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Lust In Red

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My father left when I was five.
He said he didn't want to live with two whore omegas. Mother had cried a lot that night, her makeup didn't look nice when it was smudged. 
We were kicked out of our old place, the rent was too high and mother hardly had enough money for us to eat. She earned money however she could even if it did make her a 'whore omega'. 

The new place was shabby at best, the walls were thin and the floorboards creaked. But it was home. Just the two of us. 

My mother was beautiful, her silky raven hair that reached her waist, her makeup always done to perfection, her slender figure still plump in the right places. However, the best thing about her was her scent. Mother smelt like freshly baked cake with a hint of chocolate. I loved her. She cared for me and loved me when no one else would.

But I couldn't help but hate her when she started to bring her 'clients' home. 

The walls were always too thin. 

By the time I was seven the light in my mother's eyes were dying. Her scent dulled. She became more and more tired. The more 'clients' she brought home, the more bruises painted her pale skin. That's why at seven I vowed that I'd become an Alpha. One strong enough to fight the other Alphas that mother brought home. An Alpha my mother could be proud of.

I presented at twelve.

It was a normal day, eight thirty in the evening. Mother and her 'client' in the other room. My hands pressed firmly against my ears trying to block out those sounds. The pain that gripped my abdomen was sudden. The heat spread through my body like a wildfire. My scent was out of control pumping out waves of fear and


Mother and her 'client' went silent. The paper door was quickly slid open, an alpha's hungry eyes greeted me on the other side. The heat made my brain turn into mush as I reached my small fragile arm towards the alpha begging him to take me, begging him to make the pain stop. 

Mother was mortified. Her red eyes widened in horror. Suddenly she snapped back to her senses and attempted to wrestle the alpha off of my small frame. She was thrown back with such force that the whole house seemed to shake. I took no notice of this as the alpha kissed and sucked down my neck. My body craved his touch, his scent was addictive. I still feel dirty and ashamed to this day. 

The alpha and I didn't get very far as the police showed up in my room. The alpha was shot with a tranquilliser and arrested. My heat had triggered his rut. I was taken into hospital and rode out my first heat in a cold white room.

The hospital bills were expensive. Mother began drinking. Her eyes were sunken in and her face was defined with wrinkles. She would scream and shout at me, blaming me for everything that had happened to her. She would occasionally throw things at me too. When mother was at her lowest I would go days without eating which made going to school difficult.

My middle school was pretty shitty. The school staff couldn't care less about the students and half of the third years showed up to school high. In my second year I met a guy called Masaaki. He was an omega and the prettiest guy I had ever seen. He offered to sell me scent blockers and heat suppressants. I knew I couldn't afford them so I forced myself to get a part time job. I never let my mother know. I knew that she would accuse me of whoring myself out and I didn't need to hear her screech about that too. 

Needless to say, the scent blockers and suppressants were a blessing. I cut my hair short (it was just about past my shoulders) and stole a set of the boys school uniform. Nobody at school noticed the change. I never had any friends in the first place. From then on school was just the same boring routine, although my mother hadn't gotten any better I was content for the first time in over five years as a beta.

Third year rolled around and I was still in contact with Masaaki meaning that I still needed my part time job and that I was still living as a beta. Mid Terms came and went (as always I fucked them up) and life was still decent. Mother had calmed down at bit, spending most of her time asleep or fucking random men in our house while I was studying. When it was Finals I tried my best to balance school work and real work but in the end I decided that the meds were more important than getting good grades. Who needed a smart omega anyways? 

Just as I thought I would, I did terrible in my finals and graduated middle school with zero friends. I decided that I would go to a high school called U.A Academy known for its gang violence and drug dealing.