ebb away.


It took some time, yet Bakugou hadn’t said a word.


Finally, I rose my head slowly and fixed my posture. I looked straight at the alpha next to me. His appearance was sloppy at best, blond hair frizzy as if he had been repeatedly running his fingers through it. His casual clothes were wrinkled but nothing too out of the ordinary. However, it was his eyes that were framed with light purple bags and his face, now screwed up in an unreadable expression.


“Are you- ok now?” He said, laced with caution.


“B-bakugou.” I mumbled stupidly, reaching out to him.


He took my hand and held it on the bed, he looked strangely guilty. He tightened his grip.


“What is it?” His eyes didn’t meet mine anymore.


“W-what, where-?” I struggled to get out my words. You can’t blame me though! I was thoroughly confused.


“You’re ok Kirishima.” He sighed, “After your mum - ya know?- Kami took you to his place where Monoma was and you guys cuddled and shit. Kami called me ‘cos he was worried so I got someone to drive us off and take you here. A professional stitched you up and now you’ve finally woke up, you took your time shitty hair.” He huffed cutely at his last statement.




“M-my hair is not shitty!” I blushed and stammered. Where had that nickname come from?


“Whatever.” He rolled his eyes at me.


I still had many questions so I started off simple.


“Where is ‘here’?” I asked, my head tilted slightly.


Bakugou flinched aggressively, his scent also grew heavy, filled with anger, it was as if he had remembered something.


Guess that wasn’t a simple question huh?’ I awkwardly chuckled to myself.


“I have someth-” The blond alpha was interrupted rudely as the door to the white room swung open.

Bakugou gritted his teeth.


The loud bang caused by the door made my head bang harshly, which in turn made me grip it tightly, attempting to stop the sudden pain. In mere seconds a familiar blond omega ran up towards me and gripped me in a soft hug. His scent was comforting and I leaned into his embrace. He said nothing, only hugged me tighter with each passing second. Behind him stood a bulky alpha (judging by his scent) his hair was a pure silver colour, possibly dyed? His eyelashes were pretty long too and also silver. He offered me an awkward smile when his glance landed upon me and off the other omega.


“Kirishima!” Kaminari finally let out. He took my cheeks into his waiting hands diverting my gaze from the alpha and into his electric yellow eyes. “I was so worried! I’m so happy you’re ok!” He wiped a stray tear from his eye.


I smiled at him.


“You’re right I’m doing just fine!” I grinned at the omega in front of me, each sharp tooth on full display.


Kaminari smiled softly, eyes squinting and a faint blush tainting his cheeks.


Interrupting our moment, the silver alpha stepped towards my bed, on the opposite side of Bakugou. He cleared his throat and said,


“Hey! I’m guessing that you’re Kirishima then..” He trailed off awkwardly then continued, “My name is Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu! It’s nice to meet you, not in these circumstances of course!” The alpha chuckled and rubbed the back of his head.


Although his name was odd to say the least, he seemed like a genuinely good guy so I reached up to shake his hand. The clasp of our hands was firm and very manly!


The door once again swung open, however this time it didn’t bang against the wall, thankfully. All of our eyes snapped towards the figure entering the room in curiosity. A minuscule elderly woman stepped into the room, her cane clacking against the floor with each step. Her back was hunched and face fully wrinkled. The woman’s face was pulled into a smile, and as she made her way to the right side of my bed, the side Tetsutetsu was on. Her scent was rather bland and layered in the similar fragrance of antiseptic.


“How are you feeling darling?” The woman croaked out, her shrivelled hand reaching out to feel the temperature of my forehead.


“I’m feeling pretty ok Miss- um…”


“Shuzenji.” She responded noticing my discomfort.


“Just call her Chiyo.” Bakugou huffed from the opposite side.


“You’re such a disrespectful young man!” She- Chiyo called, probably not as loudly as she wanted to. “Anyway Kirishima darling,” she continued “I’m here to give you your medicine!” She produced a box of meds from the pocket of her white jacket and placed them down onto the bedside table. “You’ll be taking these twice a day to ease the pain, also don’t let your stitches come into any contact with water until I see you next. I’ll supply you with a few boxes of medicine for you to take home, however you’ll be staying in bed until tommorow morning when someone will arrive to drive you home.”


