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high school day (my sister wrote this lmao)

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once there was a boy called namjoon ans he was just about to do a really big test. and jimin said “dude can i have your brain?” 


then they started the test. after the test, jungkook and taehyung was walking together and they were the best best best of friends. and they just finished their test too. jungkook did really good. tae did ok. 


but they are both so cute together and jin wanted them to be boyfriend and boyfriend but that obviously didn’t happen. jungkook wanted to be with taehyung too but taehyung didn’t really want to be with jungkook that much. taehyung  wanted to be with hoseok! and the two of them wasn’t really getting along that well the other day. 


then hoseok walked into the room. hoseok really wanted to be with yoongi and yoongi really wanted to be with hoseok. but they just really didn’t have the courage to ask them out.


yoongi said, “hey hoseok do you want to, uh, uh,” then he dropped a pie on his head. 


hoseok said, “oh you nit wit!” 


namjoon was like, “did i miss a party here?!” 


tae and jungkook said, “food fight!!” 


jungkook threw a pie at hoseok’s face. jimin was too nervous to go out so he just stayed on the toilet, he wasn’t actually on the toilet though.


first lesson was over, now second lesson! 


this was jimin’s favourite lesson because it was science and he was partners with namjoon; of course. they got to make volcano explosives. jimin was too exited so he just made some random stuff together. 


then there was a big BANG!!!


then second lesson was over because of jimin making a big bang. 


then there was break time. 


jungkook and taehyung was vey miserable because hoseok was going out with yoongi and taehyung wanted to go out with hoseok. then jungkook wanted to ask tae out. 


and he said, “no! i want to be with hoseok!” 


taehyung went off in a strop then he went over to the trees. the taehyung fell over a stick, fell into a pond, then ended up on namjoon’s foot. they walked back together. then they were all laughing their heads off, no clue how or why.


they were laughing their heads off because jungkook just fell in dog poo and jimin tried to help him but he fell in some mud, clumsy guy. 


then namjoon said, “what are you guys doing on the floor? get up!” 


then they decided to go home because school was finished. yoongi went to hoseok’s apartment because they were a couple now. 


jungkook, taehyung and namjoon had a sleepover. 


then jin sat in the middle doing yoga. then jimin was so quiet and joined jin. they were all hummmmming. 


the next day, because there was no school, they all went to a water park. jimin nearly fell in the water. jin and jimin totes forgot that they were going out to the water park, so then they walked to the water park and started doing yoga again. 


“what the hay are you guys doing?” namjoon said.  


they got back from the water park. they all started to get along. taehyung and jungkook were together. 


(me: wait how are they together?


her: you never know)


hoseok and yoongi were together. jin and jimin were still doing yoga.


namjoon was having a bath and he said, “stop humming!” 


the end.