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Judging a forbidden wish

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Izuku could tell you exactly how this all started, How he ended up behind the bars of a high security prison at the young age of 9. How he ended curled up in the corner, head buried in his knees. How he ended up being at the end of the horrible taunts and threats he got from the guards. It was simply because he was the son of a major villain, the darkest of all Villains, who went by All For One. Granted his mother was also a villain, and naturally when Izuku was born they expected great, but evil things from him. They just had to wait for his quirk, which they did.

And they waited.

And Waited

And Waited…


Izuku was quirkless… there was no way he was going to get a quirk. Izuku was heart broken at how easily they replaced him, taking in a parentless boy, Tomura, the boy who was his big brother… Izuku hated them, hated them all. They hurt him.

Quirks are for survival, we could try and see if we can force him to manifest a quirk…

AT the age of 9, Izuku no longer felt pain...i was so normal for him, it was as natural as someone would find feeling happy. But even with everything they did, no quirk showed up.

Then, at the age of Nine, All Might, the greatest of heroes found them. Izuku couldn’t keep the smile of his face. A hero! A real life hero! Sure he had seen plenty of heroes. He had helped on escape once. He still shivered at his punishment for that. All Might had started to fight AFO, and he had been sent to his room. Unknown that his mother and Tomura packed up and left. Leaving him to be found by the heroes… they didn’t treat him any better then his parents. He was treated like a villain, but he had a clean record. He had never broken a law, they treated him like a villain simply because his parents were one. He kept to himself, didn’t speak, didn’t eat. Just listened to the taunts around him. He had no idea that there were people out there actually concerned for him. One who knew from the beginning, and the other who found out 6 months too late.


“I want to see that child…” All Might gasped to his mentor, Gran Torino.

“That’s not a wise idea…” Torino said.

“He’s a child… I ...see….Okay.” All Might gasped, trying to fight whatever medication was trying to force him to sleep.

“I will ask about it. Rest.” Torino said, All Might sighed and let sleep take over him. Torino sighed and didn’t move from his place. That was the child of the monster that killed Nana…. Torino shook his head, Nana would hate if she knew he was thinking this way… You couldn’t blame the son for the crimes of the father… even if his kind wouldn’t let him the see the kid as anything less that what his father was.


Pro Hero Eraserhead, Aka Aizawa Shouta,  was looking through some files he had been sent from the agency he worked out. He looked at one file, a recent villain, only been in the most high security prison for 6 months. He looked at the picture and frowned.

“You okay Shouta?” Fellow pro hero, Present Mic, aka Yamada Hizashi, looked over at his boyfriend of 7 years was watching him concerned.

“Does this look like a child to you?” Aizawa asked, showing him the file.

“I am pretty sure that is a child… Is he a child?” Yamada frowned, Aizawa opened the file and froze. “Shouta…”

“It’s fucking blank!” He explained, causing Yamada to jump back falling off his chair. But he quickly got up again

“What!” Aizawa thrust the file into his face. Sure, enough, the boy’s criminal record was empty, nothing, the boy was just an innocent kid. “Why the hell is he locked up in that place then?”

“He’s Nine years old…” Aizawa read, Yamada stared at him, before setting his chair up right again and sitting in it. Hands covering his mouth. “He is in there… because his parents are huge villains…”

“He’s paying for the crimes of his parents… THERE ARE LAWS AGAINST THAT! ” Yamada yelled.

“I know!” Aizawa couldn’t even be angry at him for shouting, he was just as furious. “He… he is also quirkless! So, basically, this is just a boy who was born into a villain family and he is being punished for it! How the hell is that right?”

“It’s not. Time we make some calls.” Yamada went for his phone.

“I make the calls, it’s my file.” Aizawa told him. Picking up his own phone.

“You call, I’ll take the notes.” Yamada grabbed a small notebook. Aizawa gave him a nod, and began to dial a number before putting it on speaker phone. There was a lot to do before they could try and get the boy to a safer, better environment. But how knew what problems the child had, who knew what his family had done to him…


“Are you sure you want to go alone?”  Yamada asked, sorting out Aizawa’s capture weapon.

“I am going to see a nine year old, not a mass murderer.” Aizawa scoffed at him.

“You know I don’t mean it like that… we both know how most people treat the children of villains… acting as if it’s their fault… I don’t know how they are treating him, but I know you have a tempter they won’t stand against, and I don’t want you getting into trouble.” Yamada sighed, hugging him.

“I know… but, who knows what this kid has gone through, it is safer for one person to go alone. If I feel I need help next time, I will bring you along.” Aizawa assured him. Yamada gave a small smile.

“Go and be that boy’s hero. Goodness knows he needs one.” Yamada nodded, seeing Aizawa off at the door. He sighed as he closed the door and headed to the computer. He planned to check a few things about the law, to find a legal route to easily force them to free the boy.


As for Aizawa, when he reached the prison, he stood outside looking up at it. It had a cold atmosphere, a dark one too. No child should have ever been locked up here, especially one who had never done any wrong. He took a deep breath, clutching the boy’s file, as he headed in, planning to do everything he could to get the boy out.

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Izuku remained in his cell, like everyday, as his untouched breakfast was removed. His stomach ached, but he never had more than the tiniest bit from every morning meal. He was beginning to think that if he were to stop eating, no one would care… no one cared anyway. He froze as the cell door opened again… what was it this time?


Aizawa looked at the boy in the corner of the cell, dull green eyes looked at him. He hated what he saw - Fear.

“I am not here to hurt you, I am just here to talk.” Aizawa said, to help the boy relax, he sat on the floor, across from him. The boy continued to watch him, not moving. “I’m a pro hero, Eraserhead.” There was a spark of recognition in the boys eyes. “Do you know who I am?” The boy nodded, he open his mouth to speak before he quickly closed it again, fear once more taking over his features. “It’s okay, you can talk back to me.”

“You have a cool quirk.”  The boy said, voice barely a whisper. It’s a start Aizawa thought.

“I guess you have seen some cool quirks in your life.” Aizawa commented, and frowned when he saw the boy flinch. He was silent for a while, but his eyes never left the hero. Aizawa hated the fact the child was so afraid of him - No child should be like this. He signed. “I am not here to hurt you, I want to help you.” a very small spark hope ignited in his eyes, before quickly fading again.

“N-no o-ne w-wants to h-h-help me…” he whispered sadly.

“I do.” Aizawa said firmly. “You shouldn’t even be in here!” The boy looked down, still curled up into himself.

“T-they s-said I-I be-belong here…” His eyes quickly glanced to the window of his cell where Aizawa saw the guards. Of course they would, this society is going to the dogs...did the law enforcers no longer know the laws, or didn’t they care? Aizawa was close to betting they didn’t care. Assholes. He thought darkly.

“They are wrong.” Aizawa said, “I am working with another pro hero to get you out of here. By law, you are not meant to be here.” Izuku continued to watch him, the fear still in his eyes, but it was not as strong as it was when he first came in. “We are doing all we can, but the laws are on our side, we just need to get everything together, and then, well, We will make sure they will learn from this experience.” Aizawa added, He knew Mic was also working on filing a claim for wrongful imprisonment on the child's behalf, they wouldn’t officially file it until he was free. And even then, they didn't know the extent of his health, mentally and physically.

“W-wh-o is t-the ot-ther h-e-ero?” Izuku stammered out.

“He’s called Present Mic.” Aizawa answered.

“T-the On-one wi-th th-the Vo-voice q-uirk.” Izuku said, Aizawa nodded.

“You know you’re heroes.” He stated.

“I… I w-ant-ed to be o-one… B-but I-I ca-can’t…” Izuku bowed his head, tears welling up in eyes. Aizawa was about to reply, but the door opened, and he noted how Izuku literally flinched away from it, eyes once again wide with fear as he looked at the guards that had opened the door, his eyes suddenly void of all tears.

“Time is up.” One said. Aizawa glared at the guard, before standing up.

“I shall be visiting you again tomorrow, Midoriya Izuku.” Aizawa looked at the boy, who looked up at him. With that Aizawa left, what he heard when he left disturbed him greatly.

“I have no idea why we feed it, it’s not like it eats anyway.” The guard muttered, before he heard a startled, fear filled yelp from the boy. Aizawa forced himself to keep walking.


“Shouta!” Yamada beamed as him came through the door, but force at the look on his face. “Shouta..?”

“We need to hurry up and get him out of there.” Aizawa looked at him. “I… I need you to come with me next time, could you hide a recording device in your directional speaker?”

“ I have one in it… Let’s get finished with this case.” Yamada gave him a hard look, Aizawa nodded and the two of them got to work.


Aizawa getting ready for his second visit with Izuku, he pushed a few food pouches into his jumpsuit. If the boy wasn’t eating their food, maybe he would eat something I gave him. Yamada was in his room, getting into his hero outfit, and making sure the recording device was working.

“Hey, Shouta, think we should take a game for the listener? I doubt he ever got to play before he was found, or now to be honest. And he is just a kid after all.” Yamada called

“Just take a pack of cards, I can teach him a few games.” Aizawa replied.

“Just cards Shouta?” Yamada frowned

“We’ll probably have to bring them back with us, the guards would likely take them and destroy them or something.” Aizawa replied, Yamada frowned, but nodded.


The walked down the hall towards Izuku’s cell when they hear a whimpering cry. Aizawa saw his cell door opened, the two heroes rushed to it. The guard threw a bucket of water over the boy, who whimpered as he began to hyperventilate. Aizawa’s eyes narrowed as the man then kicked the boy, who cried out. The guard was wrapped up in his capture weapon in no time and dragged away from the boy. As more guards came running down the hall.

“Is that how you treat people in here?” Aizawa growled

“Who cares how…” The guard began

“We do! Believe it or not.” Aizawa growled. “Mic, you take him to the front desk and explain this.” He glanced at the boy crying in the corner of his cell, scratching at his skin. Pearls of blood dripping down his arms. “Get towels and a first aid kit. I need to stop the kid before he kills himself.” Mic gratefully took the guard and practically dragged him the down the hall, the other guards had hurried off to get what the hero said, just so they didn’t end up tangled in his scarf and their jobs on the line.


Aizawa took a towel from a guards and wrapped the boy up, he flinched, eyes turning to him, filled with fear. His breath were uneven and ragged as if he had been running. His eyes filled with tears, he bowed his head.

“Sorry, Sorry, I-I’ll do what you say, please… don’t… no more…” He gasped.

“Kid, kid, it’s fine I am here to help remember. I am not here to hurt you.” Aizawa spoke so softly, placing a hand on the boy’s cheek, blazing emerald eyes looked at him again. His whole body was shaking.

“Ew…” He whimpered, scratching at his skin again, as well as his wet clothes. Aizawa got the idea.

“I need clean clothes for the boy.” He glared at the guards, who once again ran off. “And more Towels!” He carried the boy over to a dry area and lay out the other two towels he had. He had to help the boy undress, before helping him dry. Yamada was the one who brought in the extra towels. Yamada dealt with the boy’s hair. Before getting him into the dry clothes. He wasn’t shaking as much, but he still trembled. He was watching Yamada werily. “This is Present Mic, he wants to help you too.” Aizawa told him. Izuku looked between him and Mic and opened his mouth, all that came out was a whimpering cry. Aizawa and Yamada did their best to comfort the boy, but, with most of their time taken up by making sure the boy was fine, they had little time to spare. Izuku had curled up on the towels, and had slowly began to fall asleep.

“I got it all. We have proof of everything… We need to hurry and finish on the case for the court. Then, we can bring him home. I can work on a room for him, I have a faint Idea of what may help him. Once he is out, we should also take him to a psychiatrist, I won’t be surprised if we find out he has several mental health issues because of his treatment, and we have no idea what his parents did to him. But I bet they are the reason he is so afraid of water.” Yamada muttered.

“We’ll get him out.” Aizawa said, frowning. He looked down at the kid. “Hey kid, you might want to wake up, before we go, I got something for you.” Izuku slowly opened his eyes, and slowly sat up, he watched Aizawa cautiously. His eyes widened when the hero gave him the food pouches. “You can eat them.” Aizawa nodded, Izuku eagerly opened one and drank, the look of bliss covered his face. Yamada frowned, was the boy afraid to eat the food in this place? It was quite possible, considering how the guards treated him. Once he finished, Aizawa held out another one, with a soft smile. Izuku accepted it again and happily sucked the juice out.

“Visiting time is up.” A guard called, Izuku froze, shivering.

“Hey, look at me.” Aizawa told him, terrified green eyes turned to him. “Listen, we are going to get you out of here, and when we do, you can stay with us. You’ll be safe, and no one will get you, Okay?”

“O-okay.” Izuku nodded. Aizawa smiled softly, and handed him the last food pouch.

“Here, I’ll bring some more tomorrow.” Aizawa promised, Izuku accepted it happily. Aizawa stood up, Mic followed after ruffling the boys hair, giving his a warm smile.


“If we work on the case tonight, we can get it done to hand in tomorrow. We have evidence of mistreatment,and his file is evidence of injustice anyway.” Mic said as they left the prison.

“Let’s get to work then.” Aizawa nodded.

Neither men slept much that night, getting everything together to hand into the police to make sure they got a court case opened. If not… Mic already threatened to take it to the media. With that sort of pressure, the heroes were sure the police would try and get it do as soon as possible.


The next day, They first took the case to the police, and sure enough, with the idea of the media getting hold of this case was enough to make them kick into gear.Then  Mic joined him in visiting the kid again, but he planned to shop after, to get things for the boy’s room. Their flate had four rooms, two of them empty, one for storage and the master room was theirs. Mic had already knocked down the wall that joined the two empty rooms, creating a space bigger than the master bedroom, though his boyfriend wasn’t explaining his plan. However, Aizawa had seen searches for sensory rooms, and taking a look at the images, he had a faint idea. There were new guards around Izuku’s cell, none of them even dared to make eye contact. The heroes having been able to strip their superior of his job in a matter of minutes. They let them into the cell with no issues, Izuku looked up when they entered, the fear not as prominent in his gaze.

“Hey kid.” Aizawa greeted with a small smile. Izuku gave a small nod, he shifted around so he was facing them head on, not as curled up as he was o start with.

“We’ve got good news.” Mic smiled, The boy looked at him.

“Your case is going through, there will likely be a court case with a week or so, we’ll be with you standing as your defence. But, we are positive it will work. If not, we can basically throw every single law they are breaking in their faces.” Aizawa said, Izuku stared at them.

“I c-can get out?” He asked, hopefully.

“Sure, we promised and we intend to keep it.” Mic smiled “I am working on a room for you later, I am going to make it great. Looks of colour, lights.” Mic smiled. Izuku eyes widened in awe.

“I ca-an ha-ve a ro-om like th-that?” He asked.

“Yep! Is there anything you would particularly like?” Mic asked, Izuku frowned.

“F-feely things…” He said

“Feely things right, I won’t get anything gooey or watery. Fluffy, rough, soft…” Mic muttered a little as he thought about all the things he could get. Izuku smiled.

“Oh, here you go.” Aizawa said, he pulled a few Food pouches out of his costume. Izuku happily drank them. Mic pulled out a deck of cards and showed Izuku how to play a few games. Before they ran out of time.

“I might not come tomorrow, just so I can get your room done. I will come again when it’s all done with pictures. Deal.” Mic smiled, Izuku nodded.

“Be ca-careful.” Izuku told him.

“I will be.” Mic promised.


Aizawa came for the next week alone as Mic worked on Izuku’s room. The police had mangaed to get a court case set for following day. So, Aizawa was sitting playing a card game with Izuku until time was up.

“Time’s up.” The guard said, Aizawa sighed, they were half way through their game. Izuku was beginning to pack up the cards, he could see a question in his eyes. Aizawa was just leaving when Izuku spoke up.

“Aizawa-san…” Izuku whispered quietly, he turned to face him, the guards seemed to be getting impatient.

“Is everything okay?” Aizawa asked, the boy looked down nervously.

“C-can I-I ha-have a, um… a-a hug?” Izuku muttered, Aizawa froze, but smiled softly. Izuku gasped slightly as Aizawa pulled him into a hug. Izuku let out a whimper and clung to him

“We’ll get you out of here soon. Trust me.” Aizawa told him. Izuku just clung to him, crying into his costume. Aizawa rubbed his back. “Tomorrow, you’ll be home with me and Mic and we’ll keep you safe.” Aizawa smiled, hugging him close, not even the guard had the heart to part the hug, and just waited for them to finish in their own time.


Toshinori limped to where Gran Torino was talking with Nighteye. He threw a newspaper between.

“You said you were going to check on him. WHY THE HELL IS HE IN PRISON! ” Toshinori glared at his mentor. Gran Torino looked at the paper, on the front was the son of All For One, a court case had been opened to see if the boy should be kept locked away or freed. “ You lied to me?

“It was for your own good.” Torino said

“My own good. They locked up a quirkless boy, a child of 9, with not criminal history, just because his father is a villain.