I flinched at her final word.




What am I gonna do?’ I worried.


“U-um Miss Chiyo, home is a bit um..” I wobbled nervously while my eyes trailed downwards abashedly.


“He’s not going home.” Bakugou declared as he rose from his chair.


“Yeah he can’t go back there!” Kaminari exclaimed.


Chiyo sighed. “The Boss won’t like this, but whatever it’s not my problem!” She cackled as she trudged out of the room.


“He can stay in my room!” The blond omega said as he took me in his arms again.


Bakugou ‘tched’ and announced, “I’m going to buy some food. Tetsu come with me.” The silver haired alpha called out an enthusiastic ‘sure!’ and they sauntered over to the door.


“I’ll see you later Kami!” Tetsutetsu said before leaving the room. Kaminari let go of me to wave at the alpha.


Bakugou lingered at the door, his head hung low and eyes out of view.


“Bakugou?” I questioned, slightly concerned.


“It’s nothing Kirishima.” He quickly butted in. “I’ll see you soon.” He didn’t even look at me before he left and soon the door was once again closed, leaving us two omegas in the room.


“Soooo.” Kaminari drawled. “Let’s stay in my room!” He grinned at me and threw the covers off my body.


“Ah!” I squeaked.


“Hey I’m an omega too, so there’s nothing to hide that I haven’t already seen! Plus you’ve got clothes on silly!” He winked at me and giggled cutely.


“You just surprised me is all!” I defended.


“Whatever let’s go!” The omega said as he (gently) helped me stand stably, his hand in mine keeping me steady. We left the white room (I made sure I had the meds on me) and walked a short distance through the building until we reached the end of the building and ended up outside in a small garden.


“My room is in a separate building so I always have to go out here to get to it.” Kaminari clarified casually. “It’s such a pain in the ass, especially in winter!”


As the blond omega pouted, I took in the scene around me as we strolled through it.


The sakura trees were in full bloom. Their petals drifting into a small koi pond, creating a layer of pale pink. The water wasn’t muddy but a crystal blue. The rest of the garden was made up of plush green grass that was dotted with small flowers. Kaminari seemed very nonchalant about the view. ‘He must come here a lot.’ I thought to myself. ‘He even has his own room here!’ 


The hand in mine tugged slightly, bringing my focus back to the guy in front of me.


“You finished gawking Kiri?” Kami teased as he pulled me through an open door to the separate building. The omega didn’t let me respond before he exclaimed, “Welcome my humble abode!”


“But what about the other house? Ya know the one next to mine?” I asked as he pulled me around a corner in a hallway filled with closed doors.


“Oh yeah that’s my house too! I just stay here sometimes..”


I could tell the omega was hesitant to say anymore so I left his explanation at that.


We reached the end of a long hallway when suddenly the omega turned to the right to twist open a golden doorknob. The door creaked open to reveal a pretty standard bedroom. The cream coloured walls were left bare and a light hung from the ceiling. Surprisingly, a queen sized bed was pushed into the corner of the room beside a bedside table. The table held no more than an alarm clock and some pens. Opposite the bed was a smooth oak wood closet that emitted the same scent that the blond omega did mixed with the smell of fresh laundry. To the left of the closet was an odd door that I chose not to comment on.


The omega dragged me to the bed and sat me down atop the fresh covers. He sat beside me with a soft ‘oof’.


“So what are we gonna do now? It’s almost 10pm, so usually I’d be getting ready for bed at this time.” Kaminari thought out loud.


“Um why don’t we shower and sleep then?” I suggested.


“Sure!” He smiled. “There’s a bathroom attached to this room so we won’t have to use the communal ones.” The blond stood and reached out his hand towards me. I reached out and took his hand in mine. I rose from the bed and we made our way towards the door next to the closet. Kami open the door and what was inside was (obviously) a slightly small bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet. I turned to Kaminari who was,




“K-kami?! What are you doing?” I stammered as his shorts dropped to the floor.


“Getting undressed. What does it look like?” He replied as he began to remove his shirt, leaving him in his boxers. “What are you waiting for? We’re showering together!”


