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Save the Date

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Shepard couldn’t stop pacing back and forth in her cabin. The aquarium behind her bubbled in tune to her footsteps, and finally she broke away from her rhythm to visit the bathroom. The mirror inside gave away all of her emotions. Her face was flushed, and her lips were particularly shiny and plump, almost like it was in use... for a long time. The implications of that would be difficult to hide if someone walked in on her, but the likelihood of that was very low. The black dress she wore for her date really did compliment her figure, as many people pointed out - she was worried that her muscles might have looked strange, since they were usually covered with armor. Contrary to popular belief, Shepard did like to feel and look more feminine once in a while. Her body was also slightly shaking with the adrenaline she built up from shooting targets off the Presidium with Garrus.

She smiled at the thought of him. She didn’t think that missing a target on purpose would make Garrus that happy, but seeing the expression on his face was worth it. Remembering what he said to her before that had a blush creeping up her neck. Her, Commander Shepard, a one-turian woman? Garrus truly had a way with words, the only kind of words that could ever touch her heart.

Shepard glanced out of the bathroom door to search for the clock on her nightstand. It was getting late, and she could freak out more about this later. It was basically a proposal, in human terms. She hasn’t had much of a chance to be happy in almost three years, and she knew that everyone would be happy for her.

She was forced out of her thoughts and increasing worries due to the distinct noise of her cabin code being punched in. She felt herself become giddy, and ran over to greet her visitor.

Garrus stood in the hallway with a tablet in his hand. His tone was apologetic. “Shepard. I know it’s late, but-” Shepard wordlessly pulled him inside before giving him a hug. He tossed the device on her bed nearby to fully hug her back, and began to run his talons along the length of her spine.

Garrus chuckled. “Someone’s feeling clingy, huh?” Shepard buried her face in his chest and voiced a muffled response.

“I didn’t hear that, Shepard. Try again?”

Reluctantly, she lifted her head to face him and said, “And what if I am?”

“I won’t argue with that.” Garrus leaned down to kiss her, and Shepard responded in turn. Turians didn’t have lips or really kissed at all, sure, but the two made it work. Garrus was a particularly quick learner on and off the battlefield, she noted. His tongue made his way to hers, and both moved as one, passionate and wanting.

It went on like this for a moment, until Garrus moaned loudly and broke the kiss to glare at Shepard. “Shepard, that’s playing dirty.”

Shepard quickly removed her fingers from underneath Garrus’s fringe and smiled innocently. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Garrus sighed. “You’re making me almost forget why I came up tonight.” He gestured her to sit down beside him on Shepard’s bed. He grabbed the tablet, which Shepard didn’t notice until then.

“What’s that?”

“I’ll show you.” Garrus turned the tablet on and opened the extranet app. Shepard could make out a bunch of tabs scrunched together on top, enough that the words were unreadable. The sound of his talon tapping on the screen filled the room, and Shepard began to drift in and out. She leaned against Garrus’s shoulder, and in response he pulled her closer.

“Aha. Finally found it.” Shepard’s eyes shot open at the sound of his voice, and she squinted at the bright lights in front of her. When her eyes adjusted to the screen, she looked at Garrus in surprise.

“Garrus, what is this?” There were multiple links on the tablet about bridal venues and catering. Shepard lingered on a picture of a human woman in a simple, long white dress with a short v-neck. It wasn’t too flashy or elegant; she always figured she would be more traditional and practical when it came to her wedding dress. If she ever had a wedding.

Garrus wrapped one of his arms around her waist and hummed softly. “Joker and EDI suggested I do some research on your ‘marriage’ customs. There isn’t much of a turian equivalent for this, but it seems to be important to humans. If you want to, of course. Or is this too fast for you?”

Ah, Joker. The biggest gossip on the ship. If Garrus went to him for advice, then no doubt the entire crew will know about this by morning. She continued scrolling through the pages Garrus had left open. “I never really considered it, honestly. To imagine a future where I could be a bride sounds ridiculous to me, especially when we’re about to face the biggest challenge of our lives.”

Shepard placed the tablet behind her and shifted to face Garrus. Her hand went to the side of his scarred face and cradled it softly. “However, if it’s with you, it’s something I can believe in,” she said.

Garrus leaned into her palm and his mandibles twitched into the closest thing to a smile. “I assume that’s a yes?”

“Yes. It’s safe to assume that I’m not going to have months to prepare like people usually do.” Shepard’s other hand slid down to find one of his that was softly caressing her hip, and he stopped to intertwine their fingers.

“Good.” Garrus audibly sighed in relief. “I’ve kept you awake long enough.” He helped Shepard take off her dress, and tossed her heels towards a corner of the cabin. All that was left was her bra and panties, a black lace set that Garrus had picked out for her during a Citadel visit months ago. It was a visual reminder to buy more next time they docked there - it really made Shepard look good. Shepard unceremoniously flopped on the bed, not caring about anything else, which earned a disdained sound from Garrus. He turned her body to the side, her head resting on the pillow, and covered her shivering body with the comforter. He brought his forehead to hers, and began to make his way back to the main battery when a voice stopped him.

“Will you stay?” Shepard had sat up from her bed and scooted to the side to make room. The comforter she was using had slid off her body and pooled at her hips.

“For you, anything.” Garrus replied simply.

Garrus settled in besides Shepard and propped his head up against the headboard. He noticed she was still shivering, so he held her close against his body in an attempt to warm her up. Shepard snuggled closer until her head was underneath his own, close enough to feel his breath hitting her scalp.

“Are you happy?” Garrus inquired. He began stroking the back of Shepard’s head, her silky hair moving around in tune to his movements. Shepard nodded into his chest, as she saw no need to provide a response out loud. Garrus leaned down and acknowledged her answer with a smile against her forehead. Having reached her limit, the embrace of sleep overcame her.