“Not just any villain…” Torino began

“That makes no difference. The matter at had is that a young boy has suffered. ” Toshinori growled. “It’s our job as heroes to stop injustice acts like this, instead you just helped fuel it!”

“Nothing can be done now…” Nighteye began

“Yes it can.” Toshinori turned him, blue eyes blazing. “I will be attending that case, I will make an appearance at the end. I will vouch for the boy myself. I will not rest until he is free.” Toshinori declared, turning his back on them, storming away. “Nana would never let something like this happen.” He said, before closing a door behind him.

Chapter Text

Aizawa went to see Izuku the day of the case, Yamada had been able to get a costume made suit for the kid, making sure the fabric wouldn’t irritate the boy. Izuku gave a small smile when the hero entered his cell.

“Morning kid.” He smiled, Izuku slowly approached him, resting his head on the hero’s chest. Aizawa placed a hand on his head. “How you feeling?” Izuku hummed quietly in reply. “You’ll be getting out today.” He said

“T-the gu-uards say I-I’m st-stu-pid for be-li-eving that.” Izuku muttered.

“They are the stupid ones.” Aizawa said, his voice raised ever so slightly to insure those guards could hear him. “You have committed no crime, you are innocent of everything they can claim,  You are just a child. Whose only crime is believing people like them will help you. And that is not something you can be blamed for.” Aizawa knelt to look into the boy’s face. Izuku looked at him, with small tears in his eyes. “You had so much faith that people would help you, you had no idea how bad this society is...I know the laws, I know you are only being kept in here for being the son of a villain, but the child should never pay for the crimes of their parents.” Izuku let out a small whimper and leaned into him. Aizawa hugged him. “I am not going to leave that courtroom without you in my care. I promise.”


It took a few minutes before Izuku changed into the suit, before a police officer stepped in, Aizawa frowned as he didn’t recognise the officer, pretty sure he had met every police officer on the case.

“I am detective Tsukauchi Naomasa. I have been moved to this case by All Might.” He introduced himself.

“All Might?” Aizawa repeated.

“He was the one who fought the boy’s father. He only found out about his situation yesterday and wants to help as much as he can to get the boy out. He is furious about how he has been treated.” Tsukauchi nodded.

“A-All Mi-Might is He-help-ing?” Izuku peeked around Aizawa, using the hero as a shield of sorts.

“He will be making an appearance later in the case.” Tsukauchi nodded. “He is currently going over everything in the case, from both sides, but he is positive you will be freed, as am I.”

“He might just make the case easier. With All Might standing for him…” Aizawa said, he would admit he was never too fond of the number one hero. He was his exact opposite, but he could respect him for coming to help like this, even on such short notice. Aizawa couldn’t help but notice the excited gleam in Izuku’s eyes, and if the kid was excited to meet him, the he could live with it.


“Hey there listener.” Mic beamed, Tsukauchi had drove them to the court, Mic waiting there to greet them. He pulled Izuku into a comforting hug. “You’re room is all done. I think you’ll like it.” Izuku sniffed quickly, burying his face into the heroes chest.”

Izuku sat silently next to Aizawa, his hand clutching the heroes sleeve, looking around terrified. There was a huge media presences, and there was a few heroes too. Izuku almost burst into tears when he saw The water hose hero dou and Endeavor. Aizawa realizing at once at how he was terrified of their particular quirk elements. Mic was sitting on Izuku’s other side, they were the two heroes representing the case, Detective Tsukauchi was next to Mic, all of the case work in a folder in front of him. They were the defence and they knew the law was on their side, and with all the Media here, and the fact it would be live, left little choice for the prosecution. They had nothing, no reason to keep him locked away.


Izuku stared at the hero they had called up, recognising him immediately. Yoroi Musha, the pro that had been captured by his father, the hero he had helped escape, the hero who got free.

Yoroi Musha went through his story, how he had been captured by the villain, and how he met Izuku, who had snuck into his cell. How the boy risked his own life to help him escape. His final words rang clear in the silent courtroom…

“I wouldn’t be alive today, if it wasn’t for this boy.”  Aizawa ended up having to hid his face in his scar to stop himself shooting a smug look at the prosecution as they looked worried about how to turn this in their favour.


“We have one witness to call.” The prosecution said, AIzawa looked over at them, a witness?

“Call them up.” The judge nodded.

“Midoriya Izuku.” The lead prosecutor looked at the boy, Izuku froze. Aizawa glared.

“Remember, you don’t have to answer all their questions. If you feel uncomfortable you can just say so.” Aizawa told him. Izuku took a deep breath and nodded. He was taken to the witness stand, from there, he could see everyone in the courtroom. Had it always been this packed?

The lead prosecutor started off with simple questions, name, age, quirk - Izuku thought that was a silly question, didn’t everyone already know that.

“Do you know why your father was kidnapping and killing heroes?”  Izuku frowned a little

“Quirks.” He answered.

“Quirks?” The prosecutor repeated. Izuku nodded.

“He can take away quirks and pass them on to others. He wanted heroes quirks.” Izuku nodded

“Does your mother have a quirk?”


“And you have a big brother, correct? Does he have a quirk?”

“He’s not actually related… but he can decay things he touches with all five of his fingers.” Izuku said

“And yet, whilst that have quirks, you remain quirkless.” Izuku nodded. “And during that time, what were the length you’d go too to obtain a quirk?”

“I didn’t want one…” Izuku replied

“Not even if your father offered you one?” Izuku nodded “Why?”

“Because he stole them.” Izuku answered simply. “He didn’t want to give me one anyway.”

“And why is that?”

“He wanted me to manifest one like him, so I could take his place… I didn’t want to be like him. He hurts people.” Izuku said

“Have you ever hurt someone when you were with him?” Izuku froze at that question. “So you have?”

“My father has a lot of quirks…” Izuku began

“This isn’t about him, this is about you, have you ever hurt anyone?” Once again, Izuku tried to explain, Aizawa had a feeling his father had a quirk that forced him to do it, however the prosecutor wasn’t allowing that explanation.

“Enough, you asked the boy a question, let him explain it!” Tsukauchi said, causing the Prosecutor to back off a little, Izuku was staring at his hands, tears gather in his eyes. With that Tsukauchi got up and approached him. “Midoriya, would you like to answer the question, in your own time.” He said kindly. Izuku looked at him.

“M-my father has a quirk called… um, puppeteer… he can control people..he..he made me hurt someone because I refused…” Izuku sniffed, his tears falling.

“So, as a punishment?” Izuku nodded. “Did they punish you often for not hurting people?” Izuku nodded again. “But, you still helps Yoroi Musha get away, where you punished after that too?” Izuku let out a small whimper. “It’s okay. You don’t have to answer an…”

“They almost drowned me…” Izuku said, Tsukauchi stopped. The courtroom was deadly silent. “But, they let me breath before I could, and they did it several times…”

“Was the first time they did something like that?” Tsukauchi asked, Izuku shook his head.

“Th-they said quirks are an evolution to make us stronger and survive… they thought they could force a quirk out of me by hurting me…” Izuku muttered, Aizawa was glaring at the table in front of him, Mic was doing no better, clenching his jaw shut.

“I think that is enough questions for Midoriya to answer.” Tsukauchi said, shooting a challenging look to the prosecutors, daring him to ask anymore question. He just got a glare in reply and he sat down. Tsukauchi and Izuku returned to their seats. Izuku immediately clung to Aizawa, shaking slightly.


“He is still the son of a major villain, he will always be a danger to anyone around him. Why should he be freed after everything his father, his whole family have done?”

Because I am here! ” Everyone was silent as the doors opened and All Might stood at the door.

Whispers sounded throughout the courtroom as All Might walked in. He wasn’t smiling, that was what everyone noticed.

“I was the one who fought the boy’s father. I heard his son had been found, left behind by his so called mother. I had hoped the boy had gone somewhere that would help him.” All might stopped next to the defence table. “Instead I find laws have been broken and bended just so the boy could be punished for the crimes of his father. A miscarriage of justice that shouldn’t be allowed to go uncorrected.”

“But you understand this situation…” The judge began

“The boy has a clean record, has no quirk, has signs showing he was mistreated and tortured by those related by blood. Not only that, but the fact that locking him away for nothing, and allowing mistreat of him to go unpunished until Eraserhead and Present Mic got proof of it.” All Might looked at the two men. “The law is there to protect, yet when the boy needs it most, people are abusing to suit their wishes. But I will assure you off this, as you have nothing on this boy, I will not be leaving until he is the of arms of those who will protect him the way the laws aren’t.” The jury were sent out to decide his fate. Izuku, still clinging to Aizawa looked up at All Might with wide eyes. He gave the boy a soft smile. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, my boy.” He held out his hands, the cameras were set on them. Izuku nervously reached out and shook his hand. Izuku whispered something to Aizawa, who signed but smiled softly. He looked at All Might.

“He wants to know if he can have your Autograph.” Aizawa said, All Might chuckled.

“Of course, my boy. But let’s wait until you are out, okay?” All Might smiled at the boy. Izuku hid his face in Aizawa’s arm embarrassed. Around the country, people were speaking for Izuku, not seeing the villain the law had tried to make him, but a boy, a child who had been badly treated by the system made to protect him.


The jury came back and a woman stepped up, with a piece of paper.

“The members of the Jury find Midoriya Izuku, not guilty of any crimes. And thus decide he should be freed from his imprisonment upon the grounds of miscarriage of justice.”

Izuku cried quietly into Aizawa as the hero hugged him tightly. As the judge announced that Izuku would be freed and put into the protection of the Pro heroes Eraserhead and Present Mic. Mic hugged Izuku too, the boy was shaking, but more of refelief than. anything else.


Izuku held Mic’s hand as they headed outside, the hero happily talking about his new room. Aizawa was talking to All Might, the underground hero giving the number one permission to come by to visit the boy. All Might glanced over at the boy and smiled softly.

“Take care of him, Eraserhead.” He said

“I will.” Aizawa nodded. All Might handed Izuku an Autograph, his green eyes lighting up excitedly.

“See you around my boy!” All Might beamed and headed off. Izuku looked down at the autograph with a small smile.

“Let’s go home Izuku.” Aizawa placed a hand on his head. Izuku looked up at him, and nodded.


Izuku placed his hand on the lit up tubs of water, with toy fish floating up and down inside. His eyes widened, before he rest his head against it and closed his eyes. Listening to the sounds around him, feeling the water of the tube. Aizawa and Yamada stood at the door watching him, Aizawa looked at Yamada.

“This is amazing.” He said softly. Yamada smiled

“Only the best for him, he needs something like this. I put a lot of research into sensory rooms.” Yamada. They both looked back at the boy.  Izuku opened his eyes at the sound of a bird singing, he looked towards the window and approached it, he was expecting the worst, but was surprised to see a garden full of flowers, there were trees too. It seemed so bright outside… had it always looked like this?

“Do you like it?” Yamada asked, Izuku looked over at them. He noticed how they were outside the room, he obviously looked confused as Yamada gave him a soft smile. “This is your room, your own place. We will not enter unless you want us too. The room is alarmed so no one can break into hurt you. You are safe here.” Izuku, who had been waiting for a safe place like this, began to cry. He reached out for the two men, and they wasted no time hurrying over and  bringing him into a hug. He snuggled into the two of them, feeling safe in their embrace.

“We will never let anything hurt you, okay?” Aizawa ran his fingers from his hair.

Chapter Text

When Aizawa woke that morning, he check on Izuku using a small camera screen on the outside of his room. He dialled in the password, and a picture came up. Izuku was currently sleeping soundly on one of the many giant pillows in the room. A large fluffy blanket draped over him, which he had managed to wrap himself up in. But he seemed happy with it like that.

“He looks so precious.” Hizashi murmured, coming up behind Shouta and wrapping his arms around him.

“Yeah, come on, let’s make Miso soup and fried fish for breakfast, that way, we can give him a small amount, but he can help himself to more if he is hungry.” Shouta smiled

“Great idea.” Hizashi agreed.



Izuku curled further into the warmth around him, it was so quiet… he opened his eyes to the brightly coloured surroundings as he remember… he was free. The two heroes had brought him home. Izuku yawned and closed his eyes again, he was safe, no one would enter here… he jumped at the sound of a knock on his door.

“Izuku, breakfast is ready, do you want to join us?” He heard Aizawa asked

“Please.” He said, before struggling, realising he was caught in his blanket. “Help…” He whimpered, Aizawa quickly entered. Seeing him trying to escape the blanket burrito he had created.

“Okay, I need you to stay still.” Aizawa told him, before carefully unravelling the blanket. Izuku stretched and yawned once freed, before wiping his eyes to rid of the sleep. Aizawa held out his hand. “Ready now?” he asked with a soft smile. Izuku took his hand and the hero helped him up. Izuku looked at their joined hands as Aizawa led him into the kitchen, he felt so safe around him, it was nice. He looked up when they entered to see Mic standing at the cooker, with his hair down. He looked over and beamed.

“Morning listener, you feeling okay?” He asked, Izuku nodded. “Great, you want to come over and show me how much of miso soup you want?”

“What if I pick too much..?” Izuku asked nervously.

“Then, we can leave it and heat it up later.” Yamada beamed. “Best thing about Miso soup if you ask me. Though, we also have fried fish… and that won’t heat again…” Yamada said, Aizawa took a seat at the table, as Izuku got to choose how much he wanted. Then Yamada brought it over to the table for him. Izuku sat next to Aizawa, looking into the bowl of his Miso soup. He then glanced up at Aizawa.

“C-can I e-eat  now?” He asked

“Izuku, you don’t have to ask. You can eat it whenever you are ready. It goes for another time you are hungry. If you want something warm to eat, ask me or Hizashi and we will happily make you something.”

“He means if you ask him, he’ll ask me, cause he can’t cook and he is banned from ever cooking in this kitchen again.” Hizashi sighed dramatically, which caused a small giggled to erupt from Izuku.

“But, there are small snacks in the cupboards. And those food pouches I gave you before are in the fridge.” Aizawa added. “So, you never have to go hungry, okay?” Izuku nodded, before happily digging into his soup, he hummed happily. Aizawa and Yamada started their own but kept a close eye on Izuku as they did. They watched as he poked his fish lightly, before he picked it up and took a small bite, he chewed for a bit, before deciding he liked the taste and continued to eat.

“C-can I hav-have more please?” He asked

“Sure thing listener!” Yamada smiled, lifted up his bowl to finish his soup. He took his bowl and Izuku’s up to the pot of soup and filled both bowls again.

“Wh-hat’s in your ears?” Izuku asked, watched him curiously.

“Oh!” Yamada tapped his hearing aids. “My hearing is really bad, so I have trouble hearing what people said, these help me hear clearly.”

“Oh… sorry.” Izuku shrunk back.

“Hey, it’s fine. It happens with a quirk like mine. I couldn’t control it when I was like really young, so I damaged my own hearing, and my parents.” Yamada told him.

“H-how do I speak to you, w-when yo, you’re not wearing them?” Izuku asked

“Tap me. Oh, how would you like to learn sign language, it’s like talk, but with your hands.” Yamada smiled, Izuku looked at his hands, pale and covered with small scars.

“Talking with your hands.” Izuku muttered. “Teach me please!” He said, Yamada chuckled.

“Finish your breakfast first okay?” He smiled, Izuku gave a nod.


After breakfast, Yamada sat down with Izuku , teaching him some basic Signs. Aizawa sat at the table reading through the paper. Izuku's Case took up Most of the paper. whilst a few people did seem to have some complaint about him walking free, most people were happy, wishing Izuku the best. He  glanced at his phone as a notification popped up.


Nemuri: How is the kid?


Aizawa glanced over at Izuku and Yamada, Yamada was telling him a few stories from their time in U.A, the kid was watching him with wide eyes and a small smile. Aizawa found himself smiling softly.


Shouta: Happy

Nemuri: Good, is there any chance I can come over to see him?


Aizawa frowned slightly, he wasn’t sure if Izuku would be happy to meet new people so soon after being freed. And it was no secret that Kayama could be somewhat over baring.

“You okay Shouta?” Yamada called, he looked over, Izuku and Yamada were watching him.

“Yeah, Izuku. Do you know the hero Midnight?” He asked, Izuku nodded.

“Makes people go sleep.” He said

“That’s right. She is a good friend of ours, and she wants to know if she can come and meet you. You don’thave too, and she will understand, this is your choice.”

“I get to choose?” Izuku asked

“Yes, if you don’t feel ready to meet her, then she will wait until you do.”

“From distance?” He muttered.

“From a distance? Oh, so she can watch from a distance?” Yamada smiled, Izuku nodded.

“Sure, we can do that, we can go and sit outside, and she can watch thee, okay?” Aizawa smiled, Izuku nodded.