“Oh. Ok!” I beamed, regaining my composure.


I never had any siblings to shower with and it had been so long since I had bathed

with my mother as a child. It’s nice to have physical contact once in a while and somehow I trusted Kaminari fully, although I had only known him for a few days.


I removed my shirt first, taking extra caution of the stitching framing my scalp. Once that was removed I let it drop to the floor and began removing my school trousers and socks. I glanced back at Kaminari who was now fully naked and in the process of setting the temperature and starting the shower.


I blushed a little bit.


I pushed past my own embarrassment and removed my own boxers. Conveniently, that was the exact moment Kaminari decided to turn to me and announce,


“The shower’s ready!”


His eyes roamed up and down my bare body and he suddenly exclaimed,


“Your nipples are so pink Kiri!”



We had spent around thirty minutes in the shower as Kaminari kept trying to touch my body and didn’t focus on actually showering. Although I can honestly admit that it hadn’t bothered me too much, it was even kind of fun! While we were still in the bathroom, the blond produced a spare toothbrush from a small cabinet and we brushed our teeth in a comfortable silence. We had then dried off and dressed in clean pyjamas (Kami lent me some of his from the closet). It was about quarter to eleven when we had both crawled into the queen sized bed.


“Goodnight Kiri.” Kaminari whispered.


“Goodnight Kami.” I whispered back.


The light was turned off and darkness claimed the room.

Chapter Text

I was roused from my sleep with a foot to the face and sunlight pouring through the window. The headache had subsided partly, but was still uncomfortable to say the least. My hands reached up to my eyes to rub the sleep from them as I sat up straight underneath the covers. The omega next to me was spread out like a star and somehow on top of the covers rather than inside them. He twitched twice then slowly opened his bleary eyes.


“Mornin’ Kiri.” He yawned and wiped the long trail of drool off his chin.


“Good morning.” I replied and stretched my arms out above my head. When I was done the blond had finally sat up, his oversized shirt was loose and crumpled showing off his collar bones. His hair was a mess, the blond was frizzy and his odd black streak seemed wavy rather than sharp. He reached to grab the alarm clock off of the bedside table and announced,


“Shit it’s 10am!” Kaminari scrambled out of the bed and continued, “All of the food will be gone if you don’t hurry up!” With that he rushed out of the bedroom and into the bathroom.


It didn’t take a genius to figure out that he was stressing out over breakfast so I didn’t say anything and slowly also got out of bed. Kaminari emerged from the bathroom with much neater hair and chose not to waste any time as he grabbed my hand and swung open his door. As we walked I noticed that his oversized shirt reached all the way down to his mid-thigh but a question still lingered in my mind.


“Hey Kaminari, are you wearing anything underneath that shirt?”


He turned to face me and grinned.


“Of course not!”


I sighed but smiled back nonetheless.



 We hadn’t crossed back into the main building but instead went into a large room that had a more modern design featuring a couch, television, kitchenette and dining table. There were familiar faces sat at that table and some that were unknown to me. One of those familiar faces was Bakugou who was eating a plate of omurice with a spoon, his trademark scowl rested upon his face. Tetsutetsu was also present at the table shoving scrambled eggs down his throat.


Kaminari lingered at the door frame, his hand still clasped in mine. He cleared his throat and called,


“This is Kirishima Eijirou! He’s an omega just like me and he’s gonna be staying here until further notice!!” He didn’t leave anytime for anyone to comment before he lead me over to the dining table to sit next to him. The table was covered in traditional Japanese breakfast food but also littered with more western items.


I couldn’t help but notice two unknown eyes staring me down. One belonged to someone who wasn’t so unfamiliar once I had a closer look.


“U-um you’re Dabi, aren’t you?” I said to the boy with jet black hair that resembled mine.


He scoffed and said,


“That’s right.” He gestured to the blue haired boy next to him (who also now looked familiar too!) “This is my mate, Shigaraki Tomura.”


The blue haired omega glared at me.


“Don’t get used to this. You’ll be gone within the week.” His scent was heavy with contempt.


I shuddered and looked away nervously. My gaze locked with Bakugou who immediately lowered his eyes.


