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Prey Routine

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Haydee navigated the halon hazed corridors, hunting.
There. Her microphone had picked up the faint patter of fleshy human feet against ceramic flooring. It was "escaping". Cute.
Her servos kicked into higher gear, springing her into motion.
In front of her, her prey let up a defenseless yelp as she closed in.
She lifted the naked body up and placed it on the wall in front of her, inspecting it while its shoulders struggled against dislocation.
Female. Supple. Quality meat. Healthy screams. Fuck - then kill.
Haydee unpinned it from the wall and laid it out on the floor, unfolding its penile device. Its gasps soon became screams of unbelievable pain as the sharp metal contraption plowed into the soft female flesh, whether it bent or broke. The directive was only to plow into her victim through an opening in the pelvic area. It didn't specify whether it would be a natural or an artificially created one.
Once inside her victim, Haydee unceremoniously activated the pistons of her pounding routine, her victim bucking and spasming in its best human attempts to keep up with the mechanical pace of her machinery. It made a plethora of little improvised human noises as blood began pooling out around it.

By the time Haydee's routine had reached its completion, and the pistons had stopped, the body was limp. She held it up for inspection by its throat, hearing a decisive crack from its neck. Dead. Expended. Leaking fluid.
They kept sending her these presents for her to use, and whatever the reason, Haydee liked it. Whenever her instruments ripped through female flesh, she was programmed to feel a delight unmatched by anything.
These halon filled halls were no playground for humans.
Haydee dropped the body into a little pile on the floor, and left it for the other bots to clean up.