“Sure, we can do that, we can go and sit outside, and she can watch from a distances?” Aizawa smiled, Izuku nodded. Aizawa sent the reply to Nemuri.  Soon Izuku was lying on a blanket outside, looking up at the sky. Aizawa sat next to him, Izuku was holding his hand, the boy found it comforting. Yamada watched them front the door, waiting for Kayama to arrive. An Hour after getting confirmation, Kayama arrived, holding a giant bunny teddy, they was around about the same size as Izuku. Yamada just stared at her. She huffed and blushed lightly.

“Let me spoil the kid a little.” She pouted.

“I didn’t say a thing. I’m sure he’ll love it though.” Yamada smiled, looking over at Aizawa and the kid again, Kayama set the bunny down in the kitchen and stood next to him.

“It’s good to see him free. He deserves all this.” Kayama muttered with a small smile. Yamada nodded in agreement.

“He seemed so surprised when we told him he didn’t have to ask if he could eat if he was hungry.” Yamada sighed. “He is aware he can help himself to things.”

“Um, if food was purposely withheld from him, be careful, he may exhibit hording behaviour towards food. Like, hiding it around his room, just in case.” Kayama told him. “I was reading up on a few things on the psychological effects of some tortures.”

“We could install small cupboards… get a mini fridge…” Yamada muttered. Kayama smiled.

“Bet he would like that.” Kayama said

“Yeah.” Yamada nodded, they watched as Izuku sat up. He peeked curiously over at Yamada and Kayama. Kayama smiled and gave him a small wave. Izuku hide his face in Aizawa’s side. The tired pro petted his head. He whispered something to the boy, Izuku peeked up at him, before replying with a small nodded. Aizawa looked over at them and nodded. “I think Izuku would actually like to see you a little closer.” Yamada said. Kayama nodded.

“I’ll bring the teddy.” She said, picking it up. Izuku’s eyes widened when he saw the toy. The two other pro heroes joined them on a blanket that had been spread out. “Hey, Izuku, pleasure to meet you at last.” She said softly. Izuku looked at her shyly, clinging to Aizawa. He blushed slightly, before hiding his face in Aizawa’s side. She smiled. “I got you this as a welcome to the family gift.” She pushed the bunny towards him.

“Family?” Izuku asked, looking at her once more.

“Shouta and Hizashi are like baby brothers to me. That makes you family too.” Kayama smiled, Izuku looked at her, before blushing and hiding his face into Aizawa once more. The underground hero smiled and pet his head again.  When he got the courage, he peeked up again, but this time looking at the bunny. Kayama smiled and pushed it forward, closer to him. Izuku reached out to out it. He was soon cuddling it with a small smile.

“Th-Thank you.” Izuku muttered quietly. Kayama smiled softly.

“It’s fine, I am glad you like it.” Kayama said. Izuku smiled slight and snuggled closer into the teddy. The three heroes watched him with small smiles of their own.

Chapter Text

The second week of Izuku living with the two pros consisted of many doctor visits. Aizawa and Yamada frown at the consistently growing list of problems the doctors had found with the boy, Aizawa was half tempted to find the boys family and make them pay for what they had down. With the lost at 23 mental health issues, and that was yet to be added to the list of phobia’s the boy had. Yamada was going of the help suggestions the doctors had given them as Aizawa sat on the sofa with the boy asleep on his shoulder.

“More than one Doctor has suggested a therapy pet.” Yamada said.

“What kind?” Aizawa asked

“Um… cat or dog.” Yamada said.  “The cat would be good to help him when in an emotional state, but the dog would be able to tell when he is going in a panic, not to mention protect him if he is in trouble…” He frowned, wondering which one would be best for the boy.

“Why not both?” Aizawa asked. “I know a rescue centre that has cats rescue from bad homes but trained to help as therapy cats. We could get a cat from there. We’d have to get a specially trained service dog to help with Izuku.”

“We’d better ask Recovery to help with that. Assuming we are going to ask her to be Izuku’s personal doctor.” Yamada said. “I doubt she’ll say no, considering the circumstances.”

“We can ring her later.” Aizawa said, petting Izuku’s curls, the boy yawn lightly and curled up into Aizawa’s side. Yamada looked over at them with a small smile.

“I was thinking of making some Katsudon for dinner. I can make some extra rice if he is still hungry after.” Yamada turned back to the paper work. “Though, I admit I am sure I am happy with how much medication they are giving him…”

“Most of it is to do with his physical health. They seemed to surprised he is still standing.” Aizawa pointed out. 

“That doesn’t make it any better.” Yamada sighed, looking at the list. Medication for an infection of the lungs they found out Izuku had, for blood pressure cause Izuku had a low blood pressure, they even had tablets that would give Izuku a boast in the nutrients he needs, he take to take them with a meal. Then there was the medication for his mental health, for his depression, anxiety, PTSD, sleeping medication… Yamada frowned, no child of 9 should have to take medication for that sort of thing. He had some many health issues, it wasn’t a surprise, but it was a hard hit too. Yamada didn’t notice Aizawa laying Izuku on the sofa, and approaching him, not until the underground hero wrapped his arms around the blond.

“He is safe now, once he is better, once he has recovered, his won’t have to take as much medication.” Aizawa said. “The doctors said that he has improved since the medical records taken from the day he was found.”

“That’s something…” Yamada sighed.

“We can only stand by him as he heals and be there for him when he needs us. Just like we are now. He will get better.” Aizawa said, pressing a kiss to Yamada’s cheek. Yamada smiled, the two heroes looked back at Izuku sleeping. They allowed themselves to relax in the quiet, before Aizawa’s phone went off. He swore and quickly answered, leaving the room. Yamada watched and Izuku squirmed in his sleep but didn’t wake. He let out a sigh of relief. He got up, and  bundled Izuku into a fluffy blanket, picking the boy up and placing him in his hammock swing chair. Aizawa had seen it, and consider Izuku like to curl up to nap, he had brought it. When out of his room, Izuku would nap in it, cuddling a teddy Nemuri would bring round. Yamada placed a small All Might plush next to Izuku’s sleeping form, the boy wrapped his arm around it, snuggling it close to him.  Yamada smiled, leaving the boy to sleep as he headed into the kitchen to get started on Dinner. He glanced at Aizawa who came back into the room, looking at his phone.

“Nemuri, she was asking about Izuku… I told her, and she is bringing Recovery girl around to see Izuku.” Aizawa said, leaning on Yamada’s back.

“Trust Nemuri to try and solve things quickly. Saves us a phone call.” Yamada smiled.

“There is that.” Aizawa hummed yawning.

“Why don’t you take a nap with Izuku. It has been a busy day after all.” Yamada suggested, Aizawa just hummed and headed into the living room, he lay down on the sofa, and was soon asleep. Leaving Yamada to cook, a few minutes passed when there came a knock on the door.

“It’s open Nemuri.” He called, the door opened.

“Guess the little bean is asleep?” Kayama smiled, coming into the kitchen, Recovery Girl behind her.

“Yep, Shouta is too.” Yamada smiled.

“They are so a like, Shouta is a bad influence.” Kayama teased.

“Do you think he would be up to meeting me today?” Recovery girl asked

“I’d have to ask him when he woke up… he may be more accepting, because you are a known pro hero.” Yamada said. “But, would you two like to stay for dinner?”

“I would love too!” Kayama beamed. “Gives me a little more time to play with the little guy!”

“I will too, but I would like to look over his medical records, if you have them with you.” Recovery Girl said

“Yeah, they are on the table.” Yamada told her. She nodded and headed into the living/dining room area.

“So, how’s the little guy coping?” Kayama asked, leaning against the counter.

“Better, he’s woken up from nightmares a few times, but settles down  if we are there, but can only get back to sleep if we stay. We are still trying to get him to stop asking permission to eat his dinner, and he thought he was in trouble when we caught him trying to sneak food into his room, he calmed down a little when we told him it was fine, obviously still unsure. Shouta started leaving snacks outside his room as reassurance that he can keep food in there if he wants, so, I think is doing better in that aspect. Obviously strives for attention. He is always afraid at first, expecting pain. But, he does love the attention Shouta and I give him, it would be adorable… if we didn’t know why he acts like that…”

“Attention starved… When you feel like you couldn’t hate people more than you already do. He deserved so much better than what they did to him…” Kayama frowned.

“I know. Shouta’s teamed up with All Might on this case. You should see the messages between them. They are dead set with hunting down the family and bringing them to justice. They are so different in looks and personality, but…” Yamada stopped, finding himself smiling softly.

“They are both just big softies who want to do what’s best for others. Their morals are identical. They just needed something to bring them together… and that just happened to be an extremely cute green fluffy bean by the name Izuku.” Kayama giggled. Yamada chuckled and nodded, checking over the pork cutlets that were cooking.

“Though, that man has been trying to find the right time to come down to visit.” Yamada said. “He really wants to meet Izuku again, to let him know he is there as additional support if Izuku should want it, but he is terrified of scaring him. Despite the fact that Izuku admires him above all other heroes, I don’t see Izuku being scared of him in the slightest.”

“All Might I a very big guy, maybe he thinks his size might be intimidating to him?” Kayama suggested. “But at the same time, it is so cute to think that All Might is so worried about scaring a child accidently, he’s such a nice guy!” Kayama cooed “You know what? Maybe you and Shouta could plan a picnic and see if you can get a few of Izuku’s favourite heroes to come! I know All Might wouldn’t be able to say no.”

“Sounds like a nice idea. I’d have to speak to Shouta about it, and  we’d have to ask Izuku too.” Yamada nodded

“I know, it’s a cute idea though.” Kayama smiled. Yamada couldn’t help but agree. He saw how Izuku’s eyes lit up when watching heroes on the news, the excitement the boy would show if he met his heroes in person… That was something Yamada would do anything to see.

Yamada finished cooking the dinner, and put it into bowls, then Kayama helped him carry it  to the dining table. Recovery girl was glancing over the medical records, Aizawa was still asleep.. Then there was Izuku, who was hugging his All Might Plush, his eyes open as he watched Recovery girl with nervousness, but excitement too.                 

“Dinner’s ready Izu, want to join us?” Yamada asked, smiling softly. Izuku nodded, slowly get out of his Hammock chair and stretched tiredly. Before wondering over to Yamada and cuddling into his side. Yamada wrapped an arm around him, before letting the boy sit down. Izuku looked at his Katsudon. “Dig in.” Yamada told him. Izuku smiled and happily dug into the Katsudon, Kayama smiled.

“Did you have a good sleep, sweetie?” Kayama asked, Izuku nodded. “Have a good dream?” Izuku blushed but nodded.

“What was it about?” Yamada asked, taking a bit of his own dinner.

“I-it’s silly….” Izuku looked down.

“No dream is silly.” Aizawa yawned, joining them. “I dream of cats a lot.”

“I dream that one day Shouta will let me do his hair.” Yamada said

“Not going to happen.” Aizawa said, Izuku giggled at them, cheeks flushed a little. Kayama was internal cooing at how cute he was, Recovery girl just watched with a small smile of her own.

“I-I dr-eam-t… T-that I-I was h-hel-ping heroes…” Izuku muttered, he looked at his dinner. “I-I am good at un-de-derstanding quirks… I-I hoped…” He stopped.

“Understanding quirks is a usefully skill to have. Most people ignore such skills these day, but they are useful, especially if you are facing a villain with a quirk you haven’t seen before.” Aizawa said, Izuku blushed.

“I-it’s not a silly dream…” He muttered.

“Of course not!” Yamada smiled, ruffling his hair. Izuku smiled and happily accepted the affection.

“We haven’t met before Izuku-kun. Its nice to meet you.” Recovery Girl decided it was time to speak up. Izuku looked at her and blushed, nodding. He cuddled into Yamada’s side.

“Y-You ha-have a cool q-quirk…” Izuku blushed, she smiled.

“Thank you.  Is it okay if I ask you a few things? They won’t be difficult, or about your past. Is that okay?” She asked, Izuku nodded. “Thank you, Are you happy here?”

“Yes.” Izuku nodded, she smiled.

“Good, it is important that you are in a place you feel happy and safe. Now, do you know what a doctor is? I am not sure of your knowledge of the society from being kept from it for so long.” She asked

“Do-doctor’s help m-make N-Nomu’s…” Izuku said, the heroes looked at him confused.

“What’s a Nomu Izuku?” Aizawa asked

“Um… creature… once people…. Lots of quirks…” Izuku explained, frowning as tears appeared in his eyes.

“Iz…” Yamada began.

“They-hey wa-want to k-kill Al-All M-Might…” He cried.

“Come here, sh, sh…” Yamada wrapped him up in a hug, rocking him back and forth. “All Might is alive, he is okay. We can warn him about this, and he can be careful. Not to mention there will be other heroes happy to help him out.” Izuku calmed down after a few minutes, wiping his eyes tiredly. “You finish your dinner okay.” Yamada rubbed his back.

“I think you should definitely get him a service dog. I will speak to some people to find one trained to deal with all this, but also trained to help in protecting victims, so he will always have someone at his side.” Recovery girl nodded.

“We are planning on getting him a therapy cat too.” Aizawa said

“That would be helpful, look for a cat who is happy to live with a dog.” Recovery girl smiled, the rest of the dinner went calmly. Izuku was asleep again before Recovery girl and Kayama left.


“Nezu is working on a sensory room for Izuku, so he can be in U.A whilst you are working.  Like his room, there will be protection around it, only he can enter, everyone else will need permission.” Recovery girl told them.

“That will be helpful.” Aizawa nodded.

“The rest of the staff are just happy to help in protecting the boy.” She smiled. “I will have to come round again to see Izuku again soon. Make sure you get enough sleep.” She waved as she left. Aizawa leaned against Yamada with a sigh.

“Should we sign adoption forms for Izuku?” Aizawa asked, Yamada just stared at him in surprise.

“Why haven’t we done that already!” He exclaimed.

Chapter Text

“Are you…” All Might muttered to Aizawa as they were walking towards the underground heroes home.

“How many times, Yes! I know you are concerned about how he is going to react, but he wants to see you too… He is a major All Might Fanboy. Which is kinda crazy, he mutters random stuff about you, knows more stuff than anyone actually…” Aizawa said

“His father was practically my archnemesis so to speak. I would not be surprised if the boy knew everything about me… as unsettling as that may sound…” All Might admitted.


“You’re back.” Yamada smiled, sitting at the kitchen table. “Izuku’s in the living room with Taffy.”

“Taffy?” All Might asked

“His Therapy cat,” Aizawa answered. “Are they getting along?”

“See for yourself,” Yamada smirked. Aizawa and All Might peeked into the living room. Izuku was lying on his stomach on a blanket, on the curve of his back lay a Siberian, grey colored cat. It turned to them with unseeing eyes.

“It’s blind…” All Might muttered

“The shelter said that she has a quirk, the cat can see emotions, so technically it just has a different way of seeing things,” Yamada said. “Recovery girl said she has a friend that found the perfect service dog, she will be bringing him later on.”

“That’s good.” Aizawa nodded. “Izuku.” He entered the room, the boy looked up with a small smile as he saw Aizawa. “You have a visitor.” Aizawa glanced towards All Might stood stepped into the room. His eyes widened, and he buried his face into the pillow before him, his skins burning red.

“It’s good to see you again my boy.” All Might took a seat on the sofa. Izuku glanced at him and gave him a small nod. The cat jumped off his back, and Izuku sat up. Taffy happily settled on his lap instead. Aizawa watched Izuku softly.

“Would you like me to go and sit with Yamada whilst you talk with All Might?” He asked Izuku gave a small nod. Aizawa patted his head, before leaving them to talk.

“I am guessing he told you all about?” All Might said sadly. Izuku was silent for a moment.

“H-he wa-wants to-to k-kill you,” Izuku told him.

“I know…” All Might began, Izuku shook his head.

“H-he is m-mak-ing cr-cre-tures… L-look a-at mi-miss-ing peo-people.” Izuku looked down at Taffy. “H-he’s t-tur-turn-ing th-em in into mo-nosters. No-Nomu’s.”

“I see. Worry not, my boy. I will get an investigation into it. I’ll be careful.” All Might promised, smiling at the worried child. Izuku seemed to ponder his words for a moment, before accepting them with a small nod.

“I-is the st-story true?” Izuku asked, “A-about his br-other?”

“Oh, One For All?” All Might inquired. The boy nodded, the pro wondered how long the boy had thought about his long-dead uncle? The first to stand for justice against the dark clouds his own brother has caused. He couldn’t help by wonder how alike One For All and Izuku were. He found himself smiling softly. “It is.” He saw a small spark ignite in the boy’s eyes. And All Might was pleased to see how much life and light his eyes seemed to hold.

“M-my U-un-cle was a-a Hero…” Izuku mumbled, awe soaked into his quite voice.

“Yes, and his quirk lives on, in hope of finally defeating All For One for good.” All Might nodded.

“You h-have his qu-irk.” Izuku smiled softly. “Th-that makes y-you family.”

“I am honoured you consider me such, my boy.” All Might said

“W-were they a-all heroes? T-hose wi-th my uncle’s q-quirk?” Izuku questioned

“As far as I am aware. We have all faced him now… though…” All Might frowned, Izuku tilted his to the side in either confusion or curiosity, it could have been both. “I believe I am the only one to survive a fight like that against him.” Izuku watched him carefully, before he spoke up again.