“You can eat whatever you want Kirishima.” The bond alpha said as he poked at his breakfast.


“A-ah ok!” I said with faux composure. In reality I was shitting myself because of the two older boys at the table who were still throwing knives at me with their shadowed expressions of, most likely, hate. I couldn’t even begin to question the looks before two figures entered the room loudly, slamming the door in the process.


‘What’s with everyone in this place making such dramatic entrances and slamming doors?!’ I complained to myself, the new banging in my head leaving me irritated.


“Monoma, Shinsou, is everything ok?” Kami piped up from beside me.


I looked towards the doorway to see a blue eyed, pale blond omega. His scent flooded the room as he entered, reminding me of what he had done for me only a few hours ago. Next to him, a purple haired boy had his arm wrapped around his waist which was weird to say the least, Monoma had seemed like a very hot headed omega.

The blond took a deep breath before blurting out,





Silence made the room stand still.


Nobody moved.


Kaminari stopped mid bite.


Shigaraki froze.


Dabi blinked.


Bakugou narrowed his eyes.


“What the FUCK?!” The blond alpha shouted, seething with rage as he abruptly stood and banged his fists against the table.


“What have I gotten myself into?” I mumbled quietly to myself, sweat dropping down my face.

Chapter Text

Both omega genders only spend around 6 months pregnant. As a result of this, compared to beta females, omega babies are born smaller in size but will most likely reach the normal size of a newborn within 3 months, because of this omega babies require smaller clothing which creates a huge market for their needs. However due to the drop of omega pregnancies, as a result of new laws, this market has been suffering from mass losses over the recent years.


Male omega pregnancies differ greatly from female omega pregnancies however many of the symptoms of pregnancy are the same for both genders such as frequent nesting and morning sickness. As the months pass and the foetus continues to develop, male omega begin to grow, usually small, breasts and lactate as a female would. Under some circumstances, for example if the level of testosterone is significantly high, male omega will not be able to develop breasts or milk for their pup.


When it is time to give birth many male omega opt to undergo a caesarian section as it causes less pain than a natural birth. The recovery process is the same but of course may differ from person to person.


After the pup has finished the breast feeding stage, male omegas’s breasts many shrink slightly or stay completely the same.


-An omega’s guide to pregnancy





“I’M PREGNANT!” Monoma blurted at the top of his lungs.


“What the FUCK?!” Bakugou shouted, seething with rage as he abruptly stood and banged his fists against the table. “You’re going to abort the fucker aren’t you?”


“Nope.” The purple haired alpha (judging by his scent and matching bond mark to the omega) responded casually.


“I’m so happy for you Monoma!” Kaminari squealed, ignoring the tense atmosphere as he ran from my side at the table to enclose his fellow omega in an embrace. Said omega pushed him away immediately, a bashful blush covering his cheeks.


“You can’t be fucking serious Shinsou?” Bakugou pleaded with the indigo alpha, his fists squeezing ever tighter.


“We’re keeping the baby Bakugou.” He smiled slightly and took Monoma’s hand in his which must have been a rare occurrence judging by Bakugou’s shocked expression and even Kaminari’s.


“Shigaraki aren’t you going to say anything?” The blond alpha turned to face the bluenette, his whole body leaking a scent of rage.


Shigaraki wasn’t taken aback by the potent smell and shrugged.


“If Sensei doesn’t have a problem with it neither do I. Monoma will just have to stop going on,” he paused and turned to face me, “errands.”


‘What’s his deal?’ I thought to myself.


“You’re all fucking unbelievable!” Bakugou fumed. “He’s got a whole future ahead of him! Some little shitting machine shouldn’t take that from him!” His scent was as potent as ever, causing Monoma to shrink into himself slightly.


Kaminari stepped towards the ticking time bomb and placed a hand on his shoulder.


“It’s what they want Katsuki.” He said with a soft smile on his face, leaking calming pheromones.


The alpha let out a loud ‘tch’, forcefully removed the hand from his shoulder and stormed out of the room.


Without question I rose from my seat and followed after the boy. Dabi smirked and scoffed from behind me.


