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You are Safe Now

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A time long past…..

                The crowd was wild for death tonight. Every gladiator could sense it as they sat beneath the stadium, the Pits of Kaon, awaiting their call to challenge fate. Some cowered at the chance, begging their masters at the gates, pleading with them that they were worth more alive, some empty sparks merely sat quietly, resolute in any path that night may take them, and some, some reveled in it….

                The scent of spilt energon and smoke greeted the silver gladiator as he strode forth into the ring, helm held high. The arena’s lights danced off of the mech’s numerous dents and scars that his plates displayed. The crowd’s reaction upon seeing this gladiator was immediate, the cries at first distorted, and enraged with energon lust, melted together finally to produce the large mech’s designation.

                “MEGATRONUS, MEGATRONUS!!” Over, and over they called to him, Megatronus, the mighty gladiator that could not only destroy any mech he came across, but was the voice of the fallen, the forgotten, the wretched, and poor mechs lost within the bowels of the Pit. He was their hero, their savior, their voice. They worshipped this mech, whom came from nothing as they did, that rose up, and inspired them all. No one could ignore this giant of a mech, not even a simple archivist from Iacon whose caste was far higher than those surrounding him, as he too watched the silver hero stand defiantly within the center of the arena.

                The silver gladiator’s opponents emerged from the southernmost gates, five in total tonight. They varied in height and frame type, yet at least three were equal to Megatronus’s height or larger Orion Pax noted nervously. He had never wanted to watch one of his friend’s matches, but Megatronus insisted that were he to join the revolution, he should personally witness what he was fighting for. Thus young Orion sat pensively in one of the arena’s best seats, and grimly watched as his friend prepared to battle his five opponents.

                Megatronus spared a quick glance to where he knew Orion sat, the smaller mech looked downright lost, optics wide but blazing bright with courage, and smiled his special smile he reserved for only the red and blue mech. He was certain he saw a blush break out over the other’s faceplates just before he turned toward back towards tonight’s challengers.

                Already the five had spread out along the outskirts of the oval arena, the three largest evenly spaced as the smaller two skirted back and forth between them. Megatronus’s smile grew eerily larger, transforming into the wicked sneer he was famous for. The crowd went wild at the sight, knowing, and suddenly the silver mech pushed hard off his pedes sending himself soaring across the sand, right towards the center most mech.

                The poor mech, though large and probably strong, could only gape at the smaller gladiator’s speed when he felt the cool bite of steel within his spark chamber. He tried to scream, but only fresh energon gurgled past the large mech’s lips. As he fell numbly he realized the other mech had moved on to his next victim. By the time he had fallen, a greying husk, Megatronus had already dispatched one of the smaller mechs.

                Orion stood paralyzed as he watched Megatronus preform only what could be called a “dance of death” before him. Once he had felled the middle giant, Megatronus had quickly sprung off the energon soaked sand, spinning as he leapt through the air towards one of the smaller mechs. Once again surprise washed across his newest victim’s faceplates as Megatronus’s blade sliced cleanly through the smaller gladiator’s chasis, causing his upper half to fall neatly to the sands below them, and spewing his life force across many eager fans in the front row.

                Orion’s tanks rolled uneasily at the sight before him. Disgusted by the way the audience howled, dripping in the smaller mech’s energon, and Megatronus’s dance was far from over.

 As the other opponents had watched the two gladiators be dispatched in a span of moments they began to change their tactics. The two larger gladiators, one dark blue, the other deep purple charged at the smaller silver mech. Their blades held high, their roars deafening, they sped towards the Pit’s champion, who spun delicately and waited for them to come in range.

                The purple mech was first to reach the seemingly ‘at ease’ silver. His roar shook the seats within the arena as he brought his far larger blade down hoping to cleave the smaller mech in half, only to watch, almost in slow motion, as Megatronus deftly stepped to the side, forcing the monster-like gladiator to strive to catch himself as he stumbled with his built up momentum, placing his helm conveniently right beneath the other’s dripping blade. The purple mech’s helm turned just enough to watch as the silver mech’s blade came ringing down towards his optics, slicing the top half of his helm clean off. The purple mech twitched as his broken processor tried to relay messages to its other half, finally resulting in total failure as his neural network collapsed from within.

                Once more Orion recoiled from the sight as he watched the purple mech’s spark flutter and go out as Megatronus rose to meet the oncoming blue challenger.

                The blue had ceased his blind charge as he witnessed the purple’s demise, slowing his steps, he warily paced around Megatronus. As the two mechs circled one another, Megatronus’s vents were heavy, but controlled, his fans hardly noticeable over the roar of the crowd.  The blue mech’s optics slid away from silver for only a moment before he grinned evilly and lunged forward. So focused on the blue mech, Megatronus didn’t realize the second smaller gladiator had crept his way around the arena and was now directly behind him, blade ready and gleaming.