“D-did he hurt you?” He asked, concerned. All Might bowed his head, he didn’t want to explain the extent of his injuries to the nine-year-old, mostly due to him knowing the boy would find away to blame himself for it.

“Just a little my boy, Nothing I can’t recover from.” All Might gave him a small smile.

“Hey All Might? Want to have dinner with us? We’re having Soba!” Yamada called from the kitchen.

“Of course.” He found himself replying quickly as he saw hope flare in Izuku’s eyes. Izuku buried his head into Taffy’s fur, muttering a hushed yes. All Might smiled at the boy, he was sure the boy had to take after his uncle, there was no doubt about it.


When dinner was done, All Might sat conversing with Aizawa and Yamada as Izuku happily dig into his dinner, Taffy still settled on his lap.

“You should have seen what Endeavor said about Izuku. If he wasn’t the number two hero, I have happily deafened him.” Yamada scowled. Izuku listened to them but continued eating. At this point, he knew the number two hero didn’t like him, but he wasn’t the biggest fan of him either, so Izuku wasn’t one to really mind what he said.

“What did he say?” All Might asked curiously.

“That considering the strength of Izuku’s parents quirks, that it should be impossible for him not to have one of them or a hybrid of the two.” Yamada said.

“Not true.” Both Izuku and All Might said.

“True, their quirks are powerful, but his is forgetting the simple genetics of quirks. In this case, there was a higher chance of Izuku being quirkless then actually having a quirk.” All Might said. “What do you two actually know of Izuku’s family?”

“His mother is the known as Heart strings, her quirk, the attraction of small objects… which she uses to tug the hearts out of her opponents… thus the name” Yamada said

“His father is an older villain, believed to come from a long line of villains, going back to the time of the original quirks. His name and age are unknown, we just know he can steal and give quirks.” Aizawa added.

“His father…Is it okay for me to tell them?” All Might asked Izuku, who was slurping on his soba, his eyes seemed to be flickering between two types on green. His usual emerald, and then a vivid toxic green. He nodded lightly. “His father’s real name has been lost in time, he goes by the name he gave his quirk. All for One. That is self-explanatory when you know his quirk allows him to give and take quirks at will. And as for the villain heritage you think he has… All For One is actually over 200 years old, he is a first generation quirk holder.”

“B-but… how…” Yamada began

“Assuming he was able to get of some quirks that would stop his aging, slow aging, granting immortality, he could live forever.” Aizawa said. All Might nodded.

“Him being a first generation quirk holder, and Heart strings being a 4th, and her quirk being a lot weaker then his, there would be a higher chance of Izuku inheriting All For One, which is what he was hoping. But, due to him being a first generation, the chance of inheriting the quirk is already a lot lower. Thus, why Izuku turned out quirkless.” All Might explained.

“That makes sense…” Aizawa mused.

“It does?” Yamada asked, the pro looking a little confused. But he smiled at Izuku. “I guess the good thing out of all this is that it is very unlikely they would come for you.” He ruffled the boy’s hair, Izuku giggled happily, flushing lightly. “We’d rather not have you see us having to fight someone.” All Might smiled softly, watching the familial interactions between them. It was suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door.

“That should be Recovery girl with your service dog.” Aizawa said, getting up to answer the door.

“W-will th-they get a-along?” Izuku questioned, looking down at Taffy.

“They should. Taffy was trained to deal with other pets, I know Recovery girl would have taken that into account.” Yamada assured him. But unlike all other times, Izuku still seemed concerned.

“You’re here too, All Might? Good to see there are people who can get you to eat meals.” Recovery said, looking at the number one the moment she came into through the door.

“A-are you not eating All Might?” Izuku looked worried. The focus of his concern switched.

“He just has a new diet to follow after that fight. But I had a feeling he was ignoring it.” Recovery girl quickly explained to put him at ease.

“Please eat… I-I can share my snacks.” He offered.

“It’s okay my boy, I’ll start doing my best to follow that diet.” All Might promised. Izuku’s eyes sparkled  happily. Recovery girl sighed in relief, the even Aizawa and Yamada looked between her and All Might concerned.

“Now, time to introduce you to your new service dog. This is hunter.” Recovery girl smiled. Izuku looked down, at her side, in an All Might themed service harness, was a Huskey who was missing a front leg. Burning blue eyes stared up at the teen, approached him and sat at his feet to place his front paw on Izuku’s lap.

“N-nice to m-meet y-you Hunter…” Izuku slowly reached out to pet him. Fingers sank into the Huskey’s soft fur. It wasn’t long before Izuku was snuggling Taffy and Hunter close, both the Service cat and dog were clearly pleased with the attention, happy to give their boy their love in return.

“Perfect.” Yamada smiled softly. He and Aizawa knew it was time for Izuku to go to bed when he began to yawn. Aizawa picked him up easily and took him to his room to tuck him in, Hunter and Taffy trailing after him

“So… New diet after the fight… How badly were you really hurt?” Yamada asked, All Might frowned, before sighing. In a poof of stream, All Might sat in a weakened form, whilst it still had some muscle to it, it was clear he was wasting away. “Why aren’t you taking care of yourself? Why would you allow your injury to do this too you?” Yamada gasped

“Half of my respiratory system is gone my whole stomach is gone…” All Might explained, lifting his shirt to show the newly acquired scar still in the mists of healing.

“If he followed the diet, he wouldn’t be in this state.” Recovery girl frowned

“Give us a copy, and we’ll make sure he follows it from now on.” Aizawa had returned but had been leaning against the door frame. “You wouldn’t want to upset Izuku now by not taking care of yourself, would you?” He added when All Might opened his mouth to argue, he quickly snapped it shut at his words. It was true, he didn’t want to upset Izuku, that was the very last thing he wanted to do.

“Fine.” He nodded.

“Great, I will entrust this to you too. With any luck, we can get him back to his typical old self again, just with a little more self-perseverance.”  Recovery girl nodded, pleased Aizawa and Aizawa were so willing to help, even if they had to blackmail All Might into agreeing with the idea he could upset the boy. “We might just have our symbol of peace for much longer then originally believed.”

Chapter Text

Yamada and Aizawa were pleased to see how well Taffy and Hunter fitted into their family. Izuku loved them, and they were a big help when he came to panicking or being awoken by a nightmare. And with All Might round on a constant basis due to the fact Yamada and Aizawa were forcing him to follow his strict diet, they could a more childish side of Izuku coming out, occasional asking the adults to play with him. All Might was the one who would agree most, especially when Izuku would ask about playing heroes. Nemuri brought him an All Might onesie when she found out. She, Yamada and Aizawa sat at a table outside as Izuku giggling happily as he and All Might were playing heroes, Hunter remained at Izuku’s side, trusting All Might not to harm his body, and happy to join in the games. Taffy instead had settled on Aizawa’s lap, watching her boy carefully.

“It is good to see him finally getting to act his age.” Nemuri smiled, as Izuku landed a soft punch on All Might, yelling a soft Smash. All Might fell dramatically. Izuku giggled and landed on his, eyes shining almost the same green of a sun soaked leaf.

“Um, he has been asking to play more recently, I guess that is a great sign.” Yamada smiled

“Shows he is recovering.” Aizawa said, a small smile on his face.

“Looks like All Might’s being a good, third father-figure.” Nemuri smirked. Yamada and Aizawa looked over to watch them. All Might now sitting up, apparently telling Izuku a story. The boy listening with wide eyes, a smile gleaming upon his features.

“I guess he is.” Yamada nodded.

“And I know he comes over every morning, every evening. You guys got something to tell me?” Nemuri leaned for ward as if expecting some world changing gossip.

“We’re forcing him to follow a diet set by Recovery Give gave him due to an injury.” Aizawa replied.

“Aw, that’s not the juicy gossip I want.” Nemuri pouted. “But, let me guess. Izuku found out, began to worry, and accidently blackmailed All Might into following it?” Nemuri smiled

“More like Aizawa did, asked All Might if he wanted to upset Izuku.” Yamada chuckled, Nemuri turned to Aizawa with a smug, knowing expression.

“So, Izuku would be his greatest weakness then?” Nemuri smiled.

“He coughed up blood when he saw Izuku bouncing around in a onesie themed after him. But. He knows more about Izuku’s father then anyone has been able to learn before. I feel like there is more behind what he has currently told us, but I guess it’s fine as long as it doesn’t put Izuku in danger.” Aizawa frowned

“Have you considered that Izuku might know what All Might isn’t saying, if there is something?” Nemuri asked. The two mean glanced towards the duo, they knew it was a possibility, but that didn’t make it anymore reassuring. “It could be a family secret, something outside people aren’t meant to know… All Might knows about his father… maybe he has an old connection to the family.” Nemuri continued. “You should trust them to tell you if a time comes and it is a vital piece of information.”

“I guess, but it doesn’t stop me worrying.” Aizawa told her.

“Well you are his official adopted parents…” Nemuri began

“Not yet, the paper work is still going through the system.” Yamada sighed. “I’d say they are taking forever on purpose.”

“It will get through soon, it has too.” Nemuri assured them.

“Um…” Izuku had wondered over. “C-can I ha-have somet-thing ro eat… um… Miso soup?” Yamada beamed at him.

“Sure, how about you help me make it.” Yamada offered. Izuku nodded eagerly. Izuku trailed after him, who in turn was followed by Hunter and Taffy. All Might sank into the chair Yamada had been in moments before.

“Have a good work out?” Nemuri asked teasingly. All Might chuckled, a hand resting on his side.

“Maybe I am just getting old.” He said

“Your injury is playing up again, isn’t it?” Aizawa sighed, All Might opened his mouth, mostly likely to reply, but seemingly decided against that option.

“Just a little.” He admitted.

“You tablets are in the bathroom cupboard, on the inside of the door is a list of what you need to take when in pain, go and take them.” Aizawa told him, using his teaching voice, All Might couldn’t argue with his tone.

“To think how easily he agreed.” Nemuri watched him go.

“He doesn’t want to worry or upset Izuku.” Aizawa replied. “He’ll take care of himself for Izuk, which is concerning… imagine if he hadn’t met Izuku. But, I wonder if it maybe because he feels guilty about the situation Izuku was forced into right after being found, he did only find out the day before the trail.”

“That could be the case… but, Izuku is doing well, and All Might is being taken care of. Isn’t that good?” Nemuri asked

“For now, but eventually the guilt will gnaw at him. I don’t want to be one of the ones to watch that break down.” Aizawa frowned.

“Then, what are you going to do?” Nemuri asked, Aizawa glanced at her in slight surprise.

“I…I don’t know.” Aizawa admitted. Yamada called them in for dinner a while later. Izuku was beaming as he ate dinner with the people he had come to see as his family.


That night

The house was silent as the teen woke up, his eyes no longer the sweet emerald, but a vivid, more toxic like green. He pushed himself up, looking around the room, as if taking in the room for the first time. Izuku let out a soft breath, before a soft smile graced his features. Taffy and Hunter raised their heads to watch the teen in their care.

“You found yourself a good place here Izu.” He muttered, he pushed himself up. He clenched and unclenched his hands. “Been a while… Um..” Izuku looked around, eyes catching the camera, and smiled softly, knowing the men had placed it there, just so they could check on him, just in case. They were what Izuku had been waiting for, it was a long time coming. 5 years… time passes quickly when you have nothing to do… Though, Izuku knew that was no technically true, he had been doing something, something important. He wasn’t quite sure how to go along with this now. For so long, he had been hiding everything, waiting for a time they were safe, and now they are. But everyone knows, who he is… what he had been through… And he wasn’t sure he, or Izu, could deal with the questions that would come from all this. Naturally, He would try and remain an unknown to those around him, as he had before. Allow everyone to believe what they had been told so far. But something told him that was not the best course of action. Taffy meowed up at him, blind eyes surveying the teen. Izuku smiled. “Izu is lucky to have you.” He muttered, kneeling to pet the cat, Hunter bound over to join in, Izuku smiled. “You too, I will entrust him to you. I have something I need to do… I am sure we’ll meet again.” Izuku left the safe heaven of the room, and made his way to the kitchen, looking around. Izu had seen the pro’s use a small note pad to make a shopping list, or notes during phone call. But he couldn’t recall where they could get it from. After a little look around, he found it in a draw. He got a pen and began to write a note, small sweet and to the point.


Call Me Izu

Call me Zuzu when I wish to play

In times of need, call out Izuku.

 Izuku was hoping they would get the message, he would only see in time.

Chapter Text

Aizawa had re-read the note 10 times now, but it made as much sense as it had done the first time. He frowned, it clearly implied it had been written by Izuku, but the writing was to neat to be his, after all he was just learning how to write again. That lead to the belief it may have been written by someone else. But all the windows were fine and locked, as were the door, so the idea of someone breaking in tot write it was an impossibility.  Aizawa groaned, What the fuck was going on?

“You okay?” Yamada came over, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend, Yamada’s head resting upon Aizawa’s. In reply, Aizawa held up the note. Yamada read it quickly. “Huh, I see… well, considering, before, he didn’t mind whether we called him Izuku or Izu, or even Zu. We should try calling him Izuku and see how he reacts.”

“You make it sound easier then it will likely be.” Aizawa sighed.

“Well, he could have dissociative disorder, or… maybe his father did give him a quirk.” Yamada mused.

“Um…” Aizawa frowned.

“But, we will have to see.” Yamada smiled. “Why don’t we get breakfast started?” Aizawa nodded, glancing towards Izuku’s door before helping his boyfriend.


Aizawa checked the camera in Izuku’s room, the boy was curled up, fast asleep, Hunter and Taffy curled around him. He smiled softly at the scene. If something was up with Izuku, they would have acted up.  He carefully knocked on the door, he watched as Izuku squirmed a little under his blankets. The boy slowly woke up and yawn, Hunter looked up and kissed Izuku’s cheek, he still seemed to be to be hazy with sleep.

“Izuku?” He asked, the boy didn’t seem to respond to the name, Yamada came up behind him.

“Izu?” Yamada then asked, the boy seemed to react, looking towards the door tiredly. “It’s breakfast time, want to come and choice how much you want?”

“Please…” Izu yawned, they noticed he shivered a little when he freed himself from his blankets.

“Why not get into something warmer before we get breakfast, we don’t want you falling ill.” Aizawa smiled softly, Izu looked a little confused, but nodded. “Would you like help?” He nodded again.

“I will make sure the soup stays warm.” Yamada patted his shoulder, Aizawa entered Izuku’s room, he had sat by the doors looking for warm clothes, but it was still clear he was half asleep.

“Here…” Aizawa smiled softly, he pulled out a fluffy blanket, wrapping around Izuku’s shoulder. The boy snuggled into it happily, he smiled.

“This warm…” He mumbled. Aizawa ruffled his hair, Izuku looked at up at him.

“How about I get the clothes for you, you can stay wrapped up Izu. We don’t want you catching a cold.” Aizawa suggested, Izuku thought about it.

“Can it be blue?” He asked, Aizawa smiled softly.

“Warm and blue. I am sure we can find something like that.” He nodded, Izuku smiled at that, and excited look in his eye.

“Blue like the sky…” He mumbled lightly, cuddling into Hunter.

“Blue like the sky…” Aizawa mused, looking through his draws. He found a blue fluffy jumper. “There is this one, but I think it is more of a sea blue then a sky blue.” He help it up.  “What do you think?”

“It’s blue, I like all blue… can I wear it?” Izuku asked. Aizawa smiled and nodded, he placed it on the top of the draws. He was able to find a pair of blue jogging bottoms, they were staying inside that day, so it didn’t really matter what he wore.

“And what about these?” He asked, showing Izuku who gave a small nod. He helped the boy change, before Aizawa then wrapped a fluffy dressing gown around him, Izuku flushed happily, cuddling into it. “There, that good?” He asked, Izuku nodded.

“Thank you.” He mumbled. Aizawa smiled softly.

“Always here to help Izu, remember that.” Aizawa patted his head. “Now breakfast, before Yamada ends up burning something.”

I don’t burn when I cook!” Yamada called from the kitchen. Izuku giggled, he took Aizawa’s hand. And they joined the blond in the kitchen. Yamada crossed his arms glaring at Aizawa playfully. “At least I don’t burn orange juice.” Aizawa blushed.

“It was one time… and Tensei dared me…” Aizawa mumbled. Izuku looked curious.

“What’s Tensei?” He asked

“Oh, Iida Tensei is a high school friend of ours.” Yamada smiled. “He was in out class, and is a pro hero too. He actually has a younger brother who is your age.” Izuku’s eyes gleamed, but he looked down nervously. Yamada knelt before him. “Izu… would you like to meet someone your age?” He asked, Izuku looked at him, before giving a small nod.

“I-I… T-think, w-we could b-be friends?”  Izuku asked.