I quickly lost sight of the blond alpha as he stomped his way throughout the complex building. I used my trusted nose and knowledge of the other boy’s scent to guide myself through the twisting hallways. Eventually, I ended up at the end of a wide corridor and watched a door forcefully slam closed, the door frame rattled. I took a deep breath and confidently marched towards the door and knocked.


“Fuck off!” Bakugou shouted in reply.


I honestly don’t know what I expected.’ I sighed to myself.


“Bakugou, it’s me Kirishima.” I called, hands clasped towards my chest.


The blond didn’t say anything in response so I took that as an invitation (the best one I could probably get) to enter.


“I’m coming in.” I announced and didn’t give the boy a chance to reply as I twisted the knob and pushed into the room.


Bakugou’s room was spacious to say the least. Scratch that- it was huge! At the centre of the room was a queen sized bed covered with fancy lookin’ blankets. A massive closet took up most of the space on the walls and was made of a handsome oak wood. Beside his bed was a desk, littered with books and pens in a neat fashion, it must have been used recently. Like Kaminari’s room he had another door which presumably led to a sleek bathroom.


“Are you going to keep gawking or actually come in?” The alpha snarled.


I closed the door behind me and approached Bakugou who was sat on his bed, arms crossed angrily like a child. We made eye contact for a moment before he flicked his head in the direction of the other, empty side of his bed. I smiled and sat next to the blond boy.


“I know you’re here to comfort me or some shit, so I’m letting you know right now that I won’t listen.” He huffed.


I sighed, “I’m not here to comfort you honestly. That room was just too stifling with those two in it.” A shiver ran down my spine accordingly.


Bakugou let out a harsh, curt laugh. “Don’t worry shitty hair, they’re not going to bite your head off.”


I scoffed at Bakugou’s reaction, “Anyways, I’m not here to talk about Dabi and Shigaraki, I wanna know what made you so upset back there.”


“I thought you weren’t here to comfort me.” The alpha narrowed his eyes.


“I’m not!” I pouted. “I just wanna know!” I repeated.


The blond boy let out his signature ‘tch’, but relented.


“I’ll tell you Kirishima, but if a word of this conversation gets out to anyone-!”


“It won’t,” I interrupted. “Trust me Bakugou.”


The alpha looked taken aback for a moment but swiftly regained his composure. He let out a sigh and began.


“It’s just that Monoma’s life shouldn’t have to stop for some little piss maker. Fuck he hasn’t even finished highschool yet! He’s so young too, we’ve barely experienced the real world yet! It’s like something’s been stolen from him just because he’s an omega.”


“But Bakugou, it was his decision! As far as I know he hasn’t been forced, so honestly I don’t see the problem here…” I stated.


Bakugou immediately reacted super negatively to what I said as his scent grew frustrated and angry. I expected it but his outburst still shocked me.


“Of course you don’t understand! You don’t know any of us, you have no idea what we do!” He shouted, blood red eyes filled with an emotion I couldn’t quite pin-point.


“So what Katsuki?!” I shouted in return. “Can’t you see it? He’s happy! I don’t know what ‘errands’ you do, but I know happiness when I see it.”


“You’re so fucking naive Eijirou.” Bakugou held his head in his hands and squeezed his eyes shut. “You shouldn’t be here. You shouldn’t get close to anyone here, especially me.”


I have no idea which god gave me the confidence, but I grabbed the explosive alpha’s hands and ripped them from his face so I could look him in the eyes and say,


“I don’t care! I don’t care what you’ve done or what you’ll do! I trust you Katsuki, you’ve done so much for me already. Please just have a little more faith in me!”


Shock painted the blond boy’s face, his mouth hanging open slightly. Eventually he chuckled and removed his hands from my grip.


“You’re too nice for your own good Eijirou. One day it’s going to bite you back in the ass.” Bakugou looked at me with that intense gaze of his that made my hairs stand on end. He didn’t give me a chance to reply before he was moving off of the bed and suggesting that we head back to the others.


Silently, we trailed back to the living room however before he opened the door, Bakugou paused.


“Kirishima.” He said.


“Y-yes?” I squeaked in response.


“I’m going to trust you. I’ll tell you everything soon. Don’t disappoint me.”


With that, he opened the door.