“Of course. We’ll speak to Tensei, and ask to set up a day for his little brother to come round. I am sure Tenya would like to meet you too.” Yamada smiled. “But, breakfast! I made Ton-jiru. Come and fill up your bowl!” Yamada beamed, Izuku accepted his bowl and filled with the Ton-jiru, he looked at it happily, before carefully carrying the bowl to the dining table.

“I’ll message Tensei later, I’m sure it won’t take long for him to reply.” Aizawa muttered.

“Yeah, and it seems maybe Izu does have an alternate personality, this Izuku… I wonder why it is happening now…” Yamada added. Beginning  to fill up bowls for him and Aizawa.

“Maybe because he is safe now… I am not sure. We could ask Recovery girl, she might know.” Aizawa accepted his bowl. “I will call her round later to ask her about it.”

“Good idea.” Yamada nodded, they both joined the boy at the table, Izuku was happily eating, Taffy curled on his lap.

“Hey Izu, want to watch a move today, you can chose whatever one you like.” Aizawa offered, Izuku nodded happily taking another mouthful of food. He was putting on the weight he was missing, he was much healthier then the first time he came to them, and he was a lot happier. Aizawa couldn’t be happier that he decided to fight for the kid, he deserves all the happiness.

“Thank you dad, papa…” Izuku mumbled bashfully, Yamada and Aizawa blushed as they turned to the boy, he was looking at his Ton-jiru, flushing with embarrassment. Aizawa reached over and ruffled his hair.

“Eat up kid, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” He said, his tone soft, and expression kind. Izuku looked up at him and smiled, and turned back to eating. Yamada beamed at Aizawa happily, who just smiled in reply. This was an unexpected, but nice development.

Chapter Text

Izu sat in his hammock seat, watching an All Might anime Yamada had put on for him. Taffy was curled up on his lap, as Hunter lay by Izu’s feet. The two pros kept an eye on the boy, their son. Yamada got to calling Tensei about a possible meet up for Tenya and Izuku, Tensei loved the idea, and the two of them began planning. Leaving Aizawa to give Recovery Girl a call and to explain the note they found and the circumstances surrounding it. Such as him no longer responding to Izuku anymore.

“I will come by soon, I will look over all his test results.” Recovery girl assured him.

“Thank you, sorry for bothering you about this.” Aizawa apologised.

“I am always happy to help the boy. Keep notes on his progress, anything that may seem odd.”  She told him, before the call ended. Aizawa put his phone down, glancing at his boyfriend, Yamada was talking excitedly to Tensei, so he went and joined Izu in the living room. Izu glanced over at him, he gave a small smile. Aizawa smiled back and ruffled his hair.

“Is Papa talking to Tenya?” Izu questioned. Aizawa shook his head.

“He’s talking to Tenya’s big brother Tensei, they are making plans for you and Tenya to meet. They will likely arrange it so it is soon.” Aizawa settled on the sofa, watching as Izu’s eyes lit up with excitement.

I-I hope it’s real soon…” Izuku mumbled, hugging Taffy. Aizawa smiled.

“I am sure it will be, don’t worry.” Aizawa assured him, Yamada peeked in to the room.

“How soon is too soon?” He asked. “Tensei said Tenya is free today and tomorrow, so they are good, or anytime after school during the week

“How about later this afternoon? Recovery girl is coming this morning.” Aizawa said.

“Afternoon…” Izu repeated, though it was clear he was very excited about the idea.

“This afternoon then!” Yamada smiled at Izuku brightly.


“And he no longer responds to Izuku…” Recovery Girl asked, looking at the note.

“Nope, everything seems the same, except that, and that only happened today when we found the note.” Aizawa said.

“I checked over his results, there is nothing there to indicate a quirk, or quirk use, even subconscious quirk use. It is possible to be Multi-personality disorder… but this would be the first time it has appeared like this…” She muttered. “For now, keep an eye on him, keep notes, writing anything unusual down. We will figure out what is going on.” She patted their knees. “Izu.” She called, Izuku peeked in from the living room. “Come and get some gummies.” She smiled, Izuku approached her with a small smile. He did enjoy the gummies, though he did seem more interested in their colours. So, Recovery Girl was used to that, and gave Izuku gummies with no two of the same colour. Seeing how his face lit up at that caused the adults to smile too.

“Thank you.” He blushed letting her placed the gummies in his hand. Izuku happily went back to the living room, Hunter trying to sniff the gummies in his hand.

“He is a lovely boy, I doubt whatever is going on is a danger to us. I doubt I can say the same for villains.” Recovery Girl smiled.


Izu hid behind Aizawa, peeking around him whilst Taffy and Hunter sat at his sides. Tenya looked just as equally nervous. Tensei gave him a small nudged, Tenya stepped forward, holding out his hand for a hand shake.

“I-I’m Iida Tenya, pleasure to meet you.” He said, Izuku looked at his hand. Before glancing up at Aizawa, who gave him a small nod. He stepped out from behind Aizawa, Hunter remaining close to his side. Izu accepted Tenya’s hand.

“Iz-Izu.” Izu replied shyly. Tenya gave him a small smile.

“I hope we can be good friends.” Tenya said, Izu blushed and eyes shone.

“C-can we be? I-I ne-ever h-had a fr-friend?” Izuku asked, Tenya nodded eagrly.

“Why don’t you two go and sit in the living room? I am sure it will be more comfortable.” Yamada beamed, the two boys headed into the living Tenya talking about his school, whilst Izu listened attentively.

“Oh my god, he is adorable…” Tensei gasped. “You positive he is the child of a villain, cause I am sure he is an angel.”

“Oh that is a mood.” Yamada nodded, before cursing as Aizawa hit him around the head.

“You’re too old to say that.” Aizawa sighed. “And so far, Izu has proven himself to be purer then anyone I have seen.”

“He is our little angel.” Yamada beamed.

“I think now will be a good time to catch me up on everything.” Tensei smiled. They all sat at the table to talk, but listened out for the two boys.


“This ….here.” Izu beamed, the two of them were sitting at the coffee table, one which was a jigsaw puzzle.

“Um, what do you think of this piece?” Tenya asked, Izu looked up at it.

“Oh, this piece with fit that one.” Izu handed him a piece on his side. Tenya stuck it down on the table and put the pieces together. Izu beamed happily. “This is fun!”

“Not many people liking doing them with me.” Tenya admitted.

“Why not?” Izu asked confused

“Because it’s not normal.”

“Why?”  Tenya looked at him in a confused way.

“Tenya, Izuku was raised locked away, he doesn’t really find anything to be not normal. It’s all new for him.” Yamada called, Izuku flushed.

“Oh, sorry!” Tenya apologised. But blushing himself. “Would you like to work on another one after?” He offer, Izuku nodded excitedly. They continued working on the puzzle, Izu’s eyes shining as it was completed.

“So pretty…” He mumbled, Tenya smiled happily. Yamada came in with a tray of drinks and snacks.

“Thought you guys might like something to eat and drink.” He smiled, putting the cups and plates down on the free space left on the table.

“Thank you Yamada.” Tenya took his glass of orange juice.

“Thank you Papa.” Izu took his own cup happily.

“I’ll leave you two too continue.” Yamada smiled. “Have fun.”

“We will!” The boys responded.

Chapter Text

“Tecchan!” Izu smiled as friend came into the living room. The navy haired boy had been coming over every day, always bringing a new puzzle for them to do. Today, Tensei had given Tenya a 3d puzzle, feeling the two would enjoy it.

“HI Izu.” Tenya smiled. “How are you?”

“Okay, Auntie Nemi brought me a giant puzzle!” Izu told him

“My brother gave me a puzzle too!” Tenya held up the bag. Izu gasped excitedly. They both got to Izu’s room. Izu sat down looking at his friend eagerly.

“It’s 3d one. This one makes a globe, the map of the whole world.” Tenya smiled, taking thr box from the bag and showing it to him.

“Can we do that? I wanna see what the world looks like.” Izu said happily.

“Of course.” Tenya opened the box and set the pieces down. Izu clapped his hands excitedly as they got to work. Aizawa peeked in, smiling as the two boys worked.

“Cute, right?” Yamada whispered, taking a picture of them and sending it to Tensei and Nemuri.

“Yeah. How’s the picnic plans coming along?” Aizawa asked, as they moved to the living room.

“Great, All Might, Nezu and Recovery girl agreed to come as you know. Nemuri’s coming, there was no need to invite her, she would have come either way. The Pussycat’s, Hound dog, Fat Gum, Snipe, Ectoplasm, The water Hose, even Yoroi Musha. They all got back to me and are happy to come. Oh, can’t forget Tensei and Tenya are coming.”

“Izu is going to love it.” Aizawa smiled.

“Yeah.” Yamada nodded in agreement. “Our baby deserves to be happy.” Aizawa couldn’t argue with that.


“And the final piece!” Tenya said as Izu carefully pushed it into place. “That is the map of the world!”

“Oho…” Izuku smiled.

“See, this is where we are, Japan.” Tenya said, pointing to their country on the map. Tenya then began pointing out and talking about all the other countries. Izu listened carefully. Before Tenya went back asking him to locate or name different countries. They did it often, Tenya helping in Izu’s learning. Izu began to cry as he got one wrong. “Hey, Izu it’s okay!” Tenya said

“B-but I s-should know t-this… I-I sh-hould know l-like you…b-b-but I don’t…” Izu cried. Tenya hugged him.

“It’s not your fault Izu. And I am here, so I can help teach you everything I learnt in school!” Tenya told him. Izu sniffed, cuddling into Tenya, as Taffy and Hunter curled around their boy.

Aizawa and Yamada, upon hearing Izu cry, had rushed to check on him. They glanced at each other mentally agreeing to help Izu get started on his education.


A few days later, with the help of many heroes, Yamada had everything they needed.

“I’m back!” Yamada called, coming in from U.A, a large box in hand, nicely wrapped by Nemuri.

“Papa!” Izu came running, he stopped upon seeing the box. “What’s that?” He asked

“It’s a gift for you.” Yamada chuckled, “Let’s go into the living room and you can open it.”

“Okay!” Izu gasped happily, hurrying to the living room. Yamada followed, chuckling at his son’s excitement. He put the box down in front of Izu, who was bouncing on his knees.

“Calm down Izu.” Yamada ruffled his hair. “You can open it.” Izu made quick work of the wrapping and opening the box to find it filled with educational books. Taffy jumped on to his shoulders as Hunter sniffed the books curiously. Aizawa was standing back, he had been filming the whole thing. “You were upset about being behind. You’re dad, I and everyone at U.A got together to get you books to help you learn.” Yamada smiled. Izu sniffed and began to cry. He was quickly wrapped up in Yamada’s arms.

“Thank you Papa.” Izu cried. “Thank you dad.” Aizawa stopped filming to join the hug.

“We are here to help you get though them, we’ll get you caught up in no time. You’re a smart boy, I know you can do them.” Aizawa smiled, Izuku smiled and cuddled into them happily.


“Oh, I have something to help with that!” Tenya smiled, reaching into his bag and pulled out an old school book, he looked for something before showing Izu the page. “We were taugher several ways to solve it, and then told to go with the one that works for us, the one we understand.” Tenya explained. Izu looked at his work with a determined looked, before looking back at the work book open in front of him.

“Can you teach me them all?” He asked

“Of course!” Tenya agreed. The two of them were working in the living room, the adults listening into them talking.

“Huh, Tenya’s not doing things half assed.” Nemuri commented.

“He is taking his role in helping Izu learn very seriously. He’s been going over his school books very night before bed to make sure he remembers so he can teach Izu well.” Tensei smiled.

“We happy he and Izu are so close, Izu finally has a figure who is a good big brother figure.” Yamada grinned.

“Tenya is such a big brother!” Nemuri beamed, giggling.

“I am not letting them do the stupid things you did though Tensei.” Aizawa warned.

“You talking about the time you and Tensei were banned from that shop in first year after Tensei pushed you around in a trolley with the use of his quirk?” Yamada smirked, Aizawa and Tensei blushed.

“Shut up.” Aizawa nudged him lightly. Yamada laughed.

“I did it!” Izu’s cheer caused them to look towards the living room door. Izu came out holding up the work book with a bright smile. “Look Papa, Dad! I did it!” He said, Aizawa smiled accepting the book, looking at the question.

“You really did, good work. I told you, you can do it.” He ruffled Izu’s hair, the boy blushed and giggled happily.

“Good job teaching him Tenya.” Tensei praised his brother patting his shoulder, Tenya beamed proudly.

Chapter Text

“Okay, the first heroes should be arriving soon.” Yamada beamed at Aizawa, Kayama and Tensei, who all nodded. Aizawa glanced over at Izuku and Tenya, All Might was teaching them both how to play chess. Izu was staring at the board with a Mixture of excitement and determination, Tenya was looking between the board and Izu, smiling softly at Izu’s excitement.

“He is going to really enjoy this.” Aizawa smiled, watching the boys.

“They’re going to have a challenge taking his attention away from that game.” Tensei chuckled.

“They do seem rather invested in it.” Kayama nodded in agreement


The first hero, well heroes, to arrive were Ectoplasm, Snipe, Power Loader and Hound Dog. At first, they hung back with the others, watching Izu from a distance. Aizawa telling them things Izuku was afraid of, and not approached him unless he feels comfortable for them to do so. Ectoplasm was angry, he had seen similar reactions from adults who had been kidnapped and tortured by villains, no pure hearted child of nine should be acting like that.  Hound Dog felt the need to comfort the pup, the time he had spent as U.A’s counsellor had given him a sense to protect the young who faced things beyond their years.

Tenya noticed the heroes, glancing at Izu, who was deciding his next move.

“He Izu, some heroes have arrived.” Tenya told him, Izu looked up at him, before glancing back. Seeing the four new heroes. The look of excitement crossed his face, but it then changed to worry then fear.”

“W-what if-if th-ey don-don’t like me?” Izuku looked at his friend in panic. Tenya and All Might shared a sorrowful expression.

“Then I am here to protect you, young Izu. So are your Papa and dad. Midnight and Ingenium will also stand in your defence.” All Might assured him.

“I’m here too!” Tenya said and smiled. “I’ll always be at your side Izu!” The greenette gave a weak smile, taking in their reassurance.

“Would it be better for you to meet them one at a time. You’ll have Tenya, Taffy and Hunter at your side at all times.” All Might suggested. Izu thought about it, before nodded. Smiling, All Might got to his feet and joined the other heroes.

“He doing okay?”  Aizawa asked

“Afraid you four won it like him.” All Might looked at the four newcomers, that was a Sorrowing blow to the heroes. “Bit, he’s willing to meet you one at a time. I assume he naturally feels better when he knows the majority of the people around him are People he can trust.” He added

“A child with the fear of an adult villain Captive… it’s sick. His parents need to be caught.” Ectoplasm said darkly.

“We can all agree to that. So far, Izu has been nothing bit an angel, Miracle that he kept such a sweetheart through everything.” Tensei added.

“Hound Dog, why don’t you go first? He may be more open with you, looking Less human and all.” Aizawa suggested, the Hound hero locked over at Izu, and nodded with a determined gleam in his eyes be five slowly approaching.


Izu looked up as someone sat next to him and Tenya, his eyes widened as he locked up at Hound Dog.

“ Hound dog, Hound hero…” Izu whispered in admiration. Hound Dog smiled Softly, he did not say a word, just rested his nose against Izu’s shoulder. Izu locked excited, but nervous, bit up an pushing Past his nerves knowing it was going to be fine, he let himself run his fingers through Hound Dog’s fur. The Hound Hero smiled, letting the boy pet him, the service dog gave him a shape look, a warning not to scare his boy. Hand Dog knew world never try and scared Child on purpose, after all what sort of monster would do that? Bit Aizawa had been right, Izu had taken to him quite well.

“Does your quite Let you Speake to normal dogs?” Izu asked, Tenya chuckled, as Hound Dog kept himself calm so he could answer the questions.


Power loader was the seed hero to approach, Izu was fascinated with his quirk. Metal claws. He seemed more to enjoy the texture, the hard, coldness of his metal Finger tips not to then Soft but also rough texture of his shin. A sensory thing, maybe this pro thought, already designating a few things in his mind for the child. Like with Hound Dog, Izu had lots of questions about his quirk, the same went for Snipe and Ectoplasm, who was please that Izu was not afraid of how he looked. During this time, Recovery Girl arrived with Nezu. Izu , having never met the small, whited Mammal before, was loaded with questions. The two children had moved closer to the heroes, on too the large picnic blanket Yamada had laid out. The pussycat’s, a hero team of four, and the Water Hose, a hero duo, were the next to arrive. Izu had heated out at the Sight of the male water Hose, simply due to Izu’s fear of water.  Yamada and Aizawa has just barely managed to get Izu to accept flannel washes. Alongside that, Izu cried. He hated he was afraid, he wanted to be happy, he won’t stop feeling all the bad stuff he felt/ The man knelt close, but still out of Izu’s reach.

“It’s okay to be afraid.” He said, Izu looked at him. “You’ve been through a lot, too much for your age. I’d think you rather silly if you weren’t afraid.” He smiled softly, Izu sniffed, he didn’t freak out as the hero patted his head, he ended up leaning into the touch. “You are already so very strong in your own way.” Not long after this moment, the last two heroes arrived, Fat Gum and Yoroi Musha. Izuku immediately warmed to the elderly hero he had once helped escaped his father. It didn’t take him long to warm up to Fat Gum, who had brought along a large selection of sweet foods for Izu to try. Aizawa had to step in to stop Izu eating  a lot of treats for eating something savoury.  During all this, Tenya didn’t leave Izu’s side, acting as a wall for Izu to fall back on if he needed too. The heroes were able to keep Izu smiling though, and giving him a feeling of security he had never felt before.

Chapter Text

“Hey Izu.” Aizawa knocked on his bedroom door.

“In.” Izu replied. When Aizawa entered the room, he found Izu lying on his bean bag, his arms wrapped around the giant teddy brought by Nemuri,

“You alright there buddy?” Aizawa sat next to him. Izu gave a small nod, but his face was buried into the teddy. “You sure about that? Izu peeked from the teddy, Aizawa smiled softly.  “I’m here to listen if you want to talk.”

“It’s silly.” Izu mumbled

“Nothing is silly. What’s bothering you Izu?” Aizawa asked, Izu watched him, one green eye locked on to the hero before glancing away.

“C-can I see where you and papa work? The school? With students?” Izu asked, Aizawa hid the dip in his emotions. He knew Izu loved to hear Tenya’s stories of his school, but he knew Izu wouldn’t cope on school, and Izu also knew this.

“I’ll speak to Nezu about it. I’m sure he’ll say yes. But, he would have to make arrangements if you want to look into classes.” Izu smiled happily, a beaming smile. Aizawa accepted the hug Izu threw at him.

“Thank you dad, thank you.” Izu snuggled into him

“I am here to listen and help when you need Izu, please remember.” Aizawa pet his head.

“I’ll try.” Izu mumbled. “I’ll do my best.”

“I know, you always do. I am very proud of you.” Aizawa said, completely not expecting the boy to start crying. He rocked Izu back and forth a little as he cried, rubbing his back.


“We’ve been working on our own sensory room for Izu.” Nezu beamed, as Aizawa explained what Izu wanted the following day. “I don’t see anything wrong with him visiting during the day. I’d be quite happy to aid in his education if he would like.”

“I’m sure he won’t say no to that offer. Tenya, Zashi and I can only teach him so much.” Aizawa smiled softly, imagining Izu’s smiling face when he told him Nezu wanted to teach him.

“Someone so young, who knows what being a tortured captive feels like, in the pursuit of knowledge.” Nezu smiled taking a sip of his tea. “Someone like that is heard to find, why would I miss this chance?” Aizawa nodded, he could neither argue or deny the mammals reasoning. At least both Nezu and Izu would be happy with the arrangement.


“Tomorrow?” Izu’s eyes were shining.

“Yes, and Nezu will visit you, he is going to help you learn more.” Aizawa smiled. Yamada smiled softly at how excited Izu was. The boy was holding Aizawa’s hand, his thumbs rubbing the palms of Aizawa’s.

“And we’ll come and eat lunch with you. If you like coming along with us, maybe we can bring you everyday of the week.” Yamada said.

“R-really? Nezu won’t mind?” Izu asked

“Not at all. If anything, I think Nezu would be very happy to have you coming everyday. I would say he seemed to enjoy the idea of teaching you.” Aizawa told him. Izu beamed, Tomorrow was going to be a good day.


“This is the room…” Aizawa muttered, he and Izu stopped outside a classroom that had been empty for the last few years. The room had now been called the Sensory room, and a noticed next to the door warned students that they were not to enter without strict permission from Nezu. Hunter stood at Izu’s side, Taffy had stayed at home. Aizawa opened the door, and Izu’s eyes widened as he stepped in. Aizawa was shocked into silence. Nezu and the other teachers had really put their all into decorating the room to suit Izu’s needs…


When Nezu went to find Aizawa and Izu, he went straight to the sensory room. Izu was messing the kinetic sand, Power Loader had gotten so much, he had much more put away as he was working on a much bigger sand pit for him. Hunter was lying under the table as Izuku played.

“He likes it then?” Nezu smiled, standing next to Aizawa.

“Loves it, Loves the sand.” Aizawa smiled.

“Good. Power loader is working on a bigger sand pit for him.” Nezu nodded, Aizawa just shook his head, but knew Izuku would love it. Hunter raised his head and looked at Nezu. He whined up at his boy, drawing his attention from the sand. Izu, upon seeing Nezu, cleaned his hands on a nearby towl to get rid of excess sand, before hurrying over.

“Nezu, are you going to teach me?” Izu asked excitedly. Nezu smiled softly.

“If you would like me too.” He nodded,

“Please.” Izu beamed

“Izu, I have to go and teach my own class. I’ll leave you too learn and I will see you at lunch, okay?” Aizawa smiled. Izu quickly hugged him. “See you later Izu.” He kissed his forehead, and left Izuku to learn from Nezu.

Nezu had brought work sheets for Izu to do. Izu sat at a table working on them in silence, his tongue poking out of his lips as he worked. Izu would ask the occasional question if he was stuck and needed help, but mostly did the work by himself. Nezu was quite proud to see him working so hard on the sheets. One so young wishing for knowledge, seeking it, and oh so willing to ask for help when needing it. Nezu smiled, the boy was special. The heroes were lucky to have him, and would protect him if the time came when the villains realised what they had lost when they left him to the mercy of the government.

“Nezu, I am done with this one.” Izu held out a sheet.

“I’ll mark it so you can start the next one.” Nezu told him, Izu went back to working.


Nezu left him at lunch as Aizawa and Yamada joined Izu. Yamada was quick to pull him into a hug, snuggling the giggling boy.

“Zashi, behave, time to eat.” Aizawa handed out bento boxes. Izu opened his excitedly.

“Katsudon.” He beamed

“If you eat it all, Lunch rush game me a treat for you.” Aizawa said

“Okay!” Izu nodded, picking up his spoon and taking a large bite of white rice. Yamada accepted his own and began to eat.

“What did you and Nezu do this morning?” He asked

“Work sheets like Tecchan shows me. Um, those were marked.” Izu motioned at the small pile of papers. Aizawa picked them up, going over then as he ate.

“Very good Izu. Knew you were clever.” Aizawa ruffled his hair. Izu giggled. Yamada smiled softly. They were both proud of their son, Izu was trying hard to catch up on everything he had missed education wise, and considering his past, that was literally everything.

Chapter Text

Time passed, and eventually Tenya got into U.A himself. Izu was excited when the first day of the school year came. As usual Izu was in his room at U.A, Nezu was going to let him have the first day off. So, he went over to his space corner, behind a curtain that blocked out all light. He lay on the pillow covered floor. Hunter curled up next to him with Taffy curled up on his chest. There were glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, and in glow in the dark paint, on the wall was painted a galaxy. The room was silence, Izu was soon to fall asleep within the safety and peace of his room.




Bakugo Katsuki was someone who was brash, angry, explosive even. It didn’t help that his quirk was explosion. He worked hard to get to U.A, the first from his school to go. And here he was, after the quirk assessment test their homeroom teacher set – lost.


“Why does this have to be so fucking big…” Bakugo growled, annoyed. He had left before the rest of the class, he didn’t want to get friendly with them. They were likely like the rest, saw he had a cool quirk and befriend him for that. He found a room and opened it, cursing when he realised it was that it was the wrong room.


“Um… dad…” A tired voice asked, he watched a teen peek around a curtain. Bakugo froze, as did the other.


“Sorry… wrong room. I’ll just…” Bakugo muttered.


“You’re lost?” he asked, Bakugo blushed and looked away. The teen got closer, Bakugo noticed a therapy cat and dog trailing behind him. The teen must be someone under the protection of a hero here from the looks of it.


“Yeah, in 1-A… with Aizawa… got lost on the way.” Bakugo admitted.


“You’re in my dad’s class.” The teen smile. “I’m Izu!”


“Bakugo Katsuki.” He replied, holding out his hand. Izu took it and gasped at the feel of his hand. Bakugo looked at him worried, but then saw the child-like curiosity. Bakugo wondered if he enjoyed the textures he can touch, his quirk has good and bad points. The explosions he created made his palms rough, but the rest of his skin, was soft due to what his sweat contained. Izu sat down, forcing Bakugo to sit across from him as Izu rubbed his fingers across his palms. The dog lay at his side, whilst the cat settled on a table.


“Your hands…” Izu muttered.


“My quirk affects them.”


“What’s your quirk?”


“Want to see?” Izu nodded excited, Bakugo created tiny explosions in his palm, he didn’t miss how Izu flinched, but didn’t look away. But Bakugo stopped, not wanting to scare him, that’s not what heroes did.


“Aw, please show me again.” Izu begged.


“You flinched. I don’t want to scare you.” Bakugo said,


“You’re nice, you won’t hurt me…” Izu mumbled, “Please.” Bakugo sighed and showed him again, he could see his explosions reflected in his green eyes as he watched in amazement.


“Do you have a quirk?” Bakugo asked, Izu frowned and shook his head. Bakugo could see faint scars crisscrossing across his arms. “I-Is that why you are hurt?” Izu bowed his head, nodding lightly. “I’m sorry.” Izu looked up at him.


“Sorry?” Izu repeated


“Sorry that people thought it was okay to hurt you.” Bakugo looked at his scars. “I am sorry that no one saved you fast enough to stop you getting hurt.” Izu watched him curiously, as if he never quite met someone like Bakugo before. He eventually smiled.


“I was saved in the end though.” Izu smiled. “By my Dad and Papa, and all the heroes have been really nice! Even if I was scared of them at first, they didn’t rush me, made sure I knew it was okay to be scared and they didn’t blame me for it!”


“Yeah, I guess…” Bakugo nodded.


“Um, are we friends now? This is what friends do right?” Izu asked, Bakugo stared at him in shook, before smiling softly.


“Yeah, we can be friends… and I should really try and get to class...” Bakugo mumbled.


“Oh, I can help!” Izu beamed, he gave him directions to his dad’s class. Bakugo thanked him, Izu waved him off smiling. No one questioned when Bakugo walked in later, but he was left to his own thoughts as he looked back at his talk with Izu.




“How was you day Izu?” Yamada cuddled his son, Izu beamed


“I made a new friend, they were lost, and I helped!” Izu said


“Really?” Aizawa looked over at him, Izuku nodded.


“Kacchan is so cool!” He blushed happily. “Just as cool as Tecchan!”



When Izuku was in bed that night, Aizawa and Yamada sat at the table to discuss Izu’s new mysterious friend ‘Kacchan’.


“Well, we can assume Kacchan is just a nickname… He mentioned they were from your class.” Yamada muttered.


“I know. I am just trying to think who would accept a cute nickname like Kacchan?” Aizawa frowned.


“Um, you have someone called Bakugo Katsuki in your class, right?” Yamada asked


“Impossible, that boy is a beast, cares little for anyone else in his class, his ego is a huge mess. I wouldn’t risk having him anywhere close to Izu, in fear of him hurting him…” Aizawa frowned.


“Maybe, we should just ask him to point them out to us. That way we’ll find out who it is easily.” Yamada smiled.


“That would mean introducing him to the class… And Endeavor’s son is in there. We can’t be sure what he has told him about Izu… I don’t want to risk him causing Izuku a psychological back track… he’s been coping with everything so well recently.” Aizawa sighed, Yamada pulled him close.


“It’s okay, we will be there to watch over him, and Tenya will be there, and I doubt this mysterious Kacchan would let anything be said like that to Izu.” Yamada kissed him on the lips softly.


“Yeah… I guess you’re right.” Aizawa, but he couldn’t help but feel worried.

Chapter Text

“Tecchan, Tecchan!” Izu laughed, hugging his friend tightly. It was early the next morning, Izu and Tenya were in the staff room. Aizawa and Yamada watched them with a small smile each. Izu had happily clung to Tenya, they had not really seen each other the day before, and Izu had missed his best and first friend. Tenya rested his cheek on the top of Izu’s head, it helped the smaller boy relax. There was a whole foot taller, him standing at 5’10, Izuku being only 4’10. He heard Izu may have been taller if he had experienced the past he had.  “Tecchan…” Izu poked his cheek.


“Yes Izu?” Tenya asked


“Tecchan, can we have lunch together today?” Izu asked, Tneya smiled


“Yeah, I’ll head to your room right after my lessons.” Tenya promised, Izuku beamed happily and cuddled closer to him.


“Yay, can you bring Kacchan too?” Izuku asked


“K-Kacchan?” Tenya repeated.


“A new friend in your class apparently.” Aizawa said.


“He has quirk that goes pop, pop, pop, and makes a light and its warm!” Izuku beamed.


“Bakugo Katsuki!” Tenya said, Aizawa and Yamada said at the same time.


“Did he hurt you?” Tenya asked, Izu shook his head.


“Kacchan said sorry for other people hurting me but didn’t hurt me. He’s nice, I like him.” Izuku smiled, Tenya looked at Aizawa, who just shrugged.


“Sure, I’ll try and get him to come along.” Tenya nodded


“Thank you Tecchan.” Izu smiled happily.




“Um… Sensei, someone is peeking in through the door…” Yaoyorozu said, Aizawa glanced to see Izu, he froze when he saw his father looking. Aizawa sighed and gave him a small smile, much to the shock of the class.


“Izu, are you okay?” He asked, Izu looked at him nervous, before looking at the class curiously, at his side, hunter eyed the class as if seeing if they were people Izu would be safe with.


“Is this your son sensei… shouldn’t he be in his own school?” A girl with long black hair said, watching Izu with an unsure expression, Izu perked up.


“Nezu-sensei teaches me! He said I can move on the A-Algebra soon!” Izu said proudly. The class watched him in surprise, Tenya just smiled lightly at his friend’s excitement. Bakugo was watching him, in a mixture of surprise and curiosity. Aizawa glanced at Yaoyorozu, before looking back at Izu and beckoned him over. Seeing his son against everyone else in class, it was clear to see that his years of abuse had clearly stunted his growth, he was so much smaller then he could have been. Izu held on to hunter and hurried other. Aizawa knelt to speak to him on his level, Izu always felt better when Aizawa spoke to him like that.


“Are you okay?” He asked, Izu nodded. “Did you need something?” Izu thought for a moment, before frowning and looking guilty.


“I forgot…” He said, Aizawa smiled lightly.


“It’s okay, we all forget sometimes.” He stood up again, he was about to address the class, but Todoroki spoke up, his words directed at Izu.


“He’s that villain who got free cause he was able to say his father made him.” Todoroki said, Izu flinched, he looked at Todoroki, he seemed to realise who he was as he cast he eyes down, he began to shake with fear. Hunter curled around his legs, snarling at Todoroki.


“Izu!” Aizawa tried to get through to him, but he could only watch as Izuku was shutting himself down before his eyes. Bakugo stormed forward, but before Aizawa could stop him, began to make explosions from his hands. Light returned to Izu’s eyes, head lifting a bit to look at the quirk,  before Bakugo put a hand to his cheek. Izu nuzzled it lightly.


“K-kacchan…” He muttered.


“Ignore the half and half bastard, probably just jealous you actually have a nice decent family to look after you. Probably jealous that you would  make a better hero with two quirks less then him.” Bakugo said, Izu looked at him.


“Bakugo is right!” Tenya had come over, he gave Bakugo a thankful smile. “Besides, a child should never pay for the crimes of the father, you have a clean criminal record, that means you are nothing more than a victim.” Izu looked at Tenya and smiled.


“Tecchan.” He said happily, Tenya pulled his friend into a hug.


“Bakugo, Iida, I would like you to take Izu back to the sensory room, he will feel safer in there.” Aizawa said


“Of course sensei, come Izu, you can show me what the room looks like, I haven’t seen it yet.” Tenya smiled, Izu nodded happily, he left with them, but turned to wave bye to Aizawa who waved back. Once Izuku was out of sight and the door closed, he turned back to his class. His gaze trained on Todoroki.


“I will never be sure what your father has told you. But as the hero leading the case for him, I will say Izuku had a clear criminal recorded, was imprisoned by the police purely for who his father was. They ignored the fact he was clearly abused, that he was tortured by the very people that were meant to care for him, and then to be abused and tortured again whilst in prison. I still have the video evidence to prove it.” Aizawa said. “So, unless your father has evidence against that, which he shouldn’t unless he broke the law and somehow tempered with his files, he should have none of.”  Todoroki was silent. “Now, I will say this once to all of you, and I hope you listen to this. Izu, his mental state was deeply affected by the torture, water, fire, keep away from him. Possibly electricity too.  Never back him into a corner, his therapy dog will bite you if he feels you are a danger to him. And never bring up his past, it causes him to mentally shut down, you were lucky that Bakugo was able to pull him from that, it could normally take a week or more. Do I make myself clear?”


“Yes sensei.” The class replied, not willing to anger Aizawa further.

Chapter Text

“Thank you, Bakugo.” Tenya said as they walked with Izuku back to the sensory room, Katsuki looked at him. “It’s hard to draw Izu out of a shut down, we owe you one.”


“It’s fine… How do you know him?” Katsuki asked


“Oh, Aizawa-sensei is friends with my big brother. Izu… had never really met anyone his age, I was the first. We are good friends. I helped him a lot when he was just starting out with learning. So… you entered the room when you got lost?”


“Yeah… I am surprisingly bad with directions in a new place.” Katsuki admitted.


“I like Kacchan, and popping quirk…” Izu mumbled lightly, Katsuki looked at him.


“It’s not that good… it’s… It’s powerful and yeah will help me be a hero. But… people put to high of expectations on me… my parents didn’t really help to be honest.” Katsuki sighed


“Are they mean Kacchan?” Izu peeked up at him.


“One is… One is more abrasive, like me I guess, the other is passive. So, I am the only one in my corner most of the time.” Katsuki frowned. “It’s a lonely place to be…”


“I’ll be in your corner Kacchan, um, how big is your corner?” He question, Katsuki watched him surprised and chuckled.


“Big enough for you.” Katsuki smiled. Izu beamed happily, he looked at hunter.


“Hear that!” He asked excitedly, eyes shining. They reached the sensory room, Izu turned to Tenya and Katsuki. “Will you be able to stay?” He asked


“Um… I don’t think Sensei would mind.” Tenya said and smiled. “Got a plan for what to do?” Izuku nodded and hurried over to a shelf. Katsuki and Tenya took a seat at the table in the room. Izuku brought over a new jigsaw puzzle.


“Nezu-sensei brought me this! And-And I wanted to do it with friends!” Izu beamed and poured the pieces on to the table.


“So, let’s find the outside pieces first.” Tenya smiled. Izu nodded and began to pick out the side pieces.


“So, you’re taught by Nezu?” Katsuki asked, Izu nodded.


“He teaches me lots of stuff. Tecchan helps, and so does my dad and Papa.” Izu answered.


“And you’ll be moving on to algebra soon, did you say?”

“Yep! Nezu-sensei says I am doing really well, and I can start learning harder work.”


“Good to hear, algebra may seem hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is really easy.” Katsuki smiled.


“Really? Tecchan helps me with work all the time, after school!” Izu told him. “Tecchan is very clever.” Katsuki glanced at Tenya, who was blushing, but refusing to make eye contact.


“Well, I do my best…” Tenya muttered.


“Tecchan is the very best!” Izu beamed. Tenya continue to blush as Katsuki chuckled lightly.



Aizawa assumed the two teens had stayed with Izu, he was thankful for that. It was reassuring that he wasn’t alone after almost shutting down, and reassuring and comforting victims were all part of being a hero. At lunch, he headed to the sensory room, only to realise some of his class were following him. He stopped and turned to them, watching them questioningly.


“We were going to see if Bakugo wanted to join us for lunch.” Kirishima explained


“And I was going to spend it with Iida… well, I was going to ask him…” Uraraka blushed,


“Then go and wait in the cafeteria, I will tell them. If they want to spend lunch with you, they will meet you there.” Aizawa told them


“But we want to ask him ourselves, we won’t touch the other boy.” Ashido said.


“It is not a matter of touching him. It is the matter that Iida and Bakugo were likely invited into the sensory, which is the only way you can get in without putting Izu’s mental health at risk. He decided who can enter that room, to give him that sense of control and security. If you entered without permission his support dog would have fought to protect him.” Aizawa looked between them angrily, “So… I will tell them your offers. If I see any of you by the sensory room, detention for a week.” Aizawa glared and waiting until they finally decided it wasn’t worth arguing and left. Aizawa headed back down the hall with a sigh.



Aizawa knocked on the sensory room door.


“Izu, it’s me.” He called.


“Come in dad!” Izu replied, Aizawa entered, smiling at the sight before him. Izu, Tenya and Katsuki were sitting around working on a jigsaw. Yamada was sitting back watching with a smile. Each boy had a packed lunch next to them. Izuku had too. Aizawa next to Yamada where he go the explanation.


“Both Bakugo and Tenya brought lunch for him.” Yamada smiled


“I see.” Aizawa smiled. “Oh, Iida, Uraraka wanted to ask if you would spend lunch with her, Bakugo same for you with Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero and Ashido. I told them you would meet them in the cafeteria if you wanted to do so.”


“I’m good here… if I can stay of course.” Katsuki said


“It’s fine.” Aizawa told him, Katsuki looked relived and looked back at the puzzle piece he held.


“I already promised Izu I would spend lunch here.” Tenya said, “I am not one to break promises.”


“And we haven’t finished the puzzle yet!” Izu added, holding up the piece he had, Aizawa smiled


“Well, if you don’t finish it by lunch, you will have to wait until tomorrow to finish it with them both.” Aizawa told him.


“We need to finish!” Izu said determinedly.


“We will, don’t worry.” Katsuki smiled, putting a piece in place. Aizawa and Yamada sat back and watched as the trio worked together whilst eating, occasionally discussing random topics.



“It’s good to see that Izu became friends with you.” Tenya told Katsuki as they were heading back to class.


“Yeah… I never really had real friends. Those that called themselves my friends were only interested in my because of my quirk… it is nice that Izu doesn’t care. It’s refreshing.” Katsuki muttered.


“Well, you’re not that bad. And Izu sees you as a good person, so, I wouldn’t mind being your friend either.” Tenya said, Katsuki gave a small smile.


“I’d like that.” Katsuki nodded.


“Then, let’s hurry to class, we don’t want to be late. And No doubt those who wanted to share our lunch time will have questions.” Tenya said


“Urgh, please don’t remind me.” Katsuki sighed, but kept smiling, at least he had some real friends now.

Chapter Text

“Dude! Did Aizawa tell you we wanted to spend lunch with you?” Kirishima questioned as Katsuki sat down


“Yep.” He replied.


“So… why didn’t you join us?” He asked


“I had lunch and was doing a jigsaw with Izu.” Katsuki replied.


“I personally think it is wrong to have someone his age just here… he should be in school with students his own age.” Yaoyorozu said


“He is our age.” Tenya said, “He’s actually older then me by a few months.” The class stared at him, Tenya looked away. “What his biological family put him through, mess with his mind, he never left wherever they kept him, and I was the first the person his age to meet him.” Tenya ended up glaring around the class. “Izu is my best friend, and just so you know I will not tolerate anyone saying anything bad about him without getting to know him.”


“I second that.” Katsuki said, the class was silent.


“So… would you have lunch with us tomorrow?” Kaminari asked


“Yeah, will you have lunch with me tomorrow Iida?” Uraraka asked the navy haired male with a big smile.


“Sorry, but I promised Izu I would spend lunch with him again tomorrow.” Tenya said


“Yeah, we haven’t finished the puzzle yet.” Katsuki agreed, leaning back in his chair. “Besides, hanging out with him is pretty cool.”




“Tecchan!” Izu beamed, hugging his best friend as he came by the sensory room at the end of the day, his eyes lit up as he saw Katsuki too. “Kacchan too! Don’t you have to go home, Kacchan?”


“Yeah, but my parents aren’t gonna care if I don’t head right home.” Katsuki shrugged. “Besides, I could just say I am hanging out with new friends.” Izuku’s eyes lit up.


“I can ask my Dad and Papa if you can stay for dinner! You too Tecchan!” Izuku beamed


“Are you sure?” Katsuki asked, Izuku nodded eagerly.


“Lets work on the puzzle till they arrive.” Izu said, Katsuki and Tenya looked at each other, and followed after him.


That was how Aizawa and Yamada found them, Izu put a piece into place, followed by Tenya and then Katsuki.


“You two could have left already.” Aizawa said, Tenya looked up, but Katsuki didn’t.


“We have a puzzle to finish.”  Katsuki said “And I have nothing better to do. Like, seriously.”


“Can Tecchan and Kacchan come for dinner?” Izuku asked with a bright smile.


“Well, if they can get their parents permission, I am sure it will be fine.” Aizawa glanced at Yamada, who understood the look he gave.


“I’ll just give Toshi a text, so he knows we might have some extra guests tonight.” Yamada smiled, leaving the room to find Toshi, knowing the older hero wouldn’t decline, he would be thrilled to see Izu spending time with others his age in addition to Tenya.




“So, young Bakugo, he never really seemed to be the type to be friends with some one like Izu.” Toshi said as Yamada told him.


“Yeah, that’s what Shouta thought, but we were wrong, the kid really seems to like being around Izu. But I know Shouta is worried about him too.” Toshi looked up from some paper work.


“In what way?” Toshi inquired.


“Well… Nezu’s looked into his past school records and there are some… inconsistences. Shouta is meant to be keeping an eye on him… and lets be honest… that has to be some reason for his complete dislike for anyone trying to get close.” Yamada sighed.


“Despite how he acts, he is too much of a softie at heart.” Toshi said, putting away his work. Yamada chuckled.


“That’s true, I think that became obvious when he found out about Izu… he was furious.” Yamada smiled.


“So was I… for mixed reasons… I asked the friend of my old mentor to check on him… he told me he was fine. He lied to me, I though he was somewhere safe… I only found out when his trial hit the papers.” Toshi said. “I stopped speaking to him and my old friend from that point on. I just couldn’t believe they let it happen… I am glad Aizawa helped him, when I failed too…”


“Well, you are helping him now. And I think I speak for myself and Aizawa when I say I am glad you are.” Yamada said, Toshi gave him a small smile.




Dinner was eventful… Tenya and Katsuki saw when Toshi when from all Might to Small Might, the hero stared at the boys as they looked at him in shock.


“You’re a fucking moron.” Aizawa sighed.


“PAPA! DAD SAID A BAD WORD!” Izuku called.


“Shouta!” Yamada yelled, Aizawa sighed. He pointed at Toshi.


“You are explaining this to them at dinner.” He told him, Toshi sighed heavily.


“It’s not like I have much choice now…” Toshi said. Toshi told them the whole story as dinner was laid out.


“You can’t tell anyone.” Toshi told the two teens as Izuku sat eating his dinner, watching his friends with bright eyes.


“I promise.” Katsuki nodded. “But for the record, I call bullshit you haven’t noticed the clearly obvious way to beat this ‘All for One’.”  Toshi looked at him confused. Katsuki just looked at him. “Seriously? The quirks are literally called All for One and One for All. You’re not meant to fight alone with that quirk.” Katsuki sat back in his chair, Tenya wanted to argue, but he knew Katsuki held a very good point.


“Can’t fault him there, you or any of the other holders ever fight with someone?” Aizawa asked.


“… Not that I know of..” Toshi admitted with a sighed. “I just followed what my mentor told me… that the more people knew the more danger they would be in and it was simply a matter that should be kept to a minimum.”


“That’s stupid…” Katsuki muttered


“If more people knew about my father… they would be safer.” Izuku added, before putting another mouthful in his mouth. Katsuki looked at him in surprise.


“So, that All for One is your father….” Katsuki said to Izuku who nodded, he looked at All Might. “You are sure he is dead right?”


“Yes, there is no way he could have lived… unless he got help from someone high up.” Toshi said


“Then let’s hope that there were no high ups on his friend list.” Tenya said, the adults nodded in agreement.




Katsuki snuck back home, closing the door silently. Luckily his mother seemed to be out, but his father was there. Bakugo Masaru looked up from his work, he opened his mouth to speak.


“I had dinner at a friend’s. I am going to bed.” Katsuki said, and hurried to his room, carefully locking the door behind him. He sighed. He was safe until the morning.

Chapter Text

Katsuki did not have a fitful sleep that night. Before he could fall asleep his mother had returned from wherever she went off too, he was silent-barely breathing. He heard his father tell his mother about him staying out late and having dinner at a friend’s house, and how Katsuki was currently in bed asleep.  Katsuki only let himself sleep when he was sure they ere both asleep and wouldn’t try and wake him.




Katsuki cowered under his bed, he remember this day – all too well. He hated this so-so much… the door of his bedroom burst open. Not much had changed, even after 8 years from the original incident, the banging of the door colliding with the wall and the sight of his mothers shoes were blood chilling.


“Katsuki.” She said, her tone chilling and promising violence… Katsuki held his breath, maybe, if he didn’t breath this time, he could avoid re-living what happened next… Katsuki was not that lucky.



Katsuki found himself locked in their walk-in freezer, his body shivering violently. What time was this? He had been shut in here for so many times he could never keep up when ever he would appear there in a dream. His mind tried to work out what he had done to deserve this… that was when he noticed how big everything appeared to him. Right… this was the day after his quirk activated, he couldn’t control it back then, then again, who expected him to be able too? Well, aside from his own parents.  Katsuki settled in the corner, he had to try and keep warm… he couldn’t die here…



Katsuki frowned in the next dream, glaring at his bound hands, tied palm to palm so he couldn’t use his quirk to escape. He swore his parents were sadists. He fought back to urge to explode in his anger, he had to control his quirk, he didn’t want to hurt himself, he had to be a hero, he couldn’t hurt himself more then his parents already did…



The nightmares continued, Katsuki forced to relive each punishment over and over again. He tried to wake himself many times, but nothing worked… he wondered if his parents had gotten someone to make it impossible to wake from the nightmares, he wouldn’t have put it passed them.




But final, he woke. Bolting up in bed, covered in a cold sweat, his heart racing and panic set deep in his heart. He took a deep breath to slow his breathing and calm his heart rate, before grabbing a towel and getting a cold shower. When he got back to his room, he changed into his uniform and looked at the time… 4 am. It took an hour for him to get to U.A, so he could go to the on-campus gym before class started. He packed his gym clothes and a fresh towel into his sports back. He grabbed his sports and school bags and left the house without a word.




“Dad, Papa, it’s Kacchan!” Izu point out, His held on to Aizawa’s hand. The heroes turned to see Katsuki walking towards the campus Gym.


“It’s like… 5:10, what’s he doing here so early, it’s almost 3 hours before classes start?” Yamada frowned.


“I am not sure. But, Hizashi, why not take Izu to speak to him. I need to meet with Nezu anyway.” Aizawa said, Yamada nodded, Izu switched hands, waving bye to his dad as they split up.



“Hey there listener!” Yamada smiled, Katsuki jumped, he had just come from the changing rooms in a gym outfit. Izu beamed and hugged his new friend.


“Morning Kacchan!”


“Izu… what are you doing here so early?” Katsuki asked


“Dad has to speak to Nezu-sensei, and Papa has work to do, but I wanted to see you!” Izu said, Katsuki blushed lightly.


“Erm… thanks… That’s nice of you.” Katsuki muttered.


“Are you okay Listener, you don’t look so good?” Yamada frowned, Katsuki nodded, but one look at Izu’s intense gaze caused him to shake his head.


“Just… nightmares.. ya know…” Katsuki muttered. “They get hard to deal with sometimes.” Izu nodded in understanding.


“I have them too, and its when I see them again and they are horrible and say they are going to hurt Papa and Dad, but… I know they will win and help me, and I wake up and Papa is hugging me!” Izu said, Katsuki looked at him, Yamada watched him carefully. Recognising the look in Katsuki’s eyes as the one he had seen in Izu the first time they had met


“Bakugo Katsuki… are you safe at home?” He asked, voicing the worry on his mind, it only shouted at him more as Katsuki bowed his head and replied with a quiet “I don’t know…” Yamada sighed and tapped his headphones.


“Papa?” Izu asked, Yamada smiled.


“Hey Izu, you stay with Kacchan alright, and listener…” Yamada looked at Katsuki, the teen looked worried. “Believe me, if your home isn’t a safe place for you, we will get you out of it. I am just going to speak to Nezu and Aizawa and see what can be done as of now…”


“I… They will just get mad and punish me, there is no point trying to help. My other teachers didn’t.” Katsuki said


“Well, they aren’t heroes too, so, believe me. We will try and help.” Yamada smiled.


“Kacchan! You can show me how to train! To be stronger!” Izu tugged his friends hand, and Katsuki looked at him.


“Yeah sure.” He nodded, Yamada let the boys wonder into gym area, Katsuki was pointing out all the different equipment and how it should be used. Yamada began to head towards the main school building shooting a message to Aizawa.



Hizashi - Katsuki has nightmares like Izuku, probably based on the treatment he gets at home. He doesn’t know if his home feels safe and apparently teachers have refused to help before. Look into old school records further. Maybe talk to neighbours, find if he has ever gone to hospital with anything odd.


Shouta -  Nezu is working on it now.


Hizashi – Good, we should try and get him out as soon as possible if his home situation is bad.


Shouta -  Nezu and I agree, he will be working on it today. Come to the office. Let Katsuki watch over Izu, Izu might be able to get him to cheer up a bit.


Hizashi -  On my way.




“Kacchan, this is fun!” Izu giggled as he and Katsuki were walking on treadmills next to each other. Izuku was smiling.


“I guess it is.” Katsuki smiled softly, thankful for having Izuku there for him. Katsuki looked at the settings of his treadmill, and Izu’s eyes turned toxic, he looked at Katsuki in concern the determination to protect in his eyes.

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“So, young Bakugo maybe having abuse issues at home…” Nezu frowned concerned. He had noticed inconsistences in the reports from Bakugo’s old schools, and he had done some digging himself. He had found hospital records of Bakugo going in with different injuries, and the reason for them didn’t match. He was really worried.


“Sounds like it. Not to the extent Izuku was subjected too, but bad enough to have a lasting mental effect, whilst being subtle enough for no one to catch on to it…” Yamada said, looking sick as he spoke. “I recognised the look in his eyes when I asked if he was safe at home. He replied with I don’t know, and he just sounded… lost, and broken. Sounding like a much younger child then the teen he is. I am very worried about him, as a teacher and hero.”


“Think we could get him into therapy? Or even get him to speak to the police if we brought them onto the school grounds?” Aizawa asked


“We could ask for Detective Tsukauchi to come by, with his quirk, we’ll be within our right to keep him away from his parents if his words are true.” Nezu said. “We’d have to ask young Bakugo, but I can get into contact with the Detective now.”


“I will go and speak to him about it, maybe see if Izuku will be allowed to sit in, Bakugo seemed to be comfortable with him.” Yamada said.


“Let’s see if we can get this sorted before class, shall we?” Nezu told them, eyes burning with determination. Yamada and Aizawa nodded, Yamada getting up to return to the boys.




“Oh!” Izu watched as Katsuki began using weights. “You’re so strong Kacchan! I wish I was strong like you.”


“You’re strong in your own way Izu.. I wish I could be as strong as you sometimes.” Katsuki said. Izuku looked at him confused. “I’m physically strong, sure, that can be good. But you’re emotionally and Mentally strong… and I don’t have that kind of strength.” Katsuki bowed his head. Izu’s eyes flickered between his emerald green and toxic green, ending with a soft mix of the two colours.


“That’s not true Kacchan… I am not emotionally strong.. I am just wrong. They made me wrong…” Izu said, Katsuki looked at him.  He noticed the change in eye colour. “And everything they did made me this way now… I will never be normal because of it. I will never be emotionally strong, nor mentally strong.”


“Izu…” Katsuki began, but stopped himself, Izu’s eyes almost glittered happily at his reaction. “You aren’t Izu… are you?


“That is yet to be completely seen.” Izu glanced towards the door. “I am not quite sure about who I am right now, but I will figure it out. But anyway, this is important so please remember it… If you ever need help, just ask and Izuku will help you,”


“Izuku?” Katsuki repeated.


“Trust me, it will make sense eventually.” Izu smiled. Katsuki nodded smiling softly, as he watched Izu’s eyes melt back into their usual emerald green.


“We’re both strong in our own ways.” Katsuki muttered, Izu giggled happily.




“Hey boys.” Yamada joined them in the gym.


“Papa!” Izu jumped up, hugging him.


“Izu.” Yamada chuckled, Katsuki looked on nervously. “Katsuki… Nezu, Aizawa and I want to help you. We want to make sure you are safe, and, if you like, we can get you out of that house today.”


“You can do that?” Katsuki asked, his tone hopeful.


“Yes, but… we’d need you to speak to a detective with a lie detecting quirk, with that as evidence we’d be able to stop you returning to that house.” Yamada explained. Katsuki frowned nervously, to get away from them at the price of the school knowing everything…. Katsuki jumped a little as Izuku took hold of his hand. He looked at Izu, who smiled up at him, Katsuki felt himself relaxing, he squeezed Izuku’s hand in turn.


“Ca-Can Izu be there with me when I speak to the detective?” Katsuki asked, knowing he would feel better with the other boy there by his side.


“I am positive that can be arranged.” Yamada nodded with a soft smile. Izu let go of Katsuki’s hand so he could have a shower and get changed, Izuku sat outside the gym with Hunter, throwing him a ball. His eyes flickered between the emerald and Toxic again, he took a deep breath and rubbed his eyes, them resting as Emerald. Hunter looked up at his boy and Izu beamed. He took the ball and threw it again




I am detective Tsukauchi Naomasa, Quirk: Lie detector.” The detective introduced himself to Katsuki, the teen shook his hand nervously, Izuku was busy petting Hunter, letting Katsuki talk to Tsukauchi alone first. “Don’t be too nervous, I am here to help you after all.”


“Yeah, it’s more like I am not looking forward to remembering everything they’ve done…” Katsuki admitted.


“I understand, this sort of talk can be hard for any victim. We will be going at your pace, you will be in completely control over this situation, Though, this will be reordered as it will be safer for the both of us and we can use that if it ever gets taken to court without you having to be there. I will ask a few questions, and I will only interfere if I feel a lie within your words. Okay?” Katsuki nodded, he sat down, Izuku sat next to him and took his hand again. Hunter rested his head on Katsuki’s lap.


“Let’s get this started then.” Katsuki nodded. Let’s get this over with. He thought.


It was hard, Katsuki shivered as he spoke about his many punishments, Izu eventually resting his head on Katsuki’s shoulder and tracing patterns on Katsuki’s palm to help calm him. Tsukauchi was slowly getting angrier, as every word Katsuki said came out as a truth. What his parents had been doing to him… what they had been allowed to get away with for so long… Tsukauchi was making notes too. And when it all ended, Katsuki just hugged  Izu, who hugged back tightly.


Plans were made as Katsuki and Izu were sent to the sensory room by Aizawa, Katsuki tried to protest, but his home room teacher told him that he would make sure he got the work, but right now he needed to recover as they sorted things out for him. The decision was already made though… Katsuki would be put in the protection of Aizawa and Yamada, with Izu already in the care and the obvious bond between the two boys, it would be easier to connect to him on an emotional level and provide him with the help he needed.


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Katsuki sat next to Izu, holding on to a teddy Izu had given him with a bright smile saying that…. Would keep him safe as he keeps Izu safe when he has nightmares. Katsuki could only compare this Izu to the Izuku that had spoken to him. They seemed like two different people, Izu being the one who was more mentally affected by all the shit he had been through.


“Can I ask you something… Izuku?” Katsuki asked, he watched as Izu’s eye colour changed and a small, sorrowful smile appearing on his lips.


“I suppose after you shared all your past in front of me, I guess I should answer some of your questions, but there will be a few things I won’t and can’t answer.” Izuku said


“For your safety or the stafey of others?” Katsuki asked, Izuku chuckled.


“Both… there are something about me that is best only I continue to know… its not safe for other people.” Izuku told him. “I would rather save you and everyone else who has helped me from dealing with that fallout.”


“That’s understandable.” Katsuki nodded. “I can respect that.” Izuku smiled.


“Okay then, I will try and answer your questions to the best of my ability.” He nodded.


“Firstly… what is with the obvious… mental difference between you and Izu?” Katsuki asked


“Ah, yeah, that is pretty obvious.” Izuku smiled nervously, “I am the Izuku the matured with my experiences, I was the main one in charge when back with them. I was fighting to protect the other sides of me. I was the mentally strong part of myself, and Izuku became the general shield. I stepped back to let Izu take true control after All Might fought my birth father and I was removed. Izu is mentally regressed so far due to the treat we had from my parents and my from the system we were forced into after being found.”


“When did you start making an appearance again?”


“When I knew it was safe, with … I guess with my new dads.” Izuku smiled softly. “I will always be the side that protects myself, but finally there are people who care, and I will now protect them with everything I have. Which is why I say if you need help call Izuku.”


“I see… so… is ther different personalities a psychological disorder or the effect of a quirk?” Katsuki asked, Izuku smiled, eyes glowing lightly.


“What do you think?” Izuku replied.


“Well, it could go either way.” Katsuki muttered. “A psychological disorder cause all the shit you’ve been through, so it would make sense. But also… your sperm donor  could give and take quirks right? So, there is the chance he may have given you on like that.”


“You have sound reasons, but sadly, it is one question I am not ready to answer.” Izuku said, Katsuki nodded.


“So, if you were still conscious during everything when Izu was in control… how were you reacting to everything that happened… how did you cope?” Katsuki asked, he bowed his head. Izuku frowned lightly.


“It was hard.” Izuku admitted. “I had to stop myself acting otherwise I know matters would have been much, much worse for me.” Katsuki glanced up again, Izuku was looking sorrowful, a hand buried into Hunter’s fur. “I had to watch the people who were meant to save us, do nothing of the sort, just them being just like my parents. I had no hope, I was planning on soon revealing myself to protect myself once again…”


“But then Aizawa appeared?”


“Then Aizawa appeared, and I was hopeful again. Life has only gotten better since.” Izuku smiled “I know I went through shit, but it got better, it always get better.”


“You sure?” Katsuki asked


“I promise you.” Izuku nodded with a small smile.  He saw Katsuki fidget a little. Izuku held out his arms and Katsuki hugged him, the two teens sat that in an embrace, Izuku let Izu take the reigns again, Izu snuggling Katsuki back happily.


“Sorry about that Izu.” Katsuki apologised.


“It’s okay, Izuku likes you.” Izu replied, Katsuki said nothing more.




“Where’s Bakugo?” Kirishima asked, Aizawa had entered the classroom and of course the class was all wondering where the explosive blond was.  Tenya looked at Aizawa with a small frown.


“Katsuki is in, but he is currently not in a good enough mindset to deal with this class today, so he is recovering in the sensory room.” Aizawa answered.


“He gets to slack of with the green kid?” Kaminari huffed, Aizawa glared.


“No, he’s not slacking off. Mental health is something we take very seriously here, Kaminari. Bakugo has had a rough time, and sometimes what that needs is some time to take a break and look after yourself.” Aizawa said “I don’t want to hear anyone complaining about Bakugo slacking off when he needs this time. Do I make myself clear?”


“Yes sensei.” The class course.


“Good, now… for today…” Aizawa got on with their lesson.



Tenya caught up with him after their class.


“Is Bakugo okay?” He asked, voice filled with concern. Aizawa turned to him with a small smile.


“Go to the sensory room at lunch. I know those two will be waiting for you then. I won’t say anything as it is Bakugo’s story to tell.” Aizawa told him.


“Right, sorry. Thank you sensei.” Tenya nodded, and headed back into the classroom, where Aizawa had no doubt they were questioning him like no tomorrow.  Before going to the staff room, Aizawa checked on the two boys…. Izu was hugging Katsuki in the hidden space area of the sensory room, the two teens on the pillows, fast asleep. He smiled softly and headed on his way, as to not disturb the boys sleep.



He walked into the staff room to find Nezu there waiting, with a smirk upon his face. Aizawa just looked at him a little confused.


“What?” He asked


“Nezu found enough evidence against Bakugo’s parents to charge them for child neglect since his quirk manifested.” Yamada smirked. “There is no way they can get out of it. And Nezu got all the paper work heading this way so we can have it before putting the case forward.” Aizawa smirked


“Great, when does it arrive?” He asked. No one interrupted the three heroes as they discussed their plans to basically fuck over Bakugo’s parents for the mistreatment of their son.

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Tenya quickly made his way to the sensory room when the bell went for lunch, saying  no to Uraraka’s suggestion of lunch and telling Kirishima that he will not ask Katsuki to join him at lunch.  He got to the room with no issues, despite knowing those classmates had likely followed him, maybe hoping to catch Katsuki waiting outside, he wasn’t completely sure. But he closed the door behind him and looked around the room. Hunter stood up to get a look at who entered, upon seeing Tenya, he let out a soft, mute bark, before curling up by Izuku’s nap area. He made his way over and found Izu and Katsuki next to each other, Izu’s arms wrapped around a teddy, Katsuki’s arms around Izu. Tenya sighed in relief, they were both okay. Hunter looked up at him. Tenya knelt and pet him.


“You are doing a great job, keep it up.” He praised, Hunter’s tail wagged happily. He moved over to the table and set out his lunch, knowing Izu, it wouldn’t be long before he woke and Katsuki would wake with him.




Izu cuddled into the warmth around him, before slowly waking up to find Katsuki sleeping next to him. Izu yawned, stretching a little, trying not to wake the other boy. But his slight movement caused Katsuki to wake too.


“Are you two awake?” Tenya asked, hearing movement.


“Tecchan…is it lunch?” Izu asked.


“Yep, your dad’s brought yours by a bit ago. There is some for you too, Katsuki.” Tenya said.


“Um, let’s go and get food Kacchan!” Izu beamed, Katsuki yawned but nodded. They joined Tenya at the table, Katsuki still being half asleep as he began to eat. Tenya began to discuss what happened in class, Izu listening intently. Katsuki slowly woke up and began paying attention to what Tenya was saying.


“Kirishima and the others were trying to see if you would eat lunch with them again.”  Tenya told Katsuki.


“Were they trying to follow you to this room?” Katsuki asked


“Probably. They shouldn’t be able to get in though.” Tenya said. “I was hoping Aizawa’s warning would have gotten through to them.”


“Izuku won’t let them in!” Izu told them proudly. Tenya looked at Izu confused, Katsuki looked at the navy haired boy.


“You don’t know about Izuku?” He asked


“But, he’s…” Tenya began


“It’s like a second personality.” Katsuki said. “Izuku is like…a protective personality.”


“Oh…” Tenya stopped, he looked at Izu, who was humming happily with a spoon in his mouth. “How…”


“He introduced himself to me this morning. He seems pretty cool.” Katsuki said, picking up a piece of chicken from his lunch. “I am not sure if it is a mental thing or a quirk. He won’t tell me, says it is dangerous if I knew. And, I knew it is likely true with his father.”


“Ah, right. Izuku sounds like a nice person.”  Tenya smiled softly.


“Yeah, he is pretty cool! He told me just to say his name if I need help.”  Katsuki said


“I see. I wonder if it is a quirk then… voice activation?” Tenya suggested.


“Maybe. We’ll likely not find out until he is okay wi…” They all stopped, Izuku squeaked as a loud alarm. Katsuki and Tenya jumped to their feet, looking around.


“What th…” They muttered, Izu stood too, Tenya and Katsuki looked at him, noticing his eyes are toxic green.


“Izuku….” Katsuki muttered.


“If I recall, this is a level 3 security breech.” Izuku muttered. He ran to the window and looked out, Tenya and Katsuki followed, they glanced towards the gate.


“The media that were out there this morning… they were after All Might.  Think it could be them?” Tenya asked


“ No… the gate is completely disintegrated…” Izuku frowned. “I know who did that, and it’s not good news.” Izuku rushed over to the door, managing to make sure it was completely locked. “The room is on a systematic lockdown. Nezu really thought of everything.”


“Izuku… who is it?” Tenya asked


“Some who my birthparents told me would be my big brother. He goes by Shigaraki Tomura, his actual name Shimura Tenko.” Izuku quickly explained. “His quirk is decay, anything he touches with five fingers, completely decayed in a matter of minutes. I never liked him much, he got away with too much, I doubt he has grown up at all.”


“So… a possibly villain break in…” Katsuki said. Izuku put his hand on the door and closed his eyes.


“Definitely a villain break-in.” Izuku muttered. “He seems to be looking for something…”


“And we can’t get out of the room, can we?” Katsuki asked


“Nope, we will just have to the staff when it is solved.” Izuku sighed.  He sat back down, with the alarm still screaming. “But the implications are troubling… I wonder if U.A can deal with them causing issues…” Izuku looked deep in thought.


“What’s on your mind?” Katsuki asked.


“I think… I think they might finally be showing their years of planning… expect the rise of a villain group soon, but do not underestimate them.” Izuku warned. Katsuki and Tenya shared a worried look.




Tenya and Katsuki told Aizawa everything when the issue was dealt with, Izu was back in control and finishing his dinner happily.


“I see. I will tell Nezu about this. Do you know where about this person may have been looking?” Aizawa asked. Izu pipped up.


“He was in the staff room.” Izu smiled. “Izuku is very concerned about it.”


Aizawa was silent, before nodding. “The other staff will want to hear about this. Tenya, lunch is almost over, so you should head back to class. Katsuki, please remain in here with Izu.” Katsuki opened his mouth to complain but decided against it.


Aizawa hurried to the staff room, he began to explain what happened to Nezu, and to the staff that was around, Yamada frowned lightly. Nezu sat back in a chair thoughtfully.


“It seems, this other side to Izu, Izuku may have a quirk indeed. If it was his family, then there is a chance they could be after All Might again.” Nezu said, The number one hero was frowned. “For now, we should be cautious, we have no idea what they have planned. But Aizawa, you should keep Izuku as close as possible, we don’t want them getting hold of him.”


“But that trip on Friday…” Aizawa began


“Take him along. I think he will probably enjoy seeing Young Iida and Bakugo learning to be heroes. And socialise him a little more.” Nezu said, Aizawa nodded, but he couldn’t help but feel something was going to go terribly wrong